It’s official

It’s official

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>>117458207Guess we will never know if Hank is actually dead or not.

>>117458222The last shot of the show is him walking down the street so it seems pretty clear

>>117458207I can’t believe that Scottish whore Scrooge cancelled Venture Bros

i want to wait for someone more offical, but what?


>>117458207Yeah I'll take a random tweet as confirmation.

>>117458207Been a couple of years since I've watched adult swim and I guess I never will again.

>>117458222Season 8's production has already started, so if it's true the show is canceled, it likely means the next will be the last. Not that season 8 isn't happening.

If this is true, what a dick way to announce it.

>>117458277He’s a close friend of the creators and literally wrote the book on it

>>117458207adult swim bull shits it again.

Wait what the fuck???????

>>117458297And? I'll take official confirmation as official confirmation.

>>117458277Ken Plume is close friends with Doc and Publick, put together the book documenting the creation of the show that came out two years ago, and has helped with production of the show in various elements several times. Coming from him, it is not a "random tweet."

>>117458339Yeah he literally is the main sounding board when they write the show. They mention him on like every commentary

>>117458339It is to me.Until I get official confirmation as far as I concerned he's just bullshitting.

>>117458207this is fucking devastating

>>117458207This is such a stupid movie because adult swim is about to hit a content drought

>>117458207If we still get season 8 I’m okay with felt like they were building towards the ending with Monarch and Doc finding out they’re related at the end of season 7If we don’t, that’s just going to suck all the more because we were so close to the end

>>117458207Why do the good always die young?

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>>117458207Holy shit I hope this isn't true, S7 set up so much it would be a real fucking shame if it were to end like unresolved after begin around so long

>>117458289I could be OK with VB ending at season 8. They seem to be heading towards an ending now that we know Monarch and Rusty are related. The fact that this show lasted as long as it has is impressive.

>cancel metalocalypse>cancel venture brosgood job AS you fucking mongs

>>117458289What have they completed? Doc said just a couple months ago they were only writing it. And it’s you know a fucking pandemic

>>117458391it wouldn't call this show young, but this is depressing if doc and jackson didn't want the show to end

>>117458339But why would they get someone associated but not with the show to announce the cancellation via a reply to a “what got cancelled unnecessarily” tweetAnd not just a random one or two season wonder but one of the most notable cult following animations of the past 20 years

>>117458475You’re severely overestimating the VB audience and its value to adult swim

>>117458207he's shilling a some virtual con that has Jackson and Doc in it, so we might learn the truth soon

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>>117458391The show has been on 16 years

>>117458489It's their longest running current series easily so it has some worth. I'd expect at least the bull itself to announce it, or even him saying 'I unfortunately heard Venture Bros got cancelled" not a weird ass reply to a tweet then saying he's not commentating on it >>117458518If this is just a hoax to promote his con appearance that would be mega shitty

>>117458475You seem to be viewing cancellations as an event or action taken by a network, as opposed to what they actually are: the lack of renewal. >one of the most notable cult following animations[as]'s bookkeepers have always been pissed with Venture Bros. because it ended up being a cult hit after the network gave Doc and Publick an overly favorable hand in merchandising rights. With Lazzo (who liked it) stepping down last year, the show was dead in the water.

>>117458571You have no idea how tv works

>>117458207Now adult swim can invest in more Rick and Morty episodes. Wabalubadubdub

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>>117458574"Lack of renewal" is the polite (or nonexistent) way to say cancelled

>>117458605I don't think a NDA states you can't say a show ended after it endedThis guy who isn't even working on the show could have made it less awkward if this is serious, that's the point here

>>117458207PLEASE NO

>>117458638They do that all the time. The OK KO creators couldn’t talk about the show being cancelled for over a year

Oh god please no, need to see a official announcement before my heart 100% sinks

>>117458207This year just keeps getting worse and worse

>>117458657So then wouldn't that have been broken by them telling this guy who then told everyone?

I call bullshit until more info. IF this is true, then fuck this gay earth

Wasn't there a rumor that Comedy Central wanted the show and that's why AS hadn't canceled it? I wonder if that could still happen if CC is still trying to pivot to be just adult animation.

>>117458207Will we at least get season 8 to wrap everything up?

>>117458207wow who would've guessed venture bros would never get a proper ending, never saw that coming ...

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As others have said, as long as we get season 8 I'll be okay with it. Seemingly it was already ordered as they said they were writing it, right?The story felt like it was wrapping up anyway. By the time it releases the show will have been on the air for almost 20 years. It had a good run.

>>117458685Not necessarily. Also doc and Jackson don’t really use social media much maybe they just told him to say it. Also who cares? Why do you want a press conference and a speech for a show getting canceled. A show that literally like 800 people watch

Also keep in mind everyone, AS just had a huge change in leadership. It could’ve just been Lazzo keeping it alive all these years and he’s gone

>>117458755>It could’ve just been Lazzo keeping it alive all these years and he’s goneThat seems like the exact opposite of what Lazzlo would do

>>117458732>800the VB subreddit has like 45k members

>>117458732>Why do you want a press conference and a speech for a show getting canceled. A show that literally like 800 people watchI didn't say that, I at least want something that isn't someone who isn't even working on the show replying in almost a joking manner to a twitter reply threadAnd Doc Hammer is in this livestream thing so that takes away any NDA rumors if he says anything

>>117458755Talk about a monkey's paw. We cheer on his ousting after the Metalocalypse cancelation only to find he was keeping another Holla Forums darling alive.

Network execs don’t care about shows having a good ending. They care that one more season would cost millions and make nothing. If you’ve pirated the show, this is your fault

>>117458790Oh yeah that definitely translates to millions of ratings

>>117458791He does work on the show read the thread moron

If this is true I hope we at least get a comic or something as a conclusion, it would be fitting for the series to be conceived as a comic and then end as a comic

>>117458755wait lazzo's out?

>>117458864He retired a while ago

>>117458864Lazzo has been out since December

>>117458903>Lazzo leaves in December>Replacement takes January through March to pick up former responsibilities done by Lazzo>April through June is COVID and finishing current TV show contracts>Renewal discussions start in July through August>September onward is the new leadership pushing their direction for Adult SwimBoom, Venture Bros was cancelled over the summer during the contract negotiations easily.

