Does one one not realize that the in the universe where he lives he commits half of the world's kidnappings...

Does one one not realize that the in the universe where he lives he commits half of the world's kidnappings? Is he so ignorant that he doesn’t realize that his methods of helping children and adults is rather uninformative and barbaric? I mean, he has to know that he has a pretty big kill count going on the train, specially the fucking Simone incident. How are the children safe from getting harmed from those fucking cockroach things? Honestly, either the fucking writer is an idiot or one one is genuinely robotically autistic.

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>thinking he's at all close to REALLY being the one responsible for it all

>>117441610He’s a robot you dunce

>>117441680He's working on that problem too.

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>>117441610One-One is just another cog in the machine, but a larger and more important than others. The real villain is the one who runs the train, The Engineer.

Wait a minute, you're just doing what I did without the reference! >>117439387

>>117441631This. He IS a robot. Amelia even said in the most recent season “in a very real sense, we are all just numbers to him.” He grew an emotional attachment to Tulip somehow, but he doesn’t show signs of having real compassion for anyone else and he just follows his programming, whatever that even is.Also even though he plays a pretty big role in the operation of the train, I kinda think he’s not personally responsible for every last little thing on it. Someone else built and designed the train (of which One One is just a mechanical piece of) to be this way.

>>117442227Have we ever seen Santa and the train in the same place?


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Couldn't people just choose to not get in the train? It's not like the train forces people into it, they have to get inside themselves.

>>117442326With the lower numbered people...yes, but we have some evidence in higher number cases it's a bit more 'bewitchy'

>>117442219I like this thread better because it has less LARPing.

>>117441610Why is his design so good?

>>117442326Owen says that passengers can choose not to get on, but the train tries its best to deceive you into boarding. Since it calls to people who are in a lot of emotional distress at the time, I wager over 90% of those it stops for gets on.

>>117442227When grows as a person and becomes more than a machine, is when we will have to worry. Because if he develops desires outside of wants, he will desire Tulip. And he will bend the train to his desire.

>>117442326No one seems to know exactly what they’re getting into. Even though 2 out of the 3 train forms we have seen were admittedly pretty fantastic, it’s not like approaching them is knowingly signing a binding contract to be trapped in a weird dimension hopping puzzle solving therapy adventure for potential decades. And then you have passengers like Tulip who mistook it for a literal simple train. She just thought she was gonna have to pay a little pocket money and sit for a couple hours on a trip to Wisconsin.

>>117441610I’m gonna keep saying it. If no one ever properly calls out the train on its bullshit, the whole show is retroactively ruined. But if they do it right in the final season, it could be great.

>get put on train for stealing a pack of gum or some shit >attention starved sociopath indoctrinates you into her ancap cult where you cull undermensch >10 years later grow up to by a complete psycho and then get raiders of the lost arked by a cockroach dog in the most painful way possiblewhat a great therapy train

>>117442447With this strange triangle guy found in the woods as my lawyer, I am sueing Infinity Train for kidnapping minors, endangering minors, assault, conspiracy....and one moving violation.

>>117442510Who will be there to fight the final boss? Amelia, Grace, and Samantha will be there because all of them have legitimate beef with the train.

>>117442515Yeah I agree.(And yeah they added an intro video.......5 million dead kids later, boo fucking who that’s like Nestle drawing a map to the nearest water hole when the village dies)

>>117442515It kinda makes you wonder what the design philosophy for administering help even was. You'd think the moment a passenger shows signs that normal Train Therapy™ is ineffective they'd try an different type like directly conversing with them or something instead of just waiting until they fix themselves or die.

>>117442515Yeah, a real cut above the rest.You know, as much as I hate Steven Universe, even he had the common sense that regular therapy had value and didn’t try to shimmy sham some be like this

>>117442620The old timey Greek Legend/Grimms Fairy Tale kind.Fuck up once and either go through literal hell or die

>>117442605Lake MT.Or Simons mom.Or a detective.It all three

>>117442510I agree, although if it gets canceled it ain’t the shows fault.Let’s write some fanfiction to hold ourselves over, some where justice is served

>>117442605I'd prefer it if a parent or relative of someone who got Trained™ and died would be a new protagonist since, Grace and Amelia have both agreed to accept personal growth on the train. Someone who sees the train itself as the source of their problem, like MT but a human would be ideal.

>>117442814I understand your point. To be fair for everyone on the train, it's in your best interest to accept the train's offer at personal growth otherwise you will be Simon'ed eventually. I can see a former passenger giving info to enemies of the train, but at some point they will have to run into Amelia as Amelia's unique experience with the train and how it operates is too valuable for them to ignore.

>>117442814Hence, MT(Obvious), Simon’s Mom (Avenging her boy who came in with a petty crime and got ducked over) and a Detective(trying to tie together a monsterous list of missing people to a common report among those who return)

>>117443106That entire first statement reads like a mob boss is saying it.>>Yeah, it’s in your best interests to accept what we’re offering here pal, you wouldn’t want to end up like ole Simon the Squealer would ya?


