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What made the grumpy cat so grumpy?

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Some people get very grumpy when they get older. They get tired of seeing young people make the same retarded mistakes over and over again without fail.

>>117462088I imagine all her friends died

>>117462088She's a doctor on a fodder-ship in fucking Star Trek. She's seen so many people die in such outlandishly horrible ways that she's given up on caring for anyone outside of a small circle of friends and peers

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>>11746208838 yo wizards here, people become grumpy in the medical field because almost all pacients are in the hospital are result of stupid the beggining you feel empathy for their pain after some years you understand how people can operate withouth killing themselves.Sorry for my bad english

>>117462196true, even the doctors on ships like the Enterprise end up being cynical bastards - look at Bones

How do you get cheese out of fur?

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Space is full of bullshit and being a doctor means dealing with all the aftermath.

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>>117462228McCoy was anything but a cynic. He was hard-bitten and cantankerous, to be sure, but he was also the biggest idealist on the whole ship.

>>117462336All the booze and drugs helped.

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>>117462110I'm 30 and I'm already that way. Working in IT does that to people I guess.

>>117462270Got pics?

>>117462336only when it involves the main crew - everything else he seems highly skeptical (at least from what I remember)

>>117462444He made it his personal mission to save every life he could, even if that individual had been trying to kill him only a few moments before. Any time he couldn't save someone, he took it as a personal failure.Whenever it came time to make a decision, McCoy always advocated for the immediately moral good, and almost never chose to sacrifice the individual for the group, except when it came to himself.Save the primitives or obey the prime directive? McCoy advocated saving the primitives every single time, even though he certainly understood the importance of doing the 'correct' thing, he always followed his gut and went for the 'right' thing.

>>117462550just because he chose to save everyone doesn't mean he liked everyone but point taken

Where does she keep her tail?

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>>117462587The number of people McCoy didn't like is actually very small. And don't say Spock. He loved Spock, it's just that their personal relationship was based on friendly insults. Both characters thought very highly of the other.

>>117462663nah, him and Spock were great friends, even if he would never admit it

>>117462088reading the comments on Holla Forums

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> medicalYou don't go to a hospital because things are good. It probably sucks being surrounded by death and disease every day.

>>117462405No it ain't a IT thing, it's just how things go in general, "IT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU" and all, age puts things in perspective and the youthful "WE CAN SAVE/CHANGE THE WORLD" energy of naive bumblefucks and "SKY IS FALLING" from fearmongerers stops being cute when it interferes with your relaxation for the millionth time.The main deal is that this heightens if people rely on you on some sense, because you don't really get the same luxury to refuse them so you have to see them make the same mistakes over and over, usually thinking they are original for doing it.

>>117462255Stand in the ultrasonic shower for an hour

>>117462088Being a doctor is stressful. >>117462196

>>117462088>SatWorking with niggers

>>117462088How slutty are vulcan girls? I mean, if I had proper protection, it would be logical to give me a bit of their time in exchange for material good, money, or other services.

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>>117462604Got snipped.

>>117462758Just gotta convince them how logical it would be to sleep with you.

>>117462312For such a bland actress, she sure knew how to sell getting hit in the face with acid.

>>117462821I think the problem was more that the Crusher focused episodes were very badly written, and she wasn't written into the bridge dynamic at all.

>>117462742Now face north~

>>117462088She's one of the main characters in the Star Trek universe. Shit gets weird all the time.Just this last episode we watched a man break down from how exhausting life is when you're regularly having existential crises from your misprinted Transporter clone that's still out there, somewhere.

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>>117462312worf drank an entire bottle of mouthwash and he's showing everyone how minty fresh his breath is

>>117462758How would one court a female Vulcan if one could not induce the mind meld ritual?

>>117463002Just do what Trip did.

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>>117463037Lucky son of a bitch!

>>117463002They dont have to be into it. I'm just asking if they'd bang anyone if it's logical.

>>117462088>>117462196I want to teach her to care again. She deserves better than cleaning up after Freeman and Mariner

>>117462763I think current Holla Forums headcannon is that her tail and feet got blown/blasted/burned off while she was working as a field medic in a warzone. That's why she has plantigrade feet, she just had the first prostheses available put on so she could get back to work.

>>117462722But user, Mariner is blacker...

>>117462758Slutty? Not very. Since most sluts are sluts because of some manner of emotional damage/impairment.That being said, a Vulcan chick will freely preposition any person of interest. You just have to be interesting.

