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So he lied?

>>117445279What even happened?

>>117445279>Accountability > Entertainment>refuses to be held accountable

>>117445279>not kneeling to the black manoh boy, this ain't gonna end well

>>117445279"Star" is a big word

>>117445279He's too rich to get into trouble

>>117445279We all knew that he is an opportunist that is using the current movement to further his own career which he ironically killed. But claiming it’s killed is a bit of an exaggeration since he never had one.


>>117445335How? He is barely an actor. Little to no roles prior to being casted as Cyborg. Little to no roles after being casted as Cyborg.

Have any other DC actors come out in support of this guy?

>>117445431They all still have roles with WB, so it’s doubtful that they would support Fisher even if he was telling the truth. He is totally lying though and would be surprising if any of them supported him.

>>117445279imagine dumping all your eggs into the cyborg basket

>>117445431No. That's why other people out of twitter didn't believe him.Even Jason Momoa later contracted to star in a film produced by Joss Whedon.

>>117445279RIP to ray fishers career

>>117445458Not Cavill. Kinda funny that they were going to bring Fisher back before Cavill.

>>117445516He's black and it's 2020. He will get free roles for doing nothing.

>>117445335He probably got payed half a mil for the Justice League movie, and has been in barely anything else.

What happened?

>>117445617Nothing LOL

>>117445617Confirmation that Ray Fisher is a lair.

>>117445617He Jussie Smollett’d himself

>>117445279>noooooooo you must partake in the corrupt system that will cast you aside under false pretenses or else you're guilty nooooooooooooooGet fucked Holla Forums.

>>117445279So whats this all about?

>>117445763Ray Fischer accused Joss Whedon and Geoff Johns of being shit on the JL set (not criminal, just shit)Ray Fisher asks WB to send investigation teams.WB sent them, and couldn't find any flaws to them, while Fisher himself is avoiding the investigation

>>117445279Investigations are for poor people.

>>117445669I still don't understand

>>117445458I mean, what's his face, the guy who played Draxx went to bat for James Gunn almost immediately when that shit started going down. It's true that it's not really a regular thing unless the actors are super big on their own and really smell the blood in the water.

>>117445993Thats a lot less spicy than i thought it was gonna be.

>>117445478>Jason Momoa later contracted to star in a film produced by Joss WhedonIt's produced by Jon Berg, not Whedon

>>117445279>black criminal don't cooperate with police during arrest and then cry "racism" when they police has to use force>black actors don't cooperate with studios and then cry "racism" when their complains don't get adressedwhy do blacks always have to be such divas?

>>117445279Bros, is the DCEU... dead?

>>117447332Yes, it can't survive without Ray Fisher as Cyborg

>>117446214He "exposed" Geoff Johns for... being rude to him on set? Apparently he didn't want to say "booyah" because he thought it would undermine the seriousness of the role, so Joss and Geoff told him to just stop being a bitch a read his lines. This was a thing like, three years ago, and no one gave a shit, so now with the Snydercut coming out and BLM being a thing he's trying to bring it up again, saying that "there's more to it" but won't specify, and no one is really corroborating his story, DC's internal investigations didn't find anything so they hired third party investigators who now claim Fisher isn't willing to cooperate with them.Basically, he thought he could get away with accusing people of something extremely vague for clout and now he's in way over his head in this thing that will lead nowhere,

>>117445617-A couple months ago right around the first BLM protests Fisher mentioned on Twitter there was abuse on the set of Justice League by Whedon that Johns and Berg let happen-then almost weekly kept spouting these cryptic tweets where he would mention something happened but not really say what happened-He then started to switch focus to Johns threatened him but still being super vague-WB/AT&T did an internal investigation and found nothing, but had a third party investigate anyway so they wouldn’t be accused of trying to sweep this under the rug-Fisher tweets periodically About to try and stay relevant still vague though-DC FanDome happens and Snyder Cut doesn’t get as much traction as Black Adam and Batman-Fisher comes out and says Hamada is now threatening him-WB/AT&T releases an official statement saying that their internal investigation found nothing and the third party investigation found nothing and that when trying to question Fisher for the investigation he refused

>>117445279Why is he doing this when he's still in talks to reprise his role?

