ITT: Canon ships that are perfect

ITT: Canon ships that are perfect.

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>>117428856>retconned out of existence by GKND

>>117428904was it? I don't remember that

And then there's this shitWhy did they do my nigga Nigel like this

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>>117428856Save for the finale and this one scene they never had a romantic interaction

>>117428856It should’ve been him and Cree.

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>>117428958nah, I watched the show again and there where a couple of

>>117428940GKND retcons the adult sector V scenes in INTERVIEWS by establishing that Sector V and Nigel Uno meet again just weeks or months after Nigel's departure from EarthINTERVIEWS implied that they don't meet again until they're adults

>>117428944He needed a flaw, and it happened to be terrible taste in women

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>>117428944>TFW Nigel was falling for an alien plant the whole time right as he's about to destroy his fucking home planet and everyone on it including his own organization

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>>117429270>INTERVIEWS implied that they don't meet again until they're adultsI dunno, given how all that episode was a trick by Father and the KND simultaneously, I assume they lied about never meeting again. It's plausible that the events of GKND happen, the day is saved but Nigel has to stay in space to fix the mistakes he did. It still lines up with the final scene

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>>117428478I liked it. It was funny, and didnt intrude on the show too much.

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>>117429427Not a canon ship, since it’s only one sidedTimmy hates Tootie

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>>117429346The events of GKND have Nigel blowing up the Earth in the first episode, rendering Interviews moot

>>117429864It was confirmed he has kids with her.

>>117430010No, it was intentionally left ambiguous whether those kids were hers or Trixie's because Butch didn't want to rile up the fanbase.

>>117429864It was very hard confirmed by live action movies and the tv remote movie. It's as legit as any of the other ones in this thread dude.

>>117430030Oh God. This cope again.

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>>117430030No, that daughter had glasses

>>117430072I don't even ship either of them, retard, and you'd have to be pretty fucking pathetic to ship fucking FOP characters in the first place. The fact is that their mother wasn't shown and the kids were given shared designed traits specifically for that reason.>>117430071The live action movies aren't canon, either, after they changed Timmy's future into becoming a fairy himself in the third movie.

>>117430010Could have been anyone, from Trixie to that emo girl

>>117430081The girl also has Trixie's hairstyle, hairband and inverted colourscheme. Frankly both sides of you retards are autistic about this, because the whole point of never showing the mother was because they didn't want to confirm shit.

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>>117429215Did they dress him like Carl Sagan on purpose here?

>>117430101>>117430140>I DON'T FUCKING CARE ABOUT IT LIKE YOU NERDS!!! as he makes more posts about it than anyone else in the threadJust post your favorite ship and get the fuck over it.

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>>117430101If you aren't a shipper than why do you even care, let alone are getting angry? Who made you the canon police? Any proof from someone actually on the show that the movie verse isnt canon? If Timmy is a fairy he can't just use magic to change back?


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>>117430140Butch Hartman clearly chose Tootie. Trixie also stopped being interesting and became a valid attention whore before the VA retired.

>>117430140And it's never going to be confirmed.

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>>117430207>If you aren't a shipper than why do you even care, let alone are getting angry? Who made you the canon police?Because I'm an anonymous poster on a Korean basketweaving website discussing children's cartoons. Posters on these threads annoy me with how they cherrypick in support of their ships, and I'm correcting them because that's how I spend my free time, just like the rest of you faggots.>If Timmy is a fairy he can't just use magic to change back?Because this was a plot point in the movie itself: that Timmy was stuck as a fairy forever.

>>117430207The proof is on Youtube. From Bitch Fartman himself.

>>117430223>back in the day when trixie and veronica were interesting characters>then the fucking baby happenedchip and nega-fairies were great additions to the cast, the fuck happened?

>>117430248>Timmy gets with Tootie in Love Struck, Birthday Wish, Oh Brother, probably several other episodes I've forgotten, a pretty much concrete hint at future marriage, and a series of live action movies which solidify them as partners>NO! I, A FAT KISSLESS VIRGIN, DECIDE WHO GETS TO BE CANON AND WHO ISNT! BUT I DONT REALLY CARE ABOUT IT ANYWAY BECAUSE IM SO ABOVE YOU AUTISTS!Just stop, dude. Your shiphurt is painfully transparent and your autism is derailing the thread. Like yeah, this is a shipping thread and everyone is probably autistic here, but your brand of autism is distinctively repellant and you should remove yourself from the mortal coil as soon as possible.

