What are your thoughts on Lincoln Loud?

What are your thoughts on Lincoln Loud?

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>>117461612He's a shipping magnet

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he alright

>>117461635And he's got that Log!

I think he SUCKS!

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>>117461612A male slut.

>>117461612he should keeps his cock out of his own family.

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>>117462371How the fuck is this even legal?

>>117461612Generic as fuck but works for the show.

>>117461612Built for BBC

>>117461915He STINKS and I don't like 'em!

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>>117462371Imagine the rancid farts

>>117462905To work as a journalist?

>>117461612A pretty solid MC for the show but they need to stop changing the voice actor so often.

>>117461612king of autistic self-inserters

>>117462977They don't have a choice, the kids voicing him keep growing up and hit puberty so they need to replace it every time it happens.

>>117461612Built for sissy hypno

>>117461612>built for rape

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>>117463003Marco attracts worse. But they both attract the mexicans.>>117462977It was Savino's wish when he started the show. He wanted Lincoln to always be voiced by a kid. I don't know how many Clyde has gone through.

>>117461612He's really nice, loyal and considerate. I wish I had a friend like him when I was a kid.

I think he'd make a great dad.

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>>117463734this pic makes me hard

>>117461612He belongs with his little sister.

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>>117462371I'm a type 1 diabetic and my insulin pump isn't permitted to give the bolus 333g of carbs would require even manually. A typical fast food meal with a diet soft drink is half that.

>>117463197I liked the part where Swain had to change the ending because we guessed the original one

>>117463734>Lincoln has fucked every person there>including Clyde

>>117465185weak move

>>117463734>that Maggie>that Lisajesus fucking christ

>>117465267>the sin kids are in it tooJESUS FUCKING CHRIST

>>117465041*little sister (male)

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>>117465208Half the characters in this picture are his daughters by his sistersand you're still not wrong

>>117461612he would be the perfect femboy

He disturbs me, shipped more with sisters more than the official love interest.Clyde is worse, nothing worse than beta male bbc self inertion trying ti fuck said best friends sisters.

>>117463734Autism illustrated.

>>117466388He has no official love interest.

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>>117465185Wait what?

>>117463275>Marco attracts worse. But they both attract the mexicans.Can't argue with that. Star vs shipping is basically just DB Super shitposting but with who should fuck Marco.

>>117466646Ronnie Anne looks weird without her bucktooth.

>>117466646Now that I think about it, isn't it nice that Loud house doesn't have to deal with "Will they?" hassle of romance with the MC or any of the characters for that matter? And any relationship stuff is usually condensed into one episode.

>>117466947it really isn't because it keeps getting retconned

>>117467013The only thing that got retconned to my knowledge was Ronnie annie, any other girls lincoln liked have either been established as friends or where just a one time thing for a episode (Arcade girl from the love note ep and the girl on the bus from the rabbit ep). And every other character are still with the bf or gf they got together with in previous eps.


>>117467013But look at all the background waifus we got.

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>>117467106After Save the Date, Lincoln and RA decided to be cool with each other behind the scenes. They didn't explain it well, but since that episode was a forced date, you can make some logical conclusion. Girl on the bus was Stella. They just changed her design after that episode.

>>117466847It was relatively obvious that big sis was being possessed and phasing in and out of possession. Then when we caught on, the spirit became the future ghost of her daughter.

>>117467796That's fucking stupid. Why couldn't just be a plain old rape story?

>>117461612i wish they would make him gay already. his ass which he inherited from her mother is practically begging to get creampied.

>>117463197Only true connoisseurs know of this little nugget of magnificence

>>117462966Big Black Clyde

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>>117463197Up there with the John Carpenter's The Thing when it comes to remakes that are better than the original.

>>117461612too much sauseege, not enough taco

>>117462966Yes! Upcoming episode:>Lincoln and the Middle School Action News Team solve the mystery of the missing popcorn.Built for BBC, canonically.