>>117462088I want a flashback episode with her done in a Filmation TAS style.

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>>117463307>Had digitigrade feet and a tail>now has neither>Keeps them as a reminder for how hairy shit gets in the galaxyShe could give Mariner some pointers on how to keep score. Scars aren't for impressing others, they're for reminding yourself. Probably the same reason Shaxs hasn't replaced his eye. He's waiting to take the replacement from the spoonhead that took it

>>117462758>>117462811>>117463002>>117463427Pon Farr isn't just for Vulcan males, you know. Good luck surviving your date.

>>117463833Crap, how did they traditional music go?Deh dehdehdehdehdeh duh duh duh dedede-BLBLBLBRRRRAAAA BLRRRABRRABRAAA~

>>117462088It's a cat, they are miserable creatures by their very nature.

>>117463833"So let me get this straight. You had a clone of yourself grown with generic enhancements and anacephaly,""Yes.""You then paid a disgraced Cardassian doctor wanted for war crimes to transplant your brain into this new body with a reconstructed tritanium skull""That is correct." "And you did this because, let me see 'your Vulkan girlfriend was going to go into Pon Farr and needed to be able to properly crush that pussy'""That's it.""Right, I'm just going to have you sent to the planet of Onanite 3, it's a special penal colony for people who augmented themselves for the purpose of fucking."

>>117463037Get killed?

>> classic Vulkan love ballad.

>>117462722I like how doctor cat is just grumpy cat. may she rest in peace

>>117464991No, get dateraped by a random ayylmao and get pregnant, then make a bunch of klingons laugh so hard they stop trying to kill your baby-mama


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>>117464988I can't really imagine how that would be deemed illegal, particularly in their society

>>117465266I love and hate how accurate this is

>>117465374>doll anatomyblyat

The first few episodes had some pacing problems and some cringe jokes, but all of that is improving as the show goes along. The blatant shipping of Boimler/Mariner and Tendi/Rutherford is cute.I get that it's a parody that's supposed to be about the background menial jobs of Starfleet, but if there's one thing I want the show to do more of is have Star Trek like dilemmas that don't have dumb joke endings, like in this one how there were only two people on the planet so they just blew up the moon.

>>117465643It's pretty cat-accurate. Their legs get pretty inchoate-looking when fully stretched. Because they're flexible enough to stretch out all of the detail.

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>>117465786I'm talking about how the puss ain't got no puss or cat-nips, man


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>>117465809Oh, there's rest of the pic floating around? I thought it was a drawfag teasing.

>>117462088Imagine being a physician in a society where people pretty much can't die of physical injury if they're treated in time. Now imagine you have to care for literally hundreds of stone cold stupid raw cadets with the self preservation instincts of a drunk Arsenal fan.

>>117463307Or she's just a fucking kzinti...

>>117465862check the Holla Forums booru

>>117465843DS9 and SG1 should be up there with TNG and LOGHAnd Farscape should be SS tier

>>117465893She's too small to be Kzinti, even for a female

>>117462088She has to use a regular toilet since star fleet doesn't allow litter boxes.

>>117465893She looks nothing like Trek's version of the Kzinti.

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>>117466372I see it.

>>117466372She looks way more like a kzinti than a caitian

>>117465843SSS is missing Shadow Raiders

>>117465843NOBODY cares about your shit preferenceshere is a you , you attentionhore you

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i wanna cuddle that cat

>>117462821She was probably laughing under her hands, user...

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>>117462088Not enough human cock.

>>117466297you do know that in the trek universe that biological waste materials (shit, piss, period blood, etc) is automatically beamed out of their bodies and reacclimated into energy

>>117469042I thought they waved their wands a magicked it away?

I want to fuck the grumpy cat.

>>117462088she got worms.

This show needs more Vulcan women.

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>>117462088Arthritis, kidneys.

>>117462255>>117462088I think she doesn't like Mariner.

>>117462604In a jar.

>>117469414I want to make her not grumpy first via kissies and cuddles

>>117462196Maybe she installed Rutherford's computer implant after he got part of his head blown off.

>>117465843>Behold! The list that no one will ever agree on!

>>117462088My cat looks like it barely tolerates my presence half the time, I can only imagine how happy it would be if it had to have a day job dealing with people

>>117470149that's why you get a dogdoes trek have dog people too?

>>117466069>>117466372>>117466437>>117466483Kzinti females are not even fucking sapient.

