So, does noelle still have a chance to make her she-ra movie...

So, does noelle still have a chance to make her she-ra movie? The fans already stopped pushing for it with their trendings

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Never say neverDreamworks has a princess movie in the pipeline already however

Doesn't matter, Mattel wouldn't fund it.

A movie isn’t happening now go to sleep


>>117432832Higher chance than going sane, that's for sure.

>>117432832Is it true she's a cuck?

>>117433248She's a cuck and her Hollywood career is over

>>117433452Shut up incel

>>117433561Shut up femcel.

She dead

>>117432832I think she's busy working on that Nimona movie atm.

>>117432866Aren’t they going to He-man

>>117433248and a racist

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>>117434465belongs in the Jim Crow museum. Absolutely disgusting

>>117434526Chadwick Boseman didn't die for THIS!

>>117434465I hate this show and noelle for a variety of reasons, but this wasnt offensive and noelle shouldnt have apologized for a harmless joke

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>The fans already stopped pushing for it with their trendingsYou mean the 10-20 retards with spambots? 99% of the replies to her tweets are supporting her. I mean she's a femcel but you guys blew that out of proportion.

>>117432832It was never an option

>>117434805>but this wasnt offensive and noelle shouldnt have apologized for a harmless jokeNobody cared about the picture, it was the "working in the fields" line that set people off. All Noelle had to say was the guy's a farmer and no one would have cared.

>>117432832I'd say it has a 50/50 chance of happening.

>>117434465I never knew BLM could be this based

>>117433452Hollywood cloute is only appealing to vain narcissists.

>>117432832Has geekysparkles gotten help yet I mean i known she's been abusing her family for a whole now but still

>>117432832It ended decently enough for not making a follow up. Honestly, anything that happen after will just subtract to the story.

>>117436804What if the story is about the wedding of Catra and Adora, and Shadow Weaver crashes it to object to the matrimony?

>>117436889What if keon catches his kids watching this Probably in for a beating


>>117436541>it was the "working in the fields" line that set people off.Oooooooooh thats pretty bad, how did she think that wouldnt blow up

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>>117436804Yes but clownfish tv still thinks it was cancelled I mean they need the money

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>>117438813looks like shit!

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>>117439814Yep with that talent, you can see why they put her in charge of She Ra.

>>117438813Even with the context of her being cucked in this I'm still confused reading this.

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>>117439814This post together with that pic made me laugh. Thanks user.>>117439846Did Noelle even design anything for this show?

>>117439865Inside Noelle's mind is a dark and confusing place

>>117439893well she was the producer. But yeah, what she actually DID besides be gay is anyone's guess

>>117432832No, that dyke is fucked harder than her wife is when Chad comes over

I thought the redpill on this show was that she actually wasn't that huge of a deal on non-gay matters and if she were to leave not everything would go to hellI'm sure she's not the only capable gay author or drawer or convincer of CEOs or whatever it is she does

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>>117438813post that panel of her hearing her wife and her boyfriend fucking

>>117436889Fuck off shipper.>>117438702If it's true, then good.If they need the money, they should work in something profitable. It's not that they lack talent, or are unhirable. She-Ra was not bad as a show itself, it was a bad adaptation but it was enjoyable. Like a pretty good fanfiction. If they jump into something original they will succeed.

>>117432832I hope not, especially if the movie is a crossover with He-Man. Keep Skeletor away from this garbage.

>>117440420Is this it?

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>>117439893>Did Noelle even design anything for this show?Noelle created the concepts while the design team at Mattel finalised them.

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>>117440711yes thank you!

I don't follow her, what did she do?

>>117441138she lynched a poor black man on livestream

>>117433248Yup, her girlfriend used to make her sleep on the couch while she got dicked down. Definitely explains why catradora is so fucked up.

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>>117434465Sow is cute! Cute!

>>117432832Sarah Zed?

>>117441197Sow has nothing on

>>117438813I wonder if she got the idea for publishing her "memoirs" from My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness. At least the latter actually explained what was happening.

>>117440513That just flew over your head didn't it?

>>117441180>doesn't like men>lets her wife sleep with menWhat the fuck

>>117441682That's probably why she doesn't like them, actually. God forbid she holds her selfish, manipulative girlfriend accountable for her actions.

>>117438529She's not obsessed with race and slavery enough, I guess. Not loyal enough to The Party.


>>117441879It was the "Noelle hates men" twitter chain. Always gets deleted minutes after being posted.

