Was she evil?

Was she evil?

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>>117438137No, she did what she could to make the lost souls on her part of space comfortable in their ultimately hopeless situation

>>117438137No, I genuinely think she did the best she could.

>>117438209>>117438555if you were in this situation would you live in the illusion? presuming that you knew what's up.

>>117438137she did what she thought was best for people stranded with her. The only thing she did wrong was not ease in the reveal of her true form. There was nothing evil or malicous in her actions

>>117440546She's stranded too? t. haven't seen the episode

>>117440458honestly yes

>>117440693was the first to get stuck there I think in the original short story


>>117440793One of the episodes from Love Death and Robots:Beyond the Aquila Rift

I mean the monster was just trying to eat, the fact it did that was nice enough

>>117440736>original short historyCare to elaborate? Are some chapters based on existing material? I watched the series but never bothered to read about it.

>>117441041a lot of the shows in the that love death and robots are based off existing short stories

>>117440458I'd try to fuck the spider desu

>>117438137There's the question of whether she's causing the routing error by some spacetime influence fuckery or if she was stranded there herself.

>>117440458beats actually suffering the desolation, cold and hunger of slowly dying in a spaceship graveyard.I'd just want to carve a message saying who I was next to my pod to act as a gravestone when I died, as proof I existed

>>117440458You're in the middle of fucking nowhere, nobody will save you, there's no food and you will die soon - would you stick to reality or live your last moments in a nice fantasy? Gee what a tough fucking decision.

Weren't there other spider creatures in the background?

>>117441041Zima blue and spider slut where based on short stories written by Alastair Reynolds.


>>117441109It would take pretty impressive telekinetic abilities to tick off a spaceship hundreds of millions of lightyears away.

>>117440458I would try to collaborate with the spider lady on cobbling together a way out. If she reduced the resource consumption of her hive to a bare minimum and we rendered down all the other comatose humans for food, there would be sustenance available for a long while. After that, it's a matter of waiting for ships to come through so we could scavenge for parts. Eventually, a ship will come by that has schematics for one of those warp rings or a crewmember who knows how they work.

>>117441287Yeah but why the fuck would she need to do it with you? She could just do it for herself and leave you to die if she wanted to. Fucken retard

>>117441321If I can't seduce the spider alien into some measure of loyalty to me, I deserve to die

>>117441287Ships get stuck there because they're left without fuel, dummy.

>>117441287>cobble together a warp driveIf you wanna die just surrender your flesh to the spider lady, no need to kill everyone else too.

>>117441125Yyes. They were drones of some kind. Still...what does she eat? The short story doesn't go into detail either.

>>117441461I think she said or implied she eats dead people but she waits until they die.

>>117441287Dude...i that scenario, you're fucked. 150 years from home, the nodes out there only go 1 way (toward that place), and Thom's ship was the first HUMAN ship to come out there PERIOD in the hundreds if not THOUSANDS of years the place has been...colonized. He's no engineer, and pretty sure a lot of these ships from different civilizations would be incompatible with each other if you think you're gonna frankenstein something together, and their power systems have been depleted simply by time left inactive. You'll be dead LONG before another human ship shows up. You're fucked.

>>117438137no one ever appreciates that she was willing to create sexual fantasies for what were to her absolute fucking weirdo alien creatures with weird shapes and not enough limbs, she deserves more recognition for that

>>117438137Was he fucking the spider or was it all something in his head only?

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>>117441613Spider has pusspuss?

>>117441628You can fuck anything with a hole

>>117441287Oh, and nobody has schematics on the hubs. The civilization that built them is long dead, and everyone has been just exploiting the hubs for travel. ALL species who are spacefaring have been getting routed to that node. No species has solved the problem of the fatal reroute error because they can't understand the system beyond the rudiments of just knowing how to use them for travel, and it isn't so common a problem that anyone even KNOWS about it because there's no communication from the stranded. Regardless of species, back home they all just assume some random ship out of MILLIONS suffered a malfunction or mechanical failure and was destroyed or just drifted into space forever.

>>117441613In his head. She's psychic.

Was she evil?

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>>117441787She was kinda fucked yeah

She did her best.

>>117441787no, she was a fake rape victim

>>117441698Well that's actually kind of a bonus, with the multitude of civilizations ending up there. I could honestly just have a blast digging through alien ships for weird tech to tinker on with my spider wife, until I died.Sounds pretty fun.

