Ladies with biceps thread

Ladies with biceps thread

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>>117456466Is it bad I want her to put me in a headlock, and bully me?


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>>117456501males were meant to be dominated by females

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>>117456540you are like a little baby.take a look at this

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>>117456524What's your angle? Matriarchy? Or just coomer brain?

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>>117456540Guess she had to find SOME ways to pass the time for all those years. Still puny, though.

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>>117456578It's not bad for a woman who grew up trapped in a castle with no gym

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>>117456657It’s completely unremarkable for a woman who grew up in a castle with no gym


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>>117456619Hopeless horny bastard.

>>117456700The remarkable part is that she isn't fat after decades of no physical exertion. Instead, she's a professional gymnast the second the castle gates open.

>>117456501I want all the girls on that show to bully me.

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>>117456852we deserved Fat Elsa

>>117456810you are just mad that i am a practitioner of art when it comes to sexuality and society and you are clearly just a pleb

>>117456939God I just want Kara to force me down to my knees and make me lick the sweat off her abs while she degrades me for getting an erection from it.I typically don't have a humiliation fetish bit muscle girls bring that side of me out.

>>117456704Post the buff superwoman

>>117457058Have some decency user.

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>>117456704>Zarya>Power Girl>Noi>Chun-Li>WWAnon, you're truly one of tatse for the finer things.

>>117457151There's plenty of places to lick sweat from that are less decent

>>117457151>Have some decency user.I am, I cut myself off before I could get too into it.Because believe me there is more and it is way more extreme than just sweat licking and taunting

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>Tanya's got bigger arms than Wildwing

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>>117456501>Getting your head stuck in her sweaty, stinky pitsUnf

>>117457277>Kara>'way more extreme' stuffNIGGA NO

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>>117456466For me it's Xarna from Uncle Grandpa

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>>117458856It's my life I'll end it how I see fit!

mmm catgirls

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>>117458856well... what is it? butt stuff? voting for third party candidates? choosing raisin oatmeal over chocolate chip like a god damned barbarian?

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>>117456704The fattie from archie ruins it

>adora>huntara>scorpia>lonniethose ration bars have something in them

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>>117460208For me was the girl she was flirting with

>>117460290>>117460208>>117460166>Lesbo shitAnother thread ruined

>>117460290>>117460208>>117460166>Lesbo kinoAnother thread saved

>>117460102Post the GIF

>>117456578Technically speaking, Jasper does not have biceps. Or any muscles or organs at all.

>>117456501It's bad that we have to dream of this, rather than it being reality

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>>117460333She's either smashing a lizardman, smashing a twink, smashing both, or a third wheel getting nothing. Lonnie ain't gay tho, that's clear enough

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>>117456466All women have biceps, unless they don't have arms.

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>>117456956because we were bad or because we were good?


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>>117464055Why is Lucy on this fucking weird-ass chart?

>>117456466I want to cum inside of Kara

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>>117460290Yo i don't remember her being

>>117468720She's pretty sturdy.

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>>117468720She's kinda more well known for her comparatively large tiddies

>>117456466kara fags are so pathetic

>>117470216Well if I had any muscle Babs art I'd post that instead but we make do here

>>117470294We got this in the show

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ITT pudgy manlets complaining that Elsa's biceps aren't big enough

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>>117471459They’re not. At least not enough to be in a thread like this. Do you lift? Anyone who does would be embarrassed if >>117456657 was their arm size even if you don’t supplement correctly.

>>117456466So from a design standpoint, I understand Kryptonians being buff to convey strength, because their strength is off the charts. But what kind of earthly weight would give them enough of a workout for them to maintain their physiques?Does Clark have a red sun-radiated gym specifically so that he’d be able to get a pump from lifting?

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>>117471624>maintain their physiquesThe sun is like steroids, protein, and a constant workout to them. Just like a horse doesn't need a specific workout regiment to be muscular as fuck as long as they eat properly and move around slightly, a Kryptonian doesn't need to work out as long as they're exposed to the sun.

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>>117460102Oh my god it's fem-Ruber

>>117471804I wonder if in 100 years they're going to edit the human genome so we have fucking chimp strength

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>>117460533Which GIF?


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>>117456466Not Holla Forums, So I'll link it from /a/.

>>117475594Explain why you thought any of this post made sense.


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post more kara

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