Be honest, were cartoons better 10+ years ago, or did we just get older, and now the zoomer cartoons seem like shit?

be honest, were cartoons better 10+ years ago, or did we just get older, and now the zoomer cartoons seem like shit?

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>>117441522They werent lesbian shit back then

posting this image, much less making a shit thread with it, should induce an automatic ban

>>117441564supporting lesbians in cartoons should be an automatic ban


>>117441522Do boys not watch cartoons anymore?

>>117441522Is that Wonderbeasts show any good?

>>117441522Cartoons then sucked too

>>117441522Hey, I’ve seen you spam this pic on Holla Forums. It get pretty funny reactions

>>117441964the shows are trying to make the boys who do watch it gay, or trannies

>>117441983/v/ is full of boomers that only know avatar the last airbender and EE&E

>>117441522better 10 years ago


>>117441522Same quality roughly. You have some great stuff recently, you have some meh. Ten years ago this was true though if I remember there was a real dry spell in cartoons generally in the late 2000s, but I can also say this was true in the 90s too. Some stuff I remember being great really just does not hold up.

>>117441967Yeah>>117441522So far things have been fine since 2010. No major drop or increase in the quality of shows since then.

>>117441522A lot of good cartoons are indie now.THAT is your answer, accept no other.

>>117441561Hello Nurse ate muff and you know it.

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>>117441522>Hilda and Kipo>Zoomer shitHoly CRAP, Lois. It's OP's credibility at the door!

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>>117441522I wasn't a kid 10 years ago, that was when I graduated high school. My childhood was Hey Arnold, Dexter's Lab, and shit like that not Adventure Time and Gravity Falls. I've enjoyed cartoons consistently throughout the entire 2010s, though, and I think She-Ra, Kipo, Amphibia, and Hilda are better than many of the cartoons in the first half of the 2010s.

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>>117441564As the original creator of the image, fuck all of you.

>>117441522Cleopatra feels like a 2000s cartoon.

>>11744152210 years ago was the 2010s, cartoons already sucked by then, they were better 20 to 40 years ago, not 10 years ago.

You do realize that 10 years ago is Adventure Time territory and that Steven Universe isn't far out from the horizon then. Go a little further back and you have CN Real times and the dark ages of Squirrel Boy, My Gym Partner's a Monkey, and to a lesser extent Camp Lazlo.Maybe you want to go a little further further back?

I mean shit got gayer over time,but I like owl house so I don't know

>>117441522it depends.On one hand I would say what has become better was that a) there is more of an attempt to make serialized storytelling in cartoons than before. More plot driven elements, even if a show is for the most part episodic or even just wacky.And b) while I despise the way a lot of "representation" is handled in certain cartoons (Steven Universe despite having the most ofit and wanting to adress "mature" subjects, fails miserably in their execution to the point "Future" felt to me like a god damn epilogue fix fanfiction that actually does right what the main show did wrong).Lastly, I just hate how certain cartoonists treat the old stuff from the 80s and 90s nowadays like shit when in reality that stuff could be very dark and more mature at times. At least back in the 90s there were also shows where the main characters are not some dumb kid under the age of 15. Godzilla the Animated series and Extreme Ghostbusters e.g.?

>be honest, were cartoons better 10+ years ago, or did we just get older, and now the zoomer cartoons seem like shit?>Implying cartoons 10 years ago weren't already in the zoomer era

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>>117442007Its the opposite. The average user on Holla Forums is probably like 14 who are still going through their edgelord phase where cartoons are for faggots (which is kinda true nowadays ngl but still)

>>117442568those are cartoons for gen x at oldestnot everyone older than you is a boomer

Honestly I've grown through that phase where cartoons were made less and less and channels were filled with liveaction stuff or anime. I don't like many current cartoon but there's such a huge variety of them now I always find something that entertains me.

>>117444241Some of them in that pic are boomer, like Underdog. Some are even millennial, like Captain Planet.

>>117441522A lot of cartoons were jagged glass and bad jokes with a crappy and uncreative premise. Like My Gym Partner's a Monkey.On the other hand they were just cartoons, not a platform for people on a single social media website to demand what they want within 280 characters. They just made seasons of shows without people expecting it to go off course due to their hot opinions. And you could still do humor without worrying about anything but standards and practices, while today literally y7-level humor can be too spicy and offensive for people who never quite emerged into adulthood, they just got jobs. (Like lil' coal miners did.)Then again, really shitty animation was common and some major cartoons are like "well, it was good for flash animation at the time."

