Why does Stevinel get called pedophilia if Steven is able to legally consent?

Why does Stevinel get called pedophilia if Steven is able to legally consent?

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Awful thread.

Delaware/Virginia AOC is 18 so no he can't

Gotta wonder if Holla Forums is proship or antiship


>>117430805Proship, for the most part. We don’t care if your ship is “immoral,” but if we think it’s stupid, we’ll tell you so.

>>117430756>t. Connverse shipper

>>117430753>Psycho pedo chasing shota

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It’s gross because it’s not Steven x ME

>>117431988Is good shit

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>>117430753>Why does Stevinel get called pedophilia if Steven is able to legally consent?but yet they ship him with Laris, peedee (12) or Connie (12) yet the bot is 14, and don't get me started on his 3 mothers!most american don't even know there law sytem they ar just finding out shota is legal

>>117433211I love her

>>117430753Is it really ever pedophilia if the gems pop out at a fixed adolescent mental maturity level which only changes in light of sustained, successive, unforeseeable traumas?The venn diagram of those who call this pedo and those who call D.Va fappers pedo because she's a "teen" is almost a circle.

I still ship OG Lapiven, it's cute and more of a boyfriend/girlfriend deal though, with that said Stevinel antis, I just haven't seen. Seriously, go put the Stevinel tag on twitter, not a one, just people talking about them.

>>117434212I usually see plenty


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>>117430753because fucking twitter trannies think everything is pedophillia

>>117434534Where though? Discord?

because Holla Forums likes to call everything they don't like pedophilia.

>>117430753Isn't Spinel like thousands of years old or something?

>>117436117Pretty much any gem that isn't Pink and probably Amethyst have little to no knowledge regarding sexuality, so I don't think it's as big of a deal compared to when a smelly human does it. Their ludicrous ages hardly reflect their maturity, anyway.

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>>117430753>multiple lipstick marksthis is literally my fetish hrrrrnnnNNNNGGHHH

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>>117430753pedophilia doesn't stop being pedophilia when its legalif the age of consent was 2, it would still be morally reprehensible to take advantage of those laws

>>117439017whats your favorite lipstick?

>>117439102it's a tie between pink or red lipstick, though black is pretty cool too

>>117439081Don't worry user, Jeffery Epstein is dead, he can't hurt you anymore

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>>117439786Everytime I see this I can't help but feel something is off about Spniels body

>>117430753Because the show was made by jews who are very pedo in nature. Look up sugars art for EEnE

>>117440377Didn’t she make that as a kid?

>>117430805Proship but they also hate on every ship, so there's that.

>>117440284it's her fat fucking thighs dudeartists are too cowardly to draw her true noodly form

>>117440804yup. user is just resorting to cancel culture tactics to try and get the outcome they want

>>117435053It's kind of a whack ship, and also so many peeps have blatant cheating or hidden cheating with it, which is in bad taste

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>>117430753Because muh Sodom

>>117439220Mine is blueberry blue and hot pink.I feel you champ. Lipstick markings are my thing

>>117441406a man of culture. People are to cowards these days to work with what they got and lean towards the norm. All that stretch and all you can manage is thighs

>>117441498Most art was before connie kissed steven in the final episode, and only fueled because Steven has yet to be set and 'stone' in his relationship. Even the 'cheating' art is because connie was kinda slow while spinel rushed in.

>>117442561There is still quite an amount of Stevinel art made months after Future finished. Besides the common assumption that some won't truly acknowledge Connverse until they're married or have children, those same ones could just as easily prefer one ship over the other no matter what the canon has shown and said.


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>>117443146>quite an amount of Stevinel art made months after Future finishedThats disgusting...Tell me Where

>>117440804>Didn’t she make thatYes she did


>>117431988That’s my fetish.

>>117439102I like pink


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>>117439102Unironically, Coral Blue No. 5.



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>>117443838Twitter, Deviantart, Pixiv

Steven will never love Spinel he despises her just like his mother did

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>>117430805Pro because they're waifufags that self inserts as Steven

>>117451960But user, I wish to be Spinel in this situation.

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>>117430753Stevinel isn't pedophilia, you what it also isn't?Canon.

>>117447218"That's right I've seen this thread over and over again~"

>>117452080It was implied

>>117452945Connie kisses Steven in both the Movie and future and it's clear they're still in a relationship.Get bent and keep seething.