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>>117443607That, but more Sicilian

Question, how did she not get pregnant from all the sex they almost certainly were having?Also I am only on season 3 episode 1 so if it's a spoiler please spoiler bar it. Thanks.

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>>117444161clearly they raped the nulls to take out their sexual frustrations

>>117444218Yeah there was plenty of null rape off screen of course but they couldnt go a single scene without giving eachother fuck you eyes.Did they just have too much spaghetti? Like my best guess is they don't make a move until its tragically to late but I am shocked they haven't been boning the whole time

>>117441610The train itself does most of the kidnapping. One-One jsut endorses and coordinates it.>>117442326You can choose not to, but the train will do its level best to trick you into getting on. You can't win.

>>117444161They obviously went to the condom car before doing it user. They probably just had a shop in the mall car that had some or never actually did anything besides be each others first kiss

>>117444161Owen admitted that the writers had a fierce debate about how the train treats pregnancy and people born on the train. Though I think they won't go down that route. Her life is fucked up enough already.

>>117441610>Does one one not realizeNo I don't think he does, or that he cares

>>117441610Do you think that he gives a single fuck about the passengers?After he gives the number and send you to some car you are not his problem anymore,you are just a another number to him

>>117444295My head canon is that the magic number ink also serve as a contraceptive, similar to how patch contraceptive work.

>>117446936he does, now.the guidance video are probably a new addition and the fact that he now refuse to destroy car is indicative of it too.

I don't think One-One is in charge of picking up passengers. He just tailor car for them and set when they can step out, as a Conductor.

>>117446936>get sent to train for stealing pack of gum>initial score of 3>one one confused why you're at 7 billion at only a day in the car>the young girl avoids eye contact and weeps in the corner

>>117444278I bet if you ignore the train too many times, it just gets fed up and disguises itself as a door in your house. You go to walk into the bathroom and, boom, you’re on the train.

>>117447033>the number that is largely tied to your emotional responses is also pumping you full of mood-altering hormonesNow that’s just too unfair.

>>117447432Most contraceptive chemicals, at least for women, also happens to redcue mood swing and even undo PMS pain.this is why some women take the pill even when they are not sexually active, as it's one of the best way to undo stomach pain. Funnily enough, many republican didn't understood that and wanted pills to be removed from coverage of Obamacare, because they didn't want to "pay for women having sex", completely dismissing the point of stomach paint. And because they do not care about looking like complete hypochlorite, they never made a single complain ever about Obamacare covering condom purchases too.

>>117447479Those pills poison the water supply, dumbass.

>>117447517No more than any other drugs or treatment Americans usually take. All it's indicative of is that you need better water treatment, not to stop taking medicine.

>>117444410Easy way out is to say the train stops all biological processes. No need to eat (but you do it anyway because it feels weird not to), no need to sleep, no need to use the bathroom, no pregnancies from sex.

>>117447547But Simon, Grace, and Amelia still aged.

>>117441610One one is a machine. It was designed to fulfil a purpose and although it can apply logical reasoning and problem solving to find solutions to unusual situations, it's ultimately bound to fulfil its directive.

>>117441610>Does one one not realizepsychiatry is not existent in USA.

>>117447547I don't think the train cares about that type of stuff. If you starve because you can't find food, that sucks but hey it's YOUR personal journey right? The same if you put out an eye, get pregnant, lose leg, get ghom'ed, etc.

>>117442326>It's not like the train forces people into itIt does, it take a different form to make people get into it, for instance, Grace's train looked fancier while Tulip's looked like a IRL regular one, that shit is like a pervert in a van giving candy to children.

>>117448724What if you become paralyzed? You either starve to death, or, if the other passengers are kind enough to feed ya, you become stranded in that car, unable to move onwards

>>117449342>What if you become paralyzed?That's why you become friends with denizens. Hopefully you've found one that cares about you and is willing to help you out until you die or get off the train.

>>117447033>patch contraceptive worktheres a patch now?i assume it functions similar to the implant but more temporary

>>117444161Simon was an incel.Let's not pretend otherwise.

>>117447348>>get sent to train for stealing pack of gum>>initial score of 3I doubt such little things will get someone put on the train.

>>117449743that one girl was put on the train coz her lizard died


>>117449779Well if she had really deep connection with her pet and its death was a big deal to her I'd say that's different than something as small as stealing a pack of gum.

>>117449719I do'nt think incel is a fitting word at all. He wasn't seeking to date someone and is issue weren't coming from being unable to find a lady friend.

>>117449779Seems more of a bigger issue. According to Owen, those who get on the train are on a crossroad.

>>117449342I’m willing to bet we’re eventually gonna see a passenger in a wheelchair or with a prosthetic limb at some point. Amelia herself spent a lot of time walking around in a personal mech suit she salvaged.

>>117441610People get that One-One doesn't decide these things right?One-One doesn't decide to pick people up, the train does that all on it's own, we know this for a fact because One-One wasn't in control when Tulip got on, One-One's job is simply to make sure the train is running the way it's supposed to

>>117449927He has the power to arbitrarily grant people exits.

