How come there's not a single western cartoon with attractive female characters in it?

How come there's not a single western cartoon with attractive female characters in it?

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>>117457019Fuck off.And don't being Fate and Medusa into your bullshit.

>>117457019Because western cartoons don't need to pander to incels to get eyeballs

>>117457089It was just a simple question

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>>117457019>Medusa>AttractiveShe's too tall.

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I disagree

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>>117457019Because only butch lesbians and gay men care about making cartoons these days.

>>117457138>this is considered a 10/10 in amerisraeloh no no no no

>>117457019Attractive beautiful women are offensive to all the fat ugly women out there in the world.

>>117457019How come there's not a single week without tourists' insecurities acting up

I know this is just retarded bait, so I’m gonna be posting girls and women from Western shows I find attractive just cause fuck you.

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>>117457400But insecurities are exactly why all western cartoon characters and artstyles are so ugly.

East vs West thread #.......??

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>>117457019Seriously why is anime babes so much hotter and cuter than western shit

>>117457133>pander to incelsI didn't know having sex automatically made you gay

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>>117457019I like how people just stop attacking whenever someone does one of those super high twist jumps.>"Hmm, this bitch has just launched herself into a long, predictable arc. I've totally got a lead on her right now and can judge exactly where she'll land, but I better wait until she has proper footing again before resuming my assault. I mean, that's just good manners."

>>117457019Bait thread, but at least you recognize who best fate girl is.

>>117457019What people find attractive is subjective.Dumbass.

>>117457478she looked fine with her hair down, then again I have a thing for Latino girls

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>>117457533Okay fatty chaser.

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>>117457137>Too tallFuck. Outta. Here.

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>>117457478Why does this man have tits?

>>117457019Because Americans are ugly and it reflects in there art

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>>117457137>Too tallTheres no such thing, fag

>>117457414>Anime art styleOh no no no no no westernkeks oh no no no no no no no nonononononononnoonno

>>117457557>bomb-ass design>voice makes me want to punch her in the faceLiterally everything about Nu-Ra disappoints me.

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>>117457135You knew damn well what you were doing, you weeb. Fuck off back to /a/, we've had enough east vs west shit

>>117457019>overly animated jump>weird design that does nothing but serves as fanservice>that fucked up anatomyHow the hell do people prefer or even enjoy this shit is beyond me

>>117457414>>117457439>literally animated by Japs

>>117457133Yeah! Over here we pander to gays, lesbians and trannies to get eyeballs!

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As someone who enjoys Holla Forums and /a/, it's always amusing to me how angry /a/ content makes Holla Forums in a way where it's blatantly obvious that most of the triggered parties have an inferiority complex about how much more popular anime is compared to western cartoons.

>>117457634>Powerhouse Animation>JapaneseFucking retard.

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>>117457019how come you dumb weeaboo faggots can't stay in your own containment boards?

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>>117457631>jump is animated (oh no!)>hot design (oh no!)>hot anatomy (oh no!)Why are american like this?

>>117457558Nice assumption, retard.

>>117457697>containment boardslol this is an anime website, newfag

>>117457698Americans have no concept of anatomy. That's why Anime looks good while Cartoons are garbage.

>>117457698They're very insecure about anime.

>>117457676Nigga, people on Holla Forums are mad at /a/ shit being spammed here. We don’t do that shit on /a/. Get the fuck out of here with this bullshit excuse.

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>>117457697TPD is full of cute girls

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>>117457634No japs are involved on any level of the shows production, moron.>>117457602>anime styleAnime isn't a style, faggot. There is no animation class called "anime style".Why are weebs so goddamn insufferable? They are the bottom of the barrel and yet have such an elitist attitude.

>>117457753Get a competent mod on Holla Forums instead of the incompetent one that we currently have. Still better than Redwood but that honestly isn't much of an achievement.

>>117457698It's kind of like how manlets like to pretend that height doesn't matter and that they're superior to non-manlets in other ways anyway when we all know they'd instantly cream themselves if you were to grant them a few extra inches on top of their height.

>>117457698>Absolutely no argumentOf course

Because everyone knows Holla Forums and /a/ combined pale in comparison to Holla Forums's girls.


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>>117457602>anime art styleDumb faggot.

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>>117457560>>117457587Her sisters are better.

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>>117457618Literally just a normal question that I bet everyone has made to themselves at least once.

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>>117457676>how do you do, my fellow Holla Forumsmrades/a/ seethes every time they don't win a death battle. They have the ultimate inferiority complex.

>>117457837/a/ literally never thinks about Holla Forums ever

>>117457805Boco... You’re only HALF right. Some Holla Forums girls aren’t nearly as hot as they make them out to be.

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>>117457883Yet you're here...

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>>117457698My theory is the genital mutilation they're forced to go through at birth gives them a warped view of sexuality

>>117457907I'm a crossboarder, that's how I know /a/ literally never talks about Holla Forums. anyone you see talking about it here is just a crossboarder like myself with the astonishing capacity to like two things at once.

>>117457806Well, before Volume 7 anyway.>>117457887Good enough.

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>>117457926Tell me, does this warped view of sexuality involve the penetration of the vagina of their mother?

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>>117457950I go on /a/ too, pal. Never see any Holla Forums fags starting shit there. It's always /a/ on Holla Forums shitposting. That tells me there's some kind of inferiority going on.

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>>117457805/v/ girls are mostly anime looking chicks. Nobody gives a fuck about the modern western ones. Maybe in the past, they used to be sexy.

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>>117457784/co/ mods are the most incompetent motherfuckers on this site. We can’t have threads about cartoons, comics, webcomics or animated films, but this bait faggotry is allowed? Fucking hell.

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>>117457996/a/ runs a tight ship in terms of moderation and gatekeeping. Holla Forums on the other hand is a barely functioning shithole overrun by normalfags and tumblr. that's all it is reallly.

>>117458057I’d rather have Tumblr faggots than /a/ or Holla Forums shitposters. At least the Tumblrfags talk about shit that’s about cartoons and comics.

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>>117458107I'd rather line them all against a wall.

>>117457019why is there not a single anime with a well-written female character?

>>117457979Just look at all the failed Holla Forums projects that involved older women and you tell me Mr Freud

>>117457883if that were true why do these threads exist?>but not on their own boarddeleted within mins if it were to happen or turned into a mod circlejerk with another public ban

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>>117458107>I’d rather have Tumblr faggots than /a/ or Holla Forums shitposters.well that just means you're part of the problem

>>117457360>being a eurocuck/third worlderISHYGDDT

The only attractive Holla Forums women are half anime. They only look good because they have anime features.

>>117457019>>117457135>>117457475>>117457830Is the final movie ever gonna come out?

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>>117457414The female character designs on this show are gorgeous. >>117457478She ain’t bad but something about her design is bland to me. Personally I would soften the brow bone and change up the eye design to be more expressive (maybe bigger pupils or lashes), change the ugly kahki to denim and the color and fit of the top (yellow crop tank or camisole).

>>117458187>anime features Do us all a favor and kill yourself.

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>>117457475Nice strawman

>>117458187It's funny because it's true

>>117458159You’re more than welcome to stand up and get the fuck out of here.

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>>117458030This is what happens when you jump in the motion capture and likeness capture band wagon. The amount of women in real life who are as beautiful as Holla Forums chicks with the bodies to match who are also capable actresses is very small. Video game dudes are less attractive now as well.

>>117458266op said attractive not furrybait

>>117457749certain boards are about anime but overall this is not an anime websitekeep your garbage Japanese animation out of Holla Forums you weeb incel freak

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>>117457698>>117457750>>117457752>>117457788>>117457926>>117457360Imagine being so insecure you bring up Americans in an unrelated thread

>>117458280What? Video game dudes are more attractive NOW than they used to be. Realism and motion capture tech has made designs more boring, but not less attractive. It’s just that they now look more like actual people, so they’re “realistically” attractive. Just look at the women in Injustice 2, Dead or Alive 6, Tekken 7 or Mortal Kombat 11. Obviously, they’re not gonna have Chun-Li thighs or Mai Shiranui tits (yeah, I said it; DOA tits aren’t THAT big, they’re just bouncy), but they’re still attractive looking characters.