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>>117447347Nah, just pull in the much better one from Doom Patrol

>>117447593>Snyder Cut doesn’t get as much traction as Black Adam and BatmanNo shit, those are brand new movies, while general audiences still think the Snyder cut is just an extended version of Justice League

>>117447618he's a big piss baby and wanted to be a Star. Hell Boyega is doing that shit now. Cept that little shit is throwing the whole Star Wars brand under the bus.

>>117447652So he'd rather have no career at all than be in a supporting role

>>117447662Pretty much sounds like it.

>>117447635Yeah but Fisher was clearly banking on it being talked about it more than it was

>>117447630This, DP Cyborg is the first time I really became interested in his character.

>>117447630>>117447894Or just not have Cyborg be in any more movies since he's already on Doom Patrol

>>117447966Which is fair enough. Then being too cowardly to put in Jon Stewart sucks.

>>117447652Boyega is making no sense. He called out Johnson while supporting Abrams. Despite Johnson trying to give him something to do.

>>117448089I’m no fan of Johnson, Last Jedi was terrible but I completely agree. Abrams made Finn effectively pointless

>>117445993>Joss WhedonJe i trust the cyborg on this one, Whedon is such an self important asshole fuck me, watching his interviews i could never get how people could stand him.

>>117448089Boyega is a two-faced bastard. He namedropped Tran now when talking about Disney mishandling minorities (more than fair, she got a vastly crappier hand than he did, post-TLJ), but after TRoS came out he badmouthed her and was incredibly salty that Johnson paired her up with him. His grief is legitimate, but he only directs it to his advantage, instead of supporting his fellow actors who got it even worse and blaming the people who are most directly responsible for the way Finn was treated in these movies.

>>117448196You do understand Fisher was making it all up right? Like yeah Whedon is a douche but he’s not an abuser

>>117448217He's a Brit who thinks he's an African King. The man is delusional.

>>117448230Nah, he is. Whedon was a dick as far as the set of Buffy. Now, I don't think he was directly abusive on the set of JL, more like he was rough and willing to upset the existing ecosystem on the set (and we know Fisher has a lot of personal loyalty towards Snyder), so I think what this is about is more like an employee not getting along with a new assigned manager. Vets and professionals like Affleck and Gadot know how things work and chose to not make a big deal about it (despite being displeased themselves - Affleck's recent interviews make that clear), but Fisher decided to stir the pot.

Even if he didn't lie up front he's clearly overplayed his hand

>>117448089>Boyega is making no sense. He called out Johnson while supporting Abrams. Despite Johnson trying to give him something to do.That's because Boyega wasn't calling out Johnson, he was calling out Trevorrow. That's who Abrams came in to save shit from, the guy who got fired and whose script had to be thrown out and replaced in a rushBut TLJ turned too many peoples brains into soup so they're obsessed with blaming anything they can on Johnson even when it makes no sense

>>117448230>Like yeah Whedon is a douche but he’s not an abuserMan i dont know, even ignoring the rumors based of all his own words he seems like a real piece of work.The era of social medias really gave me a reality check on those Hollywood types.

>>117448462True, but Boyega was more than happy to throw Johnson under the bus on every occassion for the last couple of years. So it's not that hard of a leap to attribute the statement to both him and Trevorrow. It's insane to see him still defend Abrams, after it was him who separated Finn and Rey at the end of TFA, who established Finn as a bumbling comic relief, who played the Jedi fake-out and who didn't have Finn do anything else but scream for Rey for two hours, while Johnson had him move past his crush in his second scene in TFA and gave him his own story arc.

>>117448536*in his second scene in TLJ

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>>117448495Oh Whedon is absolutely a huge piece of shit, just there's a difference between being a scumbag and being an abuser

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>>117448607Stand with him for what? Lying and Manipulating

Warner hasn’t said a word about Ezra but they were willing to fire back with a statement about Fisher?

What the FUCK is going on, Jesus

>>117448691Easy he lied and just wanted attention.

>>117448677Fisher is bringing the fight to them, with Miller they can try sitting it out and hope it'll go away. Now that you mention it, between Miller, Johnny Depp and Rowling, Fantastic Beasts is quite a mess, isn't it?

