VILLAINOUS AT PIXELATL the day>Join me for the “Villainous Chat” of the day @CartoonLA in @Pixelatl! Let's talk a little about what comes in the first season! (Also Black Hat gave me permission to show you some little surprises from the new episodes!) Today 7:30 pm (Mex) !!! #SalveBlackHat

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FYI You need to pay 40 bucks to attend, but I'm sure other people will be willing to spill the beans if there's anything actually interesting. Also, Penumbra has been updating quite a bit lately.

Attached: 118586166_3514229228607666_7916808641925703440_n.jpg (1080x1080, 184.22K)>COVID has impacted on the voice recording sessions for season 1 of #Villainous However, there is a lot of good news surrounding its production. Find out everything in this session with @AlanIturiel in the stream of @Pixelatl Access in:

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Here's a look at the new villain Miss Heed

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>>117419772fuck she is hot


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>>117419772Based Mexicans

>>117419289If I could talk to Alan Ituriel right, I would ask him what he thinks about Gorillaz .

>>117419772Yo holy shit, thanks bro. Were you in the conference? Also, I guess I was wrong about the prominent 'goggles' in this image belonging to the Angel Hero.

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>>117419882Actually I think I was mistaken, according to this source (who probably did watch it) Miss Heed is a superheroine, not a

>>117419901>Sorry, this page isn't availableHmmm!

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>>117419772Take my $40

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These concepts are pretty badass, but if they really didn't show new footage, I'm glad I didn't spend 40 bucks on this

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>>117420049I hope we get an episode at this location.

Some people say the designs are different? I don't see it.

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>no new animated previewhorse shit

So apparently there's gonna be an episode where the characters are on trial. That sounds like a fun concept, and the designs are kino.>>117420310yeah, thats a shame. Glad I didnt pay for this.

Attached: EhCQoo2XgAIm8f7.png (755x425, 242.38K) got a video

>>117420413time to get to work

>>117419372So is like that entire city just missing a superhero and getting overrun with villains now that Penumbra's decided to keep Sunblast as her own personal dildo?

>>117420458yes and no. There are hints that the situation is fucked in that town but it doesn't seem to be destroyed. There are protests but no supervillain destroying anything at the moment

>>117420029so apparently this dude is named OMEGA

Heres the miss heed reveal

Here's a better look at miss heed

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>>117420435Capa sin héroe damas y caballeros

>>117419289>what comes in the first season!paying and crediting his animators?

>>117421167low blow user

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>>117421193Can't help that it completely soured me on the entire franchise

This nerd gets to see Dementia naked every week

>>117421256I keep forgetting the image

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>>117419772>cleavage>actually fuckableIs this a first for modern CN?

God I keep reading that name and see it as Miss Head

>>117420925I think this character was born from internet threads titled, "_______ characters who would have an OnlyFans account."

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>>117420925All the hero's we've seen so far seem like they have an evil edge to them

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>>117421343He seems like the type to like shy girls. He'd hate Dementia

>>117422525Well it's canon, in one of the comics it's revealed that he gives her baths once a week

What would Black Hat think of Simon from Infinity Train

>>117422733He would think he’s a bitch ass punk that couldn’t even kill his former friend and got blown up by a roach

Okay so we got Bulldozer, Heed, and Omega. Onion fag technicality doesn't count so we have two heroes still in the dark as of now. I'm still convinced that the one on the left is the angel since there seems to be a sharp sword jutting out. The other looks like metauro knock off #2

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>>117423587Bro I dont think miss heed is in the pic. My argument:>one annon called her villan early in the tread. Your pic are all heros>the head shape in your pic dont mach with the one in miss heed pic >I think you misstake ángel girl with miss heed (one uses googles other have headsets).

>>117425269That user was wrong, she's a confirmed heroine. Also the head shape isn't 1:1 because its likely the character art in the silhouette has her head facing at a slightly different angle. Obviously we've only seen her from the front stomach up so the more finer details such as what the exact shape of her headphones are are hard to decipher, but it's definitely her.But I definitely see why anyone would see her headphones as angel girls goggles though, I thought the same as well when the image first popped up.

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Miss Heed has a tiktok too, which has an updated icon.

