Crunchyroll releases new Onyx Equinox trailer: pretty kino to me

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Shits all over Dyke Guardian Shite

>>117430857No, I'm not watching any cartoon that comes out this decade. All the girls will be lesbians.

>>117430857Doesn't that that bad>Crunchyroll originalbut it certainly isn't anime. Don't they fucking learn?


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>>117430990Good thing the MC isn't a girl eh?

>>117431037He sounds like one

>>117430857What happened to Korra’s tits?

>>117431058She traded them for a penis

>>117430990The ghost girl in the group is a prietess and the older girl is a warrior, I don't think Crunchyroll has the balls to make a pedo ship.

>>117431069Too bad she forgot to ask for a man’s voice.

>>117431051Izel's VA lurks Holla Forums


>White people trying to make anime post-AvatarNo.

>>117430857Seriously, though, they couldn’t have given the MC a different design/hairstyle?

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>>117431100Well, she better learns how to do a cute shota voice

>>117430857He's cuteLewds when?

>>117431196He's looked the same since 2007 so,>>117431100Can confirm

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>>117431004The author of Athur's Rebelion pitch reveled Crunchyroll is too scared to release SJW shows like HGS.

>>117431157except it's not. look at the creators

>>117431335Any urbanized western non-whites are just fags who want to be white, same shit as far as I'm concerned.All of them need to stop trying to make "anime," it's embarrassing.

>>117431363huh. interesting take. so are suburbanized not white? what about ruralized?

>>117431441"Suburbanized" isn't a thing, if you live in a suburb you're urbanized.Rurals are a mixed bag, they tend to be vastly more tolerable and down-to-earth, especially the black ones.Overall though, I lump 90% western non-whites in with whites in that 90% of them are extremely insecure and desperately want to be white, as such I don't want to watch the garbage they make just like I don't want to watch the garbage white people make.


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Who did the animation for this?

>>117430857Mexican fantasy seems pretty dope, but aside from the blitz ball team nothing really stands out and I can barely actually tell what the show is about beside some generic chosen one summoning black panther with his blood or some shit.Also a show that takes place in a Aztec/Mayan inspired setting needs some Berserk tier gore or it just doesn't feel right.

>>117431037That was also the case with adventure time and ok ko yet here we are

>>117431598Tiger and DR Movie>>117431604This trailer is cut oddly. Makes it feel more kiddy than it actually is.

>>117431604>Also a show that takes place in a Aztec/Mayan inspired setting needs some Berserk tier gore or it just doesn't feel right.Lol, good luck with that, western cartoons are far too pussified to have actual gore in their shows nowadays unless they're named Primal.

Oh my god that’s boy is so fucking cute bros

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>>117431552yeah.... this is hilarious

>>117431650>Korean studios, avoid.Thanks.

>>117431330The weak fear the strong

>>117431659>western cartoons are far too pussified to have actual gore in their shows nowadays unless they're named Primal.I mean for it's entire history, western cartoons have been mostly kiddie shit aside from animated sitcoms.

>>117430857They... they didn't even try to make him sound like a boy. I'm not even trying to be toxic or overly heteronormative, but Izel's voice very distracting.

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>>117431330Probably because the people who are into Crunchyroll are mainly shonenfags and thus wouldn't like SJW shit because only gay guys and women actually like that gay shit.

>>117431713You got lost tranny >>>/lgbt/

>>117431701>I mean for it's entire history, western cartoons have been mostly kiddie shit aside from animated sitcoms.Is that supposed to be your excuse, m8?Fritz the Cat came out almost half a century ago, this excuse doesn't work anymore.The issue is just that westerners are giant pussies and their animation studios their in the colloquial sense, we all know that most "western" animations studios are actually Korean anyways would never be willing to actually put effort into animating an adult cartoon unless it's based on an already-existing IP (superheros, video games, etc. etc.)

>>117431751Actually, I take back that last part, the fact that they only go after already-existing IPs isn't even the issue now that I think about it. TONS of anime is based on already-existing manga/LNs/WNs and most of the original anime are cheap low-budget trash, the issue is literally just western producers being giant pansies.

>>117431751>Fritz the Cat came out almost half a century ago, this excuse doesn't work anymore.Fritz the cat was a niche movie aimed at furries. I'm not saying it's right, but the west has always shunned more "adult" cartoons. Even the wave of edgy sitcoms in the 90's lost their edge and became more family friendly.

>>117431837>Fritz the cat was a niche movie aimed at furries.Fritz the Cat made $90 million at the box office, the fuck are you talking about?

>>117431552My favorite voice so far.

>>117431598Crunchyroll new studio. Elison and some cheap korean studio.

Wh-who's "The Healer"?...

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I'm down for more mesoamerican inspired shows but I'm tired of everything being just a mishmash of Aztec and mayan mythos, and that the only gods they use are Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca. Give me Hutizilopochtli, Tlaloc or Xipe Totec.

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>>117431604>>117431659Try looking harder next time

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>>117431896a medic

>>117431937You must not understand what "Berserk tier gore" means.

>>117431335I just looked her up, she looks white.

>>117431659MC's sword literally feeds on blood.

>>117431966She's a white Mexican.

>>117431857Is that a lot?

>>117431962Ah I see, sorry nobody is being hung from their entrails on trees, and women aren't being raped while their lovers are forced to watch while being brutalized.

>>117431857yeah, but did it really have much of a cultural impact on the medium as a whole, aside from spurring the subgenre of more edgy, adult sitcoms?The point is more "adult" works have always existed in western animation, I'm not arguing that. What I'm saying is that majority of western animation is aimed at family audiences and thus the perception at large is they are inoffensive and child friendly.

>>117431896Maybe the ghost girl.

>>117432002that'd be pretty sick to see in a nickelodeon show.

>>117432002>sorry nobody is being hung from their entrails on treesConsidering the setting, yea, that's kind of a problem.

>MC is a cute boy with a cute boy voice >Those clips of him being shirtless, hurt and sweatyNo, I was trying to retire my shotacon days, why are you doing this to me?!

