Rosemary at CRX 2020

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High Guardian Spice will NEVER come out.

>>117434312That's what it seems like

A part of me want High Guardian Spice to come out, I don't know why.

>>117434288What a terribly sad rosemary :(

>>117434352Morbid curiosity, I get it. I want Gen Zed to come out for the same reason.

>>117434352To get it over with?

>>117434352Because it's cute?

>>117434352The premise of the show is generic as fuck, but I genuinely like the character designs.

>>117434840Isn't all magical girl anime generic? It seems like this show is going to be more about girls than plot. Maybe. I guess we have no idea because they haven't released a proper trailer lol

Her hair is puffy, and she a cutie. I like her for sexual, but I don't have high hopes for the show itself. I just want the lewds, man!

>>117435089Puffy hair is so cute

>>117435126You think puffy hair means she's got a puffy secret?


I love Rosemary and she deserves love and kindness

Is this the ultimate get woke to broke example? It’s a program whose marketing so was focused on its wokeness that they barely even talked about the show itself and apparently buried the show due to backlash.

>>117435248I was talking about her vulva. Her teen vulva.

>>117435431oh okay, well in that case gross

>>117435487Why do you think puffy vulvas are gross?

>>117435501as an adult, talking about a teen's vulva is gross user. also rosemary is too innocent for this

>>117435541I'm actually okay with talking about teen vulva as long as the teen is 14 and over, or she's fictional.

>>117434288Rosemary, heaven restores you in life.

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>>117437907imagine how many of these memes will be defunct if the show actually comes out and then if it actually ends up good

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Is Rosemary for sexual?

So like, did white people actually unironically like this show's trailer or is this all just elaborate trolling?

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>>117438174pretty sure everyone dunked on the trailer

>>117438086yes>>117438174There were some bits of the trailer that at least show the general idea, and honestly if people can make harsh judgements that those bits were bad it's enough to make judgements that it could be interesting.I mean being white doesn't really have anything to do with it, if simplified it's very similar to LWA and that's japanese.

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>>117438290>I mean being white doesn't really have anything to do with itNo offense, but this show SCREAMS "this is made for annoying spinster white women."The kind of garbage that you'd expect 10 years ago made by mid-30s white women who grew up on Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura and think they're the pinnacle of all things Japan.

>>117437907I will like your show Rosemary but you marry me in return

>>117438377But CardCaptor Sakura is the pinnacle of magical shoujo shows.

Over the past two years I've sort of flipped from>this is yet another show that seems to prioritize surface-level progressiveness rather focusing on the actual animation or writingto>Crunchyroll is fucking over Raye just like Nickelodeon did with Katie and Camp Weedonwantchaa, except Crunchyroll is sitting on a totally completed show and not just a short

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>>117440619>CardCaptor Sakura is the pinnacle of magical shoujo showsPretty good show, but Ojamajo Doremi is the pinnacle of magical shoujo shows.

>>117440912>Crunchyroll is sitting on a totally completed show and not just a shortwrong, they just made the pilot, they didnt made the entire thing

>>117441054>just made the pilotproofs? if the namefags are to be believed, the show is already done

>>117434352i'm curious on how generic/shit it'd be, but i also feel bad that ray got his waifu show cucked by a bunch of whales

>>117440912Legit wasn’t the main girlHis OC at one point?

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>>117441054Raye confirmed on Twitter that the show is finished.

I can't believe 4chan was ahead of its time on Kate Leath

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>>117441054Why must you so blatantly lie when it's so easy to prove otherwise? Did you just want (you)s?Also, this will be the only Twitter screencap on this godforsaken board that isn't posted with the intention to start shit.

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>>117441223I'm also extremely dissapointed in the design change the made for the elf. She looks absolutely horrible now

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>>117441235The finished designs

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>>117434288Gonna be better then Owl House.


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>>117441194They are all his OC. I believe you mean his self insert, which yes it is. However it is his ideal version of himself before he transitioned.

>>117441265Also the dwarf looks like an actual child and not a dwarf now

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more original designs

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>>117441552No. It was his ideal version of a magical girl.