>>117461612I love seeing him have sex with flat chested girls

Reminder that Lucy will use dark magic to falsify his birth certificate to make him adopted so she can marry him.

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>>117470488Reminder he stole his sister's girlfriend.

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>>117470551Reminder to never fall for your sister's ruses.

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>>117463734Even the baby?Even Lily?

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>>117463197Do you where I can read this online?Or do you have a mega with all the pages?I need it for medical reasons.

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>>117470551why do artists always draw his head so weirdlike here >>117470596, his head is really fucking tiny

>>117463734Imagine being a child in this family, imagine the family dynamic

>>117471017How the fuck would Lincoln even afford to feed and clothe so many offspring

>>117470847>to e-hentai.org>sign up for an account>after confirming login to e-hentai.org >once logged in got to exhentai.org>search for appropriate tags

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>>117470789Especially lily.

He should be Nick's first gay main protagonist.

>>117471076Only losers go on e hentai, its nothing but rape and cucking shit.

>>117471154You get on e-hentai to get access to exhentai where all the good (read:loli shota) stuff is.

>>117471088We already got Rocko.

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>>117471017Imagine how often you'd get your dick wet>>117471059By having 15 women also caring for them and probably living under the same roof with a lot of then.Also Lisa probably has so many patents she's got it all covered herself.

>>117471154its not though

>>117461612I'd smash

>>117471301Just a massive well-oiled machine. And the oil is semen

>>117463734Lincoln going for those Crusader Kings 3 stat bonuses.

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>>117470847You can read the entirety here: imgur.com/a/G3EVu>>117465185>>117467796>>117468204I didn't change anything in the writing. I wrote the script for chapters 2-5 first and then stuck to it. I intentionally left clues so that people WOULD be able to solve as much as possible.As for the possession, that was written in a way so that you could choose that to be your interpretation. But the idea of demonic possession came from how mental illness was often confused for demons long ago. I wanted to play with the idea that Nique had completely been warped into someone and something unrecognizable and was slowly deteriorating. Her appearance reflected that change over time (she didn't have piercings before she started assaulting her brother; she split and forked her tongue after attacking her sister, etc.)In fact, in the very last page, I had two strands of her hair curl up to be her "horns."

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>>117471746>implying Stella won't end up with the tiny redneck guy

>>117461612Needs a better writer.

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>>117471307What ever you say coomer.

>>117471923There aren’t any people of Asian descent on the “The Loud House” writing staff.

>>117471753Dude I know this is the most asked question but why didn’t you use the original names? If it’s in fancomic territory people have made much worse content while still using the likeness and artstyle of the show.

>>117472477Why would you need the comic to remain a TLH fancomic? Are you enjoying it less simply because their names aren't Lincoln/Luna/Leni?

>>117472592Nah not really, I’m more curious

>>117461612he looks like he fucks his sisters

>>117465311>>117463734for me, its leia and lupa

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>>117472477Because I wanted to make my own thing without constraints. I didn't want to have to explain how so many siblings were conveniently missing, try to make sense of the drastic changes in their personalities, or give new readers the sense that they need to know the source material to understand what's going on.Making it into something original was the most sensible, practical thing to do to allow myself wiggle-room. Plus, I don't watch the show. I'm not really a fan.

>>117466646Just make him gay

>>117461612he needs a good dicking

>>117472723>Plus, I don't watch the show. I'm not really a fan.Not gonna lie, I feel like that applies to like 60% of the people who talk about this show on Holla Forums or /trash/.

>>117472723>Making it into something original was the most sensible, practical thing to do to allow myself wiggle-room.based writer who knows when his fan-fiction has strayed far enough from the original that it's time to cut the cord.

>>117471753Pretty good read, got any more stories like that?

>>117474091At the moment, it's just comic gags. But every now and then, they get introspective.

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Lincoln Loud but he’s pregnant

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>>117474091>>117474185Forgot the link: twitter.com/SwainArtFS

>>117471753I stand corrected and will not repeat that speculation. You do good work Swain, the only thing I beg of you is more variation in your characters' faces and I again apologize for my cynicism.

