Wanted to give a look at these points made by Marc Smith, story director of Frozen 2...

Wanted to give a look at these points made by Marc Smith, story director of Frozen 2, because I think some may feel like they're very contrasting to what was actually delivered in the final film:>The Challenge with a Frozen sequel was to find a good story that would allow these characters to navigate conflict in a way that's entertaining, interesting and original.>But it also had to feel like a continuation of the first film, not like we're inventing new emotional problems.>Sequels should go deeper into the characters' emotional depths.When comparing these points to what was ultimately shown on the screen, how do you think Frozen succeeded and failed with the emotional conflict of its characters?

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>>117459017All those people in all those positions and they make this turd

>>117459017Based Marc, I hope he gets to direct or co-direct the next film.Also, I think they failed in pretty much all of the emotional points. It was fun for the most part, though, at least for me.

>>117459017They fucked up immensely.

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>>117459017The problem is the sisters in the movie feel at odds with where we last saw them at the end of the first movie and even the shorts, even if they don't want to acknowledge the latter.

>>117459122Yes, for as much as some try to call OFA not canon, people still watched it, and they remember Elsa having a very different mindset than the one she had in F2

>>117459017>not like we're inventing new emotional problems.This is where they failed the hardest, like holy shit did the conflict came out of fucking nowhere

>>117459017Conflict is fine, but they forgot to actually resolve it. The characters don't come to any understanding. Elsa just gets everything she wants, unilaterally imposes a new life on Anna, and fucking books it to the woods.

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>>117459017>But it also had to feel like a continuation of the first film, not like we're inventing new emotional problems.That's exactly what they did.

>>117459017>unresolved issues from THEIR childhoods>only ONE of them gets to finish the emotional journey and win their parents' loveSeptember 2020 and I'm still mad

>>117459210I agree it came out of nowhere but, as this user said >>117459212the problem is they forgot to resolve itIt's ok if you want to introduce new shit, but at least give it a satisfactory conclusion.

>>117459176The OFA crew should be in charge of the franchise.

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>>117459358I 100% agree with you, OFA is just a good time all the way through.

>>117459017>Sequels should go deeper into the characters' emotional depths.I completely agree with this, but the execution was questionable, to put it lightly.

>>117459260This decision is just mind-boggling to me. Their entire life, Anna and Elsa were united by the grief of losing their parents. Both of them suffered for decades, and the pain is still there. They bonded over it and grew closer.But for some insane reason, the writers decided to play favorites and only ease the pain for Elsa. It’s fine for Elsa to have her own personal journey to learn about her powers. But tying it directly to her mother’s love, and not sharing it with her sister? That’s horrible. They’ve made Elsa horrible.

>>117459528Not to mention the canoe scene.I still can't believe that's actually a thing that actually happened, that was actually approved and made it into the final film.

>>117459017The story went aimless for so long that they couldn't provide a good payoff for the characters' emtional conflictsIt's really not that hard to see, and they were probably aware of it, but they didn't have the time to fix itThis movie shouldn't have been greenlit until they had a more coherent script, but I assume this is common practice for them and they just couldn't crack it this time around

>>117459017In Elsa's case i can see that being true, since she went on a self discovery journey, Anna however was just a rehash of the previous movie and the conflict with her boyfriend was just retarded

>>117459578As bad as the canoe was, at least that was one isolated event. The pain will fade in time.Keeping Mom’s ghost under wraps is a festering wound that makes Elsa worse and worse for every day she doesn’t spill the beans. Her once-equal sisterly relationship has become twisted and one-sided. Anna is getting emotionally canoed daily and she doesn’t even know it.

>>117459017I love Jim Kim's concept arts

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>>117459712Yes, they are really good.I wish the art book would have more of them.

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>>117459358It would be interesting to see the OFA crew tackle a sequel.OFA was more of a light-hearted little adventure, so it's hard to judge how they would fare with a proper full-blown sequel.

