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>ctrl+f >no the boys thread First three episodes of season 2 are out

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>>117430850Got to rewatch the second episode again. I fell asleep and when I woke up The Woman was fighting the super terrorist.

>>117430901Villain. Super villain.

>>117430971Saving the world is better than saving America, Homie.

>>117430850Shitty edgy tryhard garbage rip off of Marshal Law. If anything Marshal law should’ve gotten the live action show treatment

So Giancarlo Esposito's character is supposed to be the Stillwell from the comics?

>>117430850>First three episodesare they dropping the rest like that?

>>117431397the rest of the episodes will be released one a time every week

How are the first three episodes?

>>117431561I'd like to know how the third episode is.From what I seen, Homelander looks skinnier and feels harder to accept he has super strength. Storm front is killing her scenes.

>>117431561Stormfront’s hatred for the yellow skinned gives hope that they’re sticking to the Nazi origin from the comics.

>>117431669anon her name is stormfront. She was ecstatic to see Homelander's blue eyes. I think you're getting it.

>>117431741Are Star Wars strom troopers Nazis?

>>117431300His scene where he told Homelander he’s just an asset and not their most profitable one at that felt like an intentional nod to their conversation toward the end of the comic

haha wouldn't it be scary if Stormfront gently snapped your neck while shushing you and calling you something racially pejorative? haha so scary ew haha EW

>>117431300Basically. Not sure why they didn't just reserve the name Stillwell for him and make Mommy Milkers an OC.

>>117431669She's a modern day online neo-nazi -- pretends to be a regular progressive to save face in public but is privately a supremacist who shitposts anonymously on the internet

>>117431300Pretty much. He's the former CEO character before he died offscreen and Stillwell took his role.

So were the leaks true? Does it end with Butcher killing Homelander's son and pinning it on Vought?

>>117431074>Marshal Law>live action treatment>not animated seriesGross.>>117431300Pretty much.

>>117432477You mean the rumour (singular) that you started spamming on Holla Forums?

>>117431814are Hydra nazis?

>>117432498I shoulda said "leaks", I was just wondering if the Holla Forums meme was true.

>>117432241sounds about right

>First episode already having a superhero Scientology offshootI love this show

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>>117432477>>117432498>>117432509So far, the leaks line up>Season 2 Episode 3>A-Train hints he came from a broken>Maeve possibly turning

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>>117431633The third episode was the highlight and really showed just how bigger the budget got compared to season 1

>or else I'll bollocks ya!

There we go, breast milk fetish time.

I hate myself for how hot Stormfront is to me.

>>117435049I don't I want her to call me slurs while she rapes me.

>>117435049reminds me of Abella Danger

Stormfront is a shitty feminist character.Asian psychic brother guy was shit, glad about what happened to him.The deep, is stupid, and is talking to himself, please kill him.Pointless political characters. Vought which aside from giving, making, and having the super drug, does not matter? (I know it sort of matters, for the drug, which i said.) So any heroes who are killed, they find a replacement person who looks the same and gives them the drug for same powers?I mean, a-train was killed before. And the new starlight does not have powers yet.

>>117435064Why is that hot?

>>117435049>she will never peg me while calling me a nigger and laughing about how I'm submitting to white supremacywhy go on?

>>117435083how about you watch the episode fulyl before fucking complaining, christ

>>117435049>falling for jewish tricks that easilyIn the promo shots she looked good but seeing her in HD has turned me off, get better taste.

I wish Homelander was a decent father

>>117435244>In the promo shots she looked good but seeing her in HD has turned me off,Seeing her in HD made my dick harder.

Can't watch it rn cause busy, but are there any fight scenes between The Boys and other supes? What are The Boys doing so far?

I kind of understand the girls falling for irredeemable pieces of shit now.

>>117435304He is though, have you ever seen Tree of Life and Dead Poets Society, user?

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Homelander's actor really nails the role.

>>117435525The Boys fight the Deep.Other than that, there hasn't been that much action, at least not in the way of fight scenes.

>>117436176>The Boys fight the Deep.Is it just the whale scene? Or is there more? I was hoping that they could get guns and weapons and start bashing some supe heads.


