so what did she find in the library?

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Other urls found in this thread:'s

Amphibia's greatest secret: Interspecies Breeding. Upon learning this great wonder, King Andrias; First of his name, and protector of the realm immediately impregnated her ovulating womb then and there, over and over until Marcy passed out.

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This is how Marcy's betrayal will play out

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Owl house good , amphibia badI'd like my unlimited(you)s now

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>>117459831Why is Amphibia such an anti-black show?! Is Matt racist?!

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>>117460635>>117459945>3 posts in and the thread is already shit

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>>117460681Because no black character in the show?

Rate yesterday's episode, what did you think of it?

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>>117460944>yesterday's episodeyou hurt me, user. Also, is probably better to stop the threads until episodes come back

>>117461001How about discussing the potential betrayals of King Andrias or Marcy

>>117460944I can't belive they showed Sasha masturbating, that's actually brave and courageous, not like that Lumity shit.

Who is the worst and talking to boys?

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>>117461221At boys they crush on or boys in general?

>no new episode this week


>>117461109The whole "Grime has to deal with Sasha going through puberty" aspect of the episode was definitely my favorite part

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>>117461087I don't know if Marcy will betray them intentionally, but Andrias is a shady fuck. I've been thinking that he might want the calamity that Hop Pop feared because he wants the world to start over, the high tech robots being an indication that there was once a civilization before them that also got wiped out.Anyways, here's a fanart I made of him recently.

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>>117461406Marcy will definitely come into conflict with Anne and Sasha for the box, whether because of Andrias, the fact that she doesn't want to go home, or both.

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>“The Shut-In!” October 17, 2020>In this special extended episode, Anne and the Plantars protect themselves from the dangers of the annual Blue Moon by locking themselves in the house and entertaining each other with the scariest stories they can think of. *George Takei (Star Trek: The Original Series) guest stars as Mr. Littlepot.>Blue moon>Blue

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>>117461511I mean we've already seen it red and green so...

>>117461406Based. Caught the reference immediately.

>>117461511>Blue Moonnot this again please, star vs already fucked up symbolic moons forever

>>117461466I mean we have theorized she might want to come back home but we've yet to see that aspect of her personality on screen. So far Marcy is ok with leaving amphibia, so I hope the next batch touches on her wanting to stay.>>117461580thanks user, I had the idea when Matt Braly said Andrias was based on Vendrick

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>>117461580Pretty brave of Matt to take inspiration from Dark Souls 2 which is usually considered the worst game in the series

Yo what the fuck is going on in the next

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>>117461648Spoiler that shit if you're going to post them

>>117461648We get to see Marcie pajamas

>>117461663Gee, sorry. It's not a leak or anything, this was aired on Disney channel.

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OMG they gay

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New promo for some upcoming

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>>117461848Screenshots and promos are still considered spoilers, won't make the same mistake again after Wax Museum.

>>117459945Less of that, more of this.>>117461648The King and Marcy "found" a way for the girls to go back. The Plantars celebrate/dread their last days together.And there's also a sleep over party.Anyway, after that we are heading towards a confrontation with Grime's rebellion and probably Marcy thinking about dunking the box into a volcano.

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Future eps:“Little Frogtown” September 12, 2020>Hop Pop investigates the disappearance of an old friend and the shadowy crime syndicate he suspects are behind it.“Hopping Mall” September 12, 2020>Hop Pop takes the kids to a Newtopian shopping mall to buy souvenirs, and Anne will do anything to get the perfect gift for her mom back home.“The Sleepover To End All Sleepovers” September 19, 2020>Anne and Marcy issue a Scare Dare Challenge that brings Sprig and Polly into forbidden areas of the castle.“A Day At The Aquarium” September 19, 2020>Anne and the Plantars look to spend what could be their last day together at the Newtopia Aquarium.“The Shut-In!” October 17, 2020>In this special extended episode, Anne and the Plantars protect themselves from the dangers of the annual Blue Moon by locking themselves in the house and entertaining each other with the scariest stories they can think of. *George Takei (Star Trek: The Original Series) guest stars as Mr. Littlepot.“Night Drivers” TBA>TBA“Return to Wartwood” TBA>TBA“Enter Marcy” TBA>TBA“Scaver Hunt” ??? (Rumored title: may just be misspelling of “Scavenger Hunt”)>TBA

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>>117461984Night Drivers/Return to Wartwood and Enter Marcy/Scaver Hunt should be placed before The Shut In

>>117461952>The King and Marcy "found" a way for the girls to go back. The Plantars celebrate/dread their last days together."That way" turns out to require the box which is when Anne finds out what Hop Pop did to it, she becomes emotionally pissed of and storms off back to the farm without the Plantars but presumably with Marcy, leading into Night Drivers and Return to Wartwood.