>>117458207Wasn't it said that the guy who runs Adult Swim hated the show?

There's a con about it though?

>>117459144Who? Lazzo? He very famously loved the show and Doc and Jackson. Listen to the commentaries

>>117459160I'm talking about the guy running now.

>>117459144He hated Metalocalypse and strangely Space Ghost>>117459174Probably

>>117459174Oh yeah maybe

>Cancels Venture Bros in your path

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>Family Guy and Bob's Burgers leaving the block.>Squidbillies fired the VA for the main character because he sperged out on social media. The show probably won't survive long.>Venture Bros. cancelled.I don't think we have much longer.

>>117459228There is still hope

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>>117459228I can’t believe squidbillies is still a thingI remember watching the premiere years ago and thinking “this’ll be gone in 2 seasons”

>>117459228At least Primal season 2 will come out before this block ends

>>117459256Joe has been super quiet about another season but him getting another special gives me hope.I'd be fine with only two seasons of the show though it's not like it ended in a big cliffhanger like VB

"Okay, first order of business: Cancel that rancid horse turd we keep calling the Venture Bros." - Michael Ouweleen

>>117459337You know the second thing he did after that was buy a new season of Tuca & Bertie

If it is canceled I couldn’t see them giving Doc and Jackson another season to wrap it up. But maybe some kind of special.

>>117458518I'll watch it so no one else has to

>>117459390Tape it

Isn't Doc paralyzed from a car accident and going through physical therapy? It's possible he can't work on the show anymore because of his condition.

that's a heart retch

>>117459415I heard he’s walking again and feeling much better lately. That guy has been through some shit

>>117459415I'm pretty sure he's up and walking around again, but yeah, I'm sure that's the kind of thing that makes you think about retiring.

>>117459228>>Family Guy and Bob's Burgers leaving the block.I haven't watch AS in years now. I'm shocked that Bob's Burgers was ever on AS/>>Squidbillies fired the VA for the main character because he sperged out on social media. The show probably won't survive long.Fair enough, it sucks and I don't disagree with his opinion 100% either. Yet, social media is cancer and shouldn't exist like it does.>>Venture Bros. cancelled.Sadness covers me like a blanket.

>>117458711Even if they did, Venture Bros. is saturated with Turner-owned material and that would likely bring legal hell unless the show gets outright rebooted. The old seasons definitely can't air on Comedy Central.

Three minutesSomeone update us if they say anything, if it's a hoax or whatever else


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>>117459263I thought it'd be like a 12 mouse type thing.

WB/AT&T have been slashing everywhere like DC and their TV stuff. Not a surprise at all that they’d cut an expensive show that takes years to make and barely anyone watches

>>117459645Tuca and Bertie is fine, but the idea that a show as great as Venture Bros ends up just being cancelled and not getting a concrete ending is borderline criminal.

>>117459375The last season has already been ordered.

>>117459700Wow you know a lot about how the process works. Tell us more.

They could finish it comfortably with a season 8 and season 7 felt penultimate anyways I’m pretty sure Doc said 8 or 9 seasons was the plan in the book. Can’t remember for sure

>>117459700Shows get cancelled all the time with ordered seasons, Daredevil had other 3 seasons planned out when it got axed


>>117459775No no this guy knows everything that’s happening especially with a small network that exists on another network that just had a huge regime change and also a major company merger with a billionaire conglomerate. He definitely knows more than a guy that works on the show and wrote a book about it with the creators who are his close long time friends. Let’s hear him out.

>>117459774they always said there was no plan. Each season was its own and continued from last time.

okay this video ken plume linked is cringe. When is Doc and Jackson on?

>>117459867Yeah I can’t stand this guy reading his Star Wars twitter fan fiction

>>117458518Watching this and these retarded Star Wars twitter "jokes" are the least funny thing I have ever seen.

>>117458207Wait, when? why? how?

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>>117459867on monday

>>117459899>whenProbably recent.>why?New management doesn't like it.>how?New management doesn't like it.

>>117459867I don't know if it is even worth it to hear either "VB is cancelled" or "VB isn't cancelled lol" or nothing at all

>>117458372It's ok, user. Things are beautiful because they end

>>117459867They are listed at the very bottom of the guest list so probably they're probably the last people


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just give us a finale at least

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>>117460007OH CHRIST OH FUCK

>>117460007fake and gay

Now some lady is doing karaoke. What the fuck is this


>>117460076Ken Plume is torturing fans who didn't buy VB merch, this was his plan the whole time

>>117460007please no

I just want a yes or no not listen to people sing and read fake Twitter posts

>>117460007>We're Metalocalypse 2 now

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If they seriously decided to put the announcement on whether or not it's canceled at the end of this shit, then I fucking hope it's canceled.

>>117458289Could be based but they NEED to go out good, 6 and 7 are ok but nothing close to the previous seasons.

>>117458712no way is one season enough to wrap everything up.

>>117458712We don't know that evenThey might just cut it completely and you saw the last episode 2 years ago

>>117460007this is rise of tmnt all over again

>>117458620Rick and Morty is far from the worst garbage Adult Swim has aired. At least we didn't get another four seasons of Tim and Eric's Awesome Show, or Mr. Pickles, or fucking Children's Hospital.

>>117458207If this is true, would Doc’s failing health have something to do with it?

>>117460203>last episode 2 years agoMake time stop, please.

>>117460007>>117460099Welp, there you have it, folks. RIP Venture Bros.

MC Frontalot? Is it fucking 2007?

>>117460230While I loath the live action stuff. I appreciate their experimental nature. RM isn't experimental though, possibly the most generic show theyve made in terms of style and writing.

Branding anything as “for nerds” was a mistake. Fuck this shit. Referencing anime girls and 8-bit video games and shit in a rap song was hack when MC Chris did it

>>117459228>SquidbilliesThat’s still going this far though? Damn I use to remember it being a funny critic of redneck conservatives but went full blue pilled in the later seasons.


