Tell me about Raven. Why does she wear the leotard...

Tell me about Raven. Why does she wear the leotard? No seriously why does a reclusive goth mystic student wear a skimpy leotard as casual wear it makes no sense

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>>117427584Easier to animate than the dress her comic counterpart wore.

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>>117427720Why did she whore a cocktail dress if she was a stoic monk in the comic?

>>117427584It is to show off her fine legs of course.

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>>117427584Because nudity is frowned upon in general

She's a religious ascetic and only wears a single garment to minimize her material possessions.

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>>117427762It's more flowing temple priestesses robe.

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>>117427584Is starfire's outfit supposed to be better?

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>>117427584>Why does she wear the leotard?IF YOU TOOK IT OFF, WOULD YOU DIE?

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>>117427584I don't think she is actually goth, she just has some traits in common, a few which she only has to control her mystic powers.

>>117427849I don't really like how this artist makes their tits the same size. Raven should be bigger than Starfire.

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>>117427848>>117427720Comics raven is perfect

>>117427584Raven is BB pet pussy

>>117427584Because it's not as cumbersome as normal clothes and she probably got them at a young age and just stuck with it. Fashion is something she normally doesn't care much about. Also, superheroes wear various kinds of costumes that'd make you ask similar questions about. You just have to roll with it. Otherwise you'll get nothing but tactical and practical costumes.


>>117427963what was her fucking problem?what was the writers problem?

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>>117428385She didn't get the Dick special so she was easily corrupted.

>>117428385>>117427848>>117427720Reminder that comics Raven was an adult by the time she was corrupted, and then her body was destroyed and a few years later she was given a new body that was a teenager. So she was canonically a 25-30 year old woman in a 14-year old body going to highschool and shit.That's some doujin material.

>>117427842Is that a camel toe? It's too blurry to make out.

>>117429500It's cool, Raven was basically a woman-cild anyways.

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How big is your folder?

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>>117427869It would be extremely chilly.


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Unpopular opnion: I prefer the feathery cape that she had during the new 52 and injustice, looks more shamanistic. Hated the costume tho

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>>117427584it keeps her demonic horniness to a minimum

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>>117430228How does she see in this thing?

>>117428131OP might as well ask why teenage boys in comics where skintight unitards, particularly when they're at the age when men are most self-conscious about their bodies, and most concerned about being seen as gay.Comic book characters always dress like acrobats and circus performers. It's just part of the setting.

>>117430285Magic n shit

>>117427584She has the legs for it.

>>117430301Raven is not an acrobat and she's indulgent unless you factor in the fat gain from eating fast foods went into making supple yet round ass that compliments her thighs

>>117427907It's called "Lina Inverse Syndrome".

>>117430259>Raven x Robinhas any book explored this relationship?

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Reminder Raven doesnt wear underwear. Ever.

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>>117430117I-I don't want to answer that

>>117431539Why would she? She's not from earth

Tickling Raven!

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Better question, why aren't leotards more popular as casual wear on our world?

Secret degenerate confession-That episode where she takes care of the super kids makes me wish I was a goofy superhero and she acts like a big sister gf where she is my gf but also cares for me, I have emotional issues haha

>>117432021We're probably better off considering 90% of people are fat fucks

>>117432702Yeah but cute young ladies should adopt this fashion

>>117431497No one wants that so i doubt it

>>117432884All those movies lied to me about what fashion in the 21st century would be like.

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>>117428385Raped.Raven was just horny.

>>117432259>That episode where she takes care of the super kids makes me wish I was a goofy superhero and she acts like a big sister gf where she is my gf but also cares for me,Same thing except she takes advantage of lil boy me haha

>>117429500>>117430088I think I understand what they where going for with that, Raven was raised since birth to be a seal for Trigon, when he was vanquished it made sense she would need to discover herself outside of the fate it born with. Having a new life was the better way to explore that.

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>>117427584It's fap-worthy, that's it.

