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Other urls found in this thread:>>117445812>basically

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Star you say ;)

>>117431668Her children will look inbred

Post your twitter handles

>>117431887Jokes on you, I don't have a Twitter

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>>117431655She's too gay now. Did someone cast a gay spell on her? Her sexuality has been swapped.

This pudgy 14 year old can probably bench more than Boscha

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>>117431860Dana confirmed she's a brunette naturally. Her mom just likes a matched set of kids.

>>117431952Not gay enough.


>>117431655Fuuuuck off!

Brown Luz cunny redeemed this bitch in three episodes

>>117432495Fit fat


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>>117432168that fucking sucksstill she can just dye her pubes too, she isn;t the girl to half ass a job

>>117433208Girls with green hair irl are usually crazy or depressed. Stay away.

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Reminder that Kikimora is made to birth Emperor Belos' bastard demon hybrid children.

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>>117431983>Fit in that one episode>Fat in the rest

>>117433361What about the ones who had to dye their hair to match their siblings?

god i hate this show anymore. its insufferable to talk to any of your twitterfaggots that have invaded this board. anyone who supports lumity needs to go back


>>117433361looks hot


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This show is pretty cute

>>117434487Every character in the show is cute

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>>117433361I want to smell

>>117434487They’re all children.

>>117434500I'm only 5 episodes into it but I've liked all the characters I've seen so far.

>>117433361I don't care how crazy, if she's willing to dye her bush I'd take the risk


>>117434997Chances are you’ll date a woke twitter personality.

>>117435684Imagine not pulling out and breeding that slut

>>117435698I would breed. But Jesus, the payoff isn’t worth it.

This show now

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>>117435713She learns the error of her ways and becomes committed to being a housewife? Sounds fine to me user

>>117435727Imagine the smell

>>117435727Queer baiting, THE ANIMATED SERIES!

>>117431668Cursed but based.

>>117435749Or she relapses and I get cancelled on twitter.

>>117431655>mfw that song is the first thing I thought of when i found out what her name was



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>>117436817Funniest shit I've ever seen.

>>117436817Willow goes nuts and starts turning people into vegetablesYamity, Luzcumber, and Asparagus must team up to find a way to stop her, all while avoiding the vampire rabbits that have infested the school

>>117432168why do they tell us this shit in the AMAs, that would have been a fantastic joke (especially since we know she's brunette from Understanding Willow, that would have been a great joke)


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>>117437026>vampire rabbits that have infested the schoolThe celery stalks at midnight.

>>117437071Because we need to know which one is trans?

>>117438387Hot, but impossible.

>>117438845Ehhhh Amity is a pretty desperate lesbian. Marco looks a little like Luz, so even tho he wouldn't get to penetrate I can see them trying things.

>>117434930your point ....

>>117435795No it does not bait, that wanted Bi from the beginning.

>>117439315That’s kinda gay

>>117431655Would Amity a Bitch Luz?

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>>117435764milk and cookies


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>>117433413Too boring and predictable. Kingmora is where it's at.

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>>117431668Whos the girl on the right?

>>117440212That's Skyla

>>117438387The other day we had a SVTFOE fag in a TOH thread, he posted two or three pics of Marco and Star CLEARLY naked and doing it.>Not a single "deleted picture" happened>Janitors confirmed Starcofaggots.

This seems almost barely related to the thread now, but I just wanted to share what I finished.

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>>117436817first Lego Eda and now this, what's next?


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>>117435749>She learns the error of her ways and becomes committed to being a housewife?Hahaha, sure user, keep pretending that's not an abortion waiting to happen

>>117440296Gawd I want Lilith to sit on my face

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>>117440155No.Fuck you.

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>>117438387use this next time, it's safer

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>>117436817Kek>>117440296Top quality stuff. Lily is always related in my book.

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Doaes anyone have the TOH conspiracy iceberg?

>>117440689Imagine the smell.

>>117440626Give in Lilith. Your place is underneath the Owlda. Being covered in soft, warm owly feathers and fur.

>>117440417Lilith should be more like Luz. Luz got a job. Sure it may have long hours and inconsistent pay, but working street corners is better than laying in bed all day.

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>>117440762An user artfriend from here on Holla Forums, I think.

>>117440952>her name is literally LooseGoddammit.

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>>117441215I follow Nyong’s nsfw account linked in their bio, and saw one barebones attempt at Luz or Amity can’t remember. I wonder if Nyong would be that based... people will flip a shit.

