Name a better version of Daisy Duck

Name a better version of Daisy Duck

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>>117419835No contest

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>>117419835House of Mouse

>>117419835You again. Fuck your 3d bullshit

Quack Pack Daisy. I am dead fucking serious.

>>117419890She hasn’t appeared enough to see how she’ll truly act

>>117420020Good taste.

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>>117420199Yes, everything was dandy till she turned into a Karen

>>117419835This version.

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>>117420020That'd be my second pick.

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Comic Daisy

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>>117420423Soooo a Goldie without the charm?

>>117420512It's Goldie and Scrooge with more violence. I enjoy it.

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>>117420581I love their high energy.

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>>117419835Design-wise, this is the best Daisy, upon which >>117419890 was based. Personality-wise, this just might be the worst.

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>>117420596>>117420727What could have been.

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>>117421112The hair is great. Between Quack and HoM I'd say are her best hairdos.

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Underrated Daisy

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>ctrl-f>duck>1 resultI am here

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>>117421349The whole thread is ducks.

>>117421349Me, too.

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That crossover episode was strange.

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>>117421349>ctrl-f>based>1 resultI am here

>>117421641Those are some fine mountains!

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>>117421276I like how complex Daisy can be interpreted for 3Cabs.

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>>117421293All ducks are queens.


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>>117420020Fucking thisespecially when she's fat in Tasty Paste

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>>117423592Donald loves every pound


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Abandon thread

>>117423784Daisy needs to workout

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>>117423793She is the news

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>>117423793Don't think I like the direction this thread is headed...

>>117422294It's one of those shows that is actually quite complex once you look at it beyond the surface

>>117425128>Sheldgoose nearly squashes Daisy>Donald says fuck it and throttles him while exposing Felldrake was still a staffReal decent moment that gets overlooked. It wasn't overt but Donald really cared and reacted then but not on Dapper.

>>117419835Also best Minnie

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>>117421349based as fuck goon

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>>117422756If she quacks shes a thooottttt

>>117425825I'm not interested in Minnie, but if you're asking, here's from the comics. Minnie and Daisy as spies.

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>>117419835Difficult question.

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>>117420780Best version of Daisy ever.

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>>117421276True. By the way, Daisy in Lot3C has another advantage over QP Daisy, DT17 Daisy and HoM Daisy, and that is that she has nieces, who have personalities and are fun and help Donald (In HoM they are also AMJ, but they unfortunately had just cameo role).>>117420020She's good, but. Does QP Daisy have April, May and June? Unfortunately there is no. Alone, if AMJ had appeared in QP, it would have been great, this is an out.

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>>117419835Brazilian version plus Super Daisy (Paperinika).

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>>117423142Donald and Daisy are great in that cartoon. Donald and Daisy>>>>>>>>>Mickey and Minnie.

>>117419835This version.

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I would post some storytime with Daisy, but are not in english. Nevermind.

>>117420020>>117421112>>117421170Just combine Daisy's hair styles from Quack Pack and House of Mouse and partly from comics, you will get a perfect Daisy Duck. I love otherwise, when Daisy has ponytail hair or hair-like from Donald’s diary and Ducktales 2017. She is certainly divine with her good qualities. She would be a good partner for reporters Lyla Lay, since they are both reporters.>>117421349I'm not saying that Della Duck isn't great, she is great, but she has a long way to go to be the best duck waifu. For now, the best are Daisy Duck, Magica de Spell, Goldie O'Gilt, Brigitta Macbridge, Mrs Quackfaster (Italian version), Morgana Macawber, Reginella, Kay K and Lyla Lay. Maybe even Dickie Duck, if she's an adult. They are all good in their qualities and are divine. Too good for Scrooge and Donald's harem.

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>>117427812Looks like she’s wearing brass knuckles that spell TOON

>>117419835I don't know how Kevin Feige's stupidity hasn't made him put any pants on her yet

>>117419890True. She is really great in DT2017. One of the few good redesigns of the original characters.

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>>117427846A man of refined taste.

>>117427812>>117428211>Daisy'll never knock your teeth out

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>>117419835I would totally fuck her up the ass

>>1174277432, 3, 1

>>117420199>dem titties

>dude donald duck with a bow on his head lmao

Just gonna take this opportunity to post Daisies.

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>>117429315>swimsuit daisyUnf.

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>>117429269For being a simple dress, Quack Pack Daisy gets away with a lot. She's kissing or hugging Donald in just about every episode I've seen so far. It really sells their relationship as just a normal couple unafraid to show their affections.

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>>117429725>>117420199>>117420293This is making me want to watch quack pack even though i wasn't too hot on it as a kid.


>>117429842This is not it.