>>117449988>He has the power to arbitrarily grant people exits.Not exactly, he has the power to relocate an exit door close to those who reach zero, but they have to reach zero for him to be able to do so.

>>117449988And? Most people likely never actually meet him, we only know of three, Tulip, Jesse and Amelia, and of those 3 Tulip only met him because Amelia had already taken control of the train, Jesse had just gotten back on the train which confused One One, and Amelia well I already said what she did.

>>117449988No he doesn't. He has the power to solve glitches in the system, and Jesse's number was a problem that he needed to fix. One solution that was guaranteed to work was to give Jesse and MT an exit. Jesse's irrational number problem is akin to how One-One freaked out about the Unfinished Car.

>>117450066No going by season 2 he can definitely grant exits, but I get the idea it's not something he can just do if you ask for it, I imagine he can only do with special cases like Jesse.

>>117450171>No going by season 2 he can definitely grant exitsOnly to those who reach 0.

>>117450351Lake never actually reached zero, or even had a number assigned by the train. One-One decided that that she qualified for an exit, so he gave her one.

>>117450436I still wonder how much of that was One-One being stupid and how much of that was One-One delibrately bending the rules somewhat as he couldn't defy his programming entirely.

>>117441610No because he's a robot.

>>117450436>Lake never actually reached zero, or even had a number assigned by the train.yes, she did.

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>>117450614>t. One-One

Who cares about Autist-Autist, its whatever on earth created him thats the real blame guy for the Infinity Train.

>>117450614I wonder how many passengers will discover the "pro tech" of putting a glowing zero on their other hand? Trouble is you still have to find One-One and convince him to admin you up an exit.

>>117449988No he has the power to introduce new logic paths onto the train. The train does a lot of stuff without him

>>117450797He probably duplicated Jesse's door.

>>117450973No he made a new logic that "if a passenger's problem is solved by a null getting a number, a null can get a number"


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>>117451360>Not listing as True Pacifist < Pacifist < Neutral < Failed Genocide < True Genocide>not using the shot of Simon on the throne for the true genocide tagpure garbage

>>117450973I couldn't tell you how that worked, I mean Lake was never in theory in Arizona, only Jesse's memories. Did One-One know she wanted to go to Arizona? Or did One-One know when she processed her door that she just wanted to be with Jesse? And most importantly does this make their relationship even sweeter because Lake not only wanted to be free but to be WITH Jesse?

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>>117451360>True pacifist>the same guy who instead of "hey Flecks/Apex you don't have to kill my friend let's sing instead" decided say GTFO and fight for MT>PapyrusUndertale really was a mistake

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>>117451360Simon is good

>>117444161they did not have sex.simon never scored for ten fucking years.i mean fucking live with her in a god forsaken train.basic human instinct will certainly kick in.

>>117452242Simon was irrevocably ruined by Samantha. He can't go back to human women, nor does he want to.

>>117452242Simon is inspired by a young Owen Dennis that should explain everything

>>117452312I still need pic related with Simon and Samantha.

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>>117452351a young or old Simon?

>>117452402Both. Preferably old in the cabin.

>>117451569He probably understood that leaving without Lake would be the source of Jesse's depression, so they would have to go together or he would just keep coming back uncured. One-One wanted to do that, but his logical robot brain wouldn't let her leave until it looked like she had a number.

>>117451061no he didnt, he never accepted that nulls could have numbers he just said that since she had a number she could get a door.

>>117452242>never scored for ten fucking yearsHalf of which he spent being under fifteen, and all but maybe a few months of which he spent as a minor.I wish people would stop sexualizing children and calling them incels, it’s embarrassingly retarded when it’s not downright criminal.

>>117451360wrong if you keep in mind that the manipulation of the train probably cost others their lives, denizens and passengers could even argue that she is partially to blame for simon death.

>>117452670Amelia is directly the cause for a lot of deaths. Passengers no longer got cars tailored to help them get better. Grace and Simon didn't have the good start each one of them needed, and Tulip's experience was special because of meeting One-One. A brief guide on what the train is and how to get off plus One-One back in control giving everyone personalized cars seemed to have raised the amount of people improving themselves greatly.

>>117452351i read that in their voices, can confirm that it would be fucking hilarious

>>117452670>one could even argue that she is partially to blame for simon death.she lied to him all her life about the numbers, the conductor and the denizens HAZEL LITERALLY TOLD HER THAT! And taking advantage of Simon being horny doesn't help either

why are you people arguing if the train is bad or good? of course it's flawed, that's the point of the show.

>>117452351whats the french expression equivalent to "im done for"?

>>117442515Thats what happens when your therapy methods are chosen by RNG

>>117453524from what i remember from high school, "j'suis fini"? a literal translation being "i'm finished" and slightly slurring together the "je" and "suis" because it's faster and i think native speakers do it a lot iircim an amerifat tho so don't take my word for it lol

>>117453701i think you only slur like that when you have a vowel at the start of the second word.

>>117453847yeah but i remember that she said specifically when saying "je suis" people slur em together cuz the phrase is so commonmy french teacher loved trying to get us into the "culture" or whatever, i just wanted to learn the language enough to get the AP credit lol