>>117441299they used to do Connie/Pearl years ago

>>117441215someone translate these runes

I want to piledrive Amity so fucking bad.

>>117433413Waifus should not come with built-in headpats. It's against the natural order.

>>117436817I yam most amused.

>>117437026We Bunnicula now

>>117441390Welp, that answers my question. Ima post a long SFW Nyong comic that goes nowhere without a translation on /u/ later. Seems no one clicked all the way through the foreign site to access it.>go back and check>see sweaty Lilith crop on mainOo

>>117441185>Looseson of a bitch

>>117434951The characters are pretty much all that's good. That being said, I'm still obsessed with this stupid show.

>>117435795>Queer baiting>Lesbian Amity confirmed >Bisexual Luz confirmed

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>>117437026They should team up with Boschato while they're at it.

>>117441413It says "do not repost."


>>117441185>My name is Luz, but my pussy is anything but 30 snails to get you off in any way you want. 60 if you want it to get weird.Doubt theres any law against prostitution in the Isles outside of "dont get caught by someone who objects to it".

>>117440296Where are the lewds Swain?


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>>117442249Which ones?Because the Owlbeast Eda ones are still WIP. I'm waiting on the bitcoin transfer to go through.

>>117431983She's 14?

>>117442349and swol

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>>117441821Yeah, in a shitty reddit 'ask me anything'Nothing gay of substance is gonna happen in the show until the last 2 minutes of the show when there's no money left to lose from eastern and conservative audiences.It's queer baiting because there's no actual queer representation until it's absolutely safe and without risk.

>>117442527the fact that they are what they are is already representation. Honestly, I'm not sure if you actually know what queer baiting is.

>>117442298These are my university’s colors

>>117440610>>117440626She must smell like old books and black pepper.

>>117442772She probably smells like your aunt

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>>117431655wtf guys and amity shat on my table and jumped out of my window

>>117442527That's still not queer baiting.

>>117442801Expensive perfume. I could work with that.But I assumed Owlda has a new scent

>>117442527Eda's voice actress said her script for an upcoming episode (so season 2) showed that Luz being bisexual gets brought up.

>>117442718>>117442832>Honestly, I'm not sure if you actually know what queer baiting is.I'm bi you little shit, this is no different then when nickelodeon announced spongebob was gay, same with dumbledore and others.If your idea of 'representation' is a shitty 50 word tweet or reddit post then you can go fuck yourself. Unless you're gonna give me some actual story about gay/bi experiences or actually portray the character in a visible relationship then you might as well not say anything.And no, this trend of waiting until the last episode for your 'big gay moment' like korra and adventure time is not good. It's shitty safe bait for Washington post articles.

>>117442527t. Luke

>>117442914>>I'm bi you little shitThat doesn't stop you from being retarded.And this is entirely different from a Dumbledore. Both Luz and Amity aren't being announced as gay after the fact, or in a way that is an "oh, by the way..." part of their characters. Their sexuality isn't the most obvious things about them (except maybe Amity atm), but it's something anyone watching the show can infer. And infer right now, in the first bloody season. There's nothing last minute about any of this.

>>117442914>actual story about gay/bi experiencesNot gonna happen in a cartoon, especially one on Disney.>or actually portray the character in a visible relationshipAmity is clearly shown to have feelings for Luz. Luz was flustered by both of the twins when they winked at her. Their sexualities were already done something with in the first season. Given what Eda's VA said about Luz being bi will be brought up in an upcoming episode, then it will be addressed. That's on top of Dana confirming in the AMA that Amity and Luz's relationship will be explored more in season 2.


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>>117442969>>117443023I can admit that it is a bit to early to judge since this is season 1, but as of now I consider this relationship badly portrayed. And since this is Disney we're talking about, I don't expect them to take real impressive risks.If the creator is gonna brag that much on twitter and reddit about the gays, I expect more then some shitty blushing and vague statement in the show. Amity already reduced to a boring 2 dimensional character in only 4 or 5 interactions with Luz instead of the rival witch bully she should have been. We don't have much to work in terms of her personal growth anymore when it comes to interacting with Luz, all that's left is the lesbian kiss which will probably be at the end of season 2 when the show gets canned.

>>[email protected]

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Luz is for ______

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>>117443275Is this from Please Don't Hurt Me!, right?

>>117442527>Nothing gay of substance is gonna happen in the showBut this is a lie, gay shit has already happened

Who /luzking/ here?>>117443290KANG

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>>117443298>>117443298What is that?No; TMNTFAN85!

