>Kids show>Have a teenager flash private parts on screenWhat did they mean by this?

>Kids show>Have a teenager flash private parts on screenWhat did they mean by this?

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>>117437305>I'm getting a quarter-chub at a muslim girl letting her hair slip out of her hijabhow far gone am I?

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>>117437336Don't be ashamed user, embrace it

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>>117437336Depends, have you yet had fantasties about running your fingers through a cute muslim girl's messy hair after she takes off her hijab in intimate situation?

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>>117438118>muslims think hair = boobs or vagene>OP so clever

>>117437305I'm gonna need to see proof of this.

they are all glitches

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>>117438185Perhaps the true Glitch Techs were the friends we made along the way?


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>>117438634This is what took place in Southern Spain according to history.

>>117438168NO! they are gonna post big mouth!


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>>117437514I will NOW, Farouk. You ass.

>>117437305It means they hit that age when their friends' teenage daughters start to look mighty fuckable despite the age gap

>>117437514She gets on top of you while working, the she just let her hair loose.

I hope we get another season just so I can have more islamic thirst

>>117440159I don't see why they wouldn't front the money to finish the season. They already paid to have the episodes written, boarded, and recorded. Seems like a waste not to just finish them.

>>117437514not a low enough bar, Holla Forumsvirgins will fantasize about running their fingers through the hair on a horses ass if they knew a cute girl rode it the day before

>>117440525That's a lot of money, user.

>>117441793I know animation isn't cheap. But to go as far as they did and then pull the plug just seems dumb.

>>117441881They didn't even give them a chance to fail. It's messed up.

>>117438675She RSVPs +5 for the Reconquista.

>>117437514>Pulling on a qt Muslim girl’s hijab in public so that her hair peaks out >Playing with the loose locks, wrapping them around your fingers and giving them little tugs>Lightly stroking her ears when you tuck some strands of hair behind them>Planting a kiss on her forehead after helping straighten out her hijab>Watching her slowly take it off and shake loose her hair, letting it cascade over her shoulders and frame her face >Getting pinned down and kissed, hidden from the world by the curtain of her hair falling around both your faces

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>>117437336>not wanting to fuck the Muslim out of some Muslim bitch making her forgo her religion

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Because kids don't watch shows anymore, they watch shitty youtube channels and twitch streamers, so this won't phase them...

>>117445724Truly you are a man of patrician tastes.

>>117437305I am guessing that since she's dressed like it's the 70s that she is from Iran?

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Upgraded outfits from unreleased episodes.

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>>117438144It is a funny joke.

>>117440903/co/virgins will fantasize about running their fingers through the hair on a horses ass if the horse is cute

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>latino gets it on with the muslim while cucking the asianmindanao in a nutshell

>>117438185Make an iceberg for the show.

How would he do?

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>>117447585he'd annihilate the old school glitches, but since his tech is outdated he might have trouble with new glitches.

>>117447585Badly. Glitch techs is about using and abusing glitches. You want a youtuber for Glitch Techs, go with The Spiffing Brit.

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>>117445549>Burqas that defeat the point of Burqas

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>>117447585This whole time, the Nerd had been fighting glitches>You've been doing this how long?>Coming up on 15 years.>How do you manage?>(Takes a hit from a hip flask) I stay hydrated.

>>117445766Faze, motherfucker.

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>>117437336It's basically muslim 'sex hair'.

>>117451429well that's about as cursed as a gypsy amulet

>>117445724Then she becomes another bitch.

>>117454644It's funny because she probably doesn't understand a word of Spanish.

I will be so mad if they resurrected Tuca and Bertie but this stays dead.

>>117454644"I have no idea what you just said."

>>117438168It's right in the OP image.Hair slipping out of a hijab. It's equivalent to a nip slip.

>>117454644Seriously though, can someone translate this? I remember someone translated this picture.

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>>117455363>>117454644I don’t want to love you, but I couldn’t avoid itI thought I could defend myselfBut you cant tie(?) my heartI don’t know what I’m doing, my love, looking for youI translated it pretty literally, but that’s the gist of it

>>117437305Yeees, the girl's wrist is very clearly inappropriate!

They all need to be bleached, Five especially.

>>117455668Oh, thanks for catching that, I didn’t proofread what I wrote lol

>>117437305>Kids showYou know the dialogue would improve doubly if this was geared to an older audience. It would be more representive on how gamers talk.

>>117455600>>117455842Sweet. This cartoon produces one of the best fan content, even if it's pretty modest in quantity.

>>117457066Here's bigger version.

