"Have you seen my daughter? She's gone missing"

Each of them will cry themselves to sleep as their children have vanished and left them in their lonesome.(Because the last thread somehow hit the bump limit)

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>>117456124Tulip came back and Luz's mom thinks she's at camp.

>>117456150We're assuming this was before the former and the latter won't last long with the portal down and camp ending.


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>>117456186> “I wanted you naked, girls.”

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>>117456150It's only a matter of time before they all go back user. Unless Disney pulls a Disney and cans one of them prematurely

>>117456124You guys think Anne gonna accidentally spread the fungus when she goes home?


>>117456124Which one would you fug?

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>>117456207D-did Steven take them?

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>>117456207>Not liking bunny suitsTake your shit taste and shove it up your ass Steven.


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>You will never build a train that will roam the Earth stealing childrenIs life even worth living at this point?

>>117456277How the hell did a pathogen that evolved to infect Amphibians and Arthropods affect a human girl?


>>117456277I would like to see a movie about this

>>117456277>S1: Hey do you think it’s sorta odd how a lot of the passengers lately come in with huge numbers and those numbers aren’t going down?>G1: Oh I’m sure it’s fine. Say we take a look at the recent tapes an- Oh Hey! Tulips back on board! Oh dear and with a large number as well.

>>117456568Forget the image

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>>117456394The last of Us.jpg

>>117456239>Steven becoming a kidnapper on the roadMakes sense. Gives me Bundy vibes

>>117456600I still like the AU I came up with last time, where her mother has already suffered a mental breakdown and gone badly downhill in everyway(being suicidal and drunken from what happened, not even sure if Tulip really returned or if it's another vision) and this prompts Tulip to grow resentful of the train and use her lack of a reflection as evidence to back up the claims.

Give me more Luz mom's suffering

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>>117456780what is this from?


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>>117456759Is there art of the other mom's suffering?

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>>117456207I always knew Steven was gay.

>>117456932I'll get it, you get the (tear) salted popcorn

>>117456932YES, YES!

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>>117456911Shin Sekai Yori. But I already spoiled you a big moment, sorry

>>117456239In a potential crossover fic, the Infinity Train seems like something Steven would make.

>>117456759I want pictures of her praying to Jesus or asking her priest for counsel.

Ok correct me if i'm wrong, but doesn't Luz still somehow have wi-fi in the Boiling Isles? i mean we saw her texting her mother at the end of Episodes 1 and 16 without seeing the portal open, and at the beginning of Ep 16 i assumed that the portal was open to charge Luz's phone

Oh No Bros! A Demon appears out of thin air and says he will condemn you to be teleported to a fantasy realm! After screaming hysterically, pissing your pants, and pathetically pleading with the demon he takes pity on you and says you may choose the realm of your banishment.You can choose between Amphibia, The Infinity Train, or the Boiling Isles. You won't be returning home no matter which one you pick. So what do you choose bros?

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>>117457167Train>>117456239Why is Luz the only one who looks happy there?

>>117457167Boiling Isles, the frogs and newts etc are too shouty and too energetic? if that makes senseTrain is too fucking horrfiying and lonely most likely

>>117457167Amphibia would be oh so easy to conquer.I know how to build a steam engine, and I know how to make gunpowder

>>117456124>*Hits pipe*

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>>117457162She lost it

>>117457188She’s confirmed bisexual.

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>>117457167IslesThe train has ghoms and what ever dangers lay in carsAmphibia is filled with giant monstrositiesDanger in the Boiling Isles seems to mostly come from ambushes and scams

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>>117457281>not all three answering Luz including Eda

>>117457294Missed opportunity

>>117457167Salt, iron, silver, peach pit, garlic, priest, therapist. After that’s all exhausted I guess I gotta challenge the guy to a game or something, but not before consulting a lawyer. If that doesn’t work and he hasn’t killed me yet I’ll ask if he’ll consider putting another place like Narnia or Oz on the table. Then if that fails I guess I’ll ride the train.

>>117457167I choose to rip and tear

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>>117457279What a stacy

>>117457167Isles, seems safer and the inhabitants are fuckable.

