More images like this?

More images like this?

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who are those?

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>>117419050This looks absolutely fucking soulless

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>>117419083Id watch that. And I despise Thundercats Roar.

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>>117419083Thundercats Casca is super cute

>>117419089>B&M artstyle>Soulless

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>>117419089>slice of life weeb calling other designs uninspired that is the highest form of irony imaginable

>>117419215Anybody who likes Osaka has supreme taste

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>>117419162>>117419050>>117419083I'd probably watch these.>>117419209>>117419138Would watch out of morbid curiosity.

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>>117419050>>117419055What's with the chromatic aberation shite. 2000s cartoons never had that.

>>117419089You don't know what soulless means.

>>117419299I don't know, thought that was odd too.

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>>117419066How the fuck do people on 4chan not know Azumanga Daioh?

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>>117419050>>117419055>>117419327These are cool.


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>>117419050Made by fart niggas?

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>>117419350I don’t

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>>117419377Hello, everynyan

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It's like double dipping.

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>>117419346This is the ultimate pedo bait.

>>117419346/a/ fears big mouth


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>>117419454>>117419483Didn't he throw some massive tantrum and run off and hide?

>>117419437Is it really? From the animations I saw way back I thought his overall style was much rougher looking

>>117419455More like repellent. Not even cunnyposters want anything to do with Big Mouth.

>>117419209Scarily real looking.

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>>117419350why should i know about some old ass anime about shool girls?

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>>117419607I can't believe someone this new can possibly exist.

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>>117419292>Ow. My Entire Life.

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>>117419518personally, I don't care, I kind of like the designs myself.>>117419454not too sure about the one for the devil guy, I admit (forgot his name, but I know he just word a plunging neckline suit in the original)>>117419388>>117419354also not sure how I feel about Tom Hiddleston Vegeta.

>>117419607Next you're going to ask why you should know Yotsuba, newfag

does this count?

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One successful Naruto thread and you fags get cocky.

>>117419607Absolutely disgusting. You don't deserve to be on this site.

>>117419436And the circle is complete.

>>117419607We're getting old, aren't we?

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>>117419631>So what'd the deal with Dragon Balls? They're not Dragons, and they're not balls!

>>117419631Counts enough for me

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>>117419677Anon, there's getting old, and there's asking what WWII was. Something like Azumanga Daioh should be common knowledge of anyone using this site, regardless of how new they are.

>>117419607See, this is exactly why everyone hates zoomers.

>>117419713Dude, I have not seen anyone post or actively post Azumanga Daioh on 4chan or even namedrop it in the several years I've been hereYou're getting old


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>>117419524He got better.

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>>117419784>I've never seen it, therefor it doesn't happenTypical fucking zoomer mentality.

>>117419524It's kind of apparent with the artstyle combined with the frequent fart fetish shit he posts on his side twitter.I don't doubt its him, he already jumped ship to another youtube channel (Neuroddic), then proceeded to abandon it along with the channels twitter when people started noticing his animation style looked uncannily like AnimatedJames.

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>>117419784I started using 4chan when during ProJared's controversy. Since then, I have finished Azumanga Daioh, know what Yotsuba is, etc. If you don't respect a site's culture you don't belong on it, straight up. If this user doesn't know what Azumanga Daioh is he should go back to wherever he came from.

>None of them are black

>>117419864At least now he'll start making better fetish art. :^)


>>117419350maybe because OP's image is in a completely different style?


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>>117419209So this is the season 3 that got kinda confirmed a few days ago. Disappointing.

>>117419305Calarts is the most soulless style that exists.

>>117419050Hey Lolwutburger, how's it going?

>>117419857>>117419886You guys try way too hard to fit in

>>117419857>I've known something for so long that I can't remember a time when I was unfamiliar with it That's about the definition of being old, oldster.

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>>117419050>>117419055I recognize that it's Osaka's Show, but what is this artstyle based on?

>>117419050There's an entire anime like

>lost of old weebs are getting trigger just because user doesn't know about their oscure anime

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>>117419524It's not animatedjames. Animated james is a one trick pony. This is lolwutburger. He's been doing it for years.

>>117419784There was literally a 20th anniversery hoe down last year on /a/. Even an /a/ draws azumanga. You missed out.

>>117420127you don't have to lie to us james

>>117420115Panty >>>>>>> Stocking

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>>117420208Alright you're clearly obsessed with keeping that guy relevant. So I'm just going to give you the cold shoulder.

>>117419050>>117419055this is weird...but I kinda like it.


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>>117419784>several yearsNewfag.

