What are their school lives like?

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What's the worst thing that ever happened to them in SJMS?

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>>117420329> Anne: Caught Head Lice> Sasha: Food Poisoning From Cafeteria Food> Marcy: Had Her Switch Confiscated By The Teacher For A Weekend> Maggie: Parents Forgot To Pick Her Up After School

>>117420482>Sasha: Food Poisoning From Cafeteria FoodShe would be fucked, most school bathrooms don't have any toilet paper, much less sanitized. Also shitting loudly in school can end your social life

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>>117419924If any of you guys were to end up in Amphibia and had no chance of returning, would you guys die single or try to marry an amphibian?

>>117420329>Anne once blew up the science lab when she mixed up chemicals>Sasha fogot to wear panties one day. She's pretty sure no one noticed >Marcy accidently got locked in the school after it had closed>Maggie got detention for going through Anne's gym locker


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>>117421300Single of course, I'm a loser here and I'll still be a loser in another world too.

So I just caught up on the last two episodes tonight. The king's friendly, chummy demeanor is totally an act, isn't it?

>>117421300wouldn't put fucking a frog aside before trying it twice.

>>117421344I'm hoping that it isn't even if he is planning a betrayal.

>>117421344Of course, a king who has lived for a millennia, has a suspicious deep slash across his chestpiece, and has done nothing about the constant wars between the frogs and toads is bound to have an agenda.

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>>117421464He just wants to carve wooden figures with Loggle

>>117421300I'd probably find some place to fit into society, make some friends but never actively try to marry, that's kinda gross. However, on the off chance I really fell in love with a cute newt or something and they loved me back, well shoot I guess I'd have to give it a shot.

>>117421344>>117421393>>117421464Personally, I'm suspecting some kind of double subversion here. Leading to be suspicious of his motives and jovial demeanor, doing some kind of shady shit, only for it to be ultimately revealed he actually is a good guy who just wants the best for everyone

>>117421344Lady Olivia seems to imply that he's usually flippant about royal protocol in general. But he's totally hiding info about the box and/or his plan for the girls.

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>>117421682This picture needs an update now that we've seen Marcy's Amphibia outfit.


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>>117421732You reckon we are eventually going to see a free-for-all between the three of them? All three of them at each others' throats?


>>117421754Matt said that's spoilers

>>117421754A falling out with Marcy would depress me, but I also really like the idea of all three factions fighting over the box before the end.

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>>117421819Well, Matt has come right out and admitted that there's a toxic element to Anne and Marcy's relationship, he just hasn't said what it is yet.

>>117421922>Anne is the toxic one

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season 1> 2>

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>>117422120Could it be.Marcy is such a cinnamon roll.

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>>117422120Marcy could have had her moments of being toxic to Anne, as we see hinted in season one and by what Matt said about Sprig being Anne's first non toxic best friend.

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>>117422213>toxicdoes this word mean anything anymore?

>>117422515Clearly Matt himself has a definition in mind, considering how important the idea of it has been for the show as a whole.


>>117422213Has Marcy shown her toxic moment yet?

>>117422213nah, she just suffers of shady face

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>>117422213This face that she's making has always stuck out in my mind. She seems pleased and excited to watch Anne steal. I really think Marcy has a nasty side that hasn't been fully seen yet.

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>>117422213My guess is that Marcy could just be an enabler in regards to going along with Sasha's more troubling plans. She could be oblivious to Anne being uncomfortable with some of the things that she's strong-armed into doing, or just afraid of upsetting their leader and rocking the boat on their group friendship.

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>>117422120Always took tickle fights too far.

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Why are these three so great?They could carry a normal school slice of life show and it would be fun and interesting.

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Does Maggie have an Anne shrine?

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>>117421922could be that Marcy was aware that Sasha's friendship with Anne was a lil abusive and said nothing so it wouldn't affect her

>>117423115Do you have one?

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>>117423109Is any school genre American cartoon good? I only watched animes of that type (e.g. Assassination Classroom)

>>117423221Not an Anne one no

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Gentlemen, how do we protect this vulnerable creature?


>>117421754I’d be crushed if we didn’t

>>117422515It really doesn’t


>>117423581She has Sasha.

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>>117422948If Sasha was manipulative then Marcy is inconsiderate.

>>117423825>Saves her drink instead of Marcy

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>>117422767>>117423798Marcy looks more exaggerated and expressive in that pic whereas she looks more calm and sly in the season one flashbacks.

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>>117423912She fell to Anne's side.

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>>117423825Each of the girl's flaws, in DnD stat form>Anne: 2 int>Marcy: 2 wis and 3 cha>Sasha: actually balanced but alignment is CE

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Owl House >>>>>>>> Amphibia

>>117424294Just what this thread was missing: More tribe/bait posting...

>>117419924> 3/1explain

How would Anne and Sasha's second reunion play out?

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>>117424430score for rock/paper/scissors

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Amphibiland looked so moody. I kinda wonder what it could've been.

>>117424444thanks, quadanne

>>117424294Not even Owl tribe believes that anymore. Between the people mad that their headcanon got blown out and the setting was revealed as paper thin in the finale to the people getting high off tolerance and demanding Dana apologise for being neurotypical there's no room for delusions about Owl House being good. It's shit.and may I also add:FROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOG TRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIBE

>>117424050But instead of running to the other side to help Anne, she grabbed her drink



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>>117424432Anne gets stomped and becomes Sasha's little pet.

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>>117424529Pet for what?


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>>117424648Morale boost for her troops.

>>117424294>>117424491Nobody cares. Begone.

“The Shut-In!” October 17, 2020>In this special extended episode, Anne and the Plantars protect themselves from the dangers of the annual Blue Moon by locking themselves in the house and entertaining each other with the scariest stories they can think of. *George Takei (Star Trek: The Original Series) guest stars as Mr. Littlepot.What's up with this episode? The runtime is twenty minutes long and it seems like normal filler yet it's placed after a bunch of episodes that hint they're exploring the consequences of HP's decision to bury the box. Either that drama gets resolved in a single episode or this is where Anne and HP reconcile with each other.

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>>117424855>George TakeiFucking gross.

>>117423109I don't know. I think part of the reason that they're all so lovable is that the fantasy setting allows each of their strongest personality traits played to their extremes.Anne risking her life for the Plantars, Marcy using her knowledge of video games to actually be competent, Sasha sacrificing herself for Anne... none of that would really be feasible in a genuine slice-of life setting.I'd kill for a series of chibi shorts that were nothing but flashbacks though.