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>>117461984>the dangers of the annual Blue MoonOh shit, we're getting werenewts.

>>117461984>Enter Marcybros...i dont want her to be evil


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>>117461341>Grime has to deal with Sasha going through pubertyThat would be unironically kino, shame it will never happen.

>>117462244You always knew there was something off about her from the start, from the glimpses we see of her in season one to Sprig being Anne's first best friend who wasn't a dick towards her.

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>>117461984Someone in the last thread mentioned that Enter Marcy/ Scaver Hunt were removed form the site where they got found.

>>117461984Why Anne is sensitive when HP talks about boyfriend to her

>>117462514She has never had a boyfriend, she is in universe ugly.

>>117461952>>117461984wait, is the shut in! airing out of order? Because I do not want to be spoiled just because Disney wants a Halloween special

>>117462514She either finds it too embarrassing to talk about or Sasha forced her to break up with him which is a memory she doesn't like to look back upon.

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>>117462491Did that person have a source? I looked but couldn’t find it.

>>117462102I would, but I have no idea if those eps will even air before Shut-In.

>>117462590Shut In takes place after all those episode, user just a fag for putting it out of order for some reason.

>>117461952I regret opening that

>>117462666It sounds like happening after they returns to Wartwood

>>117461848I wish Sasha was there

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>>117462787They may talk about Sasha at the pillow fight night

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>>117460682So who was Hop Pop's wife?

>>117462901Matt implied he never married

>>117462901Matt said he never married.

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>>117459831Obligatory feet post

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>>117462945>>117462946Okay then who was the mother of his kids?

>>117462999HP isn't actually a Plantar, he just took care of Sprig and Polly when they were orphaned

>>117463043 It could also be the other way around where Sprig and Polly aren't actually Plantars, but Hop Pop is.

>>117461341>>117462332Dealing with your second-in-command's periods would be tough.


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>>117462999Who else but the scourge of the Sand Wars, defeater of Ragnar the Wretched, and the youngest newt to ever achieve the rank of general in the great Newtopian Army?

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>>117461648>demonic screech from the intro right when Anne starts cryingholy fuck my sides

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>>117461984>>117462102Enter Marcy/Scaver Hunt has been deconfirmed.


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>>117463464It has?


>>117462946HP hasn’t married but he may not be virgin

>>117461648>>117463425Holy shit

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>>117461848Welp the footfags will come out in force when this episode airs.

>>117461545>greenfucking WHAT

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>>117462514'cause she doesn't want Darrel to know

>>117463533Keep in mind that the guy never showed evidence on the episodes being removed.

>>117463579Is it fanart or official concept art

>>117463648He's taking commissions right now actually

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>>117461545Did green moon happen?

>>117463716pretty sure it's official crew (fan)art but I don't recall who the artist was... probably should have made that the file nameprobably one of the S1 storyboarders

>>117459831So is it wrong that i kinda ship sprig and anne?

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>>117464408I won't shame you for it just as long as you don't shame others for their preferences in ships.

>>'s the original source of the episode titles. Enter Marcy/Scaver Hunt has been removed

>>117463579>>117464259Did it ever!

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i guess the owl house fandom is trying to cancel amphibia again

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>>117465614Holy based

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Poor Maggie

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>>117465664they will be ignored like the scum they are

>>117465966>>117465664I have been thinking, Matt said there is going to be LGBT representation and that a crossover with the Owl House was very possible. If that happens we wouldn't have to worry about our beloved girls to become dykes since the OH cast is already full of them.

>>117465681Does Anne have memory about her getting spored?

>>117466112Owl House crossover will only happen if "there is enough support for it"

>>117466461I trust the twitter trannies and the other owlshitters.

