Redesign Thread!

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>>117429631I've tried my hand at a few myself but scanning would be a pain. So here is one by Ben Bates.

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>>117429631Too bad he is dead

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I always liked the more different Batman designs.

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>>117429631Helmet is fine, but the tron lines are supposed to looks like lightnings.Looks boring overall.>>117429724>>117429735Like it. Don't fix what ain't broken.>>117429668Pretty good.>>117429649Muh vikings must have muh tattoos.

>>117430758*Tron lines are supposed to looks like lightnings ?I swear, I'm not dumb.

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>>117429631The helmet looks dorky>>117429649His Hammer is a metaphor for a penis and it's pretty small>>117429668Actually good>>117429687edgy >>117429724That's just Spectacular Spider-Man design>>117429777MUH REALISMO FUTURISTIC ARMOR AND SHIEEEEETTT >>117429978fap material and nothing more>>117430084MUH REALISMO FUTURISTIC ARMOR AND SHIEEEEETTT>>117430472Whoretastic>>117430562What a dork

>>117431822It's really not just the Spectacular design, but ok.

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My favorite electro design, can't say the same for the gaara voice though.

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Apocalypse is one of the few characters who’s redesigns are often always better, and that’s only because his normal design is fucking terrible.

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Just gonna dump this artist’s concept for a young New Gods series

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>>117429631Not bad-looking, but this is just green Zoom.>>117429649Okay but the hammer is lame.>>117429668Alright but do we really need the groin plate?>>117429687Pretty good>>117429724>>117429735>>117429780>>117431723>>117431739>>117431753>>117431774How are these redesigns? These are just their normal suits drawn in a different style with a couple of exaggerated features>>117429777Would work in a videogame I suppose>>117429978>>117430472>>117432784Go to horny jail, although I guess the second one could work in a light-hearted story>>117430084The shell on the back needs to be smaller but this is actually pretty good>>117430562He looks like a retard, I love it>>117431764Pretty good>>117432638The Spider-Verse vibe is strong with this one. I personally like Static more with huge dreadlocks, gives him a bit of a dorkier look>>117432753Wow, turns out there are people who actually like this.>>117433379Looks like a completely different character>>117433627Alright


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>>117434133Like half of those Spider-Man designs seem like a different take. Just look at some of them like Mysterio, Green Goblin, Puma, Kraven and Venom.


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>>117429631speaking of Electro

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Any MCU Galactus design that isn’t this is immediately trash.

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>>117434296I like this ASM2 concept art. Reminds me of mTV Electro.

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>>117429631here's an idea:post cool redesigns of more obscure characters besides the usual batman villians or avengers or whatever

>>117433398>>117433888>>117433909>>117433926>>117433945>>117433967>>117433984>>117434006>>117434029>>117434059>>117434080>>117434097>>117434126>>117434142>>117434164>>117434194>>117434210>>117434230>>117434248>>117434265You just don't fuck with a jack kirby design, too iconic

>>117435686Kirby would be disappointed in you. He wanted things to change. What isn't good is pretending that minor costume tweaks are actual redesigns

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Oxboxer had some solid Doctor Strange rogues redesigns.

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>>117436980Mordo>>117436854Electro always has so many different ways you can take his design.

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>>117437008Dormammu, Umar, and the Mindless Ones.

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>>117437036And Nightmare.

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>>117435686I kinda like the idea that the new gods are all young, except Darkseid and presumably Highfather.

>>117436951>>117436980>>117437008>>117437036>>117437062I like all of these but goddamn that Nightmare.

>>117437215Yeah, it goes a bit too much into Adventure Time proportions territory for me, and the red should be a really dark green, but I do like the principle of the design as something almost incomprehensible.Those eye flowers are dope though.

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>>117429777That was an idea I was excited over; in the Garfield!Spider-Man series, there was a scene showing a secret OsCorp vault (where DeHaan!Harry Osborn gets his Goblin suit) that suggested the Sinister Six were created by or funded by OsCorp. What I recall is seeing Octavius’ arms, and I think Vulture’s wings..

