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instocktrades.com/search/powersearch?title=Conan omnibus

couldn't find it

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>>117425585>couldn't find itThat's probably because you didn't tidy up your room!!!

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Just found out that pic related exists. Can someone tell me whether it's a book worth owning? It looks like it was a team up of different artists

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Arrived today! The Zao Dao artbook is fantastic.

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>>117425578id post my shelf but my new locke and key issues havnt come yet :(


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>>117427600>>117427647>>117427653I'm not into art books but that artwork is incredible

you don't actually read the books you buy, do you /shelf/?youtube.com/watch?v=Fe7TeYBajKg

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>>117427882That's just fucking crazy. He even admits not reading a lot of the stuff. Not that I can blame him but just people shouldn't go all out with this hobby. There's easily 50 grand in that room of his

Angled the books on top of my shelf. I think it looks better that way, you can see some of the cover rather than just spines.

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>>117425578I'll just place that thought on the h-sHelf.

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>>117425578Most recent buy. Saving for the new Eternals TPB and the upcoming FF Epic with the last part of Kirby's run.

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Why is ebay the best place for tpbs? Ive gotten two tpbs for under 25 dollars three times now.

>>117429309As someone who's sold a few + a couple arcade sticks, when people want rid of that enough to eBay it, it's more about just wanting it gone/any cash at all

>>117429518Ironically the damaged tpb in my collection is my spider-man life story I got from amazon, had a crap ton of tape tares.

>>117425578How is the coloring in those Swamp Thing trades? I know they don't have the abysmal recoloring that is in the absolute, but I read somewhere that it had to be reworked.

>>117429664dated but badass

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>>117427647This is great. Gives me serious Amano vibes.

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>>117429664Im tempted to getting into Moore Swamp Thing, might get it during late September for my holloween or fall reads, like Batman Vampire and Marvel zombies.

>>117429836It’s FUXKING glorious work

>>117429745I was debating whether to get earlier newsprint trades if I can help it, something about reprinting bronze age comics on glossy paper just doesn't look as good to my eye.

>>117427882Yeah, I do. This is why I don’t bother with these review guys, though. They take twenty minutes to flip though a book they haven’t read.

>>117429664A little too bright, but still "original." The linework kind of sucks though, so that's the problem with them. The Absolute was new scans with better line detail, but with terrible recolouring

I let these go and feel weird, like it’s been awhile since I read them, And I never re read them buuut it was such a good time in comics

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>>117430249nah they're not glossy paper. get em, you won't regret it

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>>117430488>>117430582Neat! Don't know why I thought that.

>>117429309I've gotten so many great deals and finds on ebay it's crazy. I want to say 90% of my collection comes from ebay.

>>117429119That's a good ass book , but fuck I hate how they did his eyes in it.


>>117430954I got a booster gold tpb for nine dollars when it was thirty on amazon.

hi /shelf/

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Went a little overboard this month

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Here is a recent pic of my shelf. What are you guys reading? I started Stuff of Legend Vol.1 and so far I'm really liking it. Vol.2 is arriving tomorrow>>117431697Very nice user, are those Dylan Dog in Italian?

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I currently have Kingdom Come, Watchmen, and Marvels loaned out to a friend

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>>117431766Reading Ellis' StormWatch for the first time. The quality is up and down. Plan to go straight through to the end of his Authority run.

>>117431824and heres stufff my unread shelf

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>>117431766No, Dylan Dog's being published on and off by different printing houses since the late 80s / mid 90s in Brazil (as well as a bunch of other italian comics, since brazilian boomers fucking LOVE Tex, by far the steadiest selling comic in brazilian history alongside Monica's gang and duck comics), I got into them when those editions with Mignola covers came out here and been in love with them ever since (as a matter of fact, I think those were also my first contact with Mignola).Nice of you to mention them since my next aim after Dylan Dog (and Love & Rockets) are Dredd and Lucky Luke - which brings me to my question: where can I find those? Willing to get those even if they're french (very much like I'm willing to struggle with italian to read some Dylan Dog every now and then, I'm willing to do the same with french).

>>117431976>very much like I'm willing to struggle with italian to read some Dylan Dog every now and thenI might have to do the same and just buy the original italian releases, I've seen some sets on ebay for pretty good prices...>Dredd and Lucky Luke - where can I find those?The Dredd Case Files are available in english from almost anywhere, the 2000AD shop is pretty expensive if you're shipping outside of the UK but amazon also sells them and has free shipping. Sometimes they go OOP but always get reprinted in a couple of months.You can get the individual Lucky Luke albums in almost any language (quick google search says there is a Brazilian release). The ones I have are in English and published by Cinebook, each one collects three albums in cronological order and has ~40 pages of extra material. Really cool editions