>>117457363Considering the only bargains Mephistopheles makes involve taking your soul to hell it's probably better to just pick a place live a righteous life and hope that your soul is redeemed before you die. >>117457363>>117457446I like your fighting spirit though, hopefully it serves you well on your adventures.

>>117457080Theres surprisingly not enough. Though there is neat one where he’s running through it with Catra

>>117457363I like how therapist was the last line of defense instead of the first

>>117457167i invoke the name of the son thereby causing him to flee in panic

>>117456780The thumbnail makes Squaler look super swolle. >>117456911>>117457011Don't watch it, you are going to get angry the protagonist didn't get genocide with the rest of their asshole species.

>>117457599I’m not hiring someone when I have half the shit that could do the job in my kitchen already.

>>117457628After reviewing your internet search history and porn viewing habits God decides not to help you. Get right with the lord before invoking his name, sinner.

>>117457167Boiling Isles. The other two have actual monsters that will not hesitate to kill me but I don’t think Bonesborough is any more dangerous than Chicago

>>117456124Here is a question, what is worse? >Disappearing into another world in real time so everyone thinks you are dead?>Returning the same moment you left, feeling disassociated with both your old pre adventure body and the reality that is presented to you?>Returning to the same moment you left but with all the changes your quest in the other world gave you?

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>>117458031D: Reverse Time Dilation, more time passed back home then on your journey

>>117457167Amphibia is a no-no that place is genuinely dangerous, even the most civilized of places have the possibility of death. >The train has more variety and the chance of getting a nice place to stay, but fuck those cockroaches dogs.>The Isles are safer but that place looks gross, a three eye waifu wouldn't be enough to ignore all the deformed freaks living there.I'll go with the train, and just not stay in the outside for too long.

>>117458031That last one seems wild. Especially if you left a child and came back an adult, but no one recognizes you because you’ve magically aged. I think that’d be worse because convincing people of your identity would be a challenge, and then once you prove it everyone is gonna be really weirded out and confused and potentially scientifically curious.

>>117458031Wonder how the search goes, and what toll it takes?Camila and Megan would probably be the most emotionally destroyed, ESPECIALLY Luz's mom(who'd blame herself for not checking in with the camp, especially since the phone records would indicate she was in the abandoned house in the backyard)But the Amphibia hunt would be the biggest, three young girls of all sorts kidnapped at once

>>117458115Yeah, if I were on the train, I don’t think I’d want to bother much with the number thing, and I’d rather settle down in a nice car. Maybe Nancy could give me a job bussing tables in her restaurant.

>>117458292There's probably alot of people starving or homeless who took up residence on the train

>>117458115I'd rather chose the Boiling Isles. The worst thing about the train is that every car is its own universe with its own rules and the order of benign to dangerous cars are unpredictable to you. Once you're in a car, you can't leave most until you solve the puzzle and heaven help you if someone before you broke the puzzle before leaving (it's happened before). There is a reason why the apex and the car navigate the train by going over cars and not through them despite the presence of ghoms.

>>117458355>the carthe Cat

>>117458276I dunno, I picture Sasha and Marcy as coming from trash families, and that can quickly make a case seem much less mysterious.Personally I think the biggest would be the Grace Monroe Disappearance, because of her wealthy and influential connections, on top of the extra mysterious circumstance. Come to think, it’s ironic that Grace wanted attention, and she might come home having become famous right after she gets over that.

>>117458562Sasha's family was apparently fairly wealthy, not sure about Marcy though.Although yeah, Grace would be the biggest case in this little "Western Isekai Multiverse" here, that we know of anyway. Like the lady in the water tank, for instance.(It's also the only one big enough that ex-passengers on earth in the conspiracy community might catch notice and come to the correct conclusion. There's gotta be a decently sized train head community)

>>117458774You know what would be cool for a 4th season? A group of interlopers, people from the outside, either former passengers, folks who are looking for the missing people or scientist or a combination of the above.Somehow forcefully get in the train and are trying to hijack it for their own agendas. It could be a science fiction version of train robbers.

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>>117458966I literally suggested the combination of a Conspiracy Theorist who believed the train heads, a detective looking to solve some missing cases, a mother of a stranded passenger(preferably Simons for that sweet suffering) and POSSIBLY Lake MT, would be a nice set.

