Billy/Carol Thread

I come with freshly made photoshop

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>>117445791Thank youHere's the alt

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>>117445791lol shit I forgot the metal cuffs or bracers god damn it

Next time an Amalgam CM thread started up I was going to suggest finally nailing down Black MoonstoneBut since we started with a movie pic, what's the deal with Dr. Sinerva?

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>>117445894>>117445894I have no idea. I actually made this thread to ask Holla Forums about the weird side shit of this stuff. I want to be the one to write it. lol I'm very bored and still in quarantine so using my photoshop and writing for evil feels good.How many rogues are set in stone? Can it work solely as a Shazam side of things because I know jack shit about Moonstone and Minerva

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>>117445972You could, but the Marvel wiki shouldn't be all that daunting a read

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>>117445972how about Mystique being Black Adam? it fits the gender transform and she does it in canon anyway


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>>117446405I think Karla fits better as the dark mirror, Mystique isn't a flying brickYou could do Ripley Ryan too now I guess

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>>117446405>MystiqueShe's taken>Basic biology is a tiny worm-like creature that can quickly expand into masses of tentacles and reform into any appearance (think Serleena from Men in Black II).>Generally favors a "human" version of her natural worm biology as her base form, looking like a Orion Slave Girl.>Bears immense knowledge and psychic powers. One of her trademark murder tactics is to "leech" the knowledge out of her victims and leave them as empty mindless husks, then use said knowledge to perfectly imitate them in both mind and body.>Can't actually talk, at best only able to make excruciating screeching noises that can be an effective weapon in itself. The voice that comes out of her mouth is a psychic amplifier device that turns her thoughts into an audible form. In her base form, it's attached to her forehead and designed to look like a skull. In her actual worm form, it's worn around her "neck".

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>>117445679>>117445839Would Billy's mom look just like Shazam, like his dad in the comics?

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>>117445972>Can it work solely as a Shazam side of thingsThat can be fun, too. I'm sure nobody would flip out if you wrote a greentext that way.

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>>117446725Well we saw his mom in the movie

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Yeah but I mean in this universe.

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it would be weird to take the mom lookalike plot point

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>>117445972>Can it work solely as a Shazam side of thingsThis is actually how I had it in my mind while the threads were more popular.

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>>117447103Billy probably has nightmares about his friendship with Spider-Man.

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>>117446667seems scary enough

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>>117445972It's still pretty open.Billy/Carol's powers and personality are mostly set. He always has Billy's mind, and has no issues switching back and forth. He just doesn't understand how women are expected to act, and is (willfully) ignorant of what guys think of him.Captain Marvel Jr. slowly becoming a black woman/Beyonce lookalike is accepted the most popular version.Mary Marvel becoming Marvel is set, and slowly becoming more tomboyish and masculine over time.

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>>117445679>Billy/Carol>instead of Billy x CarolIm disappointed

>>117445679It's been like what, over a year since these threads started? And we're still getting new photoshops.Billy x Carol is easily one of Holla Forums's top 5 creations at this point.

>>117445894Ok I was discussing that subject in the other thread but it got archived before I could post.So I wanted to know how Moonstone/Black Adam would look and I came up with a problem. how would you mix their styles?My first thought was just giving moonstone Adam's colors but thats too similar to MsMarvel style, then I consider just the outfit that is Ms Marvel but with short hair but that too didn't look original enough.

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>>117445679Edits and photo shops are great.But sometimes they're not needed.

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>>117448845Wet nightmares.

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>>117449071Carol is constantly written to be so immature, and unfamiliar with female culture, you can have her be Billy, and most the dialogue still fits.

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>>117446667I like this idea.>>117446725So Billy has to pretend to be his long lost mom? >Superman goes to Billys shitty homeless apartment, Billy answers the door.>Excuse me kid is your mom home? we want to invite her to the Justice league.>One moment please, (Muted Shazam and Thunder coming from the other room)>Hi I'm Billy's mom, erh, Car... pause from a moment Carol, yes Carol.

>>117449098They'd be great on patrols together.Until Billy gets bored, and looks at Spidey's web-shooters, before accidentally spraying himself with them. Peter just awkwardly apologizes saying they never go off like that.The rest of the patrol is silent as neither talks to the other.

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>>117445972>>117448894I thought Mary was up for debate, She and Darla merging into Photon.

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>>117445972Its a jumble of open ideas, basically anything goes.The Marvel Family and Villains are mixed with the Mar-Vell related characters, other than that is mostly open ended.Some write it like it takes place in the Marvel Universe following the same Carol stories but with Billy in her body, others in DC's, and others in a mix of both. Some even go of the walls and pair Billy/Carol with that blonde Stripper with electrical powers that also used to be a guy.

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>>117449309this looks great, how have I never seen it before

>>117449098Billy is dealing with some issues.

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>>117449610the wisdom of solomon wants grandkids


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>>117449403that's a relief lol,I'm probably going to stick with the DCU since I'm more familiar with that side of stuff, but incorporate the Mr. Mind with a sorta Mystique body and other ideas into it as i go

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the movie said shazaming feels like a sneeze, that can't be right

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>>117450028It's magic, it doesn't have to make sense.


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Who would be a good 'casting' for the Black Adam Moonstone mix? Who for Sivana? I want to spend all weekend editing

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>>117450028>blowing up, like a balloon>>117451145>Black Adam MoonstoneEmily Blunt? Look up a Carol fancasting from 2015 maybe

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>>117446667Maybe her human form can be along the lines of this mixed with Mystique's usual design.

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>>117451212>>blowing up, like a balloonOh interesting.I imagined it was like knocking back a shitload of energy drinks but instead of getting the shakes they stay still/calm. Just, like their entire body wakes up from that buzzing-leg-being-asleep feeling to rumble with power.

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>>117449403Billy/Kamala shenanigans are a must.

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>>117451271yep def doing that now for Mind

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Does she succ Billy out of Carol and into herself by accident

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>>117451397Oh hey, I did that one

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>>117451212>Emily BluntI was thinking either Michelle Rodriguez or Chrysti Ane.

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>>117451867I was definitely thinking more of Karla rather than Teth-AdamThat works>>117451706>Carol is left with no memory of being Billy

>>117445972I'm a fan of Courtney and Sam Alexander being amalgam'd, also since that would correlate to amalgam Richard Rider/Jack Knight

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>>117451881>>Carol is left with no memory of being BillyThis is the only way I could see the CM=mom angle working. Without Billy piloting...she would just be going off his imagination/memories of who his mom was (I guess like how Captain America is now because of Secret Empire??) Billy could talk to his mom, and this one might not hate her son

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Over on a separate DeviantArt thing I've been using Emilia Clarke as Dr. Sivana. Worth keeping?

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>>117452254Looks good to me.

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>>117445679>>117445839>that big boobs on this goblina>>117448750>>117451145You're mocking yourselves more than anyone else.

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>>117452595Briehate makes you blind confirmed.

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>>117452617>round as an oval>>117445839pointy as a triangle

>>117451496Was thinking Tawny would be a flerken

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>>117452617is there any psychologist out there who can explain why i want brie to sexually dominate me and use me as a breeding machine?

>>117452780That means you're healthy and well-adjusted.

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>>117449049What about her Meteorite look in Black & Gold?

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>>117453058In Klassic Karla and Tinted Teth versions

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>>117453546Make the cleavage cutout an ankh or a thunderbolt and the right is close to perfect

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>>117453546Make the cleavage diamond a thunder.

>>117451706Does Black Adam works better as rigue that moonstone?

>>117453836Rogue is Black Alice, I think.

>>117452034Wait how is Billy talking If he has no memory