>>117441787she's an idiot

If they got rid of the yogurt and the drug trip episode this show would be a 9/10.The fridge,helping hand and the heist were weak but have their charm

>>117441461What I got from the short is that they harvest beings who get trapped there


>>117442065>never moved her brain into a human/robot body and kept it in the monster's that was constantly used for death battles>wasn't in the animated short, but the short stories explains if they lose this battle they will be disbanded so the rich guy's deal would have been better, but again because she's dumb and kept her brain in the death battle monster's head

>>117441712Probably gave him a blowie at least, cant have that protein the dude was spewing during his wet dream go to waste

>>117442195You realize that her keeping her brain in the monster was literally the point, that's her edge, her genuine fear of death

>>117442476>loses once>edge means jack shit and the rest of her team are left broke/struggling with no fighter or monster

>>117441787>>117442065So in the original story, Dicko was just a guy who wanted them to take a dive like a regular, but other than that he actually seemed like he accepted when they turned him down, they also talked a lot more. After the fight he was allegedly mad according to arm candy, but the only visible thing we see is him 'staring glumly' at the head. He himself didn't make a move, arm candy attacked her because she had money in that fight too and was angry, that's where Sonnie revealed she wasn't actually hurt or raped by a gang or anything, she crashed her car and had to be put in the monster to survive, and that's when she got eaten.Another note, the team in the story version was on the brink of financial troubles, he only offered her the amount of a single win plus some goodies and they admitted they needed money, so her losing was a big deal even before we knew the truth. Kharnivore doesn't feel pain at all, none of them do and there's no feedback to the controllers.I'm choosing to ignore the feminism stuff, I'm just pointing out differences between the original short and what we saw on screen for discussions sake but yeah Sonnie was a crazy bitch. You might have since misremembered the short's ending reveal as the monster itself puppeting the body but nope, Sonnie is the one running the show and who's going along with the scheme.

What is this

>>117442503Thats their problem not hers cus she'll be dead

>>117442574Read the fucking thread.

I'm never gonna stop being irked by the details in steampunk china>If you can drug your whore to sleep why not keep her out?Turning a living creature into a frigging robot cannot be easy and her thrashing and screaming and biological responses to pain and stress could kill a person just from waking up to their leg being sawed off.It bothers me because I know I'm overthinking it but that's what happens when something makes no sense. Also while short and weak the werewolf episode was fun


>>117438137she did her best and followed the code of seamen to the letter. in the story she owns space station.

>>117442706Maybe some gurofag paid to watch or maybe the doc had a mutilation fetish

>>117441787yes. she uses her situation to cheat the game and she is not human anymore. all this bullshit about she risks her life every second is just a bullshit. she can walk from all that bullshit just by cloning new human body or altering her actual one.

>>117442706it is not about turning something into robot. it is about evil white men coming to chink land (which they reffed together by genocide themselves) and then chink patriotic racist ghosts taking revenge. fucking opium war bullshit..

Was she evil?

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How is this Holla Forums

>>117443017it's western animation

>>117442968Fuck retarded question is this?

>>117443049Everyone else is doing it and I have no ability to make an original thought.

>>117442788I mean her actual body seems in pretty good condition, but it's been almost half a year since I watched that episode so maybe I forgot some tidbit of infomation.

>>117442574Love, Death & Robots. Netflix commissioned a bunch of animated shorts based off of sci-fi short stories and released them as an anthology collection a while back. Holla Forums talked about it a lot after it was released, especially the psychic spider waifu in the Beyond the Aquila Rift short.

>>117438137The book that segment is based on explains everything in more detail. That entire section at the end is a broken relay that occasionally sparks to life just long enough to drag and strand others on that section. Most learn to live with each other and built a community, but some like the humans can't cope with alien races and never getting home. The other two died due to having custom paint jobs on their tanks, the paint eventually flaked off and corrupted their tanks so they died. The spider thing is the care taker who looks after all the ones dying because they can't learn to live.

>>117438137/co/, would you?

>>117443336>only human normalfags ever ended up their

>>117443336Why do they get stranded there?


>>117443515They seem more like mass effect relays. Without the awful ME 3 ending.

