Death Battle

I can’t believe Sonic is fucking dead

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>>117450575So are these threads. If the leak is true, we’re looking at a shitty season. At least I get my werewolf fight.

Both are to it

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Quick rundown?

>>117450637An user claiming to be a VA leaked that Wally wins and that we would be getting a The Boys fightSince he’s likely to be real, we know that Wally is probs gonna win

>>117450637>>117450700That and the rest of the season is boring so there is nothing to look forward to

So apparently sanji vs rock lee was part of this leak? I don't really know much about naruto so what's the connection?I thought rock lee is the "no ninjutsu guy". I guess sanji doesn't have a devil fruit but outside of absalom that's not really a big part of his character at all. Is rock lee even a kicky guy?


>>117450738Pirate who kicks good vs Ninja who kicks good

>>117450738From what I remember about One Piece Lee should definitely take it.But it's both been years since I've seen One Piece and even if I was correct DB does nothing but downplay Naturo characters in matchups they should win anyway.

>>117450770Alright guess he is a kicky guy, thanks user. Looking forward to that fight if it's real.

>>117450700It could have been faked, I mean it wouldn't be that hard to learn of try outs for VAing a death battle, also if death battle was competent it shouldn't be possible for a VA to leak such information.

>>117450853>if Death Battle was competentLmao

>>117450853>If death battle was competant There's your problem

Episode music: Prediction: Blog Prediction should be up soon

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>>117450738Yes lee is into kicks, they're about equal in stats like 3 arcs ago so I feel Sanji should takes this.

>>117450900>not availableDoes it have any hints?

>>117450575 the flash is so far ahead of sonic that it's absurd>>117450637>quick

>>117450921The music should be viewable, senpai, been up for hours...and no, not really. It's actually somewhat generic.

>>117450875>>117450892I know but there are ways that even retards like them could prevent leaks.

Would Hawk Mama Vs Big Mom be a good fight?

>>117450982big mom?

Thoughts on Sabrewulf vs John Talbain?

>>117451017From one piece.

>>117450900Damn. Can’t hear it

flash would destroy sonic, the only reason flash loses is if the sonic fantards wank sonic to no end. or if flash has a jobber problem/weak version of flash. flash was able to beat anti monitor, a villain that one shoted most of the super heroes and also is a universal threat. sonic on the other hand fights against threats that are video game boss style threats, except for the Archie comics but even then dc comics has better features than sonic universe. bad thread and been done.

Sucks we had to be spoiled 2 days before the fight.So close to have something great unravelling before our eyes but those cunts couldnt prevent themselves from posting hat tweet.

>>117451039I’ve always wanted a werewolf fight

>>117451039The only fight I'm looking forward.About time we got some fighting game vs fighting game match up without Pokemon or MK

>>117451132It was leaked like a month ago, also it's still iffy, the guy who alleged the leak seamed to be disgruntled so who knows at this point.

I still don't understand why this autistic nerdfight channel has such an intense following. Like, leaks are a thing to worry about. There's so much effort involved.


If the leaker read through the threads and wanted to be a dick and lied about Wally winning then tomorrow is going to be hell when the episode drops

>>117451200We're super bored and just want to talk about dumb shit since most current cartoons and comics are shit.

>>117451200people like seeing characters fight each other

>>117451214Honestly the idea that a VA could leak this information kinda makes me mad, like really why wouldn't they record both outcomes to make sure no one wouldn't leak it on 4chan.

>>117451185It completely ruins the hype for the rest of the season if true. All I'm hanging onto now is that at least the werewolf match up is 3D with a kickass ost.

>>117451039I've been waiting for it for a long time. Hope it's good. I wonder if it'll be in 3D or if it's going to be a sprite fight.