>>117466112>our beloved girls to become dykes Why would you care about their sexuality? They're not your girlfriends.

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>>117466461I think non-canon short aired in youtube channel is more possible to happen instead of inserting into the episode

>>117466604I would prefer it'd be a non canon special so that they could do any scenario they want

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>>117466461it could play out like this: by some accident anne and plantars fall thru a door to the boiling isles, get into trouble together with eda and the crew. by the end of anne is offered to return to the human world, but declines because she must get her friends together first, and goes back to amphibia

>>117459831So what do you guys think is on the other continents of this world?


>>117467125Yes, Matt said something about spoilers in the AMA.

>>117467125Matt said that's spoilers so don't talk about it or the Mouse will eat you

>>117467154I think it would be more regional themed, like a Desert region in habited by Jackals and Camel Men or a rain forest region with jagar people.

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Why the fuck are there two threads with Amphibia in the subject title? Do you guys want the jannies to hate us even more?

>>117467405Some idiot decided to do a Amphibia Twitter thread. Also Amphibia and Matt Braly are getting cancelled on twitter as we speak

>>117467125They may explore the land outside Amphibia by airship in the next season

>>117467593Is it bad or it's just 4 trannies having a tantrum?

>>117467625The posts have terrible grammar so maybe

>>117467625checked it out, is alot of nothing

>>117467614I hope they meat pengien people.

>>117467625I've been looking on twitter. Theres alot of people, like 10 to 15 people mostly so far, saying that they will be dropping the show. It seems that this will blow over. The artist in question was fired by Matt himself over a year ago. Some on twitter are defending him saying he took action against the artist. However, we all know how Twitter is. Cooler heads NEVER prevail so this controversy might spill over into tomorrow. Especially considering people are dropping the show as we speak

>>117463828cursed image

not sure if I cant post this

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Speaking of Twitter, look at this piece of fanart I just found there

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Attached: Sleepover with Anne Maggie Sasha and Marcy by @uhatsune1233.jpg (1080x4323, 561.69K)

>>117467905>>117467928W-what was in the bucket tho???

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>>117467905>>117467928why do people think the girls are friends with Maggie?who's to say maggie has ANY friends?

>>117467962Maggie is the girl who dosnt know she only gets pity invites

>>117467962I like to think Maggie used to be part of the group but she distanced from them as they grew older.

>This thread getting left to the wayside because the Twitter autist had to make her own

>>117468359I just hope nothing bad happens to Matt, he doesnt deserve twitter faggotry, a lil Anne to soothe the soul

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>>117468359post some yunan to keep this thread alive

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>>117468359/co/ like feeding the trolls

>>117468743it look cooler with the helmet

Attached: yunan armor helmet.jpg (1716x2000, 587.79K)


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Attached: bella break.jpg (821x920, 233.29K)

>>117469004i somehow cute girls smoking hot, don't know why

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Sourbeefio on the Twitter drama

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>>117468943What is that artist famous of?

>>117459831 An owl But not of the kind you have in mind

Attached: Wan_Shi_Tong.png (360x450, 155K)

>>117469453We've seen giant bugs and birds as natural predators to frogs in the show. Have we seen anything else? Snakes? Mammals? Thais?

>>117459831Yuan manga collection, or as she refers to it, sacred texts

>>117469659>MammalsWe've seen bats

>>117469378Detailed, sometimes disturbing art. Y'know, like most Korean artists.

Attached: Hair.jpg_large.jpg (1372x2048, 165.33K)

>>117461952>that pic

Attached: Toad WANT.jpg (361x361, 37.26K)

>>117469722based gooks

>>117467593>Also Amphibia and Matt Braly are getting cancelled on twitter as we speakImagine being mad over an issue that got solved one year ago. Also, the people mad about this is just like four Owl House fans (the same idiots that got mad over the word Bonehead).

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>>117459831FAN THEORY AUTISM ACTIVATE:I think the music box was just one of many Calamity artifacts used by the old empire thousands of years ago, in order to invade the human world. Some war must have broken out, and the magic tie between our world and Amphibia was mostly severed, with countless amphibians left abandoned on Earth. That would explain why there are myths and stories about the Princess and the Frog, witches using toad warts for magic, etc. It's plain to see that King Andrias at least knows a bit about this history, and is only feigning ignorance to earn the girls' trust. In fact, I imagine a fight against him would be very similar to Asgore from Undertale, where he doesn't really want to fight the girls, but feels that he must for the sake of his kingdom.