>>117457749>this is an anime websiteFuck off.

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>>117458412Seethe more. Holla Forums is a board for people who like anime to talk about western cartoons. You need to go back if you don't like reality

>>117458326It's not even a good furrybait.There are still attractive women in cartoons, but they are an overwhelming minority. Given the design style and way of thinking of those responsible for most cartoons, this is almost inevitable.They are people who see realism = ugliness, for their reasons, and my theory about it is very cynical, so never mind.>>117458126And implying that there is some female character in cartoons as well written as any moeshit. There is not.

>>117458412>>117458443As if what Hiroshimoot says holds any sway4chan started as and always has been an anime site

>>117458479>4cHaN sTaRtEd As An AnImE sItEBoohoo faggot, I don’t give a fuck.

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>>117458462>>117458479>NOOOOOOO THE OWNER OF THE WEBSITE DOESN'T KNOW WHAT HE'S TALKING ABOUT I DO!!!! cope seethe and dilate, weebtranny

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>>117458464Catra’s cute. She’s fucking crazy, but I like crazy chicks.

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if this were /a/ this thread would have either been laughed at, ignored or deleted in 10 minutes.Holla Forums really is just a dumpster fire

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>>117457019Attractive female characters appeals to straight males. That's a big no no.

>>117458188Corona delayed it so don't expect the BD to come out until months from now>>117458232Look, if you're homosexual I'm not judging. But having sex doesn't remove your libido forever. That's a very virgin thing to say

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>>117458565Still better than the year when Redwood was a mod. A literal turd would had been a better mod. Anything remotely offensive according to him is outright banned. No warning nor temporary ban.

>>117458419same goes to bringing up the word western on a western themed board but dont give him too much pull he is trying his very best to not say 'amerimutt' which would confirm its the exact same faggot making these threads but the fate webm spam was already a pattern.

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>>117458420I don’t prefer my video game men being realistically attractive. Pores are a turn off. Standard definition Re4 Leon Lennedy or bust.

>>117457019Well you know what they say: at least this is not a Goku vs Superman thread

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>>117458532>>117458545Die zoomer

>>117457137>>117457828Medusa had the last laugh though.Cunny form to steal her sisters fans and a big tit giantess form to please the old fans.

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>>117458188It released last month, Japan only. No international release yet because of Covid-19. Probably not going to be one at all.

>>117457019Is this an /a/ vs Holla Forums thread?

>>117458747yes. you can tell because the thread is still up.

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>>117458747Fate autism thread let's go

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>>117457019We draw our cartoons for little kids.


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>>117457019Wakfu, Wakfu and WakfuYou've never seen a single French cartoon have ya

>>117457019I would gladly fuck any blue gem from SUEven the greens ones are hot

>>117459126French avoid anything with girls in it.

>>117457019>>117457135>>117457137>>117457414>>117457439>>117457475>>117457687>>117457828>>117458188>>117458601>>117458654>>117458715>>117459021Anime glorifies sexual abuse and should be banned. Your medium is corrupting a generation of kids (yes, KIDS. No respecting adult watches your immature garbage) into committing sex crimes. All because Japan has a declining birthrate and so they push the agenda that rape of any kind is good.

>>117457019>neckbeard whines for his preferred coom materialIs there a post to make more meaningless?

>>117459269Yeah, and the gay cartoons that kids are ALSO watching promote self mutilation and childhood transitioning which physically and psychologically fucks with them into a adult hood. (sometime by 30 years old) 44% and what not. Suicide. Fyi, if anything anime glorifies the MUTUAL sexual activity that is equal in both men and women. Literally, only you and woke crazy retards take any issue with anime and overall sexual fanservice in ANY piece/genre of media. I like attractive feminine female characters who aren't cunts. Sue me! I gots preferences! Who wouldn't thunk it??

>>117457019What a poorly disguised waifu thread. Come on man you don't have to act retarded to ask for waifus.

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>>117458738>no international releaseThought I saw Europe's getting it though.


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>>117459269That's even more retarded bait then the OP, congratulations.

>>117459269What sexual abuse?! Also>Saying this when western cartoons glorify homosexuality and gender theoryPretty fucking ironic

>>117457634Yes, of course, the Texas prefecture of Japan.Retard.

>>117457019Fate is fucking shit and its fans are annoying retards. Watch a better coomershow.

>>117457019>cgi background Trashy.

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>my thoughts on this whole thread

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>>117462136Like what?

Holla Forums is probably the most underage board on a mental level, right?

>>117457137>not liking tall womenFaggot.

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>>117457019That animation is horrible


Why are Holla Forums mods so fucking useless?

>>117462330Have you been to Holla Forums? I wouldn't recommend it.

>>117457830>Close up shot of a side mouthIt's so fucking lazy

>>117462562I don't think you understand what you're talking about

I like it better when these threads are about manga and comics because I enjoy both, and I get to discuss things with the other two people in the thread that read both as well. Fuck cartoons and Fuck anime.

>>117457616who the fuck watches tech glitch

>>117457784I know I'm revealing mu newfag status here,but I've gotta know who this Redwood guy was and what made him such a bad moderator. Can someone sum it up or give up some the sauce to somewhere that does?

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Holy fuck OP you hated the entire bored

>>117460958>tHiS bAiT>Why?>...Please never get into a real life debate.

>>117457019because american nerds for all their faults still want the real thing. japanese nerds has to settle for body pillows and get excited over sex bots that actual japanese women found a gorilla sexy.

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>>117463755Dubs of truth

>>117462737I've got this ancient screencap from the era of spamming stupid reaction images all around the posts.But basically what I remember is he was a chip on the shoulder type nigger that b& anyone who said nigger.And he thought he could bring his Holla Forums brand of social justice to other boards.

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>>117467170>He doesn't want to fuck Iris

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>>117467444I want to fuck Iris

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>>117457019>Not finding the cast of she ra hotWhat are you, gay?

>>117462737Google "4chan Redwood" and you will see the reason why he is greatly hated during his time as mod. Current Holla Forums mod is bad but he will never be Redwood bad.

>>117458126You should unironically kill yourself even if you're shitposting and trying to get a (You).And so should OP.

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>>117467170Any point you're trying to make is now moot given you've outed yourself as a paedophile.

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>Holla Forums acting like a fat, insecure woman again

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>>117469446Kanna is not for lewd as anyone who watched that show would know. Might you be projecting a little?

>>117469663>Kanna is not for lewd as anyone who watched that show would know.They made an entire joke about Kobayashi contemplating molesting her while drunk. Shut the fuck up.

>>117462737I finally have an excuse to post this, nice.

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>>117469785>Banned lolipostersI'm sorry, why is he hated again?

>>117469824Go back, post-2015 tourist.

>>117463621No one would get into a "real life debate" with a schizo like you, they'd just call the medics to take you away into the asylum.

>>117457806stolen MMD models

>>117469782even Kobayashi knew what she was about to do was reprehensible

>>117469835>Loli/shota content is regulated to the honeypot board of the site with the FBI constantly monitoring itBut yes, do tell me I'm the tourist while your "content" is used for potential criminal prosecutions.

>>117457019they were all left behind in the 2000s

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>>117469871>even Kobayashi knew what she was about to do was reprehensibleOr - get this right - the show would be banned if they actually did have her molest Kanna. Do you not understand they only care about sales and content like that would never be allowed outside of Japan (since it's acceptable, somehow).

>>117469873So not only you're a tourist, you're also a schizo.Just kill yourself.

>>117469938>He doesn't knowOh you innocent, naive faggot.


>>117469785He went full seething at white Black Panther, a canon character.

>>117469900that side of the 4th wall has nothing to do with this conversation

>>117457911You would have been better off posting Azula

>>117458266>ratra>attractiveYou shills need to quit trying to force this meme. Bitch literally looks like the monkey kid from Jumanji.

>>117458553Catra isn’t crazy she’s just an annoying cunt. I don’t remember her ever being crazy, just a fucking cunt who cries five times a season for sympathy.

>>117457360>amerisrael Its the jewnited states of weimerica you cunt

>>117459269Watsup, Jack Thompson 2.0

>>117457138Please, who is this?