God not watching this stream but hearing you describe it makes it sound so awful

>>117460354You know it's bad when "the plot of Star Wars as tweets" isn't the worse thing

This feels like open mic night at a shitty cafe

Why do people think puppets are funny? This is the second puppet skit. It's like they think the puppet is a crutch for their bad jokes, but don't realize a puppet isn't enough to carry them.

>>117460411Muppets are based though

>>117460394A variety show done in a panel room during a con likely kills, due to the environment and lower standards. At home it’s awful though.

>>117460427Muppets are based, but there was actual comedy there. These feel like the actor was too embarrassed to show themselves.

>Bought season seven literally last week>Might already own the complete series on DVDNot like this... Not like this...

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>>117460441There's also the point when you go to a con panel you aren't expecting news of a beloved show being cancelled


>recorded a long time agoWe’re not getting any news

>>117460468at least they look healthy

If the theories that Doc and Jackson hold the ability to take their show anywhere they want and only would let the show end when they were personally done with it.Either this means 1. They're done with it 2. They can take it somewhere else.

Doc and Jackson are live but talking about bullshit and have said nothing about the show

Oh my god they didn’t even MENTION the show. Incredible

Well that was a waste of time

We know absolutely nothing from their podcast part, they seemed pretty upbeat though so maybe that's a sign

What are the chances he's trolling

>>11746067130% percent chances he's trolling, he tweets the Venture Bros are cancelled, no further comments and then immediately shills the con

>It turns out that Lazzo isn't that bad compared to the next person in chargeCalled it, this is Stuart Snyder and Christina Miller all over again.

>>117458207>Venture Bros ending>Adult Swim cancelling multiple Tim and Eric projectsThis truly is the end

>>117460709the devil you know...

Comedy Central is going to pick them up, right, bros...?

>>117460728>>Adult Swim cancelling multiple Tim and Eric projectsbased adult swim

>>117460551>>117460638So I take it you've never seen a Venture Bro panel before.>Doc spends a good ten minutes talking about the time he got stuck in his apartment and all the elderly Mafia Mistresses refused to help him because they thought he was a tweaker who worships the devil>They try to figure out if The General Insurance commercials are national or not after saying they wanted him for the Panel.

>>117459676didnt it premiere along 12 oz mouse?

>>117460694The only good thing to came out of the Harley Quinn show was this screenshot.


>>117460728>>Adult Swim cancelling multiple Tim and Eric projectsAnd that's a good thing

>>117460765no it's already over and was prerecorded. It was sandwich conversations and then over.

>>117458391Dude, this show was on when I was a Senior at High School....this show was on when I was a senior at high school......oh god...this show was on when I was a senior at high school...

>>117460774>The only way to kill Tim and Eric was to kill everything

>>117460709Christina Miller wasn't THAT bad.

>>117460728>Adult Swim cancelling multiple Tim and Eric projectsSource? That sounds based.

>>117460728>adult swim section on HBO Max just grew exponentially>main network cancelling multiple shows>few new shows announced>losing Family Guy and Bob’s BurgersI’m calling it, they’re folding adult swim into HBO Max.

>>117460821If TTGO is your new favorite show, sure.

>>117460779I was in middle school still.The show was on long enough for me to immediately think Brock meant Pokemon and be mad that it wasn't Pokemon.

>>117460779>Show began in 2004>I graduated high school in 2005>Have a wife and a six-year-old sonGod damn where does the time go?

>>117460844>killing AS shows to fold AS into HBO max??Having a huge vault of stuff to watch gets people on board but you can only rewatch so many times. You need new content.

>>117460842Tim said that Decker, On Cinema and Channel 5 have been cancelled

>>117460779I was 5 when this show debutedGraduating college soon

>>117460928thus always to live action shit

>>117460901Yes, but not nearly as much. Adult Swim as purely adult swim needs plenty of content to stay afloat. Adult Swim as just a subsection of HBO Max doesn’t need nearly as much because subscribers can watch other content on the service, be it from CN or HBO or DC or Crunchyroll or whatever.

>>117458207RIP dr. gf tits

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>>117460979You should be banned

>>117460979>Thinking rules matter here


is that fag just deleting his own posts for attention?

Should have been public but still based

> unnecessaryThe show has been running for nearly two decades and never rose beyond it's niche audience. "Unfortunate" maybe, but not unnecessary.

>>117461081If it's not going to get a proper ending after all this time, than "unnecessary" is the right word to describe this.

[as] is getting rid of their last really problematic show. Can’t have people catching up on Hulu and seeing child molestors and black face

>>117461135>BlackfaceRefresher: when?

>>117461148Red Mantle and Dragoon at the Halloween party

>>117461116shoulda ended with the gargantua special

>>117461135Robot Chicken exists

>>117460928>oncinema and venture brothers ok, i'm not watching primal on adult swim

>>117461160Oh yeahBut they noted how racist that was

>>117461185So does every show that used it like Scrubs and 30 Rock. Still all got removed from Hulu. People don’t care about context anymore

>>117459228>New head for AS brought in>The entire thing INSTANTLY crashes and burnsWhat the fuck?

>>117461216I think he wants to rebuild the block from the ground up.

>>117458329You're being an obtuse ass.

Reminder that Michael Ouweleen apparently doesn't like anime either.

>>117461234With what? He's driven off the normalfags and if VB and T+E are gone then that means the weirdos that stay up to watch [as] are out the door too. With what audience does he plan to rebuild?

>>117461268they're just gonna try to make more rick and morties

>>117461268He's got like 60 episodes of Rick and Morty on order?

>>117460708>VB art book writer tweets the show is cancelled>co-creator likes the tweetWould be a weird ass troll if it didn't mean anything.At the very least I'm expecting Season 8 to be the last season.

>>117461268Woke Tuca and Berta Twitter users

>>117461268The Rick and Morty, and Bertie and Tuca audience.

This show's been running longer than most of the yurifag tumblrinas posting on this board nowadays have been alive.Kill it before it becomes shit.

Okay fine, the show is perfect. Calm down, That pic was Holla Forums related it had Don Rosa artist of Disney's Duck comics (because OPs pic had Scrooge McDuck) and official Funko Venture Bros figurines it wasn't Off topic or unrelated to Cartoon and comics. I'll shut up, but please calm down, the show is perfect okay?


