"To my mind...

"To my mind, this embracing of what were unambiguously children's characters at their mid-20th century inception seems to indicate a retreat from the admittedly overwhelming complexities of modern existence. It looks to me very much like a significant section of the public, having given up on attempting to understand the reality they are actually living in, have instead reasoned that they might at least be able to comprehend the sprawling, meaningless, but at-least-still-finite 'universes' presented by DC or Marvel Comics. I would also observe that it is, potentially, culturally catastrophic to have the ephemera of a previous century squatting possessively on the cultural stage and refusing to allow this surely unprecedented era to develop a culture of its own, relevant and sufficient to its times. I mean, I loved the music of the '60s. I loved the Beatles, the Kinks, and Cream. I wish music could sound like that forever, yet if it did, we would never progress as a culture."

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>>117443459The hardest redpill for Holla Forums to swallow

>>117443459who says progression is always good?

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>>117443526Because it's not a redpill. It's just from the rantings of a bitter man who still can't get over a meltdown he had in the late 80s, and hides under excuses and expressing a smug superiority over most modern culture than admitting he's just bitter.

This would have more impact coming from someone who didn’t spend many years of his career writing crossover fan fiction of 19th century literature characters.

>>117443558Anything to justify your reckless consumerismtisk tisk Holla Forums, maybe it's time to do a little growing up

>>117443645>This would have more impact coming from someone who didn’t spend many years of his career writing crossover fan fiction of 19th century literature characters.Wasn't there a larger, different point in that about culture released into the public domain for the benefit of everyone to use and evolve versus the locked-down corporate culture that only a few are allowed to control?

>>117443459Who would be the opposite of Moore? A writer that loves superheroes but also is very optimistic and hopeful and still manages to enjoy a lot of current comics. And that writer would have to be at least considered talented as well. If only to see two people passionate about the medium having a conversation/debate about it.

>>117443753hush dont point that out

>>117443753No, it was just Harry Potter shooting up a school and electrocuting people with his penis.

>>117443666>tisk tiskReally now?Also can this "mindless sheep consume" line fuck off already? Pretty sure that more than half of Holla Forums user base read comics and watch movies online for free

>>117443459Pretty funny coming from the faggot who is only famous for popularizing adult content in super hero comics.

>>117443835A critic called those shitty LXG "Family Guy for smart people"

>>117443645That's the reason these threads are made, dummy, to bait the semi-informed and capeshitter midwits. Otherwise, someone like Harvey Pekar would be spammed.

>>117443853This. Besides, Alan Moore would probably fucking hate Holla Forums if he knew we existed. He'd agree more with your average SJW than any of us.

>>117443459>"Funny drawlings with me words? Bollocks!"

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>>117443884and he'd be correct, at least they're somewhat well informed about the comics they shit on/co/ just gets outraged at their outrage without ever touching the book

Capeshit means nothing anymore except as a vehicle to sell merch. Anything actually interesting goes on in web and indie comics.

>>117443794I wonder who...

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>>117443835>>117443753And then Mary Poppins shows up to use her hakai to kill Harry Potter because the copyrighted children's books Alan Moore read as a kid are better then the ones that exist now and Mary Poppins is so cool she babysat God.

>>117443794>A writer that loves superheroes but also is very optimistic and hopeful and still manages to enjoy a lot of current comics.A brain-dead corporate stooge.>And that writer would have to be at least considered talented as well.So, not an opposite.>If only to see two people passionate about the medium having a conversation/debate about it.Nobody with half a brain would honestly have good things to say about the current medium.>>117443972Even Morrison wouldn't.

>>117443835There was a part that explicitly talked about how fiction and reality mirror each other. Another part warned against people losing themselves in fiction.Given how many Harry Potter fans try to force reality to fit Potter's dumb worldview, it's not that controversial a take.

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>>117443459"progress as a culture" progress is blind and the people pushing current culture are all worthless people who preach shitty ideals through their medias.

That's true, but the most depressing trend isn't even capeshit going mainstream or nostalgia, it's retrofuturism.

>>117444019Maybe, but at least would be an interesting conversation. If Alan Moore wasn't a fag.

>>117443954Let's not forget SJWs are helping destroy corporations with their cancel culture.Thanks to their incessant bitching, more and more people are abandoning their misguided dreams of working for "the big two" and focusing their efforts towards self publishing. Who would've guessed they were the heroes the medium needed?

>>117443666s-shut up satan

Moore is a communist

>>117443982Mary Poppins being a powerful Fae entity similar to the Blue Fairy or Fairy Godmother would have been a good idea but Moore just had to wank it to death

>>117443972m8, Morrison spent years not so subtly shitting on DC and its fans (Superdoom, the Empty Hand, the depressoverse), any praise for his peers was editorially mandated lip service

>>117443835>>117443982>>117444029It's definitely senility, or something similar. Call it a slump. Harry Potter is a piece-of-shit series. Bad mojo to use at all, especially in parody.>>117444057Not really.

>>117443645Reworking public domain characters is his point. Lost Girls and LoEG is about recontextualizing those works to make commentary on them and move the discussion forward. His whole ABC comics was like that. Cape comics keep reverting and that is his problem with them, if those characters were public domain anyone could use them in new ways and make commentary on them or on the world.

>>117444204>Not really.Why?

>>117443972He's been saying for the past 10 years that comics are stuck in a rut

>>11744432010 years ago is when the New 52 bullshit started so I can't blame him. But he's still working for DC so he's the closest to what user asked.