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She fucks guys for bike rides

>>117458187This just gave me an idea. Imagine if the who framed roger rabbit sequel had halfbreed toons(half anime and half cartoon).Imagine if there was racism between anime and western toons and instead of Black Live Matter, it would be Anime Lives Matter. How fucked up would that be?

>>117457135>>117457019>Medusa>attractiveShe's the second worst F/SN girl and the worst F/SN Servant. I'd rather spend a night with ol' Wank Arm Hassan than the giant slut with a victim complex.My idea of attractive includes both looks and personality, thus making Sakura, the wormiest wormslut this side of Earthworm Jim, wor(m)st girl

>>117457133>pander to incels to get eyeballsFactually wrong. Western cartoon have never been less popular as they are now. That is why raitings are so low and why they all look so cheap. The low popularity just doesn’t allow for high budgets to make good looking ones

>>117458420>Mortal Kombat 11.>injustice Those women look super ugly. Stop lying you cuck. Sjws just hate attractive women and constantly force devs to censor themselves. Sony has publicly said so themselves

>>117457697How come leftis always get super triggered and demand for censorship of free speech whenever people point out facts?

How come there's not a single western cartoon with cool and masculine or not idiotic / effeminate white male protagonists in it?

>>117458280>The amount of women in real life who are as beautiful as Holla Forums chicks with the bodies to match who are also capable actresses is very smallYou know that doesn't matter right and that games that do hire face models also just hire a real voice actor for the voice lines and facial movement capture That's actually why some game characters come out looking so strange when compared to their real life models, they took their face and then plastered it over the other actors facial structure that they had motion capturedThe Resident Evil remakes are a prime example of this

>>117457019Because SJW's hate beauty.

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>>117459269Being this cucked

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>>117457456enforced political "correctness" has killed our sex drive.however even the cutest anime babe has a inner skag within.

>>117472368How come rightoids complain about lefties wanting free stuff and then let them live rent free in their heads?

>>117471831Kind of proving his point if that's second worst girl, right?


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>>117457019Go back to /a/ if you think that, pussy.


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>>117457414>>117457439>first examples are an anime-style knockoff (netflix literally calls it an anime)Not a promising start.

>Not using Medea

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>>117472799I forgot mods used to write reasons for bans other than vaguely quoting the rules a la "you're banned for racism, your post was "lol fuck off nigger"


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Unreal how hot Medusa is

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>>117472664How come you refuse to answer the question and always reflect?

Better question is, how come there isn't a single modern western cartoon with good action scenes?

>>117457133Yeah they pander to women and trannies who get triggered by attractive women knowing they can never look as good as them.

>>117458057lmao /a/ is the most pathetic board faggot. They constantly seek Holla Forums approval and always get btfo from there.

>>117457576but next to blacks, asians are ugliest race

>>117473297how come you are seething after being btfo?


>>117473786It sure is. You should make sure to never go on /a/. You know, cause it's so bad.

>>117462330no that would be /a/

>>117473898I go there sometimes, but they are the casual central. Holla Forums and /a/ are the most r*ddit board on this website. what makes /a/ so pathetic is how elitist they act on their own casual seasonal, moetrash board, but cry the moment Holla Forums shits on them.

>>117473786No one cares about you Holla Forums faggots. You should all kill yourselves so your shitty memes could stop being spammed everywhere.

>>117474022lmao seething weeb is crying right now. How does it feel that your favorite medium is lowest of the low? You guys are so casual that your catalog is literally filled with lite /d/, shonenshit and seasonal isekaitrash.

>>117457019>>117457135>its a east vs west thread>stupid weeaboo only likes generic anime moe blob shitgo back to /a/ faggot

Attached: lola contempt.png (478x469, 449.72K)

>>117458419A lot of art schools don't teach anatomy and Cartoonists are egoists or rich kids

>>117473052Medusa's only crime was being so pretty that Poseidon wanted to rape her. Then, instead of there being any justice in the world, Aphrodite turned her into a monster for allowing herself to be raped by one of the strongest gods in the world in the wrong building. And then after she became a monster the gods just kept sending heroes to kill her instead of leaving her the fuck alone. Medusa really just needs a story, any story, thats about saving Medusa from her bullshit fucking life.

>>117473786/tv/ cunnysseur here. Can confirm


>>117474074>weebI don't even go to /a/, cry harder.>seething>cryingYour projections won't save you, faggot.>catalogLol, that coming from a Holla Forumstard whose board's catalog at any random point is full of Doctor Who, bitching about "muh niggers/feminists" in movies, waifufaggotry of some rich (usually underage) jewess who wouldn't look your way if she met you, Star Wars, capeshit, shitty horror flicks, shitty TV shows made to distract senile old women from the fact that their grandchildren don't care about them and only visit them once a month out of obligation, James Bond, "LE KINOS FOR THESE FEELS XDDDD" shitpost threads that don't immediately get deleted because mods on 4chan are about as useful as dirt, wojack threads, etc. Surely a pinnacle of quality your board is.

>>117474215Oh, forgot Nolan and "generic blockbuster of the month" threads.

>>117474215>p-projectingis this all you weebtrannies can do?You are desperate right now. Literally everything you said about Holla Forums catalog is better then your seasonal iseakitrash. You casuals have ruined your own hobby. Go collect body pillows and watch more cringy moetrash.

>>117474264>i-if I w-write his post in a s-stutter like that I totally make it seem like my point is validLmao,>weebWhat part of "I don't even go to /a/" do you not get you actual imbecile? Why do I even expect intelligence from a Holla Forumstard, the board with the biggest amount of literal retards not counting /soc/ and /cgl/?>le trannies XDI told you, generic forced memes you throw around like a retarded monkey you are won't save you.>desperateMore projection.>Literally everything you said about Holla Forums catalog is better than anythingHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. He actually thinks any of the trash I listed is in any way better than isekaishit, holy fuck what a retard. Just kill yourself already, the world would not miss one less retard.Go back to your shithole and spam your retarded forced memes like "le kino" there.

>>117474383literally seething right now. I hit the nerve huh weebtranny. You clearly are an /a/ tourist, considering how buttblasted you are. Also stop greentexting every single word like a spastic, it shows me that you are not only a newfag, but also a retard. /a/ also uses kino, because just like r*dditors, they can't make their own memes, truly a pathetic board.

>>117474435>le seething>le trannyAnd monkey keeps shitting itself and throwing around generic forced memes hoping they hurt, when in reality he's literal laughingstock. Truly pathetic. >n-no don't call me out on being a gigantic retard, y-you're just le buttblastedLmao, Holla Forumstards are the most worthless faggots I've ever seen.>stop greentexting every single wordI won't. What are you gonna do about it? Cry and shit yourself more? Please do, your tears are delicious.>n-newfagI've been doing that long before you came to this board, child. Cry harder.>a retardA Holla Forumstard calling anyone a retard, that's the most ironic thing ever.>/a/ also uses kinoThe only retards who use "kino" are moronic Holla Forums crossboarders like yourself and I sincerely hope you all get inoperable brain cancer for forcing this garbage down everyone's throats.

>>117474523calm down, breath in. I am not reading you mental breakdown. I knwo it's hard for a weebtranny to accept how pathetic his medium is but still try to not lose your head over it. Repeat after me: /a/ faggots are the most pathetic posters on this site.

>>117474523holly insecurity

/a/ runs this entire sorry website.

Attached: 1541499062310.gif (640x360, 1.05M)

>>117474645has not been true for a decade

How about a compromise?

Attached: 8dd49b1d95de2b256a113c1d893b455d.jpg (736x736, 54.71K)

>>117474557>U-u mad ;_; pls be mad ;_;Lmao. I'm laughing at your genuine stupidity this entire thread and mocking you, which you seem to be incapable of comprehending due to your low IQ which is pretty much a requirement to browse Holla Forums.>breath>you>knwoImagine getting so upset that you can't spell anymore, and having the gall of accusing anyone of "having a mental breakdown". Holla Forumstards are a riot.Repeat after me: Holla Forums is the single most retarded board on this site.>>117474601>I used le insecurity word, I iz smartLmao.

>>117474686keep being butthurt. I will sleep soundly today knowing, i made another /a/non cry.


Attached: 1541499062308.gif (500x281, 1.4M)

>>117474686it's seething lmao. Nice try weebfaggot, you got btfo today.