How do they make a finale worse then Star Vs?

>>117461340modget him.snaps fingers*

>>117461340Go away

>>117461313do people actually watch that show?

>>117458391>youngThis is the oldest show still running on [as].

Miss me yet?

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>>117461268unironcally the rick and morty/ reddit audience

>>117461445Will it pay off?

>>117461502if they can get another show like that, but i'm not sure

>>117460956Adult Swim has plenty of content, the same stuff that is or will be on HBO Max. Difference is that advertisers pay to be on during that programming block. Hopefully AT&T isn't so stupid as to taint the HBO brand with ads on their streaming service.

>>117458207Don't they have a contract that says they retain ownership of it and can shop it around other networks if Adult Swim doesn't renew?

>>117461502probably since they will have the dedicated autistic redditers who did not drop it after season 2 and also normalfags know about it also

>>117461547It’s amazing that adult swim let it go this long what network would possibly take that

>>117461547i'm not sure another network would want it considering the turner media references

>>117461582>>117461547and what network would want a show they don't have ownership of? people take for granted how easygoing AS was about the whole deal.

>>117461268It should be noted almost every time someone is appointed the head of a network they will usually take down almost everything the previous guy worked on so the new guy can build his own legacy and build a name for himself, even if there wasn't anything wrong with the old waysThis new guys gonna alienate the old audience that Adult Swim had grown up with so he can get the normie audience that doesn't stay awake past Rick and Morty

>>117461604>>117461605They could always pull a Kickstarter or something, Wakfu has an even smaller audience but they just funded their final season.

Maybe CN will just make it HBOMax exclusive. Maybe it'll get a actual good budget too so we don't wait years between seasons.

>>117461606Venture Bros has been around since 2003 or 2004. How many people have overseen Adult Swim and/or Cartoon Network itself since that time?

>>117458329Based retard

>>117458382they cancelled Mike Tyson Mysteries too

>show ends on that love triangle storywhat a huge letdown

Was one of the last old school good western cartoons left.

>>117458801>Network execs don’t care about shows having a good ending. They care that one more season would cost millions and make nothing100%. Before it was announced that BoJack was on its final season, that summer it was reported that the animators on the show unionized and demanded better pay. What a shock that the show would be on its final season after that.

>>117461443Why did everyone hate him again? I have a grudge after he told Eric Andre that he didn't give a fuck about Space Ghost anymore

>>117461325So gays and roasties then?

>>117461832killing metalocalypse and to a lesser extent athf mostly

I've heard something about when they were doing the summer adult swim bracket thing that they mentioned "finale scripts" for this showCan anyone find if they actually said that

>>117461872Yeah Metalocalypse being cancelled was weird. But I don't necessarily blame them for cancelling ATHF it was on for so long with a feature film.

>>117461740Mike Lazzo had been with Adult Swim since day 1.

>>117461654I'd throw $100 at them for an 8 episode final season and a tshirt

>>117461443Did Lazzo have anything to do with World Peace getting canceled? I know Sam blames Tim for it but that seems like a cope to me.

>>117461606>It should be noted almost every time someone is appointed the head of a network they will usually take down almost everything the previous guy worked onthats what got Rise of the TMNT killed too

Don't lose hope Venture Bros. There is so much stuff that is canceled and brought back in this day and age that I'm certain the show will get wrapped up eventually. This is especially true of series with a loyal fanbase.If HamJac can get the show on a streaming service, then they might find a whole new audience. Most Zoomers probably don't even know about the show due to how old it is and its release schedule. That alone could get the show renewed.

>>117462080nah lazzo supposedly liked them and wanted season 2.

Is adult swim poor now or something.

>>117462137No, just retarded.

>>117462137if you haven't noticed, cable TV has been experiencing a collapse the last several years

>>117462137AT&T (the new parent company) has an immense amount of debt after purchasing Warner, cable tv is fucking dying, and the only shows that regularly pulled in good ratings (syndicated Fox programing) are being taken away soon.

>>117462137They're Taco Bell right now

>>117462176yep. 73 of the top 100 television broadcasts last year were American Football games. 18-45 year olds have the least proportion of disposable income in 30+ years. The entire television industry is on the verge of collapse.

maybe they could transition into being an HBO Max series, don't know if Adult Swim licensing allows that but AT&T do own them now

>>117462176This. Entertainment is changing.


>>117460928> On Cinemawhat the fuck [as], that show format costs next to nothing to make, you even cut funding for the Oscar specials and made them resort to patreon.

>>117459390A hero

>>117462137adult swim only exists because of cartoon network's constant teen titans go replays and rick & morty, at this point

>>117462137always has been

>>117462370Fuck, that got to me.

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>>117462370anon... ;-;

>>117462385actually, it's the Rick and Morty merchandising. The actual show and broadcast is barely profitable

>>117462080All Tim did was say something like this on his podcast>if you want this MDE show cancelled, you have to talk to Adult Swim and not meDon't get me wrong, Tim is an ass for making his career dabbing on the poor, mentally ill and elderly and then flipping and being Mr. Socially Conscious since he learned how to do political comedy. But I don't think he has ever had any real power at AS to make the call.

>>117462378god forbid they make heidecker pay for his vanity projects himself and instead of leaching off their meager programming budget

>>117462378ATHF was literally a PowerPoint presentation lol


We're going from the Family Guy block to the Rick and Morty block, it seems.

>>117460221What happened?

>>117462449Do... do you think when people make a tv show THEY pay the NETWORK to make it and not like get paid to make it like it’s a job? Are you a fucking idiot?

>>117462130I remember hearing that, actually. Apparently not enough though.>>117462431Yeah, Tim is a real piece of shit but Sam comes off totally deranged in that clip. I can understand being really pissed about getting blacklisted like that though.

>>117458423To me, S7 felt like it was treading water.

did the stream happen? what did jackson public say? can someone recap

>>117460336Wait, it's blue-pilled? I thought it was like Duck Dynasty, not The Colbert Report.

>>117462582that's tomorrow

>>117458391I was 2 years old when it came out. I'm now in college.....


