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Anything to look forward to here? Will this be some actual good Marvel Star Wars? Or just bullshit that doesn't matter?

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>>117439611>Will this be some actual good Marvel Star Wars?HAHAHAHA holy shit you're for real, i got some magic cum for you to drink, you will become a super jedi.

why dont they have shields made of lightsabers to deflect lightsabers?

>>117439611Well maybe since the initial story group was a clusterfuck and they brought in actual writers to clean it up.

>>117439611Soule's Darth Vader was pretty good so it's a hard maybe

>>117439646There's been a handful of solid series so far. Not a majority, but still some good stuff

>>117439611I'll give it a fair try, but I'm not holding my breath or anything.

>>117439611How retarded would you have to be to look forward to anything Star Wars?

>>117439611It doesn't matter what time period your fictional universe takes place in, Hollywood/Disney/Marvel will find a way to thread current year identity politics into it. Sidecuts, mansplaining, lesbians, and more besides. Never ask "will it be good?" Instead just ask "how bad will it be?"

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>>117439611You know all the good will star wars got due to Mandalorian and the last few episodes if TCW? This whole thing is going to piss all over that.

>>117440314>implying mandalorian fans read books and comicsNo one actually cares about the EU shit

>>117439611Nothing matters anymore now that SW has been killed. Let it go and move on.

>>117440971>now that SW has been killedPeople have been saying that pretty much every year since 1983.

>>117440737well I mean some posters on here

>>117441100no, peopke said they hated it or that it is dead to them but not that the franchise has become worthless. Except for the period of like 1984-1995 when the kenner line came out it was totally dead. But since then just those fags who wore these shirts just shit on it

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>>117441192>alot of words that only say "I wasn't alive for the prequel hate"Got it. Carry on.

>>117441100>>117441192What are you people fucking talking about the Thrawn trilogy started in 91 and is almost universally agreed to be the best material we have gotten from Star Wars besides Empire.

>>117440971>Let it go and move onIs that why you show up in every thread to say the same shit? Because you moved on?

when do the comics start?next january?i mean i'll read it cause soule but i'm not expecting muchi can always just go play kotor2

>>117441251You're only reinforcing my point. A lot of people (aka most) didn't care about Star Wars anymore at that point, because the movies were done. Yet despite what they thought, there was still good stuff coming out.Just like when people said the Special Editions killed Star Wars.And the Phantom Menace Killed Star Wars.And Attack of the Clones killed Star Wars.And Revenge of the Sith killed Star Wars.And the Clone Wars killed Star Wars.And the canon reset killed Star Wars.And Rebels killed Star Wars.And the Force Awakens killed Star Wars.And the Last Jedi killed Star Wars.And the Rise of Skywalker killed Star Wars.And all along, there were still good books, comics, or games being put out. Star Wars has been "killed" like a dozen times at this point, yet it keeps coming back and putting out stories. Whether or not you like them is up for debate, but if SW has proved anything, it's that it can't be killed.

>>117439611What are the best star wars comics so far?

>>117439611Only them being forced to mention the wars between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire, long before the time of the High Republic. Long enough ago the galaxy as a whole forgot the Chiss Ascendancy even existed.Bless you, Timothy Zahn, you magnificent paragon.

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>>117442614>Timothy Zahn, you magnificent paragonI haven't finished Chaos Rising yet, but I'm starting to doubt Zahn's prowess after Alliances and Treason were both shit.So far Ascendancy seems to be better at least.

>>117442658Chaos Rising elevates Alliances. Treason, I think, makes a lot more sense now but still remains to be fully realized. My faith is secure.

>>117441517>Star Wars has been "killed" like a dozen times at this point,Never like this. Even in the PT days for as bad as it was you could still sell toys. SW Merchandise is in the the shitter in ways previously thought impossible.

>>117441249I’m 35 years old, my point was that the prequel hate was people saying “deadto me” now everyone is saying “the franchise is dead and no kids think it is cool anymore.”

>>117441251Thrawn trilogy excited nerds, it wasn’t really back until 95 and then took off again in 97 when the special editions came out so that the franchise was extremely hot when Episode 1 came out.

>>117439611I forgot this was even a thing. I really wish they went further back in time, though. 200 years before Episode 1 means there's going to be a ton of the writers jacking themselves off to references/ties/lead-ins to the PT/OT. I'd rather they just went 1000 years ago, and write shit that has no real direct connections to the movies.