>>117474704>y-y-you're butthurtWhat's the matter, kid? Your school still closed due to quarantine?>he's still too dumb to realize I'm not from /a/Lmao. Oh, and I'm literally laughing right now, so you're the only one crying. Par for the course for the Holla Forumstard.

>>117457019modern western media is fucking dying. i dont think it will recover either. redditors and plenty of modern 4chan users still manage to shit on anime and make fun of it but in reality no fucking body is watching cartoons. the complainers also still believe they are the majority. this fake backlash will end very soon though


>>117474753>I a-am not from /a/keep seething weebtranny, how does it feel being btfo

>>117474735>i-if I say "seething" and "btfo" I win the argumentIn your delusions, sureIn reality, you're being verbally dominated by me this entire thread like a little bitch and can do nothing but spam stale buzzwords.>>117474765Go back.

>>117457019why aren't you watching better shows?

Attached: footpuding.jpg (822x422, 38.77K)

>>117474795if I have a mental breakdown on the image board I will show them. Keep seething weeb.>dominated by meyour mental breakdown says otherwise

>>117457781Damn, sexiest chick in the thread, /a/ BTFO.

>>117474686weeb getting btfo lmao

>>117457019>>117457135>>117457830Fate/Zero is only good show to be born out of that entire shitty franchise.

>>117474837what about the one about lesbian lolis?


>>117474795>>117474832See >>117474779, monkey>>117474815>so mad he can't even greentext anymoreKek, your attempts at "I'm not mad, u mad" are hilarious when it's obvious that you're slowly losing it.>m-mental breakdownI'm sorry that you're so stupid you think that writing actual text instead of spamming forced memes is "le mental breakdown". You're still my bitch though and not amount of samefagging will save you.

>>117457414Ironic to use a Western animated show heavily influenced by anime, but sure.

>>117474837>Fate/Zero>GoodFuck off, secondary

>>117474861people are laughing at you weebtranny. It's ok we are anonymous. Try not to kill yourself tonight ok?

>>117474857Lmao, Holla Forumstard is losing badly and trying to cover his ass,

>>117474882mental breakdown led to schizoposting. I accept your concession.

>>117474876>I-I'm, I mean "we" a-are totally laughing at you, I-I'm not at all madDon't worry, the only reason I might die tonight is because I laugh too much at how stupid you are.

>>117474911keep coping. You are a laughingstock of this entire board right now. Keep being btfo.

>>117474897>n-no, don't call me out, wahhh>>117474923>c-cope>I-I'm not BTFO, y-you're BTFOThis right here is why Holla Forums is the most pathetic board on 4chan.

>>117474957still btfos /a/ faggots every single time.

>>117474968Good thing I don't go to /a/, so CRY. HARDER. BITCH. Go back to Holla Forums where you can bitch about niggers in movies with one hand and masturbate to with the other.

>>117457781based TDPchad

Attached: it's best girl Claudia.jpg (1242x1242, 177.63K)

>>117474991literally crying right now. >brings up blacked out of nowhere/a/ retards being cucks as usual.

>>117475007She really, really is!

Attached: 340758.jpg (750x951, 139.4K)

>>117475017Lmao, Holla Forumstard's tiny brain ran out of ideas and he can only repeat "y-you're crying".I'm not the one masturbating to niggers, luv. You are.

>>117475109keep crying and drooling over niggers cuck.

>>117462428But thats french.

>>117475122I think I actually broke this retard. What a good day.>drooling over niggersI'm afraid that's your prerogative.

>>117475177>i actually broke this retardit's not me who has a mental breakdown. Keep coping though.

Does she count?

Attached: Rayla.jpg (360x450, 18.11K)

>>117475187>it's not me who has a mental breakdown.Yeah, keep telling yourself that.

>>117475285keep coping though

>>117475104she's way cuter than every single anime criaturacuter than the rayla too

Attached: a cute.png (250x250, 77.93K)

>>117457019You are wrong user.

Attached: B8F34D45-C37E-4BE9-A368-80514C49B13C.jpg (750x1334, 65.54K)

>>117475310>Posting a genocidal monster

>>117471831>My idea of attractive includes both looks and personalityThen Sakura should be your favorite character. She's both the hottest and most multi-faceted character in the franchise

Attached: 2884721.jpg (5787x4091, 2.65M)

Why does /a/ come here looking to start shit exactly? Are they ts-ts-ts-tsundere for Holla Forums?

Attached: 1598838496120.png (336x317, 164.96K)

>>117475299>he says as he's coping from a verbal trashing he received while being unable to fight back due to his low IQDon't worry, many of my fights end that way. If we met, I'd give you a physical trashing too while your overweight pig body is cowering on the ground and begging to piss on it instead.

>>117475435I just broke your mind. Keep seething.

>>117471831You must hate Violet

Attached: Violet.png (360x450, 146.5K)

>>117457475I'd rather revert to being a virgin than fucking theWORMSLUT

>>117475451>throwing my own insults back at me hoping it would stingI almost feel bad for humiliating you like this, you're probably some 13 y.o. using the computer daddy bought for you after selling his old Renault.

>>117475512you tell yourself that. Entire board is laughing how I humiliated you lmao.

>>117475381they're desperate for our approval

Attached: Kelly.jpg (630x441, 125.72K)

>>117457135Look fate is cool but we dont need east west bullshit

>>117457806Yeah, too bad they don't look like that in their show. May as well be fanart.

>>117475525Sure, kid. Sure. Keep telling yourself that.>me: utterly destroying you in every way possible, frankly outsmarting a literal child like you is like beating a dead puppy. No fun at all.>you: can only spam "t-tranny, w-weeb, y-you mad" over and over again like a petulant child who lost an argument


Attached: Poll.jpg (655x1485, 363.58K)

>>117475605you are underage right? You are posting like a the high school drop out. I just caused another weeb to mentally collapse kek.


Attached: 7CA190FB-27B3-4F86-A327-F49F9C04ACAF.jpg (324x454, 13.45K)

>>117475644Let tourists post like tourists. It makes it easier to identify them and ignore them. Never correct them.

>>117457019>FateI'LL FUCKING KILL YOU

Attached: 2-FunnyKane.gif (320x200, 863.17K)

>>117475666it's not even about being tourist. He literally types like a deranged lunatic or edgy middle schooler.

>>117475644I'm literally older (and smarter as this entire thread proves) than you are.>You are posting like a the high school drop out.My posts are literally more intelligent than anything you shat out this entire thread, so cope.>mentally collapseMore projection. You really are the dumbest faggot I've ever seen.>>117475666>y-you're a touristI've been here longer than you have, post-election retard.>>117475689> He literally types like a deranged lunatic or edgy middle schooler.Oh the irony.

>>117475747take a deep breath. It's hard to be a low IQ mongoloid like yourself but still try.

>>117458635Maybe if you stopped watching shows for children we would stop making fun of you.

Attached: 5d4ca24bfc2a3e5809228a764afb1d8c.gif (540x303, 2.13M)

>>117475776anime is for children though

>>117457137>She's too tall.Found the manlet

>>117457414>>117457439>>117457687>Castlevania (Netflix)>>117457478>Seis Manos (Netflix)>>117457557>She-Ra (Netflix)>>117457584>Legend Quest (Netflix)>>117457616>Glitch Techs (Netflix)Somewhat related to the OP's topic but why are both Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon afraid to make "realistic" looking characters anymore? Why are we stuck in a sea of beanheads like >>117457658 when it comes to their shows? I'm not asking for big not-anime tiddies to be flopping around everywhere, I just wanna see them put out a show that looks like ATLA or Generator Rex again instead of the noodle limb stuff you see in The Loud House or Amphibia.

Attached: 1569692762910.png (600x338, 241.78K)

>>117475763>he keeps throwing my insults back at me even after being called out on thatMy God, I can smell your desperation from there. If you were smart you'd give up by now, but sadly you are not.

>>117475809keep hiding those tears. Seek mental help tomorrow

>>117459269Thank you for making me realize the error of my ways. Pirating is wrong and I should have been supporting the studio.

>>117475676I can't enjoy Fate because it's literally just torture porn with no resolution

>>117472995DUDE! KIDS LESBIAN!!!!!