>>117461984>The Shut-In airs on my birthdayHell yeah

>>117461581Don't you mean RWBY?

>>117470106That would genuinely, sincerely be cool as fuck.


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Attached: Yunan fucked artist.jpg (487x843, 48.08K)

>>117471071>filenameyou wisheveryone would

Attached: mggdgfdia.jpg (518x590, 27.38K)

>>117471090No, seriously, even though it is good, the artist draws her in a sad way

Best girl coming through

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>>117471162Who is she

>>117467879Kek, that is 100% a reference to those "Men fighting off random animals"-story magazines.

>>117468939No one would ever wear their helmet in a portrait.Seeing as one hand is unoccupied, it would likely be hold under the arm.

>>117469722To be fair, Mossa is North Korean, so him being a little fucked up is excusable.

>>117469722Hope he stops doing gore and returns to his roots. Loli ryona. Nothing more pure in this world than Anne being beat up and having her arm wrenched out of joint by shadow clones. Same for Sasha, but they aim to disfigure her vain beauty.

>>117471547> Mossa is North KoreanHow he can use the internet?

>>117460681You could at least dig up something notable. This is user shilling his crappy channel tier


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Guess I'll have to wait for the episode to see if I can translate the text.

Attached: EhMjcyxXgAAl9p3.png (1100x756, 565.03K)

>>117461406Andrias is shady but Lady Olivia is definitely the real villain.

>>117461617>we have theorized she might [not] want to come back homeIt was written on a whiteboard in the studio.


Attached: 1599268972116.gif (295x218, 1.69M)

>>117472254Cool autism. Make a text file for it when youre done.I'll write an entire story in it.

>>117467759>The artist in question was fired by Matt himself over a year agoNot even that. She left the show after her work is done and the picture was made after she was gone. She's working on Big City Greens now

>>117472320Oh, then it's a matter of Big City Greens not being popular enough to get E Points for virtue signalling against.

>>117467879Why the hell does he make the Amphibi-girls look so mature and sexy? Hes just making more people want to rape and abuse them into meekness and subservience.

>>117472254I thought those newt texts are based on Thai before

>>117472434Nah. It be mudslime text. I'd recognize that anywhere.

>>117472419>Why the hell does he make the Amphibi-girls look so mature and sexyHe may want to avoid those twitterfags accuse him of pedo

>>117471985>>>Holla Forums835528319

>>117471985>>MERLONNIEUgh that bitch

>>117461907>I'm so glad we aren't fags!

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>>117460681Dude don't just pick some random person on youtube or twitter and scream about itwe're not TMZ

the Maddie doll gives me some weird Bendy vibes

Attached: IMG_20200906_091719.jpg (2048x1917, 632.06K)

>>117473335looking nice. Who made it

>>117459831She found out tjat Linguini is the son of Chef Gusteau

>>117459831She found this

Attached: Eg2vdPpXYAAxzoS.jpg (750x728, 136.47K)

>>117469659A Crocodile

>>117460681Her channel is so sad. Some of her videos have like 12 views.She hasn't actually watched the show and has no idea that Anne is Thai. In addition, the way she handwaves the voice actress for Anne as "asian or Thai or whatever". Nice. So woke.

Attached: EguiiloU8AEbBz-.jpg (2048x1690, 298.74K)

>>117473755Having a mental breakdown in the middle of your day job is one way to further ruin your life.

>>117459831That Anne is about to grow rape tentacles due to the Calamity Box.

>>117470146Oh, happy birthday... gimme Dat!

Attached: Capture_2019-07-18_01.19.10.jpg (220x220, 13.6K)

>>117473883Hey, get your own Thai mom!

>>117461221there are no boys at a catholic parochial school

>>117473915Anne should have chosen her words more carefully

Attached: 1598682393716.png (1920x1080, 1.84M)

>>117474052they don't have sex ed for 13-year olds either do they..?

>>117473828Constructive body horror is a hell of a godly fetish. Greentext please?