Warner Bros. just released a statement that basically says that they admit guilt. they admitted that something happened on the set. But what they are trying to say is that what happened was not 'actionable' under their law or workplace policy. These are the same reasons why cops or getting off for killing Black men in could blood because they are protected by some BS law or agreement that prevents them from getting sued. The cops are not winning in the eyes of public opinion and something tells me that Warner Bros. will not win in the eyes of public opinion. If they keep going public they will lose.

>>117448336>Affleck's recent interviews make that clearI bet DC is so glad that the Snyder Cut has kept that movie in the spotlight.

>>117448677Time to get on the winning team user ;)

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>>117448721Anon the statement is in the thread everyone can read it, it literally states that nothing happened they even stated a third party investigator said the same thing

>>117448677>>117448710Because Ezra has a trial pending against the Icelanders who set them up. And it was exactly that, a set-up. So Warner is backing them.Screencap this if you don't believe me.

Is the DCEU about DC characters and their continuing adventures or Zack Snyder’s little circle of endless drama? I have a hard time telling anymore.

>>117448536Johnson did a shit job. Boyega should be professional and keep his mouth shut until he's well enough into his career where he can comfortably roast a troubled production he was a part of. Him speaking out now especially when his contemporaries are keeping silent is telling and will bite him in the ass. In the unlikely event this was a calculated publicity stunt this will come back to bite Boyega in the ass when it comes to lucrative future prospects. >Johnson had him move past his crush in his second scene in TFA and gave him his own story arc.A nothing burger of an arc. I don't blame him for not exactly jumping for joy what with having Finn's actions be largely inconsequential to the main plot. JJ set up potential for Finn's character that Johnson/the writers didn't have the vision or the drive to deliver.

The statement clearly reads no 'actionable' thing happened. which means that something did happen but what happen did not rise to the standards of THEIR workplace policy to be called a violation. This is Warner Bros. point of view. I'm sure a jury or others will have a different view.

>>117448758Selling your asshole is a badge of shame, not a badge of honor.

>>117448918No actionable thing happened means nothing happened. Why are you doing all these mental gymnastics?

>>117445335This was his first big movie and he had a tiny role in it

So people don’t believe Fisher now just because he is Black?

>>117448995His race has nothing to do with it, he literally made up a controversy to bolster his stagnant career and now got caught making shit up

>>117447418Booyah is the only good line he had in that movie

>>117447418Juicy smoyay II

>>117448995Looks like it but Holla Forums has always been a sub of Holla Forums

>>117448901>JJ set up potential for Finn's character that Johnson/the writers didn't have the vision or the drive to deliver.JJ left him in a coma. He literally set up nothing.

>>117448901Still more than what Abrams did. That's the point, Finn's character is an interesting boardroom pitch that then no one did anything with for three movies straight. Putting all blame on Johnson and Trevorrow is a bad look, when Abrams was far more in control of the character than anyone else all along. Abrams could have done the Stormtrooper rebellion plot in TRoS (shit, Trevorrow was going to do it). Abrams could have not ballflicked Boyega with Jedi Finn in TFA before sidelining him. That's all on him. I agree that the Resistance plotline in TLJ is a mess, but if Boyega also really cared and it wasn't just his personal grudge, he wouldn't be shittalking KMT either.

A non actionable thing is very different than nothing happen. If nothing happen Fisher would not have spent the past two years gathering witnesses and witness statements. Clearly something happen but what happen did not rise into an actionable offense according to Warner Bros. workplace policy. But other people mainly the public will have a different view.

If nothing happen and indeed Fisher faked the witnesses and their statements then why not fire him and release him from the NDA. why is Fisher in negotiations for the Flashpoint movie and probably a trio of Cyborg films?

>>117449123He didn’t do any of that though, the guy literally used the Snyder Fanboys hat for JL/ Geoff Johns and the BLM movement to stay relevant. If he had proof he would have talked to that third party investigator instead of not cooperating

>>117445458What the fuck happened now?