>>117459897I'd gladly welcome a lower stakes story for F3.I just need my fix of Anna and Elsa being cute, and singing catchy songs.

>>117459358So what do you guys think of Jac Schaeffer (screenwriter for OFA) and Kate Anderson (songwriter for OFA)?

>>117459897That's what Frozen 2 should've been, a light-hearted adventure.

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>>117460080Too bad, a sequel 7 years later means thy have to “grow up with their audience”, and they seem to think their audience wants darkness and edgyness and the happiness they’ve built up to be destroyed instead.

>>117460035I think the writer would do well to return to animation.I don't want to derail the thread talking about her other projects, but I don't think she has fared too well after OFA.

>>117460152They used the exact same excuse for Toy Story 4. “Kids are older now. They want suffering.” Has anyone at Disney actually talked to kids?

Just got back from 2032 to see Frozen III and it's amazing, I hope time traveling doesn't mess this up your timeline like it did the last time someone visited this year

>>117460158And it's surprising how good of a job she did on OFA, considering it was the first thing she wrote after like 8 years since her last project.Live action is probably not her thing, as you say, she should probably go back to writing shorts and animated stuff.

>>117460247>2032Don't even joke about that.

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>>117460035I know nothing about them but OFA was stellar so they deserve another shot

>>117460224Considering they were surprised by Bruni's popularity, I'm gonna say no.

>>117460080Happiness was never an option.


>>117459017>>But it also had to feel like a continuation of the first film, not like we're inventing new emotional problems.

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I ripped two others Frozen novels, here are the links:>Anna & Elsa: All Hail the Queen:mega.nz/file/aIMRkYwA#Mr1sFdcyLlDx1M1nxesPBM9NzT7EAMKE_MHsNJh1f1g >Anna & Elsa: Memory and Magic:mega.nz/file/jMMRFSgY#Y0JW7UZLJopfctiElhT-iVjmt1EsxfRs9-vNOdU1FzUAlso, in case you missed it I posted the links for these two other novels on the last thread:>Forest of Shadows:mega.nz/file/TBNwSIjL#T8KRcb2YaqGMv9lJzk0rHSNKe8QkHKoYbNE9OcPxdgs>Frozen: Conceal, Don't Feel: A Twisted Tale:mega.nz/file/XEdyiaTb#u9FCSDYzCZSClfU1RTxdNhXP_uQosOouX8eWtKo_JZg I plan to rip more Frozen novels, but because of the method I'm using I prefer no to do them all at once, so I'll do it gradually.If you happen to be interested in a specific one, please let me know.I'll try to do another rip at some point next week.So far the pastebin only has 5 novels, the ones I just posted and "A Frozen Heart" (They're at the bottom of the list):pastebin.com/fZ9RrCNu

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>>117460808>Sisterhood is the strongest magic*cough*

>>117461045>It's just very long distance magic that never makes contact with each other and makes everyone sad.

>>117460808Honestly, where would we be at without you, Chileanon?

>>117460808Awesome, thanks! I'm pretty sure these are the English versions of French books from the first movie.

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>>117460808wowthanks user!>but because of the method I'm using I prefer no to do them all at oncescared of the disney ninjas?jk

>>117461124I miss those days. Back then we weren’t desperate for every scrap of information because things were fine, and new stories were just a bonus. Now every obscure Polish comic could potentially save the franchise from destruction, so finding and deciphering them is vitally important.

>>117461516it is a children’s cartoon


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>>117459699>As bad as the canoe was, at least that was one isolated event. The pain will fade in time.I don't think so. It's the equivalent of a shutting door to Anna's face. If things went south, that would be the last memory she had of Elsa.But now, Elsa is at another land, far away, across the dark sea in an impenetrable door in form of a glacier.

>>117461584Yes. We obsess about those here.

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>>117461584Is there any other kind?

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Translations.Leave requests if you have them.