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>>117440912>just like Nickelodeon did with Katie and Camp WeedonwantchaaIt wasn't just camp w.... look at all those pilots they uploaded on youtube. Presumably Nick holds the rights to every single one of those concepts, still.

>>117434288>names are ingredient/spice themedI hope they actually do some cooking in this series. Maybe some Dungeon Meshi vibes?

She looks as if she's 100% for sexual.

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>>117441702i still would

>>117441702She's kinda cute.

>Holla Forums always said the diversity/tranny fags should make their own shit>they finally do>WHAT THE FUCK WHY WOULD THEY MAKE THAT!? RAGE RAGE FUCKING RAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>Show gets shelved because Crunchroll doesn't want to compete with Disney and The Owl House >tfw Holla Forums wants to watch it nowYou get what you fucking deserve, Holla Forums, more fucking faggots and blacks in your reboots!

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>>117443650There's been plenty of diversity and tranny cartoons recently, even before this got announced.People have been looking forward to this coming out (for better or for worse) for years now

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>>117434288>people unironically want this generic moebait show with uninspired designs

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>>117434352Maybe they can get another staff and remake it into comedic satire a la KonoSuba

I still think the characters are cute, it’s a shame really

>>117441702Top right makes her look like she's doing a dick sucking motion

>>117444025perfect height

>>117434288Ok, so what the hell is the studio behind HGS doing now? They got no website or anything.

>>117442695This gives me an idea. Cancel HGS and reboot it, but now it's a story about Rosemary dealing with her failed career. She gets an onlyfans and starts doing porn to get by, then she goes to drink heavily after work.

>>117441042I wish there was somewhere to watch Ojamajo in decent quality, it looks so cute

>>117444818Aren't they soft-subbing the episodes again, in decent quality from the blu-rays?> it looks so cuteOh yes, it's really cute. Excellent, excellent show.I wouldn't mind watching it again, even though it's long.

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>>117444910Ahhh I love these designs so much. I HOPE they are, I’d buy these Blu-ray’s in a heartbeat

>>117444938Tfw you accidental namefag lol

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>>117438377Why on earth would I watch HGS when I could watch CardCaptor Sakura againI guaran-damn-tee you HGS isn't going to have a scene where a elementary school teacher proposes to his student and I refuse to accept a lesser mahou shoujo that isn't willing to break a few eggs

>>117434288I don't think you realize just how poorly received High Guardian Spice was Crunchyroll talked all this good shit about paying for their service 'supports anime creators and the production of more anime' and then they use their neetbux to produce a CalArts show produced entirely by American degenerates and sex perverts with none of the charm of an actual magical girl show and where the promo video is just said degenerates jerking each other off about how diverse the creators areHigh Guardian Spice will NEVER come out on Crunchyroll, and if it comes out ever it'll be on an entirely different streaming platform.

>>117444938Well, I recommend the show wholeheartedly, and remember there's a movie coming out in December.Hopefully that movie will do well, and the franchise will continue.

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>>117445606Nobody really cares if the money goes to Japanese creators when the trailer something like Onyx Equinox is pretty well received.The mistake was doing that fucking trailer in the aftermath of the gaffergate controversy.

>>117444910is there any site I can watch this subbed from the beggining? I've finished all my current series and need the void filled. Not really an anime person so I don't know the go to sites a mega if at all possible would be wonderful

>>117441042>someone mentioning Doremi in Holla Forumswow what the fuck I thought this board was devoid of taste. but yea, great show if you're actually into the whole "magical girl" genre. it's really incredible watching a likeable cast of characters literally grow up and develop over the course of the series. it's a shame theres not really an official release anywhere (and probably never will be due to the genre and demographic) so you basically have to rely on 15 year old DVD rips and subs scattered across the internet. If anyone is actually interested in watching it I believe the full series is up on nyaa with all the torrents being relatively active. sub and source quality varies between seasons though (please for the love of god Toei release BD's for Motto, Dokkan and Naisho).

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>>117434352It might be good and the characters are cute. Plus lost media is always sad.