>>117449094>Putting all blame on Johnson and Trevorrow is a bad look,Not really since they look bad regardless

>dude's name is Ray Fisher>isn't cast as Black Manta

>>117449170>why is Fisher in negotiations for the Flashpoint movie and probably a trio of Cyborg films?that was very old news, he probably won't be in the Flash movie now that they're bringing a dozen Batmen

>>117449170Well the negotiations for Flashpoint happened months ago when this whole thing started, Fisher probably was using Snyder Bros to start a campaign much like SnyderCut to get more creative control/more money during negotiations

>>117449443Manufacturing the narrative of poor JJ Abrams who had his grand vision robbed from him by the evil hacks Rian Johnson and Colin Trevorrow is worse. I don't know how anyone can fall for it. Mark Hamill had a reason to take issue with Johnson over anyone else, since Abrams did literally nothing with Luke, but that wasn't the case with Finn.

>be nobody>demands creative control

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>>117449551>Manufacturing the narrative of poor JJ Abrams who had his grand vision robbed from him by the evil hacks Rian Johnson and Colin Trevorrow is worse.Not really since even if Abrams had no plan (which is a fact) Johnson stilled fucked everything up with his bullshit. You can blame Abrams for negligence but Johnson did so much more damage to the brand that it has yet to recover from.

>>117449605No reason to make Abrams exempt from criticism either way. We keep coming back to that, it's Abrams at the root of everything. He did everything Boyega criticized Disney for, so why defend him?

>>117445279Can I get a quick rundown on what the controversy even is this time?

>>117449711Just read the thread user

>>117449711Back in July, Ray Fisher (who played Cyborg in Justice League) tweeted out that Joss Whedon's behavior on the set of Justice League was abusive and unprofessional and enabled by producers Geoff Johns and Jon Berg.Ray then went on to make no specific claims, and claimed he couldn't because of an NDA but that he would "get to the bottom of it"Berg responded that Ray was difficult on set, and as example stated he refused say "Booyah"Ray then amplified a claim by former Buffy stuntpeople Jeff Pruitt and Sofia Crawford, a claim which can be discredited pretty thoroughly by a simple google search of their past statements.Ray later claimed that Johns, in a meeting during the LA reshoots, berated him for pursuing his grievances up the chain of command and gave a 'thinly veiled threat' towards his career should he continue. Most recently Ray tweeted that DC Films President Walter Hamada tried to throw Joss and Berg under the bus if he'd go easy on Johns, and that "that's how high up this goes."Today WarnerBros released a statement that Hamada never had any such call with Ray Fisher. Furthermore that they met in July after Ray made these public accusations, and Ray aired his grievances towards Joss for "not adapting" his revisions to the script. Hamada told Fisher that such things are ultimately up to the writer/director in the creative process and that they have to have the final say. Furthermore that Hamada escalated the matter to WarnerMedia and had them open an investigation, which Ray refused to cooperate with or make any specific claims to, and at his assistance hired a third party independent investigator to look into it. They claim that Ray has again refused to meet or speak with this investigator, and that he still has made no specific claims and that the investigation has found no wrongdoing of substance.Complicating matters is that during this whole thing Ray has been in talks to reprise his role in The Flash.

>>117450017>Complicating matters is that during this whole thing Ray has been in talks to reprise his role in The Flash.that's what i don't get. why the fuck is he doing this when he has a possible gig/reprisal.

>>117445279He is easily replaceable and being a whiny bitch about a production that already had tons of problems is not a good look.>>117445516You gotta have a career first before it can die.>>117448217Boyega went from a possible force sensitive jedi to the useless pairing for Johnson's Jar Jar.It has started speaking out ever since he tweeted that he didn't know fans expected more from Finn like being force sensitive, ever since then he has been pretty pissed at what they did with the character.>>117450017>Ray aired his grievances towards Joss for "not adapting" his revisions to the scriptwhat a fucking retard, the guy is a fucking nobody who the hell does he think he is.

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>>117446352>what's his face, the guy who played DraxxThat earns you a Batista Bomb through a table

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>>117448995Who said that? What are you smoking?

>>117450048He wants either a pay bump or more control

>>117450048Full speculation here...He could be leveraging it, trying to take advantage of the present climate to get better terms on his contract, thinking that Warner wouldn't cut ties with him due to the optics of it. In light of Warner's statement, his tweet yesterday about Hamada could be seen as him creating pre-text to call the investigation rigged to further 'protect' himself.>>117450093>what a fucking retard, the guy is a fucking nobody who the hell does he think he is.Snyder is known to give actors a lot of say and influence over their parts, and gave Fisher a great deal of freedom in the creative process. Whedon is known for being really strict on dialogue. It's possible he mistook Snyder's generosity for the norm and that it led to him believing Whedon's actions were something other than just him doing his job.