>>117419257i was writing a paper on the pcand it was likebleep beep beepbeepbeepbeepbeep


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>>117419257Goddamn, why is Yomi so fat? Look at that tub.


>>117419083Wait so the Hawks die anyway in this version?


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>>117419327Thats just panty and stocking.

>>117420242lol ok james

>>117420254This picture is great

>>117420037Nothing specific, but it has some Billy & Mandy and Wayside vibes.

>>117420295godi wonder what it would take for another official amv hell to happena man can dream...a man can dream.

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>>117419944I've waited for more than a decade for this.I'd watch it goddamnit, I'd fucking watch it.

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>>117420192There are AzuDai threads nearly daily on /a/. It's not even just 4chan culture either. Azumanga Daioh and specifically Osaka was some of the earliest examples of modern internet meme/humor shit.

>>117419110Looks cringe


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>>117420559Damn. That actually kinda sucks.

>>117419089I know right, that screenshot you posted is awful!

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I'd watch it.


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>>117419327Satsuki could annihilate me in any art form, I swear to god.

>>117419354missing the hijabs and poc takes

>>117420496Well good that we're finally (probably) getting a third season.

>>117420559He died for our sins.This one's for you ALS user, this one's for you.

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>>117419436i cant believe she had secks

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>>117420771with me

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>>117420287She's got a slow metabolism it's canonically accurate

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>>117419350We call those newfags.

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>>117420312They're sent to the shadow realm why Griffith tickles Casca without mercy.

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Who made the OP?

>>117419050I've been planning of doing one with Kaorin for a while (pic unrelated) and maybe some Yotsuba stuff>>117419437>>117419524>>117419864I'm not James, he's too old to be me, I still remember seeing his video recommended to me many youtube layouts ago>>117419974Hi user, I'm doing alright, I was sick a few days ago but I'm doing better now. I'm going back into lurking as user now outside the /hyw/ threads, bye bye

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>>117419905He is, that blue-haired thing is LWB, last I checked, he wasn't a black fart weirdo.And I just know I'm going to get (you)'d for this post.

>>117419607>saying dumb newfag shit>while using conrad reaction imageCan't tell if troll or the stupidest poster on this board.

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>>117421116>I've been planning of doing one with Kaorin for a while (pic unrelated) and maybe some Yotsuba stuffSounds cool, I like these. Good work.

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>>117421119I remember back when he was trying to make a pilot I auditioned for a couple characters. Wonder how hes doing now

>>117419631why does costanza look like he has the highest power level and will absolutely wreck your shit

You know it's not even that I mind newfags not being intimately acquainted with certain things, because I don't, but when there's always this air of "Hur durr why should I know something that was crucial to the founding of the website I want to shit post on" I feel it's a different story. There's being new and then there's being aggressively new which is what I think pisses people off. A complete and utter refusal to ingratiate into the website as you act like everything needs to cater to your newfag ass.

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>>117421116>he actually responded to a "hey x person!" commentkek

The 3rd artist responsible for painting covers of Tamiya mini 4WD cars also hopped on that trend East-West exchange of drawings

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>>117419162Wait till you see the comic.

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>>117419607Azumanga Daioh was basically essential for the foundation of this site and was critically responsible for the birth of internet meme culture at large. A lot of the first really big memes were taken straight from the show, or otherwise used the show as an initial template. If you don't know Azumanga, it's not so much that you're a newfag so much as you're genuinely ignorant about how this entire place even came to be in the first place, not just 4chan but the internet in general.

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>>117421292Yeah I feel the same way, it's one thing to be new, but it's a whole other thing to be confrontational about it.


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>>117421379Everyone was new. But you learn to LURK MOAR and go with the flow. It just seems like everyone suddenly needs everything to be all about themselves and forget what the board wants. This is why so much internet discussion has gone to shit. Nothing but special little snowflakes who don't want to play ball.

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>>117419066>>117419607It's amazing. Zoomers ruin everything they touch.

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>>117419784>I have not seen anyone post or actively post Azumanga Daioh on 4chanSince yesterday? Sure.

Let me know if my waifu shows up.

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>>117421417Yeah pretty much. We were all newfags at one point unless you were part of the incredibly small group of people that were in m00t's friend group back in 2003. People used to take LURK MOAR to heart but now people just scream and bitch when they don't recognize something. Not even "Oh huh, never knew, guess I'll look into it" but "Why should I even bother? Fuck you you're old/retarded/autistic/whatever insult".

>>117420115>>117420234>>11742025410 years

Osaka asking the hard hitting questions.