>>117451302It has to be 3D

>>117450738>Both want to bang a screaming redhead that they'll never get (Sanji wants Robin too, but Nami was first)>Both use kicks (Sanji exclusively uses kicks while Lee mostly uses kicks and mixing punches as well)>Both have fiery spirit >Both are the 3rd strongest in their respective groups (Lee is the second strongest if you discount Might Guy from Team Guy)

>They're getting excited for the rest of the season, madam.>Post the leak.

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>>117451589>JUDYNever drew a dime.

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>>117451445Those sound like pretty weak connections. Hell, the fact that they have weird eyebrows is a bigger thing they have in common

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>>117451627>had probably one of the most successful, if not the most successful resurgence in TV history>isn't fucking Death BattleYeah, I'm thinking she made it.

>a wanked slownic couldn’t even beat a barebones WallyKekles

>>117451660>Crypt TVSaw those, pretty alright. Don’t know much about either of these specific 3 though

>>117451689Watched them because I was watching Night Mind videos at the time and he did a video about the channel.

>>117451704>night mindEw

>>117450575But Sonic is going to win though

>>117451675Are you implying that the common denominator of the people who watch Death Battle would even know who she is, let alone consider her fight enjoyable? There's a reason why any character who exists as a near omnipotent being would be an unfun fight, seeing as how it would be either just "no u"s over and over again about who's more powerful, or retarded DBZ beam spamming.

>>117451737To be fair we've had fights with relative nobodies before

>>117451737I don't care about her in a fight (not like she's ever getting in). I'm just here to have fun.

>>117450738And Rock Lee barelly has any fucking feats, especially on his own.Unless they scale him to Madara, he's losing this shit.

>>117451898Why would they even scale him to Madara. FfsLee was being amped by the kyuubi chakra, had a boost from Gai and to top it off, Madara was immobilized by his conection with Juubi and had no reason to dodge because he was immortal.

>>117451898>>117451998what was with the meteor feat again?Also would Rock Lee scale to Might Guy?


What’s the kill gonna be guys?

>>117452045>Also would Rock Lee scale to Might Guy?Guy should be way stronger than Lee. not that it matters because Sanji also has>precog>an invisibility suit>flightnone of which Lee can answer.>>117452300praying for the infinite mass punch

>>117452300Part of me hopes it's Wally doing to Sonic what he did to Impulse.

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>>117452352Doesn't Sanji also have some power up suit or something? Someone mentioned he had a power up that made him look like a tokusatsu villain.

>>117452300One billion infinite mass punches done simultaneously.

>>117452081This looks like a movie clip which would mean it's noncanon. And even if we are including movies Sanji is about as strong as Zoro who cuts a meteor in half in one of the One Piece movies.

>>117452370That's the invisibility suit. It allows him to turn invisible and even gives him some extra protection allowing him to get right back up from an attack by an emperor's 1st in command.

>>117452500Any pictures? I wanna see it.

>>117452511Yeah right here

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>>117452511Here. Anyway I feel like Sanji has this. All Lee has is strength and even then Sanji probably still outclasses him physically since Lee became one of those characters that does very little after the original series.

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>>117452537yeah definitely looks like it's referencing tokusatsu, i think sentai specifically.

>>117452511>I want to see the invisible suit

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>ost ends with the JLU riffITS

>>117452562The music never spoils they can always not use the whole thing

>>117452576>the music never spoilsYou know that’s not true you fag

>>117452576I still remember people arguing the music spoiled She-Ra beating Wonder Woman.

>>117452585The music is not consistent enough to determine a winner

>>117450575I remember Kratos vs Spawn being my first Death Battle.

I can't believe people take Deathbattle seriously after Link vs Cloud or Buu vs Kirby.

>>117452621Think mine might have Vegeta vs Shadow my cousin made me watch. He was super into DBZ and he wanted to show me.

