What are your opinions and feelings concerning badgirls?

What are your opinions and feelings concerning badgirls?

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>>117459874Hate them.

>>117459874They're hot as hell

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Cunts who get good designs because good guys aren't allowed to get cool badass stuff.>>117459885 is also right on the money, they get free get-out-of-jail cards for being bitches for what amounts to no good reason. Let them all rot.

>>117459885Ironically enough, the example in OP was one of the only villains from her show to be actually killed off.

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>>117459874There's only one way you can beat them.

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>>117459885Even it's just fun fiction? How sad.

bad = good

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>>117459957>File name>post a gay characterHm, i dont get it

>>117459993Stop that.

>>117459885>>117459937>>117459943Can you imagine how much outrage there'd be if Azula got killed?

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>>117459874I can score if my pocket's right.But I want a good time.

>>117460060Azula literally did nothing to deserve it though

>>117459937This guy's mad

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>>117459937Didn’t zuko get a dragon?

>>117460060>>117460132I have literally never paid attention to Avatar fan drama and never thought Azula was a particularly interesting character. My sole exposure to this has been through 4chan and even that I'm only mildly aware of.


>>117459874I feel they need to be bred asap.


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>>117459874>>117459943Where do people get the HD La pics from?

>>117460183>>117460202Azula probably got the worst ending she could have gotten short of being killedThe reason you're upset is because you spend too much time online, lets be real here

>>117460183It's funny that Princess Bubblegum isn't even supposed to be a villain, when she's one of the most wicked characters in the whole series, who somehow defies logic and is magically liked by everyone. haha.

>>117459874Queen La has tragically little 34. She was sexy as hell.


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>>117459874Don’t care

>>117459874was she able to talk monkey or was Tarzan speaking human in the show? And if he was talking human, does that mean his animal friends also knew how to speak human?

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>>117459874Fine with them if they don’t try to bang the Mc.

>>117460183I bet you love Joker 2019 don't you incel

>>117460287She could talk to animals.

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>>117459874They’re hot and all but they’re still very bad people who needs to be punish for their crimes.The worst thing about all of this is they usually make them more attractive than the female lead, which makes it hard to deal out the punishments.

>>117460339name 5 examples

>>117460251My dude, if I'm upset about anything, it's that there aren't enough good girls who look really cool and kick ass with extreme prejudice. This has been a thing for me beyond the internet, please don't associate me with weird Avatar fandom shit, thank you.

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>>117460371You're seriously this fucking mad about the COMICS?

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>>117460353I can’t because I’m too busy cooming to hot evil girls

>>117460183Honestly I think it's also pretty bad how easily her two side kicks got off as well. They were all to happy to get the spill over and mess up people's day.

>>117460393Azula didn't get off for anything though, stop mixing up fan popularity with "getting off" with crimes

>>117460353Charmcaster, though it was kind of a point that Charm was meant to be a bombshell while Gwen was plain.

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>>117460371did you even read them because she's kind of just sideshow villain of the week, its not that she "got away" with anything, its that she hasn't been caught yet

>>117460371Iirc they are definitely worried about her being free, but trying to track her down would be dangerous unless its either Zuko or Aang themselves going against her

>>117459874I can't see Disney allowing this on a kids show nowadays. Don't even try to argue with me.

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>>117460491When was this show released?


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>>117459874Bad girls are goooood.

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>>117460353It's pretty common.

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>>117460491Would be hotter with curly hair

Best girl

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>>117460578>>117460378>>117460428>>117460518>>117460578name ones who got away with everything

>>117460652They all get their comeuppance. Though what you were taking exception to was>The worst thing about all of this is they usually make them more attractive than the female lead,part.

>>117460588She's Atlantean though.

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>>117460683No, I take exception to the Holla Forums inceldom claiming that hot female villains always get away with their crimes when i cant think of a single example. only ones that come to mind are nu cartoon lesbians.

>>117460652Shego and charm got away with everything

>>117460402>"getting off" with crimes

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>>117460722Oh, well yeah, none of them really do. They usually get the same punishment as the men.>>117460727So did Draken though. Can't argue that she got away just because she was a girl when they originally intended her to be killed off in the move and for Draken to survive too.

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>>117460706My point still stands

>>117460727Last we saw of Charmcaster had her getting sealed in a magic bag for eternity and losing what little sanity she had left. Better example would have been Jinx.