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>>117429987We don’t really know what happened though, it cut to black. And considering how silly knd is, they would have brought earth back later on if that series got made.

>>117430140Why does he have a Jughead hat?

>>117430388Projecting much? All I did was say your claims that they're """""confirmed""""" to have a kid objectively isn't true, and in response you shit out all this butthurt. Did I say, at any point, that Timmy x Trixie is real? No, because I don't fucking care about who "wins" Timmy, I care about how much you idiots seethe at me spelling the truth at a single scene in the franchise.

>>117428498Yuriniggers should be executed

Never knew there were losers emotionally invested in shipping of fop till rn.

>>117430436I never brought up Trixie. And not every couple in this thread has a "flash forward to their marriage+kids" scene. I posted Timmy and Tootie because they are an official pairing no matter how you scratch it. No matter how much you couch it with "I'm not a shipper, I dont care" you clearly do since you've done nothing but cry about it since you arrived in the thread.

>>117430442Die mad

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>>117430506Nta but if all you've got that makes them cannon is a scene of timmy in the future with some dark haired kids you don't got much to say it's cannon.

>>117430492Not the user that brought up Tootie or the one who screeched about it, but what's wrong exactly with liking couples from FOP? Doesn't seem any better or worse than liking couples from KND or Gravity Falls, really. Nick in general tends to produce some cute pairings.The only one that seems invested in any of it is the one insisting that he isn't lel

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>>117430506Read the thread, you actual smoothbrain, the entire reply chain started with this innocuous sequence: >>117430010 >>117430030 where I said the kids weren't confirmed as hers. If Timmy and Tootie are an official pairing that's fine by me, but you retards are the ones shitting up your own thread by soiling your diapers over me pointing out that nothing was ever "confirmed" about the kids at all.

>>117430559>The only one that seems invested in any of it is the one insisting that he isn't lelBecause his ship lost but he doesnt want to appear bitter so it's the old sour grapes defense

>>117430618Not even him but you guys seem a lot more mad about it than he is.

>>117428904>>117429270>>117429987God GKND is just so stupidly full of itself. I honestly don't know how people wanted it made into a series especially when KND itself went downhill the moment it started taking itself too seriously. KND is at its best when it's viewed from the perspective of a group of neighborhood kids playing make believe they're anti adult operatives which was the obvious original intention given numbahs 1 through 5 have their titles despite being such low ranking members and even provided a skunk with the title of 6, it even had to get retconned to "kids just choose their numbers." Hell the concept of aging being a disease and aliens combating it just equally stupid and off the rails. KND should have really just stuck to the main 5 and not expand past that.

>>117430140Trixie's color scheme was purple, that girl is pink. The back of her hair also is slightly different, Trixie's curl at the end shoots upward at a sharp angle, while that girls is smooth. Also, the front of her hair is clearly Timmy's. The boy has Tootie's pointy nose, while Trixie's is rounder and detached. The daughter does have a similar headband and teeth, but those items can also be found on Timmy's mom and girl Timmy. Not saying you're incorrect in that they tried to make it ambiguous, but they didn't really do that good of a job at it, and to be honest, going by the context of the rest of that movie (which Trixie wasn't even in), they really should be Tootie's anyway because the Timmy/Trixie ship became a meme about thots at that point.

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>>117430745It's stupid looking back at it now, but as a stupid little kid I always thought that was the most badass shit, so it makes sense to me why they'd double down on it.


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>>117430745>playing make beileve.The shittiest idea on the level of it all was a dream.


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>>117429215I hated how they kept dancing around it to the point that Leela would openly date other people when she and Fry supposedly had a thing.


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>>117430220OP said canon.Stop trying to make me feel.

not sure it perfect

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>>117430220>>117431245I hate both of you. I didn't want to think about this today.

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It counts. Post-BFM was written in duress and isn't canon.

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>>117431299Honestly I'm more curious about how Bikini Bottom does religion.

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>>117428944A perfect man is not allow to exist

>>117431403I actually like Janna the most.

>>117430401By far the worst bat pairing

>>117431299>Tfw no super smart, texan, karate black belt gfWHY GO ON?!

Not all are canon, but all are wholesome.

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>>117428478Well they didn't break up at the end of the episode, and Sam didn't die. Plus in the mobile app game Sam even visits ChrisMight not be canon, but in a show like FG, that's better than most can ask for.