>>117432376>I might have to do the same and just buy the original italian releases, I've seen some sets on ebay for pretty good prices...If you can speak portuguese, french or any other romance language, (print) italian is very easy to catch, since it's the "oldest" one (I'm not a linguist so I don't know the technical language behind it but italian is closer to latin and every other latinic language comes from it [duh], so it sits in the middle of them all), even though it's still quite different from anything else (like say, portuguese and spanish are).The Dredd books won't be a hassle, BR amazon sells them for extremely fair prices and the two copies I've checked (3 and 4) are easily purchasable from other national sellers (even importing them wouldn't be too hard outside of the absurd price, it's just easier for me to get invested into collecting something I won't have to wait for months between a book and another). I'll check those Cinebook LLs, we have a god tier brazilian translation but they are extremely expensive, and unlike Asterix which is an evergreen book, the print runs are low and far between, so you can't find cheap used copies like I do with our favourite gaul manlet or Dylan Dog.>What are you guys reading?The new adventures Spirit (currently on vol. 2, only flaw in vol. 1 were Olliff's awful colors ruining some Eddie Campbell greatness), Ayako and the New Gods books which still haven't been published in Brazil because it's been a year now since the last one and I kinda gave up on all hope of getting them anytime soon

>>117431824How many comics do those binders fit? Neat way to store floppies on a shelf

>>117432515> any other romance languageI'm a Spaniard, I can understand some basic spoken Itialian so I guess I should give it a try and buy the original onesI'll keep an eye out for one of those ebay sets

>>117431766>What are you guys readingStarted reading daredevil shadowland. I enjoyed daredevil 601-612 and the shadowland stuff but the tie ins are mostly ass

Jesus Christ doesn’t anyone here read anything other than baby superhero bullshit

>>117432674Oh, you should go for it then. If you're in Spain, it shouldn't be too difficult to import the new "historical" sets which reprint them in chronological order (though I'm under the impression that they're colored and I doubt I could read DD in color).Also, check out argentinian comics, I've been in love with revista Fierro, I'm even thinking about a trip to Argentina once this living hell is over in which I plan to hunt for a few old editions in quarter bins, amongst other things.

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>>117432745Do you have any recommendations

>>11743265520 if they arent bagged or boarded, 15 if they are

>>117432680Shadowland is horrible, I'm sorry that you have to suffer through it

>>117432680The Train wreck that is the Mutant Massacre omni. I think I’m going to read some Dickens (Our Mutual Friend) later just for a change.

>>117432745Yeah, look at what's on a lot of people's shelves.

I finally bought a Ironman book and I'm enjoying Coates' Cap more than I thought I would. I got some more stuff coming later today.

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>>117430249The swampy trades use thicc matte paper, really wish they'd use that stock for all old reprints.

>>117430249Get the older ones if you can find them.

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>>117432745Yes and I read books without pictures too. Grow the fuck up and worry about yourself.

>>117433205lol sure you do

>>117432752Fuck, Fierro looks great, I'm trying to find some for sale online but I can't seem to find them anywhere for decent prices. I'll keep an eye out too>though I'm under the impression that they're coloredyeah I think you're right, I remember reading about some colored edition when I was reading around about DD. All this talk about DD is really making me think about just buying one of the sets and start reading it... There is one of 70 DD books for 90 bucks right now... 1.25€ each book...

>>117433354Oh man, that's a good purchase (I mean, I paid 10 BRL for each of those ones in my picture). Besides, with enough dedication and discipline you can probably straight up learn italian after reading 70 comics.

>>117427575I believe it's a bunch of unrelated one-shots. Some of them were good, I guess.

>>117427600Sauce me comrade

>>117425585get more shelves user

>>117433534Also, you can download Fierro off soulseek, because talking to other argies I've met on twitter who got me into it, some of the issues are unfindable even on Argentina and will go for collector prices, though I've never looked into reprints or collections. I'm happy enough after finding out that there's a brazilian Fierro now which reprints a miscellanea of stuff, from old classics to recent artists to brazilian cartoonists (I think they're even supposed to reprint the Long Tomorrow at some point since the publishing group that owns it has the south-american rights sorted out, unlike whoever owns it overseas).

>>117433584recommendations? i don't want some cheapshit ikea billy where the shelves will bow under the weight of my heavy hitter books

>>117432745Kill yourself fun police

>>117431884Is titans by Wolfman as dated as people say?

>>117433765It is but I still like it. The biggest issue with its age is the over narration you see in a lot of older stuff that basically just describes whats happening in the panel.

>Slott Silver Surfer omni oop and expensiveWell two years is old, I guess, okay.>Peter David Hill omnibus OOP and expensive... didn't this just come out in January?

>>117431360It’s no good for things that are OOP though


>there are people who get more books in one order than I have the entire yearShiiiiet.

>>117433829Silver surfer just had a reprint too. The Hulk one being OOP doesn’t make sense but then again I always look for those floppies and they’re not that common

>>117433861Fuck that reread what you like and spend your money on better things

>>117433534Well you've sold me on it user. Order placed. 10 to 15 days and ~70 DD books will show up at my door>>117433657I'll check it out and see what I can find on soulseek some mega links are also here howtoarsenio.blogspot.com/2009/10/revista-fierro.html

>>117433863Well Fuck guess I'll wait for a 3rd reprint. I want my Allred to be as omni as possible.Is it corona or microscopic print runs doing this?

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>instocktrades More like outofstocktrades eeeeyyyy.

>>117432785Nah, I’m enjoying it, it’s just the tie ins with the literal who’s that are dragging a bit. The art on shadowland and that daredevil run are great, and seeing Matt go off the deep end is always fun

Has anybody read Hopless' run of Cloak and Dagger? I enjoy old C&D but Dennis is... a special sort of writer.



