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>Nickelodeon Removes ‘Made by Maddie’ From Schedule Following Backlash Over ‘Hair Love’ Similarities

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Probably some russian have it already.i think that is how we recovered that awful live action show with real actors and cartoons.

>>117437740Ah yes, three of the four black hairstyles.DrealocksMessy AfroBang Curl they stole from LatinasAll they needed was cornrows.

>>117437862This is why people aren't immediately making these black/lgbt shows like they wantIf they get them they'll still bitch about it

>>117437740There goes black solidarity lmao. They don't give a shit about each other

>>117438449you forgot the best twobaldmohawk

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>>117437740Why can't theses hair retards fuck off this is why nobody wants to make black films

>>117437740>One virtue signaling cartoon literally ate another virtue signaling cartoonBros, is it finally happening...

>>117437862You and I both know you don't actually care nor did anyone elseThis cartoon doesn't seem like it's much at all to begin with so it's not a total loss

it's always something with these people isn't it?

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>>117438449It's also the same cat.

>>117437740At least white people have more than one idea lmao

>>117438604The creator of the cancelled show was white so they went extra feral to get it removed

Isn't they are all conditioned into the same Art Style than anything else.

>>117438963is there anywhere in the world you can find people where its not always something with them? is not the march of development driven by the unquenchable human need for more?

>>117438963Wouldn't you be a little pissed if Nickelodeon straight up plagiarised your work? Or are white people just cucks by choice?

>>117438963I know. Commiefornia is a blight on the planet. We wish the rising tides took care of them.

>>117439557so black people are now copyrighted and property of a company?

>>117439627>similar designs>even the cat's design is similar>hurdur black people copyrighted

>>117439627So you *are* cucks by choice. Alright.

>>117439557They didn’t though, they have similar designs but the subject matter looks completely different

>>117439660So only one Black Family can own a gray cat? How fucking racist can you get user

>>117438963>you're not including all the letters of "LGBTQA...">you're not including all the flags of the sexuality spectrum>youre not using the right lesbian flag>you need to include the gay pride flag that has black and brown>you're not including black people>that hair of those black people isn't realistic>stop making black people Mary Sues>stop making black people deal with hardship in mediathat's how the right always winit's never enough for the left, even when they get what they wantthe goalpost is always moves further

>>117439660>black people can no longer own cats>black parents can no longer have a daughter>blacks can no longer have a afro or dreads

>>117439698It is Hair love is about Hair and Cancer While this seemed to be about a kid doing Fashion stuff.

>>117439698>they have similar designsThey're identical, down to the same colors on the cat.

>>117439660Designs being similar doesn't mean plagiarism. A shit ton of animation shares similar design choices for archetypical characters, that's such a stupid controversy.

>>117439783Gotta crack out those cases of Pomade again, slick back that hair.

Must be a slow day on pol for retards to deny this is a straight up copy of Hair Love.

>>117439813So all gray cats and black people look the same to you, your fucking racist user

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>>117438449Dreadlocks were used by other races too before blacks claimed it as theirs.

>>117439833Well they probably went to the same school.

>>117437740I don't remember this ever being announced how the fuck was there backlash. Isn't everyone still focusing on Comedy Central reboots by white men?

>>117439750>he fell for the wings meme

>>117439730>>117439783>How fucking racist can you get anonCome off of it user. Literal "let me copy your homework" tier.

>>117437740there's already an episode of Young Dylan that got pulled 3 months after it premieredand the episode that came after it got it's "previously on" segment removed before it even aired because it featured footage from the offending episode

>>117439863At least post the cat being compared to when pretending to defend something.

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>>117440022I mean I’m not pretending, I’m just calling out how stupid it is to say they look the same. Like even in the picture you posted they look wildly different

>>1174400229/10 black designs look so terrible, it doesn't help i'm not fond of the top art style's faces and the bottom one is terrible cgi cartoon

>>117439934wing meme?

I doubt Nickelodeon cared about twittertards "cancelling" their show. What they really cared about was when Hair Love's creators got a lawyer

>>117440084Don’t you mean “fewer niggers,” user?

