Is it finally over for Greg Land?

Is it finally over for Greg Land?

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>>117423384nope. makes deadlines doesn't cause trouble.

>>117423384Plagiarized what?

>>117423384Didn't you make this exact thread like 3 days ago?

The guy's been doing it for decades, fuck off with your outrage shit

>>117423384no, but maybe enough of a stink about it will force him to stop doing it. probably not, but one can hope, he's a decent artist when he isn't being lazy

Traceswap have infected comics for more than a decade now and I don't like it.

>>117423384you know, I find it hard to be mad at poser tracers when people keep stealing other peoples work by just tracing over something someone else drew. This isn't just plagiarism, this is outright theft.

>>117423384dindu nuffin wrong besides bow down to social media queers so they try to cancel him

>>117423384You can't plagarise a pose. There are only finitely many ways a body can be sensibly positioned and none of them are anyone's intellectual property. I don't see any evidence of actual tracing (or any other form of real plagarism) so I'm going to take this as just some nobody whining on the internet again.

>>117425025>I don't see any evidence of actual tracing (or any other form of real plagarism)how not? get your eyes checked, they even did the work for you and filled in what Land actually drew compared to what he traced. That is theft.

>>117423384>>117423544>>117425025It's not even an outright trace, It's more of a matte painting or a collage.Not something that would get someone in trouble.

>>117423569he plagiarized it

>>117425072Hi Greg

>He actually thinks Greg Land will get fired after getting exposed for tracing for the 2953th timeBitch he even traced shit for that damn Fortnite tie-in comic and he's still going to get work because he doesn't miss deadlines. That's the reason why many of these tracers are still in the industry.

Tracing over stock photos and images is questionable, but directly ripping off someone else's artwork is going to really anger people.

>>117425805He's done it before, so has Deodato. This is a problem and not just about bad art. Tracing someone elses art and then putting your signature on it? Fucking trash

Who has the old lady/brick thread images? That was one of my favorite threads on Holla Forums of all time.

Takes a lot of skill to do what he does, the composition, picking the right image to drink from, to know where to cut and where to improvise.Land doesn't suddenly delete the artwork he used to trace of the universe and gets all the money the original artist got instantly into his pockets lmao.Nothing wrong in tracing models lay the base of a new work

>>117423384pft, no

>>117425821fucking Mitch Gerads has and people can't stop sucking his dick over his comics with King

>>117425828Only have this one on hand, sorry.

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>>117425854except he's not making a new work. He's just tracing something and calling it his own.

>>117425072Every single part of it is copied from something else. Nothing is original on that cover.

>>117425864I know Gerads traces, but has he traced over other peoples work? I thought he mainly took photos and traced them.also, just to clarify, photo reference is always ok, PCR does it a lot for specific scenes he had trouble picturing and Mignola actually does trace backgrounds sometimes and not even photos he does so I have mixed feelings on Mignola


>>117425867on one had, fuck fornite. I feel sorry for Greg Land having to work on it, on the other, holy shit that is lazy

>>117425867The Iron Man trace is from Larroca though

>>117425901he's artswiped a few times

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we will eventually miss the days of Stokoe

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>>117425025Photoshop automatically snapped it because its identical.>>117425854Except he traced the alien and still made it look retarded because he picked a dopey looking head and had to make up the back end of it.Greg Lands are is lifeless and boring because theres only so much shit he can steal from before he starts tracing himself.

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>>117425901imo theres a wide gulf between using references and just creating comics out of jpgs you find on google rearranged in different ways.

>>117425930>a few timesunderstatement

>>117425972a few times that someone bothered to gather evidence for*

>>117425930that, at least to me, is different enough, like the ears and lips are different, even if it clearly referenced. It is ok to look at something and try to duplicate it, and that's what is done here. as for a business practice, not good to piss off other artists in the business so probably shouldn't be doing it this clear unless you are giving credit, ie an homage


>>117425854Have you actually read a Land comic before? It's a series of strange stock images.

>>117425975tracing and changing a few details is still tracing>

>>117426005oh ya, that is a much better example of tracing from Gerads, those are 1 for 1 pencils and only the inking and colouring is different. you convinced me never to purchase a comic by Gerads again, thank you.Also makes me wonder how Tom King can support Gerads so much and attack Jae Lee. Fuck him

>>117426005First and second examples look like swipes (though the first one he changed a few things), third one is way too much of a reach.