Attached: Bisexual_Disney_Courtesy-900x580.jpg (900x580, 93.65K)

>>117475824Must be really tough being you, when you know your opponent is literally laughing at you so you have to pretend he's crying just to keep yourself away from committing suicide. Suicide is not always an answer, but sometimes it is. Come on, try it. What do you have to lose?

>>117475865everyone is laughing at you retard, but still, keep coping lmao.

>>117475798Please stop disappointing your parents.

Attached: tenor.gif (220x161, 92.99K)

>>117458157>Why are there not many isekai comics or cartoons...That's honestly a pretty good question though. Amphibia and Owl House fit the old style of Isekai shows like Inuyasha or Escaflowne but I can't think of any that fit the more modern takes of "Oh we're in a magical world now and there's video game elements like levels and skill trees and oh I'm suddenly the chosen one who's destined to save the world!".

>>117475899it is. Berserk is exception.

Medusa isn't even that tall

what a trash thread

>>117475889>e-everyone is laughing at youThis is the saddest cope. Sure, keep telling me how I'm "coping" when you're a butt of all jokes ITT.

>>117475849I'd forgive Fate for being so sad if there was a good ending for the characters.However, no such luck.

>>117475949>y-you are c-copingnice deflection weebtranny.


Attached: 1599409931344.jpg (643x2240, 395.26K)

>>117474837Spoken like a true ironic weeb

>>117475965>nice deflectionYou do realize you've been doing nothing but deflecting this entire thread, that is when you weren't spamming buzzwords like a complete retard which you are? Of course you don't, introspection is not something monkey brains are capable of. Oh, and as I said buzzwords won't save you.

Im gonna say some real shit, anime is shit. But anime at peast has an infentessimally small chance of being not shit compared to western show which are always shit.

>>117476031but you keep using those buzzwords. You even brought up blacked. Keep being a cuck though.

>>117475951>Shirou and Saber manage to work throught their issues and later reunite in Avalon>Shirou continues to work towards his dream and goes with Rin to the Clock Tower>Shirou moves past his dream and goes to live a life with Sakura, who's free from her abusive family and reconciles with her biological sister>Not good endings


Attached: 81b49a08a5c035c846a665a08f13ad96.gif (500x341, 1021.62K)

>thread is still upFeels good to know ch/a/dnons own this website

Attached: 3c9y15x0mvv11.jpg (2556x1096, 873.41K)

>>117476103overrated garbage.

>>117476057>Shirou and Saber manage to work throught their issues and later reunite in AvalonI'm pretty sure this one wasn't in the original

>>117476055I'm smarter than you so I'm allowed to do so and frankly I did more than just use spam buzzwords.> You even brought up blackedI brought up lots of things like your father being a poorfag driving Renault or you being underage (both of which are most likely true anyway) and THIS is what got you so upset that you just keep mentioning it. Hit too close for comfort, huh?

>>117476057But that's just the tip of the iceberg.The HGW itself is a fucking scam that causes nothing but pain.And it never gets stopped

>>117475612That bird is 14 years old. Also Funimation lost the rights of the show and it's finally getting a uncensored BD release in USA next year.

Attached: 14 years old.png (1280x720, 1.36M)

>>117476140The first part was, the reunion was because Takeuchi whined to Nasu about Saber not getting a hapoy ending with Shirou

>>117476108up by shitting on /a/tards

>>117476168But, Waver and Rin go back to Fuyuki to get rid of the Grail later on

>>117476163>I'm smarterclearly not, considering how I btfo your pathetic ass lmao.>I am a hypocriteConcession accepted. Also keep drooling over niggers lmao.


>>117476231>I btfo your pathetic assIf by that you consider making me laugh at how stupid you are, sure.>h-hypocriteQuod licet Iovi, non licet bovi>keep drooling over niggersI casually brought up niggers once. You keep talking about them, almost as if you're obsessed with them. You're the cuck here.

>>117475911Yes I'm gonna go show my 8 year old child>Any Devilman adaptation>Violence Jack>Hell, anything Go Nagai that doesn't have a giant robot like Mazinger Z. >Angel Cop>Genocyber>Wicked City>Megazone 23>Mad Bull 34>Bubblegum Crisis>Akira>Betterman>Brigadoon>RahXephon>Gankutsuou>Kemonozume>The Tatami Galaxy>Kaiba>Uzumaki (When it's out)This will in no way confuse and/or scar them for life

Attached: 1548741298710.gif (477x348, 627.13K)

>>117476373you have conceded your arguments retard. Now keep crying over getting btfo. Feels fine schooling /a/trads.

>>117476320>The Holy Grail was dismantled ten years after the Fifth Holy Grail War in the 2010s. Lord El-Melloi II, a previous Master in the Fourth Holy Grail War, arrived in Fuyuki with Rin Tohsaka to set out to completely dismantle the Great Grail. This development was against the Mage's Association's plan of reestablishing it, so the two sides were opposed. It caused great turmoil of the same magnitude as a Holy Grail War, but the end result was the Greater Grail's dismantlement. This caused a complete conclusion for the Holy Grail Wars of Fuyuki.[6]This has been known for years

>>117476416>you have conceded your argumentsExcept I didn't. But you're grasping at straws at this point hopelessly trying to say whatever dumb bullshit enters your head to make me mad, and still failing. Like you fail at life.>Now keep crying over getting btfo.Awww, baby's angry over being thoroughly curbstomped and still pretending I'm the one who lost?>Feels fine schooling /a/trads.I know that's your mother (whom I visited by the way) taught you to say to calm yourself when bigger kids bully you, but it still doesn't actually help you.

>>117457019Get a load of this weeb.

Attached: Aja 3.jpg (1080x1080, 201.15K)

>>117476535still crying over being btfo? I know your tranny parents gave you tough upbringing but still, you need to calm down.

>>117476389does not matter, genre as a whole is for kids.

>>117476658Anon, anime is not a genre

>>117476658>genre Oh, we got a retard who doesn't know what he's talking about over here. Never mind then

Attached: 1522259426345.png (356x356, 134.4K)

>>117476680>>117476691sorry meant the medium

>>117476696I'll agree with you if you agree all forms of animation (Both east and west) are for kids then.

Attached: 1581028862182.png (561x575, 38.63K)

>>117476721I do

>>117473808You wanna play you pasty motherfucker? I will kick your ass through your mouth and saute your ribs like a fucking asian. You're just sad you can never be as good as your ancestors, so you go around jerking off to "white inventions" pretending your existence has an impact on the world.

>>117476736That's your loss then.

Attached: when-the-wind-blows-1986-011-feet-ORIGINAL.jpg (629x471, 50.44K)

>>117476739nigga, kill yourself

>>117476635What took you so long to type that uncreative response out? Mommy beat you because you were crying and interrupting her sex with a neighbor?

>>117476788lmao your every post has wide time gap retard. What happened, crying sessions between posts?

>It's another Holla Forums seethes about anime being better threadGee, I wonder when the last time /a/ even thought about Holla Forums was?

Attached: Akari Cute.gif (340x340, 147.87K)

>>117476813>when the last time /a/ even thought about Holla Forumswhen OP made a thread

>>117476813Based Akari poster telling it how it is.

Attached: 1449542318798.gif (302x400, 564.47K)

>>117476763no it's not, people can enjoy kids shows

>>117476858Cope. Yes it's /a/ that comes here and makes these threads just like white supremacists are the ones doing the rioting. Cartoons are shit right now and these threads get made all the time now.

>>117476906>Yes it's /a/ that comes here and makes these threads yes, /a/ has an inferiority complex.

>>117460882>>117475973She cute.

Attached: Tatsumaki.jpg (1590x1100, 443.95K)

>>117476808Laughing sessions more like.It's really hard to find a clown like you nowadays. I probably can find your photo on KiwiFarms if I search hard enough.