>>117441403Listening to shippers ruin great stories. Mostly because a ship is just a side dish in the general scheme.Also, considering their past (Adora and Catra) I'd find it rather depressing. As SUF square.

>>117441930Uhh... I wasn't talking about that.

I hope she doesn't stay up past her bedtime when her wife's boyfriend comes around for a visit.

>>117434465That ended careers...

Black user here, didn't really care about that working in the fields comment but when everything went silent and she started quoting black crime statistics around 20 minutes in, that was pretty weird

>>117434465My man just wants to grow his fucking crops, he doesn't deserve this shit.

>>117442307>started quoting black crime statisticsThe fuck. Was this part of the stream?

>>117442307> she started quoting black crime statistics around 20 minutes inSo she saying blacks do more crimes or blacks gets the worst rep in crimes?Source. I don’t believe a non-binary could say that shit.

>>117438702>>117441403>>117442114It kinda did, but my position still stands.Btw, yes, she's racist. Being progressive and think you should help those who are oppressed by their race like noble savages is racist. She doesn't know better, and it's unlikely to change. At least she could learn about there are limits in canceling people by their thoughts. It's not like she killed or raped someone. The best stuff she will get is to know who are really her friends and who are some assholes who sticked to her because she was famous or had some good ideas which fit in their circlejerk.Hopefully she will become less of a cunt.I wanted to look at the Clownfish video. Seems a good channel.

>>117442307I thought the moment where she said MLK had it coming was a touch odd, I will admit.

>>117442269Fill me on this, what happened?

>>117442395>Noelle and crew did a stream>Joke about Bow's brothers having similar names>What should the brother that tends the field be named?>Sow!> everyone laughs and admit that's an inside joke>Twitter lost their fucking minds Also;Some dude also said the word "Dyke" on stream which also got the cunt munchers mad, despite it being part of some dyke podcast

>>117442443She's done I guess.

When she started burning that cross, I thought it was a little over the top.

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>>117434465This never would have happened if she'd never race swapped the ginger.You reap what you sow, bitch.

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>the inside joke was shared between her and storyboarder Sam SzymanskiAlways the Polish niggas

>>117432832After her white supremacy scandal was uncovered she'll never work again.

>>117432847>CuckWas she? The girl left the boyfriend to marry Noelle. Doesn’t that make her the bull?

>>117441180>Definitely explains why catradora is so fucked up.Yeah, Catradora it’s supposedly based on the relationship Noelle has with her wife, which worries me because the paring was super toxic. It make you wonder just what kind of relationship she has with Molly

>>117441767>y. God forbid she holds her selfish, manipulative girlfriend accountable for her actions.At least someone mention this, everyone starts talking shit about Noelle when this gets brought up but it’s clear she was just a naive, ingenue girl who got manipulated to stay on a toxic relationship, Molly is the one who seems the most shitty and toxic between the two judging by what she did to the people she was dating, fuck that bitch

>>117434424Yup. Two of them. But no more Noelle She-Ra.

>>117443470No, thanks. I don't want my 84th warning. Look for it in the archive.

>>117441930>As SUF square.SUF was good though

>>117443159I sow what you did there.

>>117442363>>this is their wedding picture, Molly holding a phallic symbol up yo Noelle's face so she can like the creamErm, the implication of this wouldn’t be that bad if we didn’t know about the whole “open relationship” Aka Cuck story, what’s Molly doing to Noelle?

>>117443389No, because if she was the bull then she would only ever meet up with Molly to have sex. She clearly felt an emotional attachment to her, and knowing her girlfriend was getting love/dick on the side was eating her up inside. If Noelle hadn't threatened to leave then Molly would have happily kept it up with both of them.

>>117443513No, it's not^)

>>117442367>Hopefully she will become less of a cunt.How bad is Noelle really? Hearing the stories the one who seems like an abusive psychopath it’s her wife, while Noelle seems like a desperate person who stayed with Molly because she was naive

>>117443159>This never would have happened if she'd never race swapped the ginger.Why is it always the ginger?They always gender swap Gingers

>>117443548Oh so it's only banned on fireden

>>117443531>If Noelle hadn't threatened to leave then Molly would have happily kept it up with both of themIs Molly as shitty, abusive and psychotic as everyone makes her out to be? I still believe Catra was Noelle self insert, yet Molly seems to be the most toxic and manipulative, the more Catra-like between the two, while Noelle seems naive and the more Adora-like between the two

>>117438813lesbianism is a disease

>>117443653Yeah I've noticed. desu doesn't even save 90% of the webms from /gif/ lately.