>>117433081Bullshit>>117431497Ehh, idk much about books but in JLvTT she was the love interest of Damian Wayne and then in some future films too (like I think in TT: Judas Contract and JLD: Apokolips War)Though I don't think there is much beyond that other than some cute interaction in some TT comics

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>>117433844Thats hot and cringe

>>117432021>>117432702>>117432884Well, it's not like there is nobody wearing them. I've actually known a few who have. It's just that it never gonna be just a leotard but usually with a dress, skirt, shorts or pants. Pic relatedAlso they wouldn't really be practical as when using the toilet it becomes a whole new inconvenience.

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>>117433947>Bullshit Who the hell would want Raven with any of the Robins, especially Dick "MANWHORE" Grayson?!?! Raven is for Beast boy and thats the end of the story

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>>117433947I guess I'll post some more but it's minimal. There really isn't much in comics.

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>>117429500>She looks 10 but she is actually 1,000 years old!

>>117434099Nope, there are people who prefer the bird ship. It's usually only in regards to the 2003 TT.

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>Controversial opinionApocalypse War Raven is best Raven.

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>>117434099They had the best chemistry in the show, fight me

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>>117435828Only in that specific episode/arc, and it wasnt romantic in the least, through the rest of the series they interacted as much as any of the other titans. Speaking of TT ships, im still fucking mad

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>>117434099just as I don't relate any of the characters to their comic counterparts I do the same with Robin.I don't view TT robin as comic dick greyson which is what has allowed me to actually like the character.

>>117434443I kind of dig the pink shirt, red blouse with blue skirt attire.

>>117435928At least they are an item in TTG.

>>117427584Because she was not supposed to be le nerdy goth girl

>>117437624As a KylieFag I really am disgusted that people try to make Kylie into Raven.

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>>117427584superhero characters wear underwear over their pants and leotards because creators back in the day were using circus strongmen and acrobats as reference since they were a very useful & topical visual shorthands for feats of strength & atlethic prowess. those clothing choices are always present in the superhero wardrobe.

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How much would I have to pay Gibi to come to my house and play Raven for me.

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>>117427828Dude, wtf lmaoooo

>>117438618That doesnt work for Raven since this idea was used on physically strong heroes, and she is a sorcerer

>>117431539>>117431693>no underwear fetishistsDisgusting

>>117434235She looks like a wojak in this frame


>>117434235More like PATRICIAN opinion

>>117439275Vore is eating people. This is Raven with multiple babies of BB.

>>117439853demon fertility + BB's retarded animal genes

>>117439275I wish it was


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>>117441010>a bird diving into her asshole>EXPRESS myselfWhite girls.


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>>117441931Based. >>117441925At least post the superior loli Raven.

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>>117430117your raven pornhand it over

>>117427720Yet she's frequently cloaked up. Don't think so user

anyone got a better pic of this?

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>>117444068really pissed the skipped this fight

>>117434099This is what your brain is like on BB selfinserting.

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I'm kinda bored of Raven honestly. I mean it's been, what? 15 years?

>>117444306>Characters with well defined and complementary personalities getting together, like the do in most versions, is self-insertingYou dont know what that means

>>117445076Lol you only think that because of TT Go.They don't fit well at all in the previous series

>>117427842Is that the body swap episode? I don't remember ever seeing this frame.

>>117445113Im talking about them in general

>>117427842>>117429709>>117445272S02E02 - Every Dog Has His Day

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>>117427584Also she doesn't wear underwear apparently>>117427842>>117445485Which makes even less sense.But hey, it's hot.

>>117445485Oh right, that episode, never did care for that one.

>>117430301It's more that they are modern day greek heroes who were normally naked.

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>>117445076People confuse complimentary and opposing too much

>>117432884People would start to feel offended by it.

>>117445485The way that the dog in that episode lusts for Raven is one of the hottest things I've ever seen.

>>117445076>complementary personalitiesSee, this is how BB shippers interpret it. But others see it as opposing. Why would she start liking some immature twerp who consistently annoys her and if, additionally, her powers require her to keep her emotions in check? Also, I think it's already proven that she likes the more mature, kind type of men like seen in episode with Malchoir. She seemed to see them as kindred spirits until the twist. I overall I think Raven would prefer Robin or maybe even Cyborg but not Beastboy.>inb4 Robin and Raven are more like siblingsSure, but I don't really care. I interpret it as a very chill relationship, more akin to two detectives that have been partners for a long time.