>>117444377He is only writing GL as a challenge to himself on writing a straight cop procedural. Which I would says he failed at cause it is not a straight cop procedural, not a bad thing, I am enjoying. But my point is that it is just a challenge to himself. As for WWEO, not sure the story behind that but I like that much more.

So what's the solution? Oh, I know. How about making stories with 19th century children's characters instead? And let's add lots of rapes and old men having sex with teenage girls. That'll really show DC a lesson.

>>117444303What is there to talk about? Everything in capes for the past couple of decades, with few exceptions, has been retreads, Silver Age throwbacks, and, most of all, shit.

>>117443459Music certainly doesn't sound like the Beatles anymore. Are we better off for it?

>>117444293>move the discussion forwardHow? League was just a universal monster mash-up and Lost Girls was erotic fanfiction the likes of which the Japanese or Deviantart make en masse every single day.

>>117444377>still working for DCHe's leaving.

>>117444680Peter Cannon, Dial H, Infidel and Self/Made were all recent books that did new stuff or pushed the medium.

>>117443459Fuck off Alan let me enjoy things

>>117444757Yes. I don't want to live in a world that just has 6 decades of Beatles rip offs


>>117444810Enjoy Cardi B I guess?

>>117443459Suck me Alan

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>>117444881Anti-Thatcher sentiment was the unifying force of the British Invasion. How do they feel about the current climate though?

>>117444293>and move the discussion forwardBruh they're heroes in tights fighting villains in tights that's it. So simple and you still manage to fuck it up.

>>117444934Most of them are extremely pissed at Boris and Brexit being just pitched as a bunch of lies. Mills, Ellis, Gaiman, Ewing and a few others have been very negative on it.

>>117444951>Bruh they're heroes in tights fighting villains in tights that's itThat hasn't been the case since O'Neil. RIP

>>117444795>did new stuff or pushed the mediumNo. The cape stuff you listed is mostly retreads and callbacks. They aren't bad, but I wouldn't call them new.The non-cape stuff I haven't read, because they haven't caught my attention. However, they don't look like something that has "pushed the medium".

>>117444293LXG is just a more verbose Robot Chicken skit in comic form. The 'REEEEE DAMN YOU Potter u are like teh antechrist 666 goffik' screed is the most damning example

For some reason Thatcher is more popular with burgers than her own countrymen.

>>117444991There's no point trying to push the medium in America. Europe, South-America, Japan... these are the places where comics are alive.

>>117443459Ironic this is coming out of him when latest LXG volumes were like 'New generation things cringe'

>>117445043>Europe, South-America, Japan... these are the places where comics are alivebecause they show loli butts more often?

Of course he hates Harry Potter. Why wouldn't he? It's a right wing British class fantasy that goes way against his leftypol beliefs.

>>117445072There is also that.

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>>117444991Dial H was NOT just a callback it developed the whole universe in an elegant ways. As for form Dial H did some very unique stuff especially with the issue that went back and forwards in time and met in the middle to a revelation. That idea has been used before but I have never seen that form. In fact the art of Quinnos was Stellar the whole run, how he shifted his art style constantly was amazing and rarely seen in capes. As for Peter Cannon, again it used the medium as a storytelling device. Not the only comic that has done that but it did it in unique ways of how it used the 9 panel grid as a critique of itself.

>>117444778>>117445003>>117445068Bro, you are being totally reductionist right now.>>117445084It's also, you know, terrible.

>>117445108>calls others reductionist>describes Harry Potter with one wordYikes and oofpilled.

>>117445108That opinion is pretty reductionist, user. I honestly don't feel bad ridiculing a self absorbed old fart who do glorified fanfictions. This Harry Man Bad shit, I saw the same in 2007 on fanfiction.net

>>117444965Why do they want to be slaves to the eu?

I hate HP just because I hate it and people used to say I looked like HP.

>>117445148Because that's the progressive position.

>>117445108Well trope like Capeshit had been existed since first hero legend was written. To think 'Fictional universes from the old times' are blocking progress is like thinking Opera is blocking progress of the music

>>117445149Cool story bro

>>117445149Lol get a haircut you nerd

>>117445148Slaves? The UK were one of the most powerful members, now they have very little say in Europe and because they are going no deal they will have very little trade and the economy will suffer greatly.

>>117443459There's a world of difference between evolution in media and going off the deep end to miss the point and tone of what the original was. You expand and explore don't radically alter. And let's not pretend all the Beatles's changes were for the better. Number 9

>>117443982And then she doesn't even show up to stop the wild shit happening in the last volume which is 10x worse than the HP antichrist. Tempest has got to be the worst ending to a series besides Ultimatum (the Seven Stars was amazing though)

>>117445162It's always nostalgia speaking. Currently, everyone shit on superheroes like it was the first time a genre was omnipresent in movies. Before capeshit, it was western movies that phagocyed the cinematic landscape (stetsonshit?, lassoshit ?) and from what I saw, before that, it was historical movies in the 20s to the 40d)

>>117443459You ever think Moore would be a radically person now if someone at the DC office back in the 80s complimented him once in a while, or asked him how his day was?

>>117445183Political Elite aren't the common man.