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>>117427254Forgot the link because I'm a ADHD faggot retard. Pic related is the instagram account icon for comparison.

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>>117427254Wait whaaat

>>117423587That silhouette looks more like Archangel.

>>117421256He clearly isn't attracted to her. Plus, she's awful.

Looks like the stop motion short with the ghost girl is going to be a series too, I love that short and I thought nothing was going to come out of it, I’m so glad I was wrong.

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>>117428191Yeah that was a neat surprise. seems expensive to make

>>117420925So I’m not the only one who sees her as rouge the bat right?

lucky fuck

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>>117428191>Frankilda actually getting the green light That's awesome

>>117428846god i was that was me


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>>117419772Miss Sneed


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>>117420458Penumbra only wanted to create a spot in the city where the sun light sensitive people could live a normal life, the other people where the assholes.

>>117428191>>117428317Truly a miracle of God or a money laundering scheme. Its Mexico so it can be either of those.

>>117420602Really? what made you think that?

This one is freaky.

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>>117429689Barcos funding animation studios sounds based as fuck or at least better than SJW.

>>117419772that's just rouge with a choker and a headseti love it

>>117429549Who? Flug or Heed?

>>117420271>alan specifically telling people to not babyproof his design by smoothing edges

>>117429795I really hope Mexico and other countries start being centers of animations. It's becoming a bit boring and even incestuous with just the U.S. and Japan doing the bulk of animation.

>>117429909Hopefully, at the long run it could improve USA and Japan studios, competition is a good thing.

>>117429900It probably helps that Black Hat is meant to be a villain.

>>117429909There are shows from other countries that are starting too pop up like monster beach, cn apac. But getting Holla Forums too actually even notice is the tricky part.

>>117427874That''s irrelevant

>>117429689Maybe a mix of both


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>>117430200>But getting Holla Forums too actually even notice is the tricky part.Well the thing is most of those shows have either a very bland and boring concepts, or have a generic art style. Villainous gained more attention than other shows because it has more going for it. It has a world of villains, cool concepts, darker humor than usual nowadays, mysterious backgrounds, great character designs, and a standout art style

>>117428317>>117429357>>117429689I’m pretty happy, not just because I’m Mexican , but because looks it looks fantastic and the concept is interesting.

Did they say anything on production?Because of Corona they had to postpone, or were they used to digital work from home?

>>117428191Has a chance to be a new generations Courage, I like it

>>117428191Fuck yeah, i was scared that the numbers seemed so low


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>>117419772>That heart chest piece and general look>tfw immediately thought of Rouge

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I hope most of the heroes are good and most of the villains are villainous. Penumbra and Sunblast is good, but it would be disappointing if they were all like that.

>>117432186*are good*

>>117432029yeah, but I can fap to her now because she isn't a furry

>>117429747Alan confirmed it in the stream. Omega Nuclear is his name>>117431236Apparently the voice records are getting harder to do because they can't have it in one place, but there's a special that's supposed to come soon. It was originally going to come later but it has been moved to release earlier

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>>117432653You are weak, user.

There is going to be a Rey Mysterio cartoon, looks alright. Wonder if el Hijo del Perro Aguayo is going to show up.

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>>117432793Maybe this is gonna sound wrong but I wish more cartoons that come from Pixelatl where like Villainous where they are just..good shows, and they don't have to rely on Mexican culture to have an identity.

>>117432793it definitely looks interesting.

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>>117432998at least the designs are pretty cool

>>117432793>>117432998I really like the art style

>>117432998Damn, it actually looks good. Is that a Loli luchadora?

Glad we are already getting fanart.

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So Miss Heed is a pun of misdeed? What’s her role in the show?

>>117433246she's a heroine that seems to sell a perfume. The name of the perfume is french for "Follow Me" so maybe she has mind control powers

>>117433238No. They other two are just HUEG

>>117433240>inb4 she tries seducing Flug and he ends up turning the tables in magnificent bastard fashion

>>117432998This has RISE energy

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>>117433704eh, I will have to see the fight scenes in action to call it Rise. Rise is cool but it didn't really invent this type of style, it just mastered it

>>117420925>midriff>heart pupils>big tits + cleavage>naked shoulders>villainess so she's kinky by defaultIm surprised there hasn't been more porn about her by now

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>>117433769It will come

>>117433769anon she was just announced today

>>117433326>HypnotismSHES HITTING ALL MY BOXES

>>117433769Give it time, there's already fanart of her popping up

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>>117419772Thanks Alan

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>>117419772Allan is trying to bank off the porn, isn't he?