>>117442727Isn't ALL merch down, though? Kids just don't buy toys in the same way they did in the 90s.>>117442963So basically you're seeing the ST the same way 35 year olds saw the PT back then.If you don't think people called Star Wars dead in 1999, you're a fucking idiot.

>>117443021So far, outside Yoda, it doesn't seem like they're doing much for references. There's some ties to Sana Starros, but I feel like I'm more okay with tying to a book/comic-only character than to film characters.

>>117443606>Isn't ALL merch down, though?No. Hasbro reported Marvel doing well while Star Wars wasn't. This was prior to Mandalorian though.

>>117442727It's funny how people always bring up toys as the end all proof that SW is dead. Mando was one of the biggest shows of the year, all three sequel movies have been huge money makers, and there's still new shows being made.Sure, it's not as big as Marvel, and it might not be the king it once was. But it's far from dead.

>>117443705People have constantly reported about the ST (and Rogue One and Solo) merchandise doing badly. Mandalorian and Clone Wars stuff is doing well so far, though.

>>117443798> Mandalorian and Clone Wars stuff is doing well so far, though.So you're saying Star Wars isn't dead?

>>117443606I am talking about money, reatard. The life of the franchise. Star Wars toys soldlike hotcakes to kids and collectors during the prequels. No kids buy the toys and there are not many collectors still in the hobby. There is nothing like the expanded universe was where there were books constantly being released. Disney cancelled a whole bunch of movies they decided aren’t worth making. There are barely any fans and no one is buying anything, this is absolutely nothing like 1999-2005. It felt more vibrant when TCW was airing too.

>>117444033>There is nothing like the expanded universe was where there were books constantly being released.Books are being released all the time. A new Thrawn Trilogy started literally this week.

>>117439611>Anything to look forward to here?>Disney Star WarsTake a guess

>>117444058They feel very few and far between from how it used to be. And there was genuine excitement for stuff like NJO, barely anyone talks about the new stuff like they did in the past.

>>117444097>They feel very few and far between from how it used to be.>>117444058 is right, the books are being released pretty regularly: They've just been pretty shit or bland kid books in general, so not a lot of hubbub and discussion about them.It looks like they took a break after the last movie came out, and THR is supposed to start the next big push.

>>117444097>They feel very few and far between from how it used to beThere are FIVE ongoing comic series right now. I'm not sure there's ever been that many.For books, looking at the comparison to the prequel era (not counting adaptations for either year):>20055 novels3 YA novels1 junior novel1 short story2019:5 Novels3 YA novels3 junior novels1 short story collection1 audio drama (also printed as a book)Looks pretty fucking similar to me.

>>117444275>It looks like they took a break after the last movie came out, and THR is supposed to start the next big push.There was supposed to be less of a break, but COVID fucked up their timeline. High Republic was supposed to start this summer.I'll agree that they haven't all been great though. Last year had a ton of releases, but very few standout. The Galaxy's Edge books sucked dick in particular. Alphabet Squadron was awesome, though.

>>117444381I wouldn't think being stuck inside would have a negative impact on writing books.

>>117444407It's not about writing, it's about shipping. Did you notice that Marvel and DC didn't publish any comics for like 3 months?

>>117444439Man what do we even have a digital infrastructure for, if not for this?

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>>117444522¯\_(ツ)_/¯ some people still like getting paper copies

>>117440737>Mandalorian>not EU shitPeople just like TV and movies for their media consumption more than books and comics for this stuff. That, more than anything else, would be why they wouldn't give High Republic the time of day.

>>117439684You think kyber crystals grow on trees?

>>117439684You can only project the whatever a lightsaber is made of in a focused beam in order to make it as strong as it is. I suppose you could arrange several light sabers in a radial set up to make a functional shield.

>>117439611Just depends on the stories we get. I don't think the time period is terribly interesting given what we know about it, but that doesn't mean strong stories can't happen. >>117443021That's basically what I want too. Tales of the Jedi with better writing. But it's clear they're trying to pace themselves so they can have distinct multimedia projects to rekindle buzz. Something like the Old Republic will kick off later on. I think they're being too conservative, though.

>>117444564Yes that was my point good job.

>>117444595Didn't Luke grow a synthetic one in Ben's garage?

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>>117444763I'm looking forward forward to the stories being really safe and basic since Disney and their fans think the more original idea from the EU was too wild and therefore stupid.