>>117424444Checked quads

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>>117424887I'd prefer if the show was allowed to go full magic now that it's successful and Braly can make what he actually set out to make.

>>117424855Any more synopsis list of the future episodes

How tall are the girls supposed to be?Also Anne seems to be slightly taller than Marcy but shorter than Sasha, or that's just me?

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>>117424926“Little Frogtown” September 12, 2020>Hop Pop investigates the disappearance of an old friend and the shadowy crime syndicate he suspects are behind it.“Hopping Mall” September 12, 2020>Hop Pop takes the kids to a Newtopian shopping mall to buy souvenirs, and Anne will do anything to get the perfect gift for her mom back home.“The Sleepover To End All Sleepovers” September 19, 2020>Anne and Marcy issue a Scare Dare Challenge that brings Sprig and Polly into forbidden areas of the castle.“A Day At The Aquarium” September 19, 2020>Anne and the Plantars look to spend what could be their last day together at the Newtopia Aquarium.“Night Drivers” TBA>TBA“Return to Wartwood” TBA>TBA“Enter Marcy” TBA>TBA“Scaver Hunt” ??? (Rumored title: may just be misspelling of “Scavenger Hunt”)>TBA

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>>117424964>return to wartwoodI guess it had to happen under the disney mandate. I'd have prefered the next season was set somewhere other than frog valley or newtopia.>enter MarcyGood shit.>scaver hunt>could be a mispelling I doubt it. If that's the final up and it was preceded by "Enter Marcy" it should be some good shit.

>>117424964>>117425019Scaver might be a monster, an item or a person.

>>117424964>>117425029Also I'm guessing A Day at the Aquarium is when they find out HP buried the box.

>>117425029Scaver means to "mess up a house while robbing it" or something along those lines

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So yeah I've only just recently binged season 2 and missed out on recent discussion. Is the general consensus that Anne has empowered warrior powers she taps into when her eyes glow blue? And Marcy has mage powers which is why she keeps setting herself on fire, right?

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>>117425097So maybe someone tried to rob the house and they stole the box?

>>117425097They want the fucking box, bruh. ENTER MARCY

>>117424950Sasha is the tallest in the group

>>117425019They will get a final fantasy style airship to explore outside Amphibia

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>>117425143>Is the general consensus that Anne has empowered warrior powers she taps into when her eyes glow blue?Seems like it, there's a split-second in the very first episode when Anne holds back the red mantis, her eyes definitely were blue.

>>117425097>Enter MarcyMarcy, eager to find the box, arrives at Wartwood ready to fuck shit up.>Scaver HuntMarcy does in fact, fuck shit up.

>>117425143Anne got speed and reaction when she activate blue eyes so she can dodge the attack from vege monsterMarcy got defensive/healing power in green eyes so she can be acid-proof and save Sprig in barbariant queen's stomachSo I guess Sasha may have red eyes power to activate extra strength and power

>lol look at this little idiot that'll do whatever i say in order to stay friends with me. minions are great

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>>117424855Unless it separate episode it will make no sense. Their house has been destroyed and they should come back to wartwood only after this episode

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>>117424109>Marcy: 2 wisShouldn't it be 2 dex?


>>117422213Maybe Marcy is an all take no give type of friend. I could see it as she always is so focused on doing what she wants that she leaves other people like Anne to pick up after her while she moves on to the next thing. It's not that she's mean or even doing it intentionally, but she is ultimately a selfish person focused on her own amusement.


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>>117425019>enter Marcyboss fight episode

>>117424855>how you doing fellow zoomers.jpg

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>>117426148are you 12?i'm legitimately concerned now

>>117422515The definition was always pretty clear.

>>117426148See >>117424522

>>117426225>adjective>(of a substance or plant) causing or capable of causing death or illness if taken into the body:Sure, but that's not how it's commonly used these days.

>>117426171Try not to respond to >>>/trash/house posters.

If you like Amphibia you're a chigyu faggotIf you like The Owl house you're a based Yakuza

>>117426285You are trying too hard to be a smartass there.

>>117426325>If you like Amphibia you're a based Yakuza>If you like The Owl house you're a chigyu faggotFITY

>>117426148but in youtube views, and in ratings as well, Amphibia is higher

>>117426344> Owl housenow which one is more popular?

>>117425811Nah, based on her acrobatics with the barbariants she's got way more than 2 dex.It's just that she usually rolls low in non-critical dex checks, somehow.

>>117425159What if it was Anne and Marcy who wrecked the house? Maybe they think the box is somewhere in the house

>>117426373first of all that one was for the finale, so ofc it will be higher, and what about these? has 6 times more viewsAmphibia

I wish to be an Asian American female like Anne or Marcy. Unlike their male counterparts who are actively despised, feared and hated by the majority of the population, the world is their oyster. Hordes of thirsty yellow fever betas lust after them. As many jealous white roasties like Sasha seethe at them. With the Asian continent becoming more economically and culturally prominent, their value only increases.

Is there any non-newt resident in Newtopia?

>>117426401>your cherrypicking is bad, here, have MY cherrypicking

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>>117426482keep seething owlfag

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>>117426483kek, cope

>>117424529>>117424648Sasha just wants her old friends by her side even if they have to be physically tied to her side to achieve that goal

>>117426331Words have meanings, user. Or at least they used to.

>>117424432im half expecting sasha to just immediately break down the moment she lays eyes on anne, shes so deep in denial but she doesn't realize that one blow is all it takes to shatter her fragile house of cards

>>117426483>>117426482both of you please go argue about something more worthwhile than children's cartoons and let us enjoy our frogs and owls in peace

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>>117426703see? It's the same fake intelligence trick again. Are you still in high school?

>>117421083>most school bathrooms don't have any toilet paperWhat country are you from?


>>117425531>minion you say?

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>>117421464>has done nothing about the constant wars between the frogs and toadsHe hasn't done nothing, that's literally his policy, the Toads are his governors of the region which is why they have the Newtopia sigil on their armourWhen Grime fails him and Toad Tower is destroyed he puts out a bounty on his head.Andrias has a lot to answer for already

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>>117421340You need a hug?

>>117427368>Seething this hard kek, are frogfags really this pathetic?

>>117427368Imagine boasting that your favorite show has a /trash/ general

>>117427499>>117427368larping already?

>>117424529By the end of the series, Sasha becomes the pet

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>>117427739Did Amphibia invent firearms

>>117427876They have explosives so probably heavy artillery.