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>>117426138that thread was absolute magic

>>117423384no joke, why don’t comic artists assistants like manga artists?

>>117426201Some do. Back in the 00's Jim Lee had a contest to find a background assistant. And I think Marc Silvestri also uses assistants. It's more common with comic strips. The issue has more to do with comic fans not accepting assistants not getting credited for their work.

>>117426230if a single person did everything i would get it but western comics are already a collaborative effort with inking, coloring and lettering already being made each by a different person so what’s the problem really

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>>117426201Mirka who does Unnatural and Mercy has 2 colourist assistants, and she regularly talks about them on twitter

>>117426272The problem comes from people that don't like it when they assume someone did work but it turns out to be someone else.

>>117426201A lot of times they already do to an extent. Take a look at the table of contents/opening of a comic and you'll usually see separate people for writer, artist, colorist, and letterer.

I think it's time to cancel Bob Kane.

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>>117426320Steranko's on the case

>>117425892its alien. nothing about alien has been original since avp

>>117425854>takes a lot of skill to do what he does, the composition, picking the right image to drink from, to know where to cut and where to improvise.oh geez if only there was a way for him to get gradually better so he didn't had to rely on wasting time deciding which and where to position the stock images to get it right... you know something like... practice...

>>117425892>Every single part of it is copied from something else.We all just saw Greg Land's mom's pussy

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>>117426320>b.b.but what aboutlmao you are so fragile and yet you only have whataboutism to save your idol.

>>117426388Are you, by any chance, insane?

>>117426388find me one person who knows who he is who wouldn't say "fuck Bob Kane"

>>117426278>>117426295oh i see

>>117425854You shouldn't trace at all unless you are practicing and using it is a tool to figure out how something works. Not because it's immoral, but because it's lazy and stops you from getting better at reproducing what you can see (be that something in your head or a real life reference) on paper.Tracing, of course, is completely distinct from accurately copying a reference. Unless you're claiming that you didn't make use of the reference then this is fine especially if you are only referencing a pose or a texture or suchlike.

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What does Greg Land's art even look like when he doesn't trace?

>>117426065What's he attacking Jae Lee for?

>>117426490I hope some hero goes through and sources all the porn he traced

>>117426495Lee drew a cover for Rorschach, after drawing a cover for Cyberfrog. King called him a bigot for working for Comicsgate. Everyone called King a retarded asshole, King posted some half-assed apology after some suit told him to cool it, everything went back to normal.

Who's gonna storytime I love Greg Land?

Land being forced to trace Fortnite characters seems to be a fitting punishment.

>>117426201They don't make much money anyway to pay for assistants?

>>117426490I'll attack Land usually, but this is more photo reference than tracing, even the hair lines are different. Hate to defend him but I'll give him a slight pass on this. Though the user is right that it is lazy that it is the first google search

>>117426545>forcedLand will take any job for a paycheck, and I'm glad Cates finally unequivocally outed himself as the same

>>117426495said he was comicsgate at the same time Jae Lee was having a funeral for his long time family dog. He didn't even think that his boss, Jim Lee is a good friend with Jae and started attacking him.

>>117426493It's a mystery.

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>>117426201comic artist pay is miserable, that's why a single guy need to stack up 3-4 series at the same time to get more than min wage.

>>117425940Wtf is going on in this picture?


>>117423529Doesn' cause trouble??Like what about the numerous cases before and now, is this not considered trouble?

>>117423384>art is about the skill of the artist Where do you people even get this stuff? The issue with plagiarism is if the work is stolen from someone else, in a way where the original person deserves cash and credit, but art is art, you’re allowed to do anything in the universe to produce your cool image of alien

I rather read Land's Spider-Man than Ottley's angular faces and based PAD is a better writer than Spencer

>>117425962Not him but, I don’t see the problem with that, creators in other visual mediums use pre-made assets.

>>117427019I find it more annoying that they are presenting people talking through their teeth.

>>117423384Who seriously cares?

