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it could be anything, no idea is too dumb to post.

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i guess ill start. an animated adaptation of earthbound, starting off cutesy and fun but then growing progressively darker as things progress.

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a fat femnon /user behind his/her computer until he/she get's hit by a bus and our hero is sent to a hentai world full of shota characters.

>>117435594i think /a/ has a lot of those.

>>117435594would it be a harem?

A guy from northern state like NY or Pennsylvania takes a vacation trip to Florida and is mutated into a buff Gator-Man after an accident, you'd think this would be a horror or action story but it's a slice of life, because it takes place in Florida and being a mutant isn't nearly the craziest thing that happens there.

>>117435070CATS, but as a cartoon

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A guy with a family

>>117436689i feel like cats would have worked much better as an animated movie rather than a live action shitshow.

>>117436689>that girl cat's faceshe wants the kitty D

>>117435070A big titty goth is kidnapped by a group of cheerleader who sneak her into a cabin for spring break. They force the goth to call her parents and tell her she is spending a week with friends. There she is made into their sex slave force to lick whatever they want. After spring break they use photos they took as blackmail and the big titty goth is force to join the cheer Squad.

>The Enforcer:A guy working at a cubicle snaps and decides to become a vigilante, he dons a bucket helmet, grey jumpsuit and a strange variety of medieval weaponry to clean up the streets.

>>117435523i feel like if this game was made into a series you would eventually get to the point where youre wondering why all this horrible shit is happening to actual children.

>>117435070cute girls doing cute things but in a impoverished steam punk china

>>117436929sounds like a great way to get your show ended and career blacklisted by order of the CCP.

>>117435070/pol/tards are the only ones unaffected by a mutagenic virus because they were hidden in their basements and they have to carry out the day of the rope against horrific mutants changed into manifestations of extreme leftist ideologies and minorities and stuff. Everyone is inept at everything all the time, but the main crew's autism pulls them through the chaos time and time again.

>>117435070A RUINER anthology mini-series with a different animator/animation team for each episode.

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Clarence except in a shithole trailer park where all the adults are insanely racist and violent

>>117436689Imagine how many furries would be born

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Bug fights. Heavy metal soundtrack. Lots of dismemberment. Done like a legit fighting tournament show.

>>117435070Hub City KidsTakes place in the DC comics world. Follows a group of homeless kids living in Hub City. The basic idea is their living conditions are so bad that they're on par with the league of assassins being raised in a kill or be killed city (Think Mugen from Samurai Champloo) The kind of adventures that start off mugging somebody for food, then running from the cops, then being cornered by a hero on a roof top ending in a blind leap of faith into an alley land in trash, go to sleep.Side joke is that every kid ends up getting a different color power ring, but instead of using it they end up pawning it to grab some fast food

>>117435070An adventure of the week series following a guy going from a small town loser to a globe hopping adventurer after finding a piece of alien armor.

>>117437264Like bug people, or giant bugs like starship troopers, or just regular bugs and this is a violent pokemon situation?

>>117436723That was originally going to happen. Spielberg was supposed to do that wasn't he?

I have two:1) MC is a mime, in each episode he has a different job, he tried to do it with pantomimes leading into hilarious situations. His GF is a clown.2) Nerd wizard and jock knight team up in sword and sorcery adventures, they fight a lot in the process

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>>117437997>2) Nerd wizard and jock knight team up in sword and sorcery adventures, they fight a lot in the processI'm leaning more towards this one

>>117437158the cats in the actual musical and movie had downplayed busts because of the costumes

>>117435070A normal cartoon but every attractive female is a boy crossdressing

>>117435070Comic starts as a shitty episodic strip comic about a really dead inside stoner cashier 30 strips in we find out he's actually the shonen hero of a team of teenagers with Evangelion versions of megazords with attitude in space, whos been constantly dosed with a memory destroying, brain fogging drug, by the big bads. After being saved from his imprisonment on earth by his team he has no memory of being the red ranger of the team but begrudgingly takes the role as a sort of space Kurt Cobain

>>117439603Worst part about it is I can actually draw pretty well I just stuck at environments and I'm kinda funny but idk how to make the office style humans are awful humor needed for the first part so like with all my comic projects I'm stuck at the beginning with the rest of it pretty clear

>>117435070Gravity Falls Road Trip. Ends in canon pinecest and Dipper and Mabel turning into demons to conquer the universe.

it's a story about a black native American latinixwho is a super hero but has to deal with the racisim of other superheroesand she has a disability and she has vitiligo

Ok hear me out:Fatal Frame, but for kids!I guess I would do something like that where a couple of kids are at their grandparents or something for the summer and they find out secrets of their town and how ghosts wander but only they can see them. They find out tidbits of what their lives were when they were alive and how the town used to be. We throw in Scooby Doo, Casper and Ghostbusters references for good measure. I've got other good ideas but I'm actually trying to write those into stories.

