So we've established they yes, they DID

Now the question is, how often?

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Every day multiple times a day while Hal watched.

Pour one out for the Homie DukeHe was taken from us too soon

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>>117434689>Ben 10What a cuck

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>No art of Ben cucking Hal by giving Arisa or Carol Ben 10 Inches


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If mario and rabbids can get their own X-Com clone, why can't Ben 10?There are already tons of factions and enemies that would fit perfectly into a tactical RPG game.If not something based on the plumbers then make a game similar to the Shadowrun games that focus on a small team.

>>117434735this definitely tracks for Hal's character

>>117434689like rabbits

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>>117434735>Not doing a tag team on her

>>117435673>>That's the size of her stretched out anus... On a particularly tight day.

>>117434689Every Thursday



>>117434689Every day, Gwen has Charmcaster's spellbook so I'm sure there's an anti pregnancy spell in there. Charmcaster was in her late teens after all.

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>>117436621>Fetus deletus

>>117436621Gwen also has a spell that restores her virginity after every fuck. Even into her adulthood she stays virgin tight

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>>117434889I figured a Musou would suit Ben 10 better. Fast, mindless, and with enough opportunities for fanservice.

>>117437239>>117437371These anons got the right idea.

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>>117434689Whenever they were left alone. The moment Max left they were all over each other.

>>117435708Must be Incog's Gwen. She really likes the backdoor.

>>117434689Whenever ben turned into wildmutt

So was Gwen wearing her bikinis in UAF to show off for Ben rather than Kevin?

They're very close cousins you sicko. This webm will clear your mind of such filthy thoughts.

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>>117438592That's uhhm


We might see attea but no kai green.

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>>117434716what happned to duke?

>>117439368Duke was killed by when Andreas quaked the his hideout into rubble.

The reboot is surprisingly goodIt's much better than I thought it would be

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Why did UAF show her in bikinis several times?

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>>117437371That's pretty cringe bro

>>117440634>Think older Gwen is pretty hot>Literally all she needs is lighter hair and bedroom eyes and she's as good as OG gwen

>>117440826Think Ben likes seeing her in that?

>>117440695So's your mom

>>117434689>BwenHeh what a cuck.

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>>117441083her hair barely looks red in that so i thought it was an edit to make gwen look like ben or something

>>117441237Are you telling me there isn't an actual instance of Ben dressing up as her due to shenanigans?

>>117441083>>117441237>>117441285>Ben dresses up as Gwen to cuck Gwen and make Kevin look like a faggotAbsolutely Based Ben.

Favorite fandom thing about Ben 10 is the lack of Tumblr/Twitter shit and screeching womanchildren

>>117441711The lack of political bullshit and projection is refreshing compared to the cesspit of other shows being bogged down by the aforementioned shitery.It's easy to imagine what Fringe Autists would say on either side.

>>117441711i'd say it was because none of these womanchildren saw it as a kid but then i see people bitching about other boy-targeted shows so i dunno

So it's like before social media flooded the internet with normies?

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>>117439936I love it, but when is gwen getting her magic!?

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What's he thinking?

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>>117441711You only care about that shit because you're a normalfag who uses twitter and tumblr. I have no social media so they only way I find about about the latest shitfit thrown by normies is when people like you drag it onto the board.

>>117439936>>117442312>Start watching the reboot expecting it to be utterly unwatchable like the Powerpuff Girls Reboot or Extremely inconsistent like Teen Titans Go>It's actually pretty good>And heart meltingly adorable at times. Reboot XLR8 is cutest thing ever, and Kevin is an endearing little shit, it almost seems like they split Ben's relationship from the OG series with new Gwen and Kevin, the Dweeb Doofus part of the relationship has been put on Kevin.

>>117442482>damn I wish I was kevin>it’s a good thing autists are so angry over me not touching my cousin they’ll draw non canon porn

>>117442482I've got to get in there!!!!

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>>117442663>>117442681Is she wearing it for him?

>>117442720Yes, they've been fucking since they were 10. Now that they are more developed due to puberty, Gwen takes any chance she can get to tease Ben with her bikinis. Until his lust becomes too much to handle and he mating presses her.

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>>117442482>>117441083>>117440634>People complain about Gwen having boobs in fanart despite her canonically having a nice rack, we've known this since the OG series with Future Gwendolyn, even in Omniverse flashbacks she's starting to develop

>>117442773>>117442780Maybe she wears black because it's like his shirt.

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>>117442849What a slut.

Would Ben store bikini pics of Gwen in the Omnitrix if he could?

>>117442927They have phones user, I'm pretty sure Ben took some pictures when she wasn't looking. Or she sends him pics later to see his reaction.

>>117434735>Hal Jordankek

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>>117442980She sends them so he doesn't have to rely on memory later that day.

>Be Ben>Like her bikini pic on Instagram like a doofus

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as much as they like to say they are cousins.....they ain't cousins.

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>>117444248Cute Gwen

>>117443262>be Ben>get ignored because she’s fucking KevinKek

>>117444248That’s a pretty good design


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>>117444499I think she likes the attention.