>>117458031I think is a case by case basis.How long do you leave a month a year? it depends in the time and how shitty the place the kid ended up.Same with the time dilation, If you spend years in a horrible place getting back to the same moment might be a blessing even with the PTSD. Meanwhile you could spend your entire life in a place just to return to a world where all your family is dead. youtube.com/watch?v=dTllG2KdPMQhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vz8DYIOae4gJumanji is an example where two of those scenarios play out.

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>>117457167Isles cause potential cutes and according to other anons it's the safest.

>>117458562Just the fact that there were 3 underage and possibly well off girls (considering >>117458774 and the fact that they assist a private school) dissapearing at the same time would be enough for national news.

>>117459161You need a scientist to gizmo their way into the train, Maybe Amelia's friends or something.

>"AAANNE">"AAAAANNE">.....>"SAASHA">"MAARCY">Cop: "It's been three weeks and still no sign of the girls">Deputy: "Chances are they were abducted, most likely dead by now">Cop: "Who knows, they could have just run off, ya know, with teenagers these days...">Cop: "I just don't understand why they'd do it. They had lovin' families and all.">Deputy: "mm...">Cop: "How could something like this happen in our neighborhood...">Deputy: "We'll search for a few more days, I guess, then it's time to call it quits.">Cop: "Those poor mothers. How are we gonna break it to them?"

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>>117459276BUSHEL OF GIRLS KIDNAPPED? PART OF SMALL TOWN SEX RING? ARE YOUR KIDS NEXT!At the very least those parents can comfort eachother. Megan and ESPECIALLY Camillia are gonna be mostly on their own, and Camilia especially since the circumstances seemingly presented will make her feel even worse

>>117459323>>Realizes her daughter has been missing for three months right under her nose because she never checked in with the camp.>>Cops tell her the phone signal came from the abandoned house in the backyard and the last signal was only from two weeks prior.>>Realizes her daughter was probably raped and tortured for two months less then 50 feet away from her house.>>House was the first place they checked when the alarm was raised.>>Realizes had she taken a moment to notice all the inconsistencies with the letters or checked in with the camp it would have been the first place they'd have looked, and her daughter could have been saved.>>The county media blames her for her negligence, and the camp focuses on damage control.>>No close family or friends to comfort her, only ones she does have blame her.Yeah Luz will be likely if she's still alive by the time she gets back

>>117459251Alan gets to have a happy ending when the game ends and he’s returned to childhood, but I like the idea of a story where an adult is zapped back again home and to being a kid, but instead of things being perfect, they suffer an amount of bodily dysphoria and trauma over it.I think there’s a passing mention in the Narnia books at least that the kids’ experiences fucked with their heads at least a little, and potentially also in different individual ways for each, which is fitting considering the themes tied to the world wars.

>>117458031I'm gonna say B. If I go on a big ass adventure and bulk up I want to come back with it. Although I guess if I was maimed or injured getting a free do over wouldn't be so bad.I guess it's kind of a toss up between B and C depending on how I've changed.

>>117458115>a three eye waifuI see you are also a man of culture>wouldn't be enough to ignore all the deformed freaks living there.Going to have to be a hard disagree there though. A three eyed waifu would be more than enough compensation for putting up with the Boiling Isles.

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>>117457099>luz come's back>mammy is happy>hey mom, that's my gf Amity>"I don't have a daughter"

>>117459473She's been gone so long, and Camilia has gone through so much trauma, alcohol, lithium, and attempted suicide, that she refuses to believe Luz is real.......

>>117459276>enough for national newsWhen two thirds of them aren’t even white, at least one is the daughter of immigrants, and the last one is a school ditching juvenile delinquent who spent that day partying and shoplifting? It’ll look like a group of friends that ran off together, and then who knows what they got themselves into. Probably started when the blonde had daddy issues and decided to start a new life turning tricks, and somehow dragged her gal pals into the muck with her. It’s actually a much more common scenario than you’d think and it doesn’t fit the “good girl brimming with potential with her whole life in front of her” narrative these stories crave.

>>117459529Tulip and Luz's cases probably wouldn't have gotten attention either.Grace though...............now that's not one the world would forget

>>117459473We need a soul crushing green/fanfic about this.