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A cartoon adaptation of Genocidal organ, which would make it animated bond at times.I was thinking about a 10 episodes miniseries or 6, the actual thing is that it's the story of a soldier tasked with investigating and catching a man that's instigating genocide, now since its an adaptation theres little room for me to add plot details here so Ill talk about focusI want to basically make a series that's james bond mommy issues edition and goes on to become something resembling gilliam's workI've planned some stuff alright

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A random group of teens get isekai'd to a dark souls esque dying fantasy land. They are met with unending hostility from most and all of them suffer horrible fates. It is designed to depress and infuriate the viewer.

It's kinda like The Office, except they work in an office in a small Nevadan town of barely 500 people, so they get no work and must make their own entertainmentBecause no one from the company (except a surprise visit from the regional manager) actually come out to inspect, they abuse the system to make as much money as they can from it, going as far as making a Rube-Goldberg machine to punch their cards in before they actually get there It starts off in an office in London, where one of the main characters is told he's being transferred to the US to act as an assistant manager in one of their offices. When he gets there he soon finds out this office doesn't get any work and goes along with it. Across the show they get up to all sorts of antics, like they have a D&D session that lasts a full month, turning their over-sized car park in to a dragstrip and hosting races there. Y'know, just dumb stuffSeries ends when the company goes bust because this Nevada office leeched the company's money and never found out til it was too late. Whether they stay in the small town, leave to another city together or go their separate ways I still haven't decided on

Major Tom to Ground Control.A story of David Bowie's Major Tom, in a chronological tale that follows his musical canon interpretively.Major Tom gets in an accident in his Gemini Spacecraft, and lands in an otherworldly United Kingdom. He has no explanation for himself, or his mission, and at first makes friends with the local homeless, saves London, but uncovers a conspiracy by the Alphabet Agency, a sinister alien force running the world in secret, to harvest the brains of all good men. Ziggy Stardust and his loyal protoge Aladdin Zane lead Major Tom on a great world traversing quest to defeat the agency, meeting many allies on their journey.The Mysterious Pinup.The Blue Djinn.and the king of Hunger City, Halloween Jack.But the Thin White Duke is always watching, since Tom passed him along the stairs. The plan of the Agency, the mystery behind the Starmen, and whether or not any of this is real.

>>117435070 animated sketch comedy series about a housefly touring one city on america per episode, and causing some sort of accident by simply being there. the last bit of the joke is carried over to the next so on and so forth until the entire city descends into madness

With the dead end DC/Marvel have put themselves with their heroes I would like to see runs advertised as alternate universes.For example, end the 616 stories and title the run as a different marvel universe. If they want to do alternate origins or whatever I’m game. Give their writers more creative control to do what they want, with only a time locked deadline of when their stories will end, and the intention of having strong continuity between its characters. Then reboot it again with a different timelined universe. Kind of like what if, but instead they get whole teams in the mix for bigger lead ups, tie ins, and even a big event or 2 during the run, but allow writer creative control to come first and foremost.Many will be shit, but the possibility we could actually get some good stories out of it, in my opinion, could revitalize the franchises. Already continuity is shot to hell so at least clarify what they are doing so segmented universes can have a better continuity.

Bring Nintendo’s properties to the screen done proper.Work with some of the better named writers/directors while keeping nintendo in on the loop with the direction of their projects so we don’t have another LoZ debacle. Divide the Nintendo properties into respective genres so they are marketed toward their ideal audiences, Castlevania was already done decent. I’d like a space Sci Fi with Metroid, a Luigi series that focuses on ghost busting, and a Zelda series done in the style of Studio Ghibli.

>>117435070Elseworld Batman story where Bruce Wayne gets to be chosen as Spectre

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>>117440641Sounds neat

>>117440201>abusing children: the series

SMT but in cartoon form.>MC is a simple monster summoner in a world of weird and wacky monsters.>And also a bizarre creature of cosmic proportions with a god complex that summons various light-based creatures.>Episodes tend to consist of the MC building his demon party, meeting new folks, and said demons growing into stronger ones.>Shenanigans ensue.

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>>117437939yes. it got canned in the 90s.

>>117436689I'd watch it, i could see it being a comfy show about cats doing... cat things

>>117435523the transition between 2 and 3 wouldnt make any sense, if you do all of the games. 3 felt like a different game with one or two EB characters shoved in.

A man falls into the river in Lego City everyday.

>>117435070remake the amazing world of gumball but have the focus be on gumball and his mom's incestuous relationship

>>117438606Thanks, I imagine the knight and the wizard not being friends at all and only working together for convenience.So like ATHF without Frylock to balance things out

magical young adult(s) or teen(s) from magical fairy land get iseki'd into post-apocalypse like mad max, metro 2033, or stalker/roadside picnicGimme that transition from "everything lives together in harmony" to "man vs man vs wild"

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>>117435070Big titty goth milf fucks her teen neighbor in VR. She slowly gaslights and isolates him to worship and protect herself from her stalkers.


