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Super Macho Man

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Man, I used to like Sadie so much back in S1, then they kept making her worse as a person and more easy to dislike while calling it character development.I can't even look at porn of her without feeling slightly disgusted.

>>117419161Needs to be fatter.

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>>117422840tfw no comfy chubby horror gf

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I want to FUCK Sadie.That is all.


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>>117422914Sadie didn’t really change much at all until she quit her job and joined a band. Which itself isn’t really a huge change.

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>>117419161Delicious, thicc, doughnut gremlin. >the show never once actually explicitly acknowledges that she's clearly a dwarfI don't know why this bugs me, but it does.

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Daily reminder that Sadie is a rapist.

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>>117425708It hurts

>>117419161is cute! CUTE!

>>117421331>>117425612>>117425634>>117425689It Hurts

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I really liked Sadie and thought she was cute her first couple of appearances, but they wasted absolutely no time at all ruining her.

>It's a pygmy albino gorilla fucker thread

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>>117419440WHY DON'T YOU LOVE ME?

Sadie and Amethyst

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>>117422914They think being selfish and making trouble for others is "honest".




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>>117429106Did you just draw this?

>>117429156Unfortunately yes

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>>117425888Quits a nothing job in a donut shop in the middle of nowhere to start touring with her successful band."Not a huge change"

>>117429246ya did good, lad

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>>117425783I swear I've seen artwork from this guy before.

>>117429401Her character didn’t. Sadie still treated Steven the same, had the same purpose in B plots, and so on. Her job changed. She wronged no characters. Her and Lars broke it off mutually so he could pursue Gem booty as a space pirate and she can invent some new kind of music with an androgynous hipster. The only thing you can be angry about is if you think she somehow stole Lars’s spot among the Cool Kids. But not really, because he had a shot and passed on it while she got in for taking the chance and being able to perform in their band.

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>big tit shortstack>super strong>great work ethic>horror fanOne girl can't be this perfect.

>it's been YEARS and we still haven't gotten a followup to this where Sadie chokes out Emerald in the mud and causes her to leak out onto her armI'M MAD

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>>117419161The only character I liked tbqh

>ywn be a teenager working the counter of a donut shop with your cute best friend/off and on again romantic interest

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>>117432524 >left a normal-ish dude for whatever the fuck Shep is She isn't

>>117434370lars is a shithead though. he's a fun shithead to watch but a shithead nonetheless

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>>117433245I liked the flirtatious relationship they had in the early part of the show. That's probably one of the things I miss most about the earlier episodes of SU.

>>117425689I'm glad I screen cap that event.

>>117434584Unlike Steven, Lars realized that gems are superior so I can't fault him for that.

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>>117436030Also he was a piss poor student who was dead and in space for a year, then immediately opened and ran a bakery. Now that he’s got a staff to work it while he’s away he may as well be a space pirate again. It’s not like he has any other prospects.

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>>117438782I miss watching that show on Toonami.

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nice tits


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>>117419161I was to use her ass as a pillow

>>117439069mating press when?


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>>117439069>ywn have chubby shortstack gf to cuddle after nuttingThe lord has forsaken me lads


>>117419161she was a fucking bitch, I hate her voice and how she kidnapped lars to fuck him

pizza sisters > fat bitch

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>>117428079Honestly Lars and Sadie seems like such an on-again-off-again relationship that I wouldn’t be surprised if they hooked up again after the events of Future, possibly eventually tying the knot. I don’t think Sadie’s nongenderedfriend would necessarily work out all that long, much less be her endgame.

>tfw finally have short, chubby, donut loving nerd gf thats almost exactly like Sadie barring some looks and a better personalityI know what its like to achieve bliss bros, you just have to believe



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>>117439976Cute chubby donut babe

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>>117442240right on bro

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>>117419161She is cute, you are all gonna post porn of her won’t you?

>>117443358Sadie is purely for porn

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>>117443358maybe. or just cute pictures

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Holla Forums I've missed you so much

>>117445030We missed you too

I can't like a character too stupid to understand that noserings are for cattle.

>>117441995>tfw your SU waifu is just a tertiary character and as a result have just a dozen piece of fanartIt's not fair

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>>117441995You can't have just one slice.

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>>117439953kek based

>>117432245>Gem bootyWait, she a dyke now?

>>117432245>She wronged no characters.she trapped lars and steven on an island but autists defend this?

>>117443358This is a blue board, user.

>>117447876Yes. She broke off from her band to form a musical duo with her her non-binary romantic partner, Shep.

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>>117449297If only it was Shep Ramsey

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>>117429106>>117429246You take request?

>>117449681HERE WE GO


>>117439021They were perfect for each other wtf

>>117446738Did we ever get more of her outside the blog post they did?

>>117451142They threw us a bone in the finale confirming they see each other again

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>>117451142And a comic page that i think was released after that Kiki/Ronaldo episode

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>>117449297>Break up one of my favorite ships since the begining>Have her date an ambiguously brown nondescript enby so now if I complain about it suddenly I look like a bigotWell played Sugar. (Fuck shep though, for real)

>>117451338That was a bit disapointing,not gonna lie. It look like it came out of nowhere but on the positive side,Lars took it like a champ,i genuinely liked seeing him handling the breakup maturely. The nonbinary guy ? He's just a fucking prop for a last minute twist,who cares

>>117451282>They throw a Pride Parade in a town of like 40 residents.

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>>117451405At the VERY least, I'm gonna imagine sadie, shep and Lars have regular threesomes.

Sadie is an evil shit-pig and episodes that focused on her are some of the worst in the entire show.

>>117451535That would be pretty nice, actually

>>117451692still better than Ronaldo episodes

>>117451282>If only you knew how bad things really are.

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Attached: sadie_x_amethyst_because_ame_likes_donuts_and_sadi_by_misspolycystic_da6ia3n-fullview.jpg (1024x842, 55.7K)

>>117446738Does this fanart help?

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>>117452653Don’t got any