>>117443254>>117443277That reveal going from feminine silhouette to alien nightmare will always be my favorite

>>117443657don't forget how a giant golden corpse has to be feed 1000 souls each day in order to keep that ability active

>>117438137You're telling me that in hundreds if not thousands of years into the future that it's possible to be stranded in a spaceship wreck yard of all places


>>117443814Well the FTL system was created by a long-dead civilisation. Nobody around in the present of the setting knows how it works or even that there's a problem with it, they just know that ships occasionally go missing in FTL jumps, they could just be destroyed or sent to random locations throughout the universe for all they know, they don't know that they're all going to the same place.

>>117441287Didn't she say they were like impossibly far away from any nearby space station? You'd die before any ship even got your signal.

So she didn't eat them as the write said and she honestly hated seeing people waste away and die...So why didn't she find them any nutrients?

>>117444036Where she gonna find nutrition? Would it really matter in the long run? They're stuck She seems to keep their mind at total peace while their body goes through hell

>>117444123and if they have food what's to say it's also safe for humans to eat

>>117444123There is an entire area of spaceships. There is food somewhere.

This is not Holla Forums this is Holla Forums but no she was not inherently evil

>>117444164uuuh no im pretty sure this is Holla Forums

>>117444183have sex

>>117444153Rotted food

>>117444164Its all animated, my dude

>>117444206wow you got me


>>117444036Theres no way of saying how long they had been there, it could’ve been more than a year. She probably sustained each crew with the bare minimum of whatever they arrived with and whatever was left over from prior ships for as long as they could survive in dreamworld.>>117444235Space food in the future probably is designed to be edible for long periods of time, after exposure to something like the vacuum of space, or in an alien environment that would cause spoilage.

>>1174445661 what?

>>117443697Oh no, you can punch through to the Hell Highway without that. It's just that it's hard to navigate, so we geed the corpse god 1000 psychic souls everyday so he can power a glorified lighthouse to navigate by.

Love death and robots is a bad animatrix/heavy metal, but spider waifu episode is cool

>>117444235Modern day space food lasts for years. I'm sure the future food lasts forever.

What is someone woke up perfectly healthy and didn't care she was a Space Spider? I want to see the story where human and space spider just survive together both trapped on a planet.

>>117444164you serious?you're baiting right?

>>117445010She eats the people while they are in the dream world. Why do you think they are dying?

Kino blue was excellent, but aquila is a masterpiece. Took me 3 rewatches to even notice this part

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>>117445067what part whats happening

>>117445054Pretty sure she doesn't eat them

>>117445095spider's reflections show her true form, look in the glass bottle


>>117445095What>>117445107Said.I swear I had the animated version of this saved, but i guess not. Have this instead

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>>117445147you're a moron

>>117441321If she was that selfish she wouldn't be placing people in nice hallucinations to ease their suffering to begin with

>>117445054That's not what's happening, according to the short story. Spider lady is keeping the humans comatose so they don't go crazy and wreck the precarious existence that the alien survivors are barely eking out of the ship graveyard (they've had bad experiences with humans before) but since they're stuck in non-functioning life support pods they are slowly starving to death.

>>117443611Or a whiffed Outsider jump that lands at an unknown point

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>>117445755God that’s sounds so good, I want more stories that have truly alien creatures

>>117445755What if they meet a nice human and keep him alive? I wanna see them work together.

>>117446136That could happen if a human would react positively upon snapping out of illusion but hasn't happened yet. This isn't the Revelation Space universe so there's no greater threat of getting inhibited or GREEN'd to force everyone to get along.

>>117443697Warhammer lorelet here. Are the 1000 souls deserving criminals or what?

>>117446208No, they're just randos who must have psychic abilities

>>117446208nope, just 1000 souls of people with some pysker ability, usually weaker ones who can't be made into full fledged pyskers to use in battle, that are fed to our corpse emperor so we can use warp travel without getting lost/being raped and/or eaten by daemons/etc

>>117443122>especially the psychic spider waifuReally? Not the half robot sad cat waifu?

>>117443657So 40k just casually goes through Event Horizon every time they want to get somewhere?

>>117446275unless you're eldar who use the webway which is much much safer and no risk of deamon dick in your face, but yes

>>117446275>Event HorizonIf they're lucky.