One involving djs who have their sets played for a new animator each week

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>>117443810she kind of deserves it if she's molesting kids

>>117443922Yeah, she's not the villian, but she's a villian.

>>117435070something about gnosticism

>>117440201>group of kids get sent to fantasy realm seemingly at random>some of them are worried about home, others are into it and want to go on magical adventures>in reality its a grimdark horrorshow, where magic is portrayed in a negative light and all of the kingdoms/empires are cruel and oppressive regimes, and the wild is filled with various creatures ranging from monster of the week tier to lovecraftian/eldrich horrors (I.E. your average /tg/ setting) >show is comprised of multi episode arcs of their various attempts at getting home, all of them failing somehow

>>117435070A black man and white man switch bodies and must live out each other’s lives. The show will pretend to cover social issues but it’ll really just be an excuse to make racist jokes.

a coven a witches try to live life in the modern world, every episode is a totally spies like thinly veiled fetish.

American Dragon rebootbut Jake is now an African Americansince it takes place in New York City might as well make it more representative of New York City

NSDAB:it basically follows the most wacky plans of the nazis like himmler's search of the holy grail and delusions like that

>>117445886>follows a random unknown SS unit going on wacky adventures to go on whatever goose chase Himmler ordered that week>fails comically every single time>said SS unit possibly ends up costing them the war somehow by fucking up massively


>>117435523Sounds like Animorphs.

>>117435070Abraham Lincoln stands outside your window pointing at you.

>>117439736Well you already found a reference in The Office so I'd say you should start going with it. I mean you won't have to deal with this type of setting for long so I'd say just go for it

>>117435070Cartoon adaption of the first two Artemis Fowl books. Just give me one season and we can pretend the live action movie never happened.

Literally just an animated dnd campaign

>>117435070I always wanted to develop a space odyssey in the style of Flash Gordon and the pulp fiction comics of the 40s and 50s. Intergalactic space empires and corporations fighting each other in massive wars to colonize planets which each planet stuck in a different time period and featuring a specific art style. I had some cool ideas for the space and army suits and alien races make up 90% of the characters because having humanoid characters making up most of the cast is wasted potential.

>>117446767Why is the best live action remake/adaptation in a long time was fucking SONIC THE HEDGEHOG

Alcoholic cat who has given up on life living alone in single apartment.Each episode consists of ways to collect neetbux while avoiding doing work.Protagonist's parents are side characters. Every now and then there's an episode where he gets absolutely blackout drunk at home or bar.

>>117435070Mr.Enter’s Growing Around but a covert dystopia instead of a overt utopia.And the best part: The Anons will get the reference but the normies and Mr.Enter won’t see it because it’d be way too subtle to be detected.

A show about a young half-witch who used to live in the magical world with her witch mom while going to witch school, but then for reasons had to be transferred to the real world with her normal human dad and had to start going to a regular old high school.She has a hard time adjusting to human society's rules and gets bullied a lot due to being a "weird" girl in highschool, but fortunately magic seems to follow her wherever she goes..Either this or a Splatoon animated series.

>>117446450i mean, i suppose. but i dont think it would involve the EB kids morphing into animals. the constant risk of death though...

>>117443915actually sounds pretty cool, like the dj submits a 15 minute demo and the animator has to make a short out of it

>>117447114I could see it being more like a re-animated deal where each song is done by a different animator, and each one starts where the last left off

>>117435070Already posted this but what the heckA energetic girl passionate about the super natural finds her self enlisting the help of an obnoxious asshole and a quiet cynical loner in looking into the mysteries surrounding their small new england town. A show full of spirits, otherworldly entities, cults, family secrets, and a bit of library research because I guess it's set in the early 2000s. It's a bit of a mess really. thoughts?

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>>117447132Sounds like a mixture of Lovecraft, Stephen King, John Carpenter and Gravity Falls.I like this idea of yours, user!

I feel pretty lousy considering all of the pitches here are more involved and intricate, but here goes nothing:a series about super heroic animals that're sentient wool/cotton...

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>>117446942I'm biased towards witches but I like your concept user, her not knowing how magic works in the real world could potentially open a lot of wacky, fun scenarios

Imagine a world populated by anthropomorphic animals and their favourite thing is futuristic racing. We follow adventures of a young rookie racer who discovers conspiracy behind his beloved sport.

>>117447318sounds cute, what kind of powers do they have?

>>117446901then he joins the jellicle cats, and it turns out to be the pilot to >>117436689

>>117436689>>117436723Yeah, a series COULD work but a lot of cats is just characterization and not a whole lot actually happening, and you're limited in what they can do, being actual animals in their world...