>>117445125Can anyone really blame user for not elaborating oh his distaste of Harry Potter? After all we've discussed time and again the reasons why it's widely considered one of the dullest franchises in the history of movie franchises. Seriously each episode following the boy wizard and his pals from Hogwarts Academy as they fight assorted villains has been indistinguishable from the others. Aside from the gloomy imagery, the series’ only consistency has been its lack of excitement and ineffective use of special effects, all to make magic unmagical, to make action seem inert.Perhaps the die was cast when Rowling vetoed the idea of Spielberg directing the series; she made sure the series would never be mistaken for a work of art that meant anything to anybody, just ridiculously profitable cross-promotion for her books. The Harry Potter series might be anti-Christian (or not), but it’s certainly the anti-James Bond series in its refusal of wonder, beauty and excitement. No one wants to face that fact. Now, thankfully, they no longer have to.>a-at least the books were good though"No!"The writing is dreadful; the book was terrible. As I read, I noticed that every time a character went for a walk, the author wrote instead that the character "stretched his legs."I began marking on the back of an envelope every time that phrase was repeated. I stopped only after I had marked the envelope several dozen times. I was incredulous. Rowling's mind is so governed by cliches and dead metaphors that she has no other style of writing. Later I read a lavish, loving review of Harry Potter by the same Stephen King. He wrote something to the effect of, "If these kids are reading Harry Potter at 11 or 12, then when they get older they will go on to read Stephen King." And he was quite right. He was not being ironic. When you read "Harry Potter" you are, in fact, trained to read Stephen King.

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>>117445216No. Because they still fucked him over royally at the end of the day multiple times.

>>117445220The common people will be hurt worst of all. Rising prices and less jobs

>>117445229Copypastas are not opinions. BTW I like Harry Potter, send all your fake outrage reaction pics here

>>117445244They had contracts. It's not DC's fault Moore decided after the fact he didn't like those contracts.

>>117445247Cast out the non-native. Less workers=higher wages.

>>117445229Stephen King is great with prose though. He is just not good and making it flow well

>>117445244Dave Gibbons eventually calmed down and worked for DC again. If someone at DC could have calmed Moore's tits to that level, he wouldn't be the sad sack he is now.

>>117445125>>117445145Terrible is exactly accurate. Those reductionist remarks are totally off by way of reductionism, completely inaccurate.>>117445162Huh?

>>117445265>Less workers=higher wages>actually thinking that'll happenlol you poor fool. Wages will be even lower and all the upper-class elites will drink your blood.

>>117443459>Words words words words words words wordsJesus Christ can someone give me a synopsis.

>>117445283What is Lost Girls if not fapfiction, the likes of which has been made a million times over?

>>117445283You are reductionist and have terrible opinions

>>117445262I love it when people stand up for the little guys like DC.

>>117445283>Huh?I am not that user but are you illiterate? He spelled it out clear as day. Enjoying and preforming classics does not impede progress

>>117445288Grumpy old man don't like thing.

>>117445299Should I take Moore's side simply because he's not a company when he's clearly in the wrong? If he didn't like the deal why did he make it?I will stand on the side of those who are in the right.

>>117445292It's art.>>117445298Now who's being reductionist?

>>117445299Yeah, we have to side with obscure middle man like MooreNot him, I don't like either of them, DC because corporations lol and Moore for being a self absorbed judgemental overrated prick

>>117445286No. Less divisions mean a unified people can demand rights from their leaders and overthrow them if the need to.Y'know like England did back in the day.Globalism gives more power to the elites not less. People demand workers rights? That's okay move the factory to China.It's like you guys are retarded or something. You can't look at history or the world around you.

>>117445308Isn't that the description of any time Alan Moore talks.

>>117445337This post is terrible

>>117445345>Y'know like England did back in the day.lol you think there will ever be a "back in the day". All you did was give up one slavemaster for another.

>>117443666>consumerismAnon I use 4chan, the idea that I actually pay for the content I enjoy is hilarious.

>>117445275That's impossible because Gibbons isn't so far up his ass that his principles will cause him to cut people out of his life over things. Moore is self-righteous and gibbons cares more about his paycheck then his morals. There's literally nothing that would have changed moore other than completely changing his personality.

>>117445337Fapfiction is also art. Your statement is completely empty.

>>117445350Yes but this time he also says the kids are rotten and things were better back in his day.

>>117445345Civilization goes though "phase transitions" where things completely change the previous models used, usually it is due to technology, sometime climate.it is unlikely to return to days of yonder unless some massive deviation happens.

>>117445407Did Moore cut ties with everybody he knew back in the 80s? He disparaged Miller in an interview, said he renounced his friendships with Bissette and Gibbons. Doesn't sound like he's talked to Gaiman in a while.

>>117443459Big talk for a man with a victorian literature fetish.>>117443794Kurt Busiek is Bizarro Moore p much.>Moore's opus is a subversive deconstruction of classic capeshit cliches which poisoned the well so hard it basically killed capeshit>Busiek's opus is series that perfectly captures silver-age idealism while reexamining classic capeshit dynamics from new and interesting angles>Moore spends his speaking time complaining that comics are stale media that only exists as a soapbox from which to preach>Busiek's afterwords are all shit like "ever since high school I've wanted to draw a guy who gets superpowers from a magic biker jacket"Some real goofus and gallant shit right here.

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>>117445420Doesn't mean we have to be slaves to marxism.

>>117445429Reminder that Marvel is putting out a Thunderbolts omnibus next year.

>>117445452>slaves to marxismYou've been fooled into living in a cycle of hell by capitalists.

>>117445229As foreigner, comics and novels like HP were the first steps for me to approach american culture. I even didn't realize SW's writing was shit back then. Deciphering english itself was joyful enough to me, even after all those years, it still does. I both enjoy cheesiness of comics and dime novels and matureness of classics. Maybe sometimes being blind is better I guess

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>>117445416The fucker was born in the 50's, what the hell is he on?