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>>117421473That can't be right... Fuck.

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>>117421472I still remember when I first came to the board in like 2008 or so. So I'm not exactly OG material myself but it wasn't hard to get to flow of the board. Just read what people are saying and get a taste for what the people are like. It should be even easier now with catalog and X but somehow people just got dumber.

>>117421496klk is fucking seven years old the chimera ants arc also airead seven years ago

>>117421486Azumanga Daioh is a manga about femcels.


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>>117421292Again it was huge in the development of modern internet meme/humor culture both in and outside of Japan (4chan included). Not only that but it pretty much created the modern CGDCT style of show and I don't think you adaptations like Lucky Star, K-On, Aria or even recentish stuff like Yuru Yuri or Yuru Camp without its success. And of course those shows then went on to drag more people into anime and influence them both inside and outside of Japan.I'd argue that Azumanga Daioh is straight up one of the most important and influential shows of the last 20 years regardless of medium or country of origin.

>>117421496Card games on motorcycles was 12 years ago

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>>117419327Gendy's style is fucking timeless man

>>117421517>underwater ray romano is over 10 years old

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>>117421472Whats stupid is some anons even give in to those newfags and that just makes the whole "spoonfeed m3!" attitude even more acceptable.

>>117421558The only good thing to come out this shit ass pedobait show

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>>117421517>klk is fucking seven years oldI remember that airing and there being an initial flood of threads on /a/, but after about 6 episodes discussion died down and the finale was barely even able to keep a thread going (outside of the Ragyou molesting Satsuki scene), then it blowing up like two years later on completely unrelated boards. It was weird as fuck to see.

>Muh foundation anime!It's an old anime that only gets discussed on /a/, this is the first time I've actually seen the anime discussed beforeOf course with time an anime that only lasted within a year is gonna fade as new blood shows up and discussion over it dies down outside the /a/ board

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>>117421486Poor Kaorin was so far in the closet she was saving Narnia.

remember the arbys weeb?

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>>117421576Hey, both are just as good.

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>>117421395That WW is a disaster and a travesty, but the rest are fine.

>>117421596See this is what I mean. Instead of newfag going "Oh, I see" and moving on with his life, he decides to be an argumentative retard about how much of a new fag he. >>117421655That's Donna Troy

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>>117421596not really, is by far the best slice of life anime out there and it still getting memes


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>>117421589>but after about 6 episodes discussion died down and the finale was barely even able to keep a thread goingAre you kidding? KLK threads hit 500 limit instantly during its run, especially on live stream days. The episode when Ryuko rips off Junketsu bombed /a/ for days.

>>117420559UTTER PAIN

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>>117421596You're literally proving the point that people are arguing in this thread, way to go m8.


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>>117421709>Black Lover>Chad

>>117421672>That's Donna TroyMy mistake, however that doesn't make it any better.

>>117420265fuck you and fuck your AMV Hell references

>>117421496I remember being on here when the initial shitstorm of the final episode happened on Christmas Eve.My fondest 4chan memory though is reading translator dumping the final chapter of Molester Man on New Year's Eve with the rest of /a/ all the images are broken but what a wild, magical ride that was.

>>117420265And like half of my paper was goneAnd then I had to write it again and do it fast so it wasn't as good.And I was like...bummer....I'm Ellen Fiest and im a student.

>>117421417I blame the fact that people genuinely act retarded now because they treat (you)s like upvotes, so they don't care about what they're actually posting and just care about the quantity of responses. "I was only pretending to be retarded" used to shut people down, but now people genuinely act retarded and feel rewarded for people calling them a retard.

>>117421733its the chad of the toonami block

>>117421786Not the compliment you think it is


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>>117421709>>117421786Yusuke Urameshi would be better, he's the ultimate Shounen chad protagonist who also appeared on Toonami.

>>117421559Being influential in a genre is great but that also means it will seem a lot less special as time goes on.

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>>117421672>>117421685>>117421693You guys were bitching about it long after the initial post, the conrad post is still getting (you)s and that's not even my postStay disgruntled oldfag

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>>117421748with karate i kick your assfrom here to tiananmen square

Attached: AMV Hell 0.mp4_snapshot_11.11_[2020.09.03_22.23.40].jpg (640x480, 19.72K)

>>117421685>is by far the best slice of life anime out thereHonestly, I couldn't watch more than a few episodes and preferred Lucky Star

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>>117421858>the conrad post is still getting (you)sAnd now you're just proving another point! Stop proving people in this thread right user, it's scary!

>>117421852>KonoshitbaFuck off.>>117421880You too.

