Fuck she's fat

Fuck she's fat

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>>117443381Why are she in rus even in the show? they”re so goddamn annoying.

>>117443381I want to munch on her chubby elf puss

>>117443440You know the "strong and weak" tactics most political campaigns use? It's kinda like that with Disney characters. They want their protagonists to simultaneously be nerdy to appeal to people who watch cartoons more often, whilst also being tolerable enough to follow so Willow and Gus are Luz's nerd friends for when the plot calls for her to be an underling

>>117443381nah she dummy thicc

>>117443686Thicc but all over the place, her ass doesn't even seem particularly round

>>117443381Willow is buff. It is officially confirmed.

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>>117444053cringe and gaypilled

>>117443381Based and fat pilled

>>117443381she /fit/

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>>117443381Not compared to you.

you know if it wasn't for her face abd that god damn face I'd hate her alot less

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>>117444329Take your meds, retard

>>117444300Now shes gay too?

>>117443381>works out everydayShe's strongfat

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>>117444351I also meant to put face, but yeah I'm very tired and sick at the moment, that's my excuse

>>117444577I hope you feel better real soon. You are not retarded.

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>>117443381>Fuck she's fatAnd it's really hot

>>117443381Is there any fat Willow art?

>>117446875Yes but I've only seen porn

>>117446875Here's one.

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>>117444053this, she works out every morning.

>>117446915Thats kinda (read, really) hot

You aren't fooling anyone Bosha.


Ironically she may be the strongest witch in the school, as established in her first episode. If she could get over her inferiority complex bullies like Bosha wouldn't ever dare look funny at her.

Wish I could hug Willow and make her feel important

Wish I could hug Willow and make her feel pleasure

no new ep this week?

>>117447221Seasons over

>>117443381Awful character design.Fucking awful. She is background character forgettable tier and they make her one of main characters.FUCKING KEK.

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>>117449082I can't believe story arc with Willow's conflict with Amity was so stupidly wasted in the show. How could one be so much of a hack writer?

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>>117448327>Awful character design.Naw.You're just a faggot

>>117443381She should be fatter.

>>117449759All girls should be fatter

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>>117443381She's more chubby, but becase E eurofag made this thread anything over a size 0 is fat. lmao>>117443582It's for fucking not sucking, please stop >>117444384I love your narrow view of females my incel

>>117446915THats not the only full chub in that scene if I'd have anything to see about it,

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>>117449134It's not over.

>>117443381She looks chubby, but it's Actually Muscle.

>>117444053>>117444300>>117444431so, she's like Kingpin?

>>117443381Actually it's been confirmed that she's sheer muscle under those cloths.

>>117443381Isn’t she based off Sabrina Cotugno?

>>117450687Absolutely not. Willow is straight and trad.

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>>117450676Not if I can help it

>>117449922Take that to the Colourization thread I made on bbwchan

>>117448327I don’t think she looks awful but I agree she looks like a background character. It would be really cute if she had more of a plant motif to her.

>>117450827On the drawn board?

>>117450867Yes that one, I made it for the purpose of hawking the Daria sketch I got here off Fat Daria Thread II, but someone else made a Daria thread over there before I could, just barely

>>117450918Can I see the daria drawing you're talking about? Here's one in exchange

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>>117450654Yep. Except she's a Genuinely Good Person.


>>117443381And I wouldn't have it any other way

>>117443381We need a show where the fat chick is the main character instead of the friend

>>117450948I've seen that one before.This one, there's a flat colored version on bbwchan

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