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let's get a concept art thread goinglet's discuss what could've been and how some things are best left on the drawing room

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concept art for magic school bus reboot

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>>117449501I wish we got this version instead... the other one

Anyone? C'mon

The other thread is going on but I like this one too

>>117450089Would have definitely made the play much more notable but in a good way

>>117450089Is it too late for they to produce it?

>>117453640I mean amblin is six feet underground, but maybe someday WE can create a true cats cartoon

>>117453681one day user, one day...

>>117449501Macavity committed tax fraud, FACT

>>117454038He cheats at CoD...

>>117454077What a dick!

wait is this a stealth /cats/ thread???posting the last two then!

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>>117454351i've been awaiting another, these are the comfiest threads on all of co lol

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Love these threads. Shame these cuties got sucked into a blackhole.

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>>117454434Blue Sky is the definition of underutilized talent

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>>117454467A part of me hopes they can make better stuff again soon.

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>>117454554I was so disappointed with Ferdinand, the only original and fresh thing it had was a slapstick goat who's female.

>>117454391would've actually been interested in this if it looks more like the left

>>117454723it's harder to animate, but i agree. they coulda atleast colored the lines

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>>117454735Thats my problem with the new black thin lines styles that's everywhere, if they're colored they look more natural. Otherwise it bothers me more than bean mouth desu.

>>117454804i never liked when cartoons uses different line weights, i don't know what but it seems stifferi was fine EEnE's squiggle lines though

>>117453681>>117453791>it's a bustopher jone's episodeinstant kino

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>>117455130Shouldn't he be thinner since he's always on the move to eat?

>>117450089pic related did the costume better than the cats movie...

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/cat/bros, is sawyer actually just an animated version of the costumes??? that'd explain her flesh colored face...

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>>117455370No, since Danny is clearly a cat. But yeah her face is pretty weird, so I can see what you mean.

>>117449643we could've gotten. This instead of what we actually got?who the fuck decided to pass on those design?

>>117449501>>117450089I want to see the concept art version of the cats animated, they look menacing as hell but have a sense of "grace" to them

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>>117454922Can you give an example of line variation looking more stiff? I have a hard time understanding how that could possibly be.

>>117455523yep we could've gotten this

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>>117455767it might just be me, but the 2000's thick line style seemed "stiff"

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>>117455719god they look so scary with actual cat eyes

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>>117454434Ewww filthy ayy lmaos, cute Scrat tho

>>117455827You might be thinking of flash animated shows, user.

>>117455827I see what you mean, but I disagree. Most of these shows are going for a more graphic style and to me, look more fluid when in motion than compared to the thin line style of most of today's cartoons.

>>117455937it's my bad really, >>117455903 pointed out my actual problem, since i was thinking of stuff like TDI and Johnny test

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>>117454748Sopranos concept art?

>>117455194There's a reason he's consider a master of his art.

>>117455980Am I the only one that thinks Rum Tum Tugger sounds like the name for pouring a shot of rum into a navel, jizzing in the rum, and then sucking it out with your mouth?

>>117455827The lines are thicker, but not varied. It is just an earlier and more stylistically diverse version of what would eventually become 2D rig shit.

>>117456541well, i give you points for creativity...

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>>117456709To be fair, it makes sense.>RumThe beverage>TumAbbreviation of tummy>TuggerNo explanation needed.

>>117456845sounds like something he'd do to...

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>>117456004Goof Troop. That's what Pete and his family was gonna look like. PJ was probably gonna be Max's bully as well.

>>117456788Only thing I got officially, there's a nice handful of fan art tho.

>>117456961I tried to get one of these but international shipping is a bitch in my area :C

>Concept art vs finished productHow the fuck it happened?

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Grizbella is my waifu

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>>117455811fuck go back

>>117457207>ywn be able to comfort kitty mommy in her darkest moments>ywn help her remember what it felt to be loved by someone>ywn see her go the Heaviside layer and come back as your hot young cat wife

>>117457346She's nothing special younger. She supposedly appears as such in the two intro songs, but made purposefully unremarkable.

