Onyx Equinox part II

Old thread:>>1174308571st trailer:youtu.be/vVBAOJIi6Tg2nd trailer:youtu.be/xP5UOx29a7While we wait for Mesoamerinon to report his findings, who is your waifu and/or husbando?

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>>117464639Remember to don't feed the trolls.Also all the information we have so far:The series will release in November 11, there will be one episode per week.

>>117465094Characters names reveled.

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>>117465094November 21 ya dingus

>>117464639is this based on xbalanque and hunapu?pretty cool if it is. xbalanque is my favorite mesoamerican deity. also I used to play him in SMITE all of the day bro.

>>117464639Tezcatlipoca is hot as fuck.

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>>117465126Part 2.

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>>117465165Wonder which of his two voices he's gonna use to butcher this character

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For me it's Izel, K'in and YunNo homo

>>117465179Interview about the show.>What was the challenge of telling the story across cultures? • It wasn’t much of a challenge as they let the characters carry them through their own culture and experience it with them.What specific cultures will be included in this show and what should we look out for?• Developing and producing this show was interesting because they go beyond Aztec and Mayan cultures within Mesoamerica. Lots of the places they explore have been lost to history. A goal of theirs was to explore historical sites to encourage viewers to want to visit those places or learn about them in books. They are well aware of some tropes that they lovingly added when it comes to actions or relationships.What are the themes tackled in the show?• They had to deal with the death of people and animals, and in animation it isn’t something readily dealt with. Because of people’s misconceptions of these cultures, when you mention “Aztec” they imagine people tearing out hearts and violence. Though that did occur, it wasn’t born out of violence and bloodlust. There was so much more to the culture especially in regards to sacrifice. So there is nuance in these serious themes that is explored in this show.

>>117465274I'd like to vote for anxious young girl.

>>117465332Part 2 of the interview.>What was the general thought behind creating a show for a global audience?• The challenge was creating characters the audience could see themselves in without having to over explain that character’s world and culture. They decided not to explain everything in order to make it all feel more natural. They want their audience to be curious and look into these cultures for themselves instead. They hope that this show inspires people to continue telling stories about Mesoamerican culture.Is there anything fans should know going into the first episode?• The attention to detail that the entire crew put into it has purpose. Everything means something, it may even be a pictogram or glyph, something to be translated. Mexican culture is very colorful and vibrant, all of the colors are very symbolic with each one having a completely different meaning.Why do you think anime fans will like this show in particular?• Most of the crew grew up watching anime or working on anime for their careers. It has challenged them in life and this show is allowing them to take inspiration from it and give back to it. They use the structure of shonen anime but subvert it and give it a fresh take to make the hero feel more modern and new.

>>117464639I'll watch this show, but I don't think there's enough interest on Holla Forums to generate back to back threads. Not until we're closer to the release date.

>>117464639I can’t say no to a shota protag, I like Izel

>>117464639Definitely gonna give this a watch

>>117465472And that's a good thing, many threads attract the trolls. Threads to discuss the episode of the week are fine.

>>117464639i like the art style and appreciate storyboard user and on top of that i am a beaner and yet i still cannot find myself interested in this show

>>117465179Sofia wrote in her twitter more info about the character.>Yun The voice of reason between the twins. VA is Patrick Pedraza.>TezcatlipocaArrogant playfulness.>K'in.Fun energy.

>>117465645Give it a three episode rule, if you aren't interested after the third episode, drop it.

>>117464639MajoraZ wrote in his twiter.>I'm going to do a longer breakdown of the recent #OnyxEquinox trailer and panels here when I get the chance, but a quick thing I noticed:These shots, showing a rain of lights or flames from the sky, matches both how the third world in the Aztec Creation myth was destroyed...

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>>117465908>...as well as a few of the alleged omens Moctezuma II saw ahead of the arrival of Cortes (though these are likely post-conquest inventions to make the dominion of the Spanish seem divinely ordained, but they still may reflect Aztec prophetical conventions)

>>117465977>Also, very intrerested in it being noted that there's going to be plenty of non Maya/Nahuan cultures featured. I already noticed some Zapotec stuff from the first trailer, but excited to see if we also get some Mixtec, Purepecha, Huastec, Totonac, etc Seeing Tzintzuntzan in particular would be cool, I don't think I've ever seen a recreation of it!

>>117464639Wonder if this series is gonna touch on all the blood and brutality present in the original story.I mean that's a big part of why they believed they needed to spill blood and disembowel people to appease the sun (which is a combination of a crippled dwarf and some arrogant asshole), course that isn't mentioning the fates of the inhabitants of all the previous worlds as well as the creation of the world itself.

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Woo looks fun, plus I can't remember the last time I saw something with a Mesoamerican background.

>>117466030Well, MC's sister is going to be sacrificed in the first episode.

