Hal has such a cute girlfriend

Hal has such a cute girlfriend

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The comic that saved DC

>>117437923Reminder that this months Fandome is gonna have some Primer announcement. Fingers crossed its more Primer for more edits and art.

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>>117438249I'll love more material for edits.

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>>117438332Is she telling him about their baby?

>>117438424Sure why not.

>>117437923Hal... How old is that girl..?

>>117438505You know thats not an issue.

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>>117438559Hal... Space legal is not a thing. Also we're on Earth...

>>117437923am i the only one that thinks the comic book maker is shilling his shit comic on Holla Forums.

>>117438617By posting images that imply one of their biggest characters is dommed by an underage girl?

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>>117438617Dude. If you've actually been to these threads, the creators would have probably noped the hell out after all the body edits and Hal shipping. Thats not counting the fetishes people have made from the body paints. Now we're just missing lewds,

>>117439030What do you think of Traprimer

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>>117438332HA! It looks like you're the joke this time Hal.

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>>117439284Too bad you never stopped being one!

>>117439284By the way how is the wife and kids?

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>>117439061A+, just like all the Primer edits.

>>117440015I did a couple of edits last thread, that one panel is kid of exploitable.

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>>117440168You are a real one user.

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>>117438505Serius non shitpost question, would the story work better if Primer was a older teen/young adult that a little kid?Same backstory and all just the age, it just doesn't feel right to have a kid as a super hero, kids are dumbases and I wouldn't trust they would be competent superheroes, unless they where sidekicks or part of a team. >>117438982Can anyone edit this so it looks like a green Lantern costume?

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>>117437923I love how far we've taken this.

>>117440625>it looks like a green Lantern costume?But it looks like star sapphire in green

>>117437923Alright guys, I wanna take the Green Pill and start reading Green Lantern. Where do I start?

>>117440833It's surprising how well it works.

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And some of you fags laughed when DC announced it's making kiddie books

>>117440935The one where Primer overpowers Hal

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>>117437923So in this simple hypothetical, how did Hal and the girl meet?

>>117440935Read the newest Morrison run, it has all the weird shit from the old comics.

>>117441288Hamburger stand

>>117441288DC comic crossover logic/Crossover book to push sale of new rookies solo book. Then Hal noticed she was Arisias age, and Ashley's dad is a criminal so you just know he banged some chick in the house filled with thin walls, so Ash knows the ins and outs of things if you know what I'm sayin.


>>117441373Who comes on to who?

>>117441441Primer. Aggressively.

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>>117441594>>117437923What colors would she use to play with Hal?

>>117441594>>117441690Bet she so raped him in an alley

>>117437923>>117438776>>117441023>>117441066>>117441690I don't get this meme. Why Hal specifically?


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>>117441731Hal had an infamous relationship with an alien who looked like a 14 year old girl

>>117441731He's a canon MAP

>>117441731he's done it before.

>>117439284>D..don't be jealous, Ben. There's room in my heart for both of you.

>>117441761>not choosing blue green and brownit's like you don't want perpetual orgy with a constantly changing cast

>>117441731This >>117441791, except she was 13 and I mean ACTUALLY 13, Arisia says it on panel. And guess how old Ashley/Primer is? If you guessed 13, you get a prize.

>>117440625Nobeing an irresponsible snarky shit works because she's in puberty, which is half of her characterAlso the audience is pre-teens

>>117441761Heightened senses, precognition and super speed are easily the best power combo. Literally nothing could touch you with this power set

I saved this edit from a previous pedo lantern thread.

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>>117437923D-Don't ride a-anymore, Ms Primer! I KNEEL!

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>>117441852The problem is what is the limitation of these body paints, also her massive weakness against water.

>>117441761Salmon seems perfect to make Hal her pet

>>117441761I am guessing she would paint him indigo and she would go all red and lime green

>>117437923This was a fun comic.

>>117441791>>117441808>>117441811>>117441843Really, was this 50 years ago or something? Anyway thanks for replying.

>>117441928Yes, as seen here >>117438559

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>>117441885I've been wondering that myself. We see Primer catch a plane using super strength and fire throwing. She had almost no trouble with the weight of the plane and the fire she used burned hot enough to turn blue. In other examples we see her ice was strong enough to survive cannon fire and when she used super speed she moved fast enough to appear in multiple locations simultaneously. And the super intelligence gave her an IQ in the 400 range. Finally, the paints were made and intended for use by the military, the military would not be interested in weak powers.To me this suggests that the base power level of each paint is fairly high.

>>117441916Honestly. It was. Hope there's more.