The Deep truly is the most pathetic man in the universe. But he's entertaining.

>>117434476The leaks didn't mention storm killing nigs and Asians and say she says nigger, but she literally said yellow bastard instead of chink so that's not happening

Who thought releasing 3 episodes and then making us wait forever for the rest was a good idea?

>>117435083>Stormfront is a shitty feminist character.I mean, European far-right parties are filled with young women like her, who claim to be feminist and are pretty abrasive.

>>117437525Covid decimated everyone's plans, they're likely just trying to pad out releases before they run out altogether.

>>117431669Plus she just killed all those black people in the apartment just for being there

Is it just me, or is seeing a live action Super Nazi just killing blacks for being there an uncomfortable feeling?

>>117438810I think you mean based

>Hughie and MM's heart to heart next to a giant whale heartHow can anyone not love this show?

Fuck her head explodedThis is edgy as fuck

>>117439445Even edgier than the 1st season just for the sake of it

>>117437525You guys bitch and moan about Netflix putting out an entire season at once because it "ruins the week to week discussions" Well now you have week to week discussions

>>117439445>head explosion edgy>not the Deep getting his gills raped

>>117438810is that not the point? the whole subtext of The Boys is "all this is going on IRL, just with financial and political powers rather than cape powers"

>>117439613Personally I prefer the binge watching even if it stifles discussion a bit, I hate waiting week to week.

>>117439680more threads for the show are fun and it's good for when someone has a busy week

so did A-train say it to anybody?

>>117430850I am not here for this weekly episode bullshit, amazon better smarten the fuck up.

God damn I fucking hate A-Train I wish that nigger actually had died of his heart attack. Fuck his whole "OH HUGHIE YOURE WHY POPCLAW DIED NOT ME CHIMPING OUT" and his fucking retarded "THE ONLY ONES WHO SAY THAT DIDNT GROW UP WITH MONEY" Fuck that goddamn ape, this country would be 10x better without those niggers

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>>117440097Hey stormfront. How are you liking 4chan?

>>117440097I wished the Deep died already first. His character arc is really dragging this series for me.

>>117440097Stormfront please step on me

>>117440132He's such a piece of shit degenerate nigger and can't even admit it, I wish he was dead or at the very least shown in a more negative light, instead always trying to give him an out or excuse

>>117435083>StormfrontI didn’t see her as very feminist, she’s a “punk rebel” who doesn’t give a fuck about her higher ups or especially any of the men of the seven think of her.

>>117431669Commies especially the white ones can be pretty racist too though

>>117440161NoooDEEP IS KINO

>>117435083How is she a femenist when she says it doesn't matter if you have a vag or a dick etc...?

>>117440230This guy is dumber than the niggers he hates

>>117440287commie nazis are still nazis

>>117440342kys nigger lover

is stromfront stronger than starlight?They seem to have the same powers

>>117440381>Super durability >Super strengthThe only difference is lighting vs the light

>>117440427both are light which made by electromagnetic wave

>>117434476>A-Train hints he came from a broken homeAlready happened in Season 1 when they were filming that origin tv show>mentions dad wasn't around and he was raised by brother>gang violence outside his house>outran bullets

>>117440375You first

>>117440482Forgot the Maeve part,>already in season 1 when she has a bit of a heart to heart with Slutty Annie in the bathroom at the party

>that marketing guy whose dick snapped off when he was fucking a girl with ice powers in season 1Anything hit that level of dark humor in season 2 yet?

>>117438745I thought that the plan was to kill civilians regardless so that they can spin it as super villains desperately needing to be stopped if they could kill 60 people in a few minutes and to give Vought more power, not exclusively because she wanted to. Granted she definitely wanted to kill those people but that stood out to me as her being too far gone from the get go and understanding her place

>>117434476A-train already mentioned he was from a broken home and Maeve was already disillusioned with living in the Seven. We haven't seen her interact with any of the Boys yet. Also didn't the leaks say that A-train is turning good? I wonder where his arc is going because he seems surprisingly ungrateful at being saved by Annie. I don't think he's turning good this season.