>>117466062>El dorado.>That anime that had a aztec/mayan setting.

>>117466062Guess that shows how quickly people forgot about this shit, aside from waifufags of course

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>>117466129It is good? Last time I checked it was in hiatus limbo.

>>117466071Of course they're portraying it as terrible, despite y'know being a normal part of their culture. Hell, some willingly participated in it

>>117466183Anon, things can be a normal part of culture and also be thought of as terrible for other reasons.


>>117466183>despite y'know being a normal part of their cultureDon't think so, there had to be some people that got sad/angry when their loves one were sacrificed. In the sotry Izel is an orphan, so his loss has more weight to it.

>>117464639Here is the link to the talk about the myths behind the show.>expo.crunchyroll.com/New-Crunchy-City-Districts/New-Crunchy-City-Theater/V-CRX-On-Demand/Globally-Available-VOD/English/Block-5/

I only care about the cute brown boys.Where the art at?

>>117466440Sofia already has that chicano accent.

>>117466258>>117466289Pretty sure being used as a blood sacrifice was seen as a high honor among these people, even moreso if the circumstances behind it were dire. Maybe it depended on whichever god or devil you ended up being bled out for too, I don't know if they all require it. I know the giant caiman monster's corpse that makes up the world probably needs a good bit of it.

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>>117466517That's nice, but your dumb premise is the same as saying Christians never get sad when someone dies because it's a normal part of their culture and the reward is eternal paradise.

>>117466559Nah you're thinking of Muslims m8

>>117466517The death of a love one is always sad, user.


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>>117466440Sofia isn't used to give public spechess, she gets kind of shy.

>>117466614But at the same time, it's the will of the priests and presumably the gods as well. Didn't they think a lot of strife or failing crops were due to someone or something disrupting the whole order of things? Like opposing them comes off as a "selfishly putting yourself before the community" kind of thing.>>117466655I was mostly jesting, but seriously I don't think the comparisons between the two religious systems are that valid.

>>117466843No one is comparing religious systems though. They're pointing out that humans naturally aren't thrilled when people they like die, even if there are positive meanings associated with it.

>>117466843>"selfishly putting yourself before the community" kind of thingYeah, it could had been seen like that, but is in human nature to be scared of death and also it is difficult to acept the death of a love one. Maybe many people could processed it better than others, but I doubt everyone took it that well.

>>117466933>>117467003Doesn't seem worth uphending the entire social order of your culture, or the kickstarting the destruction of your people's cosmology though. He's like a Mesoamerican Shinji except less whiny.

>>117466440That woman at the expo is really wet for Tezcatlipoca.

>>117465908Are these shooting stars?Ancient aliens?

>>117467086Depression is really a bitch, user. I like how Izel is supposed to be aphatic, yet he doesn't seem annoying. Shinji is just a faggot that wanted to be loved by his husbando. I doubt Izel is going to have a romantic interest.

>>117467182Shooring stars.

>>117467098>Tezcatlipoca was a mistake.

A second thread? I'm touched. Here's Kin, he and Yun are very different and I legitimately can't decide which one is best boy.

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>>117465274>>117465274youtube.com/watch?v=sBZauGYOHmASuper based

>>117467355Who's the older one? My bets are Yun.

>>117467360Wrong pic, oops.

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>>117467355We are all waiting for the mesoamericananon. Also is there going to be merchansise of the series?

>>117467355I wonder if they are already gods or semi-gods.

>>117467546It would be really nice that the show theoretically had merch, and that marketing had prepared any key art for the show's announcement other than characters taken directly from the model sheets, Or that they had planned ahead of time to get key art for merch from the animation studio. I'm sure a studio as competent as crunchyroll definitely has it under control and planned these things well in advance.

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>>117467397Probably Yun

>>117467878They are going to wait till the last minute, got it. Can you make any sugestions? Some cheap keychains, wallpapers, bags?

>>117467955My ultimate dream is a little Izel nendoroid ;_;But I assume tee shirts will be first, a Meque plush I hope, not sure what they actually have planned tho.

>>117465274Don't care. I'm just waiting for the porn where he violently buttfucks Izel.

>tfw Izel figma never

>>117468062Can't you tell Sofia to make an 'art of' type of book with the different characters designs, some detailed story about her creative process? It would be cool.


>>117468193they're an action figure company within goodsmilecompany.here's an example figure they've made, Link from A Link Between Worlds.

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>>117468193Pic related.

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>>117468071We can dream.

>>117468181We're on it already! The creative exec who picked up the show and helps with basically everything, is trying to get an art book. I recently bought the Dragon Prince one and it's great. I'm also hoping to get the main title song on vinyl.Basically I don't know what goes on at Crunchyroll home base so I don't know anything for sure.

>>117468071Watch the show and get those numbers friend. Basically so I, personally, can have an Izel figma.