>>117433996No shit.That Wolverine Omni came and went in hours.

>it's cheaper to buy the floppies than the collected editionFuck this gay-ass industry I'm just going to pirate.

>>117425578My latest buy and it was worth every penny. Best DC shit I've read in years. I wish DC would care to print more obscure lines rather than reprinting same batman crap over and overI'm thinking of buying Wrath of Spectre omnibus next but it seems like Wrath of the Spectre #4, which was collected in previous one is missing. Anyone knows anything about this?

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>>117435314No, it's not

>>117435389Gonna be my October big purchase, can't wait.

>>117435441Yes, it is if the collection is OOP.

>>117435486Yeah bought pretty much all of the Question at a quarter a piece. It’s the silver age and Bronze Age stuff that is usually easier to buy in TPB

>>117431824Is it some kind of inside joke or do you legit not know how to write the word question?

>>117435614I also was about to get all of the Oneil Question for like $50, which would have gotten me like 2 or 3 of the trades

>>117435654Look for the single issues. You probably won’t find the Riddler one or the Rorschach one but two issues isn’t missing much

lobo christmas special '91

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>>117435389>but it seems like Wrath of the Spectre #4, which was collected in previous one is missing. Anyone knows anything about this?People who physically have it over at collectededitions say that the stories from WotS #4 are in it. Check some videos of it though because people are divided on the paper quality (it isn't glossy)

I don't have pictures to hand, but one of my friends was having a big clearout this week and gave me all his old stuff. I have a shitload of D&D 4th edition, which is nice, a couple of Lenore trades, one of Adam Warren's Dirty Pair trades (Fatal But Not Serious), a whole mess of other stuff and, amazingly, the first two volumes of Problem Sleuth. I know they're not going for the $3-500 they were when Hamsteak was at its peak, but they're also really hard to get hold of in general.

>see somebody selling a collection on ebay>feel sadPoor guy, hope he's doing okay and is not dead.

Finally, my favorite time of the week.My previously lost-in-the-mail Conans have arrived! The first volume reprint was noticeably different from the others, so I just swapped the jackets between it and my non-DM cover first print. It looks a little goofy, since the new one is a little slimmer, but whatever.Going shopping tomorrow. Looking forward to probably picking up Hitman vol. 4-7, and I've got some things in the mail or going into the mail.>>117425578Sell me Sledgehammer, Vampire, and those Lobster Johnsons, fool.>>117435389>>117435467Hexchads rise UP>>117432924I really like the stuff they use in that and the Hellblazer trades. It probably feels cheap to people who aren't savvy enough to understand why they'd use it, so I understand why they don't in more expensive collections.

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>>117437560Nice Conan haul!

>>117437560I really hope Conan gets another reprint. It just had to happen when I couldn't afford the purchase.

>>117433996My latest order from IST, 1 day before they posted that update. These books are probably fro 3 different distributors so it will mostly take 1 month before they decide to ship it. Then it will most likely take less time to arrive here.

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>>117437796The recent reprints they've been doing seem to be small as fuck.

>>117437852Boy, I hope you already had your 2% discount active when you made this order. Otherwise, in the future, make one $50 order, and then put the rest in another for the extra discount.

>>117437965This is the first time I've bought from IST in about 2 months, so no.

Recent purchases.

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>>117437796I’m not sure what Conan you’re specifically looking for or if you have the money now, but if you can handle the non DM covers everything but Savage Sword V1 is available on ISTinstocktrades.com/search/powersearch?title=Conan omnibus

>>117427732She is a bit of a talent, yeah.>>117429774I see little bits of Katsuya Terada in her work sometimes, too.>>117433583It's called "Song of Sylvan" (松風). My understanding is that she has three books out via Taiwanese publisher Keko Creative: this and a now OoP two-book set "Ink of Wild" (野作). The first book in Ink of Wild is an artbook while the second is a compilation of various comics she's done over the years. Some of these were bundled into a compilation for France and Italy several years ago, which is what Dark Horse brought over as "Chinoise: Tales of Food and Life" last month.

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>>117431483Hi user, that's a lot of Omnibus(es?). Are you reading all of that or are you more of an autistic collector-type ? ( i'm only asking it's an impressive shelf)

>>117433935How are those Bilal volumes? Titan is really hit or miss on those gallery size books, but their Nikopol edition was pretty good.

Is DC replacing the Vertigo logo on all of their reprints with Black Label now? I might not bother continue buying the Sandman Absolutes if so.

>>117438179Nice Perez omnis ! Shame about Jimenez

Any really good non cape stuff you guys recommend? I'm looking for something that, is 1. Non cape stuff, 2. Has a unique and appealing art style and 3. Can be possibly collected in an omnibus format. Vertigo and similar title are also good, but I'm pretty sure I have most good vertigo titles. What do you guys recommend? Thank you, and have a good rest of your day.

>>117439089Rachel Rising, Strangers in Paradise, Sandman Mystery Theater, Bacchus+ Alec, Jodorowsky-verse

New stuff. Stray Bullets was great. The JLI omnibus is so damn good. Almost finished with the Incal, i'm wondering if i should go with Edena or the Metabarons

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>>117439089Girls by the Luna brothers.