>>117459555She’d be the next Lindbergh Baby.Wait, can babies board the train?


>>117459590You think any of the conspiracy theorists get it right? Gotta be alot of ex-passengers

>>117459555Tulip might earn an entry in Missing 411 just because she went missing innawoods.

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>>117459586Personally with everything going on I'm kind of burned out on despair for a while. I need some comfy and/or wholesome stories and pictures to build my reserves back up before I thirst for the negative emotions again.

>>117459621I dunno about that. If Amelia Earhart could never find a way off, I don’t think it’s as easy as Jesse and Tulip make it look.

>>117459621For all intents and purposes, Grace seemed like a little girl who had the perfect life. There would be a lot of debate among ex-survivors about her. Cases like Amelia's and Tulip's are much easier to make a guess whether it's train related.

>>117459323>>117459366How close are people from Latin America? Maybe Camillia has friends supporting her in times of need? Not mentioning we don't know anything about the father Unless someone asked Dana about him

>>117459671Tulip's reflection pulled a Houdini. Screw speculation, the Ex-Passengers are taking her in as their vindicator. She'd change everything. And Amelia disappeared just a little bit too early.Grace would have vanished in.....the mid 2000s? Ish? Perfect time for the golden age of indie messageboards to speculate.Anyone wanna do a ministory rp thing of that?

>>117459391Narnia has to be the roughest deal ever, not only are you a kid again after spending your life time as a king but you can't get back to Narnia because everyone you know is dead.

>>117459671By the time Tulip got home (without a reflection and who knows with what story), they were probably still combing the woods for her remains, assuming she was a cut and dry case of a runaway that had died of exposure and that animal predation had scattered her corpse to the five winds.

>>117459307Meanwhile in Sasha's parents mind.

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>>117459754Grace is la creme de la creme, Rich so her disappearance would be in the news and Mysterious since she literally vanished while in custody in a police station. There is probably some security tape where she is sitting there and then static one second and she is gone the next, that is internet legend material.

>>117458031Do you think time in Amphibia will pass like these situtaions?Returning the same moment you left, feeling disassociated with both your old pre adventure body and the reality that is presented to you.Returning to the same moment you left but with all the changes your quest in the other world gave you.

>>117456124Maybe not Mrs Boonchuy depending on how time passes in Amphibia.

>>117459754>Amelia disappeared just a little bit too earlyFor mysterious security tapes and obsessive online discussion taking notice of her? Probably. But too early for train theorists to have been around? Doubt it. There’s probably centuries’ old fairy tales about it.

>>117459366>>117459307First hours>Mom is furious, family is impatient for Anne to arrive, Dad is trying to call her to no avail, looks for her friends houses numbers to see if she is there.That evening>Some family members go home, mom is anxious, dad is contacting the other two girls parents, aunt takes care of clueless grandma saying there is nothing wrong.That night>Only mom remains in the house, dad has left to file a missing kid report, She starts trembling waiting for her daughter to come through the door, Door opens she runs and see, its the dad with two other adults, she isn't the only child missing.Day two>Police search for the missing girls, the locals news ask for any information on the three missing kids, Anne's mom haven't sleep, still sitting next to the phone, thinking the worse happened to her daughter.Day three>A police car is parked in front of the house, Dad is still with the police searching, mom still next to he phone in case someone calls, the party decorations still hanging from the ceiling and the spoiled cake still untouched in the dinner table.

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>>117459819Its going to be the first, the second option would require its own epilogue episode and I feel the crew is not interest in that.

>>117459798Police will probably be initially very dismissive, hallucinations of a vast train of experiences have their own page in the text book alongside alien abductions/demon pocession being tied to sleep paralysis.I'm not sure how thorough the process is, but if it's strong enough she gets in front of a mirror in front of cops, everything is changing then and there.If it isn't, then it probably just remains chatter between her and her friends until she goes to game design camp. Someone posts something, and eventually the Train Heads are on their way to get their one shot at vindication.

>>117459812I think we concluded it probably arrived from the one wall the camera wasn't covering.We don't have any evidence it can tamper with photos that AREN'T on the train(it makes ones taken inside blurry, but that's difference) but we DO have evidence it can tell when someone is in a group or being watched and thereby can't be taken.It probably waited for everyone to be looking away and then appeared in the blindspot.