>>117476943lmao keep searching. But still keep coping weebtranny

moetrannies be seething ITT

>>117457019Holy shit, that looks amazing. Which adaptation of F/SN is this from? The Heaven's Feel movies?

tumblr dykes be projecting ITT

Attached: China Smile.jpg (350x350, 57.12K)

>>117457019What weirds me out is that comics don't seem to have that much well-drawn, erotic sex. Like, you'd think something like...I dunno, Lady Death or Vampirella would have a lot of sex, but it doesn't happen. Meanwhile, stuff like Tokyo Ghoul had a whole chapter dedicated to a long, tasteful and fairly hot sex scene between the main character and his love interest. (Seriously, it was a whole chapter.) Friggin' Naruto had an entire movie devoted to him settling down, marrying and having kids.

>Holla Forums trolls itself with east vs west threads because there's so little Holla Forums-related content to discuss that half the board is off topic garbage>it's /a/! /a/ is the one making the threads! they're jealous of our youtuber videos and twitter drama!

moetranny be fuming ITT

>>117476902I'm not saying there's anything wrong with people like the majority of Holla Forumsposters who watch TLH or Star Vs or Steven Universe or whatever and obsess over them on here, but to label the entire medium of animation as being "For kids" is just a really poor take that shows little insight on the medium on your part.

Attached: maxresdefault.jpg (1280x720, 58.08K)

I just want a cartoon that's not boring whimsical gay shit for women, waifubait, slice of life comedy, or lolsorandum shit.Where the fuck are all the decent action shows? Are we supposed to subsist on Primal and Castlevania forever?The fuck happened to the decent action cartoons?

Attached: 1373391545926.jpg (368x368, 33.85K)

>>117477060Seething /u/fag

>>117476970>this mad

>>117477096I have the same feeling as well

>>117477088most of it is for children

>>117476479Good enough.That Grail literally scams people.Plus, being a Heroic Spirit sounds like a pretty shitty existence.

>>117477060this but unironically

>>117477119Then that's different from "all forms of animation (Both east and west) are for kids", isn't it?

>>117477096I want a horror cartoon. Shivering Truth could've been that, but sadly it's another "surreal" comedy Adult Swim has been churning out for ages and even if we get it it probably wouldn't be good because standards for horror, especially animated, are so low. Just few threads below, there are faggots mortified by their husbando's "gruesome" death in Infinity Train.

>>117477169I was just responding to the faggot who first made the claim that west only made children's cartoon.

>>117477173Honestly, Shivering Truth was surrealism done right because it all had its own purpose

>>117476813Anime is just Japanese cartoons.Which reminds me. Do Russian cartoons have a different name?

>>117477136Eh, it's been made less bad lately, Beni-Enma gives cooking lessons and Richard would like to take modern music there, implying they are more conscious than what was said before


>>117477096>>117477108Honestly, current cartoons are suffering from an even worse infestation of waifufaggotry than anime ever has.At least with anime there are shows that people like OUTSIDE of the waifus, with cartoons literally 90% of the shit people talk about regularly on this board is wafiufagging over boring shitty shows because there's a cute girl they like in them.

>>117477216Yes and Japanese cartoons are better

>>117477251have you been to /a/?

>>117477278I've got 3 tabs open as we speak, yea.Are you going to pretend that what I said is in any way incorrect?

Why is Westashit so afraid of female fanservice?

Attached: 5671ef6e82471199fd7ef61de5d9e1621434241148_full.jpg (640x640, 69.51K)

>>117477291/a/ is filled with waifufaggotry

>>117476479Which reminds me>Normal man fucking starts genociding mages with nothing but sheer skill.Do you cheer him on?For example>They're about to start another Grail War>He just fucking runs in and shoots everyone before the ritual even begins

>>117477106>this fat

>>117477311And on Holla Forums it's even worse.Quite literally every single cartoon people talk about regularly on this board is mainly talked about for the waifufaggotry (disguised as shipping autism).Whether it's Amphibia, Owl House, TLH, Steven Universe, Infinity Train, etc. etc. half the threads are about waifus.Even the fucking mediocre adult sitcoms like American Dad and Family Guy devolve into waifu autism.

>>117457019I want to kill her.Not because of her appearance, but because she's a Fate Servant.It's a mercy.

>>117477358>Holla Forums it's even worseno it's not

>>117477358Oh, I forgot Bob's Burgers, which also devolves into waifufaggotry (and often times breaks out into literal shitposting battles over why Louise is shit or why Linda is a top tier wife).It's fucking endless.

>>117477347You shouldn't talk this way about your mother, but yes. She is. Frankly it's okay with lights turned off.

>>117477394nice deflection tranny, but you can't hide those tears from me

>>117477390Yes, it is.

>>117477299Because even western "adult" cartoons need to be PC so they dont hurt Twitter's feelings.

>>117477361I mean, tell me>Destroy the Throne of HeroesWhat problems would this solve?

>>117477423no, it's not

>>117477202Well, I gave it three-episode rule and it wasn't my thing.

>>117477471Sure, keep being in denial, just stop bitching when these threads continue to pop up.

>>117477490stop being a faggot

>>117477421I think you meant to send that to your dad. Common mistake.

>>117477498Stop being a retard, waifufag.

>>117470507So where is your bar for a character to be crazy then? Because I'm pretty sure that having a suicidal mental breakdown and trying to destroy all of reality including yourself just to "win" for once would be considered as crazy by most people.

>>117477515but it's your parent who are trannies user.

All anime girls have the same generic design, while western waifus are unique and beautiful.

Attached: waifus.jpg (1842x1842, 1.01M)

>>117477518I am not but /a/ is

>>117477567Great taste

Attached: awaswdrfafsew.png (977x977, 1.17M)

>>117477576By continuing to respond with nothing of substance you are indeed being a retard who just wants to get the last word since you know your position of Holla Forums not being infested with waifufaggotry is so blatantly incorrect that it can't even be defended.As shown by the post directly above you.


>>117477598your entire argument has no substance, keep being a retard

>>117477591Thanks, based Raylafag.

Attached: Smug Rayla.jpg (1080x1080, 152.9K)

I haven't seen a single DCAU chick. Absolutely shameful.

Attached: timm zat.jpg (736x957, 170.2K)

>>117472857>Why doesn't the west make attractive women like anime?>No those shows that the west made that are exactly like anime do not count.Are you genuinely retarded?

>>117477629My entire argument is that modern cartoons are trash made mainly for waifufagging and shipping or for literal babies, as such action shows are almost completely dead in the west, which is why I (and many other heterosexual males) prefer anime.

>>117477643better then any /a/ chick


Attached: 1595580681351.jpg (331x396, 17.61K)

>>117477654>modern cartoons are trash made mainly for waifufagging and shippingliterally same shit as anime

>>117457019the west cant handle sexy females in any capacity these days without some twitter lizard having a mental breakdown because they cant compete with fictional characters

Attached: 2poudo5ay5r41.jpg (809x602, 155.61K)

>>117462428Im watching this show right now, why thr hell are the women so hot?!? Isnt this a kids show?

>>117477686Mmm no, I can find plenty of action anime that exist mainly to be action shows in addition to telling a story, whereas with the west there are, what, 3?4?Probably even less than that if we only look at the ones that are still running or slated for a new season.

>>117477691prime example of how waifufaggotry ruined a manga

>>117477539>that cope.


Attached: d1bbe94d4ec61bf240a9e250c8c94f7a.jpg (1000x1416, 470.08K)

>>117477710less because there is generally less output from the west then east.

>>117477714that's what I told your mother when I turned "her" down

>>117477390Do you not remember when the Twelve Forever pilot came out and threads were just filled with people going "OHH I WANT TO FUCK REGGIE AND THE BUTTWITCH!"?Do you not remember the very early Glitch Techs threads before it got released on Netflix and how much people wanted to fuck MikoDid you miss Holla Forums's multitude of FoTM girls like Grieve-Tan or Leggy Lamb?Did you miss when for some reason our Board-Tan went from Holla Forumsnrad, a simple Question ripoff to Holla Forumslette, an over-designed waifu purposely designed to encompass Holla Forums's favorite fetishes? Did you miss the Miss Holla Forums threads for the last two years where people here spent WEEKS arguing and voting on which cartoon girl is "the best" in a poll that will not matter in the course of things?Have you just ignored how much people have posted about wanting to fuck any of the female characters from The Loud House, Star Vs, Steven Universe, Amphibia, The Owl House, Ephitet Erased, Homestuck, OK KO, Voltron LD, She-Ra, Castlevania, and so many other shows I can't even be bothered to name them all?Yes /a/ is plagued with a lot of "_____ is best girl-isms", but Holla Forums is way more far gone in that department than /a/ is and to pretend otherwise just shows not only a lack of insight on how /a/ operates, but how Holla Forums has operated for the last several years

Attached: BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP.png (569x393, 178.37K)

>>117477731Even when corrected for general output there are VASTLY more action anime out there m8.You seem to forget that most of the most popular anime outside of daytime TV stuff like Shin-Chan and Sazae-chan are action or action-focused, while the most popular cartoons are ALL slice of life or whimsical adventure garbage.

