The Green Lantern: Season Two #7 preview

The Green Lantern: Season Two #7 preview

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>>117450192nice style

>>117450144nice cover

>>117450160Are those colors above the stupid snyder spectrums?

>>117450160>Emotional spectrum is backTake that you naysayers.

>>117450160>emotional spectrumNOOOOOOO MORRISON WTF

>>117450208>Grant Morrison: So I had this idea where we fuse all three of Hal Jordan's identity into one costume...

>>117450511Aren’t they just the Emotional Spectrum

>>117450568Don’t see the Parallax influences

>>117450830I mean the colors above ROYGBIV

>>117450511I prefer to think it's CMYK.

>>117451287>I prefer to think it's CMYK.Does this mean the emotional spectrum is literally the stain in the Overvoid, the ink that creates stories on the paper?

>>117451487cont.Yeah feels like there's a play/parallel between the idea of primary colors used in printing as building blo is for the rest and the mention of the "divided"

>>117451550Yeah, it’s a weird thing

>>117451487I don't know, I'm just going with what was in Humphries' Dial H.

>>117451182Oh right, that's how all of Grant Morrison's characters talk.

>>117450144I hate this run and can not wait to have someone else on GL. I'd take Vendetti over Morrison. Vendetti is the best writer of Guy, prove me wrong!


>>117450192I just realized this mentions "ultrawarrior". Like in Ultra comics. Which goes very well with the ink theory. Fuck, such a tease

>>117454258Oh shit. Could "creation reduced to ash" refer to burning a book's pages??I'm going down the rabbit hole

>>117450160Someone can explain this to a brainlet like me?

>>117454388Morrichad absolutely destroying Johns shit ideas

>>117454388It’s talking about the fundamental concept of division, things separating into more and more things

>>117450144>>117450160>>117450192I swear, the best way to enjoy Morrison's GL is to get high, listen to blue oyster cult, and have some classic literature next to you for references.

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>>117450160>>117450208>yin yang>Spectre HalOh shit, is Monsieur Stigmonus going to be in this?

>>117454388Morrison's cosmology is based on the duality of everything and nothing, and from that endless multiplicity spawns.

>>117450208>Refering to the spectre as "Spirit suit"Bretty cool

>>117455240Morrison's GL is just so fucking good man. So happy it didn't get truncated. I wish the HCs came out faster.

>>117453971You’ll find out

>>117450535Wouldn't get too excited. Morrison explicitly said his entire point for this run was that everyone including Geoff Johns who had worked on ultimate crisis type events had already explored that idea to death and that he would instead do the opposite and focus on Hal being a space cop on cool random episodic adventures. You can even see he's doing that now with this line here:>>117450192>Where do I come in?It's showing the large scale cosmic forces and spectrum shit only to immediately *contrast* all that with Hal and this non-epic type run.

>>117453386why would i prove wrong that you have shit taste?

>>117450173>The conflict shadowed here below as the multi crisis

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>>117450208>upstream of your timeflowSo is this before he becomes the Spectre?

>>117454388at the top there is something from nothing ('let there be light', then the yin yang symbol is for duality ('ups and downs' / 'ins and outs) which is the first division. then things are divided further (the colour / emotional spectrum) and then even further (into different planets, different countries, different tribes, different people)

>It's another Hal stuck in limbo issueI even like how Hal broke the fourth wall by mentioning this

>>117454935>>117455581>>117459253Someone can explain this to a brainlet like me?This time for real, thanks.

>>117458796No, because apparently downstream is in an underlife >>117459496Okay, first there was the thing of something coming from nothing, be it science, God, or a writer. Then there was this concept of duality and everything just kept dividing more and more over time, a shitload of separating, different races, cultures, all that crap and it’s gonna lead to an Ultrawar, a war between everything, molecule against molecule, universe against universe, and everything in between

>>117450511I wanna say above

>>117452335What went down in Humphries' Dial H? I know Morrison was playing around with CMYK colors in issue zero of Seven Soldiers and the Ultra Comics like this user said >>117454258.>>117455240Great picture. Where's it from?

>>117458796"Upstream of your timeflow you wore this suit". She's referencing when he was the spectre. >>117459253It references Morrison's origin of the multiverse too. "Previously, there was nothing. And then!..."