>>117452611When the music ends with a theme of one of the characters, they win. It’s pretty simple. Imagine sonic killing wally to the JLU theme, doesn’t make much sense, now imagine Wally killing Sonic to the JLU theme, makes a ton of sense

>>117452636>Buu vs Kirby.Did kirby win that one if so that's the correct outcome kirby is broken

>>117452621>>117452644Luke vs Harry was mine

>>117452649Or Back To Rise playing during TJ vs Balrog

>>117452657Kirby dies by having an apple fall on his head.Also Kirby has absolutely no way of actually defeating Buu.

>>117452649>When the music ends with a theme of one of the charactersThey dont always use the full song you fucking tard

>>117450700>Wally winsThat's impossible. DC hates Wally West. They don't care what happens to him in the public consciousness as long as Barry Allen gets to stay on his pedestal.

>>117452649Why would they make it so obvious when they release this shit before the fight though? And I've seen people say that the music meant a character was going to win before and they didn't.

>>117452621mine was Goku Superman. Iron Man vs Lex Luthor came out a few days later I cant believe it has been only 5 years

>>117452669>Kirby dies by having an apple fall on his head.wrong that doe not kill him it puts him to sleep, Kirby is stronger than Buu it's just proven fact

>>117452663Even without EU that's a stomp. With EU Harry dies within a fraction of a second.

>>117452669that's because Whispy Woods is Whispy Woods. Don't fuck with nature bro, it'll fuck you back.

>>117452679They used an icionic portion of the JLU theme at the end of the fight. Another example of which is them using a legally distinct Danny phantom riff when he won.Are you being obtuse on purpose

>>117452679>>117452649>>117452611>>117452585>>117452576>>117452562They don't tell the musician who the winner is. The guy who did the song for Goku vs Supes 2 had no idea who would win when creating the song.

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So what does everyone expect to have to this thread if for some reason the leaker got the winner wrong and Sonic wins

>>117452706Kirby sure "falls asleep" a lot over the simplest things, like bumping into a Waddle Dee. Also he cant suck up anything bigger than a rock without a power up. And with that power up, he can ALMOST suck up a big flower. Keep in mind Kirby is an inch high, so this flower was like...2 feet high.

>>117452669Whispy's basically a God though, personification of forests, like how Kracko is the personification of clouds.

>>117452687Samurai Jack vs Afro Samurai literally ended with the Samurai Jack theme.

>>117452680I don’t think DC personally gets involved in Death Battle

>>117452547Why is he speaking like a weeb?

>>117452741Bad example I think. I mean everyone was expecting Supes to win again.

>>117452749The apple was just an example. Kirby can also die because somebody sweeped a broom at him.

>>117452759He's channeling his inner Sentai/Rider

>>117452747>Kirby deals with Multi-Galaxy to Universe ending threats regularly.>B-BUT THESE LOW END SHOWINGSEnter the Seetheforce DBcuck

>>117452466No, that movie is canon. And even if it weren't, Death Battle has used non canon sources all the time.

>>117452786Has the universe ever ended in Kirby? No. Those aren't real.

>>117452772it's called a video game, Yamcha can beat Buu in video games but that doesn't mean buu is that weak or yamcha that strong

>>117452765Why is that any different?

>>117452799Kirby has no canon outside of his video games. And he was pretty pathetic in the anime too outside of his dumb pan feat, which isnt even that impressive in the DB world.

>>117452636>Buu vs KirbyI still see back and forth with who would win on this. At the very least though the episode itself undersold Buu a lot. That frying pan feat means absolutely fucking nothing when Buu is far beyond planet buster and their argument that he doesn't have durability because he was shot with a gun and it made a hole is stupid. Also giving Kirby the speed of the warp star for regular combat was stupid.

>>117452791No because Kirby stopped the threats before they could end the universe.

>>117452810>Kirby has no canon outside of his video games.WRONG FAGGOT

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>>117452466It's from the canon squeal movie, though Sanji does also have similar tier feats by scaling to Zoro.

>>117452824Then how do you know they can destroy the universe?Also Buu almost destroyed the universe too. He got closer than anyone in Kirby did.