>>117467759>Especially considering people are dropping the show as we speakWe don’t need those freaks

>>117470146Happy birthday

Attached: Maggie birthday 4.jpg (1300x1800, 1.29M)

>>117474148The problem is that Twitter mobs are actually taken seriously nowadays and if Disney takes notice then there's a high possibility that Matt could get replaced as showrunner

Was the BFF photo taken on Anne's birthday?

Attached: 06092020231138.jpg (925x1739, 232.78K)

>>117474194>The problem is that Twitter mobs are actually taken seriously nowadaysNoelle Stevenson is still followed by industry people and has people defend her, and the mob against her was gigantic. Her nickelodeon show hasn’t been cancelled yet so no, it’s not that serious.

>>117474153What does it mean if a girl gives you food from someone she bullied it out of?

>>117474250That's Nickelodeon, who takes accusations the least seriously out of the big three unless they became too popular to ignore as what happened with Dan Schneider.Disney fires people on the fly though, James Gunn was fired because of one guy on Twitter.

>>117472254A letter substitution cipher is disappointing when other shows have started using phonetic writing systems which are much more interesting.

>>117474379you forgetting chris savino? Those accusations were taken seriously, even though the public backlash wasn't big until it was in the middle of already getting him out.

>>117467759Considering.That this shit had happened over a year and yet these motherfuckers are bring this shit up just to stir up shit about Matt not doing anything when Hannah left the show a year ago in discrete

>>117474399>Other shows are creating more complex writing systemsAnd those shows are shit because they spend more time on shit like pointless languages and shipping than the actual shows.

Post SashAnne

Attached: @CroakGua.jpg (680x544, 41.86K)

>>117474443>Celebrating toxic lesbian relationshipsWhy are you so disgusting?


Attached: 3a577fa1dbd4c772a8df745ce9aadc57db393c3b.png (1364x1716, 325.95K)

>>117473355Lady on etsy. These are custom orders not official

>>117474464Are you that fag who keeps talking about how Sashanne sucks and then proceeds to talk about the "pureness" of Spranne?

>>117471619To get hard currency from Western perverts.

>>117473781Please try to limit breakdowns to staff-only areas and preferably during your lunch hour.

If one of the girls was your older sister then what would your relationship with them be like?

Attached: 1595804782078.jpg (2048x1328, 361.29K)

>>117473755>>117473781>>117474527>We will dock your pay by the time spent on non work related matters as unrequested, unconfirmed break hours.>Remember that you are invaluable and that you can be replaced.

fell deed awake

Attached: 84200113_p0.jpg (1224x1283, 68.52K)

>>117463828Someone ask for Grimesha art.

>>117474796man what happened to Adrias's eyes?

>>117474796>Grimes will never charge a group of newts while channeling his inner Theodin

>>117463828Ask him to draw Anne with someone elses OC.

>>117474840>Ask him to draw Anne making out with Maggie

Attached: bella the maid.png (1709x1969, 627.19K)

>>117474869I want her visit Wartwood

So DisneyTVA's wordpress site has identified the halloween special as being the 12th episode while the sleepover/aquarium episode (which is supposed to be mid-season finale) is the 10th. That might mean Night Drivers/Return to Wartwood is legit but not Enter Marcy/Scaver Hunt.

Attached: 06092020235542.jpg (577x356, 39.42K)

>>117474974>we are already half way though

Attached: 1597182083951.png (1050x750, 108.08K)

Where in California does Anne live that it's constantly overcast? Isn't the whole thing a desert?

Attached: head.png (1920x1080, 1.18M)

If Sasha has to pick between going home alone and reclaiming Anne for herself, which will she choose?

Attached: 1564003415047.png (1280x1325, 1.2M)

Made a quick gif from the promo

Attached: Range-of-emotions.gif (600x338, 1.39M)

>>117475123Reclaiming Anne for herself of course, her life is meaningless without her retarded Thai slave

>>117475147And this gif I wanted to name "race war starts now"

Attached: Human-on-frog-violence.gif (500x281, 488.33K)

>this threadWhat the fuck? I just finished the first season on disney plus. Theres more? Why the fuck isnt it on disney plus? Where are these airing? Are you telling me that disney is trying to push a subscription service to compete with netflix and theyre not even putting their new shit on it?I mean, I wouldnt pay for that shit, Im piggybacking, but still this shit pisses me off

Attached: 18486544332115843.jpg (336x229, 27.81K)

>>117475051Probably either Hollywood, Santamonica, or somewhere north.