>>117421280Because he does, don't you watch the show? The reverse aura arc shows he's S-tier when he puts in the effort

>>117421891Does it really upset you I prefer Lucky Star? Chill out

>>117420448They still do something called 'AMV Hell Minis' but they're of hit and miss quality. Then again, so was AMV Hell.


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>>117421884Stop being retarded

Attached: gg no re.gif (268x278, 1.39M)

>>117421981Anon please stop proving points! You're acting like a mathematician!

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Attached: this fucking cat.jpg (640x480, 50.4K)

Repent sinners for god is now in the thread.

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>>117419607I want the zoomers to go

>>117420111checked and criminally underrated

>>117421852What's your point? It's an important and influential show both in basically creating its genre and arguably on entertainment and culture more broadly (how many normalfags on twitter and Reddit and shit use the the term waifu for instance).>>117421880>references and shit wow it's wackyNo CGDCT show captures the mix of humor and the pathos of growing up that Azumanga Daioh does. Episode 19, a goddamn filler episode, is one of my favorites of the entire series because of the more melancholic tone that flows perfectly into the third year episodes which, while still funny, have more of a "wow, this is the last time we're going to see or d X" tone as the show (and school life) approaches its end.

>>117421858Faggots like you never fail to out themselves everytime the real board culture comes up. Every Cinco de Maho, there's dozens of retards crying about a sticky for a show they've never heard of. Boards are better the more elitist they are, which is the thread quality is so much better on /a/ (if you avoid the shounen threads). Holla Forums memes and social media screencaps are ban-on-sight, whereas here they make up half the catalog which only invites more tourists to shitpost about the MCU.Stay Reddit, zoomers tourist.

>>117421491I feel conflicted... I really do like the fanservice of this show, however, the story and its development was so nice and satisfiying...

>>117422140>how many normalfags on twitter and Reddit and shit use the the term waifu for instanceI genuinely wonder how many people are even aware of that term coming from AD anymore.

>>117422012I like this style

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>>117422086I'm a zoomer and know like 95% of the anime in this thread, I watched it as a kid. That retard isn't a zoomer he's just a retarded normie.

>>117422179How the fuck is that conflicting?

Fun fact, it used to be completely acceptable to talk about popular seasonal anime on any given board. Not stealth threads or trying to tie it into the board's topic, but just an anime thread on a board like Holla Forums or Holla Forums was considered completely kosher. Death Note, Gurren Lagann, and Code Geass are the most famous examples, but the last time I can recall this happening so openly was Haruhi's second season.

surprisingly soulful

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>>117422274One of the best Holla Forums threads I can recall was 300+ post Courage the Cowardly Dog thread. Didn't even try to keep it Vidya related after the OP.I think the horsefuckers killed any tolerance for fun off topic threads. It was a necessary chemo.

>>117422237Good for you.Im a milenial and my generation also suck a hundred black dicks but at least they don't bother to show how retarded they are on 4chan and keep it to social media, zoomers go out of their way to show how proud they are of being ignorant and tasteless fuckwits by reaching to one the most popular internet boards and cry like the little fagots they are for having to share the internet with people less annoying than them.


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>>117422446>oh no i got exposed as a newfag>i know! i will post a newfag meme to pretend i'm cool


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Attached: sakura_card_captor__butch_hartman_s_style__by_moungdal-daz3a6g.png (1024x766, 218.04K)

>>117422446it´s called background knowledge, and it´s usefull when you want to participate in a conversation without looking like a fool.Or a flaming faggot like yourself.

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>it´s called background knowledge, and it´s usefull when you want to participate in a conversation without looking like a fool.>Or a flaming faggot like yourself.

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>>117419292Now I’m just picturing Kyubey but with Strong Bad's face

>>117420397Looks like a combo of that and Gennedy’s style.

>>117422140yeah and people say Birth of a Nation is important and influentialthe phrase is practically synonymous with saying "it was good for its time, but it hasn't aged well"when people describe Back to the Future, they call it a timeless classic

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>>117422202certainly better than the other option.

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>>117422597Azumanga Daioh is also a timeless classic.

>>117421486'A lesbillion' is still one of the funniest things to me.

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>>117422154People like to cry about that being "gate keeping" these days but I never felt like we ever really EXCLUDED anyone we just need to make sure the boards goals and culture are kept and not lost to people who just want to get in on the meme.

I don't know if this counts but whatever.Drawn by Akira Toriyama.

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Drawn by one of Holla Forums's own.

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>>117422729D,J I've seen that before but, I can't remember. Who was that again?