>>117444884Yeah Disney will never let their Star Wars eu get close to the dark or more weird stuff we saw in the old eu. It’ll especially be tame as hell compared how dark stuff like Plagueis and the ROTS novelization got

>>117444884>think the more original idea from the EU was too wild and therefore stupid.Like what? A lot of the stuff that gets singled out now is the same stuff that was always singled out by some people.

>>117444995The Black Fleet Crisis. Lando's whole plot in the terraforming ship would never happen, for example, nor Luke's plot with the Fallanassi. Everything about the main plot was also ignored, despite being excellent for addressing the Sequel trilogy's problem with having barely any ships that weren't recycled from the Original Trilogy or retarded. The K-wing would have been much better than the B-52s IN SPACE, for example.

What do you guys think of Boyega calling out Disney for making him into a generic black stereotype

>>117445200It's fun to think when ST's whole problems are basically steps retreading EU's mistakeST really reminded me of Jedi Prince series, except the fact that they try to look serious

>>117439611>actual good Marvel Star WarsHahaha OP you're so funny

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>>117445571The biggest, most obvious one is all the fucking superweapons in the Sequel Trilogy. That was the number one complaint about the Bantam era, that so many books leaned on superweapons as a plot device. The worst case was Dark Empire, though that was Marvel. I can't believe that all institutional knowledge was gone, and there was no one left to say "dude, superweapons are a played out trope, figure literally anything else out. But no, we got a super planet, super pizza, super wedge, super battering ram, and 1.5x Imperial IIs with super dicks.

>>117445542>What do you guys think of Boyega calling out Disney for making him into a generic black stereotype1. John Boyega is a whiny racist2. John Boyega got fucked over hard by Disney, Kathleen Kennedy and Rian Johnson and has every right to be upset with themBoth things are true

>>117445542Some of what he said definitely has the airs of a bruised ego, but he's ultimately still right that the character was sidelined in an awkward way.

>>117443606>Isn't ALL merch down, though? Kids just don't buy toys in the same way they did in the 90s.Not really. Stuff based on characters people actually like still doesn't plenty well. Baby Yoda was a money factory but Rose Tico shit meanwhile fills a landfill.

>>117445542I think he's an egotistical bitch who is pissed off because he thought he was gonna be a super star off of this shit and wasn't. I think he's being a whiny unprofessional asshole. If he truly felt the character was a stereotype then he should have refused the role and walked away instead of accepting the giant pile of money. I think he's trying to use everyone else as a scapegoat about his own shitty performance. And I think he can still go to hell for Pacific Rim 2.

>>117439611Man has anyone storytimed Knights of the Old Republic in awhile? I keep thinking I want to one of these days because its one of my favorite Star Wars stories, but I imagine it'd be a gigantic pain without a pass. Xchan or whatever can at least queue uploads right, even if you have to keep solving the captcha?

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>>117446295muh nig. Gryph is the best character.

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>>117446312Not quite.

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>>117439684>why dont they have shields made of lightsabers to deflect lightsabers?Because from the Jedi's perspective at that time, nobody else is using a lightsaber other than the Jedi. They think the Sith are extinct. So logically they'd not think it necessary to develop anti-lightsaber weaponry.

>>117445542I get why he'd have beef with Disney. But... WAS he a generic black stereotype?I didn't get that sense at all (also didn't watch the third film, so maybe he changed there?), but I'm not a yank, so I'm not keyed into that shit.

>>117446323I standby my statement.

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>>117446395I don't know if I'd say FULL stereotype but Boyega always comes off as some TV sitcom black comic relief. And frankly I think that's all on him.

>>117439611Watch another Star Wars Totally NOT! Legacy reboot crash and burn few years later.

You know what makes me really sad? They had ONE chance to do right. Oh I'm sure they'll eventually put out a decent book or comic, maybe make some more okay video games and cartoons, but they had ONE chance to get the main three stars back together and it's just gone. Carrie Fisher passed away, there's no way in hell Harrison Ford is coming back and while Mark Hammil might sign on again there's no fixing this. The originals will always be fun to revisit, there's no shortage of eu material, cannon be dammed, and the games remain ever ready to play and I'll never really WANT for more Star Wars than I need and I feel like I, under better circumstances, would have been happy to let it go with maybe some bittersweet hesitation but for it all to end like this? It just feels me with a sense of emptiness. I'm not angry but I just feel an empty malaise to see it go out the way it did.