>>117439783Blacks can have whatever hairstyle they want why stereotype your self and only ware afro's and dreadlock, it's 2020>>117440022Still hair I don't get it?

>>117440129They are only 13% of Americans, why are they having meltdowns a limiting what's on there head, Whites don't do it, Mexican don't, why should they.

>>117440165>Blacks can have whatever hairstyle they wantI've seen people shit on cartoon character blacks for having "white people hair" and it's literally just normal hair.

>>117440226This people are flipping out over fucking Storm right now

>>117440165>Still hair I don't get it?

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>>117439460You mean flat or dyke short styles.~yawn.

>>117440189>>117440189Because thin skinned.

>>117440257No one is flipping out over Storm's hair, though.

>>117440226>>117440257I have no clue, was just correcting an user’s grammar, but if I had to guess, it’s boredom.

>>117437740>lounging about in pj’s in front of a tv in the morningThat’s pretty fucking white desu. This show wasn’t black enough to begin with.

>>117440362Somehow the short this was apparently based on got traction on Twitter for being unrealistic since the dad was there. Even by black twitter users. You literally can't please people with this shit.

>black children lost a good wholesome show because of twitterIf you watch the trailer they’re literally nothing alike.

>>117439869Were they? I've heard it damages white people's hair.

>>117437740Going that far over it? No one bats an eye when Rebecca Sugar completely rips off anime designs and scenes line for line and if they did, they're targeted by these same people shitting on this saying "there's only so many designs in the world it's probably a coincidence" or "it's called homage" "it's called taking inspiration from something"God damn this fucking stupid ass shit god damn double standards is driving me insane.

>>117440455I'm guessing you just pulled that out of your ass

Didn't Nickelodeon's Unikitty ripoff last multiple seasons?

>>117440706Stupid twitter outrage? No? People were saying it should be about the daughter and mother to make it more relatable for those without fathers in their lives instead of alienating them.

>>117439783Jesus Christ, how strong are you to throw that goalpost that far?

>>117440064>9/10 black designs look so terribleThere is a reason for that and it lies within you.

>>117440362Educate us, user. How DO blacks watch TV in the morning? You seem to be an expert.

>>117437740This looks Cocomelon-tier.

>>117439869in all likelihood, Africans were wearing them tens of thousands of years before the other races even evolved.

>>117440598Not any more than anyone else's hair.

Identify politics is killing creativity.

>>117441198no its because 2D has to accentuate features and stuff like the big lips look bad even on white characters, it's just ugly sticking out detail in 2D

>>117437740I dont get it. I know that it's pretty blatant plagiarism of some short but sometimes you gotta pick your battles. You get more representation with a girl protagonist and a well portrayed black cast but nope, no one can have nice things I guess.Knowing nick, it was likely going to get canned after a single season anyway.

>>117441274it's literally plagiarism

>>117441274>literally stolen>creativewhat did he mean by this?

>>117439557no lets make this about the filthy niggers because I got cucked by a bbc in high schoolt. 4chan

>>117440189 because black womens hair is a sensitive subject to them obviously. whites and mexicans rage about other things

>>117437740Normally I would dismiss this as coincidence or a trivial similarity, but then I recalled Nickelodeon also released Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty.At the very least, one would expect Nickelodeon to be more careful.

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>>117441668they also aired a pooh's adventures edit of the spongebob movie poster and ripped off some spongebob background fanart from google images for a commercial and also used mao mao from cartoon network in one of their halloween black cat pictures

>Implying to think all black girls look the same

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>>117441736Stuff like that I could chalk up to a lazy intern. But when entire shows like these are coming out, it means something is rotten at the top. They're either so out of touch with their competitor's products that they don't know a ripoff when they see it, or they don't care, or they're doing this intentionally. There is no good answer here.

>>117439557They're similar not identical. Especially the daughter. The dad is the closest, and even then you stick them side by side they are far from identical.

>>117441888Sorry forgot bald, weave and bald with weave

Just air "My Black Son", Fox dropped it years ago but the creator and actors have been yearning for it to continue ever since.

>>117437740Hairlove is textbook oscarbait anyway.