>>117477711the only problem with OPM manga for me is the constant redraws and SOME of the filler. muratas women are easily a +

Attached: c29.png (1800x1138, 2.68M)


>>117477758nice cope

>>117477758>Have you just ignored how much people have posted about wanting to fuck any of the female characters from The Loud House, Star Vs, Steven UniverseDon't forget that they literally waifuposted about those 3 shows so much that they all basically had to be almost completely relegated to /trash/.There was a time like a year or 2 ago where making a TLH thread on Holla Forums would net you an instaban 9/10 times, JUST because the threads ALWAYS devolve into OC donut steel waifu autism.

>>117457019Because women have gone from burning their bras and swinging their tits in full view to chopping off said tits and making themselves look as androgynous as possible all in the name of empowerment. 70s-80s are awesome because tits fucking everywhere. It was glorious.

Attached: 1502226889440.jpg (640x640, 92.96K)

>>117477777nice get. But action anime is not immune to waifufaggotry.


>>117477861The only things immune to waifufaggotry are things no one likes.

>>117477817Concession accepted.Don't ever sit here and pretend that waifufaggotry isn't one of the biggest issues with modern cartoons as a medium again, even YOU know you're full of shit.>>117477861Difference is I can go into a thread about an action anime like, say, Baki, and talk about the actual show.Whereas with most cartoons 90% of the posts will be about which waifu is the cutest or whose feet you want to smell.

>>117477758Oh I almost forgot. Holla Forums is FULL of shit threads that are filled up with graphics like >>117477567 and >>117477591 where people talk about their waifus (Note that's in the plural, /a/ at the very least knows that polygamy is wrong) non-stop and rank each other's waifu collection. Even in the sea of threads bitching about Capeshit films or twitter drama, these will always be the worst threads on Holla Forums>>117477817>COPE SEETHE DILATE BUZZWORD ETC.Come back with an argument

Attached: nah.png (1082x522, 568.54K)

>>117477880bullshit, that entirely depends on the anime/cartoon at hand

>>117477487It gets better.Just going to give you one line>Dustin Okus assumed his father was just distant, or didn't love him. Until the day he discovered the man actually had a medical condition...>It's called "Being a dick"The funny part is that the narrator fucking says "Being a dick" with noticeable anger in his voice

>>117477567There are dykes, ruined

God damn no wonder people don't like weebs if the /a/ people in here act like this

>>117477888you can do that in samurai jack, or primal threads too.

>>117477907No, he's 100% correct.Any show with characters that people actually like will inevitably attract waifu/husbandofags.It only becomes a problem when the waifufaggotry makes up the majority of the discussion in LITERALLY every single thread.

>>117477756I'm sorry but that was actually your father. Heard that his cellmate was trying to rape him, but saw his disgusting axe wound and vomited.

>>117477946>It only becomes a problem when the waifufaggotry makes up the majorityI agree and that's most of /a/

>>117477924>hot teenage lesbians>somehow that's a bad thing

Attached: Catra 10.jpg (918x918, 117.36K)

>>117477944Lol, not anymore, nowadays even Samurai Jack threads devolve into Ashi shitposting as well.Either that or the same 5 people bitching about the ending over and over.And even then, those are basically the only 2 shows I can do that with.Even fucking Castlevania, an actual action show, devolves into waifu autism in 90% of the threads.

>>117477968It's 70% of anime threads on /a/, but 90% of cartoon threads on Holla Forums.

>>117477963nice fantasies. But that's what your tranny family does for the living I guess.

>>117477976so is every /a/ thread

>>117477691It's probably 50% female breakdown and 50% self loathing white knight running interference at this point. The most visible route to pussy isn't being an alpha anymore, it's kowtowing to what they believe women want.

>>117478037No, again, much fewer /a/ threads are waifu shipping garbage compared to Holla Forums threads, proportionally speaking.


>>117477975Its absolutely a bad thing

Attached: 98308fdd643da528341ec4f2cd1e8ec7.jpg (680x1292, 81.02K)

>>117478063provide an evidence then

>>117478006>fantasiesSure thing. I won't tell anyone that your tranny "father" ended up in prison for exposing himself to a little girl in a women's restroom. Oops.


I wish all female characters disappeared.There'd be no big loss, all good stories involve men and women are removable baggage anyway.I'm so tired of females.

>>117478084>>117478119Not being a newfag and actually browsing the threads on both boards.For example, let's compare a currently running (or recent) cartoon thread to a currently running (or recent) anime thread.>>117458319Mainly waifu/husbando autism and literal shipping fanfics and also porn, but that goes without saying since this is 4chan.>>>/a/208317110Mainly people discussing the actual show, small amounts of waifu/husbando autism towards the end of the thread, no shipping fanfics.And this is for a mediocre as fuck anime with a genuine shit fanbase.

>>117478171post an article of that. If you fail to do so then you are a tranny.

>>117478227nice cherrypicked examples faggot

early Gwen?

Attached: 1599369203986.jpg (1000x1200, 138.75K)


Attached: 1458004235191.gif (519x576, 982.52K)

>>117477975mattel is gonna sweep nu shera under the rug user, get over it. the creator made racist comments on twitter.

>>117478267>Literally two recent, popular shows aiming for a similar adventure theme>"N-NO, THAT DOESN'T COUNT!"Now this is a genuine cope.But yea, I'm done, you're clearly just another ESL waifufag upset at being called out.Filtered.


Attached: 1392940015907.gif (490x276, 875.22K)

>>117477976Meh, even Castlevania itself devolved into that. The sex scenes and fetish shit were the only memorable things of the third season.It's also kinda funny that it's an originally fairly sfw japanese IP that westerners filled with sex stuff, when the usual stereotypes is that Japan are the degenerate ones

>>117477899I think the bigger issue isn't even the waifu shit, it's that the waifu shit is used to prop up some genuinely shitty shows.Like fuck, I don't mind waifufaggots if the actual show is decent, but none of these modern cartoons are particularly good or interesting, it's like they're all just trying to be the same mediocre combination of whatever anime the creator really likes and Adventure Time, and it REALLY fucking shows.

>>117478310we weren't talking about the most popular shows right now retard. Just a general board culture was a topic at hand.


Attached: 1463272138662.gif (250x228, 278.24K)


Attached: Supergirl_and_Galatea.jpg (600x338, 65.31K)

>> all know that's your "father"

>>117478360Unironically made for the BBC


Attached: 450.jpg (360x450, 26.22K)

>>117478438provide an evidence that that's my father and not yours , otherwise you are a tranny

another dc girl

Attached: 28052bb56093b9922e82b410658a4ceb3cdc0802_00.jpg (512x384, 30.24K)


Attached: Alternate_Dee_Dee.jpg (500x375, 54.46K)

>>117477691The west is in the middle of its moeblob phase.Only it looks like this phase is going to last much MUCH longer, and with much shittier, uglier designs.

Attached: hqdefault.jpg (308x329, 24.51K)


Attached: batman_beyond.melanie_walker.jpg (240x320, 17.72K)

Am I the only one that has watched this show?

Attached: 129393483.jpg (1280x720, 73.7K)

>>117478505anime is still in the moeblob phase

>>117478461Was it her and John that beat up that space biker bar together? I don't remember them interacting much.

Attached: b9448689cbbd069662b2a60705d0bd94.jpg (519x448, 16.42K)

>>117478572Nah, anime right now is in the isekai phase.

>>117478461t. Chang

anyone watch Grossology?