>>117430007That's a weird combo of tutu and swimsuit. Love the bloomer legs design.>>117430149I never saw it as a kid, but as an adult I'm enjoying it. It's a bit more mellow than you'd think with Donald providing most the comedy. Ken Powers is a lovable bombastic douche, the nephews are radical but do have a love for their uncle, and Daisy's got some real agency and more to her than being Donald's gf. Might find some of the antagonists a bit weak, but the variety's pretty strong.

>>117430311Episode 5 "Pride Goeth Before the Fall Guy"

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>>117430468I just remember it being nowhere near as good as goof troop. Both were in syndication by the time i watched them i think, late 90's early 2000's. Or maybe i just liked Peg more than Daisy at the time.


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>>117429047>>117429279we like to see it

>>117431715Is there much known of any Daisy's upbringing?

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>>117432013>Donald will never embarrassingly admit to Lena that he had an emo phaseWasted potential!

>>117432013>Daisy needs her makeup done for a fashion show>Donald steps up>breaks out all the makeup stuff a girl needs and applies it to her himself>daisy looks great>wow you're really good>I had a lot of practice putting this stuff on>with your sister>no

>>117432153Daisy would never need help looking great. 0/10 would not read again.


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>>117432153Based>>117432111>Implying he doesn't do it secretly

>>117431183seriosuly, she has so many curves in this show.

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I'm going to Disney in a month and I'm going to take a pic with every Daisy Duck there is.

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>>117432424don do it Daisy will give you covid

>>117433031You're currently not allowed to touch them. But I'd imagine being in those suits is the safest place in the park.

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>>117432153>Daisy Duck can be cool it is safe and it behaves modern.

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Practice some daisies

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>>117420199That figure, voice, and hairstyle. BEST Daisy, best VA she ever had.

>>117433536Nice, do more.

>>117433430>ending up in traction>going to prison>wet cementKlutzty destructive Daisy's just too cute.

>>117427731I love their designs and the art style for this, but this comic is impossible to find online

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>>117420020a man of culture, i see.

>>117433570I don't agree that she is the best, that one of the best is yes. As for the voice actress, I prefer the way she was played by Gloria Blondell and Tress MacNeille than Kath Soucie, although she wasn’t bad, but I prefer when Kath plays Morgana Macawber from Darkwing Duck or Lola Bunny in Looney Tunes or Fifi la Fume from Tiny Toons. And voice actress Vivi Janiss wasn’t bad either.

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>>117433857Tress's Daisy definitely has the better laugh, at least from what I've seen in DT17. It's similar to Rhubella Rat's from TTA (whom Tress also voiced), only a lot less obnoxious.

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>>117419835This one.

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>>117434349I downloaded the comics, but haven't read them yet.

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>>117427826Holy shit that ass!

>>117434563Why do they add the chipmunk? Wouldn't Clara Cluck or Claribelle be a bit more suitable?

>>117434819Whoever decided that is was ok for ducks to wear skirts/dresses and just let their ass hang our is the greatest man ever.

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>>117434855Someone who's an ass man, and God bless him.

>>117434855Wouldn't that be Carl Barks?

i remember when you would search for "daisy duck" on youtube and this thumbnail would be #4.

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>>117434838Because they're ugly and dumb. Chipmunks are cute.

keep this one handy, it's going to be a long weekend and there may be room for a Minnie thread.

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>>117435094I'd kill for a prisonsploitation series of shorts featuring Daisy, Della, Goldie, Magica, Minnie, Felicity, and Clarabelle.

>>117435086>not wanting huge chicken knockers when she walks around wearing nothing but a hatFaggot.

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>>117435407Clara Cluck was definitely too hot for Disney.she doesn't even come back for Lot3C. Panchito is too petite to handle the likes of her, tho

>>117435490More like Clara Cuck.

>>117435490There was the priestess chicken lady who apparently wasn't Clara.

>>117432260Holding a microphone can be phallic.

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>She will never be your Junior Woodchuck mother

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>>117420020>Quack Pack Daisy Exceptional taste

>>117436835How the hell did they get away with such an obvious fetish reference?

>>117437057Feet are not a fetish. No one is sexually attracted to them.

>>117437068I have to ask, how can you type such a coherent and grammatically correct sentence when you were born just yesterday?

>>117437057There's a fetish in pretty much every QP episode.

stupid sexy kiss-fetish inducing duck babe

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>>117437068Anon, a sexual fetish literally means "being aroused by something non-sexual." Foot fetishists are the most common, basic bitch of fetishises for men, with bondage being same for women.

>>117437813That's not literally what it means.


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>>117434349April, May and June would be surprised to see teenage Daisy Duck.

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>>117437930how did donald not actually cheat on daisy after this

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>>117437835>Fetishism, in psychology, a form of sexual deviance involving erotic attachment to an inanimate object or an ordinarily asexual part of the human

>>117438740Because no one likes fat chicks.

