Carmen Sandiego

What are you expectations for season 3?

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>>117450214OH SHIT.Resub time.

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>>117450214>What are you expectations for season 3?Trump drone strikes her.

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>>117450214>What are you expectations for season 3?For them to release character reference sheets so I have an easier time requesting porn of this series.



>>117450214Until she does something as impressive as steal the concept of zero, she will never be Carmen in my mind.

Coach rematch.

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>>117450497She isn't the real Carmen.Season 2 told us that she was her daughter, her dad is dead and the real Carmen is still out there somewhere.

>>117450507I really want her first name to be "Ellen".

>>117450214>Oct 1Whoa WTF, how is this the 1st time I'm hearing about this?

>>117450527Well technically the "real" Carmen was the one she stole the coat from...

>>117450214I want french guy to have actual screentime


>>117450539Chasefags are killing this fandom.

>>117450533Netflix doesn't really do much for anything that isn't one of their flagship shows.That or they wanted to release season 3 as quietly as possible because of all the controversy that happened after the release of season 2.

>>117450539I don't mind him not having a lot of screen time but I want him to do something meaningful with his screen time.

>>117450214It’s happening? Nice. I was afraid we were going to be left hanging.If we get more Glitch Techs and Stretch Armstrong, and I’ll be unreasonably happy.

>>117450214Crackle episode where he gets his memories back.

>>117450527I'm willing to bet Mom Carmen isn't going to be portrayed as the impossible superthief, either.

>>117450214More of delicious brown Carmen. Everything from voice to outfits to shape to design just oozes sex appeal.

>>117450214King of thieves .

>>117450636What controversy? All I remember was the Carmen interactive episode, which sits in my playlist marked “incomplete” because I must have missed a single possible branch somewhere.

>>117450214she meets her mom

Cancellation if we're lucky."We got the license to write about the world's greatest thief! Okay, first thing we've gotta do is figure out how to make her not REALLY a thief, because Stealing Is Wrong."

>>117450847From what I remembered some animator dudes asked to be paid fairly and they got fired for it

>>117450965>CancellationFuck off faggot.

>>117450847I think it's something about the company in the Philippines that worked on the show being treated like shit

>>117450287yea why is there so little porn

>>117450214Is this real?

>>117450214Why do they put this on the same date as the second season?

>>117450214What about they take one common Carmen Sandiego henchmen from the video game and make the person a independency who ran into the main guy?

>>117450284Why? She is his best asset.

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>>117450965That shows the Psychopathic Tendencies of many thieves.


>>117451852Huh, cool

A bunch of shitposts about lesbians.

>>117450214more of the cute ginger siblingsand sexy foreign accents

>>117452420That sounds like fun. I know the lesbian audience for this show creamed themselves with the interactive special.

better porn

>>117450214More paper star, S2 robbed us.

>>117452420>genuine creativity and fanart is shitposting

Julia is cute

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>>117452513>better pornDon't you mean more porn?

>>117452588Didn't she have two fights this season? More like more Tigress.

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The last cartoon untainted by SJWfaggotry and it better stay that way

>>117450965>Cancellation if we're lucky.>"We got the license to write about the world's greatest thief! Okay, first thing we've gotta do is figure out how to make her not REALLY a thief, because Stealing Is Wrong."

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>>117451724It was probably supposed to be released sooner if the controversy didn't happen.

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>>117452420>A bunch of shitposts about lesbians.user it's was a reboot in 2019. What did you think was gonna happen?

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>>117453122>The last cartoon untainted by SJWfaggotry and it better stay that wayThe primary ship of the fan base is Carmen and Juila. SJWfaggotry is inevitable.

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>>117452707Yes she is. Too bad the fans think Julia is made for Carmen and Carmen alone.

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>>117453270It's important to show women being stupid. They're just like us.

>>1174531221. You're wrong2. Shut the fuck up

>>117454044see her >>117453106

>>117453106Not really, she got joke'd away immediately then stayed in the background doing and saying nothing of value.

>>117450587is that an actual thing in the fandom? Honestly him, carmen and carmen's mentor are the only interesting characters to me. the villains and the comic relief twins put me to sleep


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>>117453106This! More Tigress please

>>117453352Who cares what queers think ???

>>117454711You may not care what they think, but they definitely care what you think.

>>117450214I want tiger girl to be hot and maybe turn good

>>117456423In the Netflix interactive if you Carmen does something good for Tigress, she does something good for Carmen in return.So maybe she's misguided but I wouldn't bet on it.