>>117425072what are you talking about? it's exactly the same

>>117426320Unironically tho >The Clown paintings

>>117425901>also, just to clarify, photo reference is always oktracing isn't reference. Even if you take the photos yourself. It's tracing. It simply isn't illegal like swiping from other artists and photos is (and yes the latter is technically not legal nor is swiping it's just so low damage that nobody would stand to gain from a lawsuit unless it was habitual and against/taken from one person). Mitch Gerads is a hack and should never be referred to as an artist.

>>117425962I really don't think there's any difference other than technical copyright violations for using other peoples art and photos. They're both cardinal sins. Stealing from google is just slightly more pathetic than taking your own pictures to trace. Tracers should pay real artists.>>117428914Not the same at all as using a pre-rendered asset for the company you work for. One is animation and the other is supposed to be creation. Beside this it's completely antithetical to the idea that what is being made is art rather than a story simply made into a comic because the writer was too lazy to make a novel or not well-known enough to make a film. If the art in a comic is cheap, traced trash the story had no reason to be a comic in the first place.

>>117428987the only people that don't are those who don't pay money for comic and those who trace when they "draw".Neither of which should be in a thread about an artist tracing.

>>117423529Being accused of plagiarism is trouble. Especially if it results in a lawsuit

>>117427019>Iron man heart attack guy gets in troublelol

>>117423384sweet tea, it's called Homage

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>>117429240>referencepathetic. rotoscoping entire films animated by teams and using reference for poses while staying on model is not what single panel comic artists like Gerads and Land are doing.I'll even give gerads his recent batman cover as showing he's simply being a lazy little faggot. Alex Ross taking pictures of his friend Sal or Gerads using reference for his painted batman cover is worlds different than tracing and swiping for single panels.

>>117427019did he post these himself. Some are obvious but some are wild tohave spotted. legit can only imagine another tracer noticed similarities. Who tf scrolls through stock images and google searches like this?The SI swimsuit cover and 50 cent and meme shit is one thing but spotting the excited guy and girl in the bottom right or knowing that he added a wrestler to a crowd of raiders fans and then put a gladiator mask on him. That's intricate. That's a friend or co-worker or self-snitch. No way people piece that together without being told that's insane.

>>117426516>>117426579Missed the part where King tried to act like he'd worked it out with Jae Lee and Lee got online and blew his asshole upI don't think I've seen a case where someone's work declines as they prove themselves to be a shittier and shittier person since Slott

>>117429153he has been doing it for years, gets called out every single tine, nothing ever happens.

>>117429240using references is not the same as straight up tracing

>>117429240>ITT: Non-artists don't understand the difference between tracing and referenceYou shouldn't even use other people's drawings as a reference. If you do you're a dumbass and any mistake they make is going to be amplified in your work. Anyway, fun fact: This is not just a problem with American comics. You can find a million examples of Toyotaro, who draws for Dragon Ball Super, outright tracing or copy/pasting panels Toriyama drew in the original Dragon Ball. He copied from an American comic for a Goku pose on a magazine cover a while back and seemed genuinely surprised people were upset about it. None of these artists draw for the sake of drawing. They don't care about art. That's the problem.

>>117429684tfw you forget to actually link a pictureThere's a million examples like this. I think you can really argue it's another example of how art is in a slump right now. It kinda goes hand-in-hand with Miyazaki talking about the issue with otaku hating people and thus end up creating stuff that does not feel human, because they never reference real life. This is /a/ talk but I think it can also be used in discussions of what goes on in the comic and cartoon industries in the West. It's an issue inherent in fandoms becoming so popular, I think. People become mindless fans and don't appreciate art for arts' sake. They don't care about good art or good stories, they want mindless fandom-baiting shit. It shows in how unable they are to create real, non-derivative art.

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>>117429684Unsure of why you replied to that random user.Reference includes zero tracing. Not "can include" and not "maybe some". You have not used a reference if you trace. You have traced."Using a reference" is like doing still life - you look at the reference and then look down at a non-transparent paper to draw it completely and originally with no tracing. Anybody who tells you any different is lying or misinformed.

>>117429796I replied to him because he thinks that Greg Land is using a reference, when the issue is him tracing. He and others in this thread do not understand the difference, and I'm pointing that out.You know, like... Exactly like you're pointing it out to me, as if I don't know that.You need better reading comprehension, man. Are you hoping to start a fight on here so you assume posters must be disagreeing with you? You need to go to Reddit or something.