>>117438753Psychology is made up.

>>117438553Shame on you! April, May and June are some of the best ducks ever, not to mention the best duck girls and much better than Webby (both versions) and they make Daisy be along with Donald. By the way, it is an Italian comic, April, May and June appear poorly there, unlike the Dutch where they appear much more. If Donald can have nephews, Daisy can have her nieces.

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I would love for Daisy and Rosinha Vaz (Carioca’s girlfriend) to get together and be best friends and together with Clara Cluck make up the female part of the caballeros. I have to say that both Daisy and Rosinha have similar personalities, and they also wear ponytail hair.

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>>117438740He was already seeing April.

>>117438740That's Panchito's girlfriend

>>117419835Daisy Duck from Mr Duck Steps Out.

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>>117427793>if AMJ had appeared in QP, it would have been greatHere’s how April, May and June Duck might look in the Quack Pack.

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>>117423674>tits stay practically the same

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>>117419835Super Daisy (Paperinika).

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>>117439041Cheap dodge.

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>>117437987She appear as both pre-teen and teen in one age chart

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>>117439845What a lucky guy.

>>117439919I'm jealous.

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>>117439830Nice drawing. Nice Daisy.

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>>117439968Teen Daisy sometimes appears in duck fan arts.


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>>117440311It is not disputable, it depends on the author how he will make her. Teen Daisy varies from version to version.

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>>117430468Yes, it’s a shame they couldn’t continue the series and get a second season, given that Quack Pack was really a great animated series and was very underrated. If that were the case, I would like April, May and June to appear in that series, as well as caballeros, but in modern outfits (Ze Carioca in the way it looked in the Brazilian comics of the 90s). I don’t know why, but I enjoyed that series more than in the current Ducktales 2017. I prefer Quack Pack boys more than in Ducktales 2017, I don’t know they have better personalities and sound better as teenagers than they sound like adults. As for Daisy, I love her in both Quack Pack, and House of Mouse and Ducktales 2017. Although the Legend of the Three Caballeros is somehow better than the Quack Pack, I don't have to say why.

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>>117441011To differentiate the eyes from the white feathers.

>>117441011She's white.

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>>117441052its very annoying tho cause they stand out way too much

>>117441011Have you looked at Donald's diary? And there Daisy has blue eyes. And there are in Don Rosa comics.

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>>117441077im not talking bout the iris im talking bout the part surrounding it. usually they are white. in quack back they are this blue tint that looks weird. for example this pic: >>117440146

>>117441077Didn’t Barks give her green? I also remember Rosa giving her green eyes as well too.LOT3C gave her brown eyes for a blink it and miss it frame

>>117441139One more baffling decision involved in Quack Pack.

>>117441139I see. I don't know, the problem is with the animators who did it. They could at least put on black pupils and keep the cornea blue, as well as the rest of the eye. Then it would make more sense. Then I understand your resentment.

>>117441205Only in his artworks does that, that Daisy Duck has green eyes, but not in comics. In the Don Rosa comics, Daisy has blue eyes, which can be seen. And I don't know about Lot3c, and I've watched it several times. How come Daisy has brown eyes there? Doesn't she have a black pupil, and her background is blue, as in Donald's eyes?

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>>117441205>>117441315Here’s Don Rosa's Daisy who has blue eyes.

Attached: Daisy Duck-Don Rosa.jpg (600x792, 162.03K)

>>117441139The blue is fine.

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>>117441343I don't like it.


>>117441343I love it.

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>>117437057>obvious fetish reference?it was the 1990s. people didn't know all the fetishes yet.and really, of all the fetishes, feet are probably the most suggestive non-explicit one you could pick... kids will just think it's weird and random.

>>117438753Thank you.That definition is why I don't pay any heed to claims that a show is full of fetishes because someone got inflated, or someone shrunk to tiny size, or whatever -- because, anything non-sexual can become a fetish. Nobody knew about the furry-centered ones in the 1990s (vore, expansion, micro-macro). A lot of cartoon gags involve things changing shape and stuff.of course, there are exceptions. that french guy zooming in on Daisy's feet was egregious.

>>117444187>anything non-sexual can become a fetishYep, like with tiles user.

>>117444187The tickling bit with Ken creeped me out.

>>117444815i think tickling has been used as a stand-in for torture in some cartoons. as well as a Monty Python sketch.I think I tried tickling in bed once and she got super serious and stopped me dead in my tracks, would not let me proceed with anything else until I promised not to do that again.there was a Columbo episode where some guy in a Mensa club was bullying another member, another grown man, by tickling him in front of people. it was one of the more disturbing things I've seen on television, it caught me by surprise. so if anything cruel can become a domination fetish, then i can understand this....