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>>117460795Yes you fucking can. Drakes always got his shit kick in but not Shego. She was never the butt of a joke.

>>117459943And her voice actress died.

>>117460832Shego usually got beat up worst because she was actually competent and the muscle.


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>>117460822Ia this supposed to be a ship?


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>>117460862No she fought with Kim but it usually ends with her getting push out of the way. They fight for a bit but it ends with Kim beating Draken.

>>117460832>shego never got humiliated

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>>117460930Bitch she got away with it still

>>117460491We grew up at the right time


>>117460832>draken usually just shoved or stuck somewhere so he could deliver his catchphrase>shego fought kim and always got physically beaten in some wayDraken got off super easy in comparison because he wasn't physically a threat. Shego spent half her losses unconscious.

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>forces you to take responsibility

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>>117460115She attempted to murder her brother, Iroh, the Avatar & his friends, Mai, and several others.

Did Wuya get away with everything?

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>>117461056I cant hate her since she only tricked an absolute retarded. Still want the based black dude to slice her top to bottom tho


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>>117460578Somebody fucked up on that. Her top should hang way looser (the edge down to her waist on the side without a shoulder strap), and her belt should hang styishly off one hip, while her loincloth should be down to her mid-calf in human form

>>117459874they are bad news

>>117461119>>117461146Always thought her original form would have been some sort of granny or monster back before the reveal.

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>>117461093Remember combustion man

Did Raymundo deserve her?Wuya folder btw:imgur.com/a/wA7oCp4

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>>117461264Yes, he died. What does that have to do with the retarded statement that "Azula did nothing wrong"?

Cyclonis had a good track record of getting away with everything, and even outsmarted the heroes in the finale, but this was rationalized by her actually being very dangerous and all around competent, not because she was a chick. Other female villains, like Ravess, were always getting beat up or humiliated.

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yes.They are amazing.

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>>117461359>tfw all she wanted was to take Piper to the isle of lesbos


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>>117461354Literally didn’t say that retard please calm yourself down and take your medication

>>117459937If he was so right on the money why did he delete

>>117461359>tfw no evil goth overlady gf

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Dark Princess was another villainess who was killed by the heroes, which was even more shocking considering it was an 80's movie for girls.

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My first crush was a Bad-Girl.youtube.com/watch?v=d4RYBr_uiRE

>>117462131Xenia from Goldeneye was my first fap

>>117462007Where was this from?

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>>117461479A number of posts ITT seem to have been deleted. Oh, well.

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>>117462459If you get in BIG trouble (like doing something that nets you a +30 day or permaban), then all of your posts across all the boards can be deleted, especially if what got you into deepshit was illegal.

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>>117462523They'll also remove all of your posts from a thread if you're going nuts with the shitposting, but in that case, usually everyone who responded to you will also be removed.

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18 awoken something in me...

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>>117460858She died last year, but you are correct. Thankfully she was able to voice the character to completion, not many characters get that chance before their VA dies.

>>117460902Just two bad magical girls hanging out.

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Out of all the redeemed female villains of the past few years, she was the only one I was invested in

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>>11746262518-SAMA, I KNEEL


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>>117460906see >>117460883 >>117460904


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>>117459874They should be bent over a desk and fucked silly.

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>>117462200>>117462351How about the evil female bodyguard from Punisher 89? Also, despite being incredibly hot, Frank doesn't go easy on her either.

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>>117463054Meant for >>117462200>>117462131

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>>117461225She has two right feet.


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Blackfire, more like Smugfire.

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For me, it's Poison Ivy.

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How many of you would be okay with your gf being evil if she was extremely hot, had an interesting personality, and genuinely liked you?

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>>117459874They're all terrible these days but I didn't think much of them in the past. Please stop making them they're very annoying.


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>>117463725What kind of Evil, Robbing banks or killing 5000 people?

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>>117460266She's kinda obscure.

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Is pumping and dumping justified when it comes to evil girls?

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>>117459874As long as they're well written characters I love them.


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>>117463743Stay mad femcel

>>117464633How the fuck is that a femcel to say? Did you mean incel? God these fucking buzzwords have no fucking meaning.

>>117464698Stay mad femcel

>>117464698>How the fuck is that a femcel to say? Did you mean incel? God these fucking buzzwords have no fucking meaning.

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Women are dangerous.