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>>117429627>nothing ever happensUntil something does happen

>>117423529fpbp, but remember that Quesada sent out a memo to all artists which basically said "any lawsuits that get sent our way will be forwarded to you, we wash our hands of your misbehavior"

>>117430066>Until something does happenI literally forwarded examples of his swipes to the agency representing Claudia Schiffer's photographer and nothing happened. It's not considered worthwhile to prosecute. The thing that DID matter was when another artist tasked with House of M artwork plopped Magneto's head on the King of Spain's body, because one of the badges on his suit doesn't just denote "King of Spain," it literally confers that title on the wearer. THAT got the book pulled, edited and reprinted because an entire fucking royal house was about to make an international incident about it. But the key thing here is that it wasn't at all about unauthorized use of the official portrait.

>>117424264>he's a decent artist when he isn't being lazyso, thirty years ago when he was working at DC>>117424805>poser tracersNo one's traced Poser in a decade, it's all DAZ Studio now (e.g. War of Jokes and Riddles)

>>117429911>You need better reading comprehension, man.You need to learn to reply directly rather than greentexting an ITT toward a single user. Comprehension is only possible when the communicator isn't retarded.

>>117425025You're very, very new to all of this but have the zoomer overconfidence in something being true because it feels right to you. Jeff Koons found out the hard way that this is not true.>but it hasn't been prosecuted therefore the copyright doesn't apply!Also does not work this way.

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>>117425072>It's more of a matte painting or a collage.>Not something that would get someone in trouble.There was a capeshit poster not too long ago that got its publisher in trouble for "collage" but if you weren't a newfag you'd be familiar with it.

>>117425744he doesn't miss deadlines BECAUSE he's tracing other peoples' workOther examples include Darick Roberson tracing Robert Shaw from a James Bond film still for Butcher

>>117430205>Someone does a thing>Replies pointing out they are doing a thing, along with others in this threadAnon. I'm telling you. You clearly just want to fight someone, so you're better off going to reddit. >>117430159How many times as Greg Land traced something that isn't either a stock image, or something also owned by Marvel? There's your real reason why nothing has happened. Also you can't report copyright infringement on someone else's behalf.

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>>117430283>How many times as Greg Land traced something that isn't either a stock image, or something also owned by Marvel? There's your real reason why nothing has happened. Liefeld is the one more likely to steal something else by another artist, Land's the porn tracer.>Also you can't report copyright infringement on someone else's behalf.Disney, AT&T, et al have dedicated email addresses for reporting infringements to them directly. Schiffer's photographer agency just doesn't give a shit and I should have gone to her modeling agency instead since they have or had a stronger claim on her likeness).

>>117429529God damn don't make me defend Slott, King's just fucking deplorable

>>117426320>he thinks anyone on this board that actually reads comic will defend Kane

>>117430336>Disney, AT&T, et al have dedicated email addresses for reporting infringements to them directly.So they can take it into their own hands, because you can't do it for them.Anyway, Land also probably gets off easier because you could make a solid argument that tracing a porn artist and then totally changing the context of where she is (totally different character, in the middle of fighting instead of fucking), is fair use. It's not worth it to fight, especially since they're not really losing money by Greg Land doing this. Has no effect on them.Tracing from artists is different. But again, if it's from inside the company, there's really not a point in pursuing it.

do people really not know what references are in drawing? It's like they imagine only "real" artists draw directly from imagination, which is guess what an internal reference so it's pretty much the same thing with extra mental gymnastics.

>>117430432As an artist I genuinely am baffled where anons like you have gotten this idea that tracing directly from a photograph or someone else's art is what artists mean when they talk about 'using a reference.' Who told you that this is using a reference, user?

>>117430432do people really not know the difference between referencing and tracing

>>117429240>my twitter picRockwell never made a secret of creating and using photographic references and this was standard practice for magazine cover painters for over half a century. You should see Boris Vallejo's cover art before he finally switched to doing this, it's caveman paintings. >>117429371>Alex RossThis is a guy who always took photos of squat, short Frank Kasy and somehow turned them into Superman or Batman as though that's who he saw. God only knows what his model for Wonder Woman looks like.