>>117451487There was that Holla Forums screencap circulating a few years back which tied the new 52's "The emotional spectrum comes from beyond the source wall" concept with Morrison's metafiction, since emotion in our world is proyected into the dc multiverse

>>117456886I mean to be fair, while Controller Mu and Belzebeth were TECHNICALLY a random space cop villain of the week defeating them still involved painting over a dessicated universe with a new one


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>>117453386Vendetti is automatically the worst Lantern writer in my eyes because he did Godhead: The storyline about taking a fat, stinking turd on all of New Genesis simultaneously.>Orion a pure asshole bully>Stalin Highfather who wants to use the Life Equation to terraform the galaxy into a trap>Bekka mindfucks people into loyalty and had a crisis once she realises this which makes her abandon New Genesis for the Yellow Lanterns even though they were soundly trounching them in every goddamn stand up fight and she has less than no reason to buy into Sinestro's ideals>Whole conflict revolves around a glorified Infinity Gauntlet made of Lantern rings

>>117462042Give up on Hypercrisis, Snyder's fucking killed it dead

>>117450192The multiverse is founded in the "war of the page and the ink". If this war is proyected at every level of reality it makes sense that the multiverse would eventually destroy itself. It reminds me of the message of multiversity about escalation. The crisis cycle is endless and the threats keep getting bigger. If the crisis keep getting bigger and the villains badder, eventually the Multiverse will destroy itself and that will be it.

The issue was pretty good. No big revelations, but it's all about Hal's character and personal history. There's a page where his previous love interests are matched up with the different colors of the emotional spectrum, but I don't know enough of Hal's history to know any of them aside from Carol. I think Cowgirl was there, but it used her real name so I'm not sure. Ends with Hal leading the corps against the anti-matter lanterns.

>>117462186If you think a single creator can "kill hypercrisis" you literally learned nothing from it. Specially since many concepts introduced by Snyder do blend well with the hypercrisis, whether intentional or not.

>>117462373Aw fuck the physical copies are out already? Can't find shit on any of the online sites I use and there isn't a comics store comprehensive enough to sell this in the country I live

>>117462632Ugh, meant for >>117462347

>>117462347It’s out already?

>>117462632>>117462696No. I'm from two and a half days into the future.

>>117462783Oh. Well could you post it?

>>117462824Don't have it on hand, I'm not getting any other DC books this week and didn't feel like bringing home just one.

Name a better current DC book.

Batkek arrives when?

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>>117463451He's already here. He's just calling himself Batmanson.

>>117463214>currentBold of you not to specify "ongoing" when The Dreaming was great, and Hellblazer being cut short doesn't detract from how amazing the existing issues are. Hope Lucifer catches up soon

>>117463451I'm still hoping that Morrison will help with a Death metal tie in like he did with Metal. If that happens the event will be worth it

>>117463598No, he should write a special episode for Teen Titans Go! where they introduce Damien for the first time.

>>117463598I could have sworn he was confirmed to do one already, might just be wishful thinking and faulty memory though. Anyway personally I just think Death Metal is too garbage for anyone with talent to touch with a ten-foot pole. I'm expecting Ennis' contribution to Legends of the Dark Knights to be the highpoint of it for me when it ends.

>>117463695The premise and message are interesting enough that a talented writer like Morrison could make something great out of it. It is in line with his "everything is canon" approach to continuity

>>117463742That approach must really hurt whe it means he has to put up with Perpetua, Laughs and presumably the Justice League vs God when Snyder inevitably tries to escalate after Death Metal

>>117463768Perpetua is the embodiment of the crisis cycle and destructive rebooting. Batkek is literally an evil meme in line with something like the Gentry. They're thematically appropiate villains that represent concepts that harm the dc universe. The only one that really shouldn't exist is the Robin King since he takes away from everything more potentially interesting in the story.

>>117463575So, "ongoing" includes series that have ended?

>>117463856NOTHING introduced Death Metal, Year of the Villain or Dark Nights Metal should exist. Period.


>>117464078It's all awful. Batman being a multiversal force of destruction is awful. The FIRST VERSION of the DC multiverse being some sort of big dumb superweapon is awful. Retconning the Source Wall's origin and purpose is awful. Turning Kendra into a reincarnated energy bird who never does shit with her powers is awful. Randomly shunting all the energies in the universe into EVIL and JUSTICE polarities is awful. Retconning humans into having the innate potential of being able to physically beat the Anti-Monitor to death is awful.