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>>117457086Fuck my English

>>117454711>Who cares what queers think ???I don't but they own the internet nowadays so Netflix does

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>>117454146In the fandom that I'm in I heard the opposite about Carmen, making like she's the mary sue of the show

>>117457214>>117454146>In the fandom that I'm in I heard the opposite about Carmen, making like she's the mary sue of the showShe loses/struggles in certain fights but its only against the female characters.But its not as annoying as you think.

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>>117454304As much as I love Tigress, she is the second best girl.

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>>117457313>her weakness is literally womenhm...

>>117457381>her weakness is literally womenAt this point I don't care if she is made a lesbian/bisexual (because Crackle).I'm just her for:>Shadowsan.>the former Carmen showing up sometime in the series and hopefully reclaiming the Carmen name.>Carmen vs the super secret shady NSA/FBI/CIA organization since they killed her dad>what VILE does next.>Countess Cleo and Tigress for reasons beyond human comprehension.>Coach vs Carmen rematch.I could care less about everything else.

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>>117457605>Countess Cleo and Tigress for reasons beyond human comprehension.Tigress redemption arc when?


>>117457822In the Netflix interactive if you (Carmen) do something good for Tigress (help her escape the pit), she does something good for Carmen in return(help you save Zack and Ivy).It's possible but I wouldn't hold my breath.

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>>117450214I would like to see some Carmen Sandiego classmates background.

>>117458688I would love to see who everyone really is and why they decided to join VILE (both teachers and students) as some sort of filler season but I doubt this would happen

>>117458973That would be great

>>117458973Like some sort of season where we get to see the student villains fail to capture Carmen similar to the VILE heads trying to replace Shadowsan with their picks.But this time we learn more about the students and while they will fail, they get closer and closer every time which starts to get under Carmen's skin especially since ACME is still hunting for her.Eventually she messes up which gets her in trouble but her mother saves her

>>117459198Then her mother tells her (us) about the VILE head villains and how she used to know/cause trouble for them.

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>>117457605>>the former Carmen showing up sometime in the series and hopefully reclaiming the Carmen name.There is no original Carmen.They just made her mom look like that in the flashback as an Easter Egg.Why do you people act like its deeper than that? Reboots do this kind of thing all the time, they give the main character's design an update, and port details from the OG design to their parents(if they have them) as a fun reference.

>>117452465Us bisexuals just keep winning.

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>>117459388This. I'm really sick of that "theory". Maybe for once Carmen’s mom is an average jane or a detective searching for him.

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>>117457381They’re squishy and have fewer weak points. Fighting men is easier in real life too.

>>117451754Holy fuck I can't believe they said something like this.

>>117453159dude the original series hinted at the fact she was a deep cover ACME agent.

>>117452507Why? What was it about?

>>117457822>>117458192I have a feeling all of Carmen’s class will get turnarounds after the vile faculty grow ever increasingly absuive and threatening in response to the pressure from Carmen

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>>117460397This feels untrue but I’ve never fought anyone

>>117460577It was just about Carmen having to steal some shit for VILE or else Zack and Ivy get mind wiped. There wasn't anything overtly /u/ about it except for a dance scene and what I guess is the true ending where Carmen drops off all the stolen shit at Julia's apartment along with a bouquet of roses for her.

>>117460715I wanna rub aloe on her terribly sunburned body after she's spent ten minutes in the sun

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>>117450507This is pretty cool. Is the show normally this good?

>>117461790I mean, I guess? It's not ALL this intense to be clear

>>117461276I love TigressToo bad she is the second best girl.

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>>117460423HOLY SHIT IT'S REAL

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>>117452707holy fuck that left image

I wan't more of this character please

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>>117461790The show's alright.This is the only scene were she clowned on this hard tho. And I don't think it gonna happen again.

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I wish Zack was voiced by the Scout

>>117460667I sure hope so. >French goat man and spanish mole man seem to just be following orders. They probably will crack if the pressure comes down too hard and either join up with the good guys or just stop working for VILE>Tigress seems like she could be a good person but she needs the right push. Or at the very least a Selina Kyle character (is a good guy but steals shit anyways).>Crackle won't apperciate being thrown out like street trash by VILE so he won't go back however, he may want to get some sort of revenge against Carmen since she not only ruined his first mission but also got him kicked out in the first place.>Mine bomb is going to bite a bullet.

who watches this?

>>117462606>sort of revenge against Carmennah, it's clear that his feelings towards her are mostly positive, especially since losing his memories. I don't think he'll actually get them back but will learn more about what happened and help in the futureIt would be funny for the mime to be the most unrepentantly evil one of the bunch

>>117462411Zack smashes that while Carmen watches.