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>>117431999For an animated film in 1972?Yes.

>>117432028Anon, I know the Aztecs could be pretty burtal, but I'm pretty fucking sure they didn't decorate with gore every chance they got.

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>>117432041>with a cute boy voice Better get your ears checked

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>>117431962Mayans/Aztecs weren't fans of rape, sorry anons.


>>117431966She's mexican. Mexicans can be white/brown/black.

>>117432125Thank you user, you caught a typoGet a cookie

>>117432112Everyone was a fan of rape, m8.

>>117431966>this looks white to you

>>117432041I can smell the SJW complainning already.

>>117432145Can it be oatmeal raisin? Those are my favourites.

>>117432149>Source: your dick.


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>>117432188Well, my dick certainly is a fan of rape so you got me there.

>>117432202ur gross

>>117432182You'll get what's there.

>>117431713Agreed. Usually women voicing young boys put some kinda effort in. This is just a grown woman’s voice coming out of a shota body. And the artstyle giving the boys and girls similar faces, on top of the feminine haircut, just really aren’t helping. Even when he’s barechested, I feel like I’m just watching a woman with no tits.

>>117430990More mesoamerican femboy protagonist for me then

Pretty based

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>>117431962Japs get pretty fucking wild with their gore, I doubt you'd see anything comparable outside of stuff like Prison Pit.Just look at some of the wild shit from Shadow Star, some of that gore was considered so bad that they literally had to censor it completely in the western release.

>>117432244on what?

>>117430857If its good and has no homo shit then i might give it a shot

>>117432252>Shadow Star They had to censor THIS? Seriously? Is Shadow Star another Madoka Magica? 'Cause I'm getting intrigued...

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>they just deleted the cast announcement on the official twitter

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>>117432278>If its good Yes, that's what we all want out of new cartoons. >and has no homo shit Whether or not there's LGBT representation is irrelevant. Get over yourself, boomer.

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>>117432317Loli gets violently ripped in half, the entire scene is cut in the western release of the manga.Shadow Star in general is basically "Pokemon, but all the kids are terrorist psychopaths."


>>117431552finally, the Latino representation we needed

>>117432377>>117432368>>117432317Found it.

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>>117431100Sup Holla ForumsmradesAside from OE I lurk Disneyland threads, vocaroo, shipping, and south park threads

>>117432411Do you not watch any other western cartoons?

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>>117432411>south park threadsAhh, a fellow willy connoisseur.

>>117432461Oh I do.Moral OrelVenture Brosand Regular Show are in my top three but they dont have threads too often since two are done and one has a season ever 3 years.

>>117432041If only he sounded like a boy, he'd be perfect.

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>>117432411Im also the weirdo known as Olivia from NY who nervously called Genndy before the Samurai Jack season 5 premiere

>>117431716they should just sell it to Netflix, probably would do good there.

>> >anime adaptation isn't remotely as graphic Lame.

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>>117432564Seinen anime adaptations are almost always lame as shit compared to their manga counterparts.


Mesoanon reporting in, will review the trailer and give both a breakdown of it and the stuff from the panel that's going on in 40 minutes from now ( once that ends >>117431157I don't care about racial shitflinging, but the people making the show are clearly very informed on the subject matter. I did a 4 post long breakdown of the last trailer a few months ago, and somebody else on twitter did an even longer one:>>117431604>>117431659>>117432089>>117432028I think the prior trailer was better, you can view it here: . See my breakdown also and especially the twitter one which frankly did a much better job then I did and dissected a lot of potential plot points and characters I overlooked since I was sort of rushing through mine when I did mine.>Also a show that takes place in a Aztec/Mayan inspired setting needs some Berserk tier gore or it just doesn't feel right.I mean, I wouldn't mind it, but I don't think it NEEDS it. Bloody sacrifices and warfare obviously played a notable role in their culture, but their societies didn't entirely revolve around those things. You still had cities with markets and merchants, farmers working fields, artisians making sculptures, ceramics, paintings, jewlerly; kids playing around in streets, diplomats and judges, poets, etc. You don't NEED media feautring them to heavily focus on the violent stuff any more then media set in medivial europe "has" to focus on religious purges, wars, and inquisitions.It's just that 99% of people aren't aware or informed on any of those other elements of their socities so 99% of media and people's understandsing of them comes down to the violent stuff.1/?

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>>117432618Also god fucking damnit I had an entire second post typed out and I just lost it, might take me a bit to type it back up now

>>117430990I wish. So far it looks like the show will be a sausage fest and a fujo magnet. Why do lesbians like yaoi so much?

>>117432618>You don't NEED media feautring them to heavily focus on the violent stuff any more then media set in medivial europe "has" to focus on religious purges, wars, and inquisitions.You do realize you can do both, right?Something like Divci Valka still shows plenty of the cultural aspects of 15th century Bohemia, but it also has no problem showing some of the more brutal aspects of 15th century life, whether it be children being brutally murdered, genocide, or, yes, even rape.

hmm, I like this one

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>>117432631I know that feel. We'll be patient, Mesoanon.

>>>Skip to 35:58

>>117432730Daaamn, Genndy's wife looks like THAT?

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>>117430857This guy is hot as fuck.

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>>117432361Saying that while posting steven universe is really fucking precious

This is a weird sensation, in which I don't hate the way it looks, but I also don't care? It feels like a generic anime story with some mexican folklore slapped on it.


>>117430857Remember Korra? She's back, in male form!

>>117432357SJW wre already complaning on Twitter because the cast was white?

>>117432831That's pretty much how I felt about She-Ra when it was first revealed and retards where getting up and arms about her "looking like a boy" or whatever stupid shit

>>117432357Now why would they go and do that?

>>117432380Who's he?

>>117432411Please, make a cuter shota voice.

Not to shill but there's a panel going on right now and they're going to show a clip from the show

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>>117432618Thanks, mesoanon. A question if you don't mind. Was there a temple knows as 'el templo de la sacerdotisa' in Uxmal?