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>>117443290Lilith's pleasure


>>117443211>but as of now I consider this relationship badly portrayedHonestly I think you're just being contrarian. For a Disney show things are being handled fine so far. Dana basically said the show isn't about romance so when the main plot rears its head Lumity is never going to take priority over it.

>>117443308Like what? Amity blushing? Friendly Handholding? Doing sports together? Ooooo how risque~ Fuck off. Gimme a love confession and a kiss before the final and I'll be impressed. The gay moments right now can always be interpreted as a cute 'girls being girls' platonic interaction.

>>117443436>Ooooo how risque~user they're 14 and you've basically admitted you're jumping to conclusions because you want to be bitter.

>>117443361Oh, thanks.

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>>117443211Amity's plotline in season 2 is going to be tied to her parents. It was already brought up during the AMA.

will they ever get a job at boiling isle?

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>>117443436Let’s see what they do in the next season. Dana is “knitting” Lumity into the plot. That sounds more complex and a show of effort than sudden finale kiss, which they’re already exceeding.

I want Luz to get groomed by Lilith!

>>117443475I am bitter user, and I know that expecting so much from a children show from Disney is stupid, I just want more then this safe schlock. I'm tired of lgbt and minority character being treated with this baby safety net, where they can't really be human. They're never written with true complex emotions or diverse personality, because you risk angering the conservative or worse, the liberal with an inferiority complex who see any portrayal of human flaw as a personal attack.Luz and Amity are flat, they don't have any real complexity to them. No goals, no dream, no personal obsessions. They're in love because Dana said that there were. I wanted complex emotion, I wanted Amity to fight between her loyalty to her mentor or Luz, I wanted Amity to consider Luz an inferior witch or even specie, I wanted Luz to grit her teeth and try to prove her wrong, I wanted Amity to get mad the first time Luz did a spell, I wanted Amity to be completely shocked when Luz put a scratch on her for the first time, learning to respect each other over time. Or anything of substance really.Instead we got another tee hee look at the gay girls they hold hands cuttttteeee! They're so perfect for each other XXDDDI'm just mad at the wasted potential that is this show. It could have been a 10, but we got a soft 5.

>>117443584>Amity spends countless hours studying and perfecting her Abomination magic skills in order to join the emperor’s coven>Belos is overthrown, Lilith is put in charge>Gets rid of the coven system>All that work Amity did is completely useless in the real world>Forced to work a soul crushing wagie job for the rest of her life

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>>117443290Dying and going to hell.t. Dana and her original script

>>117443966A ton of magical world isekai anime start with the protagonist dying in some way.

I just noticed that Eda has a few rings on her hand, if the Owl House/Gravity falls theory is true could it be a wedding ring that she kept

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>>117440037Slutty dog

>>117443966wonder if we'll ever see edgy house

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>>117444067Anon dear, I think those are just the black parts of the fishnet gloves.

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Attached: luz x boscha.png (800x2400, 2.52M)

>>117444112sorry I was talking about present Eda

Boscha reminds me of Tom from SVTFOE

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>>117435795>queer baiting>entire scenes dedicated to Amity being flustered whenever she thinks of Luz>girl-on-girl full moon battle dance with kissI'm sorry, you useless Lesbian. We cannot have it spelled out every time just because you're laying awake at night to wonder if she just married you as a good friend.

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>>117444243Is it a thing with spics that everyone in the family are dykes? Or is it just those Dominican island monkeys?

>>117440715It was a cute scene...

>>117444227>yfw you realize both Luz and Amity are into sweat

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>>117444227>girl-on-girl full moon battle dance with kiss>with kissWhat show are you watching?>>117444368Iirc don’t think it was sweat in that scene. But yea, blatant horny Luz like Amity was for her

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>>117444380Do you have the full size of the 8th pic down, the pink one?

>>117444462>if I see that fucking boscha one more time

>>117444380as cliche as it is, it would be hilarious and ballsy for a show to try the "it was all the MC's afterlife/dying dream" horseshit

>>117434500Even Belos?

>>117443743So you wanted a clichéd anime trope and you're mad that this show instead gave you teenagers being cute at each other.You do realise that Amity is actually having complex emotions and conflicting loyalties?They're just not about Luz. Luz is the only straight forward thing in her life.Her relationship with her family is strained and she is torn between making her parents happy and making herself happy.You know, like when they made her break off contact with Willow. Which we had a dedicated episode for.Things just aren't as easy as friend and enemy. This kind of bimodal thinking is something this entire show clearly trying to question.The opponents are not all evil, nor have bad motivations. They just have different ideas or outside pressures which place them in opposition.Lilith keeps on telling Eda how she means no harm and just tries to help. Because this show is not about strict dividing lines like that, but how meaning well for one another and hurting each other are not mutually exclusive.I think your expectations are warped by gay erasure in media and too much anime.These characters very clearly have feelings for each other and it is totally okay for them to be cute about it as teens.Your nonsense feels like r/Sapphoandherfriend

>>117443743No yeah >>117444841 has it right, you're just kind of wrong about this whole thing.