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>>117460915>>117461100>>117461124>>117461489Don't mention it.>>117461489>spoilerMore like scared of the Google ninjas. I'm using an old exploit I didn't know I still had access to, thanks to my developer license I got eons ago, to get access to the acsm files, and then I just turn them into epubs using Digital Editions, like one would normally do.

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It's growing on me.Help.

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>>117462272It's Stockholm Syndrome, user. Calm down.

>>117462299She's stealing my soul!

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>>117461891>cross the line with her girlfriendI wonder who it could be?

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>>117462372Whack her with a newspaper.

>>117461868>It's the 1800s Anna, gay means happy.

>>117460319That's funny, all the Bruni fans I know are adult women

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>>117462470>making physical contactThat's how she gets you.

>>117462536>knowing adult women

>>117462575It doesn't count if the newspaper is the only thing that touches her.

>>117462618It'll just be a conduit for what she'll do. All she needs is a second of contact and you're hers.

>>117461891How about some good old fashioned cheek pinching?twitter.com/frozen_1022/status/1299985547910197248

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>>117462707That's nonsense. Here, let me show you. All I have to do is take this rolled up newspaper, hit Elsa as hard as I can, and--...I'm in love.


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>>117462853Another one bites the dust

>>117462910>>117462928>>117462941Why do these two instantly make even the most cliche scenario better?

>>117462473>Who says I'm happy?Still works.

>>117459699>and she doesn’t even know itThen what's the harm? Serious question.Elsa has no obligation to tell her sister about spirit business.

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>>117463090ANNA'S MOTHER ISN'T SPIRIT BUSINESS(Sometimes I really wish 4chan had an italic or bold option so I could emphasize things without going all caps.)

>>117463090She has a moral obligation. And you know damn well that if Anna found Iduna's diary or something during "queen business", she would run straight to Elsa to share it. Because she understands the immense value it has to both of them.

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>>117463356>she would run straight to Elsa to share itYeah, because she's codependent.

>>117459578It’s perfectly in character. Remember in the first movie where she made an ice giant to shoo her sister away from the ice palace? Anna almost died.


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>>117463563She was supposed to be past that, Jen Lee.

>>117463738wow, 80 replies until the first jenpost in a thread about plot

>Anyone defending Elsa's anything in Frozen III feel so bad for your siblings. Or parents. Or significant others. Or friends. Or co-workers.

>>117463563Hey, Marshmallow doesn't count! Elsa may have made a rampaging murdergolem, but she turned away really quickly after making it, so she has no idea what happened. Therefore, she has no responsibility for its actions.The canoe is the same way. Both are "fire and forget", quite literally. Seconds after making it, she was already on the beach, all thoughts of her sister gone from her mind. Anna hadn't even finished sliding out of view before Elsa rushed away to dramatically stare at the sea. As far as Elsa is concerned, once Anna is out of sight, she's no longer her problem, even if her ice creation is putting her in danger. And the movies reinforce this by rewarding Elsa with new powers and heroic music.You can't blame Elsa for the direct consequences of her actions. It just isn't fair. That's what Frozen teaches us.

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>>117461891>>117462836Here you go.1/3

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yo! who else /drinking/ tonight?

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>>117464570>>117464590>>117464608Thanks! I didn't even realize there were 2 others, twitter is hard.

>>117464570Cheek pinching is the best

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>>117464815aye aye!having a bottle of rum myself

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>>117463947What controls the personality an ice creation will have? Is it random? Elsa shouldn’t create life so carelessly.

>>117462372Maybe now that Elsa is spending all her time outdoors, she can actually get a tan

>>117465020As the Fifth Spirit, she'll only get paler.

>>117464815Drinking some wine while reading that Forest of shadows book

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>try to kiss Elsa in AI Dungeon>it’s a fucking dreamElsa hates Anna even in AI fanfic.

>>117465003It seems to be tied with her psyche at the time of creation.>Olaf is innocent and precocious because he was created in a moment of bliss.>Marshmallow is frightening because he was made out of fright.>The Snowgies are simple yet ravenous because they were made unintentionally when Elsa needed to tend to her primary needs.

