Good moments of female superheroes getting rekt

good moments of female superheroes getting rekt

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>>117443500What was Hal thinking giving these constructs these features?

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>>117444109Wasn’t there some copypasta associated with this scene?

Bye Carol

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So it's this kind of thread?Say no more.

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>>117444790Doesn't look that fat.Context?

Ha ha! Ryona.

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>>117443825Hal definitely watches Orc/elf porn.

>>117443786>OWW MY VAGINA

>>117444790Absolutely based Doom

>>117445512We need more serious Wade

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>>117443500Here is some verbal abuse

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>>117443825Was this one of those what if character turns evil arcs or something?

>>117446268This is unironically some of Bendis' best writing. It's not a good Doom but by god, it's memorable dialogue.

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>>117445756This thread isn't even horny enough

>>117444109Big titty delicious brown and yet she deserved it.

>>117443825who's narrating this?

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>>117449389Likely Guy since it's his comic.


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>>117445493more plz


>>117446260This... but unironically? Why did you post this, user?

>>117444869What a huge fucking oversight--why the hell would Bruce let her return to being Batgirl with a gargantuan Achilles' Tendon like that? It's just retarded writing.

>it's a ryona threadOk!

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A classic

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>>117447216Who's she?

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>>117450345Dr Light's cum-holder

>>117443786Lol, an actual cunt punt. Shockingly based for a semi recent marvel comic


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>>117450542I think it came out more than 10 years ago

>>117444774What comes around goes around I guess. Reminder that last time I checked, Earth's moon was grey.>>117443825Man, if her lags were splayed, that would've been a perfect all the way through shot.

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>>117447216Just go ahead and ruin my favourite character from COIE why don't you.

>>117450536I told you he was evil!

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>>117450627My favorite scene of the movie.

>>117449734No one "lets" Babs do anything. She's a strong independent woman! With literal brain damage from having her implant fucked up too many times

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>Babs getting rekt

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>>117450772More like improve

>>117451424At that point you have to kill joker

>>117452109but then you'd be just as bad as he is!

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>>117449484What the hell is wrong with his mask in panel 1?

>>117443500why female, though. If you want visceral disgust, cock and ball torture does plenty for me.

>>117452178But would you be a bad dude

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>>117452109>>117451424THIS IS WHY YOU RAPE THE JOKER BATMAN!

has this been posted yet?

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>>117445459This series was full of Catwoman getting the shit knocked out of her. It's pretty hot.

>>117451424O shi I never thought I'd see The Nail on here. Owned it as a kid, but I didn't think it was popular or anything. It's a pretty cool comic.