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>>117430432There's a difference between using a reference and tracing

>>117430432There's three layers, faggot.Referencing, copying (aka not tracing), and tracing.Greg is doing straight up tracing which is shunned by all, even usually the fucking Nips.Copying is usually seen as not a problem by Easterners but is a sore spot for Westerners.

>>117426320nigga if you aren't posting the art he swiped for Batman's origin page you might as well post with the name Redditor>>117430428>you could make a solid argument that tracing a porn artist and then totally changing the context of where she is (totally different character, in the middle of fighting instead of fucking), is fair useRecontextualizing isn't the definition for novelty in these cases; satire doesn't always work either. Jeff Koons took it up the ass in court for trying that defense and he only made a sculpture, not a mass-produced artwork.

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>>117427397good goy, defend bad practice with your life for us.

>>117430530That Jeff Koons piece is hardly a recontextualization, though. That's something some fucker who copies claims is 'recontextualization.' Either way it's two people who look exactly the same in either image, holding a bunch of puppies while smiling.Taking a woman in the middle of getting pounded, and changing it so she's a superhero in the middle of getting a different sort of pounded, is a much better example of recontextualization.

if Larroca can straight up just slap filters on movie stills and call it a comic, then Land can get away with tracing

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>>117430521>Referencing, copyingare you ok?

>>117430603Fuck off retard. Referencing is when you use multiple studies for your art. Using just one is known as copying.

>>117430432>I am a giant fucking retard who thinks 'referencing' and 'tracing' are synonymous>>117430521>copyingFor the benefit of similar retards ITT, copying to most artists means visually matching a pose but not literally lightbox tracing it. This is of legal importance even if it means nothing to you. >>117430575The distinction won't matter if lawyers get involved. You are profiting off of someone else's direct labor without attribution or license and without substantial labor on your own part, made worse by your own proven technical ability to not need to do so. Someone like Janin traces renders he himself makes off off royalty free digital content he posed and rendered which is sad but legal (and he goes to the trouble of developing the character morphs for Riddler and Joker himself).

>>117430111Trips of truth

>>1174305961. It's reprehensible that Larroca does this and he's the schmuck who got Marvel in hot water over the King of Spain thing mentioned above2. Marvel owns this property outright now so there's no legal problem

>>117430603I think user is drawing a difference between using a bunch of jumbled references, and using one specific picture as a reference and not really changing anything.>>117430616Not really true. A lot of people will tell you not to use references like that because you'll end up with really fucked up lighting and shit because nothing is in the same environment. That's why older artists like you see here: >>117429240 completely recreate what they plan on drawing/painting.

>>117430603>are you ok?If I have a photo of a kid on a merry-go-round and I use the general pose but redraw it in a more dynamic fashion only retaining the basic concept, it's referencing (abstract).If I draw the exact pose and proportion freehand, that's copying (closer to literal).They are in fact different things. Everybody makes this mistake once.

>>117429240Those are from pics or old works of art. I meant copying if you take say the art of another fanartist for a certain character and then apply to another character and just change a few details. I think at that point you are just copying and not referencing.

>>117430596That's not the same thing at all. There's a long history of reproducing scenes from movies for comic book adaptations.What land does is put the same five pictures of pornstars together over and over and over to fuck with people.

The real problem with tracing is that comic book art is meant to be an abstraction of an ALMOST photographic visual that's specific to its original context and the artist's style. When you trace someone else's art, the disconnect between the contexts can be jarring, as well as the superposition of someone else's style on a panel that's otherwise your own.It's also inexcusable since deadlines haven't changed in fifty years and digital tools arguably speed up workflow. This is done because it can be, not because it must be.

>>117430624>You are profiting off someone's direct laborThat does not necessarily mean something isn't fair use. I don't want to defend Land but there is a reason why he's still around and hasn't been entirely blacklisted. He is not only protected by his position, but he's in a murky area where a lawsuit would not exactly be cut and dry against him. >>117430674Anon, the entire point of using references is so that your pose and proportions will be correct, because the human mind can't create shit completely perfectly from memory. Honest question, do you do art? You don't sound like you do.

>>117430720Larroca's Star Wars isn't an adaptation of the movies

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>>117430744it's because he knows where the bodies are buried


>>117430638Fuck him for that, made Capcom waste their time and money and Magneto is the only person not to have a proper alt costume in UMvC3.