>>117452562>Sonic music into JLU music.I think we’re going to get a fake out Wally victory.

>>117452576Did for the danny fight

Rock Lee does have some nice speed feats that scale from Sage mode Madara though. He was fast enough to throw a Kunai and intercept an colision between Madara's balls and Gai in Night Gai mode.

>>117452585Didn't it spoil Beerus vs Galaxia?

How many times has the music spoiled the winner? We’ve had TJ combo, Machamp, Danny Phantom and samurai jack win to their themes

>>117452835Ok. Sanji still can probably pull off similar feats though and has a more versatile set of abilities.

>>117452868Don't forget Aang, they played the avatar state sound effect and the main riff of the theme at the end.

>>117452576>> literally ends with the Samurai Jack theme

>>117452816Also, while speed is incredibly inconsistent in Dragonball, the Warp Star being able to move at light speed (probably) isn't a big deal. Theyve thrown around that they can do more than that multiple times. Theyve also thrown around that theyre not really that fast multiple times too, but Death Battle always takes the top feats at base value even if theyre not repeated. If DeathBattle worked by averaging out feats instead of just taking their best feats as fact, then Kirby would have an even more pathetic showing.

>>117452841Showings and statements mad in the game’s story.

>>117452897What showings. What showed that anyone can destroy the universe? And again, Kirby has no way to defeat Buu.As if Buu would really fucking lose by being shot into the sun. That didn't even beat Cooler.

>>117452868The lyrics for Gray vs Esdeath spoiled Esdeath victory

>has the prediction trifecta>ost ends with the justice league unlimited theme>the leak is looking more true every minute

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>>117452772Kirby never dies. He just gets frustrated and fucks off if a game over happens

>>117452934Well then Kirby would fuck off 2 seconds into fighting Buu.

>>117452926That's not a great thing considering the rest of the leak confirms the rest of the season sucks. I'd have preferred Wally winning without this leak compared to this shit

>>117452928The Alpha of Alphas and the Obliterator of Ottos.


>mfw Rock Lee wins because he has toon force and breaks the fourth wall in Naruto SDthat would be the most precious shit

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>>117452926The caboose part of the leak better mean Red vs Blue. We have yet to have a true team battle in DB

>>117452971RIP Sanji

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>>117452971Is that a chungmeco?

>>117452963It doesn't even matter, Kirby has no impressive feats compared to the Dragonball universe.>he cracked a planet Do I even need to say anything?>he beat someone who was said to maybe be able to destroy the universeBuu was shown ACTUALLY destroying the universe before Vegito stopped him from breaking reality>he can suck up anythingHe cant even suck up a floating orange ball thats probably lighter than air.

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>>117452940remember death battle ignores morals

>nobody has every lost to their theme playing>at least 7 won to their themes>people are STILL in denial

When does the prediction blog come out.

>>117453023Eh, Buu needed a chain reaction, not the same as raw power, didn’t he have to absorb people at that time anyway?

>>117453046When mal is finished with his yang pillow

>>117452759At that point in the story all the characters are undercover on an island that is similar to feudal Japan so they have to refer to each other by classical Japanese sounding versions of their names. Franky=Franosuke and Usopp=Usohachi.

>>117453054Nobody in Kirby has shown even close to the same level of raw power.

>>117452917>Kirby has no way to defeat BuuThe Star Rod is a direct counter. It destroys anything that is evil. That covers most versions of Buu including Super Buu.

>>117453068Star Paddle too I believe, which I honestly feel Star Paddle > Star Rod

>>117453068Wouldnt be able to hit Buu with it. Even he could it'd take like 30 hits. And thats probably being generous. In reality it'd take infinity hits because Buu wouldnt die by having the evil knocked out of him.

>>117453004Rock Lee is so powerful only the narrator can defeat it's not looking good

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>>117452951Owning Sonicfags is worth a shitty season.