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>>117433555Which on isn't canon?

>>117428498please stop doing this, you're making yurifags look bad


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>>117428478>>117433555>hiccup/astrid>jashiVery nice.

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>>117430526At least post a good yuri ship

>>117429215Fry deserved better, Leela deserved someone more average.

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>>117429234She probably pegs him after he makes a joke. Hard.

>>117431291Suffer with us.

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>>117430220Never watched train show, but why do the background characters have better designs than the main characters

>>117429987That was staged. You seen the second update animatic? The one with 3, , and Vine.

>>117428478>aussie and jap>>117428856>fattie and blackwhat a bizarre combination

>>117434330Reverse their races, mate. You'll quickly see the gag in their relationship.

>>117434407I meant sex, not race. I'm on too little sleep for this.

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>>117431403Now we gotta switch Janna a with Jackie.

>>117436006*Jackie with Janna

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>>117434247>but why do the background characters have better designs than the main charactersThey are the main characters. At least for S3

>>117432177Cope catwoman fag.


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>>117433943yurifags always make themselves look bad

>>117437144what is johnny doing with that canon lesbian?

>>117428478Sing had so many background scenes of the gorilla crushing on the porcupine, it's basically canon. Just gonna leave this here for people who don't think it's

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>>117438467He's curing her>>117438200Diana is the most incompatible woman to Bruce, you're just self inserting as him like all batfags

>>117434427I still don't get it, what's the joke here

Starco between friends

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>>117439157There's no joke, user is just sperging out

>>117438467Only MI Velma is gay, the others are not

>>117433555cringe incel self inserts

>>117428944Yeah this was always fucked

>>117431299Based and redpilled, faggots btfo

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>>117429215I hated how she was reborn and grown back from a head, so you KNOW she got her hymen back, and they had her fuck Zap ONE more time before ending up with Fry.No matter what happens, Zap always gets first dip. Annoying.

He needs to tap her flat ass ASAP!The will they won't they is starting to piss me off.

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>>117431094>not hooking her up with the Henriettapoor taste

>>117429234I'm so tone deaf when it comes to these things, especially for cartoons like KND. Everything is so over the top but not taken too seriously, all for comedic effect. Numbuh 5 is not only the coolest character, but also the most level headed, "voice of reason" in the group. It's funny to see her physically cringing at almost every one of those jokes. Besides that, Numbuh 3 is too blissful to get the severity of a lot things, Numbuh 1 is too absorbed into his work, even when he's often right. Numbuh 4 is too dimwitted, often mocked for it.Even though Numbuh 2 is the most Uncool, corny, nerd of the group, he's level headed enough to understand when to make a bad joke. So it seemed more comedic to pair them up, rather than romantic. I get that opposites attract and such, but it never really seemed it had any love interest in it. He cares about food, and nerdy things...and Cree, way more than Numbuh 5 as seen in that video.

>>117429864>>117430030>>117430101>>117430140>>117430248>>117430436>>117430580>>117430634HeartlessSlayer pls go and stay go.

>>117439962Absolute best Velma, live action Velma, even had a male love interest in the sequel

>>117430827>cyberfiremy absolute nigga

>>117430206this one is pure and canon as fuck

>>117434057Funny joke

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>>117441959ok? that's doesnt change my post

>>117428478This ship survived the epilogues, hs2, and the shit treatment they got in the original run, and they're still soulmates after everything. I guess there are certain things not even he can break, ever.

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>>117438619You again? Nigga you had a better case BEFORE you posted those gifsThat shit is fucking WEAK bruh

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>>117442027I don't know, those gifs might be weak to some, but it's clear there is something there considering how many times they happen in the movie. I'm not sure what your deal is with that user, but they're not doing anything wrong. Can you clarify?

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>>117431406They have Neptune so maybe they just worship him

>>117431928surely that must hurt, or do mexicans have cactus immunity powers?

>>117442098Isabella simped for dorito head hard


>>117438619>people care enough about sing to ship the charsThe very director probably didn't give as much shit about the movie as you do user. Godspeed.

>>117442098By definition girls never simp

>>117439162>between friendsThis show was fucking great at this point

>>117438467Fixing God´s mistakes

OP here. Don't talk about Fop in this thread: it's a shitty cartoon made by a shitty human being, where nothing it's canon and it's never going to be. And every single ship sucks. So just stop.