Attached: [email protected]_V1_.jpg (500x375, 38.59K)


Attached: kara skirt.webm (720x540, 2.55M)

>>117478593they are not mutually exclusive

>>117478469>>117457478>>117457138>>117457557>>117457649>>117457658>>117458266>>117458573How is this supposed to make OP change his mind? They all look awful


Attached: kara.webm (680x552, 2.08M)

>>117478630The vast majority of isekai aren't slice of life moecrap, m8.In fact, a lot of them go out of their way to make fun of that very genre (most notably Re:Zero).

>>117478643>OP change his mind?coomers dont have minds


>>117478664never implied otherwise but they are still there

>>117478643All I'm trying to do is crash this thread with no survivors

Attached: intro dance.webm (1280x720, 2M)


Attached: 1435013645025.jpg (560x416, 50.12K)

>>117478692Being in a "phase" implies that something is extremely common.Moeblobs are no longer as common as they were between 2005 and 2014, nowadays it's isekai shit and the typical shonen battle shit.

>>117478693BASED AF

>>117477847The burning bras thing was never really a real thing.

>>117478728>something is extremely common.which moeblobs are.It does not have to be an exact peak

Western cartoons are meant for kids so there’s no need for attractive female characters That’s why they all look like men or some grotesque abstract mess


Attached: super stare.png (359x507, 94.25K)

>>117478759>which moeblobs are.Again, they are not.Name 15 popular moe slice of life anime that have aired over the last 3 years.

>>117478763anime is also meant for kids

These kind of post is equivalent to a dyke on twitter complaining about anime titties.


Attached: ivy-6.jpg (1200x954, 79.55K)

>bump limitThank God.

>>117478759What does "moeblob" even mean? Grils who are cute?

>>117478838underage cute girl



Attached: volcana.jpg (640x363, 48.54K)

>>117477219I don't get it

>>117478838Anon's an ESL so you'll have to excuse him, he's just using the terms I use because he doesn't fully understand them.In this context, when I say moeblob, I am specifically referring to the slice of life "cute girls doing cute things" type of shows, ala Azumanga Daioh.Which, ironically, encompasses many modern cartoons, only most of the girls aren't particularly cute.

>>117478869correct, with specific artstyle I might add>>117478892no one gives a shit about your headcanon retard.

>>117478924Seethe more, ESL.

>>117478874This board needs an enema!

Attached: 1541937138734.gif (500x280, 779.42K)

>>117478940learn what moeblob is retard

>>117478924>correctIt is not. Cartoons are for little girls. Anime are meant for a mature high IQ audience

>>117478958Learn what the term "moeblob anime" means, ESL.

>>117478963but anime is adored by low IQ troglodytes>>117478976>the quality in a fictional female character of being youthfully innocent and vulnerable in an idealized way, perceived as eliciting feelings of affection or protectiveness.kys dipshit

>>117479016>Literal copypaste from googleLol, cope more ESL.

>>117479043greentext meant that it was a copypaste newfag retard. Now keep coping faggot.

>>117479054>greentext meant that it was a copypasteNo shit, that's what I just said, ESL.

>>117479072no I just provided a definition drooling retard. You have done no such thing. Now cope more retard.


Attached: 1534396154261.png (640x480, 210.97K)

>>117479104>no I just provided a definition drooling retard.Yes, from google, because you didn't actually know what the term meant, hence why you had to google it.Know why?Because you're an ESL.

>>117478781Tell your cousin to show less skin if you're concerned

Attached: 1484795310450.png (640x480, 391.7K)

>>117479131I used google because that's an official definition moron. You used headcanon in an arguement. Even retard like yourself should know whose argument has more merit faggot.

>>117476057Still doesn't make me feel better

>>117479179>I used google because that's an official definition moron.Lol, it's a random definition you pulled off of page 1 on Google, likely from wikipedia.Only an ESL would think that's an official definition (no surprise there, you probably don't even know what the word "official" means).

>>117478478My father was a honorable military man, so that leaves with it being your faggot father. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone he molested you.

>>117479211it's from oxford dumbfuck. Imagine getting btfo by an ESL kek.

>>117479179>I used google because that's an official definition moron>official definitionkek

>>117479247>it's from oxford dumbfuckLol, in other words it's complete bullshit, not surprised that an ESL would try to appeal to authority.

>>117479246military men have trannies user, your father is one. Keep coping.

>>117479258>>117479271>i-it does not countCounts more then some random ret/a/rds opinion that's for sure lmao.

>>117479307Only to an ESL, and we all know your opinions mean less than nothing.


Attached: hqdefault.jpg (480x360, 14.46K)

>>117479329I accept your concession. Still waiting for that definition though.


Attached: sapphire.jpg (500x375, 35.27K)

>>117479349>I accept your concession.Oh god, that's adorable, I love watching ESLs literally pick up new terms in a thread.You're a big boy now, user!

>>117479384still no source. I accept your concession.

>>117479394That's right ESL, keep repeating it, I'm sure the meaning will change the more you misuse it.

>>117471740imagine the shitshow that would go down between /a/ and a Jack Thompson-esque anti Anime advocate and their merry band of retards

>>117479276No one cares about American "military", so that's your problem not mine. Your father is still a pedo and a tranny.

>>117479424where's the source though. I accept your concession.


Attached: 289377a9c7b18c4f763872ccfd820fff.jpg (490x635, 38.42K)

>>117479438I still waiting for the proof tranny


Attached: canary ollie.jpg (960x540, 89.25K)

>>117479665Go ask your faggot father who was dumb enough to knock up a negress and produce you after which he cut off his dick.

>>117479743no evidence. So you really are a tranny after all

>>117479424>ctrl+f "7 results"I wonder if it's the same retarded faggot who just learned a new word shitting up the thread.

>>117479761Your father certainly is. And your mother is a literal subhuman. No wonder all they could raise is a braindead retard like you.

>>117479829calm down tranny. Today you got embarrassed pretty hard. Your tranny parents will be proud.

>>117479807keep crying

How does Holla Forums do it?

>>117479855You're the only one embarrassed here, mutt. I stomped all over you. Go back to watching CP on your daddy's computer and masturbate to it like a dicklet you are..

>>117479882You're the only one crying here the whole thread, you're laughingstock of this entire thread lmao.

>>117479920shhh tranny, calm down. your 3rd world shithole must be infested with subhumans.

>>117479949stop crying, you aren't the first one I btfo and won't be the last.

>>117479957>he tells others to "calm down" as he's holding back tears of impotent rage, fully knowing that spouting stale memes is all he's good at, and actual non-Americans know English better than he doesL.M.A.O.>3rd world shithole>infested with subhumansI don't live in America so no.

>>117480053>writes in caps lockkeep seething tranny.

>>117480001>that delusionYou're the only one being BTFO here, monkey.

>>117480076where, subhuman?

>>117480075Caps Lock is cruise control for cool, 3-inch dick mutt. You'd know that if you weren't an underage post-election faggot.>>117480097Absolutely everywhere.>subhumanYou don't get to call anyone "subhuman", but please call me that some more to show how "not mad" you are, lmao.

>>117480154tranny is fuming right now. I raped your mind pretty hard today it seems, keep crying kek.

>>117480182No one gets mad at underage faggots trying to act tough, kid. We're just laughing at you.All you proved today is that anyone who browses Holla Forums is an actual low IQ imbecile, as if that wasn't known already and that I can waste hours pissing off a retard getting only stock phrases in return. Still entertaining because of how hard you're trying to not appear mad, despite otherwise being obvious to anyone else.

>>117474146Shut the fuck up with your fanfic Ovid!

>>117480261nice projecting but all I demonstrated is how to btfo tr/a/nnies consistently. Now keep coping.

>>117480284>projectingDon't use words you don't understand.>btfoYou're literally an exercise for me to (relatively, I'd reserve actual creativity for intelligent opponents) colorfully insult someone and not get punched in the face. Not that you would be able to do that IRL, because I'd punch your faggot face off if you tried that. You're not even good at insults. You're just a literal monkey I'm poking so it makes funny sounds.

>>117480362keep fuming tranny. Sleep well today knowing I raped you pretty well.

>>117480369Hold back those tears, kid. What I put you through today won't be the first humiliation you will endure.

>>117480401Keep seething trannoid. Your mental breakdown was hilarious.