>>117446621did you really think doremi is that niche that nobody outside magical girl circles has heard of it?

>>117445805>when the trailer something like Onyx Equinox is pretty well received.That's mainly because everyone who's not some annoying white retard has already fucked off from the platform.Crunchyroll is now synonymous with ironic white weebs who only watch FotM garbage and genuine trash like God of Highschool.

Uhhh...Spice Bros!?

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hope we get some news eventually

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>>117434288wait, where's this pic from

>>117445293interesting naming scheme, I wonder where you got that image in particular. Its always interesting to see how these image ended up where they were.

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>>117447170>he doesn't know

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>>117434395This.Even if it's not great, I despise things becoming lost media.

>>117448171>>117448161I forgot about the cat girl

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You know what they say about big puffy hair!

>>117445650I think that trio of girls in the new ojamajo doremi 2020 movie looks like the girl trio of Teasing Master Takagi San anime

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>>117449891Oh shit, you may be right.I started watching that show only recently, can't watch too much because my wife doesn't get it and so she doesn't like it. But yes, they remind me too.The personalities of the new Ojamajo Doremi characters have been explained, each of the new girls is a mix of two already-existing Ojamajo. That to me sounds kinda lazy, but also very fun.

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You think the hair is pink and pussy on her head only?

>>117443650Is this a case of Stockholm syndrome?

So this is just a repeat of She-ra right? A bunch of people hate it before it comes out. The haters watch 2 episodes and then leave, then rest make their own quiet general where they just like the show like everyone else.

I'm sure the Japanese dub will be better than whatever the original cast is.

I don't really care about the diversity nonsense i just want to watch a good animated cartoon. And i will watch when it comes out.


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>>117441235>>117441265I like the elf's finished design. The group looked like they needed a serious one.

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>>117451757If this thread is still going later I wanna draw someone eating her hair

>>117451813we talking head hair or....

>>117434375Tranny protag

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The whole thing is shit from the start.Crunchy roll wants to be Netflix but instead of funding shit like anime they gave a trannie a show. Doesn’t crunchy roll have a translation problem? Spend money on god damn japs who speak English to work on your shit.

I assume it'll come out some time after Onyx Equinox. I wonder if Crunchyroll would even care if the whole series got leaked online like Bee and Puppycat s2.

>>117451409>I don't really care about the diversityUnfortunately, seems like the people who do have way more power than those that don'

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>>117451984>instead of funding shit like animeThey do, lol. They helped produce those two webtoons, for example. I seriously doubt they spent a lion's share of their weeb bux on their american productions. A couple of underperforming series isn't going to tank their business. The actual jap anime industry shits out like 30+ anime series 4 times a year. How many of these series does the average weeb follow and care enough to remember the next year?

>>117434390Well Gen Zed was a straight up scam, apparently. That's DEFINITELY never coming out. HGS at least exists in some form.

>>117452248i don't care about the drama about the diversity i just want to watch high guardian spice and see what it is like.

>>117446827but it is completely niche outside of the magical girl community, the fuck you talking about?

>>117451757Her crotch?

>>117434288It looks nice, though I liked the earlier designs a bit more. I don't like the way they introduced the project, that's the only gripe I have. Rosemary and the blue witch are pretty cute.

>>117451984>instead of funding shit like animeIt shows how you're talking out of your ass cause they just announced a shenmue anime, so clearly they can and have been doing both.

>>117452039This person is a 22 year old straight out of college with no animation experience, that’s why her show didn’t get picked up. Has nothing to do with diversity

>>117434288So this is another money laundering scam like Gen Zed, right?

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>>117451897I will not watch your show

>>117437133>had the BALLS to ask for money>then tanked the next debate and flubbed the primaries>didn't even stay in the race until the end this time

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>>117441230>>117440912This person identifies as the opposite gender from what they were born as, don't they?

>>117443650>tfw enjoy She-ra and Owl House>tfw want to watch a similar cartoon that's not bound by "for children" restrictions>tfw Crunchyroll won't release HGS

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>>117453764Yuuuuuup, that’s what’s going to make this one different

>>117453764>>117453307now where's the fart art