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>>117462530heidecker obviously wanted to make the show more than AS wanted to pay him to make it, so they didn't. is that so difficult to understand?

Seems some people are trying to start a twitter hashtagWon't do jackshit but maybe it'll get them to truly tell us what's going on

>>117458372the literal creator of the show liking his tweet is confirmation

>>117460844It's the Games Workshop effect.>License out your franchise>Kill your franchise's base game>Wait for the money to roll in from the licensed videogame now that the original game is dead.

>>117462746They're just punking us, user, ha ha, we all need a good joke to cheer us up during the pandemic, hahaa hahahooooh god

>>117460779I was a 6th grader, I'm a couple months from being 29 now.

>>117460292Having a hearty chuckle at my middle school nerdcore phase.

>>117460324Can we call out how much of a hack M.C. Chris is?

>>117460324But...his backpacks got jets.

>>117462780>Scaring the fanbase that their show got cancelled PRANK

So is Adult Swim going to pull the Metalocalypse recycle bin fax shit again when fans inevitably petition to bring the show back?

>>117462856He's funnier presented as a spider in a diaper

>>117462856His persona is at least somewhat amusing. the real nerdcore hack is Luke Ski.

>>117463020Then they'll wonder why Comedy Central will take all of their former audience

>>117463020>So is Adult Swim going to pull the Metalocalypse recycle bin fax shit again when fans inevitably petition to bring the show back?They kinda can't. Doc and Jackson own the rights to Venture Bros. Even if it does get cancelled, they can go to another company/channel to finance and air the show.

>>117463142Maybe they should've licensed more merch. I WANT THAT TOWEL!

I'd donate a fucking kidney to keep this show going.

>>117459645But I liked tuca and Bertie

>>117462378That's what makes it even more odd, though the management finally turning against tim and eric is a good thing.>>117462431Everyone at adult swim hates MDE, defend it on one of the streams if you want a laugh.>>117461268Rick and Morty fans and the three people that like the streams, Venture Bros is well liked on Twitter, even among the woke crowd.>>117460844One of the ATHF creators mentioned that they were in talks with the HBO Max people about a revival, but considering how pants on head retarded and in debt AT&T is, that will probably happening, we're seeing signs of CN being converted into a wing of Warner Animation, but AS's ratings are surprisingly good for cable.

>>117458824It's certainly a lot more than "800 people" and almost definitely is only a small fraction of the overall viewership like most subreddits dedicated to shows

>>117462342sling is $25/month

what the fuck is the point of adult swim now other than rick and morty and re runs of fox shows?

>>117458207Fuck you guys!Where I can watch the entire series?I always want to watch the whole thing but I always forget this awesome show exist, if the thing is getting canceled I would like to know at least what did I miss.Asking as a not American who mostly knows about the good shit of AS for youtube of all things.

>>117463337Post some numbers

Posted this in another thread, posting here tooInterpretation #1>Ken Plume just casually announced that Venture Bros. is canceled>Jackson Publick casually confirmed it by liking his TweetInterpretation #2>Ken Plume claimed Venture Bros. was canceled as a cheeky dig towards its lengthy hiatuses>Jackson Publick, the trollish creator he is, liked the Tweet merely because he thought it was funnyIt's your choice what to believe until we get a legit announcement and subsequent sticky.

>>117458207>>117462370Oh my gosh, this is terrible. I haven't watched far past season 4, knowing how long their hiatuses are. Now I don't want to watch further so there'll always be more episodes to me. I'll definitely watch the rest someday, but for now I'm gonna Guardians of the Galaxy it up.

Attached: VentureBros_Nooooooo.png (1463x836, 601.5K)

>>117463459you can watch it on hulu or just find it on some sitebesides that the dvds/blurays are pretty cheap

>>117460779>Was 4 when it came out>Now a 19, soon to be 20 year old idiot who has zero clue that to do with my lifeSo Holla Forums, should i start watching VB?

As long as we get season 8, I'm good.

>>117463534yes its great

>>117463326> management finally turning against tim and eric is a good thingno it isn't, cutting off a significant producer of content for the network is bad when they were one of the faces of the network's pivot from television.

>>117463155Still glad I got some of the posters when I could.

>>117463453Primal and uh, more Primal. Once that cartoon ends [as] is dead for good.

It became shit after the space station special anyways. I hate the superhero crap and preferred it as a Johnny Quest serial. Don't @ me.

Attached: Aniki fuck off.gif (300x225, 2.81M)

>>117463616First season has some of the best episodes though what

>>117463501>knowing how long their hiatuses areWhy do people keep saying that? They don't take 2 year long breaks and then just cook up a season in a couple months. 2 years is how long it takes them to produce a season of the show. They're ALWAYS working. The are no hiatuses.

Attached: BrockFFF2.png (800x600, 170.25K)

>>117463698They're not saying that they're lazing about or anything. But long waits damper the hype and lead you to forgetting many of the show's details over time.

>>117463571anon this is Holla Forums, we don't give a shit about tim and eric

>>117463453primal and smiling friends, hopefully

>>117463698It's still not a hiatus. Hiatus implies something has temporarily ceased. Venture Bros never stopped. Doc and Jackson never stopped, never took a break (Doc's medical emergency doesn't count). The fact that we don't see anything between seasons doesn't change the fact that shit's happening.

>>117463698I didn't mean hiatus like that, I meant what >>117463721 was saying. Most cartoons get released annually, and I was unaware it only takes 2 years between seasons. I actually assumed the longer wait between seasons was the reason the show was so good. I got into Venture Bros a year before season 7 came out. I'm still in mourning, it was a big favorite of mine.

Attached: Venture Bros-21.png (435x480, 208.39K)

>>117463932We've had nearly three year waits, actually.

>>117462080from what i understand it was brett gelman who pushed hard at adult swim to get MDE cancelled, Tim backed him up because he's friends with brett but it always seemed to me that it was misdirected anger on sam's part

My favorite show is cancelled why is 2020 so shit

Attached: EWaDtn4X0AE8D-h.jpg (341x366, 19.03K)

>>117463932> most cartoons get released annuallythis is because networks resort to trickling out most shows over a year as opposed to airing the whole season in one go.