>>117427876they barely figured out indoor plumbing

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>>117427499How bad are the Owl threads you keep coming here?

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>>117427962Probably rephrase that to "re-remember".

What if Matt wrote the Owl House and Dana with Amphibia? How would they change?

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>>117428023Matt would fix most OH problems. Dana would fuck Amph's main concept, just Sprig and Anne would be the focus, Hop Pop would've been delegated to B-plots. Sasha wouldn't even exist as character, she would be just a hurr durr i'm evil archetype until last moment she'll say "i'm sowwy" and season 2 will start with Sasha as part of the main cast as Anne 2.


>>117428023Owl House done right

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Nothing to watch this weekend, right?

>>117428023Probably Anne/Sasha lesbianship becomes canon

>>117428023The owl house would be amazing and Amphibia a mediocre borefest


>>117424432Verbal standoff, followed by a fight provoked by either a misunderstanding regarding each other's motives or influence from an outside source (Marcy, Andrias, Grime etc.)

>>117428023Matt's OH would probably have taken influences from more obscure anime, video games, movies, and shows rather than obvious popular stuff like Harry Potter.

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>>117428894Of the three girls, Sasha is probably the most traumatized.

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>>117421719I think it's supposed to be ど like the sound effect.

>>117428918She should be grateful. I would kill to have even a single tiny Anne!

>>117428918Maybe. Does she actually deal with her trauma like Anne, is incapable of letting it affect her like Marcy, or is she the sort of person who buries it and lets it fester?

>>117422515people use it as "something shitty for you"so like a friend is good! but a toxic friend is a "bad/bad for you" friendjust like masculinity is good! toxic masculinity is bad because its the bad for you parts of masculinity.

>>117422515I just hate how lame it sounds and how broad it is.

>>117427516hah. that's mine, here's a sash cosplaying as furry for anne. it's for you user

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>>117427516>>117429219Sasha really does seem like someone who would be into petplay.

>>117429250Remember that time Anne became a literal furry? Looks like she would be prey for Sasha

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>>117429438in more than one way that is

>>117428023Owl House would become Gravity Falls 2.0Amphibia would be Anne becoming a bully at Frog school but only for one episode. Then a new bully gets introduced but it's not even a fun pun like a bullfrog, it's literally just a generic olive colored frog. Also there would be more obvious frog puns instead of actual comedy, Marcy wouldn't be evil either, and Sprig would be a girl with a crush on Anne, who is also revealed to only hang out with Sasha because she has a crush on her and Sasha would also be more outright abusive. There would also be a not so subtle kiss between Anne and Marcy, who now shows up in season 1 because Dana has no regard for pacing and didn't block off the valley from the rest of the world. This also creates inconsistencies where Anne sits around Wartwood for no reason other than to go to frog school and figure out her problems by repeating the exact same scenario with a second chance instead of going on a journey of self-discovery. The only thing that would be "better" in this version would be seeing Marcy (who is now canonly autistic) hanging out with the Plantars. The S1 finale would be Anne and Marcy standing up to Sasha for being an abuser (white) only for them to reconcile 2 seconds later when fem!Sprig tells her a poorly disguised version of using her privilege for good. She then blushes when they all hug each other and some bird steals the music box and leaves a letter from king Andrias.S2 has them fuck around Newtopia doing puzzlegrams because it turns out the king is bad at socializing and autistically coded and any sense of threat is immediately erased until a new villain appears who the girls defeat not because they are destined to but because it's the right thing to do. The music box is completely separated from main plot and is only ever referenced in 3 episodes to show there has been "progress in fixing it".

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>>117429616there should be a gif of them spinning around on the bridge too

>>117428894So, is he going to die?

>>117429733nah he's just relaxing

>>117428023Instead of Sasha doubling down on her flaws, the end of Toadcatcher would have been the start of Sasha's redemption arc.

>>117422213>Sprig being Anne's first non toxic best friend.>toxic"Maybe I am, maybe I'm not."

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>>117429835basically rushing her whole character?

Will Anne ever get her shoe back?

>>117429845I felt a mixture of "what the fuck" and kino when I read this

This show reignited my interest in frogs and toads. Here are some interesting facts on how toads are essentially gluttony incarnate.>Toads are so ravenous that they’re known to cannibalize other toads if they are small enough, in some cases toads will attempt to eat things larger then themselves>In the cases that they cannot swallow something bigger then themselves, some toads evolved the ability to roll their eyes into the back of their heads to push the food into their throats, it also helps that toads don’t have gag reflexes>There have been cases where toads ate so much that their stomachs hemorrhage and even burst open

>>117425710Did you miss the scene where Chuck fixed the house?

>>117428291>implying it won’t anyway

>>117429616Why their school uniforms have different colours

>>117429865Of course, she reconciles with Anne immediately when they reunite again

>>117429920Great, now I want to see Grimes/Sasha vore

>>117429929At least it probably wouldn't be suddenly jarring and out of nowhere like Lumity was

>>117429920RIP Toady

I’ve been absent from these threads since Monday Did I miss anything?

>>117429845>Sprig uses his acid spit to damage Sasha's armor during their fight

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>>117429981Sasha's nudes got leaked

What’s a species of frog/toad/salamander that you’d like to see in the show? I want to see the based Hairy Frog, which are know to voluntarily break their own bones and puncture their skin to achieve makeshift claws to slash at predators. I imagine them being a African-inspired tribe of warriors with Wolverine styled bone claws.

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>>117429981Halloween special's episode description and airdate was revealed, it's somewhere in this thread.

>>117429981Mr. Burns blocked out the sun.

>>117429982Do you think that being half naked would deter Sasha or it would just fuel her rage.

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>>117429967Lumity may have been a bit rushed, but it’s still set up pretty early on, and makes sense. SashAnne being canon would be out of nowhere, because there has been 0 indication they’re anything more than friends

>>117429920>Grimes and Sasha are at a banquet >Grimes attempts to swallow an entire roasted heron>Sasha tries to tell him to stop as it’s just too big >Grimes tells her that “I got this” and proceeds to roll his eyes into the back of his head, making ungodly noises as his eyeballs push the heron deeper into his threat, his eye sockets now empty voids>Sasha looks on in complete horror and disgust

>>117430021I'd imagine this is the part where Sasha throws her sword away, takes off her gloves, charges Sprig, and pummels him into the fucking ground.