>>117432564>Also cuts her being bottomless and straddling her brother's hipsGuess they wanted to downplay the obvious incest aspect, huh?

>>117432679The shading in this pic bothers me.

>>117432889Fuck that shitty dyke.

>>117432974Let me know if my waifu shows up

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>>117432974I hope Izel is a siscon and has no other romance intetest.

I love Izel's voice, it's so cute :(

>>117430857Not bad but everyone has a really bad case of sameface. >>117432889So now everyone won't have any excuse to justify her shitty behavior.

>>117432618Mesoanon, is good to see you back.

>>117432618I'm so glad you're here! I actually assumed you were already friends with clicky-penned!

>>117432889Even better! In little boy form with girl voice!

>>117433059Incest is gross. Fuck off

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>>117430857Maybe it can be good in spite of things, but it looks like yet another show that tries to be good but lacks the competence to reach as high as they're aiming. Like the animation is real off like all over the place. Though I guess it's still way better than shows who don't even try. But still.

>>117430857Lets make a main character who is a girl, but has a guy body.So a trans show?Why do all the characters look the same?I can't tell who is who?Is the show about one person who can clone their body?Why does everyone look like an uglier shittier version of crappy korra?100 clones of korra would've been a better show.

>>117433149Heyy, um... >>117431896?

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>>117433189Shit taste.Incest, especially between a young boy and his older sister, is hot as fuck.

>>117433230how do i kill you online?

>>117433193Why do you ask so many questions?

>>117433253Post father-daughter incest, that shit's genuinely disgusting.

>>117431196Even sounds similar to Korra.

>>117433230Mother and son is better

>>117432920Some fat fuck who marred a really ugly chick

>>117433257I don't know what you mean?Why no answers?

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>>117433230I prefer it when the siblings are of the same sex.

>>117431004This. Give me HGS or give me death.

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>>117433292Wanna know what's even BETTER? Two lovers with no familial ties~ GOD, I'm rock-hard already

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>>117433292Mom son is okay, but is vastly inferior to older sis-young brother.It's basically the same dynamic except with a hag.

>>117433193I think at least two of the characters might be actually meant to be identical twins. But I’m pretty sure they’re not supposed to be related to the MC, despite having the same exact hair, and basically the same face and body as him/her, except just a little taller.

>>117433339Fuck High Guardian Spice. Give me Kid Cosmic

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>>117433189In your pic, yes. But there isn't a purest love than a little boy and his older sister's.

>>117433343>Two lovers with no familial ties~LaaaameThe taboo is what makes incest hot, without that it's just boring.

>>117433292What the FUCK is wrong with humans

>>117433292>>117433344Actually mom and sister fighting over the affection of the son and ultimately agreeing to share him is the true pinnacle of based.

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>>117433387Nah, the secrecy is what makes incest even hotter.It's much hotter when the older sister is trying to hide the fact that she's molesting her little brother from their parents.With mom-son you basically never get that.

>>117433190Blame the jews at Crunchyroll.>>117433193I know that everyone has sameface syndrome, but you can't differentiate between the shota, the obvious young girl with the longer hair, the twins and the older woman?

>>117433372It's taboo because it's gross.

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>>117433423No shit.And?

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>>117433420>the jews Grow up.

>>117433209You will find out her name later on :^) it's >>117433042

>>117433343Boring>>117433344Older sister is just a discounted mommy, why not go all the way?>>117433387Better yet if you add the aunt or the grandma if she's hot>>117433377Its just porn my dude

>>117433314Ironic he's voicing the hottest character.

>>117433512>Older sister is just a discounted mommyYou take that back motherfucker, I will fight you.

>>117433512it's just porn until pedophiles kidnap a girl just for the lulz

>>117433601Go clutch those pearls elsewhere, Karen.

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>>117433633>pedophile using the karen card

>>117433652Yes, because if you're bitching and calling people pedos on 4chan you're usually one of two things.>Holla Forumstard>KarenBoth of whom get absolutely assblasted when you call them Karens.Now shoo, Karen, the adults are talking.

>>117430990delicious tears. please cry harder for me.

>>117432618>>117431604>>117431659>>117432089>>117432028cont:>I'm pretty fucking sure they didn't decorate with gore every chance they gotIn terms of ACTUAL gore, you wouldn't see really any sort of bodies being thrown about or organs left around even in sacrifice ceremonies, with a few exceptions. These were formal religious ceremonies with very specific steps, not frenzieid bloodsports. Sacrifices were well cared for both before they were sacrificed, and in terms of their remains afterIn terms of just art motif;, skulls, hearts, etc were definitely a common art motif on paintings, murals, ceramics, archtectural furnishings, etc. However, it's less "as" skulls, hearts, and more the symbolic connotations they have, which often tied into the notion of the inherent transience of life and mortality, and the cyclical relationship of life and death. So it's pretty similar to how skulls were used in european art, as a reminder of one's own mortality. This is also were sacrifice stems from: The gods sacrifice themselves or elements of themselves to make the world, the sun, rain, etc, animals and plants consume the sun and rain, people consume animals and plants, and then the gods consume people via sacrificeBut there were other, equally common motifs. Floral and Avian motifds, for example. It CANNOT be overstated how much the Aztec loved gardens, flowers, and birds/feathers. Cities had gardens in communal spaces, nobles had them in their homes, palaces had many of them, as did pretty much any royal retreat. People carried around flowers to mask smells, and they had a formal taxonomic system for categorizing plants and flowers. Feathers were put on virtually anything of value, birds were kept in cages as pets, and as with large bonatanical gardens, avaries were a common part of palacesLemmie know if people want more info, surviving descrptions of gardens, avaries, etc. Probably won't do a full 20+ post breakdown lest I derail the thread but I can do a bit2/?

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Word of God: fans can do whatever they want as long as they're not hurting anybody. Drawings and fanfiction don't hurt anybody.

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>>117433528Listen to your feelings, you know that its true>>117433601Thats a "video game makes people violent" level argument

>>117433507That's what I had hoped. Bless you, Storyboard user.

