Who should have won the Dipper Bowl?Should a "Return to Gravity Falls" do real-time aging and have the twins be 20+ now...

Who should have won the Dipper Bowl?Should a "Return to Gravity Falls" do real-time aging and have the twins be 20+ now? Also post Gravity Falls girls.

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>>117455458What bowl?

>>117455458>Dipper Bowl?Oh fuck off.

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>>117455458Pacifica won

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>>117455505In a cartoon full of attractive girls there needs to be a boy for everyone to self-insert as. It's the norm.>Dipper>Steven>Marco>Lincoln

>>117455582I requested this, the artist made Wendy's breasts too big but it gets the point across and still good art.

I'm just glad the fandom is more alive than other shows from the same period.Alive and horny, but alive.

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>>117455620It's a good request.

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>>117455718Mabes would be the most fun.

>>117455466The Dipper Bowl he made in art class. He got a B+ on it, even.

>>117455466You missed the threads when the show was on.You didn't miss much.

>>117455620Did you also request her to be the shortest? That's my only issue.

>>117456179Nope just requested this with Wendy in Jinx's place jealous of Pacifica and Mabel

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>>117455642When are living fandoms not horny?


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>>117456275That's Ravenravenraven, you dumbass.

>>117456275That's not Shadman.I'd never stoop so low I'd use his shit as a request reference, and there were times where his stuff was begrudgingly perfect for my request.Besides they don't have tattoos, piercings and dick bulges, this is way too safe for him

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>>117455642With their off model nsfw art

I'd say Wendy, if she had any consistent personality.So Pacifica I guess. She's the one who actually appreciates Dipper.

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>>117456496Really hope you're not implying we need on-model nsfw art.

>>117456614Don't pay attention to hentailand.He's a moron

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>>117455458I mean the fact that every GF extra content has basically been teasing dipper and Pacifica as the closest thing to any ship being "confirmed", I'm certain that makes her the "winner"

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>>117455458ummm you guys know mabel is his SISTER right??

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>>117455582Wendy to small

>>117455458Pacifica.Candy was a shallow bitch in the end who clinged to him over ONE compliment, then assisted in gas lighting him after.Grenda was too pimpin for Dipper and was with a man who could handle herWendy wasn't in to Shota, clearly preferred older men, but was more than a bro to himTambry had no personality and was with a no personality goth guyMabel, ignoring the minor thing about being his sister, was a scumbag selfish bitch who gaslit the FUCK out of him, would have slept around if all the boys in town didn't know better than to avoid that wretched snatch (save for that poor mentally challenged boy, Gideon), and overall was annoying.

>>117457022I will never understand Holla Forums's hateboner for a 12 year old girl. "Gaslighting." Jesus Christ.

>>117455458>Should a "Return to Gravity Falls" do real-time aging and have the twins be 20+ now?No. Teens maybe, 20s or up is a hard no.

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Time for something freshier.

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>>117455458Pacifica winsWith jokes about Wendy joining inAnd yes, return to gravity falls should age them up. Make it a darker story to go with that

>>117457092gay. college age or a bust.

Tambry of course

>>117458132>>117458092>literally>literally>literally never

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Who should be the main villain in the sequel?

>>117458377>Pacifica wins>With jokes about Wendy joining ingood taste

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>>117458616>no Hirsch goateeYes.>taller than WendyNo.

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>>117458616permanent menage a 3 is best.

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>>117458665I don't see why people keep adding the goatee. It just looks bad. You can make him look a bit rough without turning him into Stan or Alex.

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>>117459040>that wendy

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Let's continue with pics that aren't posted for thirtieth time.

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>>117455458>Who should have won the Dipper Bowl?Grenda>Should a "Return to Gravity Falls" do real-time aging and have the twins be 20+ now? Yes, but the protagonists should be Soos and Melody's kids.

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>>117455458>Who should have won the Dipper Bowl?A monstrous, bulky black guy.


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twitter.com/TheMysteryofGF/status/1301747248376745985I feel it in the air. Like an omen of a black star.The return is nigh. We shall be awakened again.

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>>117459216Which came first, gamer Candy or muscle tiddygirl Grenda?

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>>117459360Sameish time? I think maybe Fluffy's Candy happened first and when people had a recognizable but sexy older Candy design the obvious next step was doing the same with Grenda. Recognizable but sexy Grenda was the Hard Mode.