>>117444462[rewatches the scene to make sure]...Fucking Mandela effect, I swear!Anyway, the scene still makes it abundantly clear Amity has a bad case of the gays for Luz and the show ships them hard.They are literally fighting a manifestation of their worst fears, and Amity's worst fear is being rejected by Luz.Admittedly, Luz doesn’t seem to be aware of what this is quite yet since she is so naturally bubbly, but that too is part of representing the high school experience for gay kids.

>>117443290ADVENTUREalso making Amity nervous

>>117444999>you actually thought they kissedThat. Is. WILD...Anyway... Did you read Dana’s AMA? Luz is being dense to Amity’s crushing because she has way too much going on, such as Eda’s curse.


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>>117437026Don't forget about Edamame.

>>117441962That's basically all laws everywhere if you think about it.

>>117440296Good shit.

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>>117444841Oh piss off, your fear of big bogey man anime and reddit as nothing to do with this. Anime is a medium, it can be complete shit or good just like western animation.You act like Luz and Amity have had a huge developing relationship, I think you're clouded by mixing in your head cannons and personal fantasies into the mix. In the actual show, pretty much nothing of substance as happened between the two. They have barely talked to each other.Before the prom episode where we find that Amity actually likes Luz, they have episode 5-7-12 and 15, most of which were them running away from trouble caused by Luz idiocy and also shared the spotlight with other B plots. There are almost no moments of them interacting to each other as human being, comparing flaws, interests and dreams.I don't know where you got the idea that I want 'bimodal thinking', if anything I want more complexity where characters feel like they can actually fall or rise in any direction, instead of simply existing as flat cardboard like they currently do. The major flaw this show as is that it lacks power imbalance, which is crucial not only for any relationship, but also villains, teachers, government and monsters.Nothing feels like it matters in this show. No one is at risk of dying or getting hurt, the world feels safe, The 'evil regime' is a non-threat, the glyph and magic system are a useless joke making witches non-unique, Eda's criminal past is irrelevant.And just like all those, Lumity is never at risk or breaking or improving. It simply is because it is.

>>117443290It starts with B and ends with onehead...

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>>117444219That lame ass bitch nigga who went soft? Nah, Bosha ain't that.

>>117445615Belosonehead? Blonehead?

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>>117443841You don't need to think that far, Amity's life is already a sad joke>Be one of the most talented student at magic school, Protegé of the emperor right hand witch>Some weird human girl shows up one day>Can't even do magic lol, what a loser >Oops, she humiliates you three times in a row in front of an audience/classmates, making you look like a complete fool>Steals your diary and invades your private space with your bully siblings>She literally invents glyph magic, a way more powerful way of doing magic that can stack and doesn't require anything other then a piece of paper, making you and regular magic a joke.>She steals your magic wand for lols, you try to put her in a cage put she invents ice magic to bust out and go kill a giant monster>Forces you to expose your past and family drama>At this point you're so mind broken that you basically develop Stockholm syndrome and turn into a bitch in heat whenever your superior human master shows up.You know what, this is a good representation of lesbian relationships.

>>117440268>The other day we had a SVTFOE fag in a TOH thread, he posted two or three pics of Marco and Star CLEARLY naked and doing it.Damn it, I couldn't see it.

Whenever I see clips of this show I can’t help but think how I like it. Link may cringe to some due to music and other element. How is Amity going to go into next season with a crush this massive??>>117445812>basically develop Stockholm syndrome and turn into a bitch in heat whenever your superior human master shows up.This entire breakdown is fucking legendary.

>>117443361Disturbing content aside why can I see king speaking like this in a TVY14 show?

>>117445948I doubt the show will get renewed after season 2 to be honest. With how rushed both the final and Luz's relationship was, it wouldn't surprise me if Dana was told by the Disney big boys to wrap things up. The show's pulling an average of 375k to 450k viewers, which is nowhere even near gravity falls weakest episode, that show had an average of 3.5 million viewers.The toys must not be doing well either. Brown characters don't sell well, they have very little colorful side characters, and king makes for a shitty pet mascot.We're most likely gonna have a wander over yonder situation.