>>117449659He's a big player in Hollywood. Hell they all are. Boyega airing these grievances will be dumped on Star Wars somehow being inherently racist in the end.

>>117445279I told you he was a lying fucking asshole. Ray Fisher should be ashamed of himself, trying to take advantage of current racial tensions thinking he could boost his career. He's no better than Amber Heard lying about #MeToo. WB, Whedon, and Johns should sue him for slander

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>>117445306When the Snydercut became a real thing he started mentioning that Geoff Johns specifically but also whedon were shitty to him on set most likely cause he’s black. I think everyone’s more skeptical from the timing of it and how Snyder kind of latched on saying Cyborgs got a way bigger role in *my* justice league. Honestly think this whole thing was just to bring attention that he’s a much more major character in the Snyder cut

>>117450429Issue is that Fisher has made no specific claims that could be sued for. They're all super broad, vague, and even his most specific claim against Johns is conditioned on being a 'thinly veiled threat'.

I don't know dick about Ray Fisher's situation, but Boyega is based for pointing out that all black protagonists in movies are always scared and sweating, that bugs the crap out of me.

>>117447258>white people rage at the sight of women being directors

>>117448758this fatassed whore twink needs to suck my cock

>>117450835what ever happen to hiring people based on merit instead of skin color or gender, mulan got a female director even through she had zero experience in filming big movies or action scenes and the final product shows that.also funny how black movies have to have a black director but "Jewish" or "white women" can film movies staring asiens

>>117450835>>black monkey burn down cities for month if police arrest a violent criminal

>>117445563>this same guy posts abuse to John Boyega on twitter for being in star wars

>>117447593>-DC FanDome happens and Snyder Cut doesn’t get as much traction as Black Adam and BatmanIt's the second most anticipated movie according to AT&T.

>>117451198No it isn’t from all media the big stuff everyone was talking about were the video games The Batman and Black Adam

>>117451281Are you saying that AT&T itself is lying, then? Because it was AT&T representatives that said so.

>>117450663When the fuck did he say that?

>>117451309I guess I’m wrong but I could have sworn I saw more talk about the other stuff compared to Snyder Cut

>>117451050Merit was never really a thing user. For decades, directors in Hollywood got their gigs based on connections. How do you explain so many mediocre white middle aged guys falling upwards, getting more and more chances, even after their films bomb both critically and commercially? Wouldn't your meritocracy weed them out? Hiring inexperienced directors for blockbusters isn't an inherently bad thing either, Peter Jackson got the biggest cinematic epic since the Golden Age of Hollywood with nothing but a few weird exploitation movies under his belt. Hiring directors and writers based on ethnicity should ideally help mitigate what Boyega was talking about recently, that tone-deafness and mishandling of not-white, not-male characters. If you, say, have a superhero movie with a female lead and you target a female audience, having a female director in the chair should help steer the picture into something that caters to that demographic, even if the script is a stock hero's journey.What is the problem is what Disney does, in that their diversity hires and voices behind the camera aren't voices at all and don't bring any actual diversity to the table. It's a stageshow, made to construct a pretense, while everything is pulled through the same corporate machine. They aren't actually progressive, they don't do anything to uplift the marginalized. It's all a puppet show. Remember that one female director they courted for Black Widow, how she talked about being interested in doing action scenes and stuff and they told her that it wouldn't be her job at all? Just what control do these people have over "their" movies?

If you believe fucking AT&T over a man’s experience with a noted piece of shit you should jump off a building

>>117450835If that really is the case I don't think American Psycho would be so beloved on 4chan.

>>117451403A third party (That Fisher ok’d) investigated the situation and found none of his claims to be accurate.

>>117451598No they said there was nothing “actionable”. Who do you fucking think decides what’s actionable?

>>117451598No, what's being said is that the third party couldn't even get in contact with Fisher.

>>117451611The investigator makes the determination of whether what happened if actionable or not.