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>>117459439Chillguy did buff but hot Grenda years ago.

>>117456275We haven't had a Gaz thread in a while.

>>117459551Maybe.I guess I'd argue that his design wasn't good, so it didn't take off. None of his takes did, really.

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>>117459607Stuff like this looks better.

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>>117459561Be the change you want to see in the world.

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>>117459261Those are not regulation uniforms.

>>117459076>Let's continue with pics that aren't posted for thirtieth time.Trying.

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>>117459607>None of his takes did, really.Of they aren't.I mean look at his Pacifica for god's sake she looks like an obese midget and his Dipper is a generic buff dude with a gigantism The only design here that looks passable is Candy and her design is just a rip from Momo of MHA.

>>117459607Maboobs and Thiccifica have a decent following, but yeah the others are shit.

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What would be a good villain in a sequel? Aliens, another demon god, the Axolotl?

>>117460053>Thiccifica have a decent followingWhy who even likes that?

>>117459551The Grenda design that spread around this year is pretty different from Chillguy's. >>117460040This. His Pacifica didn't start out too bad, but he just kept indulging his worst excesses.

>>117460119Pacifica with a giant ass is pretty based.

>>117460113I don't see a sequel being more than a "hour long special" so I'd say a plot that'd work for a two parter, like "The government is going to do something in Gravity Falls that might accidentally bring back Cipher, and Stan and Ford are missing so the problem can't just be mind-wipe-gunned away."

>>117460209Pacifica with a big ass is good, but instead, this dude is drawing her like she got elephantiasis.He does that with most characters actually, and they look worse for it instead of hot like he wants.

>>117460219There's still potential for more. Like doing mysteries that involve the illuminati or reptilians. You could even have a season based on a whole manhunt for the gang like every schizo hobo's worst nightmare

>>117460113I honestly like Alex and the show, but I don't think I want to see his take on "what happens years later." Best to leave that to the imagination.That said, I'd love to see more "Lost Legends" style stuff, expanding on the adventures of That One Summer.

>>117459439>reasonably hot designs>only took 8 years

>>117460489To be fair, most fandoms don't feel the need to do "and then they grew up to be sexy" with every character, no matter how minor they are.

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>>117460390I'd like a sequel. It would have to be done right though. Needs a good mystery or supernatural element to tie it together.

>>117460559I'm not feeling these designs, but I get a feeling they're background characters so I don't really care.

>>117460613I don't think I've ever seen "and then we check up o our protagonists once they've grown up!" done well.youtube.com/watch?v=7Nz_B2B_QVg

>>117460672So unimportant Alex decided they both have the same name.

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>>117460613I really miss the show and characters, but I'm wary of a continuation. I would want Alex to be in charge since it was his vision from the start, but I don't trust that he wouldn't fuck it up given the semi-botched season 2 ending, especially the way he's been acting since the election.

>>117455458>Who should have won the Dipper Bowl?

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>>117460113Some kind of MiB/SCP type organization that came into Gravity Falls and erased all the weirdness.

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>>117460680Usually the characters act exactly the same or behave like they have amnesia and forgot their character arc which is the problem. Give Dipper a confidence boost, maybe even some arrogance. Have Mabel more comfortable with Dipper getting slightly distant but also more involved with the Mystery Twins dynamic.

>>117460793I do worry somewhat any continuation would have some annoying political crap in it based on how overtly political Alex has become.

>>117461030Meh. I'm genuinely okay with the 200 different "what eventually happened" stories fans came up with. Wouldn't want to see that all get torn down in favor of "this is Alex's official vision." I don't think he even wants to do a "10 years later" story, so why ask for something he wouldn't feel the need for? I doubt it'd be enjoyable.Aside from triggering the likes of >>117461092

>>117461104I survived the Doctor Who haitus and loved how bizarre Twin Peaks season 3 was, so pretty sure I don't care about a show picking up ten years after it left off and having a slightly different tone. In fact that's probably the best way to go forward. Don't repeat the same story beats and setting as before, take a plunge into something different and weird.

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>>117461318didn't know doublepines made dipper and wendy art, cool.

>>117461453You are looking at the full extent of it.

>>117461496Good Wendy is boring.

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>>117455464cute>>117457022>>117456558>>117456528>>117455582>>117456591>>117455642cringe>>117458361cute>>117457022holy fucking cringe, bro>>117458147nice>>117460209agreed

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>>117456650Yes, basically the easiest, and most satisfactory answer.