>>117429996I don’t see it. Where?

>>117430021definitely fuel her rage

>>117430035Lumity wasn't set up early on, the first depiction we got was in Enchanting Grom Fright, the episode that reveals Amity is attracted to Luz at allthere's no hints in prior episodes aside from them liking the same book series

>>117429986Anne's finger must've slipped while lurking on her phone

>>117430061Sasha's hot wrestling action

>>117430035It wasn't Lumity itself that was rushed (it's still just a crush more than anything else) but rather Amity's character, she gets introduced in one episode as a bully and then we're suddenly witnessing her redemption in the next episode we see her.Imagine if Sasha got that treatment, instead of having a character arc where she actually confronts her personality flaws and grows as a better person, she just makes up with Anne immediately just because she sacrificed herself for her in Reunion and all from the past is forgiven.

im so horny bros...

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>>117429959>there is an episode where Grimes and Sasha are lost in a forest, they’ve gone days without food>Grimes complains of stomach pains and says that Toads don’t normally go this long without food>Grimes starts hallucinating Sasha as a giant bug>Grimes tells her to run as he can’t hold his hunger back any longer>the whole episode is Sasha trying to avoid Grimes as he hunts her down trying to eat her

Attached: CE309951-BD71-4B32-91F4-A7F5B396FBC9.jpg (1476x828, 129.92K)

>>117430083>the first depiction we got was in Enchanting Grom Fright, the episode that reveals Amity is attracted to Luz at allNot true at all. Literally the episode right before that, Finding Willow, has signs Amity is into Luz, and even before that, they were slowly building their dynamic.

>>117430064 see >>117424855

>>117430130Don't post while horny.

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>>117430127I don't think Sasha sacrificing herself will ever happen if it's Dana's show

>>117430127>it's still just a crush more than anything elseJust because it’s not canon yet, doesn’t mean it won’t very obviously be in the future. It’s basically the new Starco. Obvious endgame

>>117430130Anne is fine, but it changes Ivy and Maddie's designs so much.

Attached: 76a5909c-d050-4682-9e01-c678b185b497.jpg (1044x1039, 163.64K)

>>117428023"The Owl House" by Matt Braly>Season 1 is completely focused on "filler" like world building, Luz struggling to learn magic, and bonding with Eda.>Plot points like King Belos's plan to go to the Human world and Lilith cursing Eda are alluded to, but not the focus for the first season>School stuff is heavily minimized, Amity is still antagonistic, but appears about as often as Sasha>Season 1 finale is basically Reunion, Luz stands up to Amity and proves she worthy of going to Hexside>Season 2 starts with Luz attending Hexside, focuses more on Eda's curse, Belos, and Lumity"Amphibia" by Dana Terrace>75% of the season 1 episodes are removed entirely>Hop pop is a background character that only functions to give Anne a house>Reunion is now the mid season finale>Grimes is written out and replaced with Yunan>Sasha doesn't sacrifice herself, instead she does a heel turn and fights alongside Anne against Yunan>Sasha is now a permanent cast member and good guy, the rest of Season 1 is mostly Sashanne shipping bait>Second to last episode, Hop Pop and Sprig get captured by Yunan (who unceremoniously reveals she is Sprig's mother)>Season ends with Anne single handedly defeat a toad army, rescue Hop Pop and Sprig, and redeem Yunan

>>117424855Sauce?Also, George Takei confirmed as not Marcy’s 2nd dad. Another headcanon crushed

>>117430171Obvious but it would have been really rushed if they immediately became a couple in the Grom episode, point is Lumity is connected to a far larger problem that encompasses the show: that there's no focus.

>>117430222To be fair, people only made that assumption because George Takei and Marcy are asian.

>>117430182I fucking hate that frog Anne

>>117430189>>School stuff is heavily minimizedI wish...

Attached: yesyesyesyes.gif (250x188, 383.95K)

>>117424855Oh thank god, no spores

>>117430189>Second to last episode, Hop Pop and Sprig get captured by Yunan (who unceremoniously reveals she is Sprig's mother)I actually think the reveal is going to be unceremonious, Sprig and Polly casually greet their mom and then there'll be a joke where they get offended by Anne for assuming that their mother was dead just because they never brought her up.

>>117430264That actually fits with the tone of the show.

>"AAANNE">"AAAAANNE">.....>"SAASHA">"MAARCY">Cop: "It's been three weeks and still no sign of the girls">Deputy: "Chances are they were abducted, most likely dead by now">Cop: "Who knows, they could have just run off, ya know, with teenagers these days...">Cop: "I just don't understand why they'd do it. They had lovin' families and all.">Deputy: mm...>Cop: "How could something like this happen in our neighborhood...">Deputy: We'll search for a few more days, I guess, then it's time to call it quits.">Cop: "Those poor mothers. How are we gonna break it to them..."

Attached: Night-Search-Party-700x458.jpg (700x458, 32.75K)

>>117430264>>117430290I doubt they know though, she was never mentioned in the family bush episode.

>>117430146Amphibia is filled with creatures in every corner, especially bugs. I'm sure Grime will be fine

>>117430300>Who knows, they could have just run off, ya know, with teenagers these daysTeens running away was way more common in the 60s and 70s. No one really does that anymore

>>117430325The family bush focused more on their ancestors, we didn't learn anything about Hop Pop's parents or theirs either.

>>117430172Frog with human's body lines is very odd.

>>117430189Basically "how to fix Owl House" and "how to ruin Amphibia" guidelines


Attached: thebridgetowart.webm (1920x1080, 85.31K)

>>117424855I pray that the incoming conflict between Anne and Hop Pop over the calamity box doesn't get resolved in a single episode. It would be very unsatisfying and anticlimactic for a plot point teased all the way back to the previous season to just get rushed like that.

Attached: 1597833473819 (1).jpg (1063x811, 207.76K)

>>117428023Owl House would be good and Amphibia would be bad

>>117424855Isn’t this a halloween special? Maybe the company told them to make a 22 min halloween special so that’s why it’s so long.It would suck if it’s a standalone adventure though.


Attached: LOL.png (589x594, 288.74K)

>>117430189It's hurts how accurate this is.

>>117430257Are your sure?...

>>117429616Anyone got that animation gif that was an extension of pic related where Sasha actually dances Anne?