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I want Player and Carmen to meet face to face.

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>>117457086Topo and Le Chevre aren’t that bad either. The former is excited to work with Carmen in the interactive special and said he has no anger towards her. The latter offer to let Carmen go when they first go against her in the Zack and Ivy origin episode.

>>117462658>nah, it's clear that his feelings towards her are mostly positive, especially since losing his memories. yeah but the thing is she used him when he lost his memories despite knowing that VILE would probably kill him if they saw him around one of their operations again.At the very least I expect him to be mad at her and she'll have to work hard to earn his trust again considering that she said in the 1st or 2nd episode that they have a brother-sister relationship before she became Carmen and left.

>>117462521>I wish Zack was voiced by the ScoutMe too.But his and Ivy's VAs do an amazing job.

>>117462369>>117462486>>117462748I want more of Paper Star too but I want her do be much more of a challenge for Carmen like the train fight rather than the fight they had for the sword.

>>117460382Why is she wearing glasses in bed

>>117462903Personally I'd like the students to turn an VILE one by one once they realize that they are nothing but foot soldiers for VILE but I know that isn't going to happem because:>1. Since VILE's training grounds have shut down, they'd need their students now more than ever >2. As a writer making this show for kids, where do you go from here? Just because the students don't work for VILE anymore doesn't mean that they are going to instantly become good guys and I highly doubt Netflix is going to keep this show around for 8-10 seasons

>>117461790No, but it's absolutely worth checking out. It's one of the most unique modern cartoons out there. It's just a straight-up heist series about a former criminal trying to take down her old organization, entirely by cutting their sources of income using the techniques she learned under them. It's almost refreshing how seriously it takes its own concept, even though you can still tell it's written for a younger audience. There are some neat plot twists along the way, too.

>>117451754>Did you know? Brazil has the second highest child homicide rate in the world. About 16% of those homicides are carried out by the police.This has to be an edit. It's "Despite being only 13% of the population..." tier.

>>117463195I think she just put them on after waking up.

>>117463410>this has to be an editdid...did the child prostitution convo not tip you in?

>>117463410It's real.

>>117463441For some my brain accepted that as perfectly reasonable, but the statistics is where I drew the line

Filler episodes until another twist finale.

>>117450636What controversy?

>>117450783Glitch Techs would be feasible, especially since there are several episodes that were already worked on. Why not actually finish that work and make some money out of it instead of letting the assets go to waste? Stretch Armstrong was done years ago and I don't see either side wanting to do more. Netflix rarely renews cartoons unless they're adult-oriented ones and Hasbro is too busy depending on Transformers and MLP. I don't think the toys did well either. It sucks, though, since it definitely had more stories to tell.

>>117461276Tigress is cute and best girl


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>>117462808I want Carmen to sit on Player's face


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>>117463911Some artists from the filipino studio that animates this show complained that working in said studio was fucking terrible. I don't remember if it was low wages, bad working conditions, or both.

>>117464932dios mio

>>117450214If they have to wrap it up and end the show in the next season or two have Carmen take over VILE and become a full time thief for the thrill of it like in the original series

>>117465047And so Netflix can claim ignorance of the studios working conditions and contract with another studio. Not really a controversy for the show here.


>>117464932What a view indeed

>>117450214A fine conclusion to the series where everything gets resolved.

>>117450214She gets fatter

>>117470570Another ten pounds of ass sounds good to me

>>117470619She's already packing a glazed ham back there.

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>>117453270Ah so another Lesbian Relationship where one is utterly Toxic and the other too much a Doormat to get away from them.

As long as I get more delicious brown wide hips I don't care. Maybe officially ship Carmen and the aussie guy.

>>117470541I think it has more seasons in store.Although originally I wanted it to cap out at four. Since Season 2 wanted to create a new rift between Carmen and ACME I don’t think that’s feasible.

>>117450214More of my favorite ship

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>>117453303Is the cope really necessary?

>>117472975More sexy.

>>117464131>Complains about cat jokes>Constantly makes cat jokes

Does anyone actually subscribe to Netflix to watch this or are you all watching it some other way?

>>117473104She's complaining about unoriginal cat jokes

>>117450214Chase becoming the hero we need


>>117474352This but only after he gets kidnapped and tied up

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>>117473104Only she's allowed to make cat jokes

>>117477084Your show is dead.

>>117450214Wait, this show exists? Judging by the thread, I am not missing much.

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