>>117465721Poor Anna

>>117459045Marc was announced to be directing something at Disney. Probably too soon to be something Frozen related>>117462910This reads left to right. Is it not a Korean comic?

>>117465020That's one area I believe Anna will always win.

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>>117461891Last one for tonight.1/3

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>>117464839You're welcome, m8!>>117465802>This reads left to right. Is it not a Korean comic?Song, and other Korean fan artists draw Left-to-right comics, it's actually pretty common.

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Mulan Elsa and Mushu Bruni.

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>>117466394thanks for everything, anonterrific job as always


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>>117465721>>try to kiss Elsa in AI DungeonIs this something you regularly do?

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>>117466722My pleasure.

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>>117467244Bitch even started crying.

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And then she was never seen again.

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>>117460252Looking at her credits... how the hell can anyone even judge her other writing one way or the other? Except to say that nobody seems to trust her on anything with less than four writers.


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>>117468046Elsa or Honeymaren?


>>117460808>Frozen: Conceal, Don't Feel: A Twisted Tale in pdfyaass thanks user!

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>>117462272Once you get raptured by her, there's no coming back

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>>117467382Classic F1 Elsa>>117469143The fifth spirit needs to take care of not only the elemental spirits but also spirits of the dead. To ensure they move onto the afterlife either peacefully or by force if needed

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Confess your Frozen sins.

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>>117459578It’s fine that it happened but by the end of the movie it proved Elsa was RIGHT and it never contradicted her mindset of pushing her sister away

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>>117470897Did your shitty thread die again?


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>>117470940Too late, dumbassNow fuck off

>>117470934I don't think they have an active one right know, they just stopped trying.

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>>117470934The sad true is they might never return to having normal threads again, they are way too rotten at this point.But that doesn't mean I'm against mocking them so keep doing the Lord's work, user.

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>>117471245Whoa, an actual background and setting from Mego. Very nice.

>>117468046>TFW they actually believed you when you called for a virgin sacrifice.It's fun being the Fifth Spirit.

>>117459017Elsa is perfect

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>>117471455Fifth spirit Elsa is a very pretty design.

>>117471502All of Elsa's designs are pretty.Except for Travel Elsa. Travel Elsa is shit.

>>117471598>spoilerYou are wrong.

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>>117470964no youyou were too late

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>>117471828Hey, user, please stop being a nuisance.


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>>117471245>>117471944Is it Anna's horse day?

>>117463269>spoilerI use spoilers to achieve that. Not sure if it works though.


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>>117459017The problems were as follows:>All the conflicts were resolved in the previous movie.>The character with superpowers wasn't a villain so they couldn't have them cause more problems.>Lack of worldbuilding in the previous movie and them ruling a small island meant there wasn't an obvious place to go.So something with Elsa's powers was the only thing they could do. Though it would make most of the supporting cast useless since it didn't affect them.

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>>117459699>>117463090>>117463269>>117463356I got the impression that Ahtohollan is for spirits only, no mortals allowed. So I think it would be far more rude if Elsa were to tell Anna, "By the way, I met the ghost of our dead mother there, but I'm not allowed to let you in to see her. Sorry!" It's better if Elsa doesn't say anything at all about it. Ignorance is bliss, after all.

>>117472126The only thing holding the outfit back is the cape. Lose the cape and it would be even better than her OFA dress.

>>117470450I deleted the movies off my SSD to make room for Call of Duty: Warzone

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>>117472573>better than her OFA dress.Don't be silly, such a thing isn't possible.

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>>117472875Disney probably thinks everyone hates OFA because it wasn't made by Lee. Meanwhile it only got hate because Disney had the audacity of putting it up before Coco.

>>117472844Unforgivable. Not even a good game.Your Frozen card is hereby revoked.

