Adult Swim tier list thread

If it aired on Adult Swim, it

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>>117445973>Mr. Pickles on F Tierwhy am i not surprised.

Why is ATHF on B?

>>117446007Later seasons were shit

Where is Primal?

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>>117445973>Decker on AMy Timhead nigga. Fuck Greggheads

>>117445973You included a bunch of weeb shit but no Joe Pera? Absolutely disgusting

>>117445973Kinda based taste not gonna lie


C'mon, if you're gonna throw fucking Korgoth in there, ALL the failed pilots and one-offs should be included.

China, IL would be higher if it was only season 1

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>>117445973No superjail though?


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>>117445973Here's mine.

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>>117445973what show is that third to the last on D-tier?

>>117447283Titan maximum i believe. One of adult swim's many sweep away shows.

i feel like this one is pretty close to the objective truth

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>>117447209It's at C

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>>117447455>athf in a and not s>ozmo in b>mission hill in s>mike tyson mysteries in s>venture brothers in a and not sman your taste is half based half shit

I can't believe how much difficulty I have with categorizing rankings.

>>117447537Simply dont ,it's an exercise in futility. It's like that joke on On Cinema where everything is arbitrarly ranked with bags of popcorn and cans of soda

I have the most basic bitch tastes.

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I can't even recognize half the shows

world peace is the ultimate pleb filter

Some of them I have seen but either didn't see enough episodes or don't remember them well enough. I almost always tune out for live action. Stuff like Metalpocalypse, Oblongs, Xavier, or Mission Hill I just don't remember well enough because it's been a long time. Some of these are also very borderline. I dragged oz mouse to F instead of D but don't feel like fixing it.The only thing more retarded than making Mr Pickles was making a spinoff focusing on the sheriff.

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>>117448059It alright

>>117445973Yeah, I went there.Also, there is a lot of Adult Swim shows I haven't seen or haven't seen enough episodes of to make a proper judgement, including a lot of the "classic" material. Maybe I should get around to that sometime.

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>>117445973>Squidbillies that low>Welcome to Hell that high

I'm embarrassed how many I haven't actually watched. I also feel like I don't like Bob's Burgers any more than the shows on the A-tier, but I do watch it much more often, so I guess I should place it higher.

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>>117449029Bro do you even like cartoons

>>117445973Yes but how would you rate these shows in terms of their female characters? I imagine most KoTH rankings would drop to C at the highest and Bob's would be in F with Rick and Morty.

>>117449169Seth MacFarlane shows are at the top

The haven't watched list is so long I didn't even bother including it

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Most of Adult Swim's live-action shows blow shit they need to stick to cartoons.

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>>117445973Didn't know I was such a fan of the channel.

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>>117449169Ozmo - A (because of Aria)Rick and Morty - A/B (Beth and Summer are pretty complex characters, even when the show's writing falls short at times)Venture Bros - C (Dr. GF's great but I find the creators wanting to make "a man's world" a little grating)Metalocalypse - C/D (Abigail could've been done better but she's pretty forgettable)That's a few I can list of.

>>117447227I miss these times bros....

>>117445973Why is Toonami and the FLCL sequels separated? I understand Cowboy Bebop, original FLCL, and Big O, they weren't originally on Adult Swim as Toonami, but the sequels were funded by the guy running Toonami FOR Toonami. For that matter I'm pretty sure Dandy was a Toonami series too.

>aired on adult swim>no one remembersShiggy

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>>117451165/co/ tends to not remember actually good anime that aired on TV, just shit with mainstream status like nart and dragonball


Honestly the amount of live action shit I haven’t seen is kinda telling how short their live action programming fucking lives.No particular order in tiers

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Unironically i find OP's being very well balanced, i'd move ATHF higher but objectively >>117446021

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>>117445973I decided not to include Cowboy Bebop because it doesn't really feel like an adult swim show, plus I couldn't find jojo

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>>117453929>I couldn't find jojoTOM from Toonami's hosting segments is including so most of the anime falls under his icon. For some reason some of the anime that premiered on Toonami is still in their own icons but only a couple.

>>117451095>Beth and Summer are pretty complex charactersThis board is fucking brain damaged.

>>117447334>Shivering truth, Space Dandy, Chimal IL, Black Dynamite, and Loiter Squad that lowGonna have to disagree

>>117455012black people are literally not allowed to like space dandy, if they do it kills them

>>117445973All anime should be classified as S tier

>>117445973What's wrong with LTDOTD? It plays the single note it has pretty well.


>>117456664>demarco original animeNo, and we're getting like 4 more next year.

>>117447334>>117447559>>117449583>Lazor Wulf not sent straight to FMy niggas, it's not incredible or anything but it's got some charm and a few laughs.