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>>117433519What does Tezcatlipoca look like in Onyx Equinox?

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>>117430990Man, the west sucks at yuri.

>>117433811More info would be great!


>>117433922As an avid MILF-lover, it's hurting me whenever most of my waifus have lewds almost entirely revolving around incest. Please don't enable this degeneracy.

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>>117434315Too late, faggot, this train has no brakes.

>>117433811Always more info mesoamerinon!

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>>117434315Hey I don't love it either, but people are gonna do what they're gonna do. Regardless, I think you will be pleased by canon. Our MILF is one of my favorite characters.

>>117430990I love how this is the main concern for both sides. One side will cry if there are lesbians and the other side will cry if there are none.

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>>117431552Well thats unexpected>>117434236At least japan makes specific shows for this kind of shit, instead os shoving it everywhere

>>117434315Fuck off, give me more Helena+Violet

>>117434236As a yurifag, this year the west has finally won at yuri. I look forward to Rosemary/Sage to become canon as well.

>>117434385That nulls the pain just a li'l bit. Thanks for the reassurance, user. I'll try ignoring all those incest-shippers and will instead put all my focus in anticipating this upcoming character.

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>>117431672the twink twins are the only reason to watch this.

>>117433059Does he have any brothers?

>>117431552This is mean...

Wait, Izel is a guy? I thought she was just flat. Don’t tell me they’ll go for that gender fluid thing.Also, I’m all for it. Giant Jaguar Monster? Bunch of Aztec/Olmec/Mayan Gods? Ball Players? Looks good enough, but how do you fuck this up?


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>>117430857expecting a lot of trap art from the main guyhe even sounds like a girl

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>>117434870Are you serious or just bullishiting?

>>117430857Is this the exclive clip or there's more?

Holy shit it looks fucking ass. Like 00's 4kids teir ass.

>>117434973not that user, but from the thumbnail the first minute and the voice, I tought it was a girl too

>>117434870Izel's just a young boy. They wanted him to have a Alphonse Elric type voice and Olivia nailed it. Plus she's a Holla Forumsmrade.

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>>117434906Rats. Guess Tezcatlipoca will have to do.

>>117431196I'm not the only one getting those vibes then

>>117432411You're getting a lot of comments about your voice in this thread and in the YT comments, but I want you to know I think it's a good fit and you did a good job. Though I do admit it's different than most young boys sound in cartoons -- did they give you any voice direction or did you just say your lines and they loved it and let you run with it? Cheers for answering

>>117435055Hahahahaha. That’s a good one.

This show looks comfy, like X-Men Evolution or other action cartoons I used to watch after school or on Saturday mornings. Feels nostalgic.


>>117435190Still sounds female... Her voice ain’t unisex.

>>117430857Interesting premise and decent visuals, though I cancelled my Crunchyroll like right after the trailer for HGS dropped years ago and haven't regretted it since. Also dropped my Funimation account after their strings of ugliness appeared You just can't trust these bigger companiesIt's why I only have Hi-Dive now

>>117435105The latter though sometimes I went a bit too high and I did another take. I agree though, I need to work on my boy voice a bit more but I do believe it gets better as the series goes on. Kind of like how Olan Rogers was getting his groove in Final Space. (Forgot, I also simp for that show) And thank you user :)

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>>117433922what is it with toons and axolotls nowadays

>>117435507cute weird lizard

>>117435458Can’t you still watch Crunchyroll for free with commercials?

>>117435004They played a scene from the show in the panel!

>>117435055It's so cute!!

>>117435476Listen here little baby. You're gonna get a lot of hurtful and degrading comments, but that ain't what I'm about. Let me just say, you are perfect the way you are. You hear me sugar? PERFECT. Don't ever change. You deserve anything and everything you want. Stay safe for me, baby girl.>mfw thinking of you hurting

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>>117435507It's cute, it's weird, and it's mexican. The perfect animal companion for this show. That and that sword thing.

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>>117435579Looks like you can

>>117435477Lmao why his forehead look so big

>>117435591Any leaks. I was busy and couldn't attend.

>>117430857I usually fine with dubs but these dubs are horrible.

>>117436069It's not a dub. It's the original cast. They're probably gonna dub it into other languages though.

>>117436194Luckily, my desire to sodomize the protagonist is greater than my concern for the (early) voice work.

Panel from this morning is up with a clip of Izel fighting a monster. You have to find it in the playlist of their other

Attached: Screenshot_20200904-151316.png (2048x1143, 1.22M)

>>117436194>It's really her

Attached: 1387789224792.jpg (224x225, 7.57K)

>>117436437They really want the pedo audience.

>>117436540If they did the show would look like calarts

>>117436575everyone knows anime has the biggest pedo audience

>>117436437Clip starts at 24:15

>>117433811cont:>>117431923There's some more obscure deities. Mictlantecuhtli isn't THAT obscure, but he's a named character based on the cast announcements. More obscure is that per the twitter breakdown I linked, the large monster in both trailers is Tlaltecuhtli. Something I also missed in my intial breakdown is that you can see the Zapotec rain god Cocjio (pic) show up for a bit in the first trailer, alongside buildings which have what seems to me to be more Zapotec influenced architectural motifs.Based on that, and what Sofia said in the panel, it seems like specific towns and cities in the show will actually represent different cultures and real life locations. So that shot might have been showcasing Mitla or Monte Alban>>117432149>>117432188>>117432202>>117432213The only instance of rape I know of is that some Tenochca noblemen ended up molesting a Tlateloca princess(?), which ended up instigating the war between Tenochtitlan and Tlatelolco that resulted in the former conquering and physically absorbing the latter and reunifying the Mexica into a single city (though Tlatelolco was overseen by a Cuauhtlatoani (Military Governor, so it may have still formally been it's own altepetl (city-state) That's a great story btw, it involves shit like talking prophetic vaginas and people nonchalently playing ball games to throw spies off, etc. One of these days I should do a dump on itAlso rape is mentioned which the Spanish and Tlaxcaltec and others sacked Tenochctitlan, but the text is unclear if it was just the Spanish doing it or the Spanish and the Tlaxcaltec, Xochimilca, Texcoca, etc>>117432672Sure, I don't have an issue with doing both; I was replying to the other user who said a Mesoamerican setting would feel wrong WITHOUT it. I don't MIND it having it, but I don't at all agree it NEEDS to>>117432982Off the top of my head, I haven't heard of it, but that could easily just be my ignorance. Uxmal isn't a site i've looked into that much. 3/?