>>117451620Yeah no shit

>>117451619That doesn’t mean they don’t investigate the claims he’s made. They still investigate but when they need to ask him new questions he refused

Bunches bootlicking idiots in this thread. Why do you expect him to lay down and cooperate with a billion dollar conglomerate? Of course you’d all be like oh pweease mr Johns yes I’ll coopowate.

>>117451611C'mon man, I doubt any careers would be ended by vague "Whedon could be a bit extreme" answers like the Arrested Development cast gave about Tambor.The silence is pretty damning.

>>117445603Half a mil? How will he survive through the month???

>>117451776>Why do you expect him to lay down and cooperate with a billion dollar conglomerate?I mean, yes, considering he asked for the investigation and worked for them

>>117451790Lick them boots, user! Bet you stan Elon Musk on twitter too

This thread

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>>117451611company policythe boss being demanding is not abuse

>>117451827Heh.No, but I don't believe every actor that goes "they were super bad to me man, you wouldn't believe it (please gimme pity-roles)" while the rest of the cast pointedly doesn't say anything.Fuck the megacorps, but also fuck the Jussie Smolletts of this world.

>>117445993>WB sent them, and couldn't find any flaws to them, while Fisher himself is avoiding the investigationThis is how you know Joss Whedon and Geoff Johns didn't do anything. When something actually happens, investigations are delayed as long as possible to the point where the investigated party barely has any connection to the place anymore. Then, the person who requested the investigation complies with every request that is not entirely unreasonable.

Le I’m oppressed because im black meme

>>117448995>>117449041Actually it’s the opposite. People only believe him because he’s black given that there is no evidence at all.Now fuck of back to your carol general tumblr

>>117451403You mean a mans fabrication to stay relevant. Fuck off

>>117451776Lol Holla Forumsmblr mad

>>117451857Now turn him black and it would represent Holla Forumsmblr

>>117451857Americans can't help it, they're literally raised to worship corporations

>>117451857>How dare you have a healthy amount of skepticism, black people would never play the victim card that's never happened before

>>117452192Not so much "worshiping corporations" as much as falling for the Daddy Warbucks idea - if I work hard, the guy running the business will be motivated by "market forces" to pay me properly, (and Unions actually just steal my money).Blows my mind that that claptrap ever fooled anyone.>>117445279This is what happens when you pretend Cyborg belongs in the Justice League and not the Teen Titans.They could've had Black Lightning, or Vixen, or just a black Martian Manhunter, but nooooo.

>>117448089>Johnson trying to give him something to doFiin's role in TLJ is a replay of his role in TFA but instead of standing up to the villain at the end he kisses a fat ugly woman.

>>117452544Fuck off union shill. Unions don't do anything just prevent honest company's from paying their employees

>>117449057>JJ left him in a comaAnd every Star Wars movie had timeskips of years between them before the retard Johnson took the reins.

>>117452579Nothing to worry about then, given that "honest company's" (sic) are long extinct.

>>117447618They should just bring in the guy from Doom Patrol. He's a way better Cyborg anyways.

>>117449057JJ went "here's a Stormtrooper, conscripted as a kid, he initially just wanted to get the fuck out after deciding the whole idea of being a Stormtrooper is lunacy, but being around a bunch of heroes DID make him pull a couple heroic things himself, lets see where this goes."Rian went "Well I was thinking about having Finn and Poe hang out and go on a quest that accomplishes nothing, but when I wrote the dialogue they sounded identical. I don't know how to make dialogue from a devil-may-care ace pilot rebel sound different from a former-stormtrooper that never asked for this shit. So I nixed the idea of having Finn and Poe hang out and teamed Finn up with a new character, Rose, so he can go off on a pointless quest that accomplishes nothing with a pointless new character because I don't know how to make two of my leads sound different."One of these men is a hack.The other one made a hack look good.

>>117448462>That's because Boyega wasn't calling out Johnson, he was calling out Trevorrow.No he fucking wasn't, you idiotTrevorrow's script actually gave Finn more to do that wasn't fucking resetting his character arc in TLJ or sidelining him like in TROS. Finn leads a revolution in it. Between that and this comment I'm pretty sure he was critical of Last Jedi.

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>>117449057he got put in a "coma" because he defended his friend with a lightsaber against a wannabe Sith Lord, that's heroic that's a good character moment

So Fisher is responding and he’s definitely trying to save face saying that the third party investigator (that he approved of) was lying

>>117445373He was in theater in off-Broadway plays.