>>117431669People are speculating that she might be Liberty too

>>117432477I doubt that's going to happen. Homelander's son seems pretty tough (he could knock the guy down) and I think he might end up killing Homelander instead>>117440009I prefer this over binging. It feels like if you can't watch a show in the first week you won't be able to discuss it

>>117440381I'm guessing Stormfront could beat Starlight in a fight but I bet the former is more experienced

>>117440527So far-Dude uses his regeneration powers who charges to help losers get off from cutting off his body parts (even his dick).-The Boys impales a beached whale. -The Deep joined Scientology to redeem himself

Haven't watched it yet, did the baby die?

>>117441009>>117440527The Deep takes shrooms and his gills start talking with him>>117441045What baby?

>Stormfront killing the psychic bro with the cool hat like thatI hope she gets ryona'd hardcore by the end of the season

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>>117440949So what's going to be the point of Noir then? Other than crying in the corner about his parents like some this other black wearing super-guy.

>>117441045Not sure, the news shows the baby was found outside before Butcher bombed the house. But Homelander really hated that baby so it seems out of character for him to save it. Maybe it really did die and it’s just a media cover up. Don’t think it’s survival is that important though.

>>117441091He's the meme character

>>117441082I want her to get mind broken and star in the Boys version of BLACKED

>>117441063Deep gets high and his gills act as his therapists is funny but not really what I call dark humor. Just really strange you laugh at it’s weirdness.

>>117441082If anything I expect her to be killed by Kimiko in the most cliche "revenge for my brother and other yellow people" manner. The bro already talked about this super American that wipes japanese villages from the map which was described to imply Homelander but could be Strormfront. So much for the honorary Aryans.

Haven't watched the episodes yet, does Stormfront drop the gamer word at some point? It wouldn't be a Garth Ennis story without some hard r's

>>117441191Not yet, but she palpatine'd a good bunch of them in her first battle scene. Would be a waste so soon and with so many proper characters to use it on an NPC.

>>117441167I think it might be Stormfront who's doing that rather than Homelander. I think Homelander would have talked about it on screen if he was doing that.

>>117441474Yeah but that would turn Stormfront from a nazi to a regular-old racist, no more than Homelander is. Can't be a nazi and hate the Japanese.

>>117441191I hope she’s caught saying the gamer word so I can enjoy what amazing pr stunt the company have to salvage up. Watching them struggle especially that redhead secretary chick suffering is very satisfying.

>>117441555Why would a neonazi have any sympathy for the Japanese?

>>117441103I know it's not really important, dead babies just hit me harder than most other things. Thanks for filling me in.

>>117441009>The Boys impale a beached whalewtf is this family guy now

>>117441697Did you forget about the dolphin in season one? It's edgy shock humor. Admittedly, those two don't really land for me, probably BECAUSE of the overuse in Family Guy and the likes.

>>117441137It helps that the gills are Patton Oswalt.

>>117441604Not saying she has to, but Homelander had an entire scene to shown he hates cripples and ethnics. It can add character to her in a different direction to Homelander's which is the generic US racism. That final scene could have been completely different if she killed those blacks but refused to kill the japanese, letting Homelander do the kill and getting angry for him doing so.The way she is used now is to be antagonistic with everyone including Homelander while at the same time getting close to him for being blonde/blue-eyed. Is she flirty with him? Homelander didn't seem to take it that way.

>>117432201shitskin detected. Be blond and pale skinned

>>117441555I don't get Japan's deal in this show. They act like it's a war-torn region when it's peaceful irl. Things might be different in this universe, who knows?

>>117441980Kimiko doesn't even talk. She could have been any flavor of South East Asian like usually done but they decided to bring that "Liberation Army" concepts to Japan for whatever reason, now they have to run with it.

she's definately raycis, what I thought was weird is how she murders the dad then walks away like she was going to let the others live, but dont really matter after what she does in the end anyway

>>117442079I'm only afraid that if she brings the same type of racism to the team as Homelander, then Homelander's superior and well established psychopath traits, will swallow her more shallow role up entirely.