>>117474185>>117474248Great drawings pal, though I do admit >>117474358 is right about the characters' faces, hope you do more comic like The Secret soon!

>>117462371Who made this?

>>117474358>>117474438I disagree about the faces. I don't see how anyone could confuse them for one another.

>>117474358One other thing you've probably heard by now: don't type your dialogue in allcaps when using comic book fonts; the I with bars on it is reserved for first person singular and not allowed anywhere else including acronyms. Yes, it's arbitrary but it's industry convention and has been for over a half century. >>117472690It's obscene that the SK are fleshed out enough to stand on their own, written consistently by multiple fanartists and could easily work as a spinoff – if you somehow gave them a completely different set of parents contradicting the reason for them existing. I like them more than the original cast. Send help.

>>117474506>don't type your dialogue in allcaps when using comic book fontGood advice but who are you talking to?

>>117474474Look at Swain's current SU art and it'll be clearer. His style is literally perfect for drawing Pearl – but he draws Peridot and Lapis the same way, when for all of SU's art fails the character designs are distinct from one another. Pointy chins, pointy noses, oval faces. Individually pleasant aesthetically but SU justifiably prides itself on not having a universal phenotype for its characters and a good character artist understands the value of synchronizing design with character (and subverting that for specific reasons).>>117474608To Swain: look at the second dialogue panel in >>117471753

>>117474655>Individually pleasant aestheticallyNo. His style is hideous.

>>117461612Nigga fucks his sisters

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>>117474466The man named Ultrahand

>>117474506>It's obscene that the SK are fleshed out enough to stand on their own, written consistently by multiple fanartists and could easily work as a spinoff – if you somehow gave them a completely different set of parents contradicting the reason for them existing. I like them more than the original cast. Send help.What if it was like the French comic "Dad" where a man has children by several different women due to divorces, runaways, and deaths?

>>117475510I wish there was more Loud incest stuff on how the parents would react.


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>>117462909Shut the fuck up Jimmy you tranny fucking nematode

>>117475759Theyre in on it

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>>117475738>/tlhg/ now links to atfYou motherfuckers aren't even trying to hide it anymore.

>>117475738The fan-made older Lily design is really good though.

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>>117475738shut up and post sin kids

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>>117475794The rarely-seen Oedipal sin kid!

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>>117475785>when one of your sisters forgets to flush


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I think this is my single favorite mama-Lucy and Lupa image and it ironically has nothing directly to do with the incest angle.

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>>117475883>Lucy>pink underwearNigga that's kawaii

>>117475918>>117475883what about this one?

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>>117475556Too bad his Art was deleted on Twitter

>>117476133>>117475556no its not, ultrafat is a shit

>>117476068>got goth sister that cosplays as his daughter for roleplay>gets to also fuck his daughterIs their a bigger Holla Forums chad then adult lincoln loud

Lupa is best daughteru

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>>117476236shes a bad daughteru

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>>117476236She’s the worst, she’s always written as like this super insolent brat and never gets her comeuppance, talmbout skinning animal’s or something someone whack this inbred in the head. Her design is pretty good though

>>117476324>>117476236>>117475883How do i raise mY daughter to act like lupa


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>>117461612Fuck Lincoln. Benny is my fav now

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>>117477748>Benny>Fav>Not the cute freckled redhead with the southern drawl.

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>>117474506>I like them more than the original cast. Send help.Congratulations, user. You've evolved from Faggot to Megafaggot. There's no turning back now.

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For me are Ronniecoln kids.

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>>117478139>>117474506sin kids are based.have the cover for my fanfic i had commissioned

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>>117479132Sin kids are usually written pretty badly, I think in your story it was pretty interesting to see Lola and her daughter “battle” for Lincoln in a way, and also the irony of Leia feeling like she was at a disadvantage because she can’t REALLY confess to her dad because of incest yet unbeknownst to her, her parents are brother and sister

>>117478356Ew gross, canon pairing