>>117457346>>117457419yeah, THIS is her younger

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>>117457569I still would, Grizabella is to be pampered and worshipped like a proper cat

I’ll just dump Motorcity concepts.

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>>117457207>>117457346I liked Grizabella, but Gus should've went to the Heaviside layer instead. I know there's theories that she's dying of something, but that's just speculation, and her arc was getting reaccepted, so why the extra step? Gus is literally at death's door and tortured by his dementia induced mind demons.

>>117457746Red 2.0

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>>117457746I like how the guy who directed this show also directed MEGAS XLR and fucking Metalocalypse


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Scrapped Hulk sequel sketches.

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>>117457207>>117457346Making her cute only agitates my tear ducts even more

>>117458074Good, no cat should ever suffer as much as bella

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>>117453681I'm pretty sure the movie we got killed both the musical any interest in Cats.

>>117454391That guy always does gorgeous concept art that gets gutted completely and turned into generic trash

>>117458117sadly you're right, it'll be a long time until normies forget about that disaster, and any future project will be rejected unless a miracle happens.

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>>117454461Always wondered if this was supposed to have a totally different direction before they decided on making the show cartoon Cheers.

>>117454748The Pete and Peg should have been what they looked like when they first got married in 1983

>>117458204I loved this song, it's so nuanced and has a ton of funny details, like munkustrap slowly losing his patience and old deuteronomy enjoying his son's effort to impress him

Concept art for gigantic

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>>117457746>>117457795>>117457832>>117457867>>117457900This show deserved better

>>117458397Is this the cancelled Disney movie


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>>117460345It's a harsh world for cats out there

>>117449501I really liked Tangled but it still really bums me out that they dropped the animated oil painting concept. That would've looked amazing.

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>>117460800I'm also sad that we lost Bastion. Flynn's cool but too much of a pretty boy for my taste. The punny name would've been great too.

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>>117449501>>117453640>>117453681I've said it before but Cats doesn't work unless it has people clearly dressed up as cats, which is why it only suits the stage medium. If you just do normal cartoon cats it's too watered down, but if you go the anthro route it gets TOO weird. Also I refuse to accept a Skimbleshanks that isn't a buff furry man in suspenders tap dancing now.

>>117461316No love for sweater vest dad Skimble?

>>117461316I'd like to see an attempt that goes the middle route...

>>117454391this makes me wish executives in the west would look at how popular anime is and let studios animate on 3s with some climactic scenes here and there animated on 2s and 1s.its not so much about the detail in the drawing itself, but rather the dynamic poses with foreshortening that I enjoy.

>>117462414What if they went the who route, where they're so vaguely humanoid that the only thing that stands out are the cat details.

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>>117462615you're going to have to show me what you mean, user

>>117462730This, I really want to see this to!

>>117462615Please post examples, user!

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>>117457179Wait smallfoot was originally planned as a traditional 2D animated film? Damn someone there must have thought that the style was outdated

>>117462730>>117463435>>117463874Please don't pressure me :( I'll do it, I just need enough people to clap

>>117465098Oh! Well I never was there ever a fag so clever as magical mister Anonymous!

>>117465098I believe in you, user.

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>>117458117Quite the contrary, I think it built more interest in the live show, it was so bad that people wanted to know more about the original

>>117463874i really like this :)

>>117462615I love Gluntz, she's such a cute spazz

>>117454351Oh boy an excuse to post fanart I saved!

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>>117449501John K did concept art for Free Birds, and while I dislike the man, I must admit it does look much better than the actual finished product

>>117466004Forgot image

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Was there made an artbook for jlu? Or any other dcau beside that of btas?

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>>117449501Not official

>>117466378I'm loving that Rockwell reference. Wasn't this back when the plot was about normal people getting sucked into a fairytale world?