>>117438810yeah I think that was the vibe they wanted to give tho

this is literally better than the source material

>>117442181It's not that clear with the black family. The show has gotten us used to supes killing witnesses and civilians for no reason, it's not like there was a white guy in the building and we saw her sparing him but killing the blacks around him.

>>117442262>this is literally better than the source materialNo it is not.>downgraded Butcher and boys in general>Stormfront fight scene won't happen>edgy humor that's even more immature than the comics

ladsi think im in love

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>feminist racistlmao pure gold

Is Edgar basically comics Stillwell?

>>117430850>Edgelord: The Show

>>117442335What do you mean downgraded? Like they aren't superpowered anymore or what?

>>117442128She has a different vibe than Homelander. wondering where her social media celebrity status is going to take her.

>>117442935Racist tweets from ten years ago surface and she gets cancelled

>>117443001That could work. But don't the trailers show her convincing her followers to take Compound V and become supes?

I like these eps. Kinda sucks about them not releasing all the eps at once. But man Stormfront doing those racist things in ep 3 was fucking great. One odd bit I didn't like was Butcher shooting The females brother though I guess you can chalk it up to him losing his cool. The female having alot of character was honestly a nice addition.

>>117430850I'm still upset that we lost The Tick for this teenager angstfest.


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>>117442335>No it is not.this. I don't understand why people like this mediocre show. butcher and hughie are both insufferable asshole faggots, inconsistencies all over, boys didn't take V, in fact there's no fuckin reason they are fuckin alive, since there's no deadman switch blackmail on supes>no brotherhood between boys, all bickering and catfights>no why dya kill me dog jack>no based ruski>no G-man>MM watered down>boring maeve lesbian stuff>deep is cringe central lmao le funny gills ur so baeutiful xD>esposito being gus fring for the Nth timeliterally the only one that's (much) better is based homelander, on this everyone can agree

Just finished them, man this season is already off to a great start. Have there been any clues to Noir's identity that I missed? There was the scene of him crying after the Compound V leak but I couldn't get a read on that at all.

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>>117444155I thought he was laughing.

>>117444247>i'm the jokah baby

>>117444155His height and weight change

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>>117430850Just finished the 3 episodesmm..what the fuck was that Fresca advertisement?!

>>117444353Anymore of these profiles?

>>117444531They're from the Amazon prime site. There's ones for the Boys and the Seven. Here's Stormfront's profile

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>>117445103I'll go ahead and share the rest of the profiles for people without a subscriptionHere's Queen Maeve. Wonder if there's more to her backstory than just losing Elena.

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>>117445109Is the Deep coming back to the Seven? Or is this all in the past?

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>>117445124It doesn't seem like A-train has changed much since last season. Is he going to get a new story arc?

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I refuse to watch this until I'm sure they did the Black Noir reveal properly.

>>117445146Last one, HomelanderI realized you can look at these profiles even without an Amazon prime account. Look up the Boys and it should be there.

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>>117445170He's not a Homelander clone and Homelander is already plenty psychopathic in his own right so I wouldn't hold your breath. Just treat the show as its own thing since the new stuff it brings is fun too.

>>117444370It seemed so in your face that I thought it would be revealed that they were drugging Deep with them or something but nothing came of it


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>>117431074>edgy tryhard garbageSo, it's exactly like Marshal Law?


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>>117445170TV Homelander is such a good villain at this point that I don't want Noir to be Homelander 2.0. I genuinely want to be surprised but also not something that completely jumps the shark like he's a cyborg.I'm pretty sure he's just going to be Soldier Boy played by Jensen Ackles in S3 though.

>>117432477god i hope so

>>117440097get the fuck off 4chan and back on set stormfront

>>117445518I just think the clone reveal is too good and having Starr playing a half retarded and even more deranged Homelander as final boss could be fun.Also I NEED to see an official interpretation of heeeeeehhhhnnn.