>>117439187Wasn't sandman mystery theater never fully collected? Anyway, which of these do you most recommend?

>>117439089Stray Bullets, it can be collected in one fat trade paperback which maintained carefully can last. Black Science has 3 big absolute size HCsand >>117439187

>>117438450It's Conan the Barbarian vol 1 DM cover that I missed. I don't care what cover I get for anything else, but the other one for that volume is just so bad I'd rather not have the book at all.

>>117439333Oh yeah you're right, honestly i loved Rachel Rising, and the jodo-verse has great art and batshit stories all around.I'd suggest sampling them online first

>>117431697Those books are falling!

>>117438863A little of both, I’ve read about 3/4 of what’s there. Occasionally I get distracted by reading another book and end up putting one down for a while or buy an omnibus because I know I want to read it but worried it will go out of print. Then it sits in the backlog for a while because I’m reading something else.

>>117427882I only clicked through like a minute of the video, but I already hate this guy& >Avengers vol 1 2>Avengers the crossing>Perez Avengers vol 1 & 2>John Byrne Avengers>Uncanny Avengers>Hickman Avengers>Bendis New Avengers>Ultimate Avengers>West Coast Avengers vol 1 and 2>Young AvengersWhat the fuck order are these in?It's not release order, it's not timeline order, it's not alphabetical order. There's a whole different continuity in the middle there. He outright admits not having read them, which is lame enough, but it seems like he doesn't even have the faintest idea what's in them.Why the fuck has he spent thousands of dollars on books he doesn't know about?

>>117439544i know what you mean, it's a pretty impressive shelf user congrats

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>>117439581Thank you kind user!

>>117439562He's a fat scalper who gets winded by walking down his mancave.>WASSUP GEMINITES ISHABOYY>hobby funds itself>holy shit guys i just read that amazing batman story called year one you should read it

>>117439582All of Byrne's run plus World of Krypton and some extra issues up to the Exile.

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>>117439313here's the shelf with a shitty edit that makes it look worse

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>>117439834No free space left

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>>117427600Where did you buy it user?

>>117439623>holy shit guys i just read that amazing batman story called year one you should read itPlease tell me this is real

>>117440059sadly no, but he's retarded enough that it could happen

>>117439623>>117439562Omnibus hoarders doesn't read for shit, they wouldn't get garbage with Bendis or Snyder name if that wasn't the case.

>>117425578Even though I collect mostly DC I'm so envious of Marvel's Epic Collection imprint, This 'fully collected paper omnibus' thing, considering even Supes or GL barely got something like thatAlso, I would kill for Hawkman Epic Collection

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>>117425578Why do you not have any of the main BPRD books? Really weird thing to skip.

>>117440125>implying 2000s bendis at marvel wasn’t great superhero comics

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>>117440471He had some good shit, mostly Ultimate Spider-man, but going back to it you notice that his hackiness was already developing.

Most recents

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>>117439834How is the Witcher series?Who would have thought absolute Halloween would get so expensive. Nice Hellboy too

>>117439313I keep going back forth on that JLI Omni... how many are there supposed to be?

>>117438179Fuck yes that Wonder Woman run


>>117440059He hated Elektra Assassin and Elektra Lives Again because of Sienkiewicz art. That should give you a sense of his knowledge and taste in comics.

>>117440797the witcher's pretty good, it collects the first three stories who are pretty self-contained but i like it a lot, might switch to the library edition.>>117440815The OG run went on for 9 years iirc, vol.2 is supposed to get out this november but i doubt it will all be collected in omnis. Vol.1 is amazing and fun, you should check it out !

>>117427937Oh damn, dat Hitman.

>>117440907Man, I try not to shit on people's tastes, but what the fuck.Like the guy clearly isn't a comic historian. Whatever, you don't have to be. But why the hell does he buy all the omnis??It'd be like collecting baseball cards but not knowing anything about baseball or cards.

>>117441080Why does it make you guys so upset? Does he try to play it like he’s a comic historian? He seems like he’s pretty up front about stuff he hasn’t actually read. Otherwise you’re just griping about a dude who buys a lot of books. Did you know there are people out there that buy cars they never drive?

>>117431884How is Robin reborn?

>>117431824I envy you Eternaunaut, and of course your Question Collection

>>117441080He's an admitted 90s fag and just has ocd when it comes to collecting - wanting to have the complete set of everything. He had 3 of the exact same Hulk statue before just because they were different colors. Also, he does it for the channel because he knows unboxing videos are popular.

>>117431766You may the right person to ask, what Red Sonja and/or Vampirella is worth reading but still has the cheesecake I came for ?

>>117441145he just buys everything and when it's time to review the books he has shit opinion or none at all, but Mile Morales SpiderMan is a masterpiece.The hobby itself is ok, but when /shelf/ sees his collection, they get jealous because he's a piece of shit scalper

>>117435651I am very bad at spelling, even though I had the comics with me

>>117441145> Did you know there are people out there that buy cars they never drive?I bet they can at least tell you all about those cars, though. And a lot of them probably did a fair amount of work on the cars too.It'd be one thing if he was a huge comics fan and just hasn't gotten around to reading them all. I have stuff in my collection I still haven't read, but it's because it's by a creator I like or I've heard good things. I just have a backlog. I didn't just buy it because it was there.THAT is why it's stupid. Because he buys all these comics and doesn't even apparently like comics that much. He just does it for... attention? I guess, I'm not really sure why.