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>>117463725>and genuinely liked youThat part is crucial. If I'm just a convenience for her, and a stepping stone, no thanks. Also I guess it depends how evil we're talking. Is she into world domination? Eh, that's fine.

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>they're laughing at you

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>>117463402I wouldn't mind a teen titans reboot using models like this one

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>>117460491How do you go from this

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>>117465361to this?

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>>117459874Evil women make the best housewives and bearer of children

>>117465443It's been scientifically proven.

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>>117465518Good shit, anyone who doesn't have that shit favorited has poor taste.Have you perhaps read the manga "Love After World Domination"?

>>117465668I haven't, but I'll gladly take the suggestion.

>>117459874There needs to be more girl villains whose motivations aren't "I'm in love with the hero"

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>>117465745Rare villainess. Kinda funny that she dies in every continuity.

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>>117465729How many of those do you think there are exactly? I can only count the ones I know of on one hand.

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>>117465410More cushion for the pushin


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>>117461359>>117461692>>117461710 never watched stormhawks, i was like why did they genderbend one of the dopest decepticons???

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>>117465890Built for Big Nuclear Cock

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>>117464863>>117465172Were the freckles a good design idea?

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>>117465410Why did they turn Black Cat into goth Squirrel Girl?

>>117465224>that hint of bellysir ive already fapped today

>>117466104I would fund an entire spinoff about Sedusa.

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>>117466104It is kinda weird since freckles usually indicate youth or innocence. Works though.

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>>117459874The Tarzán series sure was underated. Felt like a Disney Afternoon Cartoon.


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>>117460491They want to make kids gay.>>1174605112002.

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How was the Tarzan TV show anyways? We were sort of talking about the character in a recent pulp thread. It pull in any ERB stuff?

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>>117466562Belit was was pretty far removed from being the actual antagonist and also died quite savagely.

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>>117465410How does getting rid of small but fun touches like the fluffy gloves or stylized mask help sell this character? At least with the diminished bust the argument is she's no longer just a hole. But now she looks like Squirrel Girl trying to cosplay MCU Black Widow.

>>117466471You know you can't force someone to be gay, right?


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>>117466670Sure you can. Pretty easily too. Observe.

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>>117466670don't respond to blatant bait, guy.

>>117466598>How was the Tarzan TV show anyways?The Disney Tarzan?It was alright, better than the Little Mermaid TV but lesser than Hercules TV, Aladdin TV, and Winnie the Pooh TVtl;dr its alright but there's better Disney TV

>>117466627I know, But she did some evil shit in her past.

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>>117466598Iirc they did use a few characters/locations from the books in an altered form. The rogue ape Tublat is like a recurring villain, at least enough to be featured in the intro. Hell I'm pretty sure they ended up in Pellucidar at least once

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>>117466305She got beaten up and humiliated by Bellum of all people though.

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It gets me hard when I see evil Mary marvel

>>117465780Huh. You're right, that's more of an anime problem.

>>117464698Ok, femcel.

>>117466863It was an age of sword and savagery, what do you want.

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They should show more male heroes physically hitting/beating female villains, even hitting them in the face or chest (and vice versa).

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>>117459874Uh they're the Bad Guys?

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>>117467724Good point, She's still a "bad girl" but not an antagonist.

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>>117467793Batman does. He'll kick the shit out of Ivy, Harley, and Catwoman, but that usually just turns them on.

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>>117462625>>117463254How do you feel about Zangya?

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>>117467860I love her hair, It's what She-Hulk's would look like if she was in an anime.

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>>117467872Burton's Batman gave Catwoman a few roundhouses to the jaw, threw acid on her arm/chest, and threw her off of a building (only survived because she landed in kitty litter).

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>>117467984Why didn't we see this design in the comics?

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bad girls really know how to put the fear of god into my bonersadly they don't make good bad girls anymore

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>>117466104They're like the best thing about her.

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Would you be able to punch a hot girl in the face?

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>>117462649>knees goliath right the crotchWhat a bitch

Holla Forums loving femdom is the most blatant sign of shit taste and going in the wrong direction i have ever seen and literally no one else ever points it out

>>117461119>>117461146>>117461225>>117461294Without hesitation, I'd betray every single one of you, my friends, and family for her.


Attached: __hogarth_pennywhistle_gilligan_jr_and_cree_lincoln_codename_kids_next_door_drawn_by_t_k_g__bda6e5496e76e77bb4608e38106f5aaf.jpg (900x505, 449.41K)

>>117467839The hammer of Justice is unisex!