>>117458207The Thread

Attached: FMA_TerribleDayforRain.gif (300x170, 446.32K)

"I have no further comment" simply means "I have no further comment". It means he's not allowed to comment on it.

Why does everyone group season 6 as mediocre? It felt the most cohesive and least self-referential since season 2.Sure its pretty far removed from the initial premise but the blue morpho arc was kino.

Attached: 1599279656605.jpg (1840x1210, 746.9K)

>>117464597nope this

>>117463559This I don't mind if it gets one more season, the show doesn't need to go on forever. But if last season was really the last season, then I'm gonna be sad.

>>117464841mfw right now man

Attached: 1456626104399.jpg (624x352, 22.41K)

Late to the thread. Is the cancellation of the Venture Bros. official? Do we have legit confirmation from [as] that the show has ended? As reading through the thread it all feels like speculations without non-Twitter proof.

>Maybe the true Venture bros were the brother's me made from watching the show together

Attached: featured1.png (980x653, 1.13M)

>>117458291Adult Swim never announces when a show is cancelled. This is probably the best we can get.

>>117465308I heard there's a Q&A on Monday

>>117465366If anything, perhaps season 8 is the last season and [as] has ended the show rather than cancel it. Ken could simply be butthurt that the show is now over after 15+ years?

>>117463749Even then, personally I'd say that transition point from Hanna-Barbera parody works to Post-Modern live-action green-screen fare was in-fact the inflection point for [adult swim]'s rise. Yes, personal bias and all, so it's not worth belaboring on, but at least for me, the past 5-ish years of AS just haven't had anything on offer for me. I thing one big factor for me might just be tied to T&E's "success" on AS: the outsourcing of creative production to others. Their classic old shows were all in-house stuff, and even when it wasn't exactly, there was some logic: Metalocalypse and Lucy" Daughter of the Devil being worked on by people who were part of Home Movies, a syndicated program that hit it big on AS, for example. But now it's all just whatever weirdo indie can wow the executives. So now it's like AS doesn't even really have a "feel" anymore, and I can't help but point to T&E as one of, if not THE, major event that sparked it.

>>117458207Literally binged this show in like less than 2 weeks and fell in love with all the shit it has presented so far. I just need to know one thing if this show is the end this season damn it......did Ghost Robot return to U.S. Steel

I want to say I'm surprised, but this show lasted for over 15 years and its a miracle we got so much out of it.

Attached: bongbong.gif (200x200, 70.17K)

>>117458207this had better not be real


Attached: They were so good.png (853x480, 762.13K)

>>117465644what the fuck are you talking about? it's T&E's fault [as] doesn't air new shows that you like?

If we still get an 8th season, I may find a way to cope

Attached: 1594383696132.jpg (700x787, 37.94K)

>>117465644I don't understand why Tim and Eric are always treated like outsiders who brought a plague of live action shit to the network, they were making Tom Goes To The Mayor long before Awesome Show and they're not responsible for shows like Children's Hospital and other 'outsourced' content.


Attached: 1441918645737.gif (256x190, 21.16K)

>>117458207>First Mike Tyson Mysteries gets canceled>Then Unknown Hinson gets canned, essentially killing Squidbillies>Now Venture Bros.

Attached: 1465793594380.png (645x1260, 440.33K)

You twitterfags better be using #VentureBros and #GoteamVenture in a desperate bid to save the show

>>117462465show got cancelled but official channels never confirmed it. According to Nickelodeon the show just "hasn't been renewed for a third season YET" but it's obvious the show got cancelled. We only figured out that it was the finale because of tweets by the crew and the content of the aired episodes. They didn't even advertise it as a finale, they just dumped it like it was just another batch of episodes.

Attached: best family ever.jpg (1600x900, 227.55K)

>>117458718The "mystyery" regarding the Monarch is being solved, same with the boys' mom. Doc is in fucking New York and a millionare, Hank and Dean are growing up, yeah. This would be a decent time to close up and let it die with dignity... or go full retard and shill for big bucks.

>>117464604That post is what makes me believe it and not that it's a shitpostThat's the "this is serious" kind of thing

>>117462059Same, possibly more if I can get the scratch for it. You know, this hypothetical kickstarter that will probably never exist

>>117467756when did the boys' mother mystery get solved? I've seen the last season a couple of months ago, so I may be misremembering

I think at this point all the major character arcs are more or less complete. There's not many important plot threads left handing either. If we could get a special or short final season to wrap up I would be happy with that.

>>117468012It didn't, it's getting started. Action Man told Hank her name and where she lived.

>>117458207>I have no further commentOr you could, you know, not be an asshole and tell people why you got them so worked up. Don't act like you're concerned for your job now.

>>117468028the only real thing that's still unsolved is what OSI will do with Jonas' head, and if Dean and Hank are destined to continue the cycle of arching/super science.


Attached: 1595721066097.png (366x401, 69.45K)

>>117468119Also whose responsible for the disaster during Movie Night

>>117468212you mean besides Venturion/Vendata/Blue Morpho/The Monarch's father?

>>117459228>Family Man>Bob's Boring>Squidbillies>all leaving the block at onceI'd be happy if it wasn't such a grave sign. I refuse to believe Venture Bros is cancelled just yet.

Attached: angry gorilla.jpg (1064x750, 859.8K)

>>117468057I seem to be remembering something along those lines, you're right

>>117468246If you actually believe is was him you don't understand the show

>>117458207Jesus what. Ive been following thisnsuoe for 15 years of my life.

>>117468246It was never revealed who did it, and Red Death denied that it was any of their gang.

>>117468119The ramburgler had a similar body type and was beheaded. Seems like they were going to sew it on Ramburgler.

>>117468119>>117468212 These guys have had 16 years to develop their end game. I feel like with Doc's health, season 8 is a reasonable place to sunset the series. To call it cancelled after so long is a bit melodramatic, imo.It's time for an ending. Don't get me wrong, season 8 should happen. If they don't, it's a truly dick move to fans.But season 8 should be the end.

>>117468028The whole thing with Hank and Dean was pure setup for future developments though. I think Hank was going to ttry to find their mom too.