Dana called Luz a bonehead and now it's a meme because there was apparently backlash that it's ableist but I actually haven't seen any backlash at all


Attached: SWEATING.png (1920x1080, 892.97K)

>>117431655Take your cancelled show where it belongs >>>/trash/

>>117446081Gravity falls only had like 3 pieces of official merch and Owl has 0 rn came out only this year, TV is dying and those numbers are getting it a high spot on the channel (it’s all relative, you can’t compare modern tv numbers to 5-8yrs ago). STREAMING like Disney Now is picking upAnd Dana alluded as early as two days ago in the AMA that a third is possible.

>>117446081dont say that pls

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>>117446185He doesn’t know what he’s saying. Read my post: >>117446160

>>117446189idk what to believei dont see a reason to believe one over the other

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>>117441299>look up his nsfw account>Only KoreansAre you Korean? Does he check?

>>117443743> tee hee look at the gay girls they hold hands cuttttteeee!I'm not reading your novel but I saw that you said this. So you admit that there is queer representationl there are canon queer characters who have expressed that queerness. Therefore, "queer bait" is no longer applicable for this show. Your disappointment regarding the rest of the failures of the show are a separate issue.

>>117446081If Amphibia could get 3 seasons, OH should too. People just don't watch TV anymore, it's all about streaming and you don't know the numbers it pulls there (I would bet it crushes BCG and Amphibia). Also Latin America is a huge market, so Luz being hispanic is a big advantage.

>>117440626>>117440610cute and comfy

>>117444380Thanks, does anyone have the full res eight picture or the Willow/Sam Hyde one?

Attached: Eda & Lilith Gray Eggs and Ham.png (1986x2048, 3.71M)

>>117443290Marco, he gets paid almost a thlusand dollars monthly so he can bankroll Luz's anime tendencies

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no new episode this week?

>>117447232More like this year.

>>117446081>>The show's pulling an average of 375k to 450k viewers, which is nowhere even near gravity falls weakest episode, that show had an average of 3.5 million viewers.Au Contraire, user. You're forgetting that both shows were released a few years apart from each other. GF at that time, viewers still had cable despite streaming had a slow start. Plus at this time, cable is pretty much extinct to the majority despite a few millions still has them. So much of the ratings don't matter much anymore


Attached: 3801172 - King Luz_Noceda Smutichi The_Owl_House-1.png (559x241, 115.23K)

>>117443290curb stomping

the thirst of this bitch

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this scene should have ended with luz getting raped, desu.

Attached: luz gets raped.webm (1280x720, 2.87M)

>>117443290Being groomed by Owlbeast Eda, and "groomed" by normal Eda.

>>117447777Holy quads

>>117447777Quads of objective truth!Luz got raped and voided the memory. Shell only remember when Amity finds out she isn't a virgin on their wedding night and ask who was her firsr

Hope this series gets cancelled and doesn't get another season. Put it out of its misery.

>>117447777Luz has already been raped by the writers

>>117448388put it out of MY sick of lesbians its not funny

>>117431668why is pebblethrower in this image? Did this pic finally solved racism?

>>117448388It’s need to end on Luz cucking Amity and that gets the show cancelled.

>>117448401This is why women should never be allowed to be in charge of anything.

>>117448412>Luz cucking Amity

>>117448446>>117448412dont you mean amity getting cucked when edric and emira decide to fuck luz right in front of her?

Attached: oh no lumity bros.png (890x785, 254.89K) what's Luz's theme?

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>>117447777If you watch Belos during the fight he really doesn't put in any effort. What's the most we see him do? The melty teleport, throw Luz against a wall with the flick of his finger, and summon that worm monster thing. Meanwhile Luz has to go all out and even with a staff and that anti-magic cloak the best she can do is landing a cheap shot when Belos let's down his guard for a split second and even then only manages to chip his mask.Belos gives the impression of being a lot stronger than he lets on.

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>>117448463this piece finished yet? been wanting to see it full for a while


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>>117432824She's got that powerlifter build.

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>>117448644not yet, and there are 3 more pictures in the set that have yet to be started.

>>117448618Does even make a magic circle?

>>117448618Well, he's emperor literally only because he's the strongest witch

Oh no. You've found a gay baby owl demon! What do you do?!

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>>117432882Too gay plus her roots are showing. Did amity soak her panties in this scene?

holy fuck the owl house reddit is such a shithole. jesus Christ.