>>117459856Something interesting I notice is that The Cat has all this technology she gets from gods knows where, and most of it like her little ship have a Victorian feel to them. The train has probably existed for at least that long. Who knows maybe the train updates itself, every few centuries its makeup changes and every old folk tale could be people describing the same thing.

>>117459946Still pretty creepy, Grace walks out of frame and she is never seen again. The other security cameras don't show she ever left that room.

>>117459961The Cat has been around for 150 years so she was born in the Victorian Era. It's a nice touch to her. My guess is that the train is far older, but it updates itself by viewing passengers' memory tapes and then records the changes in culture as time goes by and new people board the train.

>>117459920>Tulip spends a tense interview sitting in front of a mirror with a ton of cops watching her, but none of them notice she has no reflection because most of them are on the other side of the mirror>the one interrogator spends the whole time in his usual position faced away from the mirror, subject of course opposite him facing the mirror for maximum observation>that day he just, never turns aroundKek

>>117459529>National newsGraceAmph girls if nothing else is happening>Regional NewsAmph girlsTulipSimon>Local NewsJesseLuz

>>117459908True although Matt Has said he's unsure about a 4th season. Honestly I wouldn't mind a epilogue Special

>>117459992There are only two real conclusions that could be made.1. Someone, with heavy insider knowledge, removed her from the room via some sort of method that wasn't the main door, tampered with the cameras so her leaving wasn't shown, disposed of her, and then covered up evidence of how she got out before anyone knew what was going on.Possible? Yes. But it would require an insane amount of planning and resources for bribes and would probably implicate the family.2. ONE of the conspiracy theorists have it right and something supernatural happened. From an outsiders perspective all of them are equally legit, though, an Ex-Passenger would probably connect the dots, especially if they banded together on a forum

>>117459586>soul crushingMore like based and tradpilled

>>117460055>JesseHe’s native, so more like>Trashcan

>>117460087The first option while possible would lead nowhere, there is no motive, the parents are literally talking to the police and nobody there has any reason to dispose of her. But that adds o the layer of notoriety since the police itself would be under scrutiny.

>>117460044Just contrived enough to be possible considering that she's not exactly a criminal and I doubt they'd do much, especially when she defaults to "Common Trauma Hallucination"But the trainheads are finding out sooner or later, maybe her friend on facebook, maybe at game design camp. They will find the person who can vindicate them, and when they do, they will come to visit her.That sounded more threatening then I intended, it's actually just a bunch of people of various ages probably many with PTSD, who have issues ranging from "Family thinks I'm crazy" to "I want to regain the trust and respect of my friends" to "Thousands of ex-passengers are currently commited and imprisoned in mental facilities for simply vocally trying to tell the truth, many are being drugged or shocked to try to treat it."Some Tulip's age, some kidnapped in the 1950s.I doubt she'd say no, especially when they bring up the poor people suffering in the asylums

>>117460159I meant moreso the parents hired someone to do it, but yeah, the police or some insider at the facility doing it to say, sell her into traffiking, would also be a prime suspect.You know, unless you buy into what those weirdos online are saying about "Trains" or something

>>117456186I know for a fact Tulip doesn't have an absolute dump truck ass.

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>>117460197>the majority of Train Truthers being legit former abductees and not lookyloo hobbyists who never had a dog in the race and hangers-on who fabricated their entire experienceThat’s not how it is for UFO community so I doubt that’d be what they’d have for the train.

>>117460197Hiro Haniwa. aged 53. Lost his job and disowned by his family after disgracing them by "running away from his family and spinning mad tales when he got back", now works as a lowly phone operator in America.One day, browsing Facebook."Hmm, yadda, yadda, bullshit, Trump, Taxes, the....">>See this girl Tulip in my game design course! No reflection! #Vampire? Says her reflection wanted to be it's own person or something? Trippy! #NoFilter #AliveIthink?Hiro laughed. Kids these days with their->>Memories of The Chrome Car all those years ago flash through his headHiro frowns, dragging her picture into a reverse image search and typing in the name "Tulip">>MISSING GIRL FOUND! Missing teen Tulip Olsen returned home 5 months later, after authorities abandoned her search. Details on what exactly happened are sparse, as the girl is suffering from Train-Type Trauma supression, but what is known is......Hiro let go of the mouse, uncertain. Could it be? A chance?Quickly googling the girls facebook page, he scrolled through the recents, until finally he saw it. A small mirror in the corner, relflecting a small part of her chair. No Tulip.Hiro grabbed the phone, dialing his great haste. "Larry, It's Hiro. Are you still with your family in Milwaukee?"........"You are. Good. I think I might have something."

