Hot men of Holla Forums thread

Post and discuss your husbandos

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He should be gay again. Which X-man should he be paired with?

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i don't think "hot" is a word i'd use to describe him but here is my husbando kyle

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>>117433468If it's Ultimate Peter, I could see him getting on well with NuPyro.

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>>117433910I want to suckle on that tiddie

Made for each other

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Of course the last one is an ass shot.


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>>117434738That is a good pairing for him.

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>>117433632This. "Hot" implies this thread is solely to be a sexual one. I knew I should have made a husbando thread sooner, now I have to wait 400+ replies for this one to die.>>>/trash/>>>/aco/

>>117436044Just call it a beef thread next time. Using 'husbando' in the description just draws all the pedos and animal fuckers out.

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>>117433468Fastball special.

>>117436631Scott has primary custody of Logan's dick now.

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Ps4 Cap is cute

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>>117437222I hope he his tits are as big as MCU Cap's under that armor.

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>>117438302>dat hand touchingLewd!

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>>117434420Is DC THAT afraid of gay Batman and Robin jokes? I mean they can just make him Bi.

>>117434420More Marcus To Tim when?

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>>117434420>>117438893Why does DC keep trying to make Timbo look like Eminem when that design is by far the fan favourite? Tim's deal is being a hackerman he doesn't need to look very muscular.


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>>117438302Did we get any shirtless Thor?

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>>117440060I love Kurt

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>>117439643Nope, only Cap and Hulk

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>>117433468>has angel wings(gay iconography)>""Playboy"" without any women interaction >most attractive Xmenwhy is he not the gay one?WTF

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>>117441292>why isn't he the gay oneHe hasn't pissed off Jean yet

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>>117441292He was gay in 1602

Angel's ass in that bottom panel tho

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>>117438611They do that a lot.

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This is really fucking gay.

>>117441312>>Bobby is currently in turboslut mode>Rictor and Shatterstar have both expressed interest>Shatterstar is really into threesomes>No writer does anything with itI feel like I was put on this earth to suffer

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>>117441824Black Tom calls him a himbo earlier in the issue.

X-men? more like SeX-men

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>>117441987>the mutant gene either makes you ugly as sin or makes you into a chiseled uber chad>Xavier only lets Chads on his X-men teamHe probably forces them all to have orgies in the locker room

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I love him beyond words.

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>>117442135What about him do you love?

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>>117442167I like his devil may care attitude. He's also a good foil to the rest of the batfam

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>>117442306It is a nice fun attitude unlike his grumpy Daddy

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>>117441292>not gayThank god. Who is this cutie

>>117442484Warren Worthington III aka Angel/Archangel, one of the original five X-Men.

Really wanna ride his hovercycle with him and also suck his dick

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>>117442366I wish that was me

>>117442484He doesn't actually look like that except in Ultimate X-men.

>>117442860yeah, he's either pic related or a smurf

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I know this is a husbando thread but here's my boywife

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I'd like to nock his arrow.

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>>117442860Boooo. Give them boys long hair

slutty wolverine

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>>117443310Every male hero should have a slutty costume at some point.

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>>117437222>>117438302God I want to take Caps fat cock in my ass

Do girls really...?

>>117443756god I wish I either of them were me

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I love Tonraq.

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I fucking hate Snyder and Death Metal but I really dig this look on Supes

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>>117444486Are he and David official yet?

>>117443561This user speaks the truth

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>>117443756god not this fucking shit again


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>>117443756The best part about this pairing is John’s fucked way weirder.

I still think its a travesty that best boy (stephen) didnt end up with best girl (wallace)

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>>117432343Favourite comic hero has always been the first robin, convinced my first wife to call our first son greyson, she likes it, nick name is sunny, it's unique but not into bullied territory.Mfw she doesn't know.

>>117445863I didn't know I needed this until now.