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>>117453063Neither has Buu without absorbing people

>>117453063Void TerminaMarxKing of NightmaresHayness

>>117453110Deathbattles have always done scaling, and if you scale, then yeah, Buu has.

>>117453105It really isn't. Sonicfags don't care as much as Benfags and have no threads. Unless you just want to throw yourself into a blender and run to Holla Forums anyway but they don't care about Sonic either

>>117453129Wasn't universal before Beerus

>>117453112>no Nova

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>>117453112Not to mention Astral Birth

>>117453145Nothing in Kirby is even close.>>117453112Right. Marx, who has impressive attacks like dropping green pebbles and blowing air.

>>117453148>>117453156I just listed the first ones that cane to mind.

>>117452744/co/ Will literally be destroyed

>>117453163Don't forget splitting in half and becoming a black hole into some acid trip dimension.Also Shoop Da Whoop. anyone remember that meme?

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>>117452744If Sonic wins after all this with inexplicably with everything pointing otherwise then this board will shatter and fate hax will indeed be canon on a meta level

>>117453211A black hole that's literally 2 inches big. I think even a normal person could run away from that.

>>117453211Also apparently passively corrupts galaxies per his background art during his fight.

>> it's non-canon because subgame.

>>117453250Whats that supposed to do against Buu?

>>117453045>nobody has every lost to their theme playingBen.

>>117453225A 2inch blackhole would evaporate the momment it appears I think. Doesn't even have enough force to eat anything.

>>117450617This is a youtube channel for children age 11 and under why do you think it would be anything but shit

>>117453223>Morrison spends his entire career using magic to attempt to make comics real.>Some dudes in Texas make it happen first.I would kek

>>117453112Didn’t exist when the match was madeWished to take over a planetBarely has any featsDidn’t exist when the match was made

>>117453254Kirby Wiki considers literally everything non-canon despite WOG directly stating that minigames are canon and things like the True Arena are canon "What Ifs".

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>>117453274>for children age 11 and under>gets sponsored by Beer.

>>117453265Did it really sound like Ben Theme towards the end?

>>117453265Not really

>>117453271>A 2inch blackhole would evaporate the momment it appears I think.Well that's pretty much what happens in the game so go figure. A lot of Kirby final bosses seem to be powered by book lore but no actual feats. Void Termina is probably the most impressive, but even he doesnt do anything Buu couldnt handle.

>>117453258Buu's highest known feat without retarded scaling was a timelapse annihilation of a galaxy.

>>117453023That Buu screaming the universe apart against Vegito scene is filler.

>>117453410Which is much more than Kirby has ever done. >>117453411Ripping a hole into space-time wasn't. Has Kirby ever donethat?

>>117453045Would Sasuke VS Hiei count? Probably not but actually kind of curious now about ost stuff since I didn't particularly pay attention unless they were obvious

>>117453410And as was already established, Kirby deals with galaxy level threats all the time. So Buu would be nothing new to him.

its utterly amazing everything they are doing to power up sonic and Depower Wally yet Wally is still going to win.

>>117453371I mean theirs Magalor but his existence makes it an outlier since his base form scales to Kirby, and Kirby scales to Crown Magalor who should be superior to base form Magalor, if Kirby did scale then it’d cause a circular scaling paradox where Kirby is both stronger and weaker then himself

>>117453445>Kirby deals with galaxy level threats all the time.They're galaxy level threats as much as Isabelle is the super hard worker everyone says she is. In other words, not.

>>117452744Wally fans will be pissed. Sonic fans will be happy. And at the very least the leaks about that awful The Boys Death Battle would turn out to be fake so that would bring some relief amongst the salt.

>>117453437Sasuke doesn't count because they hate Naruto. Hiei vs Sasuke was a true screwjob.

>>117453487>They hate Naruto>Guy and Naruto won their fightsWhat? At most they just hate Sasuke but everyone hates Sasuke.

>>117453460>MagalorDies by having water splashed on him or spears thrown at him or a whip cracked on him.