>>117429109this in particular exemplifies why blue lanterns are better than green lanterns

>>117429109fuck I miss this show

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>>117433998>Finn/HW >Not Canon

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I know it's not a comic or cartoon but whatever.


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>>117428856>canon chubby chaser

>>117444367>Doesn't remember the autist obsessed with the gorilla

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>>117439162This is about as canon as 50/100.

Y'all already know what it is

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>>117433998Nick and Judy as wellnb4 b-butThey are not established as a couple,they have undeniable chemistry and affection for each other but it's never implied they are dating for example.They are cute together,granted

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>>117441996My man

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>>117438807Cope catwomanfaggot. Noone cares.

>>117428478Yes>>117428498Delete this>>117428856Absolutely yes>>117428944It's not like he's the prettiest kid around after getting turned into a baldie, ugly kids stick together.>>117428951It finally happened?>>117429215It needed some time to actually become perfect if you ask me but it is>>117429281Wait WHAT>>117429304>so perfect they married each otherbased Hiccup>>117429359This one is based too even if after their debut episode we've only seen them in the final montage of everything before the series ended.>>117429427This one beats them all in sheer pure power>>117430206Ok I take it back, this one's the best one. El Tigre is so fkn underrated dude>>117430220At least you tried user>>117430401I didn't think that in such a perfect thread I'd find something that bugs me. Oh well>>117430526This one is mildly ok>>117430559Haven't seen LH in a long time so idk. Are Lincoln and Ronnie-Anne still together?>>117431118Man I just can't get over how Phineas was so ABSURDLY OBLIVIOUS to her feelings. It's so stupid that it's hilarious.>>117431238The sexual tension between them was quite big ngl>>117431271I assure you this one is perfect>>117431299I'm trying to convince myself this ship is wrong on so many levels but the more the months pass the more I think shipping them together is a good thing and idrk why>>117431512At first I didn't recognize who it was but now I do. Perfect one too>>117433555And all of them are perfect too it seems>>117433733Dear god I remember this episode, might be the only time Chris ever gets laid, I'd rather not miss the chance.>>117434057Can't disagree with this one>>117434062And to believe they started almost unwittingly their team up>>117434208Battle Through Time is the one true canon ending and that's settled>>117434229God fucking damn it I don't want to suffer dude>>117437144Not canon.>>117438619That's absolutely the most stupid forced one I've ever seen.

>>117439162That was peak Starco material right there>>117440575>Not PiridiGTFO>>117441124THIS HOLY SHIT WILL THEY JUST, I DUNNO, KISS AND GET TOGETHER OR WHATEVER, Jeremy's been pulling the strings way too fucking long now>>117441996This one's valid too>>117447363>they hate each other at first then they marry each otherI love this trope. Perfect one as well

>>117445028I-is that a vag mirror?

>>117448001>it finally happened?Yep


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>>117448169>Sups and ZatannaIm very confused

>>117434057>>117446835It hurts so much to know that we probably won't see you againBECAUSE YOU DID THIS TO ME OWEN

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>>117438166I meant the aliens, the human characters are very boring looking

>>117428944A bald workaholic who has a stick up his ass 24/7 isn't exactly a good catch. Him being 10 makes it even worse.


>>117428856I can't think of then as a couple, they just have too much of a bro-sis chemistry. It'd also impossible for him to keep his mind off cree during family reunions. They're better off as in-laws.

>>117428498They have absolutely no fucking chemistry

>>117428856I thought Numbuh 5 had a crush on the secret teen operative

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>>117448001Based mass reply.>>117430206>that one ending where they rule all

>>117448496Considering Maurice missed out on hitting *this*, I'm pretty sure he was gay.

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>>117431238Didn't even recognize at first glance. They were so cute and likely the first love/hate relationship I liked.

>>117448169>grearlWill always be based. I know they would've done it with that Mr. Greg script thing.