>>117445463Being free isn't hell. Communism is slavery. Communists build walls to keep people in.

>>117445467Reminder that Alan Moore thinks everything past 1963 is worthless.

>>117443459>Co: Fucking capeshit sucks SJW propaganda batwanks pieces of shit>Alan Moore: Superhero bad>Co: Fuck you you old english retard you live in a cave

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>>117445465That's refreshing to read in that sea of cynicism. Godspeed, fellow ESL user

All this is funny because David Hayter said Alan Moore was pretty cordial when they talked about the Watchmen movie, and a recent biography that Alan approved of said he was actually planning to pitch a 15th anniversary thing for Watchmen to DC before the shit with the V For Vendetta film happened.

>>117445463This. I also yearn for the gulags, comrade.

>>117445484Alan Moore is in favor of SJW propaganda so he's part of the problem isn't he?

>>117445452It isn't Marxism. And to be fair I think we need to invent a new economic system and soon. Capitalism worked for a good long time but it is completely failing today. What that new system is? Not a clue, UBI or something else that either hasn't been invented or just isn't well known. But we need a new economic system badly, not only cause it isn't working for humanity but not working for the environment which doesn't apply in capitalism

>>117445484I mean you're not wrong but not all of us here are the same. I enjoy superheroes casually (never bought a comic, I just watch Batman cartoons or movies) but even with my basic bitch taste, I found Moore insufferable

>>117443459Alan Moore is right but manchildren will not accept this.

>>117445506Have you ever considered Alan Moore is a manchild? What kind of self-respecting adult becomes a practicing magician at age 40 and builds their own cave?

>>117445499How is capitalism failing? We live in an unprecedented state of well-being and things are on a general upwards trajectory. Fucking commies and their filthy lies.

>>117445465>american >culturelole

>>117445519>Alan Moore attacks manchildren to obfuscate the fact he himself is oneOh no!

>>117445521>We live in an unprecedented state of well-beingYeah, for the rich. And only for the rich.

>>117445521Becuase Capitalism doesn't take into account the environmental impact, it has to be shoved into it and it never works well. And cause inequality is growing at an exponential rate and that has proven to be a detriment to society

>>117445506For me, it's less about the grain of truth that can be found in his rant, it's just that I think he make mountain out of molehill. Anything popular is not eternal, sooner or later, the trend will die out

>>117445484/co/ still buys comics in hopes they'll get better, they fell for the vote with your wallet meme

>>117445519Caves are cool.

>>117445529I live below the poverty line but have never gone hungry a day in my life. Meanwhile in communist utopia North-Korea...

>>117445519Anything to divert attention from the fact that you are a manchild. I wonder how many people on Holla Forums still write fanfiction.

>>117445572>he thinks just because North Korea says it's communist means it's really communistYou are easy to fool.

>>117445572NK is totalitarian

>>117445537>environmental impactMore effort is put into combatting this than you can even imagine.Except in communist countries, where people like Stalin have tried to change the courses of rivers or where the Chinese pour all their shit in rivers and breathe nothing but toxic fumes.

>>117445519Have you seen some of the caves on the market?

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>>117445582Anon, Alan Moore's a total manchild. He's right, but he's the last person who can say he acts and behaves like a normal human. If he gave a shit about acting like an adult, he would've ditched the rings and shaved his hair a long time ago.

>>117445602>>117445587>IT'S NOT REAL SOCIALISMLike clockwork.

>>117445608China is not communist (anymore)

>>117445608>where people like Stalin have tried to change the courses of riversThey changed the direction of the river in Chicago.

>>117445618Why? Because you want him to? Please, say more manchild shit like this, it'll surely prove your point.

>>117445484/co/ isn't a hivemind.

>>117445626Anon, you're projecting pretty hard right now. Are you mad that someone pointed out the man who acts and dresses like a homeless person might be a little crazy?

>>117445608Like I said. We need an entire new economic system that incentives things that capitalism misses. Communism didn't do it socialist democracy tried to fix the holes in capitalism but it only put band aids on. We need something new

>>117445646>you're projecting pretty hard right nowThe irony...

>>117445656Fuck off commie. Better dead than red.

>>117445670Yeah, yeah, yeah. Go simp for Moore harder, kid.

>>117445677>years of letting capitalists cuck you out of your money>still whiteknighting for a failed systemAll for what?

>>117445619It's not socialism period user. It's communism but you are right to point out communism failed and that both China and NK secretly transitioned to a capitalist economy

>>117445677OK go kys then, right now. Cause you are a huge illiterate idiot who will just do more to damage humanity

>>117445656The answer is AI controlled totalitatian society. It will be ultimate 'Philosopher king' free of private needs

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>>117445682Nice sperg out, champ.

>>117445677Americans really are mentally stuck in the 1950s

>>117445716>typing "yeah" is sperging outlol, you mad. You total manchild.

>>117445716>user points out Moore is weird>you melt down and seethe

>>117445698>cuck you out of your moneyI thought commies were the ones all about the redistribution of wealth? I get paid for my work. Can commie drones in the death camps say the same?

>>117445701What's the death toll of communist regimes again? Something like 200 million people? And you want to call people who don't like that system retarded?Yikesarooneydoodledoo, motherfucker.

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>>117443526It's literally the default spiel you're given as a teenager as peers try to pressure you out of things that are seen as childish. It's a concern most people grow out of.