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Hijabs is the dumbest shit.Nice going normalizing sharia US, all the better for when you're forced to wear the thawb and grow a beard. And Allah help you if you can't, you disgusting kuffar.

>>117437336You aren't fantasizing about her uncovered ankles and feet yet but you're almost there

>>117457608No problem, the artist is one of the storyboarders, but I couldn't bother remembering her twitter.Also have some good fucking fanart.

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>>117437305Guys do you think Zahra got female circumcised? Is that why she's so uptight?


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>>117456325I’m honestly surprised at how decent the fan base is. Usually shows like these attract the worst but it’s been pretty alright so far. The worst I’ve seen was the diaper Blake incident the creator went along with and joked about.

>>117454644Where I live people still do this sort of stuff here and there. The neighbors find it annoying but its the sweetest gesture you can do for a girlfriend.

>>117458072Define "the worst". There are some woke people virtual signaling this show for being this "diversive" and there were some people cancelling porn artists for drawing poor "little" Miko, but aside for that, yeah it's pretty good. Almost no signs of tribal wars, seldom appearences of antis, etc.

>>117457742>Guys do you think Zahra got female circumcised?That's a mostly African thing. Zahra is uptight because they they don't have stupid sexy Latino kaffirs in the ME to tempt the muslimahs.

>>117457707Did Haneesh get leave the group?

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>>117448806Pretty good

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>>117460315Now this is interesting.

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Bear with me, I found some cute doodles.

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Man, seeing how these threads are going so well for days, it makes me sad that we definitely are not getting a season 2


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>>117451429This is cute and great


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More cute stuff coming.

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Attached: 84099938_p19.png (1438x1340, 606.9K)

Attached: Miko fake sneeze.png (780x670, 942.37K)

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>>117437514No way the hair isn't sweaty as fuck after an entire day of wearing a pice of cloth over her scalp

>>117460636>>117460315>>117460483>>117460693 STOP!!!! I CANT DEAL

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>>117437305>private partssudo touch


>>117462154No, the rabbi gave his pener the jew chew.


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>>117447585So how would one write a character based on him while keeping it kid friendly?

>>117460711Tell me you have a NSFW version and by that I mean a version with their hair loose.

>>117460444This is cute. Its the artist Japanese?

Miko's best girl

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>>117438316c-cute tummy

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>>117466101We need Miko in this pose with a bunch of gamer gear and snacks strewn about.

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>>117467494don't forgot Ally too bro!!!

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>>117467728Only Ally's head could fit, but sure.

Attached: Glitch Techs S01E08 Adventures in Pet Training.mkv_snapshot_03.56_[2020.08.11_00.47.50].png (1920x1080, 1.57M)

>>117467950Bless you user!

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Miko & Ally

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>>117470668already here, in higher quality>>117451429

>>117463912I miss Baradiza :(


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>he still hasn't gotten passed the tutorial!

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>>117448806>(Takes a hit from an ice cold Rolling Rock bottle) I stay hydrated.bottleFTFY

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I'm currently working on a glitchnechsvania piece. I'm still a bit intimidated about coloring it so i haven'tr touched it since the line art and masking phase...

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>>117472483Looks cool.

Would you?

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i spent too much time making this

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>>117463629video game sound effect bleepsAlso, James is the voice actor

>>117458072thank Owl House for soaking up the bulk of the woke crowd and shippers. GT, Infinity Train, and Amphibia have the comfiest fanbases atm



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How much time does Miko spend dyeing her hair to get that two-tone color gradient?

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>>117473965Is there a law in western animation that asians naturally have at least SOME hair dye?

>>117470625>>117470651*Screaming Geometry*

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>>117473410>Also its fine to have a lot of semen stains on your cloths, just like the profit.

>>117451429Que rico csm

>>117473410I still have to find the comics from this guy, they looks kinda cute and interesting.

>>117446665So who's the X and who's the Zero?

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Blakechads, fall in!

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Attached: Glitch.Techs.S02E08.1080p.WEB.H264-EDHD[eztv.io].mkv_snapshot_14.09.jpg (1920x1080, 671.75K)


Attached: Glitch.Techs.S02E10.1080p.WEB.H264-EDHD[eztv.io].mkv_snapshot_14.44.jpg (1920x1080, 703.55K)


Attached: Glitch.Techs.S02E10.1080p.WEB.H264-EDHD[eztv.io].mkv_snapshot_15.07.jpg (1920x1080, 756.95K)


Attached: Glitch.Techs.S02E10.1080p.WEB.H264-EDHD[eztv.io].mkv_snapshot_15.11.jpg (1920x1080, 753.74K)

>>117437305what episode did the OP shot happen in?

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>>117447585Very well.