>>117441731Hal is a cunnyhound. He loves his girl cute and funny.

>>117441852Unless your entire city gets nuked

>>117441731Someone posted Hal in a Primer thread like in the Ben 10 ones and then someone pointed out Hal has canonically dated underage girls.

>>117442594Precog would predict that though

>>117441761Blue Green to shapeshiftBrown for a threesome

>>117441928>Really, was this 50 years ago or something?It was but its one of those thing the comics decided to bring up again and again like Antman beating his wife. Its just that DC reboot so much is hard to know whats canon and whats not.

>>117441066At the very least this thread have give us good replies for the green lantern posters.

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>>117441876Who would propose to who? Hal or Ash?

I'm jealous of Hal

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>>117443155Ashley, Hal’s too scared

>>117437923Anyone know where I can find Primer being fucked by Hal?

>>117443517You'll have to make it.

>>117440876Is this good enough?

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>>117442707Why are comics so shit, bros?

>>117442648Yeah you may know it but can you dodge it If that doesn't work then how about an asteroid

>>117437923Is her book any good or is it just waifufags?

>>117443820It's actually pretty decent. A lot better than what you'd think a book that's supposed to be for preteens would be. Especially since it plays a ballsy move by showing that Primer was forced to give her real dad a gun & he just shot the cop in front of her.

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>>117443799Well I have super speed so probably.

>>117443793Here is a secret, comics have always been shit, they aren't high art but they are perfect fun distraction for 15 minutes of so.

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Where the Primer lewds at

>>117443929Lmao where you gonna run off to

>>117443980Another city, probably save some people. Depends on my speed.

>>117443973The previous thread has some fanart so we're slowly getting there.

>>117443820Its pretty decent, they manage to tell a complete story in a short time and do it well.It is aimed at pre-teens so don't expect mature writing. As brand new DC Comics female superheroes who are also orphans go, you can get much much worse.

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>>117444022Don't look at me, I can only chop images, the lewds are for the people that can draw.

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>>117444115Maybe go into /aco/ & request a few things. Or into a couple of other more questionable boards & see if it will be done then.

>>117441761So does she have an unlimited supply of those superpower paint or what? Would ingesting the superpower paint also work?

>>117443914>he just shot the copvery based

>>117444397It's 3 at a time with a cool down

>>117444397Paint slowly regenerates itself but she's limited to using 3 at a time, 4 back fires and hurts her and negates all the paint. Nothing has been said if it's safe to in jest.

>>117444115why does she have a bulge though

>>117444846Primer boy edit

>>117438982>>117439061the art is honestly pretty cute in her series


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>>117441731Hal used to hit on 17 year old Kara Zor-El

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>>117441843Nuh-uh! She was a 356 year old girl that only LOOKED like she was 13!

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>>117444397She can safely ingest my paint, if you know what I mean

>>117445005I want to fuck Shinobu

>>117445005She said earth years she was close to twenty something but out right states she's 13

>>117445005It's still pedophilia but they're the pedo and you're the child in this situation

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>>117445442You're talking about Omega Men, right? I believe that comic said she was in reality in her mid 20's in Earth years, despite being a teenager on her home planet. Geoff Johns went even further in New52 and made her hundreds of years old, which I believe is currently her canonical age. No matter how much older then 13 she technically is, it's still gross\weird because in her home planet\culture she's still a 13-year-old girl and treated like one.


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Primer'd be perfect if she's a lesbian.


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I keep warring between my desire not to lewd her, as a responsible older man, and the fact that she has this wonderful combination of a pretty developed teenage body and a really fun, smug, sparkling personality that comes out in her comic over and over.Basically: fuck you, DC, how dare you do this to me.

>>117446171She's just a drawing dude

>>117446212She's more than a drawing, she's a waifu

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>>117446244Same thing unless we're on Holla Forums

>>117446212It's a slippery slope, user.

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Tried my hand at a somewhat hard editI couldn't help but put a "little" of my fetish in

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>>117446171Stop fronting. You know if you were really responsible you wouldn't find be attracted to a young girl in the first place.Embrace your feelings, and then hang yourself.

>>117446429But what if big tiddy Primer?

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>>117446429>This post was brought to you by the Thought Police.

>>117446429If he were responsible he wouldnt be reading comics for little girls lol

>>117443722Kitch should be replaced by Hal

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>>117446531>you shouldn't read comics>he said on Holla Forums

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>>117437923I hope someday some edgy comic or show tries to slip in a genuine and unironic relationship between an adult man and an underage girlwait never mind I just remembered anime exists.I bet I can find some french comics too.