Attached: Onyx Equinox _ A Crunchyroll Original _ OFFICIAL TRAILER (1080p_24fps_H264-128kbit_AAC).mp4_snapshot_01.01_[2020.06.26_08.27.36].png (1920x1080, 1.38M)

>>117436712>but I don't at all agree it NEEDS toI think the issue is that western representations of ancient history or "exotic" settings nowadays are extremely toothless baby shit.You don't even need to be super edgy or anything, hell, Golden Kamuy is basically a crash course on Ainu culture, customs, and cuisine and it still manages to have a fairly compelling story with some actual stakes and villains that don't feel completely toothless (even when they're literally played for laughs).

>>117432361All current homoshits are bad so one follows the other.

>>117436712>The only instance of rape I know of is that some Tenochca noblemen ended up molesting a Tlateloca princess(?), which ended up instigating the war between Tenochtitlan and Tlatelolco that resulted in the former conqueringSource to read, it seems interesting.

>>117436811>All current homoshits are bad How so? Sounds like you hate either cartoons, gays, or both.

Attached: porl.png (2479x3379, 3.05M)

>>117436865>Sounds like you hate either cartoons, gaysJust the white ones.

>>117436865Why is Pearl so sexy, bros??

Attached: hnnnnnghh.png (1920x1090, 2.53M)

>>117436865I hate when both are together, there isn't a single cartoon when MC ends being gay that is good.

>>117436194Can you talk about your experience in the show?

Izel gets bulli

Attached: Screenshot_20200904-154420.png (2048x1117, 1.33M)

>>117436194Or talk Izel as a character?

>>117437056Damn, what modern cartoons do you actually LIKE then?

Attached: lh.png (340x341, 96.5K)

>>117437165Alexander is a woman of taste (exceptfor herfatwife).

>>117437307I don't like any. Since the Tangled movie I stopped watching western media.


Attached: 1576391512106.jpg (800x600, 69.97K)

>>117437364That's not very nice user

>>117430857bruh that's juicy fuccboi. Gimme dem lewds, fujos.

>>117437096Honestly, it is one of the best experiences Ive ever had period. Sofi and the crew are some of the nicest people Ive ever met and Im so grateful I was able to be part of the experience. they threw a get well party for me a few days before I had surgery for cancer

>>117437655Hope you are better now.

>>117437655Wow, that was really nice of them! Hope things are working out with you.

>>117437655Get well.

>>117437655Sending you good vibes on your recovery.

>>117430857Sun Warrior Korra looks great

>>117431196All injuns look the same.


>>117438632You gotta put in the j so you know you’re talkin about the feathers and not the dots.

>>117433339If I were you I would be buying my grave already. Crunchyroll is scared of anything related to HGS.

>>117433922Whenever I see cute things like this I want to squish them to death.

>>117434340I am just saying Izel and his sister would make cute babies.

>>117435071You have the twins if you want a homo pairing.

>>117436194Damn, first storyboard user, now this.

>>117435458>these bigger companiesI payed for a Netflix acvount to watch a cartoon, then cancelled. I am going to pay again when the second season drops. And I am thinking of doing the same with Crunchyroll.

>>117435476Keep working your way up to the top, Izelanon.

>>117430857why does the main guy character sound like a girl?

>>117439033Because he is voiced by a girl, a common practice for young boys.

>>117439033see: >>117431713

>>117439076Why isn’t she trying to sound like a boy?

>>117439156Because she's a newbie for voicing boys.

>>117431293>Lewds whenWhen I learn how to use my fucking tablet.

>>117431552Wait, did Crunchyroll hire a gamer to voice a character?

>>117439183Then why did they hire her to be a main character?

>>117439656Dunno, because she's a cute girl.

>>117438928>twinsEven better

>>117430857>korra hair>hot girl voice>its a boy

Attached: rat shit bat shit.jpg (500x475, 84.45K)

Hey Mesoanon. Quick question about the Maya, Is it true that the priest class had begun to question the nature of human sacrifice and was possibly moving towards symbolic sacrifice? Asking for a friend.

>>117439927Hope, mesoanon, see this question. >>117436712

>>117439917don't let that stop you

Attached: Screenshot_20200905-105827_Firefox.jpg (1080x1441, 507.07K)


>>117439917>>117440013You talk about lewing the shota, but I don't see images.

>>117433512>or the grandma if she's hotYou have to have some standars, user.>>1174336012D>3D


>>117439656I assume that's how they want the character to sound. It's not like there's some shortage of young actors or actors who can do a high voice.

>>117441146Also casting a kid in USA is prohibited or something. Some murikans that can prove some light in this matter.

>>117441239Child VAs exist, but children are also harder to work with, for a number of obvious reasons: parents, inexperience, the risk of puberty etc. The usual child actor restrictions might also apply.

>>117441146It's easier to fuck with them, though. For every Chowder or Gumball, you also get an Ezran.


Attached: Perfection.gif (853x480, 913.74K)

>>117441597Right, but that's more of a problem with kids. There are still plenty of guys who can do a young voice.

>>117441146I did some research on the mcs actress.she actually has a pretty solid boy voice in

>>117431058>>117431069fuck, I wanted her to have both

>>117441465Re: child VAs. There were a few auditions from kids, but in the end this is an adult show and it would have felt weird to have a real life kid saying bad words and whatever. Plus there are time restrictions on child actors and stuff. Plus Olivia is perfect for the role, you guys are just plebs.

Attached: -dby6c2.jpg (2048x1862, 211.28K)

>>117441818Eh, it doesn't bother me. Frankly, having been to OP's link, I'd question anyone going all in on a narrative being pushed that hard in youtube comments.