>>117465274Shouldn't there be a shitstorm over a white guy playing an Aztec?

>>117465179Is Zyanya wearing face paint or is that some kind of natural markings on her forehead and nose?

>>117468544Cool, I hope to get my hands on one of them.

>>117468564In twitter some are already whinning about it. Just wait fir the spanish dub, and if it made outside of Mexico we should be getting a huge shitstorm, were no indigenious people are going to be part of it, pro tips if they get some star talents.

>>117468627I find it pretty telling that all of the negative posts are English-speaking white kids. Besides Arin looks like the only white cast member to me.

>>117468564Isn't he playing a mythical being, not an actual Aztec?

>>117468562I'll watch the show multiple time over if it gets me any closer to one

>>117468696Don't try to question SJW logic.

>>117464639looks interesting to me and its really good mexican stuff is actually beating modern amerimutt shit, but to be quite honestly still it looks inferior to the average animethe mexican art itself is good but the style is a bit stiff and lifeless. they should be more anime leaning. no need to be western or something.

>>117468765Anon said in the last thread that the show was very low budget and some of the animation is stiff but that the colors and music make up for it. The sentiment seems to be that crunchyroll isn't the best studio to work for but the show was built with love.

everybody shut up and post cute boys

>>117468765>they should be more anime leaningPersonally I like the art styles, you can tell by the girls designs they are supposed to be native american. Also, anime like Vinland Saga, Berserk, Listeners, Japan Sinks, etc don't have the classic cute anime style.

>>117468832Izel, K'in? and Izel's sister first designs in Sofia's university period.

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>>117468885I hope to arrive to your level, user. My drawing skills need to be more polished. Same with a digital tablet.

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>>117469149From this pic I suppose Izel has a history of having his close family sacrificed.

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>>117469149>tfw no jaguar god with paws the size of your body to step on your chest why even live?

>>117469204Izel getting bullied.

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>>117468847its like a a mixture of berserk and shaman king and zoids. its also like macros zero. its a pretty serious anime show aside from the boring story but still has a comical and catchy tone.youtube.com/watch?v=JD604uxnjx4&ab_channel=RurouniShynra this mexican show would be improved if it had a light-hearted shonen vibe like shaman king. disney or avatar ish stiffness isnt really necessarily anymore. just in my opinon but as an east asian guy, not a westerner.>>117468815i understand your point but normal audience is pretty harsh. they arent really be sold into the "love". i believe this show is already better than any mutt show, but i personally hope the mexican creators or mutt creators become actually stable and keep making it. to do it, they need more research and improvement.

>>117469656I don't know why but I never liked Shaman King, I don't hate it, but it felt bland to me. I get the comparation but personally I like stuff like Mushishi. For adventure shonen my favorites are Inuyasha and Lum.

>>117464639Think crunchyroll will survive long enough to release this?

>>117469777I doubt Crunchyroll is going to burn down in two months.

>>117464639Good night, anons. Hope the thread is up tomorrow.

>>117469777Sure, why not.



>>117465274>>117465179They look too much alike. Same color-scheme for every character, same haircuts wtf?

>>117465165en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_sacrifice_in_Aztec_culture#TezcatlipocaSome captives were sacrificed to Tezcatlipoca in ritual gladiatorial combat. The victim was tethered in place and given a mock weapon. He died fighting against up to four fully armed jaguar knights and eagle warriors.During the 20-day month of Toxcatl, a young impersonator of Tezcatlipoca would be sacrificed. Throughout a year, this youth would be dressed as Tezcatlipoca and treated as a living incarnation of the god. The youth would represent Tezcatlipoca on earth; he would get four beautiful women as his companions until he was killed. In the meantime he walked through the streets of Tenochtitlan playing a flute. On the day of the sacrifice, a feast would be held in Tezcatlipoca's honor. The young man would climb the pyramid, break his flute and surrender his body to the priests. Sahagún compared it to the Christian Easter.


>>117465094What's this, a Netflix show that's not dumping the entire season? about fucking time they'd do this

>>117469590Izel is for suffering


>>117473285It's from Crunchyroll

>>117474177Izelanon, can you give us a little spoiler? Will Izel have a romantic interest? I hope not.

>>117474619NDA has my hands tied good user.

>>117471116>They look too much alikeSome characters have tits, so are smaller, really. It isn't that hard.

>>117468885Please, post more

The Aztec gods are dicks

>>117476595I wouldn't say dicks, mesoanon explained it last month.

>>117468832What about cute girls?

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>>117479001Best pairing.

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>>117466062There was this comic storytimed a few months back. Really interesting thriller and lovely to look at, worth a read in my opinion. desuarchive.org/co/thread/115608718/#115608718

>>117479789Sweet shota tits.

>>117479983Thanks, I am going to read it.