>>117446588Why are japs and yuros so based, bros?

>>117446378Come to think of it, how come her clothes got enlarged too?

>>117446639That's just super giantification works in comics. Whatever energy she used to make her body grow also made her clothes grow. It's not like she was biologically growing super big superfast like the Hulk.

>>117446070You keep that shit to yourself user we don't need that thought out their don't tempt them to turn a cute tomboy into a bitter dyke

>>117443945I only ever saw the bottom right panels of this page and honestly though this was some joke comic cover thing like Pope King SuperMan or something. Was this really an actual thing that happened and the whole scene was played straight?

>>117445605Oh no, my pants feel funny.

>>117446639Probably because she's 13.

>>117447102What, the super paint checks her ID first?

>>117444928Comics would sell more if they had cute art

>>117446378Nice work user.


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So this thread is just a proxy for how we'd handle a situation like this right?

What the fuck is a Primer

>>117447802It's a little girl with 33 super powers

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>>117444846Primeboy, the idea is that since the paint was a prototype tested on male soldier Ashley becomes a boy as a unintended side effect.

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>>117446588Wasn't Beetlejuice cartoon was pretty much that.

>>117445642The age stuff flip flops constantly, originally it was 28 in her planet and 14 on earth standard. >>117447802Girl steals a briefcase from her adoptive mom filled with paint that gives her super powers. Shenanigans ensue.

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>>117448037So does Arisia and Primer have Menage A Trios with Hal?

>>117448214Primer wouldn't share with another girl

>>117447802It's another name for undercoat

>>117438249>>117438202>>117437923>fandom>literally just pedophiles who discovered a little-known graphic novel for kids and now project their sick perversions onto it

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>>117448261We have insufficient data to draw that conclusion

>>117448280I just like the idea of her power combo paints...

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>>117440625She's 13 the same age as Damian and Jon is 10.

>>117448280>fandomI said Fandome. As in the DC Fandome. Legitimately like the book and want more art & funny edits. Concept is also great. You're jumping to conclusions on everyone man.

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>>117446305I know, right? One minute you're jacking it to Kamala, next you're buying a van and candy

>>117448620I don't think that's how it works

>>117448261>Implying that Primer wouldn't make Hal watch as she violates Arisia in front of him, before letting him go into her ass.


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>>117449050>>117441761Brown, Blue Green, Neon Green.>Shev forceful denies him orgasm while she read his mind transforming into all the girls he wanted to fuck having a threesome in front of him.

>>117449050Full green text when?

>>117446588Flashbacks to Cardcaptor sakura, where Sakura's teenage (at the time) mother dated and eventually married her teacher (Sakura's father) and one of Sakura's pre-teen classmates was secretly dating their middle-age teacher, culminating with him giving her an engagement ring.

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>>117446588>I hope someday some edgy comic or show tries to slip in a genuine and unironic relationship between an adult man and an underage girlHow about that AND some incest sprinkled on top?Gotta love those Japs.

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>>117438599In space no one can hear you say you’re not 18

>>117450186Clamp!, where everyone is a faggot or a pedophile.

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>>117445005I don't recognize any of those

>>117450279Usually, both.

>>117445605>Why so serious?

>>117450060Damn user

>>117442000Holy shit whats the context? Memory loss?Body swap?

>>117451092>Memory lossYes, sorta? More like regression or something? She acted like how she was a kid... Which she was still dating Hal at the time. They said she physically was older but her mind wasn't acting as developed. But this was already after the fact she was 13-14 acting mature after the Green Lantern ring physically aged her because she willed it to.

>>117437923I'm absolutely down with crack pairings

>>117451092She was in a car accident and took a bump on the noggin. Basically had minor brain damage.

>>117451967...So she forgot most of >>117451223

>>117451988She acts like a kid and remembers she's dating Hal though if I remember. Looking at an overview of the situation again she still was 13 in that panel, just still physically older because of the Green Lantern Ring. I think they break off and she is hinted to date Guy Gardner later. Which is a whole other can of worms, lets not talk about his thing w/ Mary Marvel.

Why are stretchy powers so unsettling?

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>>117452474Distortion of the human shape in a way that leaves the form recognizable but noticeably distorted.

>>117451092Short time memory loss, but in that short time she used the ring to become an adult, became Hal's girlfriend and worked as a model for a sleazy dude. So yeah, its reasonable that she is freaking out.

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>>117452474I've always been chill about it until you see it freeze framed in video games than I find it weird.

>>117446455We need more

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I wish that was me

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>>117453268dude, can still have a land line if you want but you still can't be a little girl