>>117430189Dana Amphibia would also have some of Alex's influences. Like Sprig would chase Ivy for most of the season only for it to end in failure. Andrias would be a pretty obvious bad guy living in a golden tower named after him, with tiny hands, and would be colored orange, and wants to build a wall separating Wartwood from Newtopia (his snobby princess daughter would be given a sad backstory and shipped with Sprig though she would go right back to being mostly evil in the finale), Mr. Ponds would be an actual recurring character, and there would be at least one or two episodes revolving around Sprig being insecure he's shorter than Anne.

>>117428059Dana would make Hop Pop into a villain

>>117430563My prediction is (if they’re actually back at the house and it isn’t just a shitty summary) Anne will find out about the box at the end of The Shut-In

>>117429995Poison dart frogs, because the color patterns on them are pretty cool

Attached: 4D52BCC4-D647-44DF-87C7-7FD263276040.jpg (1280x1201, 313.63K)

Attached: 1596821073395.jpg (1800x3900, 2.13M)


Attached: EhDY7XQWsAYEbJr.jpg (1541x2048, 262.5K)


Attached: EhDY71IWAAEtZPi.jpg (1773x2048, 332.75K)

>>117431381Did poisonous amphibian appear in the show?

>>117431742No, but we know they exist.


Attached: The Dawn of the Spore by @TheDarkZircon.jpg (1800x5200, 1.72M)

Attached: EhDxIhNUwAA2aQW.png (788x787, 595.18K)


Attached: EhFSaApXcAEhlcx.jpg large.jpg (417x590, 51.4K)

Attached: 1595383226636.jpg (940x741, 196.64K)

Could you take five Sprigs in a fight?

Attached: 5 sprigs.jpg (1927x1079, 1021.17K)

>>117432271Dude, I don't know if I can take a single Sprig.

>>117432271I wouldn't even want to fight one SprigBecause I love frogs

>>117432271Better question. Can you fuck five Sprigs?

Why is this Anglo girl so damn hot?

Attached: 1598567690824.png (1689x2475, 561.91K)

>>117432356Cartooning. Though she doesn't really look like a person, the idea of her is still able to be expressed well through her design. Not like I wouldn't still hit her as is....


>>117432271easy, I'l just ask him whats the bests to slingshot shoot slingshots and whats the best slingshot to shoot from a slingshot

>>117424694Someone should make another one of this but it's about the virgin Dana vs the chad Matt.

>>117421083>shitting loudly in school can end your social lifedon't even remind me.>WHO THE FUCK IS SHITTING, IT SMELLS LIKE ASS

Attached: BOONGUN.png (1050x750, 116.52K)

>>117432271I want to take five sprigs home with me

>>117425586We need more episodes with these two

Attached: anne tree.jpg (1000x1168, 124.1K)

>>117432356>blondehaired>named Sashashe is clearly Slovenian

>>117432588You should've owned the moment"What the fuck did you espect to smell like? Lavender?"

>>117432271I would never.

>>117421344He was apparently inspired by Vendrick from Dark Souls. Take that however you want.

>>117432271>could you take five sprigsof course>in a fightoh, no

>>117425586>Grime lost an eye since he was tadpole

>>117433054I just realized this show has a high volume of characters missing an eye

>>117429438Is this a Regular Show reference?

I want to marry this cute retard.

Attached: 1598902047761.jpg (1500x1700, 126.92K)

>>117433287You're too young to post here, Sasha


Attached: 1595391389446.jpg (2480x3507, 403.33K)

What would Sasha's college life be like? Would she slap some cows too?

Attached: Sasha and the cow.png (1845x2076, 3.98M)

>>117433573what business does the cow have at the nurse's office?

>>117433638This is Miss Doctor Cow and she is an valued member of the employee body.

So if the Halloween episode is airing in October 17 how many weeks the hitaus will be until this episode? 3 weeks hitaus until the Halloween episode? Someone please answer


Attached: EhGDpnGWAAEA1Or.jpg (1122x631, 61.99K)

Attached: 3291304 - Amphibia Sasha_Waybright rolld6toporn.jpg (750x1069, 75.5K)

>>117429733Did Iroh die in ATLA? no, so he wont die here either

>>117434431He did on the inside

>>117433115Forbidden Wally

Attached: twoeyedwally.png (350x258, 72.47K)


Attached: dont trust wally.jpg (835x465, 54.43K)

Attached: Movie Night.jpg (1600x1411, 218.74K)

Attached: 1595617127893.png (581x529, 90.44K)

>>117434277Oh yeah. Sasha whores herself out regularly to ensure she can eat. I don't know why they keep on trying to gloss over that when its firmly established to be a key part of her character.

>>117432689Thai Girl Tree

Attached: NYEEEH.jpg (1517x888, 149.63K)


Attached: 61EC8323-0B42-4224-B80D-B2D1DD69E194.png (137x134, 30.35K)

If the girls get to keep their calamity powers when they get home, how likely is it that Sasha will use Anne and Marcy as her minions(in a nicer way than before)

>>117434737The gem missing on that shield is Sasha's...

Attached: Mysterious_Box.jpg (1440x1152, 255.18K)

>>117435646>Wally secretly kills Sasha and hides the body in Anne's hair


>>117435770EVERY BODY

>>117435568She can't keep her hands off her

Attached: 1569738019461.jpg (747x835, 264.27K)

Attached: EhGKxVfUcAEN38L.jpg (2048x1968, 214.9K)

Attached: EhGKxQ5UcAAHiMK.jpg (2048x1431, 150.22K)

Attached: EhGKxRNU0AIfGCg.jpg (2048x1803, 209.16K)

Attached: EhGKxU5UYAAbWSf.jpg (2048x1057, 137.03K)

>>117424522This is a nice image.

>>117435970>>117435996>>117436049>>117436084Love these

>>117424294Owl threads literally only talk about the stupid shipping garbage. The OP thread topic only consist of that theme. It's sad.Amphibia threads are about whatever and they're fun to contribute to.Maybe you should take some notes and understand why no one starts this tribe shit in Owl threads it's cause no one wants to be in them

>>117436302You don't ship in Amphibia because its either bestiality or homosexual.Why become bigger degenerates for a cartoon, right?

>>117433760Unless some of the undated episodes get release dates between the last Sept eps and Halloween, it’s a four week hiatus. That’s all we know for now.

>>117432689What's the context here

>>117436387The thing with Amphibia is there's 10x more stuff to talk about that's not about the casts sexualities. Owl House is vapid, just like it's fanbase.