>>117448462I have no idea how much clearer he could've made it that he was calling out TLJ.His story in that one is literally "goes on a wild goose chase to try and do something useful, fails completely and utterly" while a relationship got set up between Rey and the dude that literally tortured her and Poe.(Meanwhile Poe got scolded for not blindly following orders... in a rebellion)

>>117452720>JJ went "here's a Stormtrooper, conscripted as a kid, he initially just wanted to get the fuck out after deciding the whole idea of being a Stormtrooper is lunacy, but being around a bunch of heroes DID make him pull a couple heroic things himself, lets see where this goes."Yeah, some people argue that at the end of the TFA he still only cared for Rey, but that's only due to TLJ. In TFA itself after the scene where he reveals he lied about the shield and was only there to save Rey, he DOES go back and deactivate the shield.It doesn't matter if there wasn't some long exposition about him now caring for the rebellion in TFA, going back to make that his entire arc in TLJ while also completely separating him from the main plot did the character no favors at all.

>>117452855Ray outright said he woudln't cooperate with the 3rd part investigator because the 3rd party doesn't want to take it to Warnermedia Legal but to WB Legal, which is fucking retarded, it's an issue that occurred at WB so of course WB legal has to take care of it.

>>117452720I'm not saying that Abrams was a great artist - he was literally just doing Star Wars again with some slight tweaks, and he stole Han and Leia's happy ending for which he should burn in hell.But honestly if Disney wanted another Star Wars, the best option we were going to get was them making following the brushstrokes of the original for a new generation, making some substitutions like "the Jedi kid grew up a street urchin" "her close buddy is a Stormtrooper that NOPEd out of the Empire" "the rogue is basically a World War air ace that has some honor but no fear".You shouldn't go "actually we're going to deconstruct the whole thing!" in the second act, especially if you're handing the baton to someone else entirely for the third and final act.

>>117452904Ray outright said that.Ray not-so-outright said that he's desperately trying to think of excuses to not play along, because he said some stupid fake shit hoping to get pity and attention, never expecting it to get this far.

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>>117453055"Oh shit, another witness to evaluate my claims? Gottagobye!"

>>117453055>hire an investigator!>no, not that kind of investigator!Bitch, you asked for a legal investigation, and once you get one, you're getting antsy and dodging shit? Not shit they'll send files to Warner Bros Pictures. If you were so big a case that Warner Media had to step in, they'd have fired you already.

>>117453055This guy's fucking done.

>>117453055>He's definitely been put on the case by Warner Bros. Pictures, not Warner Media.Not fucking shit. Why would that even matter anyway? It's independent investigator nonethelessThere's a good chance that it would have been the same person running the investigator regardless of if it was WB or WM that put the person on the case. It's probably a high level Hollywood private investigator that does this for a living.

>>117453055Lmao. He’s way in over his head.

>so assblasted you had to say “booyah” and torpedo your career over itBravo Fisher

>>117453055If it'd happened the other way around he'd be going "He's from Warner Media., not Warner Bros. Pictures!"Career over, see you guest-starring on the 2030 Love Boat remake.>It’s also worth noting that I made it clear to the world on Aug 21st that I would be vetting the investigator to ensure a fair and protected process for all witnesses. You are a C-list actor. You are in no position to vet the investigator, you stupid shit. This is like a guy on his first day at a McDonald's Job demanding his own personal investigation of the McDonalds CEO.

>>117451776>defending a hollywood scumfuck to "own le corps" He's not an underdog, he's a pissy prima donna trying to racebait to keep his career relevant.Anybody in hollywood is fucking scum and I don't understand why you want to weave the narrative that he somehow isn't a bootlicker. If he had a spine and was truly discriminated against on set, he should've done something about it years ago instead of coming to twitter during race riots to vaguely imply things. He's a cowardly snake.

>>117445279Damn, this seems like a really trivial thing to commit career suicide over.

>>117452544Why are you using commie talking points to try and defend a fucking hollywood actor? His "labor" produces absolutely nothing of worth.