Anyone have those Black Gwen edits?

>>117438592I take it that reboot Gwen has the same annoying habit of getting huffy every time Ben pays attention to a girl?

>>117444248There's been some discussion about how to improve the design from that series.

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>>117446013Meant to reply to >>117444798

>>117445910I don't think ben's even interacted with girls much for some reason aside from gwen in the reboot.

>>117446013Removing the lips is always a no from me, that's how you get ben in a wig.

>>117434689>Ben 10 Nice! You shouldn't fuck your cousin though

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>>117439972>Ben's handUhhhhhh

>>117446013>>117434689When will animators learn that no one likes lips?

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>>117446013am i the only one who liked it?


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>>117444916The reboot has its moments

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>>117442608Hear fucking hear. The fucking T's are cesspits

>>117446437Y-you can't make that race legit hot.

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>>117448976You say that like getting lovingly SNU SNUed isn't a man's dream.

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>>117442482>When did she get so ugly, I've seen her in the future and she's hot why does she have a man jaw

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>>117446192Lips just look a little strange on gwen, every other female having thick DSLs is amazing.

>>117449048Because the new animators subscribe to the Bruce Timm school of character design: only use three or four templates for everybody.

We need art or videos of Yuri's other roles spliced into Ben 10, Namely Yosuke in P4, Sasuke Uchiha and several guys from Fallout New Vegas, like lottery guy.

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>siblings > cousins

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>>117445910I haven't watched enough of it but Gwen and Ben seem pretty damn close, kinda Best friends level as appose to the other young versions of them where they are always kinda aggressive towards each other.

>>117439972I never notice Ben cope a feel.

>>117446737Seems to be that way.

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>>117446737I liked it.Nerdy Chicks do it for me

>>117449651I feel like it works on the OP image

>>117446437>>117448851>>117449000Red and Green are best girls

>>117448976People always go the Snu Snu route with Looma but in the show she is portrait as the sweetest cutiepie there is. She just happens to be from a warrior race where its costume to execute your future husband ex in front of your future mother in law. She would wake up early to hunt a giant boar with her bare hands just to cook it for you wearing nothing but a frilly apron.

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>>117446737I think it doesn't look bad, but she just doesn't look like Gwen. Gwen in the OG series was smart but also fashionable.

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>>117450205This, Looma is for loving marriage, handholding and "Gentle" lovemaking to create a new heir

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>>117450815>All four turn to Elena and smother him in nanochip-hugs>Ben: "This is it... this is my private hell."

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Which Ben 10 girl gives the best head?

>>117451240Attea hands down. No other girl can compete with that tongue.

>>117451278I don't know, Attea may be able to slob your knob the best but I think Looma can make up for it with her size and extra set of arms to give you a full servicing.Nanochip Elena could do some crazy prostate and urethral stuff using her nanochips, or copy AtteaIf you enjoy pain Nyancy Chan may or may not have a sandpaper tongueK8E and Helen Wheels can give you a hyper fast sucking

>>117451365Next question, which girl likes anal the most?

>>117451387Kai, she loves to be knotted in the ass by Blitzwolfer

>>117451419You leave her out of this, we're focusing on alien girls.

>>117451365Looma is the only one that can completely dominate you while sucking your cock.She could hold all your limbs, and turn upside down as you are helpless as your blood rushes to your head and cock.

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>Ywn crush your enemies with your hot Tetramand Wife>Ywn get her a shiny new warhammer for her birthday along with a few enemies to try it out on

>4 Armpits>Desert Planet>Fights all the timeImagine the smell

>>117449823>AF Ben gets the new Omnitrix>YEEEEEAH WHO WON THE LOTTERY? I DID!


>>117452232>Ben Works at Mr. Baumans to pay for damages>Every days great at your Junes!>Ben that's the jingle for another Store

>>117450205>>117450387These are perfect descriptions of Looma, what I wouldn't give to have a girl like that.

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>>117452186>implying her race isn't adapted to the climate of Khoros to be nothing but a normal day for them unless it's summer time.I'll give you the sweat fetish based on her fighting all the time, but weather is gonna have to be extreme for her to sweat.

>>117452648All I know is that I want to lick every inch of her muscular red body after a long workout.

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>>117452911My man, same here.

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Patrician Xenofuckers

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>>117453184Ben 10 is a massive supporter of interspecies love.>Ben and his harem of Alien Babes>Grandpa Max did it twice with Xylene and Verdona>Cousin Joel and Camille Mann>The Plumber Helpers were originally hybrids before the Rooters retconned it>Subdora and Exo-Skull>Fistina>Nyancy Chan and Rath

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>Like Attea and Tsuyu Asui from Hero Academia>Barely art of either them giving rimjobsHOW CAN YOU FUCK UP THIS BADLY?

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>>117439936The reboot confused the absolute fuck out of me so I never watched it>news of reboot show>episodes start to leak online>nothing on tv, nor on the american websites>apparently airing in english in other countries >episodes released WAY out of order >still no news of the western front>literally dont understand what the fuck is going onThat's why I never watched it