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>>117445683I'm still mad at Boyega for going after Game of Thrones for "not having any black people" which is absolutely untrue if you actually watched it but whatever. He's a fucking failure that lashes out at more successful people. But for some reason, everyone's in his corner now.

>>117446249Pacific Rim 2 was so fucking bad. It's telling that every movie he's headlined has failed, isn't it?

>>117447207>But for some reason, everyone's in his corner now.I really do hate how people are suddenly acting like "HE'S OUR GUY" because he called a movie, that he starred in shit. Just no class. You want to see someone who was in a bad movie bash it with class? Michael Cain on that one Jaws movie.>"I have never seen it, but by all accounts it is terrible. However, I have seen the house that it built, and it is terrific.”

When are Disney gonna start using aliens properly in Star Wars? It's like 20 humas to every alien at this point purely for the diversity quota

>>117447288Disney probably subscribes to the "Aliens are for kids" school of thought. So that's why all their aliens are just funny background characters.

>>117447288Honestly Star Wars doesn't even need POC rept or whatever, aliens already do a better job representing them than they themselves.

>>117447288What you don't like everyone's new favorite break out star Babu Frik?

>>117441249Prequel Hate was basically a niche opinion of online hardcore fans going "muh childhood", the overall hype around the Prequel and 2000s EU stuff was incredibly positive. A TON of good shit came out during that time, incredible comics, novels and vidya, both Clone Wars shows, toys, it was basically a new golden age for SW.The ST energized the franchise with hype whtn TFA came out, but it slowly died out during the course of the trilogy and completely plummeted after the last film. Right now it is a dying franchise, Disney knows this. The theme park was a failure, the comics aren't generating any interest, the ST show was badly received, and the video games have been too slow to release to maintain any kind of hype. Hardcore fans have moved on, more interested in preserving Legends stuff than keeping up with the highly sanitized and transparently corporate attitude of the new releases. High Republic will be the last chance for them to prove that they can still do something new and interesting with the franchise, but from the previews I'm already really skeptical.

>>117447401I wouldn't say prequel hate was niche but it was still amazingly different. When people hated the prequels there was actual discussion about it. Fans weren't vilified for not liking the corporations movies and it seems like fan voices had more of an impact going forward. To some extent. Nobody who hated the prequels was called a phobe or a russian bot.

>>117447412Yeah but prequel haters were still huge assholes about it.


>>117447420Well yes but at worst they were treated as the typical lifer fan not like some kind of nazi.

>>117447420I agree, but I think what user was saying is that it wasn't considered politically-incorrect to dislike the new movies like it is now. Disney basically banks on the current political climate to bully people into liking the films.

Seeing how the Clone Wars era has been replaced with such a soulless and unimaginative replicant through the last decade has pulled me completely off from even giving anything else in the nuEU a chance. And that's in consideration with how many see it as the best time period in Canon.

>>117440231>complain about identity politics>engage in it to the fulleststandard Holla Forumstard

>>117447412That’s not just Star Wars though, it’s how all fandoms online have become.

>>117447401>Prequel Hate was basically a niche opinionLol that's just blatantly false.The difference is that now we have social media and YouTube and shit, so it just seems louder to you. But people started hating on the prequels instantly, and it was by far the most common opinion.

>>117445542He is a generic black guy though, completely out of place in Star wars.But I didnt outright hate his character, actually came to like him after seeing how often he got shit on by rey despite saving her ass the first time they met.

>>117446395I think the idea isn't that he was a black stereotype in the "WE WUZ KANGZ" way or something similar, but in that he was a character there to sit and look pretty and be able to be put on posters so Disney can go "LOOK! DIVERSITY!!1!!1!" and then have absolutely no relevance or good development later on in the movies.Which is absolutely accurate. Boyega's character was more like a prop than much like an actual character, as was Poe for the most part.

>>117449253How is he out of place in Star Wars? It's not like they don't have black people there.

I expect it to be a bland, safe and boring. Just like the mouse likes it.

>>117449306Hood speak has no place there.Regardless, he doesnt even act like a supposed brain washes-raised from birth trooper either, which he is, he just got stuck with janitor duty too.

>>117444439They pushed it back like 6 months BEFORE 6 months had passed in the corona-verse. They didnt delay it for shipping reasons, that was just a convenient lie.