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>>117472844>deleting anything for such a pleb ass shit tier game

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>>117472539I accept that this might be true, but it sure feels like doing mental gymnastics to make Elsa's hiding the truth a noble act.Saying "Mother was there. I wish you could see it." would be enough. I think Anna would understand.

>>117472875You're right. I feel very foolish at this moment.

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>>117472998Why not make it interesting and have Elsa tell a GOOD lie? Maybe she feels horribly guilty that only she has access, so she tells a small lie purely intended to make Anna feel better. >Mother said she loves both of us equally and wishes you could come too.Is a lie still wrong if the intent is to help someone? That would actually be an interesting question.

>>117472844Don't worry user, I'll keep seeding for when you decide to return to the right path.

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>>117461891Fresh Demonfencer...>>>/aco/4454220>>>/aco/4454222>>>/aco/4454224

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>>117473100Well... I guess the /aco/ thread was useful for something

>>117473061The writers found the ONE scenario where Elsa looks bad. Not even a hint that keeping it secret is actually good. Not a hint that she feels bad about it. There are a million ways Elsa could have seemed like a good person, and they picked none of them. Unbelievable.

Watch the story that inspired FROZEN a year before it came out.The Snow Queen (2012) by Wizart StudiosFriday at 8 pm ESTcytu dot be slash r slash frz>how to install tampermonkey for cytubepastebin.com/rEqkN7kw

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>>117473213Damn, that looks ugly as sin.


Attached: Frozen 2.jpg (640x853, 117.29K)

>>117473213the legend begins

>>117473213Am I crazy or is that the North Mountain in the background?

>>117473194It drives me crazy. Anons have posted that everything could be fixed if Elsa made just one worried glance backwards, and I agree. But she never does. As soon as her sister is gone, it's all smiles. It feels like a controlled demolition of Elsa's character. We've fallen very, very far from the OFA days.

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>>117473213Gonna bring the strongest booze I can find for that one.

>>117473213Man, I can't believe it's been 8 years already since Hans Christian Andersen died.

>>117473100>sticking straight out like thatDoes it really?

>>117459122>end of the first movie and even the shorts, even if they don't want to acknowledge the latter.Jesus Christ. They can’t even maintain continuity between the animation? It’s not like they’re trying to navigate the Star Wars extended universe. Just a movie and, what, three shorts?

>>117473334>Just a movie and, what, three shorts?Two, one of them isn't even 8 minutes long.

>>117473290It's funny how the people behind the shorts understood Elsa's post-Frozen character better than the creators of her did.And by funny I mean depressing.

>>117473331When Elsa is nearby it does.

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>>117473331Have you...never seen one?

>>117473443Elsa needs to own up to her responsibilities as the mother of countless snow golems.

>>117473443This would actually be fun

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>>117473361The original crew also worked on Frozen Fever.

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It never ends.

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Attached: wake up.gif (220x189, 117.91K)

>>117473734All aboard the best character train

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>>117473875Sweet but also spooky

>>117473678Weird that they made a "hero watch" out of the villain.

>>117473678>Iron Elsa vs. Transformers

It's Sunday.

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>>117474094Blessed be Her holy birth.>>117474119Blessed be this cutie too.

>>117474094Iduna gave birth to Raiden?

>>117474061>barefoot ElsaDoes this drive anyone else crazy? Elsa is not some barefoot nature goddess. She's an elegant city girl who hates dirt.

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Attached: OAU074.jpg (1290x725, 833.76K)

>>117474366Sorry, but that's no longer who she is. Sitting in the dirt is exactly who she was always meant to be. Everyone who ever made a dress for her is guilty of hiding the Fifth Spirit's glory from the world.


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>>117472539>>117473061>I got the impression that Ahtohollan is for spirits only, no mortals allowed.The writers should notify the audiences if that was the case.