"I try not to feel anything around Brad."What did she mean by this?

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>>117462255Mineral spirits.

>>117470687wait when did she say that?

>>117470891S01E05, at 05:05.

>>117470903well that might explain why the parasite didnt work on her, or its just a gag

>>117462758>tfw no cold, relentlessly logical Vulcan girl to hopelessly pine over who secretly likes you but isn't capable of expressing it in a way that makes it apparent to you


Honestly every time I hear you fuckers talk about this show I only hear asthmatic nerds wheeze at each other.There's this one guy who is in every one of these threads who acts like he's on the Starfleet Disciplinary Committee and thinks the idiot comedy characters are an insult to the great institution of Starfleet, and then on the other side there are the coomer lunatics who keep a constant erection ready for whenever they get a glimpse of cartoon skin.Even worse, I see madmen who think Enterprise and Voyager were any good, simpletons who actually bicker about whatever make-believe space captain was better than the other pretend space captain, and worst of all, that one guy who really thinks that Picard having poor people in the future is good social commentary.The very state of "Trekkies"!

>>117463392Unironically this. I know i sound like a Twitter account but her skin is too light.

>>117471100Life is cruel.

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>>117462088I want to scratch her behind the ears and have her purring against my chest.

>>117470660Arent those kind of cats super patriarchal?

>>117470660Yeah and Ferengi women used to be dumb and naked.

>>117471603>used to be dumbthey weren't, they just never had the oppertunities to make profit like the men, good example would be the one who pretended to be a male and tried to make out with Quark

>>117462312Only seen a couple star trek episodes before did this nigga barf in her face out of anger? LMAOOO

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>>117462088My furryness is so thorough, she's the only reasn why I watch this show.

>>117462088Was Bashir the only mainline doc to not he a cynical grouch? He was just the opposite in fact.

>>117470687That despite her demeanor she waits until she's alone in some conduit access room or supply closet to start schlicking it to the thought of Boimler bending her over a console and making her fill out consent forms and fraternization authorization requests before taking her to pound town.

>>117471100Vulcans are not universally tight assed, i'm sure theres a mix of how much they control their feelings from those who are more carefree about their control and those who are absolute logiticans.

>>117465843>Picard better than DiscoveryHow can you be so wrong.Discovery is bad, but it has some rare redeeming qualities.Picard has none whatsoever.

>>117471850The EMH isn't really cynical and Crusher is mostly just there.>>117471639>tfw no Ferengi reverse trap gf>tfw no Ferengi femboy bf who struts around looking like Dejah Thoris>tfw no aggressive Klingon powerbottom twunk bf>tfw no sub Klingon gf into extreme restraint and being violently dommed

>>117462255Regular water for a minute or two is enough. It's only cheese.

>>117462110>>117462405I'm 29, but I have been like this since I was little. My grandmother used to call me "grumpy." That, & I have male resting bitch face. My parents would constantly ask " what's wrong? " when I was just staring out the window as we drove around in the car.

>>117464935nah you just never got a cat to love you is all

>>117471850>>117471936Phlox is a delifhtful eternal optimist who smiles while he commits genocide

>>117462821maybe she was taking cum shots to the face from picard as practice

>>117462722those women are even uglier. Very realistic.

How long can he go?

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>>117462361>Try it. In small doses, it can be medicinal Bones is best doc

Such a stupid gag but it got me.

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>I can’t believe you let him pum(p) *CENSORED* in front of the admiral The fuck did they censor?>I can’t believe you let him pump DICK in front of the AdmiralOr>I can’t believe you let him pump YOU in front of the AdmiralSometimes the true dialogue gets through the bleep. Any idea what they said because otherwise I’m just going with she had Boimler fuck her in front of her mom.

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>>117472779A human stomach has a volume of about 1.3 litre. Do not very long.


so what are possible explanation for the parasite not having a(n) (noticable) effect on mariner

>>117462312>that episode where crusher is stuck in a pocket universe that's a complete copy of the enterprise but people are disappearing and she's the only one that notices and it gets to the point where it's just her and picard and she has to ask him how a ship built for thousands of people is only manned by two people and then he disappears and the ship itself starts disappearing in nothingness>turns out it was wesley's fault

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>>117466372Closer to them than M'Ress

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>>117462604Maybe she wraps it around her waist like a Saiyan.