>>117469088what ya expected from a bunch of soiboys with mommy issues bro

>>117459874being cood capitalist is "badgirls" now?

Attached: NeighboringEducatedCob-size_restricted.gif (445x250, 3.92M)

>>117469088>>117469676Ya'll are wack

>>117459874They're almost always also best girls.

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>>117469676Imagine being so insecure you think liking aggressive women is bad. If the only girl you can see yourself with is a spineless worm, I feel sorry for you.

>>117468940depends on whether or not she would hit me back

>>117469124no hard feelings

was this thread created for Judgeanon's birthday?

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>>117469088>sign of going in the wrong direction This is the dumbest way of saying absolutely nothing while attempting to sound very smart and insightful that I’ve ever seen.I’ll shove my foot up your ass and you’ll learn what “wrong direction” really means, gatekeeping cunt

>>117470070>gatekeepingnow who's trying to fucking sound smart, all going in the wrong direction meant was that in that opinion it was going backwards not forwards, as in it was shittywhat the fuck is wrong with everyone

>>117470082Backwards not forwards wow very specific and nuanced critique you dumb nigger

>>117470086I think you might be autistic.


>>117469779I love her so much it hurts

>>117470121You called someone who thought femdom was shitty a "gatekeeping cunt" and that people going backwards in relation to an opinion disagreement was an attempt to sound deep. You're everything wrong with the board. You literally cannot understand anything.

>>117470143>noooooo you can’t just like this fetish because you’re going BACKWARDS in some arbitrary sense that I refuse to specify Hard to understand whatever the heck it is that you are trying to say

>>117469124Understandable, infact if you didn't I'd call you a racial slur.


Attached: ASS.png (2034x1171, 3.65M)


Attached: +_02fe5167b473f2a1b810e1579f258ec9.jpg (818x827, 74.67K)

>>117470291looks like a man's ass

>>117461093>kill AvatarThat's fine.

>>117470373That''s toned ass, son. Not that fat shit yer used ta. That there is a booty that'll squeeze ya dry.

>>117470396Nah they probably just didn't have a woman's ass to trace so had the nearest skinny bloke do it.

>>117470143Don’t act like you’re a different user.

>>117461359Wasn't she also rather young? Or maby i'm remembering wrong

>>117463725Sure user, love Queen Tyr.


>>117465763What if you tamed her into a loving AI wife?

>>117465410western media is going through an absolute shitstorm of demonizing hot people doing cool shit, now it's all ugly people doing meh to mediocre things with gay undertoneI wanna say it started in the early 2010s and only got worse with time, hopefully someone in the cartoon industry will finally grow a pair soon and make a cartoon about hot people doing cool shit without shoving the alphabet people in for brownie pointsshows like Amphibia and DCSHG give me hope because while the character don't look nearly as good as the old cartoons used to make them, they're a marked improvement over the shit that's been churned out recently and doesn't have any "muh representation" shit, hopefully it's a sign of better things to come

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>>117470404people who want giant nigger asses are shit, I want a nice toned and tight ass.

>>117470448Nah you're just gay.

>>117470412Slightly older than the heroes, so yeah, she's at oldest around 16.

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>>117470440if you have to tame them for them to give a shit about you its not genuine loveunless I misunderstood The Taming of the Shrew

>>117470462no, a tight ass is far better to fuck than a big fat one. You get deeper and it's tighter

>>117470496There's a difference between a man's ass and a not fat woman's ass, user.Time to come out of that closet.

>>117466562For me? It's Akivasha.

Attached: Akivasha.jpg (1011x1600, 268.24K)

>>117460491I wish Queen La was my mother..

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>>117470504never did anal with a man, but I can tell you it may look better to fuck a big fatty but the ones with tight asses are far better

>>117460902Artist is from Tumblr, so most likely

>>117470528Oh, and Thalis.>>117468363Cute

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>>117470528>>117470566Nice but where are the cute brown conan girls?

>>117460115Azulafag pls

>>117470545It’s true, the lardass fetish trend is just landwhale cope for the fact that shaking their obese ass is the only thing that gets them male attention

>>117470584Some Stygians are brown. But nobility tend to be paler.