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>>117445447Those bars are comically large. She could slip out.

>>117445648Slip out of her dress

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more like daisy fucks


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>>117446333based daisy and her rigourously kegel trained pussy


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>>117446622"you gonna get raped"

fanart versions arent too bad.

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>>117447173Phooey. Gross.

>>117419907Yes, she is the best and very underrated version.

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>>117419835Blonde Daisy.

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>>117447173Awful. I don't like her. This is better and real Daisy.

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Mona Lisa Daisy.

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Daisy Duck as Madam Pompadour.

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>>117446485you know it's a comfy thread when the dame we're thirsting over is revealed to have lots of previous partners, and we choose to count it in her favor for once.also, regarding >>117446333Donald has more dignity in this scene than the guys who carved their name on the other side last.

>>117447476On-model and sultry. Good combo.>>117449168All things considered maybe all the others got shipped off to war.

Attached: 1563685803.megawolf77_daisy80sml.png (1200x1543, 1.12M)

>>117449168That's one of the few Daisy things I've seen where she's going for other suitors, other being Dapper plotlinesIn recent content like LOT3C and DT she's fiercely committed to Donald

>>117419835Oh another duck thread.

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>>117430007Maybe in Duckburg, the more you dress, the sexier you become. Because it makes no sense she's wearing pants now.

>>117449848>In recent content like LOT3C and DT she's fiercely committed to DonaldI'm so glad others have started to notice and appreciate Caballeros Daisy's love for her man.>>117449877>>117436814There's a better res of Chickadee Daisy.

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>>117444815>>117444896The CIA used tickling in Guantanamo Bay. If someone is tickled for too long it can make it hard to breathe.

>>117450086Then post it!?

>>117450207You can laugh yourself to death. People did that with feathers in the middle ages.

>>117449848well in LOT3C she basically flaunted a new guy in front of Donald, which is purposely cruel. I consider that to be worse than just having previous boyfriends, no matter how numerous. i've seen the occasional comics page where she admits to doing similar...of course, in LOT3C, Daisy grows along with Donald...


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Attached: RCO001_1467391845.jpg (987x1479, 484.74K)

>>117450936The point of that in the series is she was never interested in Dapper. The entire point of bringing him over is she thinks he's ignoring her (when he isn't, he's just caught up in the superhero stuff she doesn't know about yet) and try to get him to focus on her again. She either is doing it due to desperation or simply isn't socially aware enough about how it comes off, because she regrets the breakup almost instantly. A huge comedy of errors.She's like him in the beginning of the series, and the who ordeal changes both of them.

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>>117451031why is it that a red dress and blonde hair is the official uniform of someone who shows up to the party smokin' hot, but ages 20 years and completely unravels by the following morning.

>>117451109Yeah pretty much>your exbf ditches you>he's got 2 besties and some woman>he also hires your nieces for caretaking>he's busy so he says helping others in a rich part of town>he left you at a date>again>time to go get a real Donald 2.0What's interesting is Daisy ignored Dapper all night and was more concerned on checking up on Donald. But Dapper's so vapid that he doesn't even care or notice she's not all there on their date.>>117451194Somebody's getting lucky

>>117451242Still looks hot the next morning.

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>>117451406The relationship issues in Agent Duck are very well done, and I usually hate that crap. Donald is basically about to cheat with a woman who seems to be a better match, while Daisy finds out and hangs out with Gladstone. Its surprisingly mature how that's handled compared to "OH SHIT Daisy doesn't like me because I didn't buy her new shoes, gotta solve that issue with something else materialistic."

>>117451102>user reaches for his duck waifu

My post wasn't any more suggestive than any post here, and you allow nude Amy? What the hell.

>>117451469>OH SHIT Daisy doesn't like me because I didn't buy her new shoes, gotta solve that issue with something else materialistic."Now I think of it, I'm really pleased Donald didn't use yard sale money or treasure to act rich. The only expense we saw was the dinner date and even then he was worried at the cost. There was no attempts at trying to buy back Daisy's affections, but trying and failing to hash things out like adults.

>>117452439He bought her flowers at some point, which was the right thing to do.

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So I just read the old comics which include Donald hooking up with Daisy's nieces which keeps getting posted here, and there's a part where an old woman complains to the police that the triplets join a twin contest.I didn't know Twitter existed back then.

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>>117453281>april is the orange one in the story you posted>but in the contest April's the triplet not present in redEven the author can't keep the triplets' identities straight.

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>>117453418I only know their LOT3C colorsAt least with HDL their colors are usually consistent. With AMJ is pretty much impossible to keep track

>>117452472>implying the triplets didn't buy or steal them while Donald was in mexico