Imagine this >each girl gets a different kind of power from the Calamity Box >they return home and still have powers >they then find out there are many sources of power, and they aren’t the only people in the world with magic/psychic powers turns out one of these empowered individuals is Maggie

Attached: 5E4F8A85-7118-4984-B610-876CF0FE1F73.jpg (2208x1242, 406.21K)

will she be able to handle him times 5?

Attached: EhFiKp_UcAAUBM2.jpg (3840x2160, 727.73K)

>>117436681Sprig is like a C plus at best, Yunan is at least a B plus.

>>117432775Vendrik was a good boy his wife was a bitch. Lady Olivia is going to end up being the real bad guy

>>117436440Marcy tried to overclock the magci box

Attached: taxes.jpg (960x540, 409.38K)

Attached: Eg9ZpvPXYAcovSd.jpg (527x721, 49.1K)

Attached: Eg9ZpvSXkAAjYdX.jpg (894x1079, 126.7K)

Attached: Eg9ZpvaXsAIr0I_.jpg (558x712, 61.65K)

>>117435970I’m honestly surprised i haven’t seen any Sasha as Princess Peach art.

>runs towards you>"Wǒ zhǎodào nǐ!"What do?

Attached: 1598760526443.jpg (1614x2048, 231.73K)

>>117423109They did a good job of making them all very distinct and competent/flawed in their own way. It would have been really easy to bungle up a character like Sasha's and just make her the manipulative queen bee villain out to bully the other two, but they show that she's competent and actually cared about her friends while lacking self-awareness about just how toxic she was for Anne. Likewise, Anne isn't just the innocent everyman hero. She's screws up a lot, but has the heart to learn from it.

Attached: coco_cocoru.jpg (1629x1000, 354.9K)

>>117421300Probably get eaten by something on the first night.

>>117437077Yeah, their dynamic was very flawed on earth but they're still people you root for and as you said that's very hard considering Sasha and probably marcy are villains

>>117421300If I could, I would.

>>117436084>Hop pop still passed out in the backgroundHeh

>>117421344I have a feeling that his demeanor is an act, but it isn't covering up some dark agenda. I think he just has some BIG regrets, possibly something to do with a previous group of humans that came to Amphibia, and he's putting on a kind face in an attempt to "do things right" this time.

>>117427876Their technology is all over the place. They still use swords/spears, yet have access to steam engines, explosives, credit cards, and transforming siege-capable food carts.

>>117436862>>117436884>>117436917Very cute

>>117421922I think it's too much Escapism.

>>117424855I think it's just a non canon special.

>>117435996Anne looks like such a dyke

>>117425850That would make perfect sense.

>>117426897I'm expecting Sasha to have a breakdown too, but during the fight.

>>117435568She held hands with Marcy too

Attached: E42EBFCE-A33C-40A5-937F-34049EA5BA33.png (120x123, 24.8K)

>>117429011Matt essentially Confrimed in the AMA that Sashathe sort of person who buries their trauma and lets it fester?


>>117429865The penultimate episode or Season Finale will probably be the start of Sasha's Redemption arc.

>>117430127Amity had a bit of that but not a lot.

>>117431260That could work.

>>117435608Eh 50/50

>>117437077There people you root for and you want to see them reforge their friendship they had.

>>117424855>Anne and the Plantars protect themselves from the dangers of the annual Blue Moon by locking themselves in the houseNow where have I seen this before?

Attached: B88025B6-B9B1-428E-A8C5-32C9AFCF776D.jpg (3001x1688, 1.94M)

>>117438430She repressing her emotions/feelings because it's easier for her.


>>117438656Makes sense. She couldn't pimp herself out and pretend to be a regular schoolgirl if she let what she does to survive touch her.

>>117435676I had a friend once with big hair like that, and I made it a personal game of mine to see what was the biggest thing I could hide in it without her noticing.Mostly it was stuff like pens and pencils, but once I managed to hide my keys in there for an hour.I was often beaten with backpacks, which I admit was fair.

new... episode.... when?

Attached: Amphibia S01E10 - Toad Tax; Prison Break.mp4_snapshot_08.54.826.jpg (1280x720, 178.82K)

>>117439524in 7 days and ~4 hrs

>>117438651Wtf i hate Matt now

>>117439645Cute Sarcasm.


Attached: anne sasha and marcy pieces.jpg (800x548, 135.99K)

Can't wait for Marcy to shatter the heart that Sasha cracked

Attached: 1597554538244.png (1920x1080, 883.41K)

>>117424964>No Marcy for two weeks.Annnd I'm back to not caring.

>>117438651Literally coronavirus

>>117424522This picture gets me everytime I love this image

>>117422122hmm lets find out what the audio quality is.

>>117440581>Well, at least I can always trust you to be honest with me Hop Pop...

Attached: bffs.jpg (1024x575, 27.02K)

>>117440849>Anne might face a betrayal from Hop Pop AND Marcy in the span of a few episodesMy God the girl is going to lose her mind.

Attached: 1559120895543.png (228x258, 53.19K)

>>117436555>>they return home and still have powers Based

Attached: Back home @SrRRRRArt.jpg (1418x2048, 453.53K)

>>117440581You shut your mouth! Marcy would never do such a thing! Intentionally.;(

Attached: Just'a put'a me'a through'a the shredder already....png (300x648, 12.42K)

>>117437553Don't forget the ancient robot factory

>>117437018probably tense up and start sweatingshe could probably kick my ass

>>117428219LWA wasn't that great either, sadly. I wish they would have decided to either a slice of life hogwarts type deal, or high fantasy. The combination kind of made both parts worse.

>>117440581They've really made her a cinnamon roll. I'm going to personally be hurt when she turns evil

Attached: 0612.png (529x439, 83.73K)

>>117441160I don't think Marcy will turn outright evil. But I think everyone will come to blows when they actually figure out more about the box and every side decides that they want it for a different reason.

Attached: Egs4YqMXgAEjQiZ.jpg (4096x2538, 1.01M)

>>117422120That could be afine subversion, this time Anne is the toxic one, and the same way Sasha doesn't realized till the end of season 1.

>>117440966I fucking love these comics. I like the chill vibe

>>117441231What if their shitty relationships work like rock-paper-scissors?Sasha's a bad friend to Anne, who is a bad friend to Marcy who is a bad friend to Sasha?

>>117440964At least she still has Sprig, r-right?

>>117441240Right tho!

Attached: Invader Zim Amphibia AU @SrRRRRArt.jpg (1365x2048, 597.39K)

>>117437018>runs toward you>"Jotaro! The secret to Dio's stand is-"What do?