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>>117447822really i just want to see it for that hot tuggerxmisto yaoi

>>117447822god, imagine the amount of furries this show would create

>>117435070A young man discover an odd looking gauntlet that can travel through time, space and dimensions. After discovering the gauntlet, he decided to use it as a transportation to alternate world. Now his persuaded goal is to find an artifact from other world and take it as his own.>The protagonist, is from a steampunk era.>His an archaeologist prodigy.>The gauntlet have an odd look, that it feels like it doesn't it belong our world.

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>>117435070So where are the animators? All i see is nobody in the picture.

>>117440201Aren't there already like 50 anime with this concept?

>>117447604really? you want to know more???

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>>117446420cause representation is important

>>117447778Never seen CATS so I dunno how it'd go

>>117435070Cartoon about pitching cartoon ideas. Let's you get really anthology like and you can even switch up the art depending on whom is pitching what

>>117449065do yourself a favor and check out the 1998 recording, the movie is a massive disservice to the musical. if you really need to be won over to ALW's work, listen to jesus christ superstar to see what you're getting into first.

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>>117449103this, this is the million dollar idea right here>meta premise will appeal to millennials/zoomers>can explore a ton of settings>could give a ton of shows backdoor pilots

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>>117449103>>117449234I could see this working in different ways>chill slice of life where the MC is a producer and goes really into the animation process>they literally go into the pilot and criticize it real time, and everything is actually actors and a set in universe>the same as above, but the shows are 100% for real and the characters have to play along but not "meddle">just random cartoons but with a framing device connecting them, like tales of the crypt

>>117435070Anime Noir with no cutesy bullshit for the kids. The story features spies and assassins who kill over political goals and they don't stop to fuck women just to give the chicken shit audience something to lust over. Various characters narrate and give their perspective to the audience so their actions make sense. Slaying and general horror is shown as abject and matter of fact. Victims die wretchedly as the situation calls for it, not as a gratuitous spectacle. Not as something to be relished or gloated over.

>>117449103>>117449234>>117449335it's literally just rick and morty but with a different coat of paint

>>117449357Bitch stfu, the characters haven't even been established, how do you know if it's even a clone or not?

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>>117449182JCSS>PotO>Catssorry not sorry

>>117449357Rick and Morty won an Emmy so I'm down with that

>>117448768Most anime isekai are either overly happy or blatant self inserts

>>117449424well, what are the characters?

>>117450560Don't know, it wasn't my pitch so I'll leave it to user who made it out of respect

>>117449424Based Bonnie bro standing up for user

>>117448823Sure, give it to me my man

"Two sneaky Rabbis"A cautionary tale warning goyim children of Jewish behavior.

>>117435070>Post your cartoon pitchPlease,i do not need to post my pitch, all i can give you is the title and you guys try to guess the plotAwesome-Kun Adventures

an Isekai world that’s so used to children getting transported into their world that the whole process has become bureaucratic

>>117447114>>117447127Like how Daft Punk got that whole anime movie but if each song had a different animator

>>117451111That'd be cool!

>>117445195That sounded like a mediocre adult cartoon, that you found watching it on a worthless channel.

>>117449335The third one seems the best. It'd give each world it's own feel

>>117451111Who animating this?

>>117452139Leiji Matsumoto

>In a world obsessed with pro wrestling, everything is decided via wrestling, politics, court cases etc. Each kingdom/country are called “promotions” and each have a definitive style and feel, American powerhouses, British/Canadian technical style, Japanese/Russian martial arts/strong style I could go on.>In one promotion which is just Mexican Lucha, a teenage girl wants to inherit her older brother’s/family’s masked lineage and become the new…(just call it La Tigre for now idk).>Mother is strongly against it for a heartbreaking reason revealed later on the show. >Protag steals her sleeping granddad’s mask and wins an underground match, but is caught by her mother. She sends her to “manager school” where all you do is learn how to make bigger and stronger wrestlers look like superstars.>Protag hates it and when she finds a torn poster of a cowboy with the word “champion” above she looks for him and finds a much older version of the dude (voiced by Chris Jericho) in the poster getting beaten up in a handicap match>She tags herself in and helps him win. They make a deal that he will take her all around the world to learn all styles of wrestling, in exchange he will help him earn money in shows.>Along their travels they befriend a “werehuman” named Boris who is a Russian wrestling bear and master of the Bear Hug submission cursed to turn into a gross human every full moon, and a tag team of a toll goth girl like pic related and her hardcore little sister who is a violent gremlin who craves violence>As they travel, earning money and new skill and friends they unravel a devious plot by the biggest promotion in the world who are invading other promotions in their quest for global domination and even more ulterior sinister motive.

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