>>117437432A Scorpion prototype suit was considered as well.Good thing they didn’t, cause it looked like shit.

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>>117433909Is this Metron? It'd work great for Cyborg if the Box replaced his hand.

>>117433984Goddamn that's cute.

>>117437494Nope, Vykin of the Forever People.This >>117433398 is Metron. The artist based him more on Jack Kirby’s original concept art for him.

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>>117432784A bit over-busy and it's too armored/warrior-like in general, but honestly that's pretty average skimpiness levels, by JSA standards. Just look at Atom, Spectre, and Hawkman.

>>117437494No it's Vykin of the Forever People. This >>117433398 is Metron.

>>117433398Luciano Vecchio's work on Ironheart was really great. Buuuut, he is the guy who designed those awful New Warriors characters that hopefully will never be published.

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A more Hellspawn design for Spawn.

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>>117437484I humbly disagree, I get the sense that Mac Gargan is actually trapped in this suit and those gauntlets are the most Scorpion-like I’ve seen yetI see what the artist went for, and that’s cool

>>117436951>>117436980>>117437008>>117437036>>117437062These win the thread in my opinion.

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>>117429724That is fucking stupid. I love it

>>117429978Leave a bitch SHULKETH

>>117431774Why is the spider slayer a turtle robot?

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>>117431774Why do they all look like they just caught a wiff of a shit they can't see but know is really close?



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>>117441307Should have gone for more of an EMH style helmet, otherwise seems okay

>>117435833some designs are just timeless

From left to right:>Tim>Jason>Another Tim>Stephanie Brown>Dick Grayson

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>>117442293I honestly thought it was a Lovecraft Superman.

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Redesign of both raven and batgirl as a fusion

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>>117430084>>117429724>>117429777These are good in concept but it feels like it misses the point of Rhino and Scorpion. They're supposed to be unable to get out of the costumes but in both of these (Scorpion especially) they just look like Oscorp guards that can get in and out of their uniforms at will.

>>117442864Steph, stop. You're drunk.

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>>117441307Something about this seems off, like it looks as if the model came from create a character and wearing thor's outfit.

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>>117446330The helmet looks like it was photoshopped in last minute.

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>>117447935Looks like shit.

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>>117436951Looks closer to Starro than Shuma Gorath

>>117447950The one you posted? Yeah pretty generic. The Harley one is great tho.

>>117448030That Harley makes me wish there was some super-stylized Batman anime that went all in on crazy acrobatic kung fu and gadgets.

>>117447935god. what a clusterfuck..

>>117437484I actually really fucking like that one, user

>>117448471How exactly is that a clusterfuck? >>117448476The secondary arms are nice touch.


I like seeing how people interpret more obscure characters.

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>>117429631He looks like Mantis from Jack Kirby's 4th World

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>>117430472That honestly looks like something a modern day Instathot or trophy wife would wear to the gym or the grocery store on the way home from the gym.

>>117429631Hey guys I'm not a good drawfag but I did this Robin redesign sketch cause I saw the New Krypton design for Nightwing in a previous thread and it gave me inspiration. Hope you guys like it

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>>117447935I see what they are going for with the hair...But that design would be 10x better with more of a pixie cut or an A frame

>>117450356I like the wrap gloves and boots, but I'm not really sold on the hood/cape

>>117432753Didn't know Liam voiced Electro. Then again that fellow has been around Video games and Animu alike.

>>117450610In another attempt I'd make only the hood and torso triangle bit green and have it also have the same shape on the back but the bottom bart of the cape would be black

>>117450610>>117450356>>117451216Decided to fix it

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I really liked the simplicity of Magneto's Imperfects design

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>>117446441I'd read an AU with this design. In fact just put the whole JL in mostly black suits for an AU and just have them be stylin

Nazi Jackboot Magneto.

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Dat Chin.

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Not a fan of the artist or the plastic armor look.But I do like the idea for the helmet.Sam sometimes has a mouth guard in space and it kind adds more to it.

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