>>117441574Sprig will get caught in a situation that requires him to choose Hop Pop over Anne in the heat of the moment, after HP's betrayal is known to Anne.No malice on Sprig's part, but the optics of the situation will be enough to twist the knife in Anne's back.

Attached: 1599152886520.jpg (1062x595, 207.12K)

Attached: EhHjKxqU4AAWOB_.jpg (1716x2000, 584.51K)


Attached: anne vs math.png (957x567, 114.45K)

>no episode tonightit hurts

Attached: 12.png (1500x723, 1.22M)

>>117442458>no new episode of Amphibia>zero discussion, only images posted>Owl House is in a fucking hiatus>tons and tons of discussion spamming several threads a dayI give up, maybe Owl House is better after all.



Attached: annetree.png (462x1247, 283.74K)

>>117442858>tons of discussion>most of them are Lumity shipping shits>no one actually cares how the plot will go

>>117442858Maybe... thread quality does not equate to show quality???

>>117441878Fucking nice.

Attached: CD0E8AD1-F377-4148-B712-9B6F68D44720.png (700x630, 179.46K)

>>117442858looking through the Owl House thread, literally all of it is just "I want to breed x" or "I want x to breed with y". Any actual discussion is still related to the topic of breeding the characters

>>117443114>>117443120>>117443204And yet the discussion seems much better over there than here, i mean at least they discuss something, here is incredibly dead

Attached: Maggie enters thread by @SrRRRRArt .jpg (806x2048, 82.31K)

> want one.

Attached: EhF9jRhUwAA6gVv-orig.jpg (1536x2048, 610.2K)

>>117443399it comes and goes. right now we're kinda dry since the last few episodes have just been filler and we've exhausted all our theories. once S2 picks up again there'll be threads hitting bump limit within an hour

Attached: I may be stupid.png (1455x1080, 1.04M)

>>117443204That's some selective vision there user.


Attached: ill krump with you sweetie FLY.jpg (409x436, 74.79K)

>>117443593I pretty enjoy the SoL episodes of Amphibia. Maybe not much plot relevant, but it enriches the character dynamics and world building.

>sasha - a knight>marcy - a ranger>stinky hobo - ???

>>117431381>>117429995Imagine giving a fuck about any of thisI want to see spranne be canon

Attached: download.jpg (300x168, 11.9K)

post boobchoy

>>117444385Secondedit isnt an amphibia thread without boobchuy

>>117436862>>117436884>>117436917>>117440966>>117441878>>117443400>These artists do their art on their phonesLiterally how

Attached: Anne thinking non png.png (656x725, 247.35K)

Not a boobchuy, but a curse Anne.

Attached: EhH0yNyXcAAZlw0.jpg (1800x1600, 278.7K)

God I just started watching the show and I'm in LOVE with hop pop. He's my husbando and I'm only 3 episodes in. I love him!!!!Sprig is adorable too. He's shota of the season. Got no opinion of polly yet.

>>117422213If anything, marcy and anne getting along like true friends without sasha is just driving in the point that sasha is the problem and marcy is not inherently a bad friend, just not strong willed enough to stand against sash's antics

>>117444361Interspecies romance is cursed

Attached: EhG7XTXXcAAe65a.jpg (1100x1000, 487.4K)

>>117444455Anne needs to train. Sasha's been training for weeks. Blue eyes may not be enough to help her when it's 1v1v1 time.

>>117444475Does anyone even like polly as a character? pic unrelated

Attached: MarxandBakunin.jpg (2362x1535, 484.69K)

>>117444361The show already debunked it user

thread is shit. post awful fanart

Attached: 0FECEFCD-BA62-4934-92C2-915E3644D53A.jpg (828x1020, 771.26K)

>>117444719I argued for 20 minutes straight with another user about it in another thread. I’m familiar with all the common arguments. It’s not impossible. There is a chance for spranne. I believe in it. The chances are especially multiplied with owl house doing their lesbian shit. This encourages Matt to do something different instead of making something like sashann canon. Imagine thinking him tweeting sashanne art is anything except bait.

Attached: BE2FAE62-B71B-4B77-A758-56D067625D24.jpg (1792x1350, 112.21K)

>>117444850Can we bring back Sporefag? This is somehow even more autistic

>>117444850>do something different Bestiality?

>>117444600>Drive faster!>I can't, it's a Geo!!

Thai fried rice is inedible dogshit and a black mark on Thailand

Attached: Anne_vs_Sasha_0.png (1100x1200, 578.9K)

>>117444875Yeah so what I have high functioning autism? I’m thankful for it, as I have a very vivid imagination. Some days I lay in my bed for hours just thinking about the lives of sprig and anne as they go on to have a beautiful long lasting relationship. I dont want porn anymore, the image in my head of sprig eating annes ass does it for me.

>>117445046When I was growing up I went to this Thai place in my town a lot and they had a dish called the “rice cake” and it was basically just 2 pounds of fried rice sculpted into a big rectangle. I’ve loved Thai culture ever since

>>117445046>Thai fried rice is inedible dogshitYou went to the wrong restaurant

>>117422213Man, Marcy gonna make Anne wish she wasn't her friend by the end of it isn't she?

>>117442251THICC>>117442858Let's not tribefag anymore. Let's just enjoy our shows.

She wants to pick her out a tail personally

Attached: Maggie r Us.jpg (1920x2160, 761.54K)

>>117445366>hfw she wanted to show Anne the one Polly picked out

Attached: 1590138699826.png (508x513, 418.82K)

Did tadpole form of newts and toads appear in the show

>>117445321Exactly what part of her is thick?

>>117444455>"So what if I'm not a high ranking general? I'm cool!"

Attached: Anne's face when.jpg (1152x1656, 169.4K)


Attached: Man of culture.jpg (1920x1080, 194.05K)

>>117445471Thicc tail.

Attached: HUMINA HUMINA HUMINA.png (1600x900, 950.96K)

So there's gonna be a new episode NEXT weekend, right?

>>117445686No, last week's was the last one forever. There are no more new episodes.

>>117445686But will mega user be late again? cause if he's busy I understand

>>117445686>>117445695 Is lying. In actuality they're will new episodes not just next weekend, but everyday! No, Every hour! Wait, not even that, new episodes shall appear every second! Amphibia shall go on forever! Until the end of time, and even after that! To be serious,yes, there's a new episode next weekend, it's on the 12th.