>>117470589But she didn’t do anything that deserved death? She already got the shit kicked out of her and locked in an asylum, don’t be a sadistic little incel

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>>117470602Seethe cope tranny based


Attached: 501.png (777x1080, 751.69K)

>>117470608>IncelGo back

>>117470656Do the triforce or you go back

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>>117460491It's fine, being black cancels out her sexiness.


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Attached: tough_luck_robin_revisited_by_packraptor_d28dihf-fullview.jpg (800x1006, 94.49K)

After she cheats on Dante and married Lucifer she goes full dark mommy evil queen and cucks Dante with Lucifer.Her Evil Appearance bonered me up real good

Attached: Hell QUeen MAKES YOU A CUCK.jpg (222x1280, 359.74K)

>>117470932Nice picture for ants

>>117459874They are okay. It's better when they get what they deserve

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>>117459874They need love too.

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happy late birthday Judgeanon, if you are still lurking

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Lilith & Cain

Attached: 7e99ddd3af8525592edee9e1aac418f5.jpg (540x1080, 128.56K)

Attached: get_out_the_way_bitch__he_s_mine__by_salvamakoto_by_acarobasito_dca7ne1-fullview.jpg (1280x1347, 195.62K)

Attached: aphrodite ix.jpg (455x700, 73.67K)


Attached: aphrodite ix 1.jpg (1280x1967, 394.91K)

Attached: harley_quinn_commission_by_dogsupreme_dahn3to-fullview.jpg (1024x1377, 137.86K)


Attached: aphrodite ix b.jpg (1024x1582, 286.21K)

Attached: killer_frost_by_chaosemperor971_dcmoeyl-fullview.jpg (1024x576, 35.57K)

Attached: 1590275681256.jpg (1339x1185, 136.69K)


Attached: aphrodite ix 2.jpg (737x1084, 212.97K)

>>117471218>harley_quinn_commission_b(...).jpgharley_quinn_commission>someone paid for this


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Attached: EHCvEOWX4AEGlWy.jpg large.jpg (1609x2048, 380.3K)

Attached: negasonic_teenage_warhead_by_b9tribeca_da183wd-fullview.jpg (1024x1430, 142.55K)

Attached: 5adf18353ce54d370fbf518c667dba1c--john-byrne-red-sonja.jpg (474x707, 51.4K)

>>117471264the "art" is bottom tier garbage, tastelet

>>117459874They're the only good thing in shitty shows.

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>>117464633Femcel is too empowering,faggot. Call them pussy incels or pussycels. Fingercels can aslo be used.

Attached: 1589122649101.png (1280x1280, 1.24M)

Why did my mom let me watch this when I was 5!

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>>117459874They are hot and I want to eith redeem them or be corrupted by them

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>simping for the villainessY'all should read Chainsaw Man. It's a cautionary tale.

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Attached: 500064.jpg (1280x1508, 141.55K)

Attached: ddzhuwi-e0f8d5d5-5f11-47fb-aa50-695d155bc7fc.png (3300x4200, 3.97M)

>>117459895Hate sex them

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>>117471561Urbosa isn't a bad girl though.

>>117465729There needs to be more girl villains who are genuinely vile and their villainy isn't a result of mistreatment, so their narrative purpose would be to be defeated and not redeemed.

>>117466719You're just a closeted faggotGreat physique tho

>>117465410Thats just sad

>>117471492She's too evil

>>117472426Japan has some

Attached: quinella_administrator_sword_art_online_1.png_1902800913.png (1200x900, 370.18K)

>>117459885Perhaps not death...

Attached: Stopman is here.jpg (454x513, 54.88K)

>>117473145Still sexy though.

Attached: 1598885792325.jpg (1852x2502, 2.62M)

>>117460060Only coomers would be upset by it. She was an enemy combatant in a war.


Is there any badgirls you don't like? if so why do you feel that way?

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>>117459906What is this from?

>>117473622The ugly ones, the lesbo ones and the too manipulative ones

>>117473747Please give me a list of them, if you don't mind

>>117466670Go away jew.

>>117466767It was better than the Hércules show.

>>117472426oh, absolutely

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Always been a sucker for the “villainess just needed to get rammed by a real man” school of thought

Reformed villainesses are the best thing ever

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Attached: pants tightening.png (1800x1010, 1.03M)

What about villain couples?

Attached: deadly_lovers_by_sabrerine911_d9y69iz-fullview.jpg (1024x1449, 182.79K)

>>117474005This, but also the "Villainess mindbreaking a man through femdomming"

>>117474427This guy gets it.