>>117430857How many episodes will there be? And these'll be weekly releases, yeah?

>>117442047Sofia has said in her twitter that she wanted to expand on some scenes writting fanfiction because there weren't enough episodes, I assume the series will have 12-13 episodes like my nip cartoons. >>117441818Storyboardanon, I love the humor in your drawings, if you have time could you make a group pic?

>>117441818Wait are you the storyboard user whose wife is making a show?


>>117430857If it's not from Japan, I don't care.

>>117442085I have a few in the works!>>117442297That's what this thread is about user

Attached: 20200904_163554.png (819x518, 358.77K)

>>117442452Were there any working titles along the way before sticking with 'Onyx Equinox'?

Attached: cute-dog-slurping-drink.jpg (600x612, 98.83K)

>>117442452Are you the Sofia's wife?

>>117442452Quetzacoalt looks so ugly there. Are you basing his looks on the legend that said Quetzacoalt was ugly and that's the reason he used a white mask?

>>117431051He's a trans man.

That VA needs to practice how to sound like a boy.Also their sword drawing sound effects are the same ones used in Skyrim.

>>117442452Goody! I have a question for you What do you and your wife thinks of Ren and Stimpy revival? Do you think the industry is over reacting or has something to say in your mind?

To all the people complaining about Izel's voice, I really do believe it's just another matter of growing used to the actress's portrayal. I remember being a little put off by the masculine voicing when Bob's Burgers first premiered, but now Linda and Tina's voices sound as natural and believable as you can get. Olivia's got this, guys.

Attached: 1595375130399.gif (220x394, 41.38K)

>>117442522It's always been Onyx Equinox>>117442589False>>117442882Neither of us like Ren & Stimpy, and John K was insufferable even before he was outed as a pedo. I don't think there's any reason to reboot it, since it already failed before.But in general any of the art/animation outrage that happens on twitter is pretty obnoxious. Everybody thinks their opinion is important despite hundreds of other people saying the same shit.

>>117442585All I can say is....don't worry about it.

Is the mesoamericananon already asleep?


>>117443157>Neither of us like Ren & Stimpy Based. I could never get into it. Cute girls tho

Attached: Secretary.jpg (941x1292, 263.35K)

>>117443157>>117443227Why don't you like it? I personally found the humor too gross, but I watched it as a kid, but I heared people liked it.

>>117443156I never had a problem with Tina personally. To me, she always sounded appropriate for a socially awkward pubescent teenager.

>>117443227It was nightmare fuel for little kid me. I was probably too young to understand any of the "adult" humor. Man, I also feel really bad for Katie Rice and Robin Byrd. They seem really cool and it's really shitty when someone takes advantage of your hopes and dreams. Chris Savino was pulling the same shit. I'm glad Katie seems to still be doing cartoons despite everything.

>>117436437The animation really needs more frames, it doesn't look bad, but.

>>117434893Why does he look like a girl.

Hey Storyboard user, you're not telling Sofia about all the goofy [occasionally horny] shit we say in these threads, are you?

Attached: Worried laughter.gif (540x300, 2.59M)

>>117443690I won't lie, some of the animation gets pretty rough. This was a shoestring budget. They didn't even have half the positions a normal 2D show should have (no in-house animator, no animation checker, ridiculously short storyboarding schedule) so they had to do what they could. Personally I think the color design, music and story makes up for it.The hope is that it'll do well enough that they'll pick up season 2 with a higher budget... and maybe different studio leadership.

>>117443839>they'll pick up season 2 with a higher budgetIs there an actual change for that? I imagine Sofia only had/has the story for the first season in mind.

>>117443711He's got long hair? I don't know, I grew up on animu with all kinds of feminine-looking boys so it makes sense to me. >>117443749 of course I am

Clicky penned made a comment about how the warrior girl and Izel will have a Gohan-Piccolo type of relationship, can't we stop coping dragon ball?

>>117443923Tell her she nailed all of my fetishes with Izel.

>>117443933Sorry, he was referring to the jaguar.

Characters's official names-

Attached: EhG8nDVWAAAVsnD.jpg (1080x2160, 274.32K)

>>117443933Nah, that's Izel and Yaotl (the jaguar.) It's just that unwilling mentor and weenie mentee dynamic.

Attached: 20200904_155647.jpg (2880x1572, 182.92K)


Attached: EhG8nXwXsAE-bJE.jpg (1080x2160, 244.18K)

>>117444124>>117444012Xanastaku is my best girl, Yun is my best boy

Attached: -va55ml.jpg (2522x1323, 368.85K)

>>117430857Eh, this Izel chick is a little too boyish for my liking.

>>117444045Hey, user. Is what this user said>>117443839 true or just wishful thinking?

>>117444210It's true. CR is new at this though. They don't want to commit to season 2 until they have the numbers.

>>117444224In your experience on the show, so you think a second season could work? I mean the story, for now, seems like the main characters have to solve a bet between Tez and Quetza/fight between the underworl gods who wants more blood. I imagine the problem will be solved by the end of the season.

>>117430857Thought the main character was a girl up until they showed him shirtless. The voice acting for the main character is awful, I'm not watching an entire series of that.


>>117432411>shippingplease leave your kind only makes this already shit board worse

>>117444405>their kindYou mean literally everyone on the board, newfag?

>>117444440just because shipping has been around since ancient times doesn't mean it isn't cancer

>>117444012>>117444124>young mesoamerican boys in tight clothing

Attached: Bueno Excellente.jpg (904x573, 205.35K)

>>117444012I can already tell Logo's gonna be my favorite

Attached: A George Geef Film.jpg (913x1029, 52.65K)

>>117444440>newfagbitch you probably never even heard of 4chan before SU or the ruby and sapphire episode aired, you're the newfag

>>117444576Apparently Sofia, the show's creator is going to voice the knife and the ahuizotolt

>>117430857>>117431196The exposed shoulders really seal it. They could have pretended it was a coincidence otherwise.

>>117444287What, girls can't be shirtless?

