Hi! I am Korra your new avatar!

Hi! I am Korra your new avatar!

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Do a flip nigga

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>>117448849Show tits or get out lmao

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om nom nom

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om nom nom

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>>117448849Avatar eh? Well I didn't vote for you.

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>>117448849How can you be an Avatar if you are not blue?

>>117448849What are you gonna do about our taxes?!

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>>117448849Show bob and open vagene

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>“here is girl”>“DUDE PENIS PENIS BOOBS VAGINA UGGGH SEX I WANNA CUM TIGHT PUSSY ERECTION”How is Holla Forums not tired of these threads yet?

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>>117448849Bring the old one back!

>>117449647Korra is just too sexy


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>>117448849Show us your tits!

>>117448849Well sir, there's nothing on earthLike a genuine, bona fide,deified, six pack Avatar!What'd I say?>Avatar!Who am I?>Avatar!That's right! Avatar!>Avatar>Avatar>Avatar>I hear you guys can ride on air!I also ride on polar bears!>Is there a force that you can't bend?Not on your life, Earth Kingdom friend!>What about Amon's masked mobs?Guarantee he's gonna job!>Will you take away our bending?I can't say, that power's pending!>Someone smashed my cabbage cart!That gag's not present in this part!I swear I'll be the best one yetRight after my pro-bending set!>Avatar!Am I bi?>Avatar!Watch me cry!>Avatar!>But all the characters are boring...>Tumblr points! We'll still be scoring!>Avatar!>Avatar!>Avatar!>AVATAR!

>>117448849SHOW US YOUR TITS!

>>117449463Yes, please and thank you

>>117449647>How is Holla Forums not tired of these threads yet?Where do you think we are?

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>>117448849I've been waiting for an ATLA thread all day and this is what you make?Fuck Korra. In every sense of the word.

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>>117448849>Get off the stage!

>>117448849Avatar of who?

>>117448849>Be Earth Kingdomfag living in the city>last Avatar was a monk air bending chad with pure airbender blood>new avatar is a female POC


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>>117448849>be me>working late night>finally go back home only to find a demon spirit from the spirit world broke into my house, killed my wife and ate her face>report to police>get thrown in jail for being racist towards spirits and their traditions.>get my ass bended.THANK YOU avatar Korra!

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>>117450418>be me>spirit trees destroy my house, my business, the bank where my meager savings were saved>rally with other protestors to complain about spirits>Avatar Korra gives a speech, says to look at this as a new beginning>everyone around me cheers>kill myself Thanks, avatar Korra!

>>117449195You don't vote for Avatars!

>>117449647He looks silly,he's probably wrong since he's drawn all silly

>>117450418- Korra relive her past memories as Wan and discovers Spirits were pretty much oppressive jerks to humans back when they shared the same world.- Decides bringing back Spirits to the physical world to live alongside will be a good idea.

>>117450418>>117450474I honestly like Korra working as a cop because she felt so content.

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>>117450572humans had privileged lives for too long, a little taste of reality will put them on their place

imagine being the based artist that designed her and then seeing the writers shit all over her

>>117450657I think all the porn paid off.

man I want to cum inside Korra so bad, healing the gay away from her.

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>>117451979Oh no

>>117451979>>117452297OH YES!

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>>117451783Is whitewashing a type of waterbending?

>>117451783>try to fuck the gay out of Korra>the entire time my dick in in her she just keeps talking about the most stupid, inane horseshit>jesus christ, this bitch is retarded>try to cover her mouth with my hand but I can still hear her babbling on>start going limp, have to think about getting an angry blowjob from Eska in order to finish>Korra seems like she's still pretty gay, but I just don't have the mental fortitude to stick my dick in such an obnoxious dipshit a second time>pull up my pants and go have a drink with Varrick while that dolled-up tranny Asami gets Korra cleaned upRepublic City is a shithouse, I'm moving back to the Fire Nation.

ms avatarwhat is your policy on the rising number of incels in the population?

>>117451979Just imagine

>>117452504Well I for one think being born with privileges is the coolest thing there is and they should better themselves.I don't make sense? YOU don't make sense!

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>>117448904why could I imagine Korra actually answering this question? Probably because she does seem like she'd be pretty proud of her body.>Now have the mental image of Korra being a nudist who believes 'the human body is nothing to be ashamed of'

>>117452574>tfw in the thread>didn't make it into the screenshotBut it was enough to simply be there and witness history in the making

>>117452702>Your typical comic book writer

I want to cure Korras gayness via RAw PEnetration

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>>117452733Korra is actually straight. The human soul that the avatar is descended from was originally male. When you fuck Korra you are literally fucking a man trapped in a woman's body.

>>117448849What is the new avatar doing in my new empire?

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>>117452767does that mean that if the avatar dies and some child is being born, the avatar just takes over it's body to be reincarnated? that would be murder

>>117452808I think you mean to imply "does the avatar soul hijack bodies to reincarnate?" as your question. The answer is we don't know. Bryke were extremely inconsistent with their own lore on how spirits worked.

>>117449864Even if pasta, you're alright by me user.

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>>117449463why does every girl's body in this game look like a bag of sand?

>>117453030Daily reminder that even with the ol' spongebob bait and switch nickelodeon couldn't get kids to watch Korra.

>>117453069My guess is that the artist learned to draw human figures using a male reference but never bothered to learn to draw female figures so the end result was that their female drawings are just male 'frames' with a pair of tits slapped on and the dick bulge removed.

>>117453030Based Spongebob

>>117451979Hey! Stop that!Right now!

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>>117452862I think everyone reincarnates, but tye Avatar is the only one who keeps memories and a connection with his/her previous lives thanks to Raava.