>>117464186>Randomly shunting all the energies in the universe into EVIL and JUSTICE polarities is awfulThe DC multiverse has a very objective morality. Good and evil duality was already a core part of DC's cosmology. It was in Moore's swamp thing. It was in final crisis. It was in Multiversity. There is one story that contains all others and when you zoom out there's only 2 concepts fighting and creating all stories, and that conflict is projected in all things. What do you think these pages are talking about >>117450160>>117450173

>>117464186They did all that? Wow. Sure glad I'm not reading that.

>>117464186>Retconning humans into having the innate potential of being able to physically beat the Anti-Monitor to death is awfulHumanity having the potential to surpass the gods wasn't something Snyder introduced either

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>>117464419I've always thought the ANTIMATTER IS EVIL shit was stupid from back in the older comics, but are you going to defend the other shit tooAre you really going to defend Dan Turpin having the potential to beat the shit out of the Anti-Monitor

>>117464462I know it isn't, but the way he did it is MUCH stupider than "humans may one day become transcendent cosmic gods" like how Star Trek doesn't suggest that Picard's ancestors went around crushing universes under their thighs. >>117464457Snyder's Justice League literally has pages of human-martian hybrids ganging up on Monty and physically beating him into submission, it's the worst

>>117464457I mean look at thisThis is the FIRST version of the DC multiverseWhere humans were apparently 40K Orkz

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>>117464476>ANTIMATTER IS EVIL shit was stupid from back in the older comics, but are you going to defend the other shit tooWhy. It's not scientific at all but those are elements that are inherent to the fantasy and ridiculousness of the dc multiverse. It's been like that for decades and writers like Morrison thrive on it. They are part of the appeal. >>117464568Martian/Human hybrids, with the power to harness the fundamental forces of creation. Again, Snyder didn't introduce the idea that humanity had the potential to become greater than gods. The dc multiverse is VERY geocentric. Prime Earth is the dwelling place of the life entity and the literal foundation stone of all existence.

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>>117458796Do you not know how rivers work? Upstream comes first.

>>117464736It having precedence doesn't automatically made it good user, by that logic Batman should've never changed from Bill Finger's initial ideas.>Martian/Human hybrids, with the power to harness the fundamental forces of creation.Repeating the statement doesn't make it less stupid, especially when the things are supposed to trump 5D imps and presumably the gods of man's creation some FUCKING how Snyder isn't willing to detail further than the things just beating on the Super Celestials. And which the writers of Hell Arisen couldn't come up with any creative workarounds for Luthor to use against the dark energy that shorts out THEIR energy NOT the non-edgelord forces some fucking how, like god forbid he use the parallel to the Dimensional Superstructure to conjure up a battle fortress or something.Again I'm not against the concept of humanity having the potential to surpass the gods, I'm against Snyder's particular shitty offbrand DBZ execution of it. Like supposedly the fight between the Trinity and Apex Lex at the end of his Justice League run is between a cosmic multiverse creator killer and I guess 3 fighters who can match that shit but the fallout barely affects a city block

>>117464736Also I'm still mad Perpetua needed a drinkie-poo break after kabooming ONE (1) universe personally with nearly all of her power restored when DC has had REAL niggas who can just wave their hands at their exploding brother to reincarnate them in the void outside existence while simultaneously shaping that demiurgic energy into a new multiverse.

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>>117464923I'll concede the execution has been mostly lackluster. The representation of that scale of power hasn't been creative or impressive. But it doesn't mean it is a bad idea or that another writer couldn't make it work. Also Lex is just one of potentially infinite apex predators. And he didn't want to destroy the earth.

>>117465108She wasn't fully restored. Perpetua also created an entire multiverse on panel and destroyed the entire source wall across the multiverse on a weakened state. Characters that powerful tend to job at some point or another, it's almost inevitable. The anti monitor had his ass handed to him by Supergirl in COIE.