>>117439869I've always found the idea that a race can 'claim' a hair style to be the most bizarre thing. And even ignoring the fact that other cultures had things like dreadlocks themselves, shouldn't the idea that people from other races wanting to don or participate in something related to your culture, a good thing? But instead it's 'cultural appropriation' and apparently racist. Segregation and exclusion is not the answer to racism, it's what the fucking KKK does.

They're already making a show based on Hairlove that's just Close Enough but with black people.

Why was my reply about nigs being angry at this despite saying they needed more representation deleted?

>>117437740I dunno, it's not really fair to make a huge deal out of this. We've all heard about numerous projects getting scrapped in various stages of production because another studio was further ahead in a similar concept.

>>117440022I don't see how anyone can think these cats are the same.

>>117442514why weren't you just permabanned is a better question

>why weren't you just permabanned is a better question

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>It's okay when books do it

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>>117439859Watch the trailer you faggot

>>117441888leave jogger>>117442541you too

>>117442639a white guy was making this show though

>>117439750>muh left right dichotomyWhat's it like being played like a damn fiddle?

>>117438723Bald is not a hairstyle, any more than atheism is a religion

>>117437740>Dozens of cartoons with similar designs over the years>One black cartoon vaguely resembles a previous short>"It must be plagiarism!"What a time to be alive. I hate it.

>>117438449Um, excuse me?

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I hate any cartoon that uses BIG head and smaller body design. Shit looks creepy as fuck.

>>117442731>Bald is not a hairstyle, any more than atheism is a religionBald is a hairstyle when you shave your head you colossal tool

>>117442582Yes, and your horse tail hair is one to envy.

nigga stole my cartoon

>>117438449>>117438604>>117438768>>117438963>>117439600>>117439627>>117439783>>117440479>Defending plagiarismcringe>>117439557It's in their nature that's why third world shitholes like >>>Holla Forums exist.

>>117440022Pretty racist of them to assume all black people look the same.

>>117442541Surprised Holla Forums mod didn't delete your post and temporary ban you for this.

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>>117441226Earliest reports of dreadlocks ever being a thing appeared in Europe. Ancient Egyptians and Hindus also used them. Its no way exclusive to blacks like they claim it is.

>>117442731>any more than atheism is a religionbut it is

>>117442731Atheism is the best religion there is. And unlike other religions, no reports of sexually molesting minors.

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>>117439750It's not even been a decade when the right was actively trying to sabotage entertainment with their prudish trad values no violence and especially no boobies bullshit. Both sides are playing for control and anyone who aligns with either is part of the problem.

>>117444533>Using the same generic hairstyles is plagiarismCharacters look different anyway.

>>117444533>hating black people cause you think they look the sameman you sure must hate asians

They'll just stick it on the website. It hasn't gone full app trash yet like the main Nick site.

>>117438449Ironic considering Hair Love is about a variety of hairstyles

>>117437740How come pic related managed to get aired?

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>>117446346redneck detected

Hair Love fucking sucked

>>117446346they also tongued my anus

>>117438449>Bang Curl they stole from LatinasWhat?

>>117444646Do you really think long, matted hair isn't at least as old as Homo sapiens itself? Hell, Neanderthals probably had dreadlocks.

>>117440598dreadlocks are a more protective hairstyle, actually, since you're not manipulating your hair and damaging it. Doesn't apply to salon locs though.

>>117446636Depending on the dreads, they can literally protect your head from death. Denzel Curry, back when he had a South Florida variety called wicks, fell through a roof into a bathroom, and only survived because of how thick his dreads were.

>reaching this hard to defend plagiarism, because you are racistJesus Christ.

>>117447561Why would they do that? They can just say "one less nigger show". It's not plagiarism, the trailer is completely different and they've been working on this for 5 years

>>117442541isn't this racism mods?

>>117438449>Stole from Latinas>Stolen from a race that LITERALLY did not exist until European colonization of the New WorldDumb spic

>>1174445654chan mods only get mad at racism if it’s towards hispanics Because they’re all Hispanic

>>117448328How did you find out?

What the fuck is hair love

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>>117448367They’ll allow all kinds of racism but the second you start going in on Hispanics and using the “S” word, you’re hit with a ban for racism. Occasionally they’ll ban for anti-white racism because they’re cucks to white people but a ban is almost guaranteed it’s anti-Hispanic.