>>117441765>So it seemed more comedic to pair them up, rather than romantic.Oh yeah, it's totally meant to be less romantic than what number 3 and 4 had, but that doesn't mean it doesn't work or that it's completely unbelievable. That's why I like it, it's not really so much of a grand romantic story and more of a good dynamic that has enough chemistry to be a cute couple. And I do think there's some scenes in the series where its meant to be intentional before the

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I fucking hate beast boy but he and Terra are made for each other, I enjoyed living vicariously through him in that carnival date episode. Fuck I wanna be 14 again so bad and go on a carnival date with my Korean school crush so bad, those precious would've me the strength to push through my dull post military sack shit life

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>>117448453>I can't think of then as a couple, they just have too much of a bro-sis chemistry.I always saw Number 5 and number 4 as the ones with that relationship


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>>117448660Hey man, deodorant(or lack thereof) can be a deal-breaker


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>>117446717BringBackThe Rope

>>117449058Loved how Rigby softened to her. Grew from Camping can be cool.

>>117428944Never understood this, I remember being glad when they broke up

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>>117428944I always thought the joke was that Nigel, despite being the coolest operative around, fell for the absolute worst girl possible. I think a relationship with someone more like him would be less interesting. If you notice, most couples in the show where a case of "opposite attracts" so this fits with that theme

>>117434208No they had a great paternal relationship that was ruined by making them a couple

>>117441124You know he never will.

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Daffy was always my favourite Loony Tunes character so seeing him finally score made me very happy

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>>117430827>That StarfireWhat depressing timeline is this?

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>>117446717There is porn in some of those images on the wall

>>117449300Seethe forever. You should've never picked up on Jack making a fully developed woman his daughteru.Only you weren't dense to pick up the hints since the start of the run.

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>>117448215It would have to get dozens more seasons before they ever revisit the old protagonists again. For now we all have to pretend Lake, Jesse and Tulip are NOT friends on earth but instead died in boat accidents.

>jack easily grew fondness and developed feelings for a traveling companion woman in the first season>does it again after being saved from seppuku by a devoted womanIt's as if they didn't watch the series and jumped onto the last thinking it was going to be edgy Last of Us or Bioshock Infinite direction.

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>>117449080The sweat makes it better.

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Canon ships are usually trash.

>>117449400the DCAMU oneat least it got rebooted by flash moments later

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>>117428478>Aussie bloke with a chinkIt's realistic enough

>>117449058>Romantic interest that had been built up since the beggining of the show ends offscreen>Couple that just happened one day endures till the endI still don't know what to feek about that

>>117445028I need that “I cannot even” as a reaction image.

>>117430580I bet that user is the same fucker going around and saying Connie doesn't love Steven

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>>117441098Anon for you own sake you should really look into how hymens really work, the truth may surprise you.

>>117430431They'll come back in vogue in the future. The lasting impact of Riverdale will be surprising.

>>117449362I don't want to be "that guy" but it says something that Bugs' girlfriend is closer in personality to Daffy than him, and Daffy's girlfriend is more like Bugs.They could easily cut out the middle man and just date each other.

>>117451211I guess you could say that, but I've always been a fan of "Two guys date girls that's pretty much his best friend, but a girl" trope.

>>117450899They’re not. She rejects him because she didn’t love him

>>117450899The person you're replying to I take it?

>>117437144Based Wesker

>>117448169>Lucas and Dawnmy nigga

>>117451982Keep seething

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>>117452190She doesn’t. He wanted marriage, she didn’t. It’s over. It was never healthy anyway

>>117444367He cared enough to voice the assistant lizard to the koala and he's directing the sequel coming out in 2021, so he must care at least a little bit. But thanks for the (hopefully) encouraging compliment user, Godspeed to you as well.

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>>117451042>somehow a literal seething wamen managed to get offended by that

>>117448817i'm not sure if the fact that he lusted after her sister gives more or less credibility to the whole thing


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>>117452441I'm not a woman or offended, it's just that hymens don't break, they can tear if you're not careful. But a hymen doesn't not need to be broken to have sex, it's a piece of skin inside the pussy that already has a hole in it, the hole becomes stretched out even by things like masturbating or using a tampon. That same hole returns to its original size within a few months if you don't mess with it, it's not some freshness seal that pops the first time you use it. I have no skin in the game on this particular topic (hehe skin) I just don't like perpetrating myths about biology.


>>117441098>>117451042>>117452441>>117453170It's just the fact you are getting a brand new pussy and not somes guys ex-jizz hole.

>>117433555>pance>goofy>best chipmunks >zootopia>phantasmGod damn man, there's some quality niggers in this thread, but you the quality niggest

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>ywn have a best friend you spend all your time with

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>>117453660Why even bother living?

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>>117453770Do... do you want to be best friends?not much homo

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>>117433733>in the mobile app gameanon no


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