>>117460501yeah that sounds pretty good to me

>>117459529Consider that they are all from relatively well off famillies, Marcy is a top student, Sasha is a B student but the captain of the school cheerleaders and quite popular in her community is not hard for them to fit the girls in that narrative, the case probably has live media coverage and their parents are meeting Trump.

>>117458081> D: >>reddit

>>117460197>passenger gets their number to [0], thereby awarding them an official certified, paradoxically mathematically proven in a non-mathematical branch of science, “Mentally Well Adjusted Award.”>committed and institutionalized in an asylum purely because of the stubborn insistence of a largely harmless delusionYeah, that aint going down anytime in at least the past three decades.

>>117456186>lewds of western cartoons

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>>117460592I LITERALLY mentioned in the same page that some of the older members of the community were abducted back in the 50s. As in, when we were alot more fast and loose with that sort of thing. Anyone caught prior to the early 70s or potentially latter if they come from a different part of the world has a solid chance of getting screwed over

>>117460592That, and the train only fixes the issues you had prior to going in. You're mentally well the moment you come out, no guarantee you're gonna stay like that.Maybe our poor salaryman learned not to overwork himself and balance his family and kids, but the second he gets home he's fired, blacklisted for abandoning his work and making up bullshit, and then promptly disowned by his bitter family for quote "Running off on them and them coming back with a bullshit story"Yeah, that's gonna keep ya mentally fit, that's gonna keep ya straight and level to have that happen

>>117460576I wrote D: as in, option D, as in, the first three options were A B and C, which I was replying to.

>>117459753If you want a common Latin American Behavior if something like that happened, look at southern Europe.>First, the news will push that kind of stories, but her friends and family will stop that crap rather quickly and then reporters will back off. Press will continue because all that clickbait potential.>Of course they will cry a lot, and maybe the father will appear, if he's not dead.>Search parties will be deployed, and she will be really involved.>But it will be actually more probable that she will track the messages as Joyce in Stranger things. Expect a beat up when she finds the messenger.>If some medium still blames her, then expect a full boycott on that>The family will stick with her. And probably all the community.

>>117460750I know but when I saw it I laughed at the thought of somebody thinking you were making an emoji and being mad about it so I did it so that somebody else would see it and maybe laugh. Reverse time dilation sounds interesting but when does it happen in fiction? There's an episode of the PPG where they accidentally go to the future, and an episode of MLaaTR where that also happens, but they aren't transported to another dimension first.

>>117456150Luz's mom is gonna stary worrying now that she can't text or "write" her.

>>117460785Mostly in space and scifi films

>>117460646You wrote “suffering” present tense, so nah. They let those people out when those practices were shut down, though arguably I don’t think these cases would even qualify in the first place, barring some authority figure like a family member who wanted to get rid of them anyway and spun the train story thing that direction. Housing people takes effort and money, and despite the nightmare they seem in old movies, asylums actually even in times long past wanted to present themselves as places of reform, and it was good press to release a functional patient claiming they’d cured them. Stop getting all your info from One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest.

>>117458031The first

>>117460684If Jesse could get a second ticket to ride, then why not that guy?

>>117456124>Anne's mom is just a taller AnneSOULLESS

>>117460933Taller Anne, yes. But also with smaller boobs and an accent.

>>117460920Jesse was the first

>Your innocent little daughter is probably dead or being raped by several old menShit must hurt.

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>>117461067Abduction does happen often their neighborhood. It's an upper middle class town.

>>117461145Being a woman sucks in my country because they can take a cab without fearing for their lives.They take one and the next thing you know, is that they are in another state working as sex slaves

>>117461067Yup.She'll be a mess within a month


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>>117459276this happens alot more often than you may realize. they'd say they were probably kidnapped into prostitution and move on

>>117456124Like I said last thread Amy princess of Gemworld actually tackles the issue, after the introductory arc Amy goes back home and things get a little to real.