>>117440711Wait is she really hearing, you know, her wife getting intimate on the other room? Aren’t they just dunno sleeping or something?

>>117443675and more lesbians is the cure

>>117443510She's clearly the dominant figure, even with the men she fucked. Noelle was a white bread girl with daddy issues so she could be manipulated very easily, which abusive people like Molly love to use. I bet that if it wasn't for Noelle finally standing up to her Molly would've keep doing it. Both fell for the trap of feminism; Molly- Girls can fuck anyone and everything and not be judge Noelle- Men are worthless and being a woman means being oppressed. Women are kind, nurturing, but flawed things and could never use or manipulate people like men do

>>117443675You're a disease.

>>117432832The retards that went after her for knowing that you sow seeds in a field did their own cause so much harm it's frankly hilarious.They not only threw a big spanner into the works of any potential She-Ra movie (provided that no contract's already signed), they also completely ignored the big push she made in that podcast to try and get executives to hire more minority writers on shows, AND they managed to send a very different but clear message to those executives: don't even bother reaching out to progressives, they'll eat their own over the most moronic imagines slights possible.I haven't seen anyone shoot themselves in the foot to this extent in a long time.

>>117442358>>117442331its a joke. she made a character called sow which is bow from she-ra but a farmer which got turned into "she made a slavery joke" through a game of telephonethats it

>>117442395Some fan sent fanmail in to the podcast interview asking Noelle for advice because he was a white cis hetero dude and he wanted to write stories that are diverse but didn't want to be accused of "stealing" other people's stories so he wanted to know how he should approach shit.She went "whoah, that's a toughie" and basically conceded that there's not going to be an answer that satisfies everyone until there's more non-white writers. She went on at length about how the industry hasn't done enough about that (including herself), cited specific problems coming from the execs, and said she was going to try to use the clout she had coming off of She-Ra to try and do something about it moving forward.Then she talked about how they gave Bow's brothers jobs based on their names, which all rhyme with Bow. Gough the one-eared artist, Oboe the musician, Sow (as in sowing seeds) who's having fun in a field. Because she said a black guy's in a field she's a racist now.

>>117444305What do you get when you cross mentally ill progressives and social media where they treat everyone like trash?

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>>117432832You really don't know how the industry works. It's still happening and by then everyone will have forgotten the Twitter fake news shit and only idiots like you will be left empty.

>>117443577Despite Hitler's bullshit, Gingers are THE Ultimate white race.

>>117444441You mean albinos

>>117444454Albinos are what white people came from, gingers are white people's ultimate form.

>>117444408Noelle will survive. Lumberjanes and Nimona are already in production.But the push for a She-Ra movie was entirely driven by social media. The dumb as fuck fandom just ripped apart the only card they had to play.


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>>117438813>>117444691>Noelle, stay so you can hear me take the dick

>>117444669> Lumberjanes and Nimona are already in production.I wonder what happened to it? There are no new information about it. Nimona was going to be released soon but never come up what happen.

>>117444825I dunno man, I can't think of anything that happened this year that might've slowed down production of a movie.

>>117434465but what if he was an organic, free trade farmer? WHERE'S YOUR HATE NOW, HUH?


>>117444691I have a bad feeling about Noelle’s well being. Not because her wife did numerous shit towards her but this is Noelle’s first queer love.I’m not queer but with every first love, this not going to last. I don’t know why but queer relationships are new and taboo. Not many kids are gonna find their perfect queer partner on their first try.Is queer love especially if it your first messy? Does it last long as hetro relationships? Any queer anons agrees what am saying?

I'm worried about her. She seems like she's far too candid online for her own good. With this many people following her every post, I can't imagine her being able to vent properly.

>>117445435Her own damn fault, especially after airing her cum stained laundry to the public as She-Ra

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>>117442367Don't support abusers user that's all clownfish are


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>>117432832Sadly, Noelle died of Super-AIDS on her way back to her home, the Planet of the Disgusting Dykes.

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>>117432832Cute tranny

>>117445787>all of that "I DREW THIS! ME!" for that dogshit drawingI mean, i guess be proud, but know your place.

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>>117432832i remember liking her poorly drawn stick figure art on tumblr but i didn't realize she had a show? wtf? and all about women, too, even though she was all about pandering to fujos? how strange

>>117446242She went from tumblr fancomics to the webcomic Nimona to working on Wander Over Yonder while making the Lumberjanes comic to making She-Ra while Lumberjanes and Nimona get animated.