>>117439869It's a traditional gaulish and Gaelic hairstyle

>>117439750>treats political parties like sports teamsHow long until you grow up and stop infantilizing politics.

>>117448414what the fuck are cartoons anymoreyou never hear about them coming out

>>117441226White Neanderthals wore dreads first

>>117439863At least I like gray cats

>>117444718>No reportsSo all those atheists in Germany who set up a school in the 70s for the express purpose of having sex with kids don't count?

>>117444718Alfred Kinsey raped babies and wrote a study about it.

>>117446366Because no one actually gives a shit about Unikitty

>>117437740It's a TV right? So it must've been in development for a while. If they changed the family's designs very recently then there might be a point but earlier concept art might have the same styles. Also the hairstyles aren't unique enough to completely rule out coincidence.

>>117437740What is hair love

>>117449410Shitty Twitter bait

>>117437740Are they getting hair cuts? or is the plot similar to that of Hair Love?

>>117441300LMAO like every black person has big ass lips

>>117438723Mohawk is a Native American haircut that derives its name from the eponymous tribe

>>117445853Nigga I'm black. What the fuck!? And Asians don't look the same??? Damn y'all stupid as fuck.

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>>117437740Is this a Simba/Kimba thing, where a bunch of loose similarities are being called a ripoff?How long has this been in production? Outside of the hairstyles, what are we talking about?

>>117439600Why do associate Hawaii with the Soviet Union?????

>>117437740What are the Similarities? where can I watch them to make comparisons?

>>117450777Hair Love is here youtube.com/watch?v=kNw8V_Fkw28Made by Maddie trailer is here youtube.com/watch?v=q4HCYtqWhgUThe only similarities is the hair on the family members and the cat and I don't think that's enough to call plagiarism.

>>117450970It’s not.At best, you can claim inspiration. Inspiration is not plagiarism.

>>117450970Holy Fuck this is literally a racist comparison of "All Black people look the same" they are calling Plagiarism on physical characteristics.

>>117448309it is 300 years older than youre cunt

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>>117442283Races trying to "claim" any kind of cultural thing is just stupid, plain and simple. Human history is literally all about everyone copying one another through "cultural appropriation", yet you have people acting like it's the same thing as theft. To steal something, you have to put the other group into a situation that makes them incapable of engaging with whatever is being stolen, be it an object of importance or a practiced tradition. While someone could insult the culture if they do something incorrectly, they're still no stealing and denying the original group of their tradition. There's never once been a case of cultural appropriation where the "stolen" culture was kept out of the hands of the original people.

This shit is obvious plagiarism and the people in this thread simping for Disney just because of Twitter’s overreaction are idiots. Sure there’s plenty of black girl love her hair messages in media, that’s a deeper reason for that, but I don’t need to get into. But the timing of this show and other similar choices (both girls owning grey cats just sealed it) it’s too clear a exec just saw the Hair Love short and thought, “let’s just copy that into a show to get a black audience” and that was it. It clearly backfired cause the internet and they retracted their mistake.

hah. Rather than have another piece of media representing black people in a positive light/as the main cast people would rather cancel it because its "too similar" than a 7 minute short. They can expand on this idea, but no.Thats depressingly hilarious.

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>>117443971Box fade are a based haircut. I'm a little jelly I can't pull that off.

>>117451962>Sure there’s plenty of black girl love her hair messages in mediaBut there's nothing in the Made by Maddie trailer that indicates her hair or hair style has anything to do with the show. If anything it seems like she's interested in designing clothes hence the show name. Shit ain't even Disney - it's Nick.

>>117439869in reality, nappy hair naturally dreadlocks if it's not combed, so there's almost no way this is true.

>>117448439So all the mods are Holla Forums is what you're saying.

>>117450349They do. If they don't, it's because their ancestors were bred by non-black males.Just like most of the civilized "black" people who have risen above their primal degenerative nature. That's why DNA testing is illegal in so many places. Can't have the public finding out that the only blacks that aren't criminal animals are the ones with enough non-black DNA.