>>117441148Have not read it yet, but Ill get to it

>>117441275do you read the words or do you only look at the pretty pictures ? Please write it proprely right now..jfc

>>117441267>when /shelf/ sees his collection, they get jealous because he's a piece of shit scalperI'm not even jealous desu. Sure, there's a few books in there I'd love to have, but I don't have any interest in owning a collection that looks like a bookstore. Everything on my shelf is something I can talk about because it means something to me. I think that's a much more interesting collection to have.I'd like his money, though.

>>117441145Gem's stubby little fat fingers wrote this post

>>117441313>proprelyWay to go idiot

>>117441267I’m surprised he hasn’t scalped Hickman avengers. I have it, but I won’t be selling mine.

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>>117427882I've read everything I buy. Why else would I buy it?

>>117441344He scalps CGC's. He keeps all of his omnis and hardcovers.

>>117441338'twas an honest mistake i swear

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>>117441296>>117441296>He just does it for... attention? I guess, I'm not really sure why.Ah, yeah I see how that’s annoying I guess. I’m not trying to defend him it’s just from the vid user posted It just seemed like he could be a collector who has more money than time on his hands to read, which doesn’t seem worthy of all the hate. And if he’s just a casual who buys books to flip and he doesn’t try to come off as a huge reader I don’t see the problem either. Seems more likely that what >>117441267 is true and anons are just jealous but again I’m judging all this by one video.

>>117441344He would have to sell both volumes, he's properly the kind of scumbag that would sell both of them for 1.5k

>>117441439I don't even hate scalpers. I've worked for one in the past. But he at least really liked comics.Idk, something just irks me about a guy sitting on a big collection who doesn't know anything about it. Like if you don't have a passion for it, why are you even collecting it?

>>117441479Well from what other anons in the thread are saying I guess the passion is making money. Which does seem disingenuous because there are much better ways to invest money if you have it so why shoehorn your way into comics. I dunno I get it and I don’t

The gods of /m/ have smiled upon me, friends!Upon the same day that I received my copy of Godzilla: The Half Century War, I also got my Lightspeed Rescue Megazord Super Minipla after FOURTYFUCKINGTWO days getting here from Hong Kong!Currently on the 3rd zord, and am curious yet terrified of the candy that came with it.

Attached: 91pM8d+QFkL.jpg (1400x2056, 762.23K)

>>117427882Most of my books have been collected over the years and I was forced to put them in storage save a few I’ve read over those years. Only recently I was able to finally get enough room to fully shelf all my books and I’m satisfied as hell to have a nice library to select what I want to read from. I’ve been knocking out quite a bit since then.

>>117430954I’m waiting for a 4 pack I picked up last week.Dark Knight ReturnsWatchmenRoninV for VendettaTotal $20 including shipping.

>>117441468I had no idea how much they were worth until last week. I think I have a lot of shit like that. I rarely look. I have a lot of stuff.

>>117441836baby's firsts, that's great

>>117441836Welcome to comics, user. Have a good time.

>>117441836>>117441922>>117441952That there is just about as good as it gets, but you won't feel it until you've read thousands of comics.

>>117441468He doesn't even sell his omnis and he has many that are long out of print that he could easy flip.

>>117439313where'd you order the JLI omni from? I heard Amazon has both the 1st and 2nd printings and never got rid of the damaged 1st printings cause theyre greedy money grubbing fucks.

>>117427882I don't really care about this guy at all but I don't like it when B-grade e-celebs shill themselves here like he used to routinely about 2-3 years ago.

>>117442125Amazon, i know the first edition in canuckland was out of stock so i didn't have to send it back as damaged to get the proper one. They might try to fuck you depending where you are but generally if you send it back with a complaint they'll give you the new printing

>>117441145We're not exactly upset but maybe I am just plain sick of Youtubers and their "critical analysis" being "This is cool, that's cool!" This is the kind shit that barely qualifies as a tweet, let alone a video. I am not saying I want a deep dive into something, but someone just saying something is cool doesn't qualify as a discussion. And if people want to watch that? It is the equivalent of a child showing you their toys.

Is there any plans to reprint DNA cosmic already? Scalpers gonna scalp

>>117431766Right now re-reading Half-Century war ever since learning the HC got restocked. Then getting around to reading Ragnarok vol. 2 and finally the AvP collection. Next chance I get, ordering the Alien collections. Just wish the Predator one wasn't so damn expensive these days.

Attached: Screenshot_20200904-213643_Gallery.jpg (1280x720, 825.82K)

>>117442422Annihilation already just got a reprint at the start of last year. So the next book they will reprint will probably be Conquest.

>>117442511>start of last year.End even

>>117442462I looked at that Aliens vs Predator hardcover, but considering that Marvel are doing an Aliens omnibus I could see them doing an Aliens vs Predator one.