Attached: chunky steven.png (1920x1080, 732.47K)

>>117444739sorry tranny but girls don't look like that shirtless

Being Izel looks like suffering.

Attached: Screenshot_20200904-154454.png (2048x1157, 1.4M)

>>117430857kinda interested but that sound design seems kinda awful...

>>117431552Someone needs to point out how many times hes said nigger and that one vid confirming he said nigger 30 times after being in a car with one.

>>117442611>SkyrimKEK I knew they sounded familiar

>>117444780Depends on the age.

>>117444780Gymnasts honestly can.

>>117444891>>117444900fuck off pedos

>>117432500Once you have fans, please tell all of them to watch Moral Orel on HBO Max. I want a fourth season so badly it hurts.

>>117444276Sofia has an in-depth plan for season 2, so yes it’ll work

>>117432317that fucking surfboard creature she's riding on strangles a girl to death after she kills her parents

>>117442611I don't know, in the exclusive clip she sounded well.

>>117444908>Acknowledging that gymnasts can be flat as a board makes you someone sexually attracted to kidsOk.

>>117432317Shadow Star legit gets darker than Madoka.Madoka: there are monsters that kill kids.Shadow Star: there are monsters that kill kids. They're called 'other kids'.

>>117444923Then, I wish you luck with the changes for a second season. I am going to cut a lot of corners on my already tigh budget to pay for a Crunchyroll membership.

>>117444912Has Dino ever implied that he'd be open to make more?

>>117444987I think you can watch it free with ads user! Don't put yourself out.

>>117444942>after she kills her

>>117444974Watch Now and then here and there for a dark series.

Attached: nathat_all.jpg (627x467, 47.85K)

>>117430857Looks fine, I guess, Why protagonist is voiced by a woman? It doesn't fit well.

>>117445013I already done that to buy useless things. I want to contribute.

>>117445048Same reason many shotas in anime are voiced by women.

>>117445026Yeah, that's pretty dark.And then there's Bokurano: Ours. HA HA! Depressing.

>>117445048Most boys in cartoons are voiced by adult women. What you should be asking is why is the VA so shit that it sounds like an adult woman.

>>117431659Couch gag, Superjail, ballmasrtz, unironically GF

>>117445078That's exactly what I mean, it sounds like an adult woman in the body of a teen, it doesn't fit at all, i was expecting something way deeper.


Attached: holy shit is that a baby damn thats dark.png (1920x1080, 2.17M)

Sofia helped design Infinity Train's sexiest character, so she's cool in my book.

Attached: Nancy the Flower Lady.jpg (2048x1204, 232.01K)

>>117444224Some people are already saying you are Sofia's wife, user.

>>117443885She’s had plans for 3 seasons. Already outlined S2

>>117445628Want some proof for that.

>>117445645She told me in bed last night.

>>117443156I never 'got used' to Tina or Linda's voices. They just became a constant source of extra humor. Which is fine in a comedy.

>>117444631She didn’t want them naming her because she didn’t want to take the spotlight. Also insufferable need from marketing to blow their load before the show airs

>>117430857The main character is a femboy and everybody else seems to be twinks, so naturally I'm going to watch the shit out of this and would be stupid not to.... I'm also weirdly hopeful of this maybe finally having big enough nuts to have some GAY. MALE. characters and not pussying out with safe obligatory lesbians. I wanna see those twins and the main character fuck. Also, while it's technically more South America/MesoAmerican: it is nice to see some American Fantasy. As a North American it feels like we're not only denied our Nation's History, but that we're constantly sucking off Europe. We're not Europe. We're America.

Attached: Anime_HornyZone.jpg (960x784, 57.16K)

Why is he drawn like a femboy that gets raped in a doujin?

>>117445850Because Sofia is a woman of taste, fuck those dykes MCs, shotas are the future.

>>117445820>THERE ARE NO GAY MALE CHARACTERS IN CARTOONSWhen they show up nobody cares.

Attached: Benson-Troy-Kipo-and-the-Age-of-the-Wonderbeasts.jpg (1024x576, 103.92K)

>>117431325Yeah, I'd say he passes pretty well.

>>117434870You thought they'd show a topless girl in the trailer?

Years ago, we'd already have trap porn of the MC by now

>>117445876Left looks like human bumblebee from tfaFreaky>>117445820It's hardly even gay if they're shotas though

>>117446075What's the point of drawing porn of ugly SJWtoons

>>117430857wow, that's some shit sound mixing, I hope this is a fuckup of the trailer or something cause that is quite muddy

>>117446159I guarantee it's in the actual show too, cartoons in the past 5 yeaea seem to be goinf back to 80s tier sound editing and animation mistakes

>>117446193that's pretty bad, I could do a better job and I just mix live bands.

>>117430857Going to sleep, I hope tomorrow mesoanon finishes his info dump.

>>117444891No little prepubescent girl has biceps, pecs, and abs like that.

>>117437815>>117437885>>117438140>>117438359Thank you anons. Just passed my one year uncancerversary mark in August and going strong. ;)

Sorry anons, I got busy towards last evening then fell asleepI'll break down the trailer sometime over the next few hours, ideally I wanna get some other mesoamerican hobbiysts I know working with me on it, I'm honestly a little salty just how much I missed with my last breakdown because I was rushing, though I also don't think it's going to be much longer since naturally a lot of stuff in the new trailer were things that showed up in the first trailer to begin with and already got covered>>117436712Cont:>>117443216I was, yes>>117436822Probably the most accessable source which has a telling of it would be Duran's History of the Indies of New Spain, which has an english translation and you can easily find on amazon for like 20-40$; but other 16/17th century Aztec/Nahua documents cover it too.Really i'd suggest reading these 3 Askhistorians posts. I know >plebbit and all, but AH is a legitmately great>>117432974>>117433149> I actually assumed you were already friends with clicky-penned!Nope, I have a circle of other hobbiysts and researchers i'm friends with, but their breakdown was the first I saw of them. Anyways, I hope you guys get Egoraptor to shill the series a lot, that's a potential huge source of eyes on the show, I wouldn't want you all to miss that chance.>>117434270>>117434340I'll dump about it when I'm done breaking down the panel and new trailer then if the thread is still up4/?