>>117427019How did this guy get a job lol

>>117423529>makes deadlinesDoes he though?

>>117425864Same with David Mack.

>>117425993stock images and pornstars run through photoshop filters

>>117423384What the fuck is that head shape

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>>117430283I don't want a fight I just want you to learn how to use the site.

>>117425864Nobody sucks how dick except for faggots that unironically think king is a good writer. Who cares what normies like that have to say?

>>117430744>user, the entire point of using references is so that your pose and proportions will be correct, because the human mind can't create shit completely perfectly from memory. Honest question, do you do art? You don't sound like you do.Not him but that's not true at all and I would go so far as to say that's exactly why people like Gerads and Land NEED to trace to "meet a deadline". Proportions come from studying and knowing head lengths. Reference is to get the pose and anatomical stretching so that the bulges in the muscles and fat look consistent and show weight. Anyone taking proportion from reference (let alone tracing) needs to learn how to draw. That's not debateable

>>117430188>No one's traced Poser in a decadeyou're living under a rock, Janin, Deodato, Kudranski and Brian Haberlin, who I still somehow like all still trace poser

>>117432034he's saying they all use a different program now, not Poser

>>117431820Anon, I'll ask you the same thing. Do you do art?I mean, I know the answer, but I'd like to hear you say it. Because "Reference is to get the pose and anatomical stretching so that the bulges in the muscles and fat look consistent and show weight." is the stupidest thing I've ever heard to try and avoid admitting that the point of references is to get the proportions right.How the hell is someone not going to know how someone's muscles work if they're good at art, anyway? Muscle composition is probably the least important part of a reference if you're good enough. See >>117430469. He needed this photograph for the angle and the general proportions/shape. He could easily change how muscular the guy is. But he specifically picks a guy that has a square face shape for a reason. No matter how much you study, there are always going to be weird angles you can't account for and it makes it FAR easier to draw using references to get those angles correct. Muscles will always look more or less the same. But people have different proportions. If you are an artist and think otherwise, you probably have a REALLY bad case of sameface. I'm not a perfect artist by any means but I'll show you an example. On the right is something I did generally following references. Left is with references, right is without references, drawing just from imagination. You can still see what's going on but it's going to be a lot more clear if you use references, and will look much more natural, because, again, unless you have photographic memory, you cannot account for everything in your head. Look at Frank Frazetta. He was known for drawing from memory, but you can see a STARK contrast between his portraits that clearly use a reference, and his typical paintings. It adds to the whimsical nature of his stuff, but it still doesn't feel 'correct.'

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>>117430596how did Byrne get away with it?!?!

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>>117432072>On the right is something I did generally following references. Left is with references, right is without references,I fucked up. Again, left is with references, right without. Here's a Frank Frazetta example, too. Left is clearly with a reference (his own face, probably a mirror), right is without. You can tell. The face on the right does not look natural. There is something off about the pose, even though the muscle and fat distribution is correct (Because he knows anatomy). Look especially at the hand on the snake. It does not look like it matches the way the snake hangs on her shoulder. It's because it's drawn from memory. The proportions and angle art wrong. it adds to the painting to have this slightly off feeling, honestly, but it shows why people use references.

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>>117423384This would be like toriyama suing anybody drawing goku using the kamehameha.How can you even be mad when it's an alien pose being used for an alien? If it was an oc monster then yeah, but not if it's an alien. I feel like if a character did something, anyone can draw that character doing that thing and it doesnt count as plagiarism or theft because its just a pose or move that character is known to do

>>117431820>Anyone taking proportion from reference (let alone tracing) needs to learn how to draw. That's not debateableI don't think you know as much about art as you think you do.

>>117426169I made it. Thanks for remembering.

>>117425744That is most likely the secret to his finishing on time

>>117427195How are these allegations trouble?

>>117432185It's more like if someone was directly copying Toriyama's panels from DBZ for DBS, which is a thing that happens, and a thing people get irritated at.

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>>117430111and the lawyers will say..."No YOU are the publisher..YOU approved this...we are suing YOU!"