>>117453434He ate through the fourth wall once iirc with a nova seed or whatever they were called.

>>117453297That feat is galaxy level.That's pretty good all things considered.

>>117453514How is that a feat? That’s just regular 4th wall breaking

>>117453506no because you have to finish him off with super attackseven then it didnt kill him

Could Buu deal with Master Hand/Master Core?

>>117453541You mean a big sword? That wouldnt defeat Buu.

>>117453505It's still a screwjob with a biased result. Sasuke should've won his fight.

>>117453551well its a good thing he didnt use the sword to kill buu then huh

>>117453445I don't get the point of stating that a character dealt with "x level threats", since it's subjective to whatever world they're from

>>117453563Its a good thing Death Battle made up a way for Buu to lose that would not have happened in canon. Buu has blown himself up before, why the fuck would they think Buu doing it again with his own blast would kill him?

So, what's the next fight again? Jiren vs Martian Hunter or the werewolves whose name I can never remember?

How easy would it be for Wally to beat Eggman and Metal Sonic?

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>>117453591Well, technically it wasn't the blast that killed him. It was the fact that the blast blasted him into the Sun.

>>117453560I have no idea who should really win, but to be honest Sasuke being screwed doesn't really bother me much because I've always hated the character. He's a lame edgy Mary Sue that all the characters obsess over even though he's a douchebag.

>>117450738Fuck all you faggots you say this is a weak match upIt's a potentially 3D martial arts fight, those are better than your gay ass metaphysics bullshit

>>117453540Look I really don’t care, I’m not the guy you were arguing with in the first place I was just correcting you using a non canon feat for Buu, and a feat from a version of Buu that I’m pretty sure wasn’t even in the fight.

>>117453591That wasn't what killed him though? He got SUN'd. Plus it is just animation

>>117453591it was season 2 DB much different than they were now

>>117453613>>117453628The sun would not kill Buu, they just made that up. Kirby has no means of killing Buu.

>>117453612First engagement? Easy. The thing about Eggman though is that he is smart and only loses because he loses his shit against Sonic Hax specifically. Wally won't kill him and treat him like another of the Rogues and that will be his fuckup. I could see Eggman doing some dumb shit like hijacking the Mobius Chair and turning it into the EGG Chair or some stupid shit

>>117453606Jiren vs Manhunter makes me think the leak might be fake because I’ve only ever seen that fight brought up like 3 times and I’m pretty sure I was 2 of them.

>>117452562Alright boysRate the songI'd say its one of Brandon's better works lately

>>117453637>The sun would not kill BuuAlright, then can Buu kill one trillion tigers?

>>117453570I wonder if there was a character who won through sheer amount of feats despite being vastly underpowered (minus batman)

>>117453637We went over this before. The Star Rod and Star Paddle are direct counters to Buu.

>>117453654Nah, there’s too many of them.

>>117453487>>117453505>>117453560>>117453616Sasuke lost because of one guyStrunton>>117451039Largely depends on how they handle Anarkis' Egypt feat regarding scaling to JonI always thought that was wonky so I'm giving it to Sabrewulf

>>117453616And I should care why?All I'm saying is that Sasuke was fucked in that fight, he even had the prediction blogs, and still lost. So he isn't an exception to the rule, he was just screwed by whoever made that fight.I don't think they hate Wally, so if everything points to him winning, he's going to fucking win. Next fight.


>>117453644>117453644pretty sure Jiren vs MM was not apart of the leaks from the ex-VA

>>117453659Not even the Spirit Bomb was a direct counter. It took all the main characters power, and Gokus power TWICE, to kill Buu.The Star doesnt even kill an evil painter guy in 1 hit if you hack it in.