>>117466639What are you serious I loved Mike Tyson Mysteries too and didnt know it was canceled. Venture Bros was close to my heart adter following it for 16 fucking years though

Man I just remembered my life 25 years ago and I could cry. Im a huge autistic shut in and could never really make many friends after I was a teen and Im sick and dying now

>>117468212>Also whose responsible for the disaster during Movie NightIt’s going to be something anticlimactic, like Manstrong pulling the lever after seeing the blackmail sex tape.

>>117468537A writer for the show did a podcast and said it wasn't renewed, my guess is that they didn't want to pay Mike more since he's doing a comeback of sorts.

>>117468586The same writer also said alot of the team are working on something else now.I'm not to sad since the show was much more episodic then something like VB. It would be funny if that something else was Mike Tyson Special Forces or what ever it was in the S3 finale

>>117468246He wasnt shown doing it and he doesnt remember doing it. It would suck if it was the Investors, would feel like a cop out.

>>117459228I didn't even know Squidbillies was still on the air. They had a good run.

>>117468563You good user?

Jackson liked a reaction image to the news being cancelled, don't know what to make of that

Attached: Screenshot 2020-09-06 at 3.30.47 AM.png (553x674, 204.69K)

>>117468563I'm sorry to hear that. I am similar. What ails you?

>>117459030Death by committee

>>117459158Dragon Con is a decently sized con that Doc and Jackson go to every year. They're holding it digitally this year.

>No more VB>No more shirt club

Attached: 1595531483936.gif (480x270, 2.31M)

>>117466180>>117466304Awesome Show was the first success among the live-action, so I can only assume its success incited the interest in funding other similar ventures. Yes, of course Tim and Eric the people didn't directly contribute to all this (as far as I know), but that doesn't mean nothing they ever did had any effect whatsoever. If it had been anybody else, I would blame them. In fact, I wouldn't find it too unreasonable to say the short period of time when AS licensed a bunch of British live-action shows didn't also have some contributing factor in it (despite having actually enjoyed Look Around You and warming up to The Mighty Boosh). As for>outsiders who brought a plague of live action shit to the networkI'd say that's probably more a case of just how bizarrely different Awesome Show was. It took things to a much different extreme than the usual AS fare. I could see people reacting badly to that.>inb4 "AS can do whatever they want private company blah blah blah"1.) They did, and now we're here. And even with all the other Tim&Eric projects cancelling, I see no word on Beef House, which could easily mean they just dropped those for Beef House, which means very little in the grand scheme.2.) I'm still gonna complain about decisions I think suck, whether or not it's their right to make them.

Why the fuck would you people ruin my night like this

at least ballmastrz will get another season rightright

>>117462449Are you a Sam Hyde fanboy or what? Who is this butthurt at Tim Heidecker?

Would you at least tell me that Three Busy Debras is also canceled? I need some good news to counteract this shit.

>>117458252whats up with her nails ?

>>117465324>yfw theirs at least a few dozen kids out there in the real world all named hank, dean, rusty, brock because of the Venture Bros>double yfw theres probably at least 1 Monarch out there too

Attached: FluffyGiantBull-small.gif (500x210, 729.51K)

I think the only positive to VB ending/getting canned is that season 1 and 2 will finally get put on bluray with the inevitable complete collectionAlso someone needs to edit this picture to make Red skull look more like red death and Hitler in the caption to Monstroso

Attached: 1591513794969.jpg (567x790, 354.22K)

>>117461832Cocksucker maimed the final season of Moral Orel from 20 to 13. He can get his pisshole gaped by a bullet forever for that

>>117471452Didnot he pull some shit with Saul of the Molemen too.

>>117470738I just find it strange that people blame Tim and Eric for making a popular show rather than the network or other creators for trying to copy that success, like choosing to blame Seinfeld for all the shitty sitcoms that came after it. I also don't understand putting the blame for 'outsourced' content on Awesome Show when it doesn't represent that at all.

>>117469529>Only shirt I ever bought was 24s>Didn't know last season even have one.>Now that was the last season.Ouch it hurts. Come on HBOMax Pick it up and allow them to make the Hour Long Epics they've always written content for. Also throw in a Speed Suit to the Club.

>>117463488I really feel like this show only needs one more season so I hope what they're saying is that season 8 is done but they haven't been renewed for 9

>>117469529>>117471782I bought Jonas Venture shirt and the final shirt of the last season. that one I bought specificially out of fear to be the last VB shirt ever.

>>117469224at this point i don’t think he’s trolling

>>117458207Well, there goes my last hope of getting any good news this year. I hope they at least get to make season 8 still, since it was in production already last time I checked.Guess I shouldn't have shit talked Lazzo for all these years.

Attached: 1534878067810.jpg (477x724, 117.18K)

>>117471705I don't blame Tim and Eric for what followed, other than how much Adult Swim loved sucking their dick so much they seemed to throw shows at Heidecker.

>>117458207I liked what I've seen of this show, but it's got plenty of running time, 7 seasons. Other shows got shitcanned after barely 1 or 2 seasons (wander over yonder comes to mind). This seems like a Duckman situation, where people decry the cancellation of a show that's actually been going on for a considerable time.

Doesn't Jackson have a really good contract with Adult Swim that relinquishes the rights to the characters to him after the show ends?

>>117472222and what is he supposed to do with it, other than avoid any reboot without his consent?Make comics? As if anyone reads comics based on cartoons?

Thought this was just another case of people thinking the show was cancelled during the long wait but fucking Jackson liked the tweet, that almost confirms it

>>117472244Venture bros was originally conceived as a comicbook.

>>117472244wouldn't be unfitting since the venture bros was initially supposed to be a comicpublick decided to make a cartoon pilot instead when he discovered jg thirlwell's music

>>117472323Thank god for that. Part of what makes the show so great is the fantastic line delivery, at least now we could imagine the voices if it was a comic but it wouldn't have been as good if it started out as one immediately

>>117464721Honestly I think a big problem is that S6 just changed too much too fast in terms of the setting and status quo, and they weren't given a whole lot of time to establish the new setting too well. Too much time was really spent on Wide Wale as a character and he just really wasn't interesting enough to warrant it in my opinion, plus as mentioned the influx of the boatload of new superhero/villain characters left things a bit bloated.I remember not liking it when it aired but during my rewatch last year I ended up changing my overall opinion but I still think it's a pretty weak season

>>117464721>>117472529I don't think anyone would complain about it if it ended with the start of Season 7.