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>>117456963>Reminded of You just know he has attempted to make porn of this too. Just wished he released it.

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>>117461886Her flame didn't last long, but it burned bright

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>>117461810>mfw my contributions warrant neither a cringe nor a cute

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>>117459113The head chin guy?

>>117457022Pacifica just feels the best option for a comfortable relationship.

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Damn shame that the Gravity Falls booru is now completely in the hands of incompetents that just upload really bad porn and diapershit. 99.99999% of the good art made in the last few years isn't even on it.

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>>117462173Registration is locked. New art has no place to be archived.

>>117459076>post new artok.

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>>117462214Yup. You get the occasional piece put on knowyourmeme but that's a retarded way to try and archive art for a show.

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>>117461946I'm sorry, user. What did you post?

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>>117455458>no Dinner ladyDisappointing.

>>117455718Ok Boomer

>>117462469Lazy Susan?I've yet to see anyone try to make her... remotely presentable.

>>117462469You mean Susan?

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>>117458739Because Hirshe.

>>117462540Even characters who aren't generically attractive deserve art

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>>117462692>Even characters who aren't generically attractive deserve art

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>>117461002Are belly buttons allowed here?

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>>117462819Why wouldn't them? Are you nuts? Except for sharia law, bellybuttons, both male and female, are allowed in public. Distateful on some places, but allowed nonetheless (except black tie events and such).

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>>117463023that's some high quality stuff

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>>117463023dubs and remake the whole show in this level of detail

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>>117463000Have a Wendip

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>>117459439>>117459216You know a redesign's good when it manages to spread to someone like KrashZone getting him to change the design he'd been using.

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>>117463505Literally can't tell if that's meant to be Mabel.


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>>117463447they both suck in their own ways

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Make way for Best Girl.

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Attached: 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e6177732e636f6d2f776174747061642d6d656469612d736572766963652f53746f7279496d6167652f315052527256746f733957716b413d3d2d3635353234323436372e313536376232346164326638393834313234373232303731333134362e6a7067.jpg (500x650, 57.93K)


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>>117461905That pool...


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>>117464441Did I touch a nerve?

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>>117460119I do.>>117460489>reasonably hotYeah, if you have an extreme bimbo fetish.

>>117464334Of course Stan is best boy and best girl

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>>117465197>Yeah, if you have an extreme bimbo fetish.As someone with an extreme bimbo fetish, that's barely a 3 on a 10 scale.

>>117456950>ummm you guys know mabel is his SISTER right??Seriously. We need more art of Mabel just being a cute silly SISTER. Like this.

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>>117465326Well, now you've got me curious. What does a 10 look like?

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Attached: 62910816_p0.jpg (1427x1094, 1.45M)

>>117465653I don't have an appropriate reaction image to show how much I like this picture, so have this blushing Dipper instead.>>117465370You have the right idea. I like you.

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so who's he possessing? besides Stanley, obviously

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>>117465463I've yet to come across an artist that tries to bury the needle and has enough artistic skill to be worth remembering. Albatross can get up there sometimes, but there are others that go more extreme than him, just without the artistic ability.

Ironically dipper doesnt have that much quality porn with the girls and are better drawn by themselves. And no the official default deaign style fan arts dont count.

>>117455458The best girls are:1. Monster Falls Pacifica snek with mind control powers2. Reverse Mabel for obvious reasons, also Tentacle Reverse Monster Falls Mabel3. Giffany4. PyronicaOthers are boring-tier.

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>>117456493Shes the ugliest chubby chaser ive ever seen.


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>>117459076Most NEW GF art is from Korea or Japan.

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>>117465197>Chillguy fan accusing other people of having a bimbo fetishWeird flex but okay.


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>>117466720There's a shitload on twitter (because that's where all the tumblr artists went) but good fucking luck finding it with twitter's fuckawful searches.It's gotten worse now that the Owlhouse fandom has decided they should use the Gravity Falls tags for their own show all the time for no fucking reason.


>>117466808Good point, it is nearly impossible. I guess (sarcasm here) they decided that GF and The Owl house are the same thing basically.

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>>117465874I think it'd be interesting if he wasn't possessing Stan outright, just subtly influencing him and becoming part of his personality. But then, the two of them are already pretty similar so a Bill-influenced Stan might not be much different from regular Stan.