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>>117462286And shit just gets more complicated from here on.

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>>117459961iirc Owen said the train is older than actual trains

>>117462331>>117462286Oh, I guess that's an example of reverse time dilation>>117460785

>>117462286>>117462331I would read it if it wasn't unfinishedI'm actually more curious about the fact that you have read such an obscure comic


Can SOMEONE write some fanfics that deal with the consequences of returning home after all this shit has happened?

>sad moms

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>>117462576>I would read it if it wasn't unfinishedThe comic finished its run, but they rushed practically everything and left the plot of the broken family unresolved. Its kind of sad, like two third through the story they replaced the entire team, writers and artist, and you can see the moment the new writers threw everything up to that moment to the garbage to push his OC marysue villain. >I'm actually more curious about the fact that you have read such an obscure comicI watched the Amethyst shorts on TV and got interested in the original comic.

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>>117462805Simen did nothing wrong.

>>117462898That's even worse lol>I watched the Amethyst shorts on TV and got interested in the original comic.How it is

>>117462958The shorts? pretty good but very short, Remember this shorts where suppose to run between commercials so they last 2 min at most.youtube.com/watch?v=pkd5mYvKWigAs for how loyal to the OG story is? not much, but is fun non the less and visiting the creator's website gives you the impression that she was fan of the comic and really wanted to do something good.

>>117462920He literally did everything wrong.

>>117463213yeah, but he is hot

These past two threads have been BUMMERS i need more

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Can a drawfag draw the milfs sorrowfully drinking wine together

>>117457167IslesI have a fear of insects so Amphibia is a big no-no, and the train is dangerous as fuck

>>117457167I feel like the only place I would actually gain anything is the Boiling Isles, but the train sounds fun.

>>117460137Depends. If he lives outside of a reservation, it'll probably make some headlines.

>>117460303She might someday, one can hope. >>117460404Yeah the communities would probably be similar.

>>117461067Maybe she's raped by several old women.

>>117463741I mean sex slavery is sex slavary no matter who they make you fuck.

>>117463471Yes, but make sure to add some cutting scars, 40 pounds, and tear stains on top of tear stains,

>>117461193That's not a country. That's an oversized animal pen with it's own currency.


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>>117464129...so a country?

>>117464129I don't know which country you are from, but there's literally no country on the planet that can claim to be first world in current year

>>117464132The way this was colored is bothering me

>>117464132>TFW this was one of the first pieces of Owl House fanart

>>117464811Remember when that user said the Owl house got delayed because they wanted to pair Luz with Eda?

>>117465255those were the days

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>You will never kidnap someone's child and feed on 24 news cycleShould've dug a basement while I had a chance.


>>117465255>Season 2 also gets delayed, but not because of COVID>because they tried to make Eda and Luz a couple againMark my words. This is the power of perseverance.

>>117465541You miss 100% of the shots you don't take

>>117459307this deeply reminds me of that halloween animation by Mike Inel, and the thought of one of these girls befalling the same fact is gut churningyoutube.com/watch?v=FaoVpVXcZsA

>>117463322he helped start a cult, he committed a murder, invaded someones privacy, overtook said cult, brainwashed children into committing murder, attempted to commit murder again, and went full on batshit crazy as he descended into pure madness, believing himself to be infallible above all.and thats on top of the prejudice.of course all of that wouldnt have happened if grace didnt try to boast her number without knowing its true purpose


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>>117465541Which Holla Forums girl do you kidnap? And what do you do to her?

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>>117466348As many that fit into the van

>>117463312That phone case seems very bad, how the hell are those wings gonna fit in a pocket?

>>117463312so the letters are gonna make it soahe never realizes luz is missing, right,

>>117468620I mean, the letters are going to suddenly stop coming, but I assume she can still text Luz since the door didn't need to be open in Episode 1.

>>117465940 the guy who made this also made r34 of the female cop. just search under manyakis on paheal

>>117465695Nah. They've realized LuzxEda is a non starter.They're pursuing Clawcest now.