>>117445695>>117445765>>117445784Look, man, I am also a DC Super Hero Girls fan, so hiatuses of any kind naturally scare the shit out of me, given the other shows I follow.

Attached: 1566080503679.png (1920x1080, 1.86M)

>>117445801I feel your pain user. Dark times

Attached: Curvy_Jess_Edit.png (1920x1080, 2.09M)

>>117445686Yes there is episode next week

>>117442251Does Marcy know Yunnan?

>>117445919She's likely to have heard of her. She's close with the king, so I think it's likely she was told, or merely overheard of some psychotic general being demoted to being a glorified assassin. Plus, Yunnan didn't seem surprised when she saw Sasha.

>>117445960Did we get formal confirmation that Yunnan was demoted for being an insane retard? Because that would be very funny to me.

>>117445986Well, not that I know of. It just seems like it me. Newtopia seems like to be in the decline, but even a state like that knows you don't send out your generals to do grunt work. What I believe happened was that Yunnan keep showing incredibly dangerous and unstable behavior unfit for being a leader, but they don't want to fire or kill her, both because she's still useful and because they fear what she may do if that happened, so they just shelved her in a job where her recklessness and blood thirst would be a plus, and told her that she really doesn't need an army and that it was probably slowing them down anyway. The woman is clearly insane.

Yes, yes Anne and Sasha seem quite skilled in armed combat but can they go toe to toe against Dippy here?

Attached: 360.png (360x360, 224.43K)

>>117442251She is sticc not thicc :P

>>117446364Sasha will bully him into submission

what kind of stand does she have Holla Forums?

Attached: 00.png (613x667, 396.74K)

>>117446619Tree of Knowledge. It has a AoE that makes everyone within it INT 2

>>117424432>What the frog is your problem, Sasha?! I'm not gonna let you push me around anymore!>What is *my* problem?? Can you even hear yourself? We've been besties since KINDERGARTEN Anne.>I kept you around even after we started high school and you became a total lame-o.>Did you really think I'd let some talking FROGS come between us after that??>You're done being my friend? FINE.>Guess you'll just have to be my GIRLFRIEND then.

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>>117421083I have never shat in a school bathroom except for that one time in 5th grade I caught the stomach bug in the middle of class and puked everywhere. I ran to the bathroom to shit my guts out and my teacher ran in to see if I was ok while blowing it up. It was so fucked never again man.

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>>117430189you could cut a half of s1 episodes of amphibia and lose neither any plot points nor worldbuildingmoving to hexside in s2 would mean starting much of the worldbuilding anew

i wanna teach anne history so fucking much

>>117446732Now kiss

>>117446732Why Anne's sword turns blue and Sasha's loses its pink colour in that intro scene

>>117446732>>117446930Sasha does seem like the type that would kiss Anne in the middle of their fight. You know, just to throw her off and get the upper hand, no other reason.

>>117446956Passionate pining on the battlefield

>>117446732>Wha... Sasha, that's ridiculous! You dated tons of guys back home.. you made me break up with them for you!>Oh, please. Those were *flings* Anne. I had a status to uphold. Besides, there aren't even any guys around here.>What were you gonna do, hook up with a FROG?>Wait, seriously..? Oh my God... EEEWWH>Okay. That does it Anne. I'm gonna make sure you never have to see another frog again for the rest of your life.

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>>117446732>>117447146The aftermath

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>>117437553C'mon user, those things are all staples of the late 14th century

>>117447645amphibia is on the mega man legends level of technologymost things are outdated except ancient robots

>>117444342>marcy - a rangerAnon, she's an artificer/Rogue multiclass

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>>117447691I think he's referring to her rank, wasn't it mentioned she was the head of the king's rangers?

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>>117448051Sasha must be a fun person to be around.

>>117448051she murdered those couples

>>117448678Sasha is not bulling Anne. She is protecting her, but in return she demands submission from her. She is like feudal lord.

>>117422122>new episode still not upis meganon dead again?

>>117449084nevermind, I'm a retard, I didn't know there was a hiatus

>>117443907Is it selective vision when there's no much to select?

>>117448051>Moments before a Lesbian couple does a hit and run on a straight couple


>>117448900Sasha licks and bite Anne's neck to put her ownership "mark" onto Anne

>>117424432At some point. Anne tells Sasha with absoulte sincerity that she never stopped being her friend amd that they are not enemies.

>>117443114I honestly do care a little about the Day of Unity.

>>117442251>that breastplatedamnhow busty is her?

>>117448900maybe sasha decided to give anne a taste of what's it like to be without her protection

>>117424855this just sounds as your tipical halloween episode, i dont see the big deal.

>>117424432Any Marcy's role


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>>117451379Make her ten feet tall and you'd have a Dark Souls boss.

>>117451414Do you think Matt played Sekiro?

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>>117451414>Make her ten feet tallhaha yeah she sure would be intimidating towering over you like a dark souls boss with your back against the wall

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>>117445765>But will mega user be late again? cause if he's busy I understandI mean, there was a stream. You could have watched that live. And if you missed it, there was an archive of it waiting for you to watch.But, I get it. The jannies get all uppity and delete links to streams on this site for some reason. MEGA links don't have that problem.

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>>117444475Hop Pop is one of the best characters also Stakeout is the best episode, I wasn't expecting Anne and Hop Pop getting high.

>"the amphibia house" is trending on shitter>trannies are spamming dykeshitoh nooh fuck oh shit

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>>117452482Been absent for a few days. This is the first post I see in the thread.What did I miss?

>>117444475hop pop is the biggest chad on disney right now

>>117451682Source plz!!


>>117453182apparently owl house retards are shitposting on twitter about how much they want an owl house/amphibia crossoverplenty of marcy/anne shipping autismit makes me want to pipe-bomb a pride parade

>>117452717haha silly sprig

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>>117453182Tribe fag is still trying to stir shit. Appears to becoming increasingly schizophreniac as he is replying more often to his own comments instead of leaving them filtered by everyone else.


>>117453427This is literally exactly what Sprig's reaction would be after the first time, this artist nailed it.

>>117453407oh for fuck's sakethis is absolutely what I do not want, Amphibia is fucking built on a dynamic between three humans with no other contact so far, throwing an idiot like Luz into that would be shit

>>117453729It would be non-canon.

>>117453729I’d assume they do something similar to Wax Museum where Luz and Eda are frogs or something. Either that or it’s an Owl House episode

>>117453209He's based