>>117448993No actionable thing means "nothing happened" in only a legal sense, according to laws they themselves made up

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>>117453405>You're defending a hollywood actor, right?Fuck him.But it's still true that America is the way it is less because people are "worshipping the corporations" and more because they're chasing a laughable dream where "market forces" will drive businessmen to give a fair wage.

>>117453452an actor complaining about his lines and the director/producer threatening to fire him if he doesn't say his lines is not an actionable thing

Refresh my memory, what was the super-horrible thing that Whedon was accused of by Honest Ray?

Did Ray Fisher read Marlon Brando's biography and assume behaving like Brando on set is the normal way to act behind the scenes? But he forgot Brando was an A-list actor who earned the right to be a spoiled bitch to every director he knew, while he's just a nobody with no leading roles under his belt?

>>117450093>Boyega went from a possible force sensitive jediThere's no support for this in the Force Awakens. There's barely any support in The Rise of Skywalker. Johnson actually has Finn something to grapple with. In TFA, he wants nothing to do with anything anymore, but his friendship with Rey compels him to intervene. TLJ expands on this: Finn only cares about Rey and is willing to fuck off, even taking a valuable escape pod to do so. Over the course of the movie, Finn comes to understand conflicts beyond merely his own interests and is once again compelled to take part in them. I don't think it's done as well as it should've been, or was worth it from the perspective of the film as a whole, but it is something and way more than in TROS. TROS goes backwards, and makes Finn's character all about Rey again, just going with the flow and showing little active interest outside Rey herself.Look at Harrison Ford. He wanted Han to die in ROTJ. Not because he hated Han, but because he recognized that now that Han was 1. fully on board with the Rebellion and 2. admitted his love for Leia, there was little left for Han as a character to do. And he's right: Han is essentially extraneous to the plot after they save him in the opening. His rescue could be replaced with a macguffin, such as plans for the Deathstar 2.0, and the structure of the plot would be similar. But Han having to make a sacrifice to further the plot would make him more indispensable and also capstone the character arc. Boyega could make many similar arguments about what Finn should do, but him simply boning Rey isn't going to matter much. It's just pointless self insert wank. Even him being a Jedi would matter little with the plot of TROS as is. Finn would need something else to matter, and the movie, as is, is way to focused on Rey for anything to really fit in there. Maybe if they needed to go to a First Order base to hack C3PO or something and Finn had to be the one to get them there.

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>>117450663What? The only fucking place that exists at all is comedy movies.

Bitch please, this day and age if anyone flips their lid they get exposed.Remember when Christian Bale went ballistic on set? Why isn’t there a video of that.

I bet Johns' "thinly veiled threat" to his career was "if you keep creating problems with the writers/directors/producers over creative differences in which they do have final say you won't get far in the industry" which is simply the truth

>>117453693Pretty much

>>117453584>Johnson actually has Finn something to grapple withSure you did, Rian. Sure you did."My B-plot went fucking nowhere and I was completely useless. This will haunt me!"Deep.

>>117453693>>117453725This. Why would Johns even bring Fisher to his office and scold him if he wasn't acting out? Fisher worded it like Johns demanded him to show up for no reason.

>>117453491I'm sorry that you can't make a million dollars working the register at starbucks user. Have you tried actually learning a skill?

>>117451857>>117452121>>117452192Yes how dare we call out a fucking lying wealthy actor

>>117451776I'm all for sticking it to the big man. I simply don't believe Fisher in this situation. He's taking advantage of a #metoo movement for his personal gains. People like him and Smollett hurt the whole movement by spreading falsehoods, and real victims then have harder times getting people to believe them.

>>117451857>not giving a shit about some minstrel complaining he wasn't treated like a kang means you're a bootlicker

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>>117451346Interview with british GQ.

>>117453779Do we know what Ray's life was like before playing Cyborg? Because it doesn't sound like he knows what a normal job is like if he thinks announcing his own vetted investigation on his own employers is normal.

>>117451802He's black. His friends an family milked that shit in the first month. Justice League was like 5 years ago. He's definitely wasted it. NFL players get millions a game and still end up bankrupt after they retire.

lol racist bootlickers ITT continue to get BTFO

>>117453889why should I believe him?

>>117451857>>117451776>>117452192>>117452544Commie chuds are mad.

>>117452544>the guy running the business will be motivated by "market forces" to pay me properlyYes.