>>117442462Those Alien, Predator and Terminator hardcovers are all so nice.>>117442542The original 30th anniversary Aliens one is great since it's in black and white as originally released, while the Marvel one is the revised coloured version. That said, Marvel's Aliens omni is actually worth getting just on the basis that it's got some reprints of older rare stuff that Dark Horse never got around to doing themselves. From memory, it's got the Alien 3 comic (which never got a tpb release in English), that Newt prequel miniseries from the English sci-fi magazine and some of those ones packed in with the older Kenner Aliens toys.

Attached: D3uS_bjXsAA-J5E.jpg (1200x794, 162.33K)

>>117442651>The original 30th anniversary Aliens one is great since it's in black and white as originally releasedOh fair.

>>117441204>VampirellaThe old stuff collected in the archives is really really good. I would check it out online first if you're not used to old horror style writing (like the Eerie or Creepy releases).If you want more recent stuff the I would go with the Masters series, these are the ones I liked>Vol.1: Grank Morrison & Mark Millar>Vol.2: Warren Ellis>Vol.5: Kurt Busiek>Vol.6 James Robinson> Red SonjaI haven't read much, just whats on my shelf. I guess you could buy the Gail Simone stuff. The other series I have is the "She-Devil with a Sword" which is kinda meh. Specially towards the end

>>117427936He buys them to flip them. Marvel omnis always spike after sold out and he waits for that price to spike and then sells them and buys more. He does White Whale for some stuff he really wants though. But in another video he says all his Omnis have paid for themselves, so that entire collection is from flipping OOP books

Back again repping my shelf. How are you guys doing?

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>>117432887Coates Cap starts off pretty interesting but then he gets lost in his normal decompression. I had to drop around issue 15 cause nothing was happening

>>117441662Woah I’m really interested in the minipla how are they? Would you recommend them?

>>117432745Post your shelves, faggot

>>117443586Jesus that Galactus book is obnoxiously large. Does the art look good?

>>117438948On some reprints like Killing Joke yes. Not sure if it will effect Sandman Absolutes or not but you should get them before they make the change

>>117439089Kabuki, Ring of the Nibelung, The Borgias.

>>117442651How were the Dark Horse terminator comics? The ones in pic related mainly.

Attached: 910eAQB85qL.jpg (1805x2560, 964.26K)

>>117438948>>117443764Not my image, but the Sandman absolutes are already being reprinted with the new logo.

Attached: Sandman Absolutes.jpg (2765x1819, 697.04K)

>>117441204For Vampirella the old archives and the Master Series Omnibus, it has one shit story by Millar but it is still wroth getting. For Red Sonja I'd recommend the Mike Carey and Oeming run. Also Ballad of the Red Goddess by Rot Thomas

>>117443846It's funny, but that DC|VERTIGO label is closer to what it was originally. Take this ugly indica as an example.I'm pretty sure that they've already started phasing that out in favour of Black Label logos, but even that might be dead if the rumors about Lifford hating the idea are true.

Attached: Shade the Changing Man 033 (1993) (digital-Empire) 001.jpg (1987x3049, 1.66M)

>>117442375Should /shelf/ make a paste in of actual reviews? I think it would he hilarious cause there would end up being shitposting

>>117442462Based on Ragnarok there, I have been reading the current arc online but I haven't bought it yet. I should. Walt is a treasure. >>117443846At least none of those say Black Label. But that inconsistency annoys me.

Attached: 20200812_112938.jpg (3984x2988, 2.67M)

>>117444011>At least none of those say Black Label. But that inconsistency annoys me.Yeah honestly I'd rather them all say Black Label than have mismatched spines.It's like whenever DC or Marvel switches logos and it fucks up your series consistency. But I guess that's just the minor problems we have to deal with.

>>117444047Problem is partly because if you buy online you will never know which one comes to you so it will be a gamble.

>>117443846How's the Zero Hour omni? Does it have all the blank page gimmick issues? For the most part buying tie-in omnis is stupid, though I love the DC 1 Million one, but maybe the tie-in gimmick issues salvage that event, I remember pirating the TPB/main series a decade ago and not understanding shit, and it's the one "DC metastory" gap in my physical collection.

>>117443586Brother you need to use these stupid large Galactus editions as display pieces instead of leaving them to be dropped and damaged like that. Get one of those bible holders and find some cornertable in your house or something.

>>117443866>>117443081Thanks anons

>>117443846Woh tell me about that weapon x

>>117444240>>117444100>not my image

>>117444280So you cute girlfriend took that pic?

>>117443735Yeah. It looks really nice.>>117444138I mean, I only have one Behold Galactus. But like, can you recommend any good bible holders?

>>117425578Got nothing this week. Will get stuff next week. Maybe.

Anyone recommend the DnA GotG omnibus or should I just pick up the complete collections?