>>117445209>m]151 / 17 / 62 / 1 [Update] [Auto]only 3 episodes are out something still could come of it

>>117443942Because the entire premise of the comic book version of the boys is utterly retarded, while the show is an actual deconstruction of the genre>homelander was okay guy, but was gaslight into going off the rails, here he is a legitimate sociopath>voight wants to push supes as a military asset, even though almost all of them are completely inept, the boys are somehow stronger than the vast majority of them. here they're actually underdogs>almost every supe is an immense, one dimensional asshole, but somehow no one catches onto thisthis is all can I think of off the top of my head since it's been a while reading the comic, but there's a ton of retarded shit they do that no sane person would even consider which was changed to be more believable in the show

What do you think they're going to do with lamplighter if anything?

>>117445685But what's the point? The Noir reveal only worked because him impersonating Homelander is what caused Homelander to turn into a genocidal dickbag from a hedonistic one. Thus far, there's been nothing to suggest that TV Homelander has ever been any different and he's just always been the sort of psychopath he is.

>>117445738He's definitely doing something this season.

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>>117445798>icemanbased. looks like they're doing something completely different from the comics as well. Hopefully this goes places.

>>117445798I always thought it was weird how Lamplighter leaving the seven was never explained

>>117445845he's shitting himself in the basement

>>117445798>>117445810I was just going to comment how it's funny he played Iceman too

>>117445810He still killed Mallory's grandkids and caused the Boys to be disbanded like in the comics but him still being alive definitely poses an interesting question.

>>117445487wtf? what is this? are they doing a promotional thing Amazon or something?

>>117445854he was still alive in the comics as well

>>117445798What room is that? Looks like Vought HQ for sure. Why would he be holding a lighter in a perfectly lit room? Did he just douse someone in gasoline and is now threatening them? Hmmmm

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>>117445869I mean, he seems to not be a brain dead invalid here.

>>117445996>>117445869>>117445854What if that's a flashback explaining how the breakup went down? It explains why he's in Vought HQ, he hasn't left the seven yet.

>>117445487>>117445865It’s some dumb promotional shit. Pic related should have been the match they should have done.

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>>117445717>tv show version>believableFuck off. The Boys themselves have been ruined. They’re all downgraded versions of themselves.

>>117439503Head exploding > whole body exploding from the ass?Doubtful

>>117446083>They’re all downgraded versions of themselves.And that's a good thing. I'm surprised to learn they have powers in the comics. Being powerless against the seven makes the seven seem so much more menacing, I thought that was the entire point of the story. I seriously hope Kimiko remains the only powered Boy in the show.

>>117445717>Homelander was an interesting character in the comics, here he's a generic assholeWow, what improvement.

>>117446069thats actually a way more fun matchup

>>117445717If it was an actual deconstruction of the genre, then it wouldn’t have dumb MCU tier jokes and product placement everywhere. At least the character interactions in the comics felt genuine and non-ironic. The show feels like it was made by people who unironically like the MCU but want their edgy version of it.

>>117445171> 5'11> Chadlander is a manlet

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>>117446123if you think comics homelander is better start using a trip so I know to avoid your posts

>>117446123>generic assholeIn what way is Starr's Homelander generic? He's showing every other capeshit show out there how to actually play a villain. If anything he's the first TV capeshit villain that feels unique.

>>117446114>And that's a good thing. No it’s not. And it’s not cause they didn’t take Compound V, it’s cause they’re entire character in the show has been reduced to arguing between each other and making dumb pop culture references.

>>117446158>character in the show has been reduced to arguing between each other and makingHow is that any different than the comics? Ennis' whole gimmick is characters ranting and yelling at each other.

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>>117446069That would’ve been so much more interesting even though Butcher is underpowered.

>>117446187Imagine choosing tv show Butcher over comic Butcher.

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>>117446142Yes, yes he is. Sorry you're a retard with shit taste. Go get your head checked.>I know to avoid your postsBad idea, you might learn something from people more intelligent than you are.>>117446144>In what way is Starr's Homelander generic?In every single way? He's just another by-the-numbers psychopath TV shows have been chockfull of for years.>He's showing every other capeshit show out there how to actually play a villain>le generic bad guy pretending to be a nice person>feels uniquelmao.

>>117446221Charismatic chad comic Butcher > literal cuck TV show Butcher.

>just made the stormfront connectionOh. Is that who they named their website after?