>>117475051San Francisco is a foggy place. I haven't been there in ~20 years but I'm sure it still is.

>>117460681just wait for a flashback with Sasha's boyfriend being Tyrone, the football team captain

Ending A. They get back and Anne's mother has disowned her and adopted Maggie as her new daughter. Ending B. They get back and it turns out opening the box nuked the entire city and all that's left is a smoldering crater. Anne gets blamed.

>>117472704>we aren't fags!>in THE CURRENT YEARHa

>>117462514To avoid drama and still keep the gate open for shipping>>117462514we all know that after lesbian popularity spike TOH got there won't be many straight couplings for few years


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>>117475123Well, reclaiming Anne is a critical part of returning home.That said, and all memes aside, if they got together at any point before the end I honestly wonder how the rest of the cast would react. They've been pretty good about that sort of thing so far.>Marcy is either upset, happy for them and/or feels third-wheeled>the Plantars probably still distrust her, tolerate her at best for Anne's happiness, try to protect Anne from both real and imagined behavior by her

>>117463828you gotta be fucking kidding me.

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>>117462514>>117475762Talking to yourself doesn't work when you can't even speak basic English. You've made the exact same mistake in both comments.

>>117474974So we are literally skipping an episode? Hope it wasn’t plot relevant

>>117463828>old guy shipping his selfinsert OC with anneWhy hasn't twitter tried to cancel this guy?

>>117474379Yeah, and then James Gunn was rehired by Disney and looked like a champ.

>>117475895Gunn was rehired because the cast revolted and the guy who dug up his history was associated with conservatives, rather than the appropriate liberal crusaders

>>117468939>wearing a jousting helm with no sign of a gorgetdost thou even tourney?

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>>117474060>>117475595Ending C: They return home, time has passed on Earth and some weird stuff happened, Anne's parents have arranged for her to marry Maggie.

>>117467614>explore the land outside Amphibia by airshipare they going to seek lost dwarf....froghold filled with treasure?

>>117476072>airshipI don't trust Anne OR Marcy not to crash it into the side of a mountain and kill everyone onboard.

decided to finally watch Amphibia and I got hyperfixated and watched it all in a couple daysthinkin about how Sasha really decided to just let herself die so Anne could be pulled to safety

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>>117475359New seasons are added to + after they finish airing on the telly. Everyone knows that mate.

>>117476351So basically Disney expects you to pay for their shit twice. I guess its not that surprising

>>117475359It's usual for Disney Channel's programme because it's not D+ premiere platform.

So it’s confirmed then?Day at the Aquarium is the mid season finale, with month long hiatus?

>>117476686I hope it only lasts a month because there's a chance the October episode will be the only one that airs that month, I've seen companies doing that before and it sucks

>>117475943I want to put my dick on Anne's mouth.

>>117474266It means your worth getting detention it it means getting quality food

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>>117463828eh. At least he knows what his art is worth. Might actually be overcharging. Someone tell him that and cap what xope he comes back with.

>>117476019>>117474060>Get your own thai momAnd so she did. A thai mother-in-law

>>117477164Why is she the most rapevictim-coded character? What is it about her that makes everyone view her as tender rapebait to be fucked in the alley as she screams for help that wont ever come?

>>117475793Sauce and moar?

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>>117475793The Plantar Farm has a new cow.

>>117477334Anne? She's overly trusting (see: Grime and the toads, Stan, hell even Sasha) and doesn't often put up a real fight until everything is on the line

Is any named human male character in the show?

Where are we downloading the eps from in this thread?



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>>117477485The absolute chad, Vince.

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>>117477485Just Vince so farWill these 2 ever get names

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>>117475793Mamma mia

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>>117477476More evidence for my theory that Sasha pushed Anne into compensated dating and that the reason why they're such good friends. Trauma shared is a great bonding mechanism.


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>>117477485My man Vince

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>>117474249holy shit

>>117475873the episode was never actually confirmed. it always just appeared on one site

Where's the MEGA for yesterdays episode?