>>117472891It's monogamous

>>117464935They're also barely out of the jungle since we only started breeding housecat proper maybe 2-300 years ago. For the most part, your average cat is still a semi-wild animal

>>117472905If anything, it's kind of impressive how that pocket verse was based solely on her conceptualizations of the crew but managed to be so convincing.

>>117469593>black rage goo gave Vulcan the Spock beardNever noticed that, nice touch

>>117472843I think it's possible they're doing a Duck Dynasty like thing where they censor a few words to make it sound like they are swearing more than they actually are.

>>117469887She probably knows Marine was fucking people up with Klingon weaponry after taking illegal drugs. I'd say she has good reason.

>>117472891Boimler simply doesn't consider Mariner a potential mate, so it didnt bother with her

>>117472891Mariner is not a potential mate

>>117462255>sharp ears instead of round>extremely pronounced snout>no maneThat's a Kzinti

>>117472880I think it's crayzee609

I just realized in the Executive Poker scene.What are they betting that they're not allowed to go all in? What the hell is a friendly game? What ISN'T a friendly game? I get they were getting on her nerves on purpose but they need some kind of excuse right

>>117473532A friendly game means the chips don't correspond to any real collateralGoing all-in in a friendly game outside of very specific endgame scenarios is a dick move because the normal barrier to all-in (losing all your money) doesn't exist and you can use all-ins to manipulate the game.

>>117469887No one likes Mariner, but Grumpy Cat especially so because she take exception to anyone who keeps her sickbay so consistently full

>>117462088everyone who's written for star trek in the last 20 years has never seen a single episode of star trek.

>>117470687She suspects he's part-Betazed, because he's such a sensitive dipshit

>people still trying to dig around for "clues" to serialized relationshipsGuys, it's episode 5 already.The show's episodic, nothing changes between episodes. Nothing important is going to happen unless it's the season finale.It's time to stop.

>>117473564starfleet, like the rest of the federation, has no form of currency, because money is obsolete.

>>117472905>That episode of her being a cake begging for help

>>117473844True, but there are still things one could bet with. Personal belongings with sentimental value, latinum, dilithium, manual labor, holodeck time, dares, etc.Mariner was out of line going all in during a friendly game.

>>117472197Christ, I hate the episode. His logic could be applied to anyone who might come into his sickbay>You weren't an evolutionary deadend, you would be able to regenerate the organs damaged in that accident. I can't, in good conscience, treat you, when your dead would benefit the infinitely more valuable bacteria in your intestines.

>>117472863Fletcher is clearly an Augment, meaning he has 5 times the stomach capacity of the average human.

>>117473830>all episodes in serialized shows are isolated stories with no continuumOk Kurtzman

>>117473764>No one likes MarinerI identify with her most.

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>>117462722Cursed image bro you trying to give me nightmares?

>>117474038cool strawmanhere's what I'm actually saying:>THESE episodes in THIS serialized show are clearly isolated stories with no continuity

>>117474038At what point does Lower Decks come close to anything resembling serialization?

>>117473890Phlox is fucking psychotic. If he saw Rise of the Planet of the Apes happening, he would unironically withhold the cure for that disease killing all the humans because he would want the apes to take over.

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>>117473830>>117474062Episodes with as little continuity as possible is the literal soul of Trek. We haven't had episodic Trek in over a decade and serialized Trek is killing the franchise.

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>>117474048But it's kinda true? She's despised by her seniors and her peers are just sort of on her level, even Boimler is kowtowed by her. No one seems to actually like her outside of the first episode, where Boimler lies on her behalf for some reason.No one really seems to like her so much as tolerate her, which is generous given her attitude and behavior

>>117474143I didn't say it was bad, I said people need to stop going "MARINER SAID SHE TRIES NOT TO FEEL AROUND HIM CLEARLY A RELATIONSHIP IS BUILDING" because nothing changes between episodes. Status quo is king.

>>117462550which episode was it that Bones knocked spock unconscious so he could sacrifice himself?

>>117473879that was troi

>>117463037The way to a Vulcan woman's heart is through her feet

>>117471212Selar could have been an ok recurring character

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>>117465761>like in this one how there were only two people on the planet so they just blew up the moon.Agreed.

>tfw no grumpy milf catgirl gf

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>>117471212>>117474340My dudes. >Selar only showed up all of once>Kehylar died after only two episodesSomeone just really had it out for Suzie Plakson.

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>>117474220Wrath of khan movie>>117466372 There's dozens of humanoid races in the trek galaxy, why not 3 felinoid ones?