Warhammer Fantasy > 40k desu, primarchs & superfriends get boring after a while

>>117446368space marine wankery does get tiring, but there's so much good and goofy shit in there too like the IG and orks

>>117446195I'd like to think that just after the end of the story Thom explains to spider lady that the reason humans keep freaking out on waking from the illusion is that she looks like a giant version of an animal from our homeworld that is venomous and deadly and that most humans are instinctually afraid of, that this whole thing is just a giant misunderstanding.

>>117446559She mindwipes him so he doesn't remember what he saw. She warned him she would in order to prevent him from going insane.

>>117446975I know, it would be nice if it could all work out though.

>>117440458I wouldn't. It's always better to suffer in reality. I'll probably just kill myself, but regardless, to condemn myself to a fake life is no life at all.

>>117445755They've had bad experiences with OTHER SPECIES before. Thom was the first human "Greta" had encountered.

>>117447011Doubt it ever could. There's probably nothing there a human could survive on. Thom was already fucked from malnutrition and starvation, quite possibly dehydration in the near future. "Greta" couldn't help him, just give him a comfortable fiction to die in.

>There is nothing a human could survive on>Ship literally crawling with spider aliens?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

>>117447106Eating aliens may not work in our biochemistry. Could very well be downright harmful even.

>>117438137Yes. Doesn't matter if she had good intentions, she stole away their autonomy and free will. She should have offered rather than forced.

>>117447163Well, in her case, it would break the point of the illusion if they beforehand.

>>117446275You never heard people semi-joke that Event Horizon is a 40k movie?The 40k human ships do have protection, usually. A Gellar Field Device wraps the ship in a bubble of realspace, insulating the ship against instantly becoming an all demon dick buffet.Naturally, this device also requires... feeding it psykers. It REALLY sucks ass to be a psyker.

>>117438137Wasn’t this an Outer Limits episode?

>>117447214Oh fuck, this.

>>117438137>>117443254>>117443277Okay I know I'm not the only one who got really turned on right?

>>117446213Not randos. There are pretty strict standards on the quality of people that are allowed to be sacrificed to power the Astronomicon. Some random psyker just won't cut it. There is a lot of work being put into preparing them for that too.

>>117440458>wanting to leaveid stay there living the live with my monster wife

Kino Blue or bust

>>117440458I mean although she was just some giant spider monster, I think the scene was supposed to imply something so horrid that simply looking at it would drive you insane.I myself love the truth. If I could comprehend it, I'd want the reality of my situation, even if it was hopeless, knowing would make me happier than a lie.

>>117443928then travel until the next person comes or create a project for a webway

>>117447770Zima blue was the best one

>>117443277It looks like his reaction scared her.

>>117438137What is this Holla Forums shit doing here? I didn't even know what OP was talking about.

>>117449468>Holla Forums And that’s how you identify good animation

>>117443928But they managed to get there just fine

>>117441787She was cute

>>117449468My little user can't be this new

>>117441698Since Spider Lady seems to have telepathy any work you do to understand the relays and ship design could be passed down to whoever shows up next>Sequel where some alien finally figures out the relays after seeing the collective work of loads of people with nothing else to do

>>117442715Fuck you faggot

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>>117443103Well what did you think user is she evil?

>>117447475>>117447214What’s the Outer Limits?


>>117451314Really don't think she cares enough to fuck up HER situation. She lives to care for the dying and stranded.

>>117447214No. You're thinking of the episode "Tempests". Ship crashes, spider-like parasites attack crew, man saves the crew, but the end of the episode reveals that he's actually in a coma being fed on while other parasites happily feed on the rest of the crew or skitter all over the interior of the ship, and the whole happy ending was part of the parasites' ability to tranquilize their prey by showing them happy false memories. They were fucked the moment they got attacked.

There is a post in reddit which theorizes the Spider is a predator which assimilates the minds of its preys. The whole episode is the spider trying to conditionate the characters into accepting the new 'reality" aka hive mind.Once it's over, the biomass is nice to craft a new body (that's why it looks like that) or to make more webs to catch future victims.Basically a mix between Zerg Queen and the Borg.

Did she have sex with him IRL or just in his mind?

>>117442788>buh buh buh I hate women


>>117440458After that sex scene? Obviously

>>117446236>Half robot sad catShe was literally a Gumiho or some Chinese version of the fox myth.


>>117453482Same as the spider can be considered a Sci-Fi Jorogumo?