>zoomer shit>lesbians>Hilda and KipoSo this is just going to be a normal occurrence now, huh?

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>>11744152210 years ago they were entirely focused on the fun, now we have shitty plots with unsatisfying endings and lgbt pandering in fucking kids shows, and in most cases the animation quality also dropped. Only thing that improved was the porn

>>117441522Huh, could stand to see a competent male protagonist again...


>>117441522CNReal was ten years ago. Cartoons were bordering on dead at that point. Things have gotten way better since then, but the peak of late 90's/early 2000's has not been reattained


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>>117442568Same, and I went to high school twenty years ago. Cartoons today are better than anything I grew up with. I think a lot of people just go through a phase in their early 20s where they become cynical and nostalgic for their childhood cartoons. Then you get over it and realize you grew up watching junk.

I like some cartoons and don't like the others, I watch cartoons I like, I cracked the code.

>>117441522>were cartoons better 10+ years ago, or did we just get older, and now the zoomer cartoons seem like shit?Nope. Cartoons are much better now.

>>117441842Not this

>>117441522Cartoons were always shit but the biggest difference that makes cartoons these days a bit too unbearable is the overwhelming faggotry that progressives inject into them. But you take what you can get I suppose.


>>117441522This is why majority of people watch anime and cartoon industry is dying along with Disney

>>117446443Anime’s just as dogshit as western cartoons. Not for the same reasons, mind you, but for other valid reasons.

>>117441522OP image is literally what we get out of this board everyday. i'm sick of it.

>>117441522I want to fuck all of them.

>>117441964Nah, boys prefer anime nowadays.

>>117446443>This is why majority of people watch animeAnime glorifies sexual abuse and should be banned.

Cartoons nowadays are just made for gays and women.If you're one of these 2 groups, chances are you love modern cartoons.If you're not, chances are you hate them.Holla Forums just happens to have tons of gay guys and women compared to other boards.

>>117443993So, can we agree that Gen Y had the best chilhood entertainment?

>>117443993Best Holla Forums of each age:>Early gen XScooby-Doo>Core gen XSpider-man>Late gen XGhostbusters>Early gen YBatman/TMNT tie>Core gen YRecess>Late gen YATLA>Early gen ZStill ATLA?>Core gen ZHow to Train Your Dragon>Late gen ZDragon PrinceRating the ages:Late Y > Late X > Early Y > Early Z = Core X > Late Z > Core Z > Core X > Core Y

>>117447135early gen z is probably horse show whcih was popular on Holla Forums

Its a fact that very few people on neo Holla Forums have an appreciation for the animation medium outside of the next flavor of the month waifu garbage they can ingest. Or something thats unfunny, with soft, inoffensive artstyles and zero charm.Then they move onto the next one.

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>>117441983why is am i surprised that Holla Forums comes here and shits up the board?

>>117441967really good

>>117441522Hmm. Shit like A.t.o.m., witch, x-men Evolution, totally spies,teen titans.. not too mention classic cartoon network stuff...Yeah I gotta say they were better.

>>117441522Including the cartoons on cn, nick, Disney, and the ones streamed on Netflix, its not too bad. More bad apples then previous generations but Netflix and Hulu cartoons are making things better. The only thing lacking is the absence of action cartoons.

>>117447323All of them are recent.

>>117447413>15+ year old cartoon>recent

>>117441964>boysgenders don't exist anymore, bigot.

>>117447438Shit, you are right. What the hell happened to the last 10 years of my life?

>>117441522Looking as a whole, I'd say cartoons are better than about 3-10 years ago but not as good as 10+ years ago. Some of what is currently airing is in fact as good or even better than older series but there's extra shit shows pulling those down when averaging.

>>117447567^MyselfSince the nature of the debate seems to be about "aging out" of the medium, I will add to my previous statement that my childhood consisted of cartoons from the 1930-60s, I don't believe nostalgia is the only source of people's discontent.


>>117441842Pretty based

>>117441967Probably the best one of the bunch, followed by Hilda and then She-Ra.

>>1174415222010 was the start of deep lore and story arcs and more shipteasing or straight up canon shipping being front and center. I can see why some people would resent that and prefer self-contained episodes with random things going on at best, things were simpler then and stuff was still good at its peak. And the new stuff also has its lows. But I think current stuff at its best is really damn good.>t. born in 1994

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>>117447897This, story arcs are much better than endless stream of selfcontained episodes. A sense of progress and character development makes it easier to invest in a series.