Attached: 1577686825188.jpg (1458x605, 72.76K)

>>117474467Yes, I'm completely willing to accept that explanation if there was the slightest clue towards it. I like the idea and wish it was true.Instead, they do the opposite. The Dark Sea isn't raging anymore. Elsa freezes it and they even show normal people riding towards it! I'm forced to believe that Anna hasn't seen it simply because she doesn't know it exists. Elsa personally escorted some random reindeer herders, but not her own sister.

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>>117473608Desire to Molest intensifies

>>117474467That makes the question of "who built Ahtohallan?" even more mysterious.

Attached: 1_EBjSQYRZfH9HCVI6d3iiJg.jpg (1910x803, 194.6K)

>>117473649Indeed, but Lassater was the CCO

>>117474532anon, that's not a scene from the movie, that's a concept art.

>>117474579The place is full of fascinating questions.Unfortunately, the girl who found it is the least curious girl in the world. She doesn't care about anything beyond "which room has Mommy in it?"

>>117474532>they even show normal people riding towards it!No, they don't

>>117474579>massive columns>precise anglesWhoever built the pyramids, obviously.

>>117474532>Elsa: I'm here to keep nature's balance>Proceeds to freeze the fucking sea so she can gallop her new ice horsey! whenever she wants.I fucking hate 5th spirit Elsa.

Attached: file.png (804x503, 333.59K)

>>117474595Concept art shows their intent. While not canon, it's still valuable to see their thinking at the time. There's no evidence to show their thinking ever changed.

>>117459017You should probably watch the documentary on the making of the second movie. The movie being this bad is explained by how much of a mess the production was.

>>117474532Jesus, man.At least watch the movie you're shitting on.

>>117474579>Ahto: I built this hall and I shall name it Ahto's hall>It later evolved being named "Ahtohallan"

>>117474654anon, there's concept art for a ton of deleted ideasdon't make up excuses for your mistake

>>117474579Who built Ahtohallan? Someone with great taste, that's who. I'd live there.

Did she make this dress like this on purpose?

Attached: dancee.png (1229x691, 916.01K)

>>117474742Shut up, Jen lee

>>117474648It was winter. The water is SUPPOSED to freeze. Don't hate someone because she is perfect.

Attached: Elsa1235.jpg (3840x1600, 282.24K)

Why are lesbians soo fat?because they eat out all the time>>117473331Normally sticks up not out.

>>117474799It's not winter.Additionaly, the sea doesn't freeze like a freaking lake.

>>117474757If I have Jen Lee to thank for making Ahtohallan look like a synthwave fever dream, I'll thank her. I'm not totally biased.

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>>117474879>It's not winter.The epilogue takes place during winter.user, please watch the movie.

>>117474654I think deleting the Northuldra from that scene is enough evidence that their thinking changed

Attached: EZp2YptVcAIx8LL.jpg (2048x858, 188.21K)

>>117474743If you mean Elsa's dress, Anna is the one who made it. Elsa just added sparkles.

Attached: OFA dress gift.jpg (1200x235, 72.07K)

>>117474879Did you miss all that snow in the background there? Like this guy says: >>117474902

>>117474989>Anna's Christmas gift to her sister was a dress that clearly shows off her nipples and assWhat did she mean by this?

Attached: annas-gift.jpg (954x477, 103.1K)

>>117460808>If you happen to be interested in a specific one, please let me know.I feel kind of bad for asking but, since you're taking requests, any of the Junior novelizations like >>117474989 would be nice.

>>117475154The dress might be thin, but it was Elsa's choice to not wear underwear. She knew what she was doing.

>>117475154Secret incestuous lust, obviously.

>>117474654You can't really draw any conclusions from concept art. For a while Ahtohallan was just a big hole in the ground.

Attached: 79788481_2511108185828431_5650075241745629647_n.jpg (1080x564, 89.4K)

>>117475220>She knew what she was doing.You say that as if you wouldn't do the same.

>>117475154Does she even know it herself?