>>117435055i herd u liek Axolotl doesn't roll off the tongue as much, does it?

>>117430990and that's a bad thing, how?


>>117442585>>117442452What makes you say that's quetzalcoatl?

>>117448221The fact that he and Tezclatlipoca are opposites.

>>117448221Maybe it's Tlaloc. But I remember there is a wind god called Ehecatl is one of the incarnations of the god Quetzalcoatl.

Attached: smt_Tlaloc.jpg (918x1515, 712.81K)

>>117445271>She originally was supposed to be a flower girl instead of a woman with a rose headGodfuckingdamnit motherfucker

>>117449164Sure but what about it suggests ehecatl to you

>>117447957I am waiting, your info dump is always appreciated.

>>117447957cont:>>117439927I've not heard reference to that before, but sounds interesting, if you wanna link me where you heard it. The only two things vaugely similar to that i'm aware of is that in Aztec psuedo-history/legends about the Toltec, something you see come up sometimes is the Toltec king Ce Acatl Topiltzin apparently rejecting human sacrifice, and as Topiltzin is heavily intertwiened with Quetzalcoatl, that's something you see associated with the god as well, but how much of that is actual prehispanic belief or post-conquest distortion (as the Spanish associated Quetzalcoatl with Jesus to make conversion easier) is questionable, I go into this more here: ; and what would have been the final post there here:, is that in some accounts from Texcoca (Texcoco being the second most powerful city in the Aztec empire behind Tenochtitlan) sources, such as Fernando Ixtlilxochitl (a descendant of the royal family), it's claimed that Nezahualcoyotl, Texcoco's most famous king (who was a poet, patron of the arts, engineer, etc, though how much is credited to him he really did is somewhat suspect, see below) worshipped a singular god and rejected human sacrificeHowever, this is probably a retroactive attempt to make Nezahualcoyotl and the Texcoca royal family look better to the Spanish in the colonial period, as other sources have Nezahualcoyotl sanctioning sacrificial ceremonies; and in general his accounts have a really strong pro Texcoca anti Tenochca bias (Texcoco and Tenochtitlan had a bit of a rivalry) A great book on this is "The Allure of Nezahualcoyotl">>117443839>>117444224>>117444923>>117445013Is there anything in particular I can be doing to support the show beyond just getting a CR subscription? if there's merch, will sales for that increase chances for an S2? How does CR actually do metrics on watches? Will rewatching episodes multiple times help?5/?

>>117435105i'm so glad i'm not you

>>117431713>they didn't even try to make him sound like a boy.>Izel's voice very distracting.on one hand, i agree.>They... they>I'm not even trying to be toxic or overly heteronormativebut on the other hand, would you kindly kill yourself?

>>117430857This looks really good, definitely will check it out

>>117450201There are moments where she actually sounds like a boy and others, especially when she has to scream, where she sounds like a girl.

>>117432411based fujo


>>117451464In my basement.

>>117449966>Fernando IxtlilxochitlDid any of Moctezuma's sons survive?

>>117431552White people playing brown people, this show is gonna get crucified

>>117446159The weird skyrim sound effects aren't in the actual show. Some of the lines sound weird too. The trailers are cut by marketing. Sofia had to tell them not to put spoilers in the trailer which pushed it back three weeks. But yeah even the tone of this one is completely off.

>>117452036>marketingWhy does Crunchyroll have a marketing department if they seem so shit at their job?They fucked big time with HGS trailer and the OE trailer have weirds sound effects.

>>117449966You know, I don't actually know how they're going to calculate this. All I know is it did really well during test screenings but I think that was a survey type thing. I think new subs will count, but also maybe time spent streaming, subs or not. I'll do some research. Thanks as always for your contributions user!

Attached: 20200625_132303.jpg (2048x1086, 198.54K)

>>117452157Believe me...................we know

Attached: 1596907032558.jpg (453x470, 24.28K)

Hey Señor Mono on twitter, I hate to be a drag, but could you take your Twitter thread down? Crunchyroll searches twitter and tumblr for this stuff and we'll get in trouble for saying anything ;_;I think we're all here because we wanted to talk about it without getting our hands slapped.

Attached: 1593832487859.png (106x98, 13.87K)

>>117432317That fucking opening tricked a lot of people. is still cute as fuck though.

>>117452355Now that's some boopin-ass game.

Storyboard user here, just showing up to say that I've been LARPing the whole time and I am not affiliated with Crunchyroll, Sofia, or Onyx Equinox in any way.

>>117452355Why don't you contact him?

>>117452682Because then that'd confirm for sure that they were on 4chan, you dingus>>117452355What's their exact @ handle? I'll DM them since i'm a nobody and tell them to take it down

>>117445026I wasn't ready for stumbling upon this on TV as a kid.Yes they actually aired this on TV.

>>117452921Based. There is good on 4chan after all. It's @HispanicChimp Tell him it's nothing personal, CR is just kind of uppity about this stuff. Thanks a ton user ;_;

I saw a screenshot from the mobile app or whatever that shows the name of the knife, can somebody post that?

>>117453104It's here>>117444012

>>117451105Boys don’t sound like men. Is he supposed to be like a kid or a tween? All y’all wanting your male Mc sound like men whose balls are being squeezed

>>117453412I suppose he is around 12-13. But he is too thin, maybe he was starved or something.

>>117431713>>117431552>>117430857White VO cast.I guess it's hard to find south american people in LA.Holla Forums wins again!

>>117449966>>117449966>>117449966Well, it seems like I won't have time to finish and post the breakdown before today's panel, so I might end up just waiting till after tommorow's panel too to post it, that way there's more to review also (though since both panels deal with the cultural influences they may explain shit I'd want to note myself and beat me to the punch, but oh well)Panel is here, by the way, starts in 5

>>11745388310 (well, like 6 now) minutes, sorry, not 5