>>117432319god dammit he cant even trace properly, in the gohan panel the clothes have more detail and are stretched acording the pose he's in, on the toyotaro's one the clothes look stale with no movement like he just used a fucking ruler to do it

>>117433391That's what happens when 'learning to draw' is just copying other artists with no attempt to use life references. His lineart is also very stale because his sketches are horrible with no line confidence, so his assistance just pen over it with thick, lifeless lines. Pic related.This is what happens when fans take over the industry.

Attached: Toyotaro_-_Appule_poses_a_battle_stance_%2822-05-2018%29.jpg (220x220, 9.39K)

>>117433436i've also noticed he draws crotches really big like that infamous universe 7 team shot on the manga

>>117430765So what? It's still Star Wars. Land isn't even taking an obviously recognizable screen grab, he's making collages because he knows what he's doing is shit and wrong and doesn't want to get sued.

>>117423384Hot take. I don't care how the sausage is made. Land provides bonerific superheroines, I don't care if he does it by tracing porn. I enjoy the end result, I'm not his mom to care about how honest Beth Land's good boy is inside. Better a satisfying, even if cheaply made, end result, than whatever fugly alternatives we have.

>>117431820>I'm not an artist but listen to my ramblings Nope

mfw Greg Land art

Attached: ff land trace face 1374463069904.jpg (216x324, 22K)

oooooooooooh yeah

Attached: GregLandisahack1289046389014.jpg (1893x1408, 1.91M)

>>117430557>marriagefag pretends Spencer's run hasn't been complete shit so far

>>117433855Personally I just really hate his fridge women

Attached: Land hates hips.jpg (1500x750, 991.25K)

>>117434010>fridge womenThat's not a term I've ever seen before.

>>117434010He is the anti-Bruce Timm.

Attached: 4145ce66724695f5dad8947345f13d3f.jpg (960x1250, 65.34K)

>>117434010Why the hell is that so common in American comics? Hughes also seems to hate women with hips.

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>>117432531and the publishers will say "these are not employees but subcontractors who signed a hold-harmless agreement which you learned about in your first year of law school. fuck off and have a nice day"

>>117430530You really need to have too much money to think this is worth something. Or have really bad taste.

>>117430720>What land does is put the same five pictures of pornstars together over and over and overAnd that's a good thing.

>>117431488Big brain time.

>>117429684>He copied from an American comic for a Goku pose on a magazine cover a while back and seemed genuinely surprised people were upset about it.Except manga publishers aren't kind with artist who clearly copied someone else work.

>>117434732Toriyama has so much power over Shueisha that it would be fucking suicide for anyone there to touch Toyotaro just because he traced some shitty no name artist from Marvel. It will never happen.

>>117434280Hughes is tracing too

>>117433651he's one of the worst cheesecake artists in the industry, though

>>117434783Tracing what?

>>117425867That's not how "tracing" works. He copied it. Can't you fags at least try to learn the difference?

>>117434778Does Toriyama even give a shit about Toyotaro? He only uses him so that he isn't forced out of retirement to deal with this dead series he doesn't even give a shit about. He only does anything because Toriyama immediately regretted reopening Pandora's Box by deciding to create Battle of Gods, indirectly opening the floodgates to the series rising from the dead. >>117434783Who the fuck are all these models and pornstars with the hips of 9yo boys, then?!

>>117434860yes, copied by putting a lightbox under the original images and drawing over them on another sheet of paper

>>117426490An artist using...reference?!!! Holy shit!

>>117434834famous actresses and porn stars>>117434867most besides ethnic/minority women

>>117434860At most, maybe for the Black Panther-looking bitch, but judging by the proportions it's more likely that he just grabbed a different screencap of her animation than the picture.

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>>117426490This isn't a trace, fuck off. Attack him when he DOES trace which is often, but not over this.

>>117435103>>117434934You guys are really bad at spotting this stuff. You can tell it's a trace rather than a reference because even stuff like the way the clothes are folded around his waist are exactly the same. He make a slight change with the pants and gave him a hat, but the rest of it is completely traced.

Attached: NewCanvas134gr3.png (378x480, 314.54K)

>>117425025>You can't plagarise a pose

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>>117431078yes every ongoing I've ever seen him on has ungodly amounts of Land he never misses an issue

>>117431488Benis. Unironically.