Attached: EgDJqgmXsAEx2JR.jpg (4096x1895, 828.21K)

>>117474397I like them, it add to their characters and it even better if their power go together really well.

>>117474427I like hero mindbreaking the villainess more

Attached: sketchin__penguin_suit_by_sabrerine911_dbaafnz-fullview.jpg (600x769, 81.71K)

It's okay for a hero to rape a villainess just as it's fair game for a villainess to rape a hero.

>>117474534But Sabretooth is a Cannibal & Rapist.

Attached: taking_the_boat_by_sabrerine911_dck7wrm-fullview.jpg (1024x785, 143.06K)

>>117474534>villainess to rape a hero.Name five times this happenedI can only think of REMOVE CORE PROTECTION

>>117474327All of them are reformed nowadays

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>>117466104Freckles are always a delight.

Attached: 1455326449331.png (750x1000, 209.89K)

Attached: shokan-flame-sheeva-MK3-Mortal-kombat-fan-art-by-zakuman.jpg (849x600, 64K)

Attached: 500065.jpg (1280x1483, 123.17K)


Attached: what you gonna do about it.png (300x225, 124.17K)

Attached: dcquolt-7c4d592a-27a6-4d41-aa1b-0e5ddad5388a.jpg (500x707, 212.74K)

Attached: psychos_unite_by_sabrerine911_dcjb9rp-fullview.jpg (1024x635, 104.61K)

Attached: d1y7drr-f2b93c23-d4fe-42c4-9dbe-964ff40bb2fc.jpg (637x818, 189.62K)

>>117474798>PoisonHol up

It’s called the “Women are Wonderful” effect. Human beings are naturally biased on favor of women over men. That’s why females get slaps on the wrist for stuff like murder and assault that would get a man tossed under the prison. Doubly so if she’s young and fertile looking. Female villains have 3x more likelihood to turn good before the story is over. Or it turns she was good the whole time but an EVIL MAN made her so bad stuff.


>>117459874>opinionsAntagonists can have fascinating motives>feelingsFunny how none of them are in fulfilling relationships, all are physically attractive and sexually available isn't it, that's a hell of a coincidence right thereAND DON'T ANY OF YOU STOP THAT

>>117459957>the yardstick by which chads are measured>>117459993This was only briefly funny and no one remembers that version any more except at holiday lanterns threads

Probably the reason I'm into toxic women

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>>117474441Seeing absorbing man and titania in immortal hulk together is always a treat. It feels so rare to see couples together in comics, moreso with villains.>>117474827If Poison counts so does this lovely lass.

Attached: 4026929-the+punisher+(2001-2003)+002-004.png (966x801, 1.17M)

>>117474850"Is that a girl in the trash can, what she look like? Babe whatcha doin in the trash can?" - Patrice O'Neal

Attached: catwoman_by_fabiovalentini_dbtm6nn-fullview.jpg (1024x1350, 93.62K)

Attached: surprise____________________by_demetriobraga_d84trgs-fullview.jpg (1024x1459, 149.85K)

Attached: killer_frost_by_firstedition_d8finmv-fullview.jpg (900x1463, 194.1K)

>bad girl turns goodOverdone trope, sure, but I still love it.

Attached: 1589700317008.png (698x1234, 126.95K)

Attached: dd7ir88-8e7d5c73-6fe2-4153-9fe5-c78a8a7bcd78.jpg (1000x1846, 123.77K)

>>117474327It works sometimes, but why would Livewire go good? Feels like a retcon because the author had a soft spot for her, at least from what I've seen of her in DCAU appearances.

>>117474850still annoyed the live action movies dindued Maleficent as a victim of cruel men instead of just letting her be an evil cunt with satanic powers. Hope the Cruella movie won't do the same but I guess it's easier to redeem to Maleficent to the usual audience since she only tried to kill one girl than Cruella who tried to kill 100 puppies lmao

>>117475080Cruella was one of the few things OUAT did right

>>117475026Maleficent is the last girl who should "go good." People like you don't properly appreciate evil girls.

>>117475074She isn't remotely a bad girl.

>>117475241Nigga I just thought the art was cute and sweet, why don't you 'properly appreciate' my ass?