>>117445703Don't joke we are headed in that way already. Algorithms control the stock market not people. Facebook is programming people's emotions by changing their feeds. Everything is algorithms now

>>117445429Your hero would frown upon you:>It seems to me that anyone who thinks LOST GIRLS is merely a sequel to PETER PAN et al in the way that BEFORE WATCHMEN will be a prequel is really missing something. There's a difference between "build and transform and make something new" and "right, that went well, let's have more of that." DC's got good people working on BEFORE. But I suspect if someone did something as transformative as LOST GIRLS or LEAGUE with WATCHMEN we'd be going into a wildly, phenomenally different area.The quote refers to "using someone else's characters", but it still stands that Busiek doesn't agree with you. Also, Watchmen > Astro City.

>>117445767How do you program people's emotions? Also why does the youtube algorithm only give me shit I've already seen?

>>117445422He cut ties with people who slighted him.

>>117445760The true red pill is "keep your hobbies to yourself, no one can shame you if they don't have an angle to attack you"

>>117445780There are a ton of papers in science journals on it. They have figured out how adds and content make you click more but a side effect is changing your emotions and then slowly programming the online web into a place you respond like a bot they want

>>117445429Moore's Opus according to him would be tom strong though.

>>117445465I mean, HP is fine for kids. I think the push back comes from it being baby's first modern magic story that gets treated as being greater than it was. I still think the first 4 books were pretty good for what they were. Not masterpieces but fun children's novels.

>>117444934>Anti-Thatcher sentiment was the unifying force of the British Invasion.>>117444881Not only most Americans don’t care about thatcher. Most don’t know who she is. Why do British writers think anyone cares outside of UK?

>>117445728>lol, you madSame to you.

>>117445808Makes sense, it was FUN.

>>117445822Half-blood Prince was the best one though.

>>117445307There isn't a portion of that post that isn't fucked up. Once you decipher that chewed-up English, the statements are making incorrect and unrelated assumptions. >>117445353Shut up and take your medicine.>>117445408Fapfiction is wet-brained shit. You can't be serious.

>>117445855One could say it was the only one that was actually good

>>117443459How often does the anarchic geriatric leave his mansion? What does he know about the modern existence, outside the smell of his own farts? Can he even operate a modern phone? He seems unaware, either out of ignorance or dementia, that we live in the era of over-stimulation with news and real life issues. Yes, people do retreat from overwhelming complexities of modern existence. Escapism is a thing, and it allows you to fight another day. We are dealing with real problems, and we don't need them to be present in our entertainment. And especially we don't need to hear any advice on retreating from the old creep that spends his days masturbating to a self-written porno fanfiction of 19th century underage female characters.

>>117445855Half-blood prince was too into setting up really bad relationships. >>117445847People always obsess about fun but something can be fine and an entertaining without it being the next revolutionary hit.

>>117445862You're booty-blasted. Anal-agonized. Derrier-demented. Rump-ruffled.

>>117445890>obsess about funWell if it isn't fun to read, what's the point?

>>117445900I'm not even mad.

>>117445914>denying accusations nobody madeYeah he mad

>>117445907To expand your mind, to learn. You know, what normal people read for

>>117445922Who reads comic books to do that? Like what the fuck are you trying to turn comics into philosophy text books?

>>117445878>Escapism is a thing, and it allows you to fight another day. We are dealing with real problems, and we don't need them to be present in our entertainment.

Attached: e9e.jpg (1024x960, 114.66K)

>>117445933Oh, so you're exactly the kind of person Moore looks down on. kek

>>117445933Right. There are also faggots like you that don't know how to handle real-life decisions without referencing a ham-fisted lecture from capeshit.

>>117445933>don't have fun>just be paranoid>and then post insanity>and further paranoia

>>117445926I have plenty of philosophy, science, documentary and biography comics. Some of those are very good. Stop reading only capeshit

I kind of understand some of his point to some extent. When did superheroes stop being created for children? At some point, the children who grew up with these superheroes, well, grew up, but weren't willing to part with them. There seems to be an excessive number of adults in modern times who seem to believe that children don't deserve these characters.

>>117444377Comics were shit way before New 52 started, zoomers on here are too young to remember that New 52 started precisely as an attempt to unfuck the mess that DC comics had become before then. It made the mess worse but that's basically par for the course with every reboot that DC had done since Crisis on Infinite Earths. And if you say that comics pre-New-52 were fine, then you clearly don't remember the absolute abysmal state of anything not called Batman or Green Lantern back then.

>>117445952They're out to get me. I know they are because I got some orange under my thumbnail when peeling an orange they're trying to kill me with napalm (AGENT ORANGE) but I'm too cleber for them i'm going to kill the president with my magic scissorsthatigot frommymom whydidshe fuckthatmanhe wasn't myfathermyfather fought in the war againstthembuthelost ihave to keep calm notlethemknow icanhearthemthey're using thecomicstotry and getmebuttheycan't ebcaue ihaveorange undermyfingernailswheredidthatcomefrom???

>>117445975So are they fun to read or not?


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>>117445981The problem I think is in the American puritan view that media that children are allowed to consume should be EXTREMELY sanitized and should talk down to children.>>117446012I miss Satoshi Kon

>>117446016I just find it odd that the last time a film concerning a billionaire who dresses up as a giant bat to beat up criminals that wasn't made primarily with an adult audience in mind was over 50 years ago.

>>117445952>le fun xDWhat a worthless person. Moore was right.