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>>117446216In the comics, Butcher has Compound V in him. He’s:>fast enough to dodge lasers from Stormfront>durable enough to take punches from supes stronger than him>strong enough to rip apart the human body and cyborgs>has a handful of weapons that can keep Stain at bay

>>117446223Watching Homelander slowly get his ego knocked down by his son, a chink, and Stormfront already makes him a more compelling than your average TV villain. I'm not sure what shows you're watching with great villains like Homelander, but please do share because I'd probably like them too.

>>117446221for the most part i'd say both comic and show have their pros and cons but comic butcher is easily the better option

They did a good job at making Stormfront immediately hateable and she hasn’t even said the n word yet. I hope her inevitable death by the female is prolonged and agonizing.

>>117446230what?what website

>>117446261at the start i kind of liked her but when she did the "watching the light go out" bit it made me hate heri don't know guess it just rubbed my inner serial killer the wrong way

>>117446261>hating stormfrontHow much of a soft faggot can you be? I wouldn't marry her or anything but she seems like a fun gal to do drugs with and have sex

>>117430850so when they gunna have starlight or maeve get nakkid on screen?

>>117446290No female nudity, only male nudity allowed. Welcome to 2020 and beyond.

Anyone else got a Stan Smith vibe from Homelander during the scenes with his family?

>>117446317Yeah the scene where he's disappointed that Ryan couldn't catch a baseball was definitely Stan playing catch with Steve

>>117446247It was really funny when Ryan told Homelander to fuck off and he went crying to Maeve lmao

>>117440949Is it me, or is Homelanders son going to become a better hero then his father was?>raised by a mother who loves him.>Seems to be a good kid.>Actively defends her when homelander was hurting her.

>>117446230Other way around, website is first and named after Sturmabteilung

They're really taking shots at the JL movie now.

>>117446299Do you watch anything outside of dumb capeshit adaptions and teen dramas? Even Doom Patrol has fully naked women.

>>117435083wow, this post made you look really dumb. is this your kink? being seen as retarded?

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>>117446247>great villains like Homelanderlmao.

>>117446696Hit a nerve?


>>117446700Yeah, you hit my "can't handle shit taste" nerve.>>117446705He's shit, m8. Deal with it.

>>117446753I think at this point everyone on this board knows this is just bait, every time some one says Homelander is a bad villain no one can ever say why.

>>117446270"Inner serial killer"I'm sorry what?

Nice show bro

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I fucking love Stormfront bros.

>>117446959And the character's cool too!

>>117446757>b-baitCope.>no one can ever say why.Because he's an absolutely generic sociopath, you complete fucking retard. I've said that above, you dumb fucking cunt. Kill yourself.

>>117444353He's multiple people

>>117441980>>117441555>>117441167I don't think Kimiko and her brother are Japanese. Or at least pure Japanese. They talk about their grandparents living in Japan, but the rest of their family was in a village somewhere else. Possibly a Vietnam-expy fictional country. Also if they follow the comics, the one who killed them is probably Black Noir. Stormfront can't fly.

Can someone post starlights chunky booty Thank you

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>>117446133You're figuring that out now?

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Any people who read comics? Does S2 diverge even harder than S1?

>>117447530i'd say that its actually making it a small bit closer to the comics>but yeah in some other ways it diverges even harderplease forgive me im incredibly high

>>117447530S2 is completely different from the comics

>>117447510Huey must have really carved his place rent free in Homelander's mind by now, probably rare he sees anyone second time or third time, he's at least second to Butcher.

So Stormfront is /ourgirl/ right?

>>117445133>6'1Bullshit, I met Jessie Usher when IDR was filming and he's shorter than I an and I'm 6'1

>>117442669yes thank christand its not hard to miss since even homelander doesnt intimidate him

>>117445209I thought it was going to be a set up for a joke but it was the most shameless product placement i've ever seen

>>117447598>jewess with big fat titsOf course she is

>>117447117Homelander is cooler than you and has gotten more sex and could beat up your dad user

>>117446898Im glad they took a different approach

>>117447684I have a lactation fetish, I'm practically halfway to being Homelander already.

>>117447694only halfway? are you telling me you're not into mommy play?

>>117447598I loved her first though.