>>117423384also salvador larroca

>>117425867>can't even freeform the banana holding a gunHow did he get like this. He actually drew things a distant time ago

>>117434280I hear Hughes uses his wife as a reference and she is just cursed with narrow hips

>>117437079skills atrophy if you don't keep practicing

>>117435192It's funny that he couldn't even give the kid a different haircut, shirt, and facial features to at least distinguish it.

>>117423384Pronably not.

>>117423384Accused by who? The Rage Police?

>>117438942By the guy he traced from.

>>117423384>A piece of imagery from a franchise get's "plagiarized">IT'S FROM THE SAME FRANCHISE.Some journalist should go thru the trouble of having some legal advice before talking out their asses.

>>117439001A-bloo-hoo-hoo...franschise's owners don't give a fuck.

>>117434860>>117435005also the landscape is a little bit tilted and stretched

Attached: Greg Landscape.png (662x301, 407.82K)

>>117423384Has he ever had sex with a woman?

I will personally buy Greg Land Poser or fucking Blender if he's still relying on tracing. At least trace 3D models so you can look less lazy

About a year ago Land was doing an X-book that's set pretty close to where I live (Flagstaff) and he drew the San Francisco Peaks wrong because he misunderstood the picture he used as reference. The one time he would have been completely within his rights to trace and he chose not to.

>>117431026He meets his deadlines and doesn't shitpost on Twitter and he doesn't have controversial political views so even though he blatantly traces things, the editors are willing to keep giving him work.

>>117439010Yeah, uh, what exactly is the problem in OP's pic?

>>117443012>Land traced a fucking front shot for a profile view

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>>117435001>famous actresses and porn starsAny proof?

>>117443012Greg Land traced another artist's work for the cover of one of Marvel's first Aliens releases


>>117443192I'm talking about Hughes, not Land.

>>117434867Only by extension of his reputation. Him being canceled will look poorly on him and Toriyama is very careful of maintaining his image among mangaka.

>>117434301And they'll still have to fight it out in court, which costs money and is bad publicity. At some point Land's bullshit isn't going to be worth it anymore.

>>117430603Referencing you are just imitating the broad strokes like copying a particular pose but applying it to a completely different body type and character. Copying is trying to replicate a particular study as closely as possible without directly tracing it.

>>117435325>Big Yote

>>117444946'they' is now Disney

>>117423384tails are different. forearm is thicker. only one has both thighs. ridges different on back spikes. drool is different on jaw. rib areas different. right leg at different angle. elbows different.maybe he traced outline of the head.

>>117434810He's one of the few cheesecake artists that still works at big 2 and provides us with tiddies

a webcomic artist will ask "whats the problem"

>>117434010It's his personal kink given the types of models he frequently traces

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>>117423384No, how many times do I have to say that he's protected by Quesada. Unless Keving Feige fires him he'll be at Marvel until he wants to leave.

honestly tracing porn stars is better than most sjwshit artists Marvel usually has these days



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>>117430765what was he thinking?

>>117447081Which one? Most of the ones I follow clearly don't trace.

>>117425072>It's more of a matte painting or a>>117423384If the copied artwork is owned by the parent company then no.It seems like Greg made a decent number of changes to the rendering and added some details/stuff so I bet he is gonna be ok.

>>117429240>not knowing the difference between art and reference Fucking ouch. Referencing still requires skill to translate what you look at into what you draw. Even harder here because they look at photos to turn them into 2D characters.That the OP guy does is what you do as a kid with copy paper, just follow the lines of someone else. I'm fine with tracing, but doing that with the work of other artists, especially if you sell that shit to thousands of people, is idiotic. At least have the decency to trace a photo or the source material.


Attached: Eg2taXEUwAACk4b.jpg (2560x1024, 2.27M)


>>117447872>his art might be shit but at least he isn't a SJW!retard

>>117425025>You can't plagarise a pose.Pretty sure a lot more than just a pose was copied here.

>>117450693So what? Is it bad or something? When artist draws portrait of a real person is it plagiarism?

>>117451679when an artist traces over a portrait of a real person someone else drew, yes, it's plagiarism

>>117439010>>117443012Land swiped from another artist. I'm not sure how this is going over your head?

>>117423384I don't think I quite get the pic