>>117446045Dude... that was EXACTLY for adults. Kids watched it because it was Batman.

>>117445148>let's not be slaves to the union>by removing our right to vote on their rules while still having to apply themabsolute state of ukip>>117445014It's the 'grass is greener' syndrome, same how Reagan is divisive in the US but really liked in Eastern Europe

>>117446003as with everything it varies. the Biography of Nick Cave is extremely fun cause he lived a fun life. Trinity is fun to me cause I love the history of the Manhattan project and physics is best described in diagrams, words and pictures and so comics make perfect sense, and I mean to pick up Feynman that is both a biography and a science book. I should borrow the Daoism comic from my sister cause I didn't get far enough through it, but it was very enjoyable, injected a lot of humor into the teachings.The problem with your line of thinking is that you want to define a medium as a genre. The comic medium can do anything. Marshall McLuhan, who was a scholar of media and how that influences the world, had picked out comics as one of the most promising tools of media going forward, he just didn't his other pick of TV as completely overtaking it. Still, his point stands, comics can do something unique that other mediums can't

>>117446232>you want to define a medium as a genreOkay schizo, now is the time to stop making up things about what people want to do based off of absolutely nothing.Fun is not a genre. Fun is a simple word that describes whether or not you are enjoying something. If it doesn't sparkle pleasure, get rid of it.

>>117446255eh, sorry, I got lost in the thread of too many capeshit posts and read more into your post than I should have

>>117445933Everyone need to let out steam, even you>>117446048Youre not special and unique because you post memes on an iamgeboard.Not everyone thinks you're a hero

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>>117445981I know, Holla Forums absolutely loathes modern comics and yet they're extremely protective of them.Just look at the recent Primer shitstorm: an innocent comic meant for a younger audience immediately got accusations of being tumblr SJW garbage. Is this how an adult would react?

>>117446012Sometimes user. I totally grant you we should never stop thinking critically but sometimesSometimes,we think too much and feel too little. That's not from me,that's from Charlie Chaplin

>>117446476>Everyone need to let out steam, even you

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>>117446045>Over 50 years agoThe 90s cartoon movie doesnt count ? Besides movies, there's still plenty of recent Batman medias that was done for a younge audience, i think

>>117446528I said what i said. You're not above us,like i know i'll never make you admit it but once this thread is over you'll probably watching anime,reality TV,whatever you like. Entertaining oneself is like masturbation,every indulge in it and everyone who pretend otherwise is a liar who try to depict himself as "above it all"

>>117446508good advice.>>117446546>Entertaining oneself is like masturbationdoes this include important work like doing science or writing? If something is fulfilling I don't think "masturbation" is a good analogy.

>>117446571I just wanted to say it's something natural.Maybe you're right,i just wanted to underline the self-indulgent/feel good nature of entertainment. Like every analogy,it break when you dig too deep into it i guess. Point is ,the point of my comment wasnt to mock the concept of entertainment

>>117445981Why use old characters if they aren't meant to entice someone who was already familiar with them? The problem is excessive franchising.


>>117446643I dont get your argument. I was born in the 1990s and grew up on Batman TAS, a character which by that point was 60 years old,little me was absolutely not familiar with all the Batman media that came before my birth like the 60s camp series for example for me Batman was the Bat guy on TV,nothing else,my point is i think some concept are intemporal and Batman the bat hero who beat villains is one of them

>>117446661A brand is supposed to communicate shared properties with what I have experienced before. The idea that I should "let go" of something is a bit odd to me. If you aren't going to replicate what I enjoyed so I could enjoy it, why are you brading yourself like you do?

>>117446661>intemporalI meant "Timeless" , my bad

>>117446674Ah my bad.Disregard that, i answered to your post without looking at the context so i misunderstood your initial point

>>117443558>>117445760But he is also right. It is childish. Actually I think Snyders Metal stuff is the essence of cape comics. Characters aimed at little children dressed up in S/M fetish gear to have an appeal to adult men. It is like Elmo redesigned for an edgy film noir. Childish and edgy at the same time.

>capeshit belongs in the 20th century time for something new>How about reading my VicLit, edgy zombie, and Lovecraft fan fics?>by the way, Harry Potter, the most popular fiction with young readers of the 21st century, is complete bollocks, don't replace capeshit with that

>>117443884>implying there's a difference

This >>117443550>Society progresses>destroys more nature>Internet and social media makes hate more visible, cultivating it more.>social media makes everyone more superficial

>>117447840People like you are so utterly retarded. You take what Alan Moore said as a major insult. He's not saying you're never allowed to enjoy comics or comic book shit. He himself enjoys it. But what he's saying is that it's large cultural presence is an issue.Think about it like diet. If you eat just fast food you'll be fat. If your diet is just marvel then you'll be retarded and stunted. Unfortunately people like you completely miss the point every single time.>But but hypocrisyIt's lazy and tiring. All it shows is how offended you feel whenever Moore opens his mouth. Moore is talking about specific retards and if you get offended then that is admitting he is talking about you.

>>117443459Based. But he is still a cuck

You have to be a complete fucking idiot to think Alan Moore hates comics

>>117446476Oh boy, the irony...

>>117448316(Not him) Moore say a lot of bullshit to attract attention lately. It's gratuitous provocation when he sperg about how superheroes wear capes and mask to emulate the Ku Klux Klantelegraph.co.uk/films/0/watchmen-writer-alan-moore-compares-superhero-films-birth-nation/People had enough of his whinning now. It's clear that superheroes lives in his head rent free and it hurt his case

>>117446674>The idea that I should "let go" of something is a bit odd to me/co/ in a nutshell.