I remember reading in a post that Hughie should have been casted as someone else who was born to play the role or whatever; who is that person?

>>117447721Simon Pegg is too old.

>>117446262Stormfront was the name of the premier online forum for white nationalists in America before they all migrated to Holla Forums.

>>117447721>who is that person?Simon Pegg but he's to old now, that's why he played Hughies dad

>>117447721Simon Peg, unfortunately due to how long it took to make this series, he got too old and decided to be the Dad instead.

>>117447598At first i was hating her, it didnt make sense why the director of Vought would hire such a prick that was constantly shitting on their brand with no consequences....then she started killing black civilians and called the "villain" yellow monkey. If they pull a nazi jew super hero it will be the funniest shit

>>117442536Woke show recreates Nazi super-weapon character as a woman and casts a Jewish actress.I'm just going to assume this season is going to make desperate connections of Nazis to modern leftists opponents.

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My god, I want storm front to ride my cock while slapping my face and calling me a disgusting monkey so much

>>117447684And I'm still taller than him, lmao.

>>117447187Stormfront can fly both in the books and show.

Is there a mega?


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>>117448078Hey gut sticks out too much, looks bad in side angles

>>117448078>>117448100More accurate and based than any heroine in the MCU

>>117444155>>117444353>>117447151He's totally the suit.

>>117445171>5'11>Deep is 6'0Oh dear.

>>117448078>>117448100I couldnt stop looking at her butt, i feel ashamed

What did she mean by this?

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>>117430850Marshal law is superior.

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>>117437331>chinkIt's bug people now.>>117447766She's going to get blacked.

>>117434476Looks like that dude was laid off in production so they could have changed a few things in post. What a wimp though. A lot of people got laid off for covid and didn’t spoil seasons.

>>117448118Yeah I noticed that too. She looks like a dr Suess character from the side.But honestly kind of makes it hotter.

>>117431669Too bad the actress is a Jew.Although I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't hit it.

>>117447598When Stormfront walks, all I can think of is pic related in drag

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>>117446261I do hope she says it on screen

>>117445781Maybe the reveal will be that Noir is the good Homelander, rather than the insane one.

>>117445717>homelander was okay guyHe was always a dickbag, he just went full psychopath after getting gaslit

>>117446229>literal cuckGetting raped isn't cucking.

>>117446158>And it’s not cause they didn’t take Compound VCompound V was one of the most retarded things in the comics. Once you had that you didn't need to make superheroes anymore, you just needed to give this to soldiers. It only existed so the Boys could go around beating superheroes to death without having to use any strategy.>it’s cause they’re entire character in the show has been reduced to arguing between each other and making dumb pop culture references.Due to Compound V being removed they can't go out and attack Superheroes. They can't spend all their time planning to kill a superheroes without looking like terrorists. So the only thing left is drama for the sake of drama.

>>117446229You do remember how comic Butcher's wife died.

>>117450112Dude is a larper, none of the shit has lined up so far and he doesn't mention any of the major stuff that happened in the first few episodes like Stormfront killing Female's terrorist brother or the Deep becoming a Scientologist or Starlight leaking Compound V to the press.

>>117430850oh shit didnt even know the new season started

>So what happens if... um, I don't know, if I do>THIS

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I have to say, for a parody on capeshit, their costume designs are way better looking than what the CW puts out

>>117452065Imagine being deaf and blind. Why even live?

>>117435049That was pretty much my sister's reaction

>>117440290>>117440161I love how his whole arc of accepting his body and superpowers was just so that he could get humiliated again by the seven, with the nail in the coffin being Homelander telling him that his gills are disgusting.

>>117442304I'm pretty sure it was a practical move to manufacture some actual casualties to heighten the sense of urgency that the whole mission was staged to create, in order to reinforce the need for superheroes in the face of Vaught's scandal.

>>117445171>5’11”Oh nooooooo, lmao.

>>117445171>5’11>when Starlight was taller than him in her heels in the sewers

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>>117440161Deep seems like he might get a redemption but as soon as he does he’s going to be flattened and killed, because his super power is to get dumped on all the time.

>>117452444Just inject some more Compound V. It'll heal right up.