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>>117441055>Raven was the love interest of Damian Waynenot sure how I feel about this

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>>117427584I once read some kind of gayly written fan fic about how it was cause she danced in her spare time.

>>117446907What happened there? Why is there a robot starfire? I should watch the newer seasons of young justice.

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>>117447018it's from the last DCAMU movie, Apokolips War

>>117447018>I should watch the newer seasons of young justice.Raven and Starfire aren't in the Young Justice show. Damien is, but he's only a newborn.

>>117446762>>117445113I wouldn't go that far. Even in the ntt comics, while there wasn't romance there always was a peculiar understanding between them, maybe because ravens powers allowed her to see beneath his act.

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>>117446907God what a creepy thing this was to see.

>>117447473As for gar, it's notable that raven is basically the only girl he doesn't try to flirt with (well it would be called harassment now), almost like he is afraid of making a wrong move with her.

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Raven x Robin and Starfire x Beastboy should've been the canon ships, fight meAlso Cyborg belongs to Jinx but only fools disagree with this

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>>117446573think she'd be used to the knot by now anyways

>>117447756starfire x beast boy is just non stop flirting and public displays of affection.

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>>117446762>Why would she start liking some immature twerpBecause he's neither of those things.>think it's already proven that she likes the more mature, kind type of men like seen in episode with MalchoirYou mean the episode about child grooming pedophiles? The episode that's actually has Beast boy and Raven come to a mutual understanding.

>>117449377>Okay. Fine. You're way creepy. But that doesn't mean you have to stay locked in your room. You think you're alone, Raven. But you're not."That episode?

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>>117427584What do you think of Cheerful Raven? instead of suppressing her emotions she combats Trigons influence with good and positive feelings.

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>>117446409In some cases they are one of the same, and thats such case>>117446762BB challenges her to be more open, something that she struggles and is afraid of doing, and since she is an empath Raven is the one person capable of knowing when he isnt just putting up an act, i think there was even an episode where its revealed that BB is actually really insecure and puts up an act, this creates a good dynamic. But you watch a single arc of Robin simply acting as a leader and thinks that they should bang, even though their interactions outisde of that are mostly just cordial

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>>117450304>i think there was even an episode where its revealed that BB is actually really insecure and puts up an actOh god, this hits something on me.

>>117450304Beast Boy in the comics is infamous for tragedy. The Doom Patrol gets killed off by their main villain, he joins a team of like minded teens to do good only for his lover to betray him and this team breaks apart due to Trigon.He fairs better in the adaptation thought the Doom Patrol are hard on him, he gets no respect from his current team, best friend ignores him, and his old enemies take over the world.He's tied with Robin although it's implied that Robin is mentally unstable and a psychopath

raven is built for big jinx cock

>>117447756I am fine with this. I actually like to think SF and BB would be a very fun couple. So then Terra would be just a fling of the past for BB?

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>>117427828Should be hitting those showers instead

>>117427828>FOOD PUN

The only acceptable TT ship is Raven/Starfire.>RobinBoring>BBGarbage>CyborgRacism>Everyone elseForgettable

>>117452490raejinx says hi

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>>117452566Jinx is the designated r34 sidepiece, nothing more.

>>117452566>>117452603Cyborg/Jinx is unironically a quality ship.

>>117452490that's fine as long as one of them has a penis.

>>117452912The great thing is that it makes sense for either or both of them to have/be able to grow a dick.

>>117452942I don't like hot potato penis. one of them gets the dick and that's it.

>>117452490Robin's the guy tryhard kids self-insert as.Beastboy's the guy stunted manchildren self-insert as.Cyborg doesn't get self-inserted as at all because he's black.True intellectuals self-insert as Starfire.

>>117453093raven has the pussystarfire also has the pussyjinx has the dick

>>117453093That's the beauty of it: you can have it any way you want and it can still make enough sense.

>>117438990It's an edit. Those are 2 separate scenes.