Attached: 1525742852528.jpg (145x144, 7.92K)

>>117443720They're mostly the same as the Deluxe Megazords, but half the size, WAY more articulation, and you have to assemble them yourself.You might be able to get the Lightspeed for a somewhat reasonable price, I had to get mine from an Ebay seller in Hong Kong, but the Titanium and Super Train are going to cost you an arm and a leg since they were P-Bandai.Older sets are iffy, maybe you can find a deal, except for the Ninja Megafalconzord because Movie and any of the MMPR zords. Those are getting scalped HARD.The directions are simple enough even if you can't read moonrunes, it's just Tray Letter-Grid Number, like A15 to C9, with plenty of pictures.You'll want a Sprue Cutter, the Xuron 410 is /m/'s choice since it's good an only $10, and a pair of tweezers that don't take a lot of pressure, and a hobby knife to shave off rough high spots.

>>117440471Not good, merely less shit.

Fable deluxe reprints never ever.

>>117445372You buy compendium! You buy now! You no take candle!

>>117445433I'm getting those but I just KNOW they'll never be finished.Fuck compendiums suck.

>>117445503Can't wait for the Starman compendium to be cancelled, honestly

>GoGo Monster is out of print and costs over a hundred eurobucksWhy are the things I want always like this?

>book I'm mildly interested in is largely sold out but still available for MSRP on ebay/Amazon marketplace>still don't buy it>know I'll mildly regret it down the lineMeh. Another for the pirate pile I suppose.

>>117439089Voodoo Child by Bill SienkiewiczThe Puma BluesPing Pong (this is manga, don't know if you're willing to read that)Epicurus the Sage

>>117445708I wish we can print something like custom collections instead of waiting for who-knows-when for release date. And considering minor titles doesn't even get that chance

>>117443792Well recommended. Tempest in particular is a really good '80s action comic.Pic-related is also worth a read. Admittedly it's a bit on the generic side, but it's worth it alone just to see Alex Ross' professional debut.

Attached: STK619604.jpg (1200x1845, 361.7K)

>>117425868Ah good ol depressing quasi nihilistic classic Peanuts.

>>117433876It seems that I won't be getting 70 DD books after all... Just got an email from the seller saying that I need to pay 50 extra bucks for "extra shipping charges". Fuck that. I cancelled my order

How do you feel about Keanu Reeves being a comic book creator now? Are any of you going to buy his book?

Attached: brzrkr-comic.jpg (1000x709, 209.64K)

>>117429774Hollow Press! Nice! Can’t wait for their Biologic Show by Al Columbia book which should be published next month or in November!

> your first comicWhat’s her name /shelf/?My dad bought me these 2 in 1991, can’t believe they have survived the years.

>>117447724Forgot pic

Attached: 3B4B7AA0-8DAA-47CE-8184-CF166286AC27.jpg (2048x1536, 341.08K)

>>117447724Ah yes, the Candle Cove tie-in comic. Cool stuff, cool stuff.I have some Donald Duck books around that are from the days when they only printed 1/4 pages with color. Somewhere.

Slow week for new pickups but I did manage to find a “new” Usagi figure with weapons, a nice upgrade from my old one which was Space Usagi.

Attached: 72B2D6ED-5000-4886-B176-B2FA41EF2704.jpg (1536x2048, 300.89K)

>>117427882I've read ~90% of the comics I own, which is better than the 50% of novels or 10% of DVDs I've found time to watch.

>>117427882I've been putting off reading Daredevil Epic Collection 14 until I also own 15, yes.

>>117447955I started a record number of movies, shows, books and games during lockdown this year!"But user, how many of those did you finish?"Okay, first off, how dare you

>>117448043I watched Tekkon Kinkreet the other day. The world needs more like it.

>>117447724Those little Dollar Store digests reprinting the first three issues of Spider-Man, Avengers, and Fantastic Four. If say it affected my taste if Silver Age Marvel weren't objectively the best cape comics.

>>117443764>>117443846I wouldn't mind the DC/Vertigo label, despite having 1 and 2 with the original logo already, but getting them with the Black Label flash-in-the-pan one would piss me off. It seems disrespectful to the Vertigo legacy.

>>117444280Wait I’m so confused

>>117440464not a huge fan of guy davis art but you can see in the second photo that BPRD vol 2-8 are on my read pile

>>117447442I'm excited for that as well. Cheapy the Guinea Pig too (I don't think that's part of Biologic Show). They've been doing some great rereleases and then getting those creators to make new works for them as well. Can't wait for the new Brinkman book.

Attached: 502B57E9-10A6-468F-B12F-1993917F85C6.jpg (1280x958, 524.87K)


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>>117448535I also bought Absolute Fourth World, but after reading some issues online I’m pretty concerned. Like I hear the hype and really like the art, but that dialogue feels like chewing steel sometimes. Stil haven’t unwrapped it...

Attached: 55F4BFC4-5E33-4A7D-94AE-2F09704E54FF.jpg (1280x958, 478.69K)


Attached: AAE31332-D67B-4FB9-A03B-058C5FEAF5B5.jpg (1280x958, 468.02K)


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>>117448589Couldn’t resist and should the Carnage Omni in today

Attached: D5BC6DB3-11B5-45C5-928C-06BAD28D0D7F.jpg (1280x958, 488.94K)

>>117448418>not a huge fan of guy davis artFag.I was the same at first, but he really, really grew on me. He's one of my favorites in the Mignolaverse now.

>>117447408I’ll give it a shot. I love me some John Wick and he seems like a great dude so I’ll support it.