Honestly I had no dog in this fight. I only wanted Sonic to win because DCfags on Holla Forums specifically are obnoxious powerlevel spergs worse than dragonball fans

>>117452657>There are still people in 2020 who thinks Kirby is some super OP characterI hate that Death Battle reinforced that meme. Buu would've slaughtered kirby

>>117453702kek this, DCfags are the Holla Forums version of dbzfags.

So what's gonna be the Gaara vs Rock Lee homage part in Sanji vs Rock Lee?You just know, the animation has to pay homage to that fightEven people who hate Naruto admit that fight was good

>>117453702>>117453731inb4 they get the threads banned to /trash/

>>117453677yep iirc the crew were all in with Sasuke until Strunton inflated Yomi and yusuke feat to allow hiei to beat sasuke

>>117453531that feat is not galaxy level

>>117453702ThisNothing against Wally as a character

>>117451325Does Talbain have any 3D models?Also, part of Darkstalker's charm is its exaggerated animation so I'm skeptical if they can animate that in 3D

>>117453591he was incenirated by the heat of the sunwith a giant energy ball that was vaporizing as it was happening, its basically a more dramatic version of his death at the end of z

I know one piece characters have scaled pretty hard lately but has sanji? I haven’t read one piece since they found chopper and rock lee would have stomped sanji back then.Pretty sure Lee is faster than naruto and sasuke but that’s his only advantage

>>117453750That would have only happened if Sonic won. DCfags will think it is some Ben VS Hal level victory but it has been obvious to anyone paying attention that Sonicfags don't care and have been mostly shitposting. They have hardly any threads as is and don't care too much about comic Sonic so it will be pretty empty in comparison to the Ben autism that erupted from that fight.

>>117453702>>117453731Ironic ain't it Dc Fags became just as bad DBZ fags if not worse over Powerlevels

>>117453781Isnt Death Battle supposed to be about who would win the majority of the time? Buu hitting the sun with a 1 in a million chance isnt majority, nevermind that it probably wouldnt have even killed him anyway.

>every franchise and their mother keeps challenging DC characters to fights>they keep losing>Wah wah DC fags are just obsessed with power levels wah wah worse than dbz You faggots bring this on yourselves.

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>>117453810The sun thing was probably just for the fight animation. Not to say he would actually be killed by sun every time

>>117453793Even /sthg/ doesn't care

>>117453843There is no other time. What else is Kirby going to do to kill Buu? Yo-yo at him?

>>117453841no like every fight since like before ben vs hal was specifically death battle trying to kill a dc characterI dont even think the last 3 were even requested

>>117453782Lee unironically scales to sage mode Madara in speed. Whoever says he doesn't is a fucking retard.

>>117453854People have kept saying Star Rod

>>117453841Its the upper tiers that DC keeps winning atLower tiered stuff is more sketchy, not a complete guarantee loss or win thoughRed Hood vs Winter Soldier will result in a DC lossThat said, there hasn't been a DC vs non Marvel match where the latter wins yet

>>117453782The characters in One Piece have all gotten WAY stronger since Drum Island. Sanji is probably a mountain buster at this point who can fly around by kicking the air. Add that to his gear that let's him turn invisible and he's a lot stronger than he was back then.

>>117453849That's because this fight is with archie sonic and /sthg/ doest give a fuck about archie

>implying it won't be marvel fags who'd spam sonic on dc threads

>>117453854Well a very dumb idea but there is a Copy Ability literally called Copy. Imagine Kirby just using that an also being able to candy laser like Buu.

>>117453877Are you saying a swing of a Star Rod is stronger than a Spirit Bomb with all the main characters energy put into it? And even that didnt work.


>>117453881DC has low lows and high highs if they want to end a DC streak all they need to do is have Killer Croc or Catwoman fight and those two will lose

>>117453858Ben wanted She-Ra in Death Battle and asked people on twitter who they wanted her to fightDiana was a common suggestion Black Canary vs Sindel was requested somewhat but nobody really saw it as a priority that should be made

>>117453894I dont know why you think that proves something when the second spirit bomb is what did him in