>>117466487Woops forgot the gif

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>>117465372lol, nice

>>117457770Agreed. John Mills amping up the dementia aspects in his performance really tugs at the heartstrings.

>>117465650that's part of why I want to see what user has in mind

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more proof that all Disney characters are designed 4 years older than they actually are

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The Zootopia villain we never got. Would you have used the pig, or was it the right idea to change it to a sheep?

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>>117465098well user, I'M WAAAITING

>>117467184For the story we got? The sheep was better.

i cant post link to the commentary because it's not a youtube one

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>>117467991chill, sonic

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>>117468128>oh boy, even dr.robuttnik isn't this weird. are you guys wearing LEGWARMERS?

>>117468265Sonic you don't even LOOK like a real hedgehogGlass house, blue boy

>>117454554>>117454577So the original pitch for the film was that it was set right after or even during Goof Troop?That seems a bit odd unless the original concept didn't have Max being embarrassed by and emotionally distant from Goofy.

>>117465782Nice!>>117465815His expression makes him look a little "evil", but otherwise great>>117465859Pretty good to, it fits his character if you listen to the lyrics lol>>117465897Definitely what I expect out Old D to look like by the way he's presented in the musical and his height emphasizes how grand in the eyes of the jelliclesOverall great designs! I noticed they didn't do any female cats, but I think I know why...

>>117467205>The Chad Mordecai

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>>117467991Don't want o make it sound like I'm copping out, but I'll post it tomorrow, I'm too tired to focus rn

I really like this haggard looking Macavity. Seems pretty in line with the description in the song.

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>>117469729magical mister anonymous... let us down :(

>>117454748>Pete lookin like Tony Soprano Based

>>117469765Now that's a bustopher jones if I ever seen one

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>>117469839WHY user WHY


>>117470975Instead of magical glow dust it's just pepper so you sneeze

>>117467139Wow, I love this!

>>117454577This looks like The Proud Family. Was it the same artist?

>>117454758This one looks like someone saw Aladdin and then decided to make an OC Djinn.


>>117471108He looks too hunky


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>>117470401HE IS A BOUNDER


>>117449501I love these threads.>>117452408Link?

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>tfw no Braceface concept art


>>117454480God I wish this had been made. It would've been so fucking weird and jarring

>>117470526I prefer this version.

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Loki concept art for Ragnarok.Dammit why can’t we have nice things?>>117472018Heh.

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>>117455523too expensive.

>>117472400he has cat diabetes :(

>>117463999All animated movies have concept art in 2D first before transitioning to 3D once the designs have been finalized

>>117476119>I am still in my prime, I shall last out my time!he did not

>>117474678I like how all versions of OD make him a giant, it really sells how important he is to the jellicles

>>117467139>blue-haired AnneCute!

>>117469729I believed in you user...

>>117469765Mestofolees looks so cute

I really like the bundled in furs look the concept art does for the female cats. This character seems more in line with Bombalurina than Demeter to me, though.

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>>117469729And not long now this phenomenal fagProduced seven drawings right out of his ass!


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>>117454577She's cute but she looks like the movie originally took place in grade school.

>>117455237Should still have used CGI though for the limited face articulation on that thing. That would suck in a musical.

ITT wasted talent.After looking through the artbook for Frozen, it hurted me to think how much better it would have been in 2D.

>>117475349I bet they didn't use that one because it hid too much of his face.

>>117478861God every version of grizabella makes feel for her so bad

>>117454434I want to fuck that space squirrel.

>>117479723for me it's the fact she's a sad catno kitty should be that sad

>>117479869Tell that to cats in Russia which always seem like they got pumped full of drugs because they don't fight back to shitty ass kids thinking they are fucking ragdolls.

>>117480123That’s oddly specific

>>117480167I have a very specific taste in videos.

>>117480123That's terrible :(

>>117480335When I was 8 years old I handled our cat like it was made out of glass. Fuck Zoomers.