>>117448408Spell out what you mean,passive agressive swips like this are meaningless,i dont get what kind of point you're trying to make

>>117448455>Youre not special and unique because you post memes on an iamgeboard.Not everyone thinks you're a heroAs you post a meme picture...But of course you don't see it and need someone to point it out for you. Let's be honest, if you had any self awareness you wouldn't be this dumb. And again, let's be honest here, you'll just read my post and then reply with a spergy shitpost instead of processing and thinking for a second.

>>117448506"Yet you participate in a society,how curious"Not an argumentI admit i could have spelled out my point better but you need to improve your reading comprehension ,i didnt imply posting memes is bad in itself but thinking himself to be better because you're not a so called "consoomer" and instead wicked funny memes on the 4chin is the thing that is cringy. That was the point i was trying to make, a rebuttal to that overposted "ENJOY PRODUCTS" shit meme that is spammed to NPC level. Hope i made my point more clear

>>117448570*and instead posting wicked funny memes

>>117448506Further thought: does this pic really count as a "meme" in itself ? I mean i get your point,but technically this is not really a meme,it's a comic from XKCD i posted to illustrate my point.What i mean is it's not even edited but maybe i'm splitting hairs here

>>117443459The irony of course being that Moore's best known series are A. one of the most influential capeshit stories of all time and B. a progressively worse hodge podge of dozens of obscure characters dredged up from Victorian fiction that eventually end up fighting every character who was written after world war II

>>117443459I'll never respect this guy enough.

>>117448570>but thinking himself to be better because you're not a so called "consoomer" and instead wicked funny memes on the 4chin is the thing that is cringy...You're either dumb or... no, you're definitely dumb.


>>117443459>>117443526The hardest pill to swallow is that Alan Moore is just really bitter about getting cucked by the industry and filters all his opinions theough that. To put it simply, it's all cope. Remember when he wrote his novel, and how there's a whole section where the main character thinks about how stupid comic books are, despite the book having nothing to do with comics or superheroes? Guy's obsessed.

>>117449143No, because I never read his novel. You, on the other hand, seem obsessed with the man. And that's the hardest pill to swallow for you people.

>>117443459Grumble grumble WIZARD grumble read my rapefic grumble grumble manchildren grumble grumble fuck the government

>>117448316Both capeshitters and HP fangirls are extremely butthurt groups of people. I can guarantee almost every pathetic attempt at a retort in every single one of these threads falls into either group. >>117450003This is every other post in these threads.

>>117448733Not an argument,i accept your admission of defeat

>>117445546>Holla Forums still buys comics>buys comics>buys

>>117450218While you fell into the category of pseudo-intellectuals fans of Moore who post consoomer unironically. Your coping is showing,you act as if Moore is a big brain that cant be countered and while i respect your tastes (maybe you genuinely like Moore works,more power to you) only immature teenagers cope so hard at the criticism of their idol that they have to strawman the opposition like you just didFurthermore ,"aha,the group targeted by criticism is reacting negatively to criticism" is not an argument,it's pic related but with Moore swapped with the straw feminist

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>>117449321"I dont know jacks shit about Moore works, u dumb.Cope"Not him but wew lad

>>117445703>The answer is AI controlled totalitatian society. It will be ultimate 'Philosopher king' free of private needsBut there will be no need for the vast majority of the human population. What will stop the owners of capital from simply liquidating the billions of useless others?

>>117445483Wait so why do people take him serious, he's clearly just an angry old boomer,

>>117450490You okay, schizo?

>>117450454We have this exact thread almost weekly, with the exact same things are posted in each thread. An OP with an image of Moore and one of the many soundbites he's given in interviews, and you get the same butthurt guaranteed replies. I'm not even Moore's biggest fan; I disagree with a few things he's said, and I don't like some of his comics, but he's undeniably a master of the craft. Yet he gets more shit than actual garbage writers.When it really gets annoying is when it's not within one of these threads, and you still get a barrage of obsessed comments from people who are clearly fans of superheroes and/or Harry Potter. In every fucking thread adjacent to Moore or one of his comics. It's irritating. >it's pic related but with Moore swapped with the straw feministI don't think Moore sees these threads. Also, disliking capeshit and Harry Potter doesn't make a pseud, you child.>>117450662It's capeshitters and Harry Potter fangirls, I'm telling you.

>>117443459They hated him because he told them the truth.

>>117445703t. neo-metsubojinrai.net

>>117445981Why would you part with anything if it continues to entertain you?I don't watch Teletubbies anymore because at one point I realised they were shit.But I still watch Looney Tunes from time to time because they're quality works.

>>117450703lmao>>117450707>it's pic related but with Moore swapped with the straw feministI don't think Moore sees these threads. I concede that,i should have wrote "Moore fans">Also, disliking capeshit and Harry Potter doesn't make a pseud, you child."It's capeshitters and Harry Potter fangirls, I'm telling you.You're trying way too hard to pass as an adult.Dont worry,your teenage rebellion phase will pass and you will cringe at your "consoomer folder.It's you who devolve into hysterics and name-calling when people do as much as not sucking Moore cock and giving plenty of reasons why Moore dislike of comics seems to be tainted by bitterness and old age.And look ,i understand not liking superheroes or Harry Potter but people like you act as if fans of those mediums are at best rubes,at worst somehow a destructive force that is going to ruin pop culture and i found those histrionics outburst laughable.And i honestly have little patience for this kind of priggery

>>117443550This, just look at SJW culture

Emotionally subnormal board

>>117451235Dude, you are soooooo cringe. I hope you will one day grow up.