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>>117434465She resurrected RACISM! Can you imagine a Black Farmer in this day and age? Can you imagine Blacks OWNING anything of value like LAND?

>>117443577Gingers are the only minorities that nobody cares about

>>117446251Meanwhile geekysparkles is running a shit youtube news service screaming wbout how thundercats (2011) getting reruns is important

>>117438529>>117436541It was "tilling the field". Cuz his name is sow. One retarded twitter fag said working and the rest of them repeated it like sheep.

>>117444085says the mentally ill, man hating dyke.

>>117445127why are you asking this? who fucking cares.

>>117443702>>117443548It's weird though. Every picture but that one shows up just fine in the archive. Plus since its just a thumbnail, you can't sauceNao it either. I've also noticed that posts about Molly's abuse if Noelle tend to get deleted too as if someone is covering for her.

>>117446724This is something clownfish tv will investigateAnd then keep investigating until they finally realise how unemployable they really are and start selling their organs

You know, on the one hand I fucking hate cancel culture shit. On the other, watching people who cultivate that environment, like Noelle, get cancelled is highly entertaining.

>>117447648Seeing these people eat their own is always extremely funny. There is no one who will ever hate these shows and their creators more aggressively than the very same demographic they're pandering to

>>117446644says the woman hating incel.

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>>117443483It was good. But doing that with She Ra it's like putting too much salt into your meal.

>>117443557I was thinking about the "I have the moral ground" way of thinking that left wing people tend to have. It's not wrong be lefty, but when you add a feeling of superiority, then you stop be likeable outside your circlejerk. If the stuff of her wife is real, then being racist is the least of her problems. She probably needs the Train. >>117445706If it's true, then I agree. If that's all, then I will grow bored with them pretty quickly

>>117441180>>117441767>>117442363Call me ignorant, but did Noelle ever go to therapy?

>>117443916>daddy issuesThat too? All I've heard about her parents is that she has an over-religious mother.

>>117449804She came from a conservative Christian background. And considering how all this woke social posturing seems like religious zealotry, that just makes the situation even more messed up.

>>117446482Tilling sounds even worse, the average person isn't going to know what that means.Isn't Noelle an escapee from Amish-esque religious cult? That might explain why she that in a weird, old-timey way.

>>117450232>Amish girl who goes full lez during Rumspringa>Gets with a cheating and manipulative depraved bi-sexual to piss off her parents>Leaves the Amish cult but now gets to suffer abuse from a Lesbian Feminazi.>Even tries crying for help with her comics showing how her girlfriend now Wife was cucking her.>Even jokes about using drugs and drinking to cope with with problems.>Makes She-Ra as a bigger cope where she gets to pretend to be both Catra & Adora in the sane way she wants to be her abuser (Molly) but still a victim (Adora)>Even the PC cultists & twitshits are turning in her, even trying to revoke her LGBTQ+/Woymn card.Homestly all we need is Molly to go back to cucking her/NTR her with a Tyrone or $0iboy paying simp like Hirsch, possibly making her lick up the sloppy seconds too. Then her Emergence will be complete and it will be glorious.

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>>117447277Uh are you okay user? No one was talking about Clownfish and honestly if tge pics are true then Noelle needs help. She's living the stereotypical Lesbian abuse story and is more likely to an hero at the end.

you guys larping through a telephone tag of her life if honestly quite creepy.

>>117446465Nothing will ever erase the stench of Thundercats 2011's failure.

>>117450773Seriously, the few times she's talked about growing up are... ridiculously nothing like what people here say.She played in swamps, put on plays with friends, and had a bunch of Star Wars toys. She was raised conservative but of the "hate the sin, not the sinner" variety, and by the time she came out her family was already going "I'm not sure about this" to some of the sermons they'd been hearing.

>>117432832Nope, this white bitch be all racist and sheeit

>>117438529People who actually *don't* sit around and think about racism, hatred, and racist situations all day and night never actually think random innocent things said are actually deep down, some super secret declaration of hatred.

>>117438529Where do you sow seeds if not in a field?

Despite being a lesbian she has swallowed more cum than her bisexual girlfriend because she has it kissed into her unwilling mouth almost every night.

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>>117453094>I'm the sort of person that throws around "supposedly" accusations and I can't understand why people don't listen to meOkay zoomer.

>>117453323This level of obsession is healthy, I'm sure.

>>117453347Cum is healthy