>>117420016Isn't that guy Harvey Dent

>>117420029Johnny Bravo is now a hero?

>>117432186I would absolutely love it if it keeps the trend of heroes causing other villains to come to black hat for help but its then revealed that the heroes were all actually working for black hat

>>117427262>e-thot villainPorn when?

>>117434043maybe inspired by him, although this show has been known to bring back old characters from past CN shows

>>117432186Alan said on the stream that he wanted to make it kind of morally grey for everyone besides Black Hat and 505, so the audience can choose who is more in the right. The Penumbra vs Sunblast conflict is interesting because technically Sunblast is in the right, but he's acting like such a dick about it that the bad guys have more of a point than they do. Same with Metauro, he's way too obsessed with protecting bulls that he goes into rampages and ends up looking like a monster.But I agree, I want to see the other scumbags of this world that were shown in the orientation videos. It would be a shame if they never show up.

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>>117434232I would mind a filler episode of villains likes Mawrasiste(?) and the triclops archer girl just hanging out. Maybe have a Rogues esque organization of them getting up to shenanigans or being instructed on a villain team dynamic

>>117434536I hope so. Maybe some designs are too complicated to animate but others are ready to be in action. I would rather they reuse old characters rather than make new ones, even if the new ones do look pretty sweet.Although there is also the issue that some characters might not be used since they where designed by people who left the crew

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>>117419289I can't believe I missed it.

>>117435323you didn't have to see it live here's the info >>117419901

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Sum up of the info we know about the upcoming episodes>an episode in the desert>an episode dealing with a superhero that has ring based superheroes>an episode about Miss Heed>episode with mexican culture involved>a supervillain trial>the appearances of Metauro and an only Black Hat centric episode are confirmed>an episode where the gang go into another manor

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>>117419289tot demencia a sexy

>>117435783>an episode dealing with a superhero that has ring based superheroesDo you mean ring based powers? I guess that means the ring guy isn't a throw-away character as I originally thought.

>>117435854yeah ring based superpowers, my bad.Also, some of these could be part of the same episode, I don't know yet. I think season 1 is only 10 episodes long

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Bitch blew up on twitter like I know she would

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>>117433769Send her to the japs and let them do their magic.

>>117436347>Heart pupils with glittersFucking UNF

>>117436347So place your bets. Will Dementia btfo her for her attempting to flirt with Black Hat or will Flug be the one to put her in her place?

>>117436674If anything she might flirt with Flug, Black Hat hates heroes and heroes hate him

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>>117422270And they're all aggressively preppy. Could it be...?>>117434232>The Penumbra vs Sunblast conflict is interesting because technically Sunblast is in the rightThat may be so, but that doesn't change the fact that Sunblast acts like a straight up villain. He's a superpowered meathead bully who tried to assault a random passerby just because he looked like a nerd, there's nothing morally grey about this character.

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>>117437139I think it meant more how Sunblast was still sort of doing the right thing, hatred of nerds and general dickishness aside.

>>117437078>She tries to pull mind control / pheromone stuff on him or something>tfw he turns the tables and turns her into a servant

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>>117420458>ywn be Penumbra’s personal dildo

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>There will be a surprise that will pop up before the episodes that will be announced on CN LA social mediaAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH I CAN'T FUCKING TAKE THE GODDAMN WAITING GAME ANYMORE FUUUUUUUCK

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>>117437314My point was that it seems like he's causing more harm than Penumbra. I mean, she only wants to make the city cloudy, while Sunblast beats up random citizens because he doesn't like their clothes, he's obviously the eviler villain here.

>>117437497I don't want to get my hopes up but it would be really cool if its some type of crossover special like what Ok Ko did. But its probably just gonna be something smaller like a specialized orientation video or something cheap like that.

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>>117433704Question, does he fight monsters?

>>117437678>but it would be really cool if its some type of crossover special like what Ok Ko did>some type of crossover special like what Ok Ko did>like what Ok Ko didYou're making my PTSD flare up.