>>117449976I will never understand why he didn’t keep his British accent. In universe it would have made more sense to have Rey fake the American accent. They did it to appeal to African Americans, because they are obsessed with them. Wonder if he will ever being that up.

>>117446382Shame they de-canonized the Darth Plagueis novel, else I'd have a response to this.

>>117450306J.J. told him not to use his accent

>>117450623That’s what I thought, and it is obvious why he did that. Will John ever bring it up and say that there is only one kind of black person Hollywood wants to make a token and he wasn’t allowed to be himself, in a way? Rey was in some desert away from the Empire, no one would have questioned an American accent becsuse of Anakin and Luke. Most imperials even in the new ones (outside of Kylo) were British. Finn should have sounded like them.

>>117439611>Anything to look forward to here?No>Will this be some actual good Marvel Star Wars? No>Or just bullshit that doesn't matter?Yes

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>>117451425>>117451444I see why Yoda endorsed the one-robe policy under his term.Doesn’t have to run two cycles.

>tfw got so drunk with six friends that you formed a round table and in a single night hammered out exactly how to take the same initial premise of the sequel trilogy, but tell an actually good story.Why is Disney so bad at literally everything?

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>>117449976>hood speakwhat the fuck are you even trying to say?

>>117450179That's a convenient conspiracy theory.

>>117452383the only english dialects you're allowed to speak in star wars for it to be believable are generic american (white) and generic british (white). anything else just takes you right out and you'd be better off with just some unintelligible alien language since you're already half way there by then

>>117452383You need to be 18 to post here.

>>117452499>generic american (white) and generic british (white)Lando didn't do either of those

>>117446295>mfw Malak got friendzoned to the dark side

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>>117452499Not entirely true. The prequels had a senator with an aussie accent and there's loads of characters in Clone Wars, human and alien alike that had foreign accents.But the general rule for the OT was politcians/imperials have british accents and everybody else is american.

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>>117439611Everything is bullshit that doesn't matter as long as the sequels are in the same timeline.

>>117452383Why does a trained-from-birth and brain conditioned trooper (yes he was, and that also was made a janitor) speak like he had none of those things done to him?

>>117452710>its impossible to pretend the ST doesnt existDisney has started doing it. Why not the audience?

>>117452789you're asking an audience that always manages to remember every small detail or character and it's giant worthless backstory to just simply forget an entire trilogy?

>>117452817People forgot the exact wording of "No, I am your father." We can do it if we try.

>>117451596do enlighten us, user

>>117452789The problem is less the material, which you can forget, and more what it represents. I don't really want to bother getting invested in something that can at any point explode into senseless, pretentious bullshit that gleefully character assassinates at will.Until Disney makes purges that would make Robespierre tell them to calm down, I have no faith in them not arbitrarily fucking it all up.

>>117452597Lando speaks with a charismatic style and a little like a typical player but he isn’t speaking ebonics and you know there is a difference

>>117452401There is no theory behind it. They suspended the series for ~6 months when the pandemic started. How does the pandemic delay release of a book and why would they delay for 6 months just a month or so into the pandemic (if production stopped for 2 months, it should be 2 months behind)? Keep in mind that other star wars books releasing around the same time are NOT delayed (ex New Thrawn Book coming out next month). Exact same product from the exact same company.

>>117453149>if production stopped for 2 months, it should be 2 months behindnot the user you're talking to, but it's hilarious that you think that. one small delay can easily backlog things for double, triple, or even longer amounts of time., especially if you are at a stage in the production that is time sensitive and not always available for you to use when you catch up after a delay.

>>117453102I never said he's speaking ebonics (though neither is Finn). But he's not one of those two categories you definied.

>>117453149>Exact same product from the exact same company.The High Republic is three novels from two different publishers plus two comic series from two different publishers. The whole point of the It's a VERY different thing than just releasing a single Thrawn novel.

>>117453513Something similar happened with TFU where the whole multimedia event was pushed back a year from 07 to 08 because the game wasn’t finished. It resulted in TCW and TFU coming out at the same time and it was clear that wasn’t the intention as the whole push for TFU was a bit of a mess and probably didn’t get the push that was intended.

>>117453635Sure, but there's no indication that's what happened here. I don't know why you'd assume something wasn't finished.

>>117439611nope. bullshit. i will ignore it.

>>117440145are u ok?

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>>117453773The Vader comics have somehow turned out pretty damn good.