Why is her show so horrible?

Why is her show so horrible?

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>>117447921she looks like fiona apple when you cant see the hair

>>117447921Because it's just a mean to groom children.

>lol now we're at hogwarts


>>117447921It's just so fucking hogshit dogshit FUCKING horseshit bad like i'm not even trying to shitpost it is the worst shit i've seen in the last 10 years it's so fucking bad, unfunny and poorly written. Steven Universe is a 11/10 masterpiece in comparison, I don't think i'll ever say that about any other show ever again.They must have pulled a bunch of fucking talentless hacks from starbucks or something to write Owl House. The fact that it got a secomd season is just awful in itself. I don't think there's even one person on Holla Forums that genuinely, honest with themeselves, actually like this awful awful fucking show other than it's poorly done bi pairing.

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>>117447921I only saw the first episode and it seemed alright. What makes the show bad, outside of people being mad the two girls are gay and bi?

>>117448244It's not the worst, but it is trying too hard to be more than advertised, if that makes sense.

>>117447921Imagine the smell..

>>117447921Show the feet

>>117447921No one in the crew can't write for shit besides Alex and Stonetoss

>>117448279The badguys become non threads until the very finale, and the premuse of the witch teahing the kid magic gets thrown out the windows.

>>117447921If it’s so horrible why can’t you faggots stop spamming the board with threads non stop

>>117447921Better question: would you dick her? Cause i think i would

>>117448244I wouldn't go that far, the worst thing about is that there are some solid episodes (The Convention, Lost in Language, Adventures in the Elements, Agony of the Witch)so there's the potential for it to be legitimately good. It's just that it completely wastes all of that potential

>>117447921The show is not terrible ... but it is also nothing exceptional, you can see the impact of shows through memes, cancerous fandom and lots of porn, the show has neither, the show is competently done, the drama is kept indoors (which shows competent management), art is not spectacular but does the job ... it is average "cal arts" derivative

>>117448649>the show is competently doneMassive disagree, this show would have been five times better if it had gotten more draftwork before being finished

>>117448585>Stop discussing cartoons in a cartoon board.

>>117447921It's kino, but Holla Forumspers are trying to force a meme that it's bad

>>117448244This. I only see people interested on it for pedo reasons or milf reasons.

>>117447921Its the best show in the last few decades.

>>117447921 (OP)It's shit, but Holla Forumsmblr are trying to force a meme that it's good

>>117448752Why is it good then?

>>117448244Thanks Benson

>>117448752Why else do you think this is the only place that talks shit about it?Literally everywhere I go I hear good things, yet it's only here where people wanna say it's nothing but trash and there's nothing good about it.

>>117447921>>117448244Get a life frogfags, the better show won. Get over it.

>>117448244>seeth the postNow fuck off faggot

>>117447921Its the worst show in the last few decades.

>>117448592Who wouldn’t?

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>>117448592>>117448956Curing dykes with dicking is one of the most hot and based fetishes.

>>117448329>Alex AND Stonetoss>implying they aren’t the same person

>>117448592Yes, but only anal because I don’t want her to kill my children.

>>117448810You’re right. The better show did win.

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>>117447921It's not very funny, the story is poor, it's thematically inconsistent, there's lesbianism, and it's animated like Family Guy.

>>117448235Yes, and?


>>117447942>>117447921Because wwwahh wahmen don’t like me!!!

>>117449137What an overrated insult

Like many women creators, she actually believes that those stories she wrote as a teen where she was a magical hero in a magic world school full of sailor moon reference were amazing and still holds up now.

>>117449156reality will never stop to hurt you.

>>117449151Ok groomer.

This thread proves thst there's not a single genuine fan of this show, just a bunch of people baitposting like >117449151

>>117448963100% correct and based>>117448956Those are some really pretty eyes, her being a genetic dead end is such a waste>>117448972The dicking shall be so thorough that all her mental illness will be mended, the next logical step is putting that uterus to work

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>>117448963She already likes dicks. Unfortunately for you, she likes dicks above three inches.

>>117449553Ah, the typical tumblr landwhale insult: humiliating men about their penis size.

>117449553More baitposting LARPing as if you even give a shit about Dana. No one genuinely like Owl House, no one genuinely likes Dana. It's all baitposting cause it's fun to LARP as an sjw and troll people.

>>117447921cuz she a pedo

>>117447921Because you can't get laid, OP.

>>117447921I thought it was good.

- If your story involves magic and has a magic school, it's an instant letter grade down. Harry Potter wasn't as great as you thought it was as a kid.- She based Luz and Amity on herself and her college roommate so she can't really do much with either character without offending herself and/or them.- The world and magic system is not very fleshed out and underutilized. You mean to tell me that Eda was in the potion class and she has to buy the potion she needs? Why doesn't she teach Luz how to make potions? It should be possible to make the potions without needing a magical circle.

>>117448956Me.I bet her hygiene is really poor

>>117450114>Smelly pitsThe boner keeps growing

>>117450132You have to stop now user! You’re boner is reaching critical mass, if it continues to expand any further you’ll tear her hymen

>>117448624Hopefully Season 2 Captailizes on that potential.

>>117447921It's not terrible. It's decent.

>>117447921Why does she have so many ugly tattoos

>>117448967>Alex and Stonetoss are opposite, split personalities that inhabit a single body

>>117449553Then why the fuck is she with a Manlet like Hirsch when she coukd go get some BBC or hot Mexican Chorizo like Sugar & Nefcy did?


>>117447921It's not. You're just racist, sexist, homophobic, and ableist. The Owl House is literally the best show of the 20s and will be for the entire decade. Like Steven Universe, it's gonna define the generation, change the way people think and feel, and be the standard for cartoons in the 30s.

>>117447942she is a lesbian. and its known that gays reproduce through molesting children. so yes.

>>117447921Cause she’s a bonehead.

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>>117450563Why does everyone seethe about these animators’ personal lives on here

>>117447921is there anything more ugly than a girl with tatoos? especially those big ones in her armshow did people get tricked into thinking that shit is cool?

>>117449393>watching TV makes you gay

>>117451920It did for you at least

>>117452062Not really, you need to have actual sex to be anything.

>>117448244Based department?

>>117452082So you’re saying people don’t know they’re heterosexual unless they’ve had sex?

I think the thing that really annoys me about the Owl House is that all the promotional material indicated that it could have been a much better show than it turned out to be. Then it finally gets released and not only is the writing mediocre, but they largely abandon the original premise in favour of Harry Potter fanfiction while they shove all the most interesting characters into B-Plots to make way for LGBT shipping. It's such a constant source of disappointment.

>>117448649>The show is not terrible ... but it is also nothing exceptional>the show is competently doneThat's actually a terrible review. Miyazaki explains it betteryoutube.com/watch?v=ZgJryH1FeaYHow we ended praising mediocrity?

>>117452407If we're being honest, many to most of Ghibli's films, like Spirited Away, are average at best. Some, like Howl's Moving Castle, are outright bad and Ponyo is just awful.He's really no different than anyone else: a couple winners, a couple losers and a whole bunch of forgettables.All that said, I'm not defending >>117447921 as I've only seen ep1 and thought it was okay, but nothing to write home about. Her (is that the right fucking pronoun? I can't keep up with what to use these days) art style looks like the bastard lovechild of Butch Hartman and Fujiko Fujio.