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>>117421193She cute

>>117435783>the appearances of MetauroThis I want to see, I hope his family is OK.

>>117419772Ok, you know what? Don't build that wall...

>>117434041And yet he's not from Newgrounds.

>>117421627We had Amethyst's ass before, so now the cracks are starting to get bigger.

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Dr Flug actually made those fetish catering devices that he sold to the Totally Spies villains :>inflation>weight gain>transformation>mummification>feet enlargement>hypno>macro

>>117438894Flug got a whole lot cooler then

Are all the characters in this show straight? (canonically). Villainous seems to avoid catering to the LGBT community.

>>117439213shhhkeep it down before twitter hears you

>>117439213Yeah, nobody is gay so far. But the only romance is Demencia crushing over Black Hat who doesn't love anyone.

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>>117419289Is this show STILL not out yet?

>>117439263I feel like Black Hat is asexual.

>>117439323I guess, but it's not like he would ever identify as such. It's less a romantic preference and more a consequence of being the embodiment of evil.

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>>117439213Especially when you compare it to Hazbin Hotel, which has a bi protagonist, a lesbian latina, a gay spider, pansexual cat bartender and asexual radio Demon. Sir Pentious was also confirmed to be bisexual.

What would BH think of Charlie from Hazbin Hotel?

>>117439622Probably the same as Alastor except he doesn't give her a chance

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>>117439622Call her a disgrace and probably have her killed or corrupt her depending on his mood

>>117419772god damn, shiiiieeeet

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>>117419772You're alright Alan

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>>117419772Too much shit going on with the head but otherwise nice.

>>117422718wtf, sauce immediately

>>117439881It would be nice to have Charlie crying while Black Hat is screaming at her.It especially hurts because it reminds her of the way her father screams at her. Vaggie will obviously point her spear at him, but BH will just turn it into dust in a second.This could also be a great opportunity to see a fight between Alastor and BH.

>>117440431>>117439881>>117439622Hackshit hotel autists get out of my villanos thread

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>>117440518worry not, hazbin will lose steam and flop. Maybe

>>117440545Personally want them both to succeed then we can get a crossover of Black Hat fucking up the hotel and shitting all over them

>>117419372I like how Sunblast and the mouse gradually seem to hang out more

>>117419772>tfw we can't nominate this babe for Miss Holla Forums yet

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>>117433240But we don't even what she is wearing for her lower half!

>>117442525I think it's safe to assume its a skirt.

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Attached: character bruised.jpg (500x730, 141.74K)


>>117419772>She's dating her sidekick Chad>>117419372

>>117442852Considering she’s a heroine, she might


Attached: Black Hat smile 2.gif (300x169, 959.26K)

>>117419289Any word on when we might get the series?

>>117419772She's sexy and all, but she's not extremely sexy. I don't really get the hype.

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>>117440393I think they're referring to pic rel.Flug says:>Heavens, Demencia...It's getting harder and harder to make you take a bath.or something like that, I don't know Spanish.Here's the 1st

Attached: VillainousComic12Panel2.png (2016x2016, 2.43M)

>>117444497Same, but that's Holla Forums for you, anons here see a girl with a half decent design and they lose their minds. I guess it's because of how utterly desexualized and intentionally ugly most American cartoons are. No one would bat an eyelash if that character was from /a/, but a cute girl drawn in a more realistic style and with a bit of cleavage is automatically much sexier than 99% of Holla Forums characters. I mean, I was kind of surprised myself when I noticed that they drawn Demencia with visible vagina bones in that one scene, American cartoons are just way too prudish for any of this.

Attached: dangerously mini.jpg (1920x1080, 347.51K)

>>117445906I mean, sure, I guess it's partially due to us being prudes but I feel like a bigger reason is that the crops can't be assed to give more moolah for semi-accurate designs.

>>117430554is there a full body ref?i want to draw her legs too

>>117445961No, and there probably won't be for months or longer.


>>117439380Not even an exception to do one rape?

>>117445980I could see him raping, but only because that's evil and not for sexual gratification.


>>117445961Based on Latin women that dress like that everything below her navel can be described politely as 'phat.'

>>117445980It depends on who he's going to rape. Black Hat is apparently disgusted by human bodies.