>>117443792I’m into this question as well>>117446625Thank you user. I read the first Dark Horse omnibus and I remember really enjoying it but it’s been so long only a few panels and such come to memory.Are there are any other series of note?

>>117448612Same. At first I scoffed for having such a shift in art but I think it really works with the material.

I don't really have a good shelf for them, but this is the few that i have.

Attached: 20200905_102628-1.jpg (3093x1616, 1.11M)

>>117447408Have you watched his Kickstarter video? It sounds like he has no idea what it’s really about and dgaf about it.

Just started Alita Battle Angel, loving it.

Attached: 2DA04099-66AE-48DE-8102-8F072A56BCBC.jpg (2048x1536, 343.44K)

>>117449040My Halo shelf

Attached: C519DBB2-2064-42C1-A9D2-2D25DBDF4128.jpg (2048x1536, 333.89K)


Attached: 4B9B5945-B6FF-489B-9C50-BA5ABABC848E.jpg (2048x1536, 401.8K)

>>117449075And my newest shelf at the recommendation of you guys.Conan, finished Volume 2 last week and waiting for 3 in the mail, hopefully this week.


Attached: 0B2DB4A0-BBA9-4CAC-BFCF-4D46DE47EBAC.jpg (2048x1536, 293.71K)

>>117448063Have you read the manga? If so how do the two compare?

>>117448835Nice haul, tell me about the magician that looks cool.

>>117449075I’m reading through those TMNT IDW collections (look great on the shelf btw) but keep hearing about a dip in quality around volume 9?

>>117449392I’m still on Volume 6 myself so I couldn’t tell you but I’m really excited for Volume 12/13 (not yet released) because one of those should have Shredder in Hell which I’m very tempted to just buy the TPB instead of waiting for the collection.

>>117449373Based on the novel series by raymond e feist. I got this in 07 because i loved the books, this was pretty good iirc. Old school swords and sorcery stuff. I should finish the set and see if they did thr sequels.

Attached: 20200905_111018-1.jpg (2728x1833, 1.09M)

>>117425585Your room is a bloody mess.

>>117449225Different guy, but having not seen the full film or having finished the manga, and as someone who loves Matsumoto's art, I think the movie looks better than the book does.

>>117444465I got the DNA guardians omnibus then realized the same series was collected in full in prelude/war/realm of kings and ended up selling mine. So maybe if you plan on reading those too hold out.

>>117447101The reason why I was up for paying 10 bucks each for mine is because for the first time in my life I came across these books used and the seller didn't try to fuck me over with shipping rates. Not exclusive to Dylan Dog (or comics) desu but they're what I've been trying to hoard.

>>117451475I ended up buying the new HC colored editions after watching some videos of it on youtube. I might regret this later but they are pretty cheap and I actually really like the coloring

>>117447724my first one was Death The High Cost of Living or The Time of Your Life, forget which. The good ol' goth days

Attached: death.jpg (440x650, 83.82K)

>>117448043I've picked up a record amount of comics and read a record amount, though I've not been in lockdown at all cause work. Also finally managing to get around to trying to watch through The Three Kingdoms, still about 20 episodes left but I'm getting there>>117448373I didn't even look until now but my Volumes 3 and 4 have the DCVertigo label and my other 3 have the Vertigo label. Not ideal but at least it's not Black Label, this is a Vertigo book

I hate how out of place transmet 10 looks.

>>117427882I do. I've read over 150 this year alone. And that's not including the 2000ad/JDM 'floppies'.Also doing a prog slog from 2000ad 1 all the way up to current 2000ad/JDM (inc. specials and annuals) Never understood peopl who buy things for show. It's kinda sad.

Attached: Screenshot_20200903-201328.png (720x1520, 128.59K)

>>117447724>First comicBeano/dandy kids comics that most Brit kids had. Then I got into 2000ad.I didn't get into capes until I was like 20. Even then I haven't read much. I went from 2000ad to stuff like hellblazer and swamp thing.


>>117448556>but that dialogue feels like chewing steel sometimesI know what you mean. It's interesting stuff, but it flows in a way that's just absolutely foreign to me.

Guess i'll bump the thread with my shelf. I've been charged for the Witcblade collection, Wolverine and Spider-Man JMS omni vol 2 so i'll have them next week.Currently reading and enjoying Firefly Legacy. If you liked the series and the film, i recommend it.

Attached: IMG_20200830_034122.jpg (3648x2736, 1.83M)

>>117453056>Firefly Legacy

Attached: 1552957378345.jpg (625x625, 14.04K)

>>117453056Firefly is the one show I have been saving to take a deep dive into with Serenity and every thing. How are the comics? Is it just serviceable or actually adds to the story?Beautiful collection of course, did you get the Byrne Superman? I’ve gone back and forth in that Witchblade so many times, it looks so good and it’s like childhood comics in a beautiful package

>>117453462Those Left Behind, Leaves on the Wind, and Better Days were pretty average. They didn’t really add anything significant to the mythos, but they weren’t terrible comics.

Looking to put up some new virginity shields, any recs on cheap comic frames? I'm starting to get an okay amount of floppies and I'd like to be able to display some of my favorites.

>>117435389Jonah Hex is fucking great