>>117441522>putting kipo in the thread pic>putting cleopatra in the thread pic>putting adora in the thread pic>>>>>

>>117441564Leave the thread then lmao thanks for sharing your very important words.

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>>117441522The former.

>>117443993Fuck I love being a zoomer.

>>117441983/v/ is the perfected version of Holla Forums. They're all really chill when Holla Forums topics are brought up and the threads are funny as fuck.Every board does a better job at being Holla Forums then Holla Forums.

>>117441967It's shit and the worst war crime you can ever commit in the animation industry.Wasting your talents, it's PSG all over again and we need law to make sure wasted talent becomes illegal.>>117442182>>117447292>>117447831100% fake.

>>117447897>>117447936The aforementioned gays and women rear their ugly heads.

>>117441522If you like action and adventure, it’s better than 10 years ago. Storytelling is a lot better too. Cartoon quality was pretty bad in the 00s outside of a few shows

>>117448240Not even that.

>>117448240>If you like action and adventureAdventure*The action in modern cartoons is pretty fucking bad outside of stuff like Primal.

>>117441522Some of these are actually pretty good though and have some merit to them. You're unironically brainwashed into hating them

>>117448240No offense, but if I want action and adventure in animated form, I'll just watch anime.The Japs are MUCH better at that stuff than any modern western cartoons.


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>>117441964Boys play games, Watching cartoons is too faggy.

>>117448149Fuck off famicom

>>117441964If you were an 8-13 year old boy would you watch any of the shows in the OP?I sure as fuck wouldn't.

>>117442568>thinking she ra is great

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>>117448688I’d probably watch Kipo.

>>117448931And then all the other kids would call you a faggot and go back to watching Fire Force.

>>117448948And then all the other kids would call you a faggot and go back to playing Fortnite.

>>117441964No if would compare myself to my 12 year old self who adored shows like Samurai jack or Billy and Mandy, i would never watch modern cartoons.

>>117449053Lol, I keep forgetting that white kids are too gay to watch action anime.Nevermind.

>>117448652He's not the only one who thinks like this but stop bringing the boogieman into everything.>>117448931It's best not to, watch Looney Tunes Cartoons instead you will thank me later.Also please don't watch Fire Force as it's extremely demeaning to women, please watch Looney Tunes Cartoons instead.

>>117449108Fuck off boogiemanfag

>>117449341No, that was Lupin III Parts IV & V.

>>117449511if i dont know what it is, it can't possibly be good

>>117449765It is.

Cartoons are for more than enjoying lolis, believe it or not, OP.

the older cartoons were much better, but not all the new cartoons are bad. this is one of my favourite cartoons, the theme song is


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>>117451398ben 10, is a Fucking pathetic and shitty cartoon.

>>117448146It's because they don't talk about söytoons like Holla Forums, they recognize cartoons as what they really are, just an artifact of their childhoods

>>117441964Did you avoid these cootie-infested shows when you were younger?>Powerpuff Girls>Kim Possible>Pepper Ann>Teenage Robot>Puffy AmiYumi>Juniper Lee>Wild Thornberrys

>>117441522I like Carmen, Kipo, Hilda, and Owl House. Haven't seen the rest, might give Amphibia a shot.

>>117447135>Dragon Prince>in the same era as Infinity Train and Tales of Arcadia

>>117448149Fuck you and your shit taste

>>11744152210 years ago, not really But we're still miles and miles away from the glory of the early 2000s

>>117451838the orginal Powerpuff Girls cartoon, was a cool series,you are full of shit.

>>11744152210 years ago dear god I feel old wasn't too hot. 15 was dope.I think it's a little bit of both, though. Our standards got higher and cartoons honestly probably have stayed about the same.

>>117441967Its alrightThe mc is annoying and the show doesn't take its setting seriously, but turn your brain off and its prettg good.

>>117449108Fuck off, Looney Tunes Cartoons is a shitty and stupid cartoon it belongs in the trash, I prefer to stick to the older ones which were much better.

>>117441522Well only half of those are particularly good, so no

>>117441964hell no. most of them have switched to anime because these shows are becoming more and more allergic to having any real reason to watch outside of shipping garbage

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>>117451932They're all good, except maybe Juniper Lee, but I don't remember ever watching it. No one was bothered by shows being "girly" and female protagonists aren't a new trend either.

>>117452311It helps that most of those shows had some decent action AND comedy and weren't just a vehicle for shipping autism or boring, shitty world building.

What is going to be the next big thing after a show does first lesbian rimming scene in a children cartoon show?