>>117443459This is the same guy that believes the modern culture isn't worth keeping, just throwing it out there. Man's been a blasted hypocrite his whole life.

>>117451433Well it really isn't and based Miyazaki would agree on that so it's hard to argue against them

And yet when comics do attempt to remain topical it all becomes a huge SJW mess.Hell fucking Webcomics handle it better.


>>117444778Lost Girls was something that he wrote to give his wife a project because nobody else would hire her. In interviews where he talks about their work together, he talks about repeatedly trying to write stories for her to help her get published. Realistically, people are only buying it because his name is on it, not hers. She seems like she's kind of a grifter and she only hooked up with him for the name recognition.

>>117443853What does paying for a media have to do with consuming it?

>>117448429You just don't get it. Moore doesn't go out his way to give people quotes. People come to him and he gives them angry old man yells at cloud quotes. He doesn't seek it at all. But the same thing happens. You guys get pissed.> hurt his caseWB/DC literally used his dying friend's brother to try and make him sign a new contract. His case is solid. But you fanboys have a love/hate relationship with him.

>>117445555:) Quads & dubs of truth. When things get too hot, it's much cooler in a cave.Besides that, isn't all this hoopla what Jerusalem was about? I have yet to read it so I don't know. History and stuff throughout the ages of one place...

>>117444029At the time when this was written, Harry Potter merchandise was everywhere and you couldn't get away from it and Moore wasn't the only one who was sick of seeing him everywhere. It would be interesting to see what his take on Disney characters (like Anna and Elsa from Frozen) that were everywhere in pop culture for a while would have been.

>I mean, I loved the music of the '60s. I loved the Beatles, the Kinks, and Cream.

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>>117452731I highly doubt that he shares your obsession with children's cartoons or the studios that produce them. I could be wrong, and the very mention of the Mouse makes him seethe too, but I strongly doubt it.

>>117452800>the very mention of the Mouse makes him seethe tooWouldn't that make him the perfect person to write it then?

>>117452358Why do you imagine yourself the arbiter of what random people watch/read?

>>117443459I want people to remember this is a man who has devoted himself to an anarcho-communist lizard god, whilst lambasting dweebs for being unable to cope with the harshness of reality.

>>117452814Yes, but in truth he doesn't much give a fuck about Frozen, and pop culture marketing has been around at this intensity since at least 1980.It's nothing exciting or new or even interesting.He was dissing on H.P. because a lot of "adults" were considering it their generations Tolkien or Herbert or Moorcock or whatever and he's a bit of a Lit motherfucker.

>>117452888That doesn't make him any worse than your average Mormon or Christian though.

>>117443877I admire Pekar for being able to walk under his own volition despite having such a massive stick up his ass.

>>117452888>people take this seriously

>>117452910Some of the Mormon stuff was weird enough to be pretty entertaining: youtu.be/Ze30LbIMJqE

>>117446012I've only slept like 3 hours off and on for the last 2 days and I'm reading this and I think it's time for me to take a nap.Take a nap.>a nap.>nap.>.

>>117452944>Merely pretending.

>>117453083You seem to think people either hardcore believe in something or are pretending. Not just interested in something. Are you retarded?

>>117453155You either believe in something or you don't, it's a very clear dichotomy. I'm interested in ghosts, but if asked I would say I don't actually believe in them. Moore believes in a divine Marxist serpent, he's been very clear on that. He's not one to obscure his opinions.

For a lot of people who would've never read comics, superhero movies are the current culture.

>>117443558Watching adults flock to the cinemas to watch capeshit SHOULD make a man bitter.

>>117445206She didn’t show up because the ending of Tempest wasn’t dystopian. The fictional world overtaking reality was ultimately seen as more optimistic.Harry Potter sought to make fiction mundane. James Bond sought to make fiction cynical while destroying the brighter more imaginative stories of the past. By unleashing the fictional forces on reality, Prospero sought to make the real world more fantastical and interesting. Ergo, The Tempest was “apocalyptic” in the sense that it tore down the status quo of reality. But Mary Poppins didn’t need to get involved because reality was being replaced by something better in the long run.

>>117445216Had DC been more willing to re-negotiate with Moore when the Watchmen TPB sold consistently, I think it would've helped. But that would be back in the 80's, it wouldn't have worked in the 00's.The second chance was botched because of interfering with his America's Best Comics line in 2000.

>>117453650WB/DC did try and renegotiate with Moore around the time of the movie. They used Gibbons and a lot of people to contact Moore. Stephen Moore (no relation) was a friend with Alan Moore who got a job writing the novelisation of the movie. Stephen's brother had a terminal illness MS. Alan gave Stephen his blessing. WB/DC tried to threaten and blackmail Alan using this situation. Stephen eventually lost the gig.

>>117443558>>117449143> It's just from the rantings of a bitter man >Alan Moore is just really bitter about getting cucked cope.

>>117444050why is retrofuturism bad?

>>117451235>You're trying way too hard to pass as an adult.You're trying too hard to pass as an immature baby, and you're very confused on who's doing the cock-sucking here.>you act as if fans of those mediums are at best rubes,at worst somehow a destructive force that is going to ruin pop culture>is going toThese groups have already "ruined pop culture".