>>117444150Apparently they will announce the date “soon” but they’ve said that before

>>117443152Meh, he’s probably more like her slave rather than a boyfriend

>>117447824I feel like Flug will fall for her.

>>117445906>I mean, I was kind of surprised myself when I noticed that they drawn Demencia with visible vagina bones in that one sceneI think she also showed it on her barbarian future outfit

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Apparently, Alan follows Vivziepop on Twitter.

>>117422270Gotta ease CN into accepting the show first.It's not like they would greenlit a cartoon pilot where genuinely good heroes get killed

>>117450040They're personal friends...

Attached: Alan and Vivzie.jpg (960x960, 136.18K)

>>117450040Clearly Black Hat gave Alastor some powers

>>117450248Just wait a few more months until a marriage is revealed between them.


>>117451606Does it count if Vivize already has broqn in her?


>>117419772I wonder what her powers are?>heart pupilsSomething love related, perhaps? Maybe it's just me, but her design kinda reminds me of an idol singer.>>117449056Nope.The giant statue of future Demencia wears a pretty low-waisted skirt with visible G-string straps, but there's no vagina bones. Apparently, that design proved too spicy even for CN LA's standards, cause actual future Demencia wears a slightly modified version of that outfit, with more high-waisted skirt. It's still dangerously short in the right places, though.>>117448515Why tho?She's a bimbo superheroine, and he's an evil mad scientist who genuinely hates heroes and do-goodery, why would he fall for her out of all people? It's not like this show has a shortage of hot villainous women, why would he go for some random hero thot?Another thing is that she has that queen bee/alpha bitch cheerleader vibe going on, she seems like the exact kind of girl that would've bullied Flug in high school for being a nerd. Flug may seem like a weak pushover, but he doesn't go easy on women, and he appears to have a bit of a vindictive streak. If anything, he may develop a hate boner for this chick.How old is she anyway? She's kinda babyfaced for this show's standards, could she be an actual schoolgirl? That would rule out any romantic attraction on Flug's part, since the guy is pushing 30, and I don't think even CN LA would let it fly.>>117450248Huh, and here I thought he's a manlet. I wonder how tall he is?

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I feel like a great deal of the heroes will have corporate backing. Similar to "The Boys", especially since a lot of the heroes seem pretty asshole-ish.

>>117451606you cant bean a bean, shes not mexican but she is partly salvadorean

>>117450248the fact that most of his crew went to her show probably makes things awkward between them

>>117452481>Something love related, perhaps? Maybe it's just me, but her design kinda reminds me of an idol singer.maybe not as much an idol singer and more a supermodel. The fact that she sells perfume implies shes less of a tiktok instagram girl and more of a refined adult mature woman

Will we see Dementia wiggling her toes to the screen?

>>117452902Alan seems to be a based pseudo coomer; see demencia, miss heed, penumbra. But hes not a complete degenerate, so dont expect foot fag shit or any other flavor of "that" level regarding depravity. See teen titans go

Attached: a3969659956_10.jpg (1200x1200, 174.18K)

>>117452974I don't know if just having attractive characters is enough to be a coomer, even a pseudo one. Penumbra is relatively modest, and the appearances of Demencia and Heed are likely due to their personalities affecting it.

>>117434830who's the flame dude at the far right?

>>117453013There are like 0 attractive female characters in Hazbin Hotel. Is it because the show is ran by a woman?

Will we see Black Hat omorashi? I love the idea of powerful high rank individuals going through this!

>>117452902This is not Totally Spies.

>>117452974Well we already got vore so who knows

>>117437497making us wait for the episodes is the most evil thing they can do.motherfuckers

>>117453248Chad Hat was right

Will Flug build me an omorashi ray? It makes whoever is hit with it get desperate to pee & eventually wet themselves.I will use it on attractive girls like the disgusting & irredeemable degenerate I truly am.

>>117453425Flug can make that, but he wouldn't do it for sexual gratification, but more because he probably sees something like that as pretty evil, considering he believes a tuna sandwich is the evilest thing ever for some reason.

>>117453508Flug is the kind of guy who believes that a whoopee cushion is the epitome of an evil weapon.

>>117453716Which is weird, because he definitely has the capacity to be truly evil.