>>117468584Honestly I always assumed it was him ever since Season 1 so it wouldn't be too much of a copout. Him being a pussy and spazzing out over the tape and causing the accident is totally believable

>>117469529at least agretsuko got a third season. i wasnt expecting that at all.

>>117472244>and what is he supposed to do with it, other than avoid any reboot without his consent?Take the rights and continue the show with another network.

Adult swim is dead. This combined with everything moving to hbo max plus cord cutters means the death knell for the channel.F

Attached: C00B13B7-3AA1-4E80-8FF6-D4D28DD6F095.png (640x747, 446.17K)

>>117472244Invader ZIM did it pretty well

>>117471300Monarch is kind of a cool name, sort of pretentious but it has a good ring to it and could sound like a normal name if you don't really dwell on it. >>117470808No, now go back to angrily masturbating because your confused sexual attraction to atleast one of the Debras, probably the Persian one. Is she Persian? Oh wow she's actually Persian.

>>117462746No chance this could be some inside joke between them.

>>117472244Pitch it to another network or streaming service. The reason why Venture Bros has this odd relationship with Adult Swim is despite not being some ratings juggernaut it has a loyal fanbase and great critical reception. Since they can take their ball and play somewhere else, nobody wants to be the asshole who cancelled a show only for it to be 10 times more successful on their competitors channel.

>>117473160Lazzo also retired. We had a good 20 year run.

>>117459228Pool's closed.

Attached: Cn10th_001281-edit.png (200x200, 66.05K)

>>117472604Pretty much everyone including Doc and Jackson agree with that, according to commentary the Morpho trilogy was actually meant to be the finale but the Gargantua-2 special messed with the episode count

>>117473423It’s the peak of the show

>>117473160>MTV is long time dead>now Adult Swimbros......

>>117473336Due to aids.

What was the con about?

>>117474714Fuckin bullshit nothing

First Harley Quinn now Venture Bros

Is this fake

>>117470799Ehhhh, i loved ballmastrz but i feel like i got my fill, the whole space force thing doesn't interest me as much as the game, so i'm cool with it ending

>>117474809Harley Quinn dying was a good thing

>>117475652that shows dead? i thought it was popular?

>>117459283It's not season 2. More like part 2 to Season 1.

Attached: 1575517165125.jpg (672x777, 34.57K)

>>117475706It’s getting 10 more episodes beyond the 5 in October

>>117475706I hate how they cut season 1 in half because the way the second half feels like "season 2" is going to leave people completely in the dark about how there is going to be an actual second season with 10 more episodes

Basically every show ever.

>>117458207you know what makes this even more painful was that the news came a day after hearing about the Simpsons being renewed again.

>>117469224Are they legally not allowed to outright say it's cancelled or not?

>>117459228what did the squidbillies VA say anyway? Is that saved somewhere?

>>117461234I'm starting to agree that it needs the rebuild. It's going to be mostly dead after they lose the Fox shows and for the last ten years the weeknight lineup has been surviving on rerunning the same Robot Chicken episodes.

>>117476271called dollie parton a dumb bitch and said some shit about blm being garbage, usual shit from right-leaning boomer types

>>117476271Insulted Paula Deen for saying white people aren't the only people who matter and said she was nothing without rednecks, because you have to hate black people to be a redneck apparently.

>>117476242Well at least we can say that VB didn't live long enough to become irredeemably bad, even if the New York seasons haven't been received as well as the compound ones

>>117458329>Oh yeah well...s-so what?Just walk away user

Attached: 1454472768635.png (500x375, 277K)

>>117476390>Insulted Paula Deen*Dolly Parton.

>>117475334yeah, honestly the gainax ending works real well for ballmastrz anyways as an over the top parody/homage to anime as a whole

>>117476695>paula deenkek>dolly partonwtf? that's just shitty

Attached: 1436933634505.jpg (238x250, 18.76K)

If they go the comic route I hope they have the sense not to just get shitty bottom of the barrel artists.>>117474728>>117474714Anyone have a link to the video? I just like watching them talk.

Attached: .png (1205x780, 547.72K)

>>117476421Says who?

Damn, I was expecting this show to hit 10 seasons and end sometime in my 40's

i hope they at least release the new season and and it on a good note.or try to find another network, netflix greenlits anything anyways.

>>117477604>or try to find another network, netflix greenlits anything anyways.Are they allowed to?

>>117476372>hire man because he's an old conservative boomer expertly capable of portraying hilarious conservative boomers>fire him for being exactly what you wanted from him in the first place

Attached: 10.jpg (500x250, 34.39K)

>>117477827See >>117472222

>>117477921okay, so they can just move to a different network?

>>117477604VB getting on netflix will result in instant outrage manufacturing by people who don't like the portrayal of Dr. Girlfriend or Hunter Gathers. Even a silent, unspectacular goodbye like this is better than the show going down in flames in the midst of a politically correct shit throwing contest

did frylocke's va ever get that blm money? why not hire him as the new voice for toonami tom?

>>117458801I own the 1st 6 seasons and a few of the shirt club shirts

>>117477841To be fair, they hired him back in what, 2005? They didn't have the hindsight that culture would change so much to the point where that could be a problem.

>>117462777And it seems to have worked for GW. Stock prices are at an all time high. They're higher than some british oil companies.

>>117478031most super woke people i know love venture bros

>>117478146Or that their show would survive that long

>>117459686Venture Bros has seven seasons. It ran longer than a lot of cartoons, not having an ending is entirely on the creators.

>>117478026They wouldn't have to move very far, they could stay under the same company and just go to HBO Max. That's what Boondocks did.

>>117478460not if the network promises you another season and then backs out when management changes, dipshit. They had season finales happen already that could have worked as show finales. (Operation P.R.O.M. for instance) This is absolutely on the new AS management, not them.