>>117465187I simply disagree on the basis that execution is generally the most crucial and substantial proof of concept there is. If Snyder can't figure out a way to articulate the scale and grandeur of his ideas beyond a DBS ripoff and the writers of Hell Arisen couldn't think of a smarter way for Batkek to outsmart Lex other than HURR DURR DARK MATTER NERFplsdontthinkaboutindirectusesofpower it's probably a sign the idea lacked merit to begin with. Like shit, Carey was happy to talk to readers about what the external forces that shaped the Presence were.>>117465293Not the WELL WRITTEN ones like Death of the Endless or the Presence.>but Dream-See this is where I stand by how I'm not against humans standing up to cosmic forces as long as a good deal of thought and nuance is put into it, more than "They run up and PUNCH MONTY UNTIL HE FALLS OVER!!!!" or "They get the Connective Energy and BLAST PERPETUA so hard that-get this-THE SUN went out!! Wow!!!">but Lucifer sequel-That shit is effectively retconned now that Carey's run is apocryphal to the current Lucifer run, as galling as that mixed blessing is.

>>117465468The idea that humanity has the inherent potential to control the fundamental forces of reality could be better executed if the use of these powers is creative beyond punches and beams.

>>117465685It’s not as though DC hasn’t done the angle better before. There was the time Nabu was described as an omen of the new humanity succeeding the Kali Yuga, concerning the forces of Order, Chaos and Darkseid enough to drive the latter to try and kill him before his kind could supplant them all, and while nobody cares about Amethyst her OG version became a Lord of Order around the same time as COIE. There’s also the esoteric Tarot-style posthuman remnants of humanity at the end of the original Books of Magic, Allen Adam as the principle applied to Superman, Constantine’s brother and Tim Hunter’s destinies as the Magus/Opener signifying a drastic awakening of mankind’s spiritual development and arguably Promethea in a similar role now she’s roped back into DC canon. That’s the really galling part, it’s NOT a new concept for DC and it HAS been done better.


>>117455339Fucking yes I'm readyI've always wonder why Geoff or other writers doesn't use him sine he's the cosmic entity obsessed with Hal Jordan and against willpower


>>117450160By the new Fiat Lux, avaliable now at your local Fiat dealership.

>>117467656>There was the time Nabu was described as an omen of the new humanity succeeding the Kali Yuga, concerning the forces of Order, Chaos and Darkseid enough to drive the latter to try and kill him before his kind could supplant them allOh shit, i find this to be very interesting, where does that happen?In a Dr.Fate comic?

>>117450160>not CMYK

>>117470381It apparently means “let light be made”

>>117470419The 90s run, yes

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>>117470575Fucking GOLD, thank brother!!

>>117471018starts on issue ten

>>117471093You know any more stories that deal with Kali Yuga and the concept of life, death and rebirth?This shit jams really well with the DCU and most of Morrison and Geoff Johns comics how they see the Multiverse etc...I know the Kobra cult worship Kali Yuga, and now i want to know more about these Lords of Chaos but is there more?

>>117471198Lords of Chaos tend to come out a lot in the Dr Fate related material, you can start there and they even come out in the Dr Fate section of DC Special Series #10

>>117456569In for a penny in for a pound, but I absolutely hate those thin standard size hardcovers. Literally the worst gutter loss I've ever seen and horrible price compared to TPBs, Omnis and even fucking Deluxes.

>>117450160No pink love but had Scott Snyder's new marine-blue color?

>>117471786Star Sapphire's Violet, not pink

>>117471886Sure, but far right in purple (not typing ind*go) is compassion. Love's still missing.

I hope helen shows up


>>117471967Far right is violet, look at the bedroom eyes. Indigo is next to it.

>>117471616You're completely right, but I just needed to support the series in some way (other than shit trash floppies).

>>117465108You can't judge capeshit against Lucifer, it isn't fair, even if technically they have shared a bit of a universe.


I want Morrison to come back one last time and do a story based on the matrix. there is definitely a great earth Prime story somewhere in there with Superman Prime and Cyborg. Physicist S. James gates discovered that there is computer code mixed in the equations of the String Theory. replace Gates with Silas Stone and have him create a machine/computer that's hook up to the computer code that's in String Theory. Scientists are actually trying to create a mini matrix simulation.


>>117450208So he’s in the past or?

>>117465108>>117465293Monitors are not that powerful in their base form, Perpetua is probably bellow Galactus without her machines similar to Monitor, Anti Monitor and World Breaker being portrayed as similar to Darkseid without their amps.

>>117458796I think after