>>117477986Use the Archives. And masturbate less often so you can think properly instead of with a coombrain.

Based on the promo it realy seems marcy and andrias has found a way for anne to get back or they would not be crying. Those 2 episodes this weekend will be interesting

>>117478019I thought desu was still down.

>>[email protected] over Twitter but that's currently all there is for anne save for one more drawing

>>117478094>marcy and andrias has found a way for anne to get backno shit, why do you think Day at The Aquarium description says>Anne and The Plantars are going to spend what it could possibly be their last day together

>>117459831The Mural Seen at the end of the Intro.

>>117474632My younger sister is basically Sasha and we have an okay relationship. We get into fights often and we aren't super close but we love each other.

>>117461406Given that he's based off of King Vendrick, probably.

>>117461631Really brave.


>>117462435She seems like someone who's ignorant to the world and those around her.

>>117462816I'd be surprised if she wasn't.

>>117467044That's the only way I could see a crossover being canon.

>>117470106Blizzare Bizzar showed us a few calamity Artifacts.


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>>117474632It would good, but a little distant.

Hop pop getting electrocuted repeatedly was a little frightening and pathetic when he tried escaping

>>117477164Is this the secret bully technique I've heard so much about???

The fuck did I miss?Was a new episode leaked or a promo or something?

>>117461631The worst Souls game is still better than a good chunk of the games that came out that year, and Vendrick was a legitimately good character.I actually liked his story more than Gwyn's.

>>117478785It's super effective

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Owl’s on hiatus, so glad I got to discover how funny Amphibia isHopPop:>I don’t feel safe= J.EJ. (episode 5)

>>117469333>Marcy: Anne, you're so good at making friends, just look at all these people that decided to help you out because you went out of your way to talk to them.>A couple of episodes later, Anne bumble fucks her way to getting a mob to chase her.>Marcy: Maybe I'll retract that statement a bit.

>>117479023What do you expect from a reluctant virgin? To be able to stand against the sexual bullying technique handed down generations of scots and slavs alike?

>>117461406I wonder if Andrias thinks he can cheat the calamity by setting up Newtopias decline to coincide with the arrival of its harbingers. If the frogs used to be on top until the last calamity, after which the Newts took over; then it should be the Toads turn to rule next. By pushing Grime towards overthrowing his own kingdom before the three girls can get together he'll force them to unite against the Toads instead. Then the cycle can either reset or continue along without the Newts having to spend a thousand years at the bottom like the frogs have.

>>117477703>compensated datingWhat the fuck is that?

>>117478821A new promo and some websites with descriptions of a couple of new episodes.

>>117479285>scots and slavs alikeNow I want to know what a full Scottish Maggie sounds like

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>>117479024Hop Pop is one of the most based characters on the show.

>>117465664That faggots...Steven Universe toxic fandom one more time...

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>>117479681Wait. Are you avatarfagging?

>>117478525Yeah dude, that's partly what got me thinking about it.

>>117479535A degenerate Nippon tradition where young school-age girls go on dates with older men and women in exchange for cash.

>>117475051the further north you go the less desert-y it isi think


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>>117479828That's fucked up

>>117479828>>117479933Japanese, the crazy uncle of the world.

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>>117479828Sounds like prostitution with extra steps.


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>>117475793Holy Crap!!!!

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maybe a dildo haha, wouldnt that be funny? to cuck herself with :(

>>117479465Sounds like a based plan. I’m hoping for a chessmaster Andrias that’s still cheerful.

>>117480205what will it be?

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>>117480048They maintain a legal separation by the fact that the customers never ask for sex, and the little cash-strapped whores never offer it.Seriously, they never have sex. Single men, usually above college-age are so desperate to talk to a woman they literally pay for it. And for obscene amounts too. There's a reason why Hostess Clubs even exist in Nip-Nopland.Some dates do end in sex, but they're either honeypots or scams. Why should a girl ever fuck you for cash when she can just steal your wallet and ask what you're going to tell the policeProbably what the OP meant. Sasha using Anne to distract the mark whilst she steals from them.Except for that one time when it all went wrong and Anne was left alone with a mature woman with a restraining order against schools.