Attached: 1589735349902.jpg (2000x1297, 651.27K)

>>117475289She only changed for Krillin dick but going by the other Trunk's future if she doesn't get it is one evil bitch

Attached: 3114c648373cf559830ef78b2e18ddd5--dragonball-z-anime-couples.jpg (479x762, 130.04K)

Attached: 83649af225af560cd226bb1807002f88.jpg (552x828, 80.5K)

Is there a Holla Forums equivalent to Kiara?

Attached: 92f.jpg (680x962, 84.64K)

>>117474575yeah male villain raping someone is boring as fuck, that happens like 5000 times a day.

They are only an issue in western media. Japanese heroes have no qualms about killing got evil women.

Attached: 1585269169439.jpg (319x418, 30.59K)

I always liked the female rogue and male knight pairing. He helps her to become more legitimate, that she doesn't just think for herself or her friends but works for the common good of all, while she keeps him from becoming a fanatic and gives him a better insight how the street works.

>>117476422Post examples

>>117477055Batman and Catwoman

>>117461225>>117460491>>117470566Why do evil chicks love to flaunt their bare feet?

>>117477409So I can lick them clean

>>117467984>Michelle Pfeifer>Playing some dumpy secretary that can't even get a boyfriendMEOW

Attached: 1548171066651.jpg (567x241, 74.47K)

>>117476422I find the dynamic between a coy female villain and a serious male hero fighting a boner much cuter

>>117459874It's not acceptable that boys can drool over badgirls but get angry and butthurt when girls drool over pretty badboys. Either both are acceptable or none are.

>>117478379Piss off, femcel

>>117478407Your unfair attitude is why sjws want all attractive women gone from all media.


Attached: 6c6.png (600x638, 194.64K)

>>117459874Tasty, but like all vices should only be enjoyed in moderation.

Attached: catwoman__my_world_is_shades_of_grey_by_bellechere_d6733g2-fullview.jpg (900x601, 64.84K)

>>117478185>that one comic where DOnald Duck almost mind broke her

>>117471432Too bad those solicited Avatar Press comics never came out.

Attached: Species_Special_Standard.png (385x600, 396.72K)


Attached: EP-PXiZXUAIYJcy.jpg (830x1260, 110.07K)

>>117478379That’s because bad boy characters are usually god awful sacks of wet sand with no personality except crying about how daddy never loved them.

>>117473190She was always ruthless and selfish, but didn't cross into sociopathy until after she accidently fucked with her head. It's why she's a lot nicer after her death. Also, Japan likes to do the tragic villainess who acts completely vile but gets killed rather than redeemed.

Attached: Main Villain.jpg (1583x2300, 923.32K)

>>117478839You only say that, knowing it's not true, because you're jealous of the attention they get and you don't.Otherwise you wouldn't bitch that something that makes women wet doesn't appeal to you.

>>117478839>daddy issuesI thought that was more of a female villain issue

>>117478951I don't think Quinella is ever presented as tragic, and the gameverse has her coming back still as evil, multiple times

>>117479849She ultimately helps save her world, so there's that. The narrative doesn't treat her as very sympathetic though. Even her extending her life is treated as subverting the natural order of things.

>>117479491Kilo ren, zuko, snape, Edward, all of them have the personality of a bag of wet sandCompare them to any female villainess and they look even more pathetic in comparisonGet over it zutara femcel

>>117479965No.You get over women preferring to schlick to 2D badboys rather than give attention to you, incel.

>>117479965As previously stated, you only spew lies because you're angry you're not what the female sex likes.You could change yourself for the better, instead you choose to throw a tantrum. You're the one with a shit personality here, son.

>>117480180You get over that ‘bad boys’ are almost never well written because they’re made by and for women and women are bad at everything (only exceptions being villainesses)

>>117480231>three minutes pass>why haven’t I gotten a reply yet? I NEED ATTENTION>let me samefag and hope they don’t notice

>>117474397Mystique is one of the worst mutants, it's why I hate how the movies tried to make her a hero. It's fucking stupid and complete opposite of her character.

Attached: carol mystique.jpg (1857x558, 273.44K)

>>117460706So she's Kida?

>>117480236They're excellently written though. They make women wet. They accomplish their purpose.What's written by men like you however is never well written, because it never pleases women. Just like you.

>>117473798most of the ones that i know are from anime

>>117480236They're excellently written though. They make women wet. They accomplish their purpose.What's written by men like you however is never well written, because it never pleases women. Just like you. You just stated men are incapable of pleasing women and women have to please themselves to find some satisfaction.