>>117445895The scruffy dude is actually Other Scott iirc, not Stephen. My point still stands though, the horrible beard fag they set up Stills with is something ill never forgive

>>117432343>His Robin costumes didn't have pants>His first Nightwing costume is pretty flamboyant>The red costume has thigh-highsWhat's up with Dick and his fabulous sense of fashion?

>>117445998I remember thinking Wallace's bf was kinda lame/ugly too.

>>117446090Dude was literally a non-character. The potential dynamic between the reserved and serious rookie gay stephen, and the extroverted drunk homosexual we all love, feels like a wasted oportunity

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Every time I see this piece of shit lately it's like I got set on fire. I hate myself for being attracted to him

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>>117445473This entire family is incestuosThat's hot

>>117445205They're dating in some form. Or at least Tommy is using his Speedster metabolism to take advantage of David being a lightweight.

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>>117446428Neat! I liked their dynamic a lot. More than Billy and Teddy, in fact.

>>117446463I liked Bill and Ted more than usual in Empyre. They got to acknowledge that, yes, they actually fuck, and Teddy got some more badly needed face time to himself so he could interact with other characters. Couples always work better when both members feel like individuals.Also better art than usual for them.

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>>117446357Don't feel bad. He's a beautiful dumpster fire of a man.

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Is this hot enough?

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>>117446826But I didn't ask for these feelings and I don't want them.

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>>117446381Most of the bigger comic book families are desu.

>>117445866>first wife

>>117445190Ayy lmao

>>117446598Fucking a skrull must be the best. They can alter their bodies in every way imaginable.

>>117435396good taste.

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>>117432343Disco nightwing will always put a smile on me, mullet dick is ugly as fuckAlso nightwing should always be blue

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>>117436481I can tell you are a very obsessive person just by the specific terms you use to refer shotacons and furries.

>>117450616lol sorry not treating your fetishes with dignity. I know it's not very sex positive of me.

>>117432343I want to play with his cheeks I wanna grope and smack them around and hear them clap

>Namor's cumgutters and Colossus' thighsPhoenix 5 costumes were great

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>>117449312Billy gets tentaclefucked on the regular, Teddy has a self-lubricating asshole, or anything in between.

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>>117451659Hulkling probably uses Wiccan as a literal onahole and he survives because magic

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I like em big. I like em chunky.

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>>117449412Based Blondes/10

>>117446965Your taste is great and so are you

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>>117438302>get a scene where Tony rescues Cap, holds his big shirtless body close and touches his hand>Tony falls apart without him, read his diary and keeps his old jacket in his room, probably to sniffThis was some gay shit, and I’m a big fan.

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>>117452496Ship stuff aside, how's the game?

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>>117452602It’s got a lot of cute/wholesome avengers fluff, Kamala is a really great addition to the team, it’s a pretty good, corny, fairly simple Avengers story. It needs more fleshing out for the characters, more story missions etc, which they’re probably gonna be adding for a while, first stinger was for a Kree incursion. Kinda hoping for some Skrull and Hydra content, too.Gameplay is pretty okay, can be laggy if it’s in a big area full of effects, everybody plays in quite a fun and distinct way, but I find myself preferring Miss Marvel and Iron Man. Campaign is around 9 hours, extras take longer, then there’s post game and multiplayer stuff. None of the preorder bonus things were really worth it, unless you really wanted to coom to stills of Widow.

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>>117452282>>117446965Just look at that smug fucker. Even when he is losing he has that shit eating grin.

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>>117441292>>""Playboy""" without any women interactiondumbass

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>>117453379Psylocke, Jean, and Paige too. Even in Ultimate, which that picture looks to be based on, he was involved with Dazzler and attracted to Storm.He was gay in 1602, though.

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>>117453574>Thought Jean Grey was a manshe mind whammied him to make him think she was a dude then had sex with him?

>>117453682No she was undercover as John Grey, pic unrelated

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>>117453657Logan's ass was made for power bottoming.

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>>117453745I'd fuck it.