>>117441522cartoons are definitely better NOW. There's a much larger variety of content to enjoy, imo.

>>117441561>>117441842>cartoon has hot teenage lesbians>somehow that's a bad thing

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>>117452610Honestly, the wairufaggotry of retards like this user is in ironically worse on Holla Forums than it is on /a/ nowadays.At least /a/non waifu faggots don't pretend that their waifu being in a show makes the show good.

>>117447897>>t. born in 1994THat's still pretty young I bet the ones hating on these newer cartoons where born in 1978-1985

>>117452564What variety?

Cartoons nowadays are made by LA rich kiddies whose life experience peaks at what Nintendo games they played and having anxiety cuz their daddy was mean to them, so yes they are worse.

>>117452713At least they are making teen boys' voices more realistic in cartoons.

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>>117452564cartoons are not better now, they are WORSE.

Cartoons nowadays are basically just made for white women and gay white boys.All the action sucks, everything is melodramatic as fuck, there's too much focus on stupid meaningless shit and describing mean bad things that happen but not having the balls to show it, and of course the dreaded shipping autism from twitter.It's why most young, heterosexual boys prefer video games and anime nowadays.


>>117446495Nope, boys only watch cartoons like Looney Tunes Cartoons.

2010 - 2015 cartoons were way better>you just got older!I was already way too old for cartoons back in 2010 too and I loved them

>>117452048While the older one are indeed much better in every way, Looney Tunes Cartoons is still better then pre-Kipo Mir and is still much better then Tower of God.

>>117441522>be honest, were cartoons better 20+ years ago, or did we just get older, and now the zoomer cartoons seem like shit?

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Reminder that Kino Time, Steven Kinoverse, Gravity Kino and Regular Kino paved the way for you newbies. Amphibia and Owl House fans should always pay respect to the legends

>>117453005Looney Tunes Cartoons is such a shitty catoon, that they banned guns in the series.

>>117441522Yes, they were.

>>117453060>>117453109Posting 22+ minute toy adds.Post something with dignity for Peat

>>117453168It's still light years better then Tower of God, thats for sure.

>>117453181Darkwing Duck also had toys user.

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>>117452654Good waifus always make shows better.

>>117452826>It's why most young, heterosexual boys prefer video games and anime nowadays.Until they get some diverity, just like girls had to do playing sports


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i think it might be recency bias, you might've forgotten some of the failures of previous years but you remember more recent ones>>117452713anxiety can be genetic you shitfaced retard

>>117453196yeah well most ,people don't give a shit about such a shitty and crap cartoon like Looney Tunes Cartoons.I avoid shit like this like the plague. Fuck off.


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>>117453229But the show wasn't made just to sell them is the thing.>>117453249Boy don't watch anime, they watch old theatrical shorts from the 40s and 50s that just happen to be animated and shows that are like those shorts.

>>117453235They do not however make bad shows good.


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>>117453312>But the show wasn't made just to sell them is the thing.>doubt.jpgIt was a cartoon and most cartoons back then were designed to sell merch. Darkwing Duck also had video game tie-ins back then.


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>>117453387But that wasn't the main reason for Darkwing Duck, Darkwing Duck was made just to be a excellent show.Darkwing Duck isn't G.I. Joe.

>>117441522>>117441561This, what the fuck is with all the faggotry in children's cartoons now.

>>117453469These shows are not being made for kids, they're made for women as kids are too busy watching The 8-Bit Guy and Game Sack.

>>117453432>Darkwing Duck was made just to be a excellent show.>doubt.jpgDisney wasn't just making it out of the goodness of their heart. Everything had merchandising tie-ins back then.

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>>117453537Not true, With Darkwing Duck (and most 1990s cartoons) it wasn't the main focus.

>>117452622Shut the fuck up, Holla Forumsmblr scum

Shit I want cartoons to return to toy comercials, you get toys AND a cartoon.

You're all turning into decrepit soccer moms. Admit it, Holla Forums.

>>117453697If soccer moms like action cartoons over the gay shit we get nowadays, then you can call me Karen for the rest of my life, because I'm a soccer mom now.


>>117453756No, you're a soccer dad and that will make you a Kevin.Also soccer moms hate the gay shit even more then the normies do, but at least Bob Iger had enough of

>>117453625It wasn't the main focus early on, when they were doing Ducktales or Gummi Bears, but Darkwing had a full action figure line, McDonald's toys, a tiger handheld game, an NES game, and several other games, as well as other merch. Regardless it's gay and pozzed argument on whether or not a cartoon was quality.

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