Attached: Whatdoyoumeanthecoldisbotheringme.jpg (1280x1225, 653.02K)

>>117475305>Elsa feels the strange, prickling pressure in her chest, but just thinks it's from anxiety and doesn't even look downhnng

Attached: clothing_rotate.webm (674x337, 1.82M)

>>117475154Dozens of eyes on every step of the design process, and not a single person said "you don't think this is a bit much?"


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>>117474902>>117474992OFA Arendelle is winter, you see there's snow everywhere. At the statue presentation it was hardly winter.

>>117474799>Elsa is actually causing a mini-winter here because her power is just that strong now

>>117475446Winter doesn't mean snow everywhere all the time.The Enchanted forest, however, is covered in snow during the epilogue, and time has passed as evidenced by Anna already being Queen.I don't know how is it that hard to understand.

>>117475446The enchanted forest is much further north, and exposed to the sea, the snow might come earlier there

>>117475551>I don't know how is it that hard to understand.It isn't but user won't admit he's wrong

>>117475551Winter begins on December 21. By that moment the usual places where is covered by snow shows signs of that by that date. >>117475569One day by reindeer-pushed wagon is not significantly "Further north". Snow might come earlier, yes but it won't freeze a fucking raging sea.

>>117475569We don't even know how far north it is. The cart ride there was a montage that seemed like it took at least one day.And Anna's message at the end either took 12 seconds or 12 hours to arrive.

Attached: 4k-frozen2-animationscreencaps.com-15672.jpg (3840x1600, 486.88K)

>>117475551>and time has passed as evidenced by Anna already being QueenYes, the epilogue always struck me as happening at least a month after the main events of the movie, so I guess that would place it at the end of autumn or beginning of winter

Fun Fact: Neither Elsa nor Anna are dykes and even if they were, they would not be incestuous dykes. Sorry sweatys.

>>117475637I think there were actually 2 timeskips. One to Anna already being Queen, and one towards late winter to imply that the messages are a regular thing.

>>117475664Why the fuck do we have to twist ourselves into knots and decipher and decode Disney's messy ending just to make their own characters happy?>we actually entered a time warp while Gale was flying, surely this proves that Elsa and Anna haven't totally abandoned each other!Happy endings are THEIR job. They failed. We don't even understand what we're seeing.

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>>117462272>>117462372There is hope, 100-posts-apart-bros.The 5th spirit is no solution. Compare the two screenshots and find the mistake.

Attached: 1588958579522.jpg (1920x1616, 232.94K)

>>117475736Disney dumped a box of puzzle pieces on our heads instead of putting it together into something that makes sense. It's our right and our duty to do it ourselves.

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>>117475736Half the fun of these threads is tearing each other apart while trying to figure out this stuff.

>>117475736If a possibility exists that Elsa and Anna still see each other regularly, no matter how small or improbable, I will seize it and defend it to the death.

>>117476043What drives me crazy is that this should be a stupid question. Of course they still see each other! But Disney has failed to show the slightest shred of evidence that it's true.They've even gone back in time now, and shown us a previous game night instead of the future one that everyone is dying to see. I just don't get it.

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>>117476225Spirit Elsa is too important to waste on small stories.Nobody cares about Queen Anna though, so she can have a new story every week, but she's not allowed to see her sister, because she's exponentially more valuable to the brand.It's that simple.

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>>117474902>>117475551>>117475651Its times like this I wish I had saved that page scan that showed the statue ceremony was only a week later.

>>117475662But they're clearly lusting for each other! I agree, but pretending they are is funny to me.

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>>117474992>>117474902>>117475551>>117475651According to the Junior Novelization, the epilogue takes place after the last autumn leaves have fallen from the trees, so you were correct in assuming it was around the very end of Autumn or beginning of Winter. It makes sense that there is snow up north.

Attached: Epilogue.jpg (667x463, 60.76K)

>>117476461I wonder how much the mist walls protected the Forest from snow. Maybe this is the coldest the Northuldra have ever been in 34 years

>>117476705>Fuck this shit, bring the mist back

>>117475208Sure thing!I'll give priority to those, then.