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>>117467016my idea was anyone possessed by Bill starts slowly turning into Bill copies from evolving chaos energy. So its like a subtle personality shift that happens over a certain period of time that depends on how many times Bill was inside your head.

>>117466720I'm glad Westaboos took to the show, they always contribute lots of great art.

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>>117466956Shitty art just like this thread in posters posting off proportioned art of girls who aren't that good looking.

>>117465874Pacifica, I guess.>>117459300>>117459351

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>>117467195Yeah. I like this person linked's art zerochan.net/2423895 and also this piece from the Official GF Gallery Exhibition.

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>>117463167rerolling for you king

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>>117466746I could not have said it better myself.

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This is an old one

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>>117465653They couldn't even give McGucket the correct glasses.

>>117470028I had to look up a picture and I don't really get what you mean.

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>>117470841He probably thought one of the lenses should be missing

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>>117460559kinda funny when I was thinking up physiques for older versions of the Gravity Falls cast, I had the same idea for the "Tiffanys" of having one be tall and the other a shortstack, though for mine I had it the other way around from what this set does>>117460710>So unimportant Alex decided they both have the same name.yeah that was annoying(if not as annoying as the stupid joke last name he gave Grenda), my headcanon goes with one of them preferring to be called Tiff and the other Anny(pronounced like Annie), though I'm not sure which name for which one...

>>117471222>Women in trenchcoatsStan had taste

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Night Falls AUA magical contagion strikes the town, transforming the afflicted. The shack crew have to find a cure and track down the source of the epidemic.

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>>117471166Can this thread end now?

>>117471929No, but you're free to ignore it.

>>117471929This thread is dead

>>117466365Thank you for responding! I looked up some of this guy's work you weren't kidding.>>117467248Dear god, your grammar is terrible.>>117471078I can see that, but how would that mean Chill got his goggles wrong?>>117471252That's a wonderful idea. I suggest the black girl be Tiff and the redhead be Anny.>>117471781Where are you finding this stuff?>>117471929Not yet.>>117463167Let's try this again

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>>117471918The cure? savage sex!

>>117473085damn, dipper turns into a real nerd chad. Basically the ideal male


pinecest is best, put your twin to the test

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it shouldn't have been a girl. or a person

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>>117456275Still complaining about Shad... how pathetic

>>117459607im disgusted by all of them except candy.but hey, to each their own.

>>117461318KISS HIM!



Fuck Reverse Falls, that only exists to draw edgy 'sexy' art. The best AU is Relativity Falls.

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>>117477670Haven't seen or heard much about this AU. Care to enlighten me?

>>117477795Shuffles around which characters are related and their ages, I think.

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>>117458665Well, yeah, if the artist wasn't going for making "older Dipper a cartoon version of Hirsch" then why would they make him a manlet?

>>117477795Basically it switches the younger characters with older characters. Mabel and Dipper become the Stan and Ford equivalents, and vice-versa. Manly Dan works at the Shack, Wendy is his cool mom. Etc. That's the basic idea.

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>>117478020It's not so much that as everyone forgetting that Wendy is half Manly Dan, and thus no purely human male will ever tower over her like that.

>>117455458Candy. Emmy can suck the infertile eggs out of Dana's cunt with their WMAF butthurt. They should've built upon their shared gaming/monstermon interest. le ebil rich girl gets redeemed has become the most boring plot point in cartoons ever since that fairly oddparents porn comic did it.

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Can't believe Alex thought WenDip was too "pedophilic" at 12 and 15 yet now Dip would be 21 and Wendy 24 and they're definitely banging right now.

>>117458698>permanent menage a 3 is best.This guy gets it.

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>>117477961Isn't that ghost Wendy's ancestor though?

>>117471252>kinda funny when I was thinking up physiques for older versions of the Gravity Falls cast, I had the same idea for the "Tiffanys" of having one be tall and the other a shortstack, though for mine I had it the other way around from what this set doesThe idea that Pacifica's friends would grow up to be "the tall one" and "the short one" was something thrown around waaaaaaaaaay back when Holla Forums was talking about what a Gravity Falls teen dating simulator would be like. Most of the other ideas for increasing body types were pretty obvious (buff Grenda, Robbie's gender flipping back and forth, etc.)

>>117465370Well, she is a bitch.

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>>117455458Didn't the fandom memed Padippica to happen? Like, quite literally anything GF points to it.

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