>>117460809That's assuming however's writing her is in the Boiling Isles and not Earth

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>>117456124Congrats. You've given me a new fetish

>>117456124I really want to see a short animation following some parent having to deal with the grief of their child being teleport to a magical realm. Their kid is perfectly fine having adventures in this fairytale land, but they don't know where they are and it's driving them insane. They spend months and years searching for their child with no avail and dealing with the social and personal upheaval. One day the kid comes back completely different, but alienated from the real world.

>>117468986>Nah. They've realized LuzxEda is a non starter.>They're pursuing Clawcest now.Wincest beat pedo as Disney's next agenda.

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>>117470168How is this a fetish?

>>117465255in the grand scheme of things, at least we would get more Eda

>>117468539for Luz it's style>functionalitypersonally I would prefer style=functionality

>>117463312>there's reception on Boiling Isles>she can send texts to a different world/dimension/planetis her phone using magic waves just like other magic smartphones do and those waves are magically connected to Earth? Is belos actually human and put a reception tower so he can shitpost on 4chan? It's just writers being hacks not caring about details like this, isn't it.

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>>117470603I think officially it’s “it’s magic I aint gotta explain shit.” But the theory about location tracking we had was that the signal just travels through the portal and comes out in the real world, at the old abandoned crackhouse where the portal’s exit is.

>>117470603She doesnt has reception, only when near the dolor.


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>>117472024>overcome lol


>>117470168What the fuck kind of fetish do you have?


>>117468672The door doesnt need to open but they dont have the door anymore.



>>117456124>Anne's momHoly shit

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>>117474835Imagine you're drunk and really wanna bang Anne, you actually do this and after sweaty hardcore piledriving you panic because alcohol leaves your body and realize that fucking a minor is a serious no-no, then Anne asks you why the fuck are you spazzing out since she's totally legal and even have a child. Then you start noticing wrinkles and she tells you to keep it between you and never ever tell it to her husband or daughter about what you just did and only wants your phone number and asks when will you have more free time to 'thrust'.

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>>117460303Maybe it’s the angle

>>117460303The true crime is Grace not having a dump truck ass when her mom is top tier.

>>117476446the true crime is the lack of Grace and Simon content on paheal. Only turtleloli so far


Resume the suffering

>>117475057she may might be a single mother so it’s ok!

>>117478399I'm pretty sure Anne refers to her parents as plural.

Anyone have any new refreshing angst and or suffering fanfiction from the parents?Just post it on fanfiction and AO3 or something fuck I'll read it

>>117478415So does Tulip

>>117478441I mean they work together and co-run the restaurant, so I assume they didn't separate.

>>117478415I referred to my "parents" in plural but what I really meant was my mom, grandmom and big sister. I'm not really sure why. I guess you're just conditioned to think of parents in plural even even you're a bastard

Do you fucks literally get off to mothers suffering?And also why do I suddenly have deja vu like I wrote this in a dream or something

>>117478813>Do you fucks literally get off to mothers suffering?I wouldn't say it is arousing but it's definitely stimulating.

>>117478813I get of to human suffering of all kinds sir. The tragedy of mortal life is just like wine; it improves with age


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>>117478813>>117478931>>117478956>>117478981Arousal? No, only large women of any sort(tall, muscle, especially fat) can do that.No, what I get from well written human suffering(and it HAS to be well written) is a much more complex and cosmic sort of pleasure, in much the same way one reads a fluff fic to bring enjoyment to themselves, I read angst and hurt fics, When written just right, they are, but a lovely experience.And yes, there is such a thing as too much, even for someone like me. A little fluff here and there cleanses the palette.

>>117478981Don’t think of it that way, think of it like how static feels when you’d touch a older CT TV when it turns on except instead of your hands it’s the very bottom and cold part of your heart

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>>117479081I want Camilia to get depressed fat from realizing Luz is gone BUT not that she's in a demon realm and for the most part safe and with friends but when she does find out her depression induced gluttony transforms to eating for pleasure and gets even fatter.>Luz gets a photo sent of her mom now well into the upper 300s.

>There are anons in this very thread that are aroused by the concept of the misery of othersEven when I think I've seen the bottom there's a new trench that sinks lower

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