Attached: EA782.png (800x600, 520.16K)

>>117476705>>117476802>It turns out that all the trees and plants adapted to the mist conditions in those 34 years, and pretty soon, everything dies and the whole forest looks like this

Attached: jay-jackson-ship4.jpg (1920x804, 270.59K)

>>117476929Anna's ecoterrorism was not stopped, only delayed.

Attached: anna rushes to commit ecoterrorism.jpg (1920x800, 203.84K)

>>117476929Why does the ship area look like that anyway? I didn't see any transition from live trees to dead ones, they were just walking in a beautiful forest and suddenly teleported into a spooky one. I guess the forest's biomes work on Minecraft rules.

Attached: bruni spots cuties.jpg (3840x1600, 386.18K)

>>117477159The ship is cursed. Death and rot will spread from it until all is consumed.

>>117477240They should chop up the ship and make it into birdhouses. Or a new sled for Kristoff.

>>117477240>its corrupting influence has already sunk deeply into the land, and that’s what drove the spirits mad>now that Elsa is a spirit, she’s suffering from the same madness

>>117477356In a world where magic, spirits and who knows what else is real, I wouldn't build anything out of something where a lot people died in.

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>>117477440I'm sure the death of two royals is extra bad juju

>>117478096>>117465895Good summertime Anna recently

>>117478223Anna simply is summer.

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Attached: summer elsa.png (500x780, 265.4K)

Attached: Elsa is sad because she lost in a game that is designed for little children.webm (342x610, 856.8K)

Attached: Hopeful Anna.webm (338x578, 822.44K)

>>117475871Speculation for fucking everyone.

>>117479298>>117479375Are they the only two characters?

Am I the only one who's still furious that no one cares about Anna because they keep masturbating to Elsa?Anna deserved SO MUCH BETTER than to be reduced to a lowly sidekick thanks to terrible writing. She's the only reason I keep up with the Frozen franchise, IDC about Elsa.

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>>117474799Ah, yes, how I look forward to winter and the way the entire fucking Pacific freezes solid every year...

>>117479832I think most people have the capacity to care about one character while masturbating to others. I know I do.

Alternate costumes from SnowQueen on Instagram.1/4

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>>117479832>She's the only reason I keep up with the Frozen franchise, IDC about Elsa.Then you're in luck, we keep getting story after story about Anna, while Elsa is trapped in mystery box hell and we know nothing about her

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Attached: SnowQueen-Elsa-01.jpg (1080x1341, 135.25K)


Attached: SnowQueen-Elsa-02.jpg (1080x1262, 109.1K)

>>117479832At the risk of sounding like a broken record, yes, I'll reply. Anna deserved a better addressing of her separation anxiety from Elsa and future with Kristoff.

>>1174802094/4I really like these last two outfits of Elsa's. I think they get "older and more mature" across much better than the travel outfit they used in the movie.

Attached: SnowQueen-Elsa-03.jpg (1080x1260, 136.34K)

>>117479832I liked Anna better before they turned her into a discount Elsa

>>117480166I thought she had a devil tail for a second

>>117480174>sitting at a desk>doing paperwork This isn't Anna

>>117480287I love Anna and she is THE ONLY CHARACTER IN THE ENTIRE FRANCHISE I LIKE aside from Matthias, but she IS NOT QUEEN MATERIAL!Should have not given her the crown! It's too restrictive for her! It's all staying home and work, work, work, work, work!

>>117480209>>117480230I like these two, I could definitely see her wearing these if she returned to Arendelle.Unfortunately, she didn't, and I can't see Goddess Elsa ever lowering herself to wear mortal fabrics ever again. Seriously, where do they go from here?

Attached: sysa.jpg (3216x3216, 758.16K)

>>117480378>Seriously, where do they go from here?Here.

Attached: forestelsa3.jpg (1826x2048, 621.39K)

>>117480378>Seriously, where do they go from here?Her birthday suit, of course.