What's the best serialized lore cartoon?

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>>117447711Avatar is definitively the better one over all, better character arcs, deals better with similar themes of war and authoritarianism.On a moment to moment basis i still like Steven more tho, specially because of the art style.

>>117447711Infinity train

Su has higher highs, but some really shitty filler episodes. Avatar is consistently good even in the filler.

SU is easier to just jump into a random episode and enjoy on its own, but overall, I much prefer ATLA.

>>117447711Avatar, there's a lot more to the characters, every SU character is cookie cutter Muh Emotions tier...

>>117447711In Avatar the flexible point of view narration allows for different characters to describe the world around them without having to insert any specific character into the episode. Meanwhile with Steven you've always got Steven doing annoying shit

there isn't a single good episode of SU after the arc where Peridot becomes a good guy.

>>117447711>poll 3 days ago

>>117447711Neither of those

>>117447711Avatar because it understood and dealt with the fact that its lead is problematic and exposed him despite having privileges of seemingly being untouchable leading pale skinned white boy.

>>117447711OK, but Steven Universe isn't really serialised though. It has elements of serialisation, such as clear multiparters and a general character development, but most episodes are fairly self-contained.

>>117447711SU for a good fun seriesATLA for something more crunchy

>>117447819let's play a game everyone: ESL or schizo?


Both are shit.>>117447818Based.

>Steven Universe>Best anything

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>>117448152Don't be harsh on it, it does excel in one regard. It's the best at being shit.


>>117447711Think I enjoyed SU more, which is weird because I usually have a big nostalgia bias for shit I saw when I was younger like ATLA

>>117448314do you think it might be the brain damage you received a few years back?how in the fuck is SU good?

>>117448491I like the opening

>>117447711Adventure Time

>>117448543there isn't a single good song produced by that TV showthe musical episode made me want to slit my wrists, it's the most cringe inducing shit to ever come out of SU, which is saying something

>>117448581Giant Woman was nice

>>117447711Justice League

>>117447711Anyone who honestly believes SU is better than Avatar is a complete and utter moron.

>people actually like SU

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Transformers Beast Wars

>>117448581>>117448630I really dug spinels song. That was a lot of fun. I still listen to it sometimes.

>>117448657Book Two of Avatar only measures up to Season 1 SU, not to the Movie and the rest are only better than Season 5 of SU and maybe Future

>>117448674really liked it until after the Avalon stuff and then I kind of got bored with the relentless floating to different places episodes

>>117448687I hope someday a cure will be developed for your horrible brain damage no episode or second of SU even touches any episode of ATLA outside the two shit ones (Great Divide and Painted Lady)

>>117447711avatar the legend of aang

>>117448717And Sokka’s Master. Let’s face it. It’s the Sokka equivalent of the Painted Lady, just a waste

>>117448687season 1 of SU is literally the only good part of SU. As soon as SU starts attempting to delve into 'lore' it falls apart. Avatar covered more story in season 2 than SU did the entire fucking series. Just look at Zuko's arc. He's an actual redeemed villain, whereas every 'redemption' arc in SU is hardly even an arc.

>>117448687the SU movie was fucking shite, what are you on about?Season 1 of SU was the best of its entire series and Book 2 of Avatar is still leagues better than it

>>117448731Movie was peak SU and I say this as someone who voted for Raven

>>117448717Rose's Scabbard is SU's peak and is probably up there with the better ATLA episodes. But overall SU is vastly worse>>117448727Sokka's Master is a great episode

>>117448761Kinda filler and didn’t add much. Meteorite was forced

>>117448756>Movie was peak SUHow?90% of the film was just plot-points/character development from previous episodes magically undone and regurgitated. The animation and shot composition sucked, the only part that looked good was Spinel's intro song. It was just bad

>>117448728Zuko’s arc is overrated as shit and everyone knows it at this point

>>117448781>Kinda fillerSome of ATLA's best episodes are "filler", they're good because they flesh out the characters more

>>117448630that's probably the best song in the show, maybe>>117448680the whole movie is AIDS, including that song

>>117448820Just felt a little pointless and wanted to give Sokka more a niche

>>117448938Tale of Steven though.

>>117448939It's the best Sokka-centric episode in terms of defining his character, so I wouldn't call it pointless (all of it is pointless anyway, really, with lion turtle shit at the end, but still)

I recently rewatched Airbender, but now i yearn for something else to fill my timeAre there any other serialized adventure shows i can check out? Preferably completed shows

Gravity falls

>>117448996Green Lantern the Animated Series? Binged it a bit back. It was tight.

>>117448973Had to YouTube it. It's more SU cringe inducing musical-wannabe stuffWatching the video, I think I found out why the movie was so bad, pic related. Holy shit. Ever heard the term "too many cooks spoil the broth?"

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>>117449231I wouldn’t call it wannabe if it’s Patti LuPone

Fuck Avatar and Fuck SULego Ninjago genuinely has the best serialized plot

>>117448727You've got to be joking, that's probably on my top 10 favourite episodes. Fantastic use of Sokka, a really good zero bending fight, and it manages to go from being funny to serious to funny again without really missing a beat. It's not filler, because the sword ends up being used a lot later on (so it's more or less the equivalent to The Waterbending Scroll, Bitter Work or The Firebending Masters in that the plot element introduced is a character becoming more competent). The meteorite isn't forced, it's introduced into the plot in a really smooth way (the fire it starts is the very incident that makes Sokka feel useless)basically that entire episode is a scripting masterclass that manages to introduce loads of great elements in a single 20-minute session

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>>117449597And while we're on that subject:my top 10 episodes:10. Lake Laogai9. The Blind Bandit8. Sokka's Master7. The Beach6. Bitter Work5. Tales of Ba Sing Se4. The Storm3. Crossroads of Destiny2. The Boiling Rock Parts 1 and 21. Zuko Alone

>>117449597I wouldn’t really call the sword important, I mean, this is sword fighting compared to the supernatural system of the ATLA, Bitter Work was about teaching Aang to Earthbending and showed the audience the mindset needed to Earthbend and moved needed, also Aang is kinda Aang and Sokka is Sokka, so what’s important to Sokka is different than what’s important to Aang due to their roles in the story, because the entire plot is kinda centered around the elements and it doesn’t matter if Sokka uses a sword or a hammer or an axe or anything because it’s not hard tied into the story. I feel like it didn’t need to be a meteorite, like, it’s just seemed like an excuse to have the space sword and to give Toph that little lump, I don’t think there is really much significance in it that an ordinary sword couldn’t do

>>117447776I could never get into SU because of Steven. I can't think of a more annoying protagonist in any piece of media that I've watched.

>>1174497051. Tales of Ba Sing Se2. Bitter Work3. The Chase4. The Runaway 5. The Blue Spirit 6. Crossroads of Destiny7. The Headband8. Ember Island Players9. The Desert10. The Storm


>>117449816I'd take 10 Korras over 1 Steven any day.


>>117448675ThisDinobot's death has more emotion than the entirety of SU

Avatar and SU are for PussiesThe true western anime has always been Ben 10

>>117450065>Ben 10Pathetic

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>>117447711tin tin, spectacular spider-man or motor city


>>11744771122 voters have serious mental illnesses.

>>117447711Steven Universe is serialized? I watched about 13 episodes and dropped it because it was nothing but random adventures of the week and nothing really caught my interest.

>>117447711Kill yourself for even considering that tranny cartoon.>>117447737>Because the art stylehahahahaha. Faggot.

>>117451859Yeah, kind of I guess

>>117447711Avatar, no contest

>>117451538Believe In Steven

>>117447742This unironically

Star v- ahahahahahahahahah