>>117443290Holding hands

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>>117448947alrighty, good luck with them

>>117446160Disney Now requires a cable or satellite subscription to watch most episodes.

>>117440296You are amazing man

>>117447232Season finale aired not very long ago. Season 1 ended up being 19 episodes due to production issues. Most likely no new episodes until next year.

>>117444356Only on tv. In real life dominicans and Hispanics in general tend to be quite homophobic against the gays.

>>117449132I don’t know whether to give her a steak or sunflower seeds.

>>117448618wait a minute, why was Belos able to flick her away when she was wearing that anti magic cloak?

>>117449228It’s just gay art and that’s it. Feel bad for the children who’ll grow up on this.

>>117449860What if his magic is really some kind of advanced technology?

>>117450024mfw thats why the petrification cant be undone once fully completed cause its magic mixed with techonology.

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>>117449308>19 episodes due to production issues>due toSource on that?TOH both underwent delays and 19 is a weird number, certainly.

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>>117449228Sadly, many of the cartoon subreddits are like that.

Why is Boscha so hot?

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>>117450267I don't know if it was mentioned specifically about season 1, but Dana confirmed via her AMA that Covid has effected the production schedule. It's possible season 1 was originally going to be 20 episodes but one got cut due to Covid.>We're still animating season 2. Unfortunately covid has definitely shifted schedules and expectations. ]: We're doing our best!

>>117444380Willow is more than likely the most powerful witch at Hexside.

>>117449860Same reason a laser lols at infllammable material

>>117450388She most likely isn't stronger than Luz. But the episode where they turned Hooty into a moving house hinted at their magic being strong due the the mean girls being unable to even animated a stuffed toy.

>>117446081There are no toys but it took Disney forever to make anything for GF and even then the pickings are slim. In general they haven't been great on capitalizing on anything of theirs that isn't part of the princess line- they didn't even have some cheaply made Baby Yoda plush ready to launch with The Mandalorian. Besides the obligatory funko pops at most we'll be lucky enough to get a King plush at one point.

Where's this weeks mega? I want to know what happens after e19

>>117450513We hiatus :)

>>117450513Episode 19 was the season finale.

>>117450513You'll have to waily until July 2021 most likely

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>>117450513>>117450731With covid messing up productivity and Disney being fucked in the ass right now, I'm thinking more end of 2022. Or even 2023.Get ready for a Rick and Morty style hiatus, no more lesbians for a unknown time.

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>>117450850I'm expecting more of what happened with season 1's airing schedule. They could air batches of episodes with months long gaps between the batches.

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>>117450983woah is this legit?



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>>117451097Given the fact that there is no source, no.

>>117449132Huff her FLUFFThen give her some snacks like deboned voles or liver

>>117451438>debonedNo need. She’s part owl so she’ll have fun hacking up her owl pellets that contain bone, fur, and other indigestibles.

>>117450305cause you're into bitch bully girls I'm guessing? are we kindred spirits?

>>117450305Some people, through either birth or training, gain the spirit of a Chad or a Stacy There are a select few who are able to gain both

>>117451467Her first experience hacking something up must have been something both painful and erotic.

>>117450305Because she is best girl. Simple as

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>>117451673Wait till she lays an egg

>>117447777Wait a minute...>Belos>LuzWhat about Beluz! The rarest of all ships!

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>>117451865Wow main protagonist and antagonist ship?How revolutionary.

>>117451891It just might be crazy enough to work! Imagine the possibilities!

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>>117451264>Footfag and sweatfagThis heretic witch needs to be stopped.

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>>117451973/u/ and Paheal.

>>117450305Because seeing an arrogant witch get fucked by a strongfat dom, is poetry

>>117451991Thanks user! Have some sleepy Luz as reward

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>>117452252Going to prank her when she wakes up.


>>117452252Cute! Much obliged.

>>117451991> /u/ board owl threadeverything is different now

>>117452672>1400+ posts of p/u/re loveOh my.

>>117451097>is this legit?>tumblrno


I'd like to see Luz teaching some characters Spanish, or them picking up a bit from her. Has potential for cute interaction.

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>>117450983Good effort but it's impossible. The animation stage of production is basically trudging along right now, so making such a deadline would take a divine miracle.

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>>117453603This looks familiar.

>>117453603It'd be funny if they thought Spanish was some secret mystical language.

>>117450983This better be the main cast.

sisters the january 8th shit has been debunked 2 days ago, are you all for real?

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>>117451097Sure, user. Pfft.