>>117456730Lucy, The Daughter of the Devil; rightmost one in F.I should have just taken the extra second to type it out.

>>117445973Put final space in B and then I’ll agree

>>117445992Because it belongs there.

>>117456865Oh I see. I tried googling it and it didn't give me anything even adding adult swim to it.

>>117457715Awful taste

>>117458974I can't help it if the universe aligned in a certain way for me to literally never hear of it until now.

RIP Venture Bros

>>117457715Give it a watch. It's short and, like I said, one note but playing it hard; also features H. Jon Benjamin's glorious tones.

>>117459372I have nothing else to do most of the time so I'll look into it then.

>>117459116u wot son

Why do people like Xavier? I was maybe 16 when it came out and didn't get it

>>117446007If you look at the shows above it, I think ATHF is a great gatekeeper for the higher tiers. I only disagree with American Dad, really.

anyone happen to have a torrent link for mike tyson mysteries series?

Super Milk Chan would’ve been an A-tierNever watched toonami when it was brought back except for samurai jack S5

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>>117448059Why is boondocks f tier?!

>>117463234Maybe he only saw season 4

>>117445973I think that original shows rank higher than most of the stuff that was just slapped there from except Futurama, it thrived there

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Realizing I haven't seen about half the shows on [AS]

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>>117449169flcl still in S

>>117451165>>117448059Yu-Yu-Hakusho & Case Closed are S tier.Lupin III Part II also aired around that time which is no lower than an A rank.

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>>117455012Do people actually like loiter squad?

>>117462781Extremely dense clever writing and endlessly quotable

Not gonna win a lot of friends for this, but it doesn't matter; I'm anonymous.

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>>117446739New episodes next month

>>117466787>PHF that highmmmmmmmmbanananananabaningano

>>117466787You're mostly correct though. Aside from your 12 oz Mouse valuation, of course.

>>117467294No accounting for taste, but it really worked for me. It hit the perfect anti-timing on every

Based on what I like what should I watch from the unwatched tier?

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If the Bob clampett show were here it'd be A tier

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>>117466558It's alright

>>117445973Lucy was fucking kino. how dare you slander this masterpiece in such a manner.

>>117471296I don't understand why people have such fond memories of Lucy, I just remember it as being yet another "takeTHIS Christianity!" type show that was so common and played out even by the mid-00s, but also with unappealing character design and animation. Maybe I'm just remembering it wrong.

>>117468668Home Movies, Ballmastrz, Boondocks, Black Dynamite and Space Dandy

>>117471296I honestly don't remember a thing about Lucy except 80% of the show was just Jon Benjamin rambling into a microphone. Not that that's bad, mind you, but it didn't need to be a full series.

>>117468668Ballmastrz, Home Movies, 12 Oz Mouse, King Star King, Tender Touches, Shivering Truth and Tigtone

>>117445973All the shit I remember watching.

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>>117472922>Futurama that lowAwful taste

>>117472979I've seen all of Futurama and while I liked the earlier seasons with the exploration and Fry figuring out hte difference between his era and the current one. The show turned into a meh for me. I don't hate it, but I wouldn't say I like it.

>>117473000The later seasons (including the movies onwards) are modern Simpsons tier to me. I like the original run of the show, but I still don't think it was ever as good as the best seasons of The Simpsons.

>>117463976There's a good possibility that over the years I really did manage to only see the season everyone says is terrible.

>>117473000I graded Futurama based on what only aired on Adult Swim.

>>117446021Season 5 of Samurai Jack was pure shit past the third episode, still above ATHF somehow?

>>117451165>URAMESHI Seriously, YYH dub is fucking amazing.

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>>117474009Good taste

>>117463234>>117463976>>117473712That said it is borderline D for me because I did see at least one episode that I thought was nice, and considering the ratio of how many episodes I've seen/remember seeing, that's fairly towards a D. When I made the ranking I just remembered how I felt seeing most of the others that I had, which again I wouldn't be surprised if were the shittier episodes that fans don't like much either. Maybe I'll give it a shot from the beginning some time. The more I think of it the more it doesn't really fit with shit like The Jellies or Lazor Wulf.

bit upset everyone hates Drinky Crow so much I found it to be a comfy time filler

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>>117445973Shows starring bad fathers and/or talking dogs seem to, by coincidence, be the worst.

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Venture Bros. is getting cancelled bros...

>>117451165I remember it on the 5-7 Mon-Fri block. Same with Big O

>>117477720[citation needed]

>>117479309Look at the catalog

where is gemusetto

>>117445973Not a debate

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>>117479601give 12 oz mouse another shot