>>117474635Maybe she’s a hybrid of a Caitian and a Kzinti? Would explain her appearance and attitude

>>117474884>>117474635There's also the race of kzinti stand ins they had in Trek OnlineBut AFAIK T'ana is supposed to be a Caitian. I assume the lack of digitgrade locomotion and tail is because they're cheap and just wanted to reuse their standard body model

>>117474220The Empath. It was from the dire season 3 where Paramount and CBS cut Trek's Budget down to nothing, and this one shows it badly. Most of the episode takes place in an empty room against a black background.With that said, it's not terribly written or acted, so it's fairly decent in spite of the budgetary issues.

>>117465843when does TOS get good?I like the interactions between the crew, but the actual plots are kinda lame even when the premise seems cool.

>>117462088lack of a good ol' dicking

>>117475069The movies probably. I rarely see people with something great to say about TOS episodes outside of referencing them, but the movie plots are embedded in everyone's memory.

>>117475069TOS is "good," it paved the way for a lot of shit that had never been tried before.TNG is good.

I think the cat is cuteIs the show worth it if Im only interested in her

>>117475069Season 2 without question is the best of TOS trek, but City on the Edge of Forever and Balance of Terror are highlights of season one. There are other good moments, but you need to keep in mind that it's a product of its era. High concept sci-fi hadn't been done before on television. Star Trek was the very much the first of its kind.


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>>117475100No, she's had about 20 seconds of screentime over five episodes

>>117475082She’d agree with you

>>117475118She needs more reasons to smile

>>117475186like a dick, in her ass.

>>117475606That's a good reason.

>>117474635>Wrath of khan movieThat was literally the opposite of what he described.

>>117465524Genetic engineering is highly regulated in the Federation. Making yourself into a superhuman like that would be a one way trip to a penal colony. It's a consequence of the eugenics wars.

>>117469042Where does this idea come from?

>>117470205Yeah. Captain Archer had a beagle.

>>117473890Almost all Prime Directive episodes are shit, but that was the shittiest version of a Prime Directive episode.

>>117463392>>117471199It's just the lighting

>>117464988>penal colony

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>>117473564>those fuckers in RD:O that go all in EVERY GOD DAMN HAND at the poker tablesThere's a special level of Hell reserved for them

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>>117476740They keep chasing that sweet, sweet City on the Edge of Forever loot.

>>117465266Dear god, it's been so long that I forgot the great lows of Enterprise.

>>117471100Yes, fuck off, I've had a crush on Saavik since I was 9.

>>117473880Sexual favors

>>117477801They'll never be forgotten. So long as we remember.

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i wish that the parasite on boimler was like pic related instead of pheromone based. Could have had the exact same plot up to Barbara leaving him to study the parasite, but it would mean less shitting on him and less whining for the self inserting incels who cry out about >muh sjws>boimler has doubts about jet>barb doubts mariner>mariner doubts barb>nobody else is close enough for them to be affected>it isnt affected by long distance relationships.Also for those of you that think barb wouldnt date boimler without the parasite. she dated him for a whole month without being close to him.

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>>117475120>another jaded old angry doctor tropewow never seen that before>furryah i see why this site "loves" her

>>117462405This, basically dealing with idiots all the time. As a doctor, she's probably dealt with all manner of retarded people who keep fucking themselves up doing stupid shit, pretty much how McCoy was just tired of dealing with the numerous never-seen-before STD's Kirk kept showing up with. Also, no sex life.

>>117473764>no one likes mariner>she is literally right about everything all the time even when she is wrong she is right>everyone just accepts itthis is the most trope ridden by the numbers tsundere mary sue ive ever seen

>>117462088She reminds me of Pulaski. I liked Pulaski.

>>117462732And the crew generally are idiots. Can you imagine how many "JESUS! What did you DO to yourself (this time) and why did you wait so damn long to come here?!" situations she runs into DAILY?

>>117471571Yes, because they've intentionally made their females into drooling idiots. Females that get some brains back are shown to be 1: non-hostile to humans, and 2: ready and PERFECTLY willing to kill asshole Kzinti males as payback for doing that shit to them.

>>117478655>less shitting on himhonestly, isnt that something the show needs in general? 4 out of 5 (or 3 out of 5 if you dont count the one where mariner sets up something to boost his morale) needlessly shit on him

>>117478891not reallysince nu-comedy lacks any kind of setup or subtly all that is just your head canonthey would all have died in episode 1 to the plague, for example, however since its just a series of gore gags the events that connect them don't matter

>>117473773!!...are you serious?

>>117478800>no one likes marinercorrect>she is literally right about everything all the time even when she is wrong she is right>episode 1 shes been there for first contact and brad doesnt report her>episode 2 she knows how to deal with fuckups and chaos but shes the one who got them there in the first place>episode 3 she brags about scars yet is less competent than ransom who has none>episode 4 she solves the problem by citing the captain's mission brief, ie not her idea.>episode 5 arguably affected by the parasite to feel jealousy. Barb felt the same way about her.>everyone just accepts itshes been demoted at least once, more offscreen, transferred 4 times, thrown into the brig to the point where shes familiar with it.

The newest episode was the worst yet. An entire episode that basically revolved around the idea that the universe does not allow Boimler to get anything good.

>>117479188>She's been confined to the brig to the point that she LIKES it.

>>117465843I feel Clone Wars deserves to be a bit higher.

>>117479256Eh, it was good. And it enforced the Yamcha Rule: Nobody fucks him except life.

>>117474157Maybe on the ship itself. She seems to have a lot of friends outside the ship though. Even this episode ended with her making a new buddy on another ship.

>>117479256>1st ep ends with Mariner wanting to be Boimler's mentor because he didn't rat her out>2nd ep ends with Boimler bragging to the crew about how he saved Mariner (doesn't matter if it was a setup, he still got the last laugh since Mariner never tells anyone what really happened)>3rd ep ends with Boimler able to handle the crisis better than anyone else on the ship and being memorialized forever in history>4th ep ends with Boimler getting the senior officer's food replicator card he wanted so bad>5th ep ends with him losing a gf he had for literally a month (but still getting to make out with for half the episode) due to her choosing work and Mariner admitting he's a catchHe literally can't stop winning.

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>>117479286If they hadn't gone with a cgi version of Genndy's style (which only looks good in 2d), it would deserve it. Plastic-looking, dead-eyed shit.

>>117479256>the universe does not allow Boimler to get anything goodWhen you look at how his counterpart on The Boys is treated, Boimler's stories are actually pretty triumphant.

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>>117465843>The Expanse Is it actually that quality? it looked like trash from the advertisements I saw.

>>117479256the bio ship opened as a good episodethen they fuck it up with forced jokes before they even finish explaining the premiseif thats what passes for "humor" today its no wonder the world is in its current state

>>117465843>LD>same level as SPICDogshit list.

>>117479516>if thats what passes for "humor" today its no wonder the world is in its current stateYou have be over 18 to post here.

>>117479548>cbs marketing.exe has encountered an error>please contact customer support


Legitimately annoyed that Star Trek puts their cat people in all the animated shows but they're never in the live action shows/movies. And if they are, they look like shit.

>>117479516That was a good episode, 5 was better though.

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>>117479347>>3rd ep ends with Boimler able to handle the crisis better than anyone else on the ship and being memorialized forever in historyyeah for something he hates, do you think MLK Jr would have liked the idea to be remembered as pro-secregation?

>>117479640>secregationI would like to think he'd at least be remembered for spelling segregation correctly. Also horrible analogy, you should be embarrassed.

>>117479711not really, the point is, its something they hate. remembering them for being FOR it is the worst insult possible

>>117479626The cat people in nuTrek looked like very sexy humans with cat ears and tails, which was fine until I realized they were supposed to be M'ress's species.

>>117479490Yeah, its pretty good. Probably the only modern sci-fi worth watching. The most recent season felt kind of fillery, but even it wasn't bad, just kind of pointless.

>>117479638Neither of them were good episodes by any standards. The only people that would claim otherwise think almost everything is good, therefore nullifying any value to their opinions.

>>117478093God, the 2000's was such a fucked up time. Every sci-fi show was trying to be topical about 9/11, and just fucking it up.

>>117479769I didn't even realize they were meant to be caitians?? What the fuck?

>>117479744>not really, the point is,Cringe.

>>117479347how can one be so blind?tell me, i want this beautiful innocence.

>>117479806Definitely better than most ENT and VOY episodes, which is funny because it's just cartoon.

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>>117478655stop being so triggered about generic comedy buttmonkey 99. Besides, Boimler hasn't even suffered 99% of what Harry Kim has.

>>117479887Based ESL